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A Box of Letters

(The contents of an old Adidas shoe box, the letters neatly arranged in chronological order and tied up with a red ribbon.)


(a large brown envelope that also contains a number of glossy 8×10 photographs of somebody’s family reunion.  The one on top seems to have been taken in front of a grand old hotel.  A group of forty or so more-or-less related-looking people are clustered around a feisty-looking white haired old lady gripping a walker and wearing a hideous turquoise suit.  The other photos seem to center on the old lady and two other people: a girl in her early or mid twenties, with shoulder-length jet black hair, a long neck, strong cheek bones, and big brown eyes; and a guy who looks like a slightly taller, slightly older version of the same girl.)

Dear L,

I met my brother Stefan for the first time in over twenty years last week!  It was totally unplanned and unexpected.  I went to Ireland for my Nana’s ninetieth birthday celebration, and a ton of family was there, and there he was!  He’d heard about the party somehow and made the flight over himself.

Ireland was beautiful and Nana was great.  She seems so alive and sharp and so much younger than she actually is.  We all went walking in the countryside together.  We visited the farm where she was born.  Stefan and I talked a lot.  We have a ton of catching up to do!  We hadn’t seen each other since we were both little kids.  We traded phone numbers and stuff.  It turns out we don’t actually live that far apart.  He’s been in Phili the last eight years.

It was cool to see Nana in the place where she grew up, and it was neat to get together with so much family –cousins I didn’t even know I had- it was a fun trip and I was glad I went, even though I was SO sick on the plane ride back…!  I’m still recovering from the hangover.




(In a small, rose-colored envelope which also contains three 4×8 photographs.  The address and letter are written in neat feminine handwriting with purple ink.)


Stefan called just to make sure I got home ok!!!  Which was weird, because I was totally thinking of him when he called.  It was very sweet.   I am sending you a couple pictures.  Isn’t he a cutie??

Still working on the hangover.  Drinking lots of water and taking Advil.  What was I thinking, trying to out-drink the Irish??

Your Friend,


(The three pictures enclosed with the letter show a tall, skinny young man with a big open smile and messy, slightly shaggy hair.  In one of the pictures, he and A are walking down a country lane together.  There is a stone wall and sheep in the background.  Both of them are smiling happily and A is looking up at Stefan. They are walking close enough to be holding hands, but are not.)


(Written in black ball-point pen on ruled pages torn out of a spiral-bound notebook.  There is a coffee stain on the second page, and some of the words are so smudged as to be illegible.)

Dearest L-

Stefan called again last night, and we talked for hours!  It was a really amazing conversation.  We have so much in common!  It’s kind of bizarre… I mean, we like the same movies, the same music, the same authors… but it’s not just that.  It’s weird stuff too.  Like both of us almost went to Eastern, but then didn’t.  Like both of us spent a summer in Fairbanks, only two years apart.  Like we both lost our virginity at the exact same age, down to the month.  It’s spooky, I tell you.  Sometimes he seems to know what I’m thinking.  Sometimes I know what he’s going to say before he says it.  I feel like I’ve known him my entire life.   I asked him if he remembers mom at all, and he said he thinks so.  She is like an image on the edge of a dream for him, or maybe just a dream.  I don’t remember her at all, I was too young.

[two lines here are scratched out]

I guess it’s not really weird that I feel this intense connection with Stefan, but it feels weird.  Not weird in a bad way, not at all… more like that “Oh My God I’m Falling In Love” kind of weird.  Oh God, did I just say that?  I tell you, Stefan is such a great guy… smart, sweet, funny, kind…

[there is a smudge here, rendering the next two or three words totally illegible}

…if he wasn’t my brother I’d totally be jumping his bones right about now.  I can’t believe I even wrote that thought down.  You know I am going to go to hell.  We were on the phone forever, and it didn’t seem like we’d ever run out of things to talk about.  At the end we were both on the verge of falling asleep, and neither one of us wanted to be the one to hang up first.  It was silly and cute.  In the end we ended up counting to three together and hanging up at the same time.

I had the strangest dreams last night.  I don’t usually remember my dreams very well, but

[three words scratched out}

…anyway my dreams were incredibly vivid and really intense.  I was totally distracted all morning at work.  If my boss had any idea what I was doing instead of being productive…!!  So anyway I’m over at the coffee shop right now and I’m embarrassed to tell you all I can think about is Stefan.  I hope he calls again tonight.  Would it be too weird for me to call him if he doesn’t call me first?  I don’t want to seem pushy or give him the wrong impression.  Shit, I don’t even know anymore.  My stomach is all fluttery just writing this, and it’s not just the lack of sleep and the caffeine.  I don’t know when I’ve felt like this… it’s been a really long time, for sure. [there is a small illustration here, a stick figure with a big smile on its face]  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but right now it feels really good.




(on lavender stationary with a watermark depicting a vase of flowers.  Hand-written in purple ink)


I’m so glad I have you as a friend.  Who else would I be able to tell this stuff to??

So… He came to town yesterday.  (He, being Stefan, who else?)  It was a work thing, he was in meetings all day, but he was able to get away to have lunch with ME!  It turns out he comes to New York City on a fairly regular basis.  He even dated a girl in NYC for a while.  I wonder if we ever passed each other on the street, sat in the same train car… I only think that we must not have, because I can’t imagine that I could have seen him, even as a stranger passing on a crowded street, and not felt something.

Anyway, it was really great to see him again.  I was really really nervous about meeting up with him, like stomach-ache kind of nervousness.  I almost made myself sick, I was so stressed out.  I was afraid that it was going to be weird, awkward, or even worse, that the spark wouldn’t be there anymore, that our connection was just a product of my imagination all along.

Well, the connection was still there… at least it was for me, BIG TIME!  He walked into the café and I was like BOINK! Girly hard-on!  Totally salivating, drool, drool, drool.  I kept thinking to myself ‘Calm down girl, remember he’s your brother!’ But I couldn’t stop thinking those thoughts.

So lunch was really nice, I couldn’t tell you what we ate or anything… it was only about half an hour we were together, but it was the most BEAUTIFUL half-hour EVER!  He slid his chair over so we were sitting really close, and the closer he sat the hotter I got.  At one point he put his hand on mine (I have to tell you, Stefan has the most beautiful, HUGE hands in the world!), and it was totally like… insta-orgasm!!

I hope I didn’t embarrass myself.

He was so sweet and handsome and it was a lot of fun just to hang out and chat with him for a little while, but I couldn’t tell you one thing we talked about… the whole time I was thinking ‘What I really want is to be down on my knees sucking your dick.”

When I got back to work, it was so bad!  I swear I soaked right through my panties.  I was just squirming around in my chair all day, trying not to think sexy thoughts, which of course meant I was thinking nothing BUT sexy thoughts, and I couldn’t DO anything about it!  Grrrrrr!

I was fucking tearing my clothes off as soon as I got back to my apartment.  I barely made it into my bed!  Do you remember that purple silicone toy of mine?  Well, the vibrator part doesn’t work any more, but I still have it, it’s an old favorite.  I grabbed that thing from the desk drawer and fucking JAMMED it!  I was so wet, it was just ridiculous.  I came right away, all that pent-up sexual energy I’d been building up all day just bursting out of me.  I don’t know when I’ve ever come that hard… definitely not since me and Jason first started going out.  And that was just me getting warmed up…  I got off two or three more times after that, and I never even switched on my vibrator.

Oh L, I can’t believe I’m telling even you this stuff… So I was lying there on my bed like a porn star, working my way up to a fourth one, and my cell phone rings, and who do you think it was?!?

So I answer the phone, and Stefan just said he was calling to say hi and say how much he’d enjoyed getting together with me.  I felt like telling him exactly what I was doing and what I was thinking about him, I felt like sending him a picture from my phone of that big purple dildo jammed halfway up my juicy pussy, but of course I didn’t.  Maybe I should have, I don’t know.  I just pictured him, in his bed in his apartment in Phili, with his dick in his hand, softly softly softly stroking…..  Mmmm oh baby, I’d stroke that thing for you…!

Bad A!  Bad!!  He’s your freaking BROTHER for crying out loud!

It’s a good thing he lives in another city than me….

I might just have to masturbate again tonight.

Your Wanton Friend,



(an email, printed up on white computer paper)

He called again last night.  I’d already gone to bed, was ½ asleep when i answered the phone.  it was really nice just to hear his voice.  i think he was a little embarrassed to be calling so late.  Anyway, we just chatted for a while, and then we got onto talking about…  SEX.  OMG, much hotness!  Details soon!




(black felt-tip marker, printed in large capital letters on a napkin.  There is a picture underneath of a stick-figure drawing of a she-devil with exaggerated breasts, a scribbled triangle of pubic hair, a spiked tail and horns coming out of her head)



(spiral-bound notebook paper, blue fine-tip ballpoint pen)

Dear L,

I said I would give you details, so here goes!  Hold on to your hat, it gets pretty wild!  I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world I could tell this stuff to.  I know you won’t judge me.

So when he called the other night and we (of course) started talking about sex…… well we ended up jerking off together.  It was Super Hot.  I totally started it, totally led him on.  I’m telling you, Incredible Hotness!!  I think that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, and I was really vocal about it, just for him.  I totally got off on hearing him come, too… So Sexy!!!

The next day I totally felt like a schmuck.  I was afraid I’d scared him off for good. I am his SISTER after all.  Who jerks off over the phone with his long-lost sister?

So then he called me, right after lunch, and when I picked up the phone and it was HIM!  I almost wet myself, seriously.  He told me that he was going to be in NY on Tuesday for a presentation, and would I like to get together for lunch?


So– we went to this bar near where I work.  It wasn’t quite noon yet and the place was pretty much empty.  I got a beer, he got a glass of wine.  We kind of snuggled up together in a booth.

I asked him if he wanted to talk about the conversation we had the other night.

He said No, he just wanted to enjoy this time with me.

And then he leaned over and kissed me… it was a really sweet kiss, with tongue and everything, and I tell you I absolutely melted.  I put my hand on the crotch of his pants, and he was totally hard!

You know me, I’m not a wild girl, I’m not a brazen strumpet… well apparently I can do a pretty good impression of one when I feel like it!  I slipped under the table, tugged down his zipper, pulled out his hard cock, and started blowing him right then and there.  And L, I have to tell you, my brother is hung!  He’s not stupid big, just… sizeable.  It’s like the perfect size for a penis.  Nice and thick and well-shaped and delicious… God I enjoyed going down on him!  Apparently he enjoyed it too.  I sucked him really hard, as much of him as I could comfortable fit inside my mouth, while I jerked him off.  It took all of, oh I don’t know, a minute or so, and then he was squirming and humping back against me and his dick was pulsating and then he filled my hungry mouth with gobs and gobs and gobs of boy come.  And I swallowed it all.

When I came back up to the surface, I kissed him on the lips, and he kissed me back, hard.  I think we both wanted to just ditch work and jet back to my apartment pronto for more fun and games, but he had that presentation, and I really did have to get back to work.  (grrr, stupid work!).  On the way out, the bartender gave us a look…!  I think she was just jealous, dirty little slut.  Haha.

I was looking at our pictures later on, and there’s no way around it.  We look alike, we totally look like brother and sister.  Hell, we could easily be taken for twins, even though he’s a year and a half older than me.  No wonder that bartender was giving us the hairy eyeball.

Stefan called me later on after his presentation was over. He thanked me for not getting any stains on his pants, which made me giggle, and asked if I wanted to get together again this weekend.  Of course I said yes.  So I’m going to take the train down to Phili Friday night after work.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Love Always,



(written on yellow legal paper in pencil)


Shhh, Stefan’s still asleep!

I’ve got to get my shit together and get to the train station and back to NYC so I can go to work, but I don’t want to go!!!  I’d rather just stay here and play.

He met me at the train station.  He’d brought flowers, which was very sweet.  I wanted to go straight back to his place and rip all his clothes off, but he insisted on taking me out to dinner first.  Which was super sweet and gentlemanly and all, but totally unnecessary as it was already after ten and I was more horny than hungry.  We went to this nice quiet Italian place which turned out to be a little too quiet.  We got tired of waiting for our food to come and just split.  He was embarrassed, but it was fine by me.  We couldn’t keep our hands off each other in the taxi.  We were so bad!

Stefan has a basement apartment which is really small, but nice and comfortable.

[two lines are scratched out here}

I don’t know why I should be surprised at this point, his place felt really familiar and comfortable to me.  I could have lived there.  Anyway, as soon as the door closed behind us, clothes go flying.  I’m pulling off his clothes and he is tearing mine off.  Its funny, I wore matching bra and panties for him, this black skimpy lacey pair that I thought looked really sexy on me… I don’t think he ever even SAW them on me!

I am pleased to report that my brother looks at least as hot naked as he does dressed.  Especially with a big fat hard-on bobbling around.  Not that I had a lot of time to stand around and admire the view.  He picked me right up, carried me into his bedroom, and summarily deposited me onto his bed.

He started out be very graciously going down on me.  It was an unnecessary gesture– all I wanted right about then was his cock inside me!  Nonetheless, I have to say that Stefan is V*E*R*Y good at licking pussy… I was more than paid back for my under-the-table blowjob.

He very gentlemanly asked if he should put a condom on, and I said no.  He’s my brother after all, not some random dude.

And then he was inside me… Oh my gosh, I can’t even put into words how good it felt.  It was a perfect fit, like we were made for each other.  You know how usually the first time you have sex with someone, even if you’re crazy about each other and you’re both totally into it, it’s still a little clumsy at first?  This time not at all.  We found each other’s rhythm right away.  He starts pumping into me and I am humping back as hard as I can and he is gazing into my eyes, his face is a mask of concentration and I can feel my orgasm coming on and he wails out “Oh Shit I’m coming!” and we both came together….  I think I was really loud about it too. [smiley face] Oh, it was so goooood!  I liked the fact that his come was inside me too… it made me feel…

[word crossed out}

We fell asleep pretty much just like that, naked sweaty sticky, wrapped around each other.  Woke up at least once during the night and fucked again.  It was just so gooood!

Spent the next day (Yesterday… I can’t believe it was only yesterday, it already seems like centuries ago.  It already seems like Stefan and I have been together for ever) mostly in bed, popping out now and then for food and drink or to fuck around in the shower.  He showed me some of his pornography… he’s very cutely shy about that stuff, and it turns out we like the exact same stuff!!

Later on Stefan asked me very sweet and shy-like if he could fuck me in the ass.  Of course I said YES.  It turns out he’d never done that before.  It was really cute, he was really nervous about it… he didn’t need to be.  He could do anything he wanted to me!  Anyway, it was so fucking hot, having him fuck me like that…!  So intimate, so intense… I don’t think it would be inappropriate to call it a religious experience.  Did I mention that his dick is the perfect size?  I’ve never come just from anal sex before.  I didn’t even know it was actually possible!  I don’t think I even touched my clit! When we were cuddling later on, he suggested that we go buy a strap-on so he could experience that for himself.  I asked if he was serious and he blushed red and said ‘yeah, sure’.  Interesting idea, I sure wouldn’t say no to that…

And now here I am in Phili, getting ready to take a taxi to the train station.  My pussy is all raw and sore and I can smell him on me and I haven’t had any sleep and I grin every time I think of him and I am totally in a daze and I don’t want to go…..

Your Friend Always



(on a piece of Days Inn stationary, written with a ball-point pen that keeps threatening to run out of ink.  There are scribbles in the margins where the writer has tried to re-activate the pen)


I’ve been spending all my weekends with Stefan down in Phili.  I’m so happy when I’m with him and it’s not about the sex (ok, so maybe it is, but it’s not ALL about the sex) and I’m so lonely when we’re apart.  People are always asking us if we’re brother and sister, and we’ve started to get pretty good at looking surprised and saying ‘No, why do you ask?’ and they say ‘Oh, you two look like you’re related.’  I don’t know what to do… I’m in love with this guy.  Everyone would say this is so wrong.  Oh L, I really don’t know what we’re going to do.



(there are no more letters)

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I Like To Watch

God I love dick!  I’m embarrassed to tell you how young I was when I started checking out boys’ packages and trying to peek up their shorts through the slats in the boardwalk.  For as long as I’ve been sexual, which is almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with cock and with the male body in general.

Mom was pretty liberal; she always had some pornography lying around the house. It  was of course fun to look at, but also to show off to horrified girl friends.  Unfortunately it was all pretty soft-core; it was only about female bodies.  That was interesting as far as it went, but what I wanted to see was dicks and lots of ‘em! Big, hard ones being sucked or sliding in and out of wet pussies and tight assholes and shooting come all over the place.  Even back then I had a dirty mind and an active imagination.

My friend Shelly liked dick too.  She had inherited a stack of Playgirl magazines from an older cousin who was gay.  Shelly and I used to leaf through the glossy, stiff pages and whack off till our cunts were sore after school, before her mom came home.  Shelly always wanted for us to play ‘Brad and Angelina’ (I’d be Brad and she’d be Angelina), after looking at the naked guy models and I indulged her in that a few times, but to tell the truth I wasn’t that into it.

Our house was in a subdivision.  Behind the subdivision was a strip mall.  Between our house and the strip mall was a small patch of woods.  In the woods was a little creek that froze over in the winter, and almost dried up in the summer.  A few small fish and crawdads flourished in the creek.  There was also one muddy spot that could, at a stretch, be called a swimming hole.  One summer I made a fabulous discovery; this was where the local teenage boys came to go skinny-dipping.

I remember thinking I had hit the jackpot!  It was a hot August afternoon and there were naked male bodies galore, dick for days!  There were guys I knew from around the neighborhood and guys who were complete strangers to me.  A few wore swim trunks, but most of the boys were letting it all hang out.  There were fat guys, skinny guys, jocks, non-jocks and everything in between.  From my hiding spot behind a fallen log out in the underbrush, I could see them all.  The swimming hole quickly became my favorite place to go on a hot summer afternoon.  I’d lie on my stomach on a soft bed of fallen leaves and stick my hand between my legs where I was already sticky and gooey. I would then masturbate for hours on end to visions of naked teen boys and their dicks.

If summer afternoons were good, then the sultry summer evenings were –at least sometimes– absolutely freaking amazing.  Some nights after dinner, I’d slip away from the house, creep quietly out into the woods and hide behind my log and see what I could see. Sometimes no one was there and I’d go home frustrated.  Other times though…

One night I saw Tommy Flannigan, a kind of fat kid a few years older than me who lived in our cul-de-sac.  He emerged from the woods hand-in-hand with a gangly dark haired girl that I knew was in high school.  They sat by the water for a long time and talked, then they started kissing and making out.  Clothes went flying and pretty soon he was naked and she was topless. She had a pretty nice set of big bouncing boobies too.  Her head dropped into his lap and bounced up and down and I knew she was sucking him.  Knowing that she was sucking his dick made me extra wet.  I heard him come with a long, drawn-out cry like a wild animal and I brought myself off at almost the same moment, grinding against my clit and squirming in the rustling loam.  It was the most amazingly erotic thing I had ever witnessed.

Another night, two older boys snuck into the clearing.  I think they were both on the football team.  They didn’t waste a lot of time on conversation; they started kissing and pulling off each other’s clothes right away.  They both had fine, chiseled athletes bodies and my pussy was instantly drenched.  I could see their hard, erect cocks bobbing and waggling in the dusky light; this was the first time I had ever seen a real live erection on a real live boy and I was getting double action.  It was awesome!

The guys lay down on the ground together, and from the sound of things, they were having a really good time. Herein lay the problem: what they were doing was sexy as hell and I had a slippery pussy and a rock-hard clit to prove it, but I couldn’t see any of the details.  I couldn’t see any of the good stuff. I was pretty sure that one of my hot football jocks was getting butt-fucked, but my hiding place was too far away and close to the ground to give me a good shot of the action.  I had to content myself with a view of a pale, humping butt, occasional yummy glimpses of full-frontal male nudity, and their moans, groans and sighs of pleasure.  It’s not that it wasn’t sexy as all fuck, it was that I was greedy.  I wanted more.

It was a sticky, cloudy, humid Wednesday afternoon.  It had been raining on and off all morning but the rain did nothing to break the humidity.  A thunderstorm was brewing up, but wasn’t there yet. There would be no one down at the swimming hole today.  I was up in the old tree house, catching up on my reading (one-handed reading that is, I was perusing the dirtier parts of a smutty novel I had found buried in my mom’s bookshelf).  I happened to glance up from the novel just as my brother Troy walked into his bedroom.  The tree house was just outside Troy’s room and he had his windows thrown wide open in the hope of catching some breeze.  Normally I wouldn’t have looked twice, but I saw the book that Troy had in one hand.  I knew that book.  It was one of my mom’s books of erotic photography.  It was a big, hard bound volume with full-page black-and-white glossy photographs of beautiful naked women.  They were all nude, lounging around in erotic, suggestive poses, their big round breasts, shapely asses and hairy pussies all on display.  Some of them even had their legs spread wide open.

Troy was my older brother.  Aside from being a dork and kind of bossy and full of himself, he was pretty ok.  He was going into his senior year of high school that fall.  He wasn’t a bad looking guy at all; tall and slender, he ran cross country and track.  But, he was my brother.  Ewww.

Or maybe not so ewww?  He peeled off his shirt and kicked away his jeans and sat down on the bed.  He looked really cute in his tighty-whities.  Even if he was my own brother, it couldn’t hurt to just watch…

He lay down on his stomach and started leafing through the pages.  I had looked through that particular book before and it was pretty sexy stuff, if you were into looking at naked women. Troy’s little butt looked really sexy in those tight underpants of his.  I mean, he was my doofus older brother and all, but at that point I didn’t care.  I just wanted to see him get naked. I could feel myself getting all gooshy and wet inside my panties.  Troy stuck one hand underneath his body and I knew exactly what he was doing.  I already had a hand of my own down my shorts; my pussy was already primed from reading the smutty book; my clit was screaming “Oh please, please, please…”

Then he rolled over onto his side.  Thank God he rolled over so that he was facing the window.  I don’t know what I would have done if he’d kept his back to me; probably died of frustration, I think. Christ, now I could see everything!  It was almost like being in the room with him.  I could see his little brown boy nipples with a few strands of wispy dark hair curling around them.  I could see his flat tummy, his belly button and the exciting little treasure trail that lead invitingly down into his underpants.  Jesus!  I could clearly see his package bulging underneath the briefs!  His cock was clearly erect and straining to get out, making an impressive tent in the white cotton fabric.  I held my breath.

He turned a page in the book and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear. The he pulled them down and all the goodies came flopping right out!  With a kick he sent his briefs flying across the room and there he was in all his naked glory.  Framed by an unruly black pubic triangle, his balls hung lazy and fat in the summer heat.  His hard cock jutted eagerly out from its base and the head was all swollen and purple a drop of moisture glistening at the tip.  It was glorious!  Did all boys have penises that big and delicious-looking?  I suspected not.  I suspected that my big brother was hung.

Off came my shorts and panties, and I let my fingers do the walking.  I was soaking down there, all slick and slippery.  I mean I was really drenched!  Joy juice was flowing out of my cunt and running down between my butt cheeks.  I parted my labia and spread my juices all around, teasing myself while enjoying the show.

Down in his bedroom, Troy had his cock in hand and was stroking himself.  God it looked so sexy!  I matched him move for move, as he masturbated.  Sometimes he pumped faster, sometimes painfully slowly. Sometimes he seemed to grasp his cock tight as if choking it and sometimes he barely petted it with his thumb and forefinger.  I followed along on my red-hot clit.  It was almost as if he knew I was watching and was tormenting me on purpose.  He kept me teetering on the edge of one massive orgasm.  The longer he held off, the bigger and redder his cock became until it looked like it must be ready to burst.

My tits demanded freedom.  I pulled off my tank top and now I was naked too. My eyes were glued to my brother’s bedroom window, not ten feet from my perch and my fingers were busy on my increasingly needy clit. He rolled over onto his back at this point and the rhythm changed, becoming stronger and more purposeful.  His cocked looked even bigger like that, pointing straight up in the air.  I tried to imaging what it would be like to have such a thing inside me. He lolled his head back and arched his back, lifting his butt up off the bed while his hand maintained that steady jackhammer pace and I knew it was time.  I fiddled my clit furiously as I watched and waited for him to come, determined not to miss any juicy details.

His tempo increased, faster and faster. Troy’s eyes were clenched tight as he bit down hard on his lower lip, I could see his balls were a tight knot and then it happened.  His body went rigid and I could see every muscle clench.  His hand was frozen for a second and I swear I saw his cock pulse as he then erupted, sending a perfect arc of pearly white boy come all the way up to his chest.  His hand resumed pumping again, less urgently now as more and more come oozed out. It formed a puddle on his tummy, leaking out of his shrinking penis in a long, sticky, sexy stream.

I finally let myself go and the climax was well worth all the build up.  I had to bite down hard not to scream out loud.  My entire body shook with the release, my pussy gasping and my clit distended.  I gasped for air and made animal growling noises as I clenched my hand in the hot, sticky place between my legs.  It felt like my clit would just about pop off if I let go.  It was the best orgasm I had ever had.

I never caught Troy masturbating again, though I certainly tried.  I did see him naked a few times, which was a thrill, but then fall came and the temperature cooled off. All the boys stopped skinny-dipping at the swimming hole and Troy’s bedroom window stayed closed with the curtains drawn.

I toyed with the idea of tapping on his door some evening, but I couldn’t really imagine the conversation we’d have…“Hey Troy, it’s me, you’re dorky kid sister.  I was wondering if you would, you know, whack off while I watch?  If you wanted to you could come on my face or on my tits or whatever.”  Nope, that was too weird.  Way too weird.


Two and a half years later.  I was alone in the house, fooling around on the computer when the phone rang.  It was Troy, calling home from college.

“Oh, hey Sis.  What are you up to?” he asked.

“Oh you know, just sitting in front of the computer, watching some internet porn.” I don’t know why I answered the way I did.  I told him the truth; it just sort of rolled off my tongue. There was a long, silent pause.

“Seriously?  That’s what you’re doing right now?”

“Yeah,” I replied, matter of factly.

“What are you looking at?” Troy asked.

I told him.  I was watching a video of a blonde chick with big tits getting double fucked by a couple of gross looking guys with big dicks and crew cuts.

“Wow–” Troy said, “Is it weird that I think it’s really hot you’re telling me this?”

“I don’t know,” I answered truthfully.

“Are you masturbating?”

“A little,” I admitted.  In fact my skirt was already hiked up around my waist, and my fingers had been kind of busy inside my panties for quite some time already.

“Wow–” Troy repeated, “this might sound really weird, but knowing that makes me really hard.”

“Really?” I asked him.


“I wish I could see just how hard,” I said.  My pussy was all of a sudden drenched and my panties were soaked right through.

There was another long pause.  I could hear Troy breathing on the other end of the line.  I had paused the video I was masturbating to when I answered the phone and I looked up at the screen. The blonde chick was frozen in time, her eyes half shut and her mouth stretched open, full of dick, while one of the redneck dudes fucked her pussy from behind.

“My laptop has a camera built into it,” Troy said at last, breaking the silence just as the tension had become unbearable and the pause unsustainable. “Did you really want to see?”

“Fuck Yeah!” I answered immediately.

“Ok, hold on.” Troy set down his phone and I could hear him moving around his dorm room.  “Ok, I’ve got the laptop on… here goes!”

He gave me his email address and I opened a window on my computer.  The image flickered for a second, then resolved.  There he was, in glorious living hi-res video; my older brother, sitting shirtless behind his desk in his messy dorm room with his beautiful big dick pointing straight up at the ceiling.

“Fuck yeah…” I whispered into the phone, “that is so hot.  Can I see it up close?”

Troy obliged, standing up and presenting his cock to the lens of his camera.  It was great!  I could see everything, every little detail; the bulging veins, the curvaceous head and the soft, curly hairs.  Troy really had the most aesthetically pleasing cock I had ever seen; shape, form, and size-wise it was absolutely perfect.

“It’s beautiful,” I said into the handset.

“Thank you,” he replied a little bashfully, “I wish I could see you right now.”

“We don’t have a webcam on the computer,” I said and Troy nodded, “but I could take a picture with my cell phone and send it to you.”

I grabbed my cell phone, which was sitting on the desk next to the keyboard. I spread my legs wide apart, pointed the phone at my crotch and snapped a picture.

You could totally see the outline of my pussy.  A few stray hairs peeked out.  I was wearing grey panties and there was a big dark splotch where my wetness had seeped through.  Even I thought it looked sexy.

I sent the photo to Troy’s email address.  The look on his face when he opened the file gave me a huge rush.

“Oh my god Sis, that is so fucking hot… do you mind if I masturbate?”

“Hold on one sec–”  I yanked down my panties and kicked them off my ankles.  Pointing the phone once more at my crotch, I snapped another picture.

This one was absolutely pornographic, hard-core.  You could totally see the girl-juice oozing out of my pussy. The hair was slick and wet, the lips puffy and pouting open.  You could even see my little pink clitoris peeking out.  It is always amazing to me that something so tiny can produce such intense sensations! I emailed Troy the photo of my naked cunt.

Troy took a sharp breath in when he opened the picture.  His hand started moving up and down on his cock.  I was practically drooling!  I loved watching him masturbate and I loved that he knew I was watching him do it.

“I want to see your tits,” Troy gasped over the receiver.

I didn’t think that my boobs were all that and then some, but I obliged him, pulling off my shirt and taking pictures with my cell phone. I sent him one first with my bra on and then with bra off.

I snapped more pictures and emailed them over to him as fast as I could take them.  Some of them were a little blurry and out of focus, but Troy didn’t seem to mind.  He was masturbating in earnest now and I was right there with him.

I shoved two fingers right up my cunt, all the way up to the knuckles.  I was so hot and turned-on they slid easily in.  When I pulled them out, my fingers were thoroughly coated in clearish goo.  I took a close-up of my slippery fingers and sent it to Troy.

“Oh my God,” he said. “Hold on one second!”  He got up from his desk, his erect cock waving around like an obscene flagpole.  He disappeared out of the camera’s field of vision.  A couple seconds later he came back into view holding something that looked a little like a small silver rocket ship.

Holy Shit.

He turned around, showing his backside to the camera and spread his cheeks apart.  I caught a fleeting glimpse of his cute little asshole and then he was working the vibrator up inside.  I masturbated furiously.

When it was all the way up his butt, he turned around so he was in profile to the camera.  I had a perfect view of his cock.  It looked delicious that way, long and proud, curving slightly upward and practically pulsating as his big balls gathered up tight underneath. One hand was pumping his cock, the other was hold the vibrator in place up his ass.  My pussy was making squooshy noises as I vigorously rubbed up and down the front of my sex, stimulating my clit.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna come!” Troy groaned.

I was right there with him.

With his ass clenched and his back arched, Troy’s dick seemed to swell like a balloon about to burst, and then he shot off with a loud, erotic groan, squirting out gobs and gobs of delicious-looking boy juice.  I gave myself over to pleasure, spreading my legs as wide as they would go and grinding on my clit, moaning into the phone as a massive orgasm wracked through my body.

After that, we just panted at each other over the phone line for a minute.  I lazily watched a big fat drop of come slowly ooze out of the end of Troy’s softening cock.

“Wow,” Troy said, “that was intense.”

“Yeah it was,” I said back.

“That was fun–”

“Yeah, really fun,” I agreed.

“But kind of weird, right?” he added.

“Yeah, a little.”

“We should do this again sometime,” Troy said.

We never did though.


After he graduated from college, Troy moved to New York City.  He got an apartment in Brooklyn and started dating this girl called Mel.  Mel was a cute black chick with milk-chocolate skin and spunky dreads.  She was short and very curvaceous, with big boobs and an even bigger gap-toothed smile.

If Mom was at all upset or concerned that her son was dating a black girl, she hid it pretty well.  Mel always seemed kind of shy when she came over for dinner, or when I saw her at family functions.  She was kind of quiet but always very polite and well spoken.  She seemed really nice.  She had a degree in biochemistry.

One Friday afternoon, Troy called my cell phone.

“Hey Sis,” he said, “I was thinking about asking you a favor.  You don’t have to if it’s too weird–”

Well that certainly got my attention.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Well, Mel and I just got a new digital video recorder and we were wondering if maybe you’d like to come down to the city this weekend and help us make a video.”

“What kind of video?” I asked.

“Um, we were hoping you’d shoot a video of the two of us in action.”

Say no more.  I was so there!  The next morning found me on a train bound for New York City. When I arrived at their apartment Mel answered the door wearing comfy-looking sweat pants and an oversized black t-shirt.  She gave me a big, warm hug, “I’m so glad you agreed to do this!” she beamed.

Troy was there too, looking delectable in jeans and a tight t-shirt.   “Are you thirsty?  Can I get you anything?” he asked.

“No,” I said, “Let’s just get started!”

Troy handed me the video camera.  It looked expensive and fit nicely into the palm of my hand.

“We’ll go into the bathroom and get undressed.” Troy said. “Wait like three minutes, and then come on in with the camera running.”

Giggling, they went into the bathroom together, and closed the door behind.  I heard the sound of water running.  I faithfully waited, watching the clock in my cell phone.  When exactly three minutes had passed by, I turned on the camera, pressed the record button, and went on in. I carefully stepped over a pile of clothes.  The shower curtain was drawn, and Troy and Mel were naked under the spray of water coming out of the shower head.

Troy’s dick wasn’t really hard yet, but it was already well on it’s way.  He looked great all naked and wet with water beading up on his skin.  I liked the way his body had matured since he was a teen.

Mel’s breasts were large, but perky, angling slightly up and out.  She had big, dark brown nipples that were very prominent.  She was voluptuous, with a gently rounded belly and muscular legs. Her pussy was bald, shaved or waxed completely bare.  This was the first time I’d seen such a thing in person; I’d seen plenty of shaved pussies in porn of course, but not in real life.  Her plump outer lips mashed together invitingly.

They were kissing and making out in the shower.  I loved the contrast of their skins; his white hands on her big brown breasts, her dark hands on his pale cock and balls.  I zoomed in with the camera on Troy’s crotch and recorded in close-up as Mel manipulated his dick into a full-blown erection. This was wild, sexy as hell and I was loving it.  I was inches away from the action and I could see everything.

Mel winked and flashed me a big gap-toothed grin.  I panned back as she slid her breasts down Troy’s body until she was on her knees in the bathtub.  She dove right in, kissing, licking, slurping, and enthusiastically swallowing my brother’s erection while I filmed.

Her head bobbed up and down on his dick as her big full lips wrapped around his hard cock. Her hands were squeezing his butt, playing with his balls and occasionally stroking his shaft as Troy leaned back against the tile wall, his head lolling back with pleasure.

Then Mel pulled slowly back, letting Troy’s cock slowly, slowly escape her clinging lips and her cheeks pinched as if she were trying to suck a very thick milkshake through a straw.  At last only the head was left in her mouth.  She finally released his swollen purple head with a loud *pop* that made his wet cock jiggle and dance.  With a gratuitous leer, she stuck out her tongue and slurped the underside of his dick all the way from the balls to the pee hole.

Next, she spun Troy around so that he was facing the shower wall and his cute little white butt was right up in her face.  Teasingly, she licking and fondled his ball sac from behind, making his testicles dance.  She spread his butt cheeks apart and I captured a nice shot of my big brother’s crinkled anus.  Then Mel dove right in and started loudly and joyously rimming him, reaching around his front and jerking him off while she licked his asshole.

Troy was moaning and groaning with pleasure.  It looked so fucking hot!  I was soaking wet inside my panties.

“Oh God Mel,” Troy croaked out, “you’re gonna make me fucking come!”

She immediately ceased what she was doing and stood up pressing her voluptuous chocolate body against Troy’s back. She rubbed her smooth juicy pussy against his thighs as she nibbled his ear and fondled his buns.

“Let’s move into the bedroom,” Mel suggested, her hand full of Troy’s balls and her thumb halfway up his butt.

I paused the camera as they did a very quick towel off and then all three of us piled out across the apartment and into their bedroom.  Troy’s dick was sticking straight out, wiggling back and forth as he ran.  It was even bigger and harder and more delicious-looking than I remembered.  I surreptitiously stuck my hand up my skirt and inside my panties.  My pussy was sopping wet.

I pressed the record button again.  Mel flopped down on the bed, scooted a pillow under her ass and spread her legs wide open.  I brought the camera in for a close-up shot of her pussy.  She had a very beautiful cunt; if you were into pussy it would have been absolutely mouth watering.  She was all soft brown skin and slick and swollen purple girl parts. Joy juice leaked copiously out of her.  Her big pink clit poked expectantly out, practically throbbing with anticipation.

Troy landed on the bed between Mel’s smooth thighs, and cupped his hands under her butt as he started licking her pussy.  Troy was an enthusiastic cunnilingist, and Mel was soon squirming and wiggling as he tongued her.  She was absolutely beaming, “Oh baby!  Oh yeah you lick me so good!  Oh yeah baby, that feels amazing!”

It did look pretty hot!  Troy was really into it too.  I liked the slurping and smacking noises they were making as he ate her out and I liked seeing his cute pale ass and muscular shoulders.  Mel’s tits were pan-caked and they jiggled in time with his slurping, which looked pretty nice too.

Mel dug her fingers into my brother’s hair, pulling him hard against her pussy and proceeded to have a very long and loud thrashing orgasm right on his face.  I was almost jealous. When she stopped shaking Troy climbed up from between her thighs.  His face was glowing, slick with her juices.  He got up on his knees and nosed his naked cock right up against her hungry opening.

“Are you ready for it baby?” Troy teased, as I zoomed in tight on his engorged cock nuzzling against her pussy lips.

“Oh yeah!” Mel replied, “fuck me now!  Fuck me good and hard!”

As I recorded the action in high-definition  electronically-stabilized video, Troy slowly sank the entire length and girth of his glorious cock into Mel’s juicy pussy.  As his cock slid in and out of her, Mel’s pussy seemed to bulge greedily around his thickness and to grasp hungrily at his dick as he fucked her. This was way better than any porno I had ever seen.  They were both losing themselves in the sex, clasping their hands and making sexy little noises as they fucked.  I pulled back to get a hotter angle.

“Oh yeah,” Mel gasped, “flip me over and fuck me from behind!”

Troy happily complied.  When he pulled out of her, his dick was totally coated in her come.  Mel got up on all fours with her rump thrust up and boobs hanging down as Troy fucked her doggy style.  I got some sweet shots of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy while his thumb was toying with her asshole.  The expression on their faces as they fucked like that was pretty priceless.  I wondered if I could make a career out of being a pornographer.

“Stick it up my asshole baby,” Mel whispered hoarsely, “Come on and fuck me in the butt!”

Mel fell forward so her breasts were resting on the bed and one side of her face was pressed against the sheets.  Her ass was high and on full display.  Troy spread her milk chocolate ass cheeks apart, exposing her winking little anus.  His cock was all slick with her juices and looked like it was red hot and ready to explode.  The purple veins stood out and I could actually see his pulse twitching and the proud helmet-shaped head was a lurid red.

He nosed the end of his dick up to her asshole, pressing up against her.  From this perspective his cock looked huge; there was no way, I thought, it would fit up inside that tiny little hole.

“Hurry up!” Mel rasped,.  Her fingers were already squishing  busily over her clit, “Fuck my ass now!”

Troy eased his dick into her as her ass seemed to eat him up.  At last, his balls were pressed up against Mel’s soft pillow-like ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck, I can’t hold on!” Troy wailed, “I’m going to come in your asshole!”

“Oh yeah Baby, come inside me!  I’m coming too!  Oh shit yeah, I’m commming!!”  Mel’s fingers were strumming her clit furiously.

Troy bucked, thrusting powerfully in and out before shouting out loud like a pouncing jaguar and burying himself deep inside her ass.  He collapsed with sweat on top of Mel as she shook and gasped her way through a long, hard orgasm of her own.

I pulled the camera back, leaving them stickily entwined together on the bed, Troy’s dick still captured up Mel’s butt.  As she lay there breathing hard Troy played with her hair, softly whispering and kissing her ears and neck.

Later on, after they had cleaned up, showered again and gotten dressed, we were all hanging out in the living room.  Troy and Mel sat together on the couch, while I lounged in a big purple easy chair.  We were all drinking ice-cold beers fresh out of the refrigerator.

“That was really hot.” Troy said.

“Yeah it was!” I agreed.  I couldn’t wait to go home and masturbate, hopefully to a copy of the video I had just shot.

“That was so sexy!” Mel said taking a swig of her beer, “I can’t wait to watch the video.”

“So, we were thinking,” Troy said, “Maybe in a while I could film while you and Mel got it on?”

“Or maybe,” Mel chimed in, “I could hold the camera while you and your brother fool around?”

I thought seriously about it for about a minute.  The idea was tempting, for sure.

“No thanks,” I said at last, “I just like to watch.”


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At the Cottage

I was already annoyed with myself when I stepped off the train; when it became apparent that nobody was there to meet me, I was double annoyed.  I should never have agreed to this in the first place.

I should never ever have agreed to come down here.  I had just spent the last six hours on a train, when by all rights I should have been enjoying my Friday afternoon back in the apartment in Brooklyn having hot girl-on-girl sex with my girlfriend Aya.   Instead of facing a torturous weekend alone with my family.

I had agreed to this weekend casually several months ago, never thinking that I would actually be called upon to go through with it.  My Mom’s husband Siad has an uncle who has a cottage on an island on the coast of North Carolina.  She said he might be willing to let us use it for a weekend.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get the entire family together again?

Wouldn’t it be nice?  Hardly!  The very thought gave me a stomachache.  What had I ever been thinking?

For the last hour, Aya and I had been texting back and forth, flirting away and getting bolder and bolder as we both got more excited.  I was getting obnoxiously horny, with no good way to do anything about it on a crowded train with a smelly bathroom.  Later on I’d have to get a little ‘private time’ by myself out at the cottage.

It was half an hour before Melissa showed up.  “Sorry, Sis.  I misread the train schedule.  Hope you weren’t waiting too long!”

I stepped into the blissful A/C of her rental car, and assured her that it wasn’t a problem.  In the last half-hour of texting, while I sat on a bench in front of the train station in the 95 degree southern heat, Aya had gotten more and more frisky and suggestive, toward the end telling me exactly what she was doing to herself while she fantasized about burying her face between my thighs.  God, how I missed her!  Now I was soaked in sweat from the heat and humidity, nervous and on edge about spending the weekend with my family, and obnoxiously turned on all at the same time.  My pussy was seriously sticky inside my panties, and I couldn’t wait to get out of them.  It was going to be a long weekend, I could tell already.

Melissa helped relax me as we drove out to the cottage.  She is a cool girl, and though we’d never been particularly close, we’d always gotten along pretty well.  She told me that she had been dreading this thing for weeks too, and we conspired to keep our mother heavily sedated for the duration.

A little family history:  I was the oldest by almost twelve years.  My father had died while I was an infant; I have only the barest glimpse of him in my memory.  Then my mother had remarried, and along had come Melissa, and then Sean.  Then my mother and her new husband, Siad (a second-generation Lebanese computer engineer) had divorced.  Two years ago they had remarried, and to all appearances were as happy as could be together.  In the middle of all this, I had come out as a lesbian.  For almost a year, Mom didn’t talk to me.  Then she changed her mind and wouldn’t stop talking to me: apparently she thought that being a dyke made me some kind of sex and relationship expert, and I got way more information about her and Siad’s sex life than I ever wanted to hear.  Complicated enough for you?  It was way too complicated for me.  I generally avoided family gatherings at all cost.

What my Mom had described as a cottage looked more like a mansion to me.  The place was huge!  There were three bedrooms and a futon mattress in the common room.  The rent for a weekend was about the same as Aya and I payed for our apartment in Brooklyn.

I felt very self conscious when all five of us were finally together at the cottage.  Siad fidgeted uncomfortably and made small talk that seemed forced and out of place; Melissa and Sean both looked like they would much rather be anywhere else, and Mom wouldn’t stop giving us crushing hugs and kept breaking down in little crying fits.  We all went out for dinner to the one small town on the island, and I drank a lot of wine; the alcohol had a good numbing affect.  When we finally got back to the cottage, I stumbled up the stairs, head swimming, and passed out cold the moment my head hit the pillow.  I slept long and hard, and didn’t dream.

It was late when I woke up.  Sun was streaming through the curtains.   My dirty clothes were strewn on the floor where I had left them.  My hand slipped under the sheet and between my thighs and I discovered that I was already quite moist.  Easing into the act, taking my time, I ran my finger very lightly up and down my slit, spreading the copious slippery juices around.  My clit twitched with excitement.  I pinched and pulled a nipple.  My pussy tingled with expectation.  Then the door swung open.

My mother knocked twice, after poking her head into the room.  “Alicia, wake up sleepyhead!  If you want any breakfast, you’d better hurry on down!  We’re headed down to the beach.”

Oh…  Damn.  Regretfully, I got dressed and went downstairs.  At least there was still enough coffee for me to have a cup.

We spent the day at the beach, alternately swimming, napping and snacking.  I have to admit that it was pretty nice.  I had expected to be bored; I’m not usually much of a beach person.  There wasn’t anyone else there; the next “cottage” was a mile down the island;  the water wasn’t too cold once you got used to it; the sun felt great; and I found myself having a good time despite myself.  Mom and Siad pretty much stayed on the beach on a blanket, reading their books; Mom with her martini and Siad sipping his iced tea while us three “kids” played in the surf.  We avoided talking to Mom as much as we could and generally had a blast.

I hadn’t been around my two half-siblings in a long time.  They had gone and gotten all grown-up on me.  Melissa was twenty, and Sean had just turned eighteen and was starting college in the fall.  They were both beautiful, dark eyed and smoky skinned (unlike me: gangly tall, blue-eyed and hiding my pale skin under spf-60 sun block); and Melissa was practically bursting out of her blue bikini (again unlike my flat-chested self, and yes I noticed, and yes I felt a little nasty for noticing).

“Bad Alicia!” I thought “Must get mind out of gutter.”

But Melissa was, I kept noticing, looking especially good in that blue bikini.  I’ve never really been a boob girl, but I kept catching myself staring at Mel’s.  Her breasts were large, but perfectly in proportion with her curvy, svelte body, and they seemed to stand straight out from her chest without any need for support.  She had a nice butt too, exactly the kind I like; full and curvy and just begging to be squeezed and licked and kissed.  I couldn’t believe I was looking at my kid half-sister like that.  I was going to have to masturbate soon, before I turned into a total pervert.  It was a real shame that I didn’t get any cell service out here; I could really have gone for some hot phone sex with Aya.

At one point, we were all three knocked over by a breaking wave, and Melissa’s top got pulled straight down almost to her waist.  I had a momentary glimpse of exposed breast and brown crinkled nipple as she pulled her suit back up, apparently unconcerned.  I thought Sean might have caught a peek too, but I couldn’t tell.  I couldn’t blame him if he did.  He was pretty easy on the eyes himself, come to think of it.  He had a distance-runners’ body; lean and muscular, just the kind I would have gone for if I went for boys.  He had run cross country all the way through high school, and gone to the state championship.  He had a cute ass too.  I caught myself wondering what he had going on under those orange swim trunks.  Argh, mind-in-gutter again!  At one point, I saw them holding hands as they charged another breaking wave, but I didn’t think anything of it.

Later on, Mom and Siad announced that they were going to go visit some of Siad’s relatives, the ones who had the island cottage, and lived an hour or two away.  We were all welcome to come if we felt like it, but they would probably stay the night over there.  Unsurprisingly, we all three opted to stay on the island.

The three of us ordered pizza and drank beer and smoked a little pot that Melissa produced.  We all got along really well, especially now that the ‘grown-ups’ weren’t around and we could relax; it was as if a load had been lifted from all of our backs.  I invited them both to come visit me in Brooklyn anytime, and they both seemed into it.

After pizza, Sean and Mel wanted to watch a video; I excused myself.  They put a Harry Potter movie on, while I went upstairs and took a shower.  The hot water felt amazing on my body.  I just luxuriated under the shower for a long time, washing away the salt and sand and sunscreen and enjoying the sensation of hot water on my naked body.  I started to masturbate a little in the shower, but I didn’t get very far.  The water started to run cold on me, and anyway, I wanted to make a proper job of it; I had been waiting a long time for this and the anticipation was almost killing me.  I wanted it to be a memorable session, and anyway I had brought one of my favorite toys along, wrapped in a towel in the bottom of my backpack.

I toweled off and went across the hall to my bedroom- Mel was in the room across from me, Mom and Siad had the downstairs bedroom while Sean was stuck sleeping on the futon in the living room- and slipped into my room, fully intending to have an extremely long, hot, slippery, and satisfying masturbation session.  Downstairs, I could hear Harry Potter on the television set.

Believe it or not, I fell asleep right away.  ‘Just a little nap first’ I had thought to myself.  The long day in the sun and the water and the pizza and beer had snuck up on me.  When I opened my eyes again, it was late night, and the light of the full moon was spilling in through the window.  My wet towel was still next to me on the bed, where it had left a rather large wet patch, and the only sound I could hear was the ever present low roar of the surf.

The idea came to me out of nowhere, but it was just perfect.  I would go down to the beach and fuck myself silly under the full moon, just me and the ocean.  I grabbed a beach towel, wrapping it around my body, and fished the pink silicone dildo out of my backpack.  Moving quietly, so as not to wake up my sleeping siblings, I slipped out my bedroom door into the hall and down the stairs.

I had just reached the top of the stairs when a sudden sound or movement down below made me freeze in my tracks.

The front door swung silently open, and there was my half-brother Sean, softly illuminated by the ghostly moonlight, standing there completely naked.  Drops of water beaded up and streamed off his smooth light brown skin, and his cock dangled thick and pendulous between his legs, crowned with a shock of black hair.

He looked beautiful.

“You look beautiful Sean.”

It was Melissa.  I hadn’t seen her in the shadows.  She was lying on her side on the mattress in front of the couch.  She was wearing a pair of white cotton string bikini panties, and nothing else.  “Come over here Little Brother, I’ve got something for you.”

I crouched down by the banister, barely daring to breathe.

“It’s been a long time, Mel” He stood framed in the doorway, looking for all the world like a piece of classical statuary, only with a bigger dick.  He wasn’t erect, but he was definitely… thick.

“Yeah it has” Melissa said, sitting up on her knees.  Her large breasts shook deliciously as she moved.  She looked beautiful.  “Too long.”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  My heart pounded in my chest.  I was so afraid that they would catch me out.

“I know,” Melissa said, “It’s really wrong.  We’ve talked about this.  It’s not right.  But I want you.”

Sean hadn’t moved from the doorway.

“We don’t have to.  If you don’t want to.”

“What if she hears us?”  Sean’s cock was starting to harden.  He wasn’t fully erect, but his penis was swelling visibly, and starting to stick out.  I hadn’t actually had sex with a guy since I was seventeen, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating a sexy cock.  And Sean’s looked really nice.

“She won’t hear us.  She’s upstairs in her room” Melissa gestured at the stairway.  I felt incredibly visible.  I didn’t know how they could not see me crouching at the top of the stairs.  “We’ll just have to be quiet.”

Sean nodded slowly.

“Come Here” Melissa said.  She was kneeling on the side of the mattress.  The moonlight caught the edge of her jet-black mop of hair.  Her nipples, slightly upturned, were dark and pointy and swollen.  Her breasts were perfect, flawless.

Slowly, as if he was in a trance, Sean walked toward her.  His penis was sticking almost straight out; his testicles were drawn up in a tight package.  As he crossed the room, I got to see his naked ass, only a shade lighter than the rest of his skin.  He had a beautiful butt, tight and muscular, perfect for holding on to or for licking.

When he reached the mattress, Melissa took that ass of his ass in both of her small hands, and without a moment’s hesitation, opened her mouth wide and swallowed his penis whole.

Oh My God I was so turned on!  As silently as I could, I moved away from the top of the stairs, and down the hall a little so that I was almost directly above them.  By peeking my head between railings, I could look down and see everything.  I could clearly hear the slurping noises Melissa was making as her head bobbed enthusiastically up and down.

I reached between my legs and confirmed that my pussy was moist.  I tend to get extremely wet whenever I am excited (This can sometimes be embarrassing.  I’ve soaked through a pair of jeans before, Thank You Aya!).  I was indeed soaking wet: my juices were already starting to run down my thighs.  My clit was swollen and throbbing, peeking out from beneath its hood, ready for action.

At long last, Melissa took her mouth off of Sean’s glistening cock.  “I’ve wanted you so badly.”

Sean took her by her shoulders and lifted her to her feet.  “I’ve missed you Mel.”  They kissed for a really long time, deeply, like lovers who know each other well.  Their bodies were pressed close together, Melissa’s breasts squished against Sean’s chest; Sean’s very erect wet cock nestled against her stomach.

“I love you Sis”

“I love you too, Little Brother.”  She squeezed one of his tight buns and giggled “But not like that, of course.”

“Of course.”  He stuck a finger into her armpit, making her choke down a loud squeal.  It quickly devolved into a tickle-fight, tumbling on the mattress, poking squealing and loudly shushing each other until they ended up lying side by side on the mattress, gasping for breath.

I had taken the opportunity to slide the plump pink dildo up inside my cunt, and I had begun fucking myself with it, but oh so slowly, just barely moving it in and out, reveling in the sexuality of it all.  My clit was screaming at me, begging for attention; but I deprived it for now.  I knew I would come as soon as I touched myself there, and I wasn’t ready to come just yet.  I would be having many orgasms tonight, I knew.  For now I just wanted to savor the sensations.

“What do you want?” Sean asked, stroking her toned arm softly.

“What do you want?” Melissa rejoined

“Asked you first.” There was a long silence.  I held still, afraid that they might hear me masturbating, hear the squooshing of my wet pussy, my gapsing breath.  I don’t think I needed to worry.  They were in a world all their own.

“I’d like you to do it to me” Melissa said looking down “the way we did it the very first time.”

“You sure?  That’s the way you want it?”

“Yeah.  If that’s ok.”

“Oh yes Sis.  That’s ok.  That’s more than ok.  That sounds absolutely fucking amazing.”  Sean took a handful of her black hair in his fist and kissed her again, hard.  His other hand cupped her large, full breast, squeezing tight.  She moaned softly.

They broke off the embrace.  Her nipples were swollen, sticking out like black cherry gumdrops.  His cock bobbed eagerly.  I thought I could make out a glistening strand of pre-cum leaking out the end of it.  Melissa got down on her hands and knees, resting her head on the mattress and arching her back, thrusting her shapely ass up toward Sean (and me).  With one sexy wiggle of her rear end, her little white panties were around her knees.  I almost gasped out loud at her lovely exposed ass, so suddenly bared.  She had a perfect butt: two smooth and firm half moons separated by a dark and mysterious crack that, God help me, I wished with every fiber of my being that my face were planted deep inside, licking like a fiend.

Sean wasted no time.  As I watched, steadily and deeply fucking myself with my head stuck between two railings watching them unabashedly, he got down on his knees behind his sister.  Fully erect cock bobbing happily, he stuck his face between her thighs and started hungrily licking her pussy.

Melissa responded enthusiastically, moaning out loud and wiggling her ass fetchingly.

“Oh gosh Big Sis” Sean said, coming up for air “You are so fucking wet!”

And so was I.

“Just don’t you stop Baby Brother” Sean got back down below and resumed his ministrations.  His hands stroked and massaged her sweet ass, avoiding (somewhat to my frustration) the forbidden territory between her gorgeous soft cheeks.  His tongue must have found the right place because Mel was getting louder and more emphatic.  “Oh Fuck Bro, I’m going to come!”

Well so was I.  I couldn’t take it any more.  Pink dildo crammed up my pussy, my finger found my clitoris and strummed.  I went off like a rocket, shaking and writhing on the hall carpet in tandem with Melissa, biting my arm hard to keep quiet, leaving a deep blue bruise on my bicep that I would later have to explain away to Aya.

I couldn’t believe how fucking wet I was by now.  The dildo was covered with gooey slickness, and I had left a genuine wet patch on the carpet.  And I was still riding a knife edge, ready to explode all over again.

They were kissing again, kneeling upright, face to face, and Melissa had her hand on his cock.  She was whispering in his ear, I couldn’t make out what she was saying.  They were so beautiful, both of them together.

Melissa was down on all fours again, her big breasts hanging down, swaying sexily.  Sean knelt beside her, and to my delight, spread those gorgeous ass cheeks and started licking up and down, all around her beautiful ass.

She moaned out loud “Yes… mmmm so good!”  He had two fingers up inside her pussy, and his tongue was drilling deep deep inside her little asshole.  When he moved his head for a moment, I actually caught a glimpse of her sexy little rosebud, glistening with his saliva, winking hungrily.

“Please” Melissa said softly “Hurry.”

That was all Sean needed.  Removing his finger from her vagina, he stood up on one bent knee and guided he stiff penis to her rear entrance.  Melissa’s hands went straight to work between her own legs.  I watched, rapt, as they swayed and moved together in little thrusts, trying to fit his thickness into that tight place.  It was a losing battle, but it sure looked (and sounded) as if they were both enjoying the struggle.

Finally, Melissa broke it off.  Crawling away, she reached deftly into her bag by the couch, and retrieved a little clear bottle of lubricant.

Sean laughed “You had this planned all the time, Sicko!”

“Well Duh!”  Melissa giggled, pouring some fluid on her fingers and reaching behind to slippery things up “Now stick that fucking thing up my butt!”

They resumed their previous position; Mel with her ass thrust high in the air like a cat in heat, Sean half-standing crouched behind her.  Taking the little bottle, he squirted a liberal amount on his penis, spreading it thoughtfully while he contemplated his sister spread wantonly before him.

“God I’ve missed doing this with you Melly”

“Just do it Babe”

He guided his raging erection between her widely spread ass cheeks, finding his target and resting the head of his penis against her puckered anus.

Silently, she pressed back against him, impaling herself on his penis. Probably three quarters of his gorgeous, swollen dick was suddenly buried in her asshole.  She raised herself up onto her hands and knees with a deep throated groan/growl.

“Is it ok?” Sean asked (somewhat unnecessarily, I thought)

“Yeah Bro, it feels really really good.  Fuck my ass good and hard, ok?”

He started to move his cock in and out of her, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  One of her hands was again busy between her legs.  I could actually hear the little squishing noises they were making as they fucked.

“I’m not going to be able to hold off very long.”  No kidding.

“It’s ok Little Brother.  I want to feel you come in my asshole.” Melissa said through clenched teeth “Come on, fuck me harder”

His sexy ass was clenched tight as he pounded her backside with a vengeance, every muscle in his back defined and his long leg muscles straining tightly. Sometimes he would pop all the way out before plunging back in, deep up her little hole until his dark pubes were finally pressed against her ass cheeks.

Melissa was loving it, frigging her clit like a madwoman and meeting him thrust for thrust, growling “Mmm Yes!  Oh this is so wrong… this is so sick… Oh it feels so good!  Yeah Sean, fuck your sister’s ass, you fuck me so good!”  If they had been worried about waking me up, that was totally forgotten now.  Melissa was getting louder and louder; I could hear Sean’s labored breathing.  I’m not sure I could have slept through that.  Fortunately I was wide awake, stuffed full of dildo, and right on the edge of coming myself.

“Oh Melissa I’m coming!” Sean made a noise like a wild animal, arching his back and burying himself deep in his sister one last time.

“Oh God Yes!  Oh fuck fuck fuck!” Melissa came too, kicking her legs and trailing off into unintelligible noises as her brother collapsed onto her back, kissing her passionately.  That was enough for me; with one finger buried sympathetically in my own ass, I came like a breaking wave, hips bucking and pussy spasming.  My orgasm seemed to go on forever; it just kept peaking and peaking again as my body shuddered.  It was amazing, I thought it would never stop, and when it did, I was totally drained, unable to do much beside lie there gasping.

Down below me brother and sister were cuddling, basking in post-sex stickiness.

“That was amazing” Melissa said “It’s been forever.”

“Yeah” Sean said. “I’ve really missed you… I’ve missed this…  Things aren’t going to be weird now are they?”

“No.” Melissa said “Not between us.  Never between us.”

“So does your boyfriend at school do this to you?” Sean asked, a little shyly

“No.” Mel said, ruffling his hair and kissing him on the cheek “Maybe you should teach him.”

I took the opportunity to gather up my beach towel and my come-coated dildo and pad quietly to my bedroom where I would spend most of the rest of the night playing and replaying the scene that I had just witnessed, until my parts became too tender to touch and I drifted off into confused erotic dreams.

I really hoped that my two half-siblings would come visit me in New York.  Soon.

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Oh Brother, My Underwear!

I had a suspicion that my older brother Jared had been snooping in my room; nothing I could put my finger on, but things weren’t exactly the way I left them when I had gone to school that morning. I wasn’t too worried about it: the toys and things that would have been really bad for him to find were all safely locked in a box under my bed. Nothing was missing, nothing seemed to have been disturbed… but I was pretty sure that I hadn’t left the panties I wore yesterday on top of the pile of dirty clothes. No, they had been buried under my pajamas, I was pretty sure of that.

Jared was home from college that semester, living at home and working to save up money. The idea of him rooting through my dirty underwear just wouldn’t get out of my head. He wasn’t a bad looking guy really. He was tall and lean, and the only blond in the family. He had filled out since he had left for college; he was definitely a man now. I was seventeen, tall and gawky, in my senior year of high school. If he hadn’t been my brother…

The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I was a virgin at the time; I hadn’t dated much, and the only boy I had ever dated had broken my heart the last summer. I knew that my body had changed a lot in the last few years, and I was insecure about it. I wanted to be sexy. I wondered what Jared did with my panties. I wondered if he masturbated with them. I kind of liked the idea, though I knew I shouldn’t. I decided to try an experiment.

That night, after I got myself off (thoughts of Jared and the bulge in his jeans kept coming unbidden into my head and I had to push them away), I pressed the crotch of the underwear I had been wearing that day against my pussy. I wiped my wetness into them. I held the damp material to my nose. My scent was all over them. I left them on top of the big stack of dirty clothes in my closet. Then I pulled a hair from my head and laid it across them.

When I got home from school that afternoon, Jared was still at work. He did noon to ten o’clock shifts, six days a week. I ran up to my room and checked the closet. Sure enough, the hair was missing, and I was sure that my panties had been moved. So it was true; someone had been messing with my dirty underwear, and I knew it wasn’t Mom. Somehow I found that really exciting.

I was bold that night. I wore my red thong, my “first date” underwear, as I called it, to bed. I fucked myself hard with my vibrator, leaving the panties on, pulled to one side. Needless to say, they got soaked. I moaned out loud when I came, as loud as I dared. Jared’s room was next to mine, and I found myself half hoping that he could hear me through the wall.

The next morning, after making my bed, I took a deep breath and made my decision. I left the red thong (still damp and reeking of my sex) sitting on the top sheet of my bed. I got a piece of paper and a pencil and left a note next to them:


All day at school I thought and worried about what would happen when he found the note. Or maybe I had been making it all up. Maybe the hair I had left the other day had just blown off. What did he think about when he borrowed my underwear? Did he jerk off to them? I kind of hoped he did. I kept getting excited thinking about it. What kind of a pervert was I? I had a hard time concentrating on schoolwork.

When I got home, I ran straight to my room. My panties were still there, untouched as far as I could tell, and there was a new note next to them:


I felt really bad. I hadn’t meant it that way. I didn’t want him to feel bad. It wasn’t as if he was hurting me. When we were younger, I used to borrow naughty magazines from under his bed, and he had never said anything, though I suspected that he knew. Anyway, I didn’t really want him to stop.

I hadn’t been in his room since he had been home from college. It was tidy (not like mine), and quite bare. Just his clothes in the closet and his shoes next to the neatly made bed. No decoration, just a few books. I looked under the bed, but no magazines there; they had gone away when he had left for college, and apparently hadn’t come back with him. It seemed more like a hotel room than someone’s bedroom. I left the dirty red panties on the middle of his bed with a new note:


I wondered what he would think when he found them. I was tense all evening. Mom asked me what was on my mind. I told her I had a lot to study for in school. I made sure to be in my bedroom before Jared got in; I didn’t want to run into him before he found my note. I was confused and anxious. I didn’t even masturbate that night. When I got home from school the next day, there were my panties on my bed, with another note next to them:


I really didn’t mind. And so, believe it or not, this is how things went: every night I would masturbate with my panties on, or wipe my come into the crotch of that days panties; the next morning I would leave them sitting on my bed for my brother. I rarely saw Jared at home, with him working and me in school, but when we did see each other, he never said anything, and neither did I. It was as if nothing was different.

The next week I had a Monday off. “Teachers Planning Day” or something. Kind of a non-holiday, but I wasn’t complaining. I took the rare opportunity to sleep late. I half woke up around seven when Mom left for work, but I rolled over and went back to sleep. Usually by now I would be getting ready to start first period history. Staying in bed was such a luxury! I dozed on and off, and started to think about getting up.

When my bedroom door opened, I woke with a start. I had forgotten all about “The Panty Game”, as I called it to myself. Of course Jared was coming to my room to get the panties I had left for him. Or would have left for him, if I had remembered. I was, in fact, still wearing them.

When Jared saw me, half sitting up in bed, he turned bright red. “I’m sorry” he stammered, backing out of my room “I didn’t realize you were home.”

I felt oddly calm just then, sitting there in my pajamas, my hair all over the place. “No, its ok Jared” I said “I forgot. You don’t have to go.”

He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He was looking at the floor, not making eye contact with me. I knew he was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. I sat up and smoothed my hair out of my face. “Do you still want to borrow my underwear?”

He nodded, still not meeting my eyes. “You’re sure you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind.” I said “actually I think it’s kind of sexy. What do you do with them anyway? Do you wear them?”

“Oh no!” he answered quickly.

“Do you masturbate with them then?”

He nodded. “I like… I like the way they smell.”

“It’s ok” I said “It’s only natural. I mean guys like pussy right? And my underwear smells like my pussy… its all about pheromones.” I realized that my nipples were getting erect. I wasn’t wearing a bra under my pajama tops and I wondered if Jared could see.

“Thank you Andrea” he said “This is really embarrassing for me” he added.

“Listen” I said, and now it was my turn to blush “Would you mind if I watched once?”

“You mean?”

“Yeah… while you masturbate with my panties.”

“Ok” he said “If you want me to.” He sat down on the edge of my bed.  I could see his hands trembling.

“You don’t have to” I said, “If it makes you uncomfortable.” I was blushing hard, my heart was racing, but my pussy was getting damp.

“No” he said “It’s only fair really.”

There was a long pause.

“Hey Bro,” I said “Would you like to borrow my underwear?”

He laughed “Yeah” he said “I would like that.”

Under the sheets, I squirmed out of my panties. I wasn’t wearing anything fancy, I remembered with a little regret, just white cotton bikini briefs. I handed them to Jared. I noticed that the crotch was a little wet. Jared took them shyly, then held them to his face and inhaled deeply. I realized that I was incredibly turned on. I let a hand slip under the sheet, softly and unobtrusively caressing my slit.

Jared looked at me once, shrugged as if to say “What the heck”, unbuttoned his jeans and stepped out of them. He was wearing boxers, and his cock made a huge tent in the material. A little trail of fur led down from his navel, promising hidden delights below. I had never seen an actual cock before, and my pussy was drooling with anticipation.

He pulled off his boxers, and his cock sprung free. It was even better than I had hoped. I mean I had seen pictures, and watched videos and read stories, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect, but I hadn’t imagined how sexy and delicious it would look in person. I also didn’t think it would be quite so big. His was bigger than my vibrator, but not so big that it was really intimidating. “God, I could take that.” I thought involuntarily. His balls were drawn up tight, and a clear drop of fluid glistened at the end of the swollen purple head.

He started stroking it, his face buried in the crotch of my moist panties. Under the sheets, I diddled myself in time with him. I couldn’t believe how tight he held his cock. It was red and purple and totally excited. I knew I was close. Jared was pumping himself faster and faster, till his hand was almost a blur. Finally he shouted and come shot out of his cock, all over my sheet. It was amazing how much came out, gobs and gobs of pearly white, and it kept on leaking out as his cock wilted. He lay there, breathing hard for a few minutes, his eyes closed, a peaceful smile on his lips. My dirty panties lay on the bed next to his face. With a groan, my hips bucked and I came. I rode the waves of my orgasm, coming and coming. When I was done, I held my slimy fingers out to him. “Do you like the way this smells?”

He surprised me by licking my fingers clean. “I have to get ready for work now.” He said “Thank you Sis.”

He put his boxers and jeans back on as I lay there, head reeling. Then he left, shutting the door after himself. On impulse, I stuck my tongue out and sampled the biggest puddle of semen. It wasn’t bad at all, a little salty. It tasted like sex. I licked it all off my sheets, swallowing hungrily. I couldn’t believe how much he had shot out. I wished I could shoot off like that.

I realized that I was still incredibly turned on. I pulled the vibrator out of the box under my bed, and quickly gave myself another orgasm. I couldn’t help imaging that the buzzing latex tool in my pussy was Jared’s swollen cock, spewing come inside me as my cunt shook. Afterward, I lay there, head spinning with guilt and confusion. Knowingly letting my brother borrow my panties was one thing, a little naughty maybe, but basically harmless. This was something else entirely; I had crossed a line this morning. I was a pervert now, and I knew it.

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Jim and His Two Sisters


It was my 17th birthday and I had the blues.  I lived in a house with three females: my mom and my two older sisters.  Melissa was three years older than me.  She was at university, in her third year of college.  She was a little overweight, like me, and she was super self-conscious about it.  I always thought she was really pretty even so, even though she was my sister.  She had the reddest hair in the family, which she usually kept in a prim bun.  She is all soft and curvy, with a round, squeezable butt and a nice big set of boobs that really compliment her figure.  I have to admit that ever since we both hit puberty, I’d hoped to catch a glimpse of her rack uncovered; but thus far it had never happened.  Melissa is the shy and quiet one in our family, with a sweet little secret smile that hid a world of naughtiness.  We had always been pals growing up.  Melissa and I told each other everything.  Well, almost everything.

Rachel was the oldest child.  She is six years older than Melissa, and could hardly be more different.  She is the athlete of the family: tall and thin, almost boyish.  She can be quick tempered, but she isn’t mean.  Always responsible, practical to a fault.  After college, she started her own business, a website design thing, which she ran out of our basement.  It had been picking up over the past couple years, and now generated enough business that she could do it full time.  She had shoulder length curly auburn hair, and green eyes that flashed whenever she was angry or passionate about something, which was often.  We had always had a rocky relationship; I think our age difference made things difficult.  When I was thirteen, there had been an incident where I had gotten into the habit of “borrowing” her dirty panties. I would jerk off into them, and hide them in my sock drawer.  For some stupid reason, I didn’t think she would notice.  She stormed into my room one night and recovered six pairs of her underwear.  She told me off, called me a creep and a pervert, and threatened to tell Mom if I ever did it again.  She didn’t tell though, in the end, and she definitely cured me of snooping.

And then there was me, Jim: the underachiever.   17 and still a virgin.  I had never had a girl friend, never even had a real kiss.  I had graduated from high school a semester early and I’d been accepted to a couple different colleges, but I had decided not to go just yet.  I still didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. Meanwhile, I worked part time at a used book store and masturbated a lot.

The morning of my birthday, I slept fairly late, and got up just in time to see Mom before she went to work.  She is a nurse at the Presbyterian Hospital.  She kissed me on the cheek and gave me a card, which contained a check for fifty dollars.   Then she headed out the door.

Rachel had to leave early and do some stuff for her business, so I opened her present first.  It was a new wrist watch.  “Now maybe you’ll be on time once in a while.” she teased me.  She ruffled my hair fondly, and headed out the door.

That left Melissa and me alone.  “Open my present!” she begged.  It was a book, I could tell that much.  I tore off the wrapping.  It was an illustrated copy of ‘The Lord of The Rings’; one of my favorite books.  When she saw how happy I was with it, Melissa kissed me on the head and gave me a big warm hug.  I always loved getting hugs from Melissa.  Sometimes it gave me an erection.  I felt more than a little bit guilty about that, but it just felt so nice to be held that close to her, pressed against her warmth and her breasts.

In honor of my birthday, Melissa made breakfast: Rice Krispies.  As we ate our cereal, I felt her scrutinizing me from across the table.

“You’re really growing up little Bro.”

“Yeah, I’m 17. Big deal. Woohoo.”

“Listen” she said, suddenly serious “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I do have another birthday present for you, if you want it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.  She was being mysterious.  My curiosity was definitely peaked.

“Well” she said, and paused “I know you’ve never seen a girl’s boobs before.  In person I mean, not just in porn.”

It was true and she knew it.  Just the other night we had both been bitching about our non-existent love lives.  I had complained that I had never even seen a pair of breasts; she said she hadn’t seen a penis in over three years.  She knew that I was a virgin.  I knew that she wasn’t; and that she had only had sex with one guy, and that had been in high school.  But how did she know about my pornography habit?

“I thought” she went on “that you might want to see mine.  If you want to, I mean.  Don’t feel like you have to.  Just if you want.”

I was speechless.  I could only nod.

“Does that mean you want to see them?

I croaked “Yes, please.”

“Ok” she said, standing up.  “I hope you like them.”

She unbuttoned her shirt as she walked around the table toward me.  When she was standing next to me, she pulled off her t-shirt and dropped it on the floor.

“Now don’t take this the wrong way.” she said as she reached behind her back to unsnap her lacy white bra.  I couldn’t look away.  What was the wrong way to take this anyway?  She pulled her bra off, and dropped it on the floor next to her shirt.  Her beautiful tits were in full view, just inches from my face.  I thought my cock would burst through the zipper of my jeans.

“What do you think?”

“They’re beautiful… unbelievable… can I touch them?”

“Um…” she hesitated and I held my breath.  “I guess so.”

I cupped her left breast in my hand.  It was warm and soft and heavy, and felt incredibly sexy.  I lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth.  When she didn’t stop me I sucked on it gently, caressing her nipple with my tongue.  When I removed my mouth, it was pink, wet with my saliva and hard and pointy.

“Do you need to… um… masturbate?” Melissa was looking down at my crotch, which was about to explode.  You could have seen the lump in my sweat pants from the neighbor’s house.

Melissa and I had never actually talked about masturbation.  I guess we both assumed that we did it; you could hardly be a sexually frustrated young adult and not.  But this was the first time I had ever heard the word come out of her mouth.

“Yeah” I said heavily “I’m really turned on.  I’m going to have to jerk off soon.”

“Well” she said “Go ahead then.  I’m sure I don’t mind.”

As if in a trance, I unbuttoned and pulled down my pants.  My boner was peeking out from the waistband of my underwear.  I’m not sure I had ever been so hard in my life.  A lot of precome had oozed out, coating the head in slippery clear liquid.  I realized that Melissa was staring at my erection.  I remembered that she said she hadn’t seen a penis since she had been at college.  Well, I hoped she liked the looks of mine.  I knew that I wasn’t super hung, but I guessed that my penis was at least average sized.

“I’ve never seen a guy masturbate before.” she whispered.

“Well there’s not that much to it.” I said.  “It’s not going to take very long, I’m too excited.”

“If you want” she said “You could masturbate onto me.  I mean so you could come on my breasts.”

Well that sounded pretty awesome to me.

She lay down on her back on the kitchen floor.  I kicked off my pants and underwear, which were just in the way, and got down on my knees, straddling her stomach.  My swollen balls rested on her soft tummy.

“Please.” She said, her eyes glued on my engorged penis.  I started masturbating slowly.  I wanted to make it last, to give her a little show, but that just wasn’t happening.  Already I could feel my orgasm welling up in my toes.  Every time I stroked, it made her pancaked boobs jiggle.  I groaned and grunted and arched my back and jerked with abandon.  Seconds later I was coming.  It seemed to go on and on.  It was the most intense one I had ever had.  The first squirt actually hit her in the face.  I made a huge white puddle on her breasts and left a trail down her chest.  I couldn’t believe how much come came out.  I hadn’t done myself in a few days, and it really showed.  I must have pumped half a pint of hot sperm onto Melissa before my softening penis stopped leaking.

I thought she looked incredibly sexy like that, on her back, naked from the waist up, with my come all over her beautiful breasts and on her face.  She was grinning broadly.  I was about to apologize for getting come on her face when she scooped up a bunch of the puddle on her chest with two fingers and brought it to her mouth.

“Mmm” she said, licking her fingers clean.  “It’s been a long time… that’s some yummy stuff…” she eagerly scooped up more.  “Want a taste?”

Well I had tasted my own come before, and I didn’t think that much of it.  I don’t really mind the taste; it just doesn’t do anything for me.  But since she was offering… I licked the salty bitter sauce off my sisters’ fingers.  She seemed to like that.  She gave me a very unsisterly kiss on the lips, and proceeded to slurp up the rest of my come.

It was a little awkward after that.  I think we both started to realize what we had just done.  We got dressed quickly.  Melissa had to go to class, and I had to go to work.   She kissed me once more on the lips. “Happy Birthday Jimmy” she said, and ran upstairs to take a shower.

2. Rachel

The meeting wrapped up mercifully early.  I headed back home, eager to go downstairs to my office and get some coding done.  During the drive home, I thought about the little present I had left for my kid brother Jim.  Not the watch that might possibly inspire him to be on time once in a while; I had left him another present, one that he probably didn’t even know about yet.  Had it been a good idea?  I wasn’t sure.

When Jim was 13, and I was 19, he had developed the annoying habit of stealing my underwear out of my dirty laundry.  He hadn’t been especially subtle about it either:  within a week I was running out of panties!  I found the missing six pairs, all wadded up and stained in his sock drawer, and I confronted him about it.  I guess I was kind of a bitch about the whole thing.  I had said a couple things to him that were probably uncalled for.  But I had been pretty freaked out too. Later I wondered if I wasn’t partly to blame for his chronic shyness, his lack of self-confidence, and his continual lack of a girlfriend.  He wasn’t a bad-looking guy, really.  Just a little heavy.  My sister too, for that matter.  It ran in our family; I had to work hard to keep the fat off, especially from my hips and ass.  But it wasn’t like he was obese.  He could probably have just about any girl he liked, if he only assertiveness and faith in himself.

So I had decided to give him a little extra birthday present.  A little confidence booster, maybe.  If he liked my dirty underwear, well then I could certainly spare him one pair on his birthday.  That morning before I left for my meeting, I had dropped a pair of my panties into a padded envelope with his name on it, and left the envelope sitting on his bed.  The night before, I had masturbated in them, really grinding my clit with my vibrator through the material.  I got them pretty damp.  Then I slept in them.  They pretty much reeked of sex.  I hoped he liked them.  I would be mortified if after all that he thought it was gross.

When I pulled into the driveway, Melissa’s car was still parked in front of the house.  I went in through the front door and was on my way down to the basement where I kept my little office, when I heard something.  I don’t know what made me look, but I poked my head into the kitchen.

I couldn’t believe what I saw:  My little sister Melissa was lying on her back on the kitchen floor, naked from the waist up, and my kid brother Jim was straddling her, jerking off onto her (quite sizeable) boobs.  I’ve always been a little envious of her bust.  I know Jim liked them; I had caught him trying to catch a peek at them before.  Well now he was really getting an eyeful!

I was rooted to the spot as I watched them.  I didn’t know what to think.  They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I had never actually seen a guy masturbate before.  I thought it was kind of neat.  My little brother had a pretty big dick too.  I’ve seen one or two penises in my time, and his was large.  Not so big that it was like “Dear God what am I supposed to do with that thing”; just nice and fill-you-up big.

When he came (and it didn’t take very long) I was amazed at how much semen came out.  He squirted come all over Melissa: her boobs, her neck, her face, everything.  She didn’t seem to mind one bit.  Actually, I had the impression that she loved it.  As a matter of fact, when I thought about it for a second, I suspected that she might have set up this little situation.  Well good for her.  My baby sister needed some action in her life, and she sure wasn’t getting any at school.  And like my brother, I think she just needed a dose of self-confidence.

As they cleaned up, I took the opportunity to slip away downstairs.  I realized that I was seriously turned on.  I mean really wet.  Watching those two fool around had really gotten me going.  It had been several months since I had been with anyone; running my business just kept me too busy.

I tried to concentrate on programming, but the throbbing button between my thighs required immediate attention.  I hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and let my fingers do the walking to a very satisfying orgasm.  When I was done, I realized that I had been picturing my two younger siblings fooling around upstairs. Weird.

I thought about going up to Jim’s room and taking my present back, assuming that he hadn’t found it yet.  After all, he seemed to have fish of his own to fry now.  Then I thought better of it.  Better to let things go on as I had originally planned and just see what happened. What the hell, right?

I worked on the computer till late afternoon, then back aching and eyes burning, I had to go out to meet another potential client.  After that meeting, I met up with a friend from college and had a couple drinks.  By the time I got home, it was late, and I was exhausted.  Melissa was out somewhere, probably at the college library if I knew her.  I went up to Jim’s room, saw the light on under the door, and knocked softly.  There was a rustle and I heard Jim’s voice “Just a minute!”

A couple moments later, Jim opened the door.  He was flushed and nervous, and looked like he had just thrown clothes on.  There was quite a large bulge in his pajama bottoms.  When he saw it was me, he blushed a deep red.

“I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday one more time.” I said, trying to keep a straight face.  “Did you have a good time today?”

He gulped “Yeah, I had a good day.”

“Did you like your presents?”

He blushed even deeper, if such a thing was possible.  “Yeah.  They were great.  Thank you.”

“All your presents?”  I raised one eyebrow.

He wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“Did you find the other present that I left for you?”

“Yeah” he said “Thank you.  Listen, I never really apologized…”

“Don’t worry about it.  Can I come in for a little?”

“Sure.” He said.  I entered his room and sat down on his bed.  He closed the door and sat down next to me.  He seemed very uncomfortable.

“So” I said “Do you like them?  Was it a good present?”

“Yes” he said “Thank you Rachel.”

“I’ve always kind of wondered” I went on, feeling more than a little embarrassed myself, “What did you do with them, when you borrowed them?”

“Well, I you know, I masturbated with them.”

“Well, yeah, I figured that much.  But how?  Did you wear them?”

If he blushed any redder, he might pass out from lack of blood to the brain.  “No” he said “Not like that.  I used to… God I can’t believe I’m telling you this… Well if you really want to know, I used to wrap them around my dick and masturbate into them.  I know it sounds sick, but it felt really good.”

“So is that what you were going to do with my present?  Is that what you were doing when I knocked?”

He nodded.

“Well don’t let me stop you.” I said “Don’t be shy!”

He pulled my dirty panties out from where he had shoved them under his pillow.  They were a simple pair of cotton high cut bikini, white with red and blue teddy bears printed on them.  I admit I have a weakness for cutesy-pie underwear.

“Go ahead.” I said.

I couldn’t look away as Jim pulled down his sweat pants, revealing his sizeable erection.  For the second time that day, I admired his cock.  Almost shyly, he wrapped my underwear around his shaft and started stroking up and down.  I was fascinated.

I had never ever been attracted to my brother.  The fact was, since my early teens, I had known that I was a lesbian.   I am attracted to girls first of all.  I had dated a few guys, even had orgasms with men; but women are what I am really interested in.  I had never thought of Jim sexually before.  Even leaving this present for him had been just an… experiment.  I had thought it would be fun, for Jim and for me too maybe.  But I had never thought of taking it further than teasing him a little.  So why was I so fucking turned on?

Jim was stroking his big cock harder and faster now.  The swollen purple head peeked out from the white cotton material.  I don’t know why, but I found the whole situation intensely sexy.

“Let me” I said “Just for a second.”  I reached out, and he let my hand replace his own.  His cock was big and hard and hot through the sheer cotton.  It felt nice.  It had been years since I had held a penis in my hand.  I stroked him slowly, enjoying the sensation, enjoying pleasuring my little brother.

“God” he moaned “Rachel… I can’t believe…  I’m going to come soon.”

“Go ahead Jimmy, come for me.”  I jerked him off, faster and faster.  This was fun!

Suddenly, he moaned loudly, and squirted streams of hot come onto my hand and all over the panties.  For having come just that morning, he sure produced an awful lot!  I kept stroking him as his cock spasmed and started to soften.  His come was hot on my hand.  “Happy Birthday Jim.” I said when he was all done.

“That was incredible.” He said.

“Yeah…” I said.  “Listen, these really do need a wash now.  Want to trade?”  I stood up, and pulled down the more than moist panties I had on under my skirt.  The air felt cool on my wet pussy.  My vibrator was going to get a workout tonight!  I dropped them (red g-string with pink hearts) next to him on the bed where he was lying, staring up at the ceiling.  I ruffled his hair (with my clean hand), and left the room.

3. Melissa

I did what I usually do when I am bothered about something:  I studied.  After classes, I went to the library and worked on my research project.  I was pretty successful about not thinking about what had happened that morning.

By the time the library closed, my head ached, my eyeballs hurt, and I was starving.  I texted my friend Jen, and we met up at the all-night diner.

“What is it Melissa?” she asked “You aren’t here at all.  You seem so distracted.”

“Oh it’s nothing” I lied.

“Is there a guy?”

“Well, kind of…”

“Good for you girl!  You’ll have to tell me all about it!”

“I can’t yet.  I’m not sure it’s anything really.”

“Jump him Melissa!” Jen said, taking my hand from across the table, “Fuck his brains out.  Go for it!  You deserve this.”

As I drove home, I thought about what Jen had said.  What would she say if she knew that the guy who was distracting me was my own little brother Jim?  Probably not ‘Go for it’.  I didn’t even know what I thought.  Showing him my boobs that morning had been an impulse.  I didn’t know where that idea had come from.  Pity maybe?  But then events had gotten totally out of control.  It wasn’t right.  This wasn’t how brothers and sisters are supposed to behave.  And why had I enjoyed it so much?

I remembered the sight of Jim’s swollen, needy cock in his hand, the look on his face as he came on me, the sounds he made as he orgasmed.  I remembered the sensation of his scalding hot come splashing all over my face and tits.  I remembered tasting his salty, bitter semen, and running up to the shower and masturbating furiously afterward.  I felt like a total pervert.

It had been over three years since I had been with a guy.  Lately I had been starting to give up hope.  I would just be an old spinster English teacher.  I had contemplated becoming a lesbian like my older sister Rachel, but I didn’t even know how one went about that.  And besides, when I let my fingers slip between my legs at night, it was men and their bodies that I pictured, not girls.  When I downloaded porn on the internet, it was all blowjobs, and men and women having sex, or beautiful gay boys getting it on.  No, I definitely wasn’t a lesbian.

Jim had been my buddy since we had been little kids together.  I had never thought of him sexually before.  He was just my brother.  Sometimes annoying, but always there for me.  We talked all the time, about anything at all.  I wasn’t falling in love with him; that would have been like falling in love with my right arm.  I couldn’t deny that I was sexually interested in him though.  I didn’t know what to do.

By the time I got home, Mom had left for work, and Jim and Rachel had both gone to bed.  I watched TV for a while and then went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep.  I needed to masturbate, and the image of Jim, kneeling over me with his cock in hand wouldn’t leave my head.  Ever since high school when I had discovered boys, giving blowjobs has been my favorite masturbatory fantasy.  There was nothing I liked better, nothing that excited me more than having a big hard cock in my mouth: not even being gone down on made me that wet.  I hadn’t really sucked that many dicks, but I thought that I was pretty good at it.  There is something indescribably sexual about having a guy’s most precious possession in your mouth, being totally in control, giving yourself over to giving pleasure.  And Jim had a beautiful cock.  I had to admit that.  It wasn’t porn-star gigantic, but it was plenty big, and beautifully shaped with a nicely defined purple head and a thick veiny shaft.  I wondered if I could get it all in my mouth.  I wondered what it would be like to try.  I masturbated myself to sleep, imagining sucking Jim’s dick, bringing him to the brink of orgasm, and then slipping his wet cock up my juicy pussy…

The next morning, breakfast was torture.  I couldn’t look at Jim, and he barely spoke to me.  Rachel seemed to pick up on the weird energy too.  The meal was very tense, with hardly any of us talking.  The only one who seemed unaffected was mom, who chatted all the way through breakfast before leaving for work.

Rachel went downstairs to her little office.  That left me and Jim alone together.  Jim had the day off from the record store where he worked, and I didn’t have class until afternoon.  Jim excused himself and went upstairs.  He hadn’t said two words to me all morning.  I did a little washing up, and thought things through.  I didn’t want things to be weird between me and Jim.  There was no way I was going to lose my little brother as a friend.  I went up to his room to talk to him.

I tapped at his closed door.  “Jim, can I come in?  I’d like to talk.  Please?”

Jim opened the door and let me in.  I sat down next to him on his bed.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked sheepishly.

“Of course I’m not mad at you” I said, taking his hand.  “Why would I be mad at you?”

“Because of what I did yesterday morning.”

“What we did, you mean.  Remember, I started it.”

“So are things going to be ok between us?”

“Of course.” I squeezed his hand “You’ll always be my brother and my best friend.”

“Thank you Melissa.  I’m sorry I was weird.”

“That’s ok.  This whole situation is kind of weird.”


“So now that we have that straight…”


“Well… do you want to?” I could see the bulge in his pants already.  Jim might not know what to say, but his cock had clearly made up its mind already.  I lifted up my sweatshirt, giving him a peek at my bra-encased boobs.  “Come on now, I mean why not?”

There was no denying the erection clearly visible under his pants now.  I peeled off my sweatshirt and bra, setting the girls free.  Jim unzipped and pulled down his pants, releasing his straining cock.

“Mmm delicious…” I lay back on the bed.  “Go ahead Jim.”

“You are so beautiful Melissa.”  Nobody had ever said that to me before, except Mom, and she had to.  He straddled me, stroking his beautiful penis as I watched.

I loved watching him masturbate, watching him touch himself and watch me.  I was getting terribly turned on.

“Why don’t you put it between my breasts?”

He moved forward, and I pressed my boobs together, capturing his hot penis.  He moaned softly, and started thrusting, fucking my tits.  I found it incredibly erotic, seeing his purple cock head poking out from my cleavage, barely lubricated by our sweat and his precome.

I couldn’t restrain myself any longer.  Releasing his penis from between my tits, I slid down the bed, opening my mouth for his penis.  As I tried to swallow his big cock, I heard him groan something unintelligible.  His cock was hard and hot and swollen and eager.  I worked him with my mouth, sucking and licking for all I was worth, stroking him with one hand as I sucked.  I was grinding my thighs together, squeezing my sex as I blew him.  He was fucking my mouth now, and I could tell it wouldn’t be long.  I couldn’t hold back any more; I slipped a hand inside my sweatpants and found my throbbing clit.  I rubbed myself furiously as I sucked him.  He had his hands in my hair, and was moaning out loud.  Suddenly, his moaning turned into a cry, and he erupted, filling my mouth with his hot salty come.  I slurped and drank him as I masturbated.  My own orgasm rocked my body seconds later. His limp penis slipped from my mouth as I writhed on his bed, my hand busy inside my pants.

When I was finished, I put my sweatshirt back on, and Jim got dressed.  We were both a little embarrassed, I think.  I went to take a shower and get ready for school.  As I was leaving though, I caught a glimpse of a pair of girls’ panties half hidden under his pillow.  They were red with pink hearts.  Unless I was very much mistaken, it was a pair that belonged to Rachel.

4. Jim

I couldn’t believe what had just happened, what was happening to me.  Just two days ago, I had been a 16-year old loser virgin.  Now I was a 17-year old virgin with a sex life.  The fact that I was getting attention from both my sisters was just too weird.  Not that I was complaining, far from it.

Melissa – shy, well-behaved Melissa had just given me a blowjob.  I couldn’t believe it.  And last night, Rachel had jerked me off.  And I had thought she was a dyke!  Until the day before, no girl had ever seen my dick, never mind touched it.  That it was my two sisters who were providing the attention was clearly sick and wrong.  This probably should have bothered me.  At that moment it didn’t trouble me one bit.

I was in such a relaxed state that I drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up again until noon.

5. Rachel

I had been a frustrating morning already.  My computer froze up, and I lost a lot of data that I then had to reenter.  I was getting a headache.  I went up to the kitchen to get a glass of water and to move my body.  Nobody seemed to be around.  Melissa’s car was in the driveway.  I wondered.

I went upstairs to my bedroom, which was directly across the hall from Jim’s.  I stopped in front of his door.  Feeling a little guilty, feeling like a sneak, I put my ear to the door and listened.

Sure enough, I heard Jim moaning “God Sis, you to it so well… oh it feels so good… fuck I can’t stop… I’m going to come in your mouth… mmmm yes!”

Well, those randy kids!  I had heard enough.  I tiptoed away, and went downstairs and back to work.  Only now I was having a lot of trouble concentrating.

I kept thinking of Amy, my last girlfriend, and her sexy little ass.  Amy had a penchant for spanking, and I had been happy to oblige.  She had also enjoyed anal stimulation, and I had spent many happy hours flat on my back with my tongue up her butt.  Before I knew it, I was all turned on again.

I knew that Melissa had class in the afternoon; she would have left for school already.  I wondered how often a nineteen year old guy could get off.  I decided to try and find out.

Jim was sprawled out on the couch, reading a book.  “Hey Bro” I chirped, catching him by surprise.  “Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing” he said “What’s up?”

“That’s what I was wondering” I said, cocking an eyebrow.  It was amazing how fast his dick reacted.  The lump in has pants grew as I watched.  Guy’s anatomy is so cool!  “So did you like getting off onto my panties last night?”

He blushed pinkly at that.  “Yeah” he said “I sure did.”

“So would you like to do it again?”

He was still blushing.  It was cute.  “Um… sure.”

“Hey” I said, teasing him “Have you ever seen a girl’s breasts before?  Do you want to see mine?”

“Yeah” he said, avoiding, I noticed the first question “I’d love to see them.”

“They’re not as big as Melissa’s” I said casually “But I haven’t had too many complaints.”  I pulled off my t-shirt and sports bra, displaying my bare breasts for him.  Despite my brash words, I really did hope that he liked them.  If there is one thing I am insecure about on my body, it is my tits.

I shouldn’t have worried.  Jimmy was gaping like a kid in a candy store.  It made me feel pretty good, for some reason.  I liked displaying myself for my little brother.  This was definitely a little sick.  Jim had his penis out, and damn if it didn’t look good.

“Damn Bro, you almost make we wish…”


“Nothing.  Do you still want to come on my panties?”

“Oh yeah.”

I grinned wickedly “Well what are you waiting for then?”  I unbuttoned my jeans, and stepped out of them.  I was wearing a rainbow-striped pair.  I bounced onto the couch and spread my thighs wide.  “Go ahead!”

I guess Jim was starting to get used to all this sisterly attention, because he hardly hesitated.  He got on his knees between my legs and started jerking off to me.  I lay back and tugged on my nipples and enjoyed the show.  This was way better than porn.

“Go on Jim” I encouraged him “You like rubbing yourself on my pretty panties?  Well go ahead, I’m not stopping you!”

He pressed his dick against my panty-clad pussy, and I gasped.  The pressure of his penis against my clit was delightful.  He rubbed his cock up and down the crotch of my panties, in between my labia.  My underwear was riding up and exposing a lot of skin.  I keep my pubes waxed, or Jim would have been getting an eyeful of bush.  The feeling of his dick head bumping against my little clit was exquisite.  I was really going to come from this.  Holy shit, little Jimmy was going to get me off!  I pinched and pulled my nipples hard, and gave myself over to the moment.

As I watched, he went off, shooting white blobs onto the front of my panties.  It was a lot less than the last time; a tablespoon or so of pearly white beads.  Seeing him shoot off was all it took to set me off.  I came, gasping and writhing with the pleasure of it.  It was one of the strongest orgasms I had had in a long time.

We got cleaned up, and dressed, and I left my gooey panties with Jim.  I went back downstairs to work.  I always code better after I’ve had an orgasm.

6. Melissa

When I got home from school, Jim was crashed out on the couch.  That kid sure can sleep!  I thought about waking him up with a friendly afternoon blowjob.  Then I noticed a wadded-up pair of rainbow-striped panties on the couch next to his face, a pair of panties I knew for a fact belonged to Rachel.  Curiouser and curiouser!

7. Jim

Two days without any sisterly attention!  They hadn’t been weird to me at all, hadn’t ignored me or acted snippy to me; if anything they had both been too normal, too blasé.

Two days without any action… I might just have to masturbate.  It was Saturday evening; Mom was off at her weekly ‘Girls Night’, Melissa was probably at the library, and I had no idea where Rachel was.

I stripped out of my clothes, wrapped my fist around my already hard cock, and buried my nose in the crotch of Rachel’s panties, inhaling her intoxicating sex-smell.  (I hadn’t told her about that part: WAY too embarrassing!)

While I lay on my bed and stroked, I thought about Melissa’s big, beautiful tits, the way the nipples got all red and erect, the way her breasts jiggled when she moved.  I thought about her thrusting her hand down her pants and the way she gasped when she came.  I thought about Rachel’s smaller, perkier tits, and the way it felt to rub my dick all over her panty-covered pussy.

I never even heard the door open.  “Hey” Melissa said softly, and I pulled the panties off my face and sat up with a start, my erection bobbing around like a jack-in-the-box.  “Are you busy?”

She was standing in the doorway, wearing a tiny pair of white panties and a white Wallace and Gromit t-shirt with no bra on underneath.  Rachel was standing behind her in the hallway, smirking.

“So did you save any for me?” Melissa asked with a grin as she entered the room.  She pulled the t-shirt off as she climbed onto the bed, setting her big boobs free.  The nipples were pink and upturned.

Melissa swallowed my cock with aplomb and I gasped aloud.  Her mouth was so incredibly hot and wet!  Rachel, standing just inside my bedroom door in grey slacks and a blouse, giggled.

I reached forward and cupped Melissa’s breasts in my hands.  They were soft, heavy, and warm, and felt really good to hold.  Her nipples were like gumdrops.  She looked up at me, and my wet dick popped out of her mouth.  Rachel giggled again.  Then Melissa kissed the head of my cock, reached underneath me and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and started slurping, licking, and sucking my dick in earnest.

At that rate it was going to take me about two seconds to come.  I tried to protest, to prolong the experience, to make it last, but Melissa was having none of that!  One of her fingers found my butt hole and was tracing tiny little circles around my anus.  Meanwhile, her head was bobbing up and down, and she was sucking on my dick like she was trying to get to the bottom of a very thick milkshake.

I came hard, writhing and shouting and growling and moaning.  Melissa kept her mouth on my dick, sucking up my juices until I was too sensitive to be touched and had to push her away.  She lounged on my bed, licking her lips like a satisfied cat.

“Was that ok?” she asked.

“Oh. My. God.” was all I could respond with.

“I think,” Rachel said, “That you should lick her pussy now.”  She had removed her outer layer of clothes during the blowjob and was now standing next to the bed in a matching black bra and panties.  “I bet she’d really like that.”

Melissa pulled her knees up to her chest and peeled off her panties, then spread her legs invitingly.  Her pussy was crowned with a lush triangle of golden-red curly hair.  Her fat lips pouted eagerly out like the petals of a rose.  I could see her pink clitoris, like a swollen pea, poking out near the top of her slit.  This was my first ever look at an actual female pussy.  It looked delicious.

I climbed between her thighs.  It WAS delicious!  I slathered my tongue up and down Melissa’s wet pussy, from the crack of her but cheeks up to her clit, which made her jump.  I loved the taste, the scent, the sensation of having my face in her pussy.  I loved having her wetness all over me.  I slurped away like a dog licking out a tin can, trying to get all of my tongue up inside her.  My erection came back with a vengeance.

“Lick her clit!”  “Lick my clit!” the girls exclaimed at the same time.  I complied.

Melissa grabbed the back of my head, grinding me into her crotch.  She came loud and long all over my face, squealing and kicking.  I felt like King of the World.

When she was all done, she released my head (which was good because that meant I could breathe again) and sprawled out gasping on the bed.

While I was busy, Rachel had joined us on the bed.  “Got any condoms lying around Bro?” she asked me.

“I’m on the pill,” Melissa exclaimed, “I don’t need to use a condom to fuck my little brother!

‘Holy Fucking Shit’ I remember thinking: ‘I’m going to get laid!’

Melissa re-centered herself on the bed a little bit, spread her legs wide, and started playing with her pussy.  Her large breasts were pancaked onto her chest, and her pussy was seriously wet and making squooshing noises as her fingers worked.  Rachel bent over, kissed me on the head of my dick, and swatted me on the ass.  “Let’s see some action tiger!”

I positioned myself between Melissa’s spread legs and aimed my raging hard cock right at its target.  Melissa spread herself apart for me.  I nudged forward and she nudged forward and suddenly my dick was inside her pussy.

It felt so good!  I couldn’t believe how hot she was inside.  Melissa gasped out loud and pulled me deeper inside.  She fit my cock like a glove.  It was so hot, so slippery, so tight in there that I couldn’t move for a second, because I knew if I moved the tiniest bit, I was going to come right away.

I heard a buzzing noise.  Rachel had stripped out of her underwear (her smallish upturned nipples were cherry-red, and her pussy was shaved completely bare), and she had produced a small silver vibrator somewhere that she was applying between her legs.

“Oh that feels so fucking GOOD!” Melissa moaned, and Rachel ground the vibrator harder against her own clit, “Oh fuck yeah!  God I’ve missed having a cock inside me!  Come on little bro, FUCK ME!”

I held my breath and thought about math and started fucking Melissa’s hungry cunt.  Every time I thrust forward, she pushed back at me, and my dick was buried a little deeper inside her.  Finally, I was all the way inside and our pubes were mashed together.

“Ok bro, fuck me hard now!”

I started sliding my dick in and out of Melissa’s pussy.  I slid it almost all the way out, until just the head was buried inside her, then slam it back in.  I thought my cock looked really sexy, all covered in my sister’s juices.  It did feel incredibly good.  It was like being high.  I really couldn’t believe that I wasn’t coming all over her yet, the way her pussy was squeezing my dick.  I just rode the cloud and fucked her with all my might.

Rachel crawled over, and the two sisters started kissing and fondling each others breasts, just like two girls in a porno.  Just watching them was pushing me over the edge.

“Oh fuck sis, he’s going to make me come!”  Melissa wrapped her legs around my backside and ground her pussy into my cock, making little animal noises, grunts and gasps as she shook.  I let myself go, fucking deep into her pussy and shouting out loud as I came, squirting my semen deep, deep, deep into her spasming vagina.

I collapsed on top of her, out sweaty flesh mashing together.  For a moment, the only sound was our gasping breath and the hum and squish of Rachel’s vibrator.  Then she came with a long, drawn-out groan.

“God you guys are sexy!” Rachel said a few moments later, “That was better than any porn I’ve ever seen!”

“Don’t pull out yet” Melissa said as I lifted my sticky chest off her breasts, “I think I can get off again.”

I kept my half-soft dick up inside her pussy while she masturbated her clit.  It was really sexy to watch, and to feel.  Rachel started sucking on Melissa’s nipples, alternating between the two breasts, making the nipples stand up tall.  It didn’t take long for Melissa to come again, eyes squeezed tight, body shaking.

All this had made me hard all over again.  I pulled out of Melissa’s pussy, and she dove onto my cock, swallowing it with gusto.  She sucked me for a long time, but for all her efforts, she wasn’t able to make me come again.  Finally Rachel came up behind me and pressed a finger up into my asshole while I masturbated into Melissa’s hungry mouth.

“Wow.” was all Melissa could say.

“That was wild!” I said, and Rachel nodded agreement.  Then we all broke down laughing and giggling hysterically, naked and sweaty and totally exhausted.

8. Rachel

Not long after all this went down, I hooked up with this super cute girl named Jen who was really cute, really smart, really funny, scandalously young, and very into strap-ons and anal play.  So I became fairly oblivious to the goings-on around the house for a while.

I guess Jim and Melissa fucked like little weasels all summer.  Fortunately they were reasonably discrete about it, and I’m pretty sure Mom never clued in.

In the fall, things started to change.  Jim (who is way smarter than he gives himself credit for) landed himself a full-ride scholarship to Columbia that he decided to accept.  He was going to start there in the Spring semester.

Meanwhile, Melissa hooked up with this really cute older guy who worked at the university library.  Jim moped around for a while (I started giving him my used undies again, partly out of sympathy, partly because it was really hot to watch him masturbate with them.  A little perverted, yes, but I’m ok with that.)  But then he hooked up with this mousey-looking girl who worked with him at the bookstore and apparently had had a huge crush on him for a long time, and who (I am told) was an even bigger pervert than either me or Melissa.

Life is always an adventure.

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Ever notice the way a perfectly intelligent boy can turn into a raging moron when in front of a pretty girl?  Guys will do the stupidest things to impress a cute chick.  Now me; when I’m around a guy who I think is hot, I turn into a wallflower.  A very quiet and tongue-tied wallflower.

My little brother Karl has no business anywhere near a skateboard.  The boy is a geek, there is no doubt about it.  A rather cute geek, but a geek nonetheless.  And a very poorly coordinated geek at that.  Where had he gotten the idea of pulling a stunt like that on a skateboard?  Actually I had a pretty good idea where the idea had come from: like I said, boys will do some pretty boneheaded things to get a girl’s attention.  But this really took the cake.

I have to admit I laughed out loud the first time I saw him, two weeks after the accident.  I know it was mean, but he looked so sad and pathetic and helpless like that, a bandage on his head and both hands immobilized in bulky casts.  I felt bad for laughing, and resolved to be nice to him for a change over the weekend.  I really couldn’t resist getting a few cheap shots in though.  At least Karl had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

And then, Sunday night, Mom left us alone to watch a movie together while she played cards with her friends.

“I probably shouldn’t ask you this” I asked him against my own better judgment “but how do you masturbate with those things on?”

He was clearly taken aback by my question.  Surely he couldn’t think that he was the only person in the world who whacked off?  He blushed so red I thought blood might start leaking out of his ears.  It was a couple seconds before he could bring himself to answer me: “I can’t.”

“But you don’t have a girlfriend do you?”

“No” he answered, still blushing “I don’t.”

“Wow.” I considered what that meant “You mean you haven’t gotten off in two whole weeks?”


“And you won’t again for another four weeks?”



Well, there it was.  I’d suspected that might be the case. My little brother Karl was a cutey, but shy and awkward.  He’d probably be fighting off the girls when he got into college.  But six weeks without an orgasm?  I don’t think that I could hack that, and I sure wouldn’t want to try!

The dirty little idea nagged and nagged and refused to be ignored as we watched the film.  Poor guy.  Couldn’t even get himself off now.  And I was willing to bet that no one else had had the pleasure yet either.  Karl would have to get some self-confidence, that much was for sure.  Nothing is attractive in a guy like a little self confidence.  Maybe I could help him out, just a little bit.  He was a cutey after all.  I found myself wondering just what that package that bulged seductively in the crotch of his jeans contained.  Good stuff, I bet.

Damn, and now I was horny just thinking about it.  It would be fun.  And good for him.  And good for me too.

“You know, if you wanted me to, I could lend you a hand.”

The expression on his face was absolutely priceless.  “Stephanie, are you talking about what I think you’re talking about?”

By way of answering his question, I started tugging at his zipper.  He kind of moaned and rolled onto his side, making my job easier.  “Relax!” I told him as I pulled his jeans off.  The head of his dick was peaking cutely out the waistband of his white underpants.  I quickly removed those, fully exposing all the goodies.

He had a nice dick.  A really nice one; not too big or too small, or too fat or too skinny or too hairy.  It was bent slightly upward, like an eager puppy, and it was hard as Chinese Calculus.  The head was big and red and swollen and leaking with anticipation.

“Man, the girls at your school are really missing out.” I told him

I had meant to just give him a quick handjob, but this was way too fun, and he looked way too yummy.  I took off my top, just to enhance his experience, and I thought his eyes would bug out of his head.  That made me feel really good; I guess I’m a little insecure about my rack.

He was just so delicious looking, I honestly couldn’t help myself.  I had to get my mouth on that cock.  I wasn’t disappointed either; he felt great in my mouth, and in about two seconds he rewarded me with a mouthful of hot, sticky, salty, bitter semen.  I couldn’t believe how much he squirted into my mouth!  It felt like about a pint!  I stayed with him until his penis grew soft and too sensitive to be touched.

I was way turned on at this point.  I just had to get off.  Not really caring what he saw, I reached up inside my skirt and got busy with my clit.  Second later, I was coming, hard and long.  It was great.  I liked knowing that Karl was watching.  I felt dirty and sexy.

He watched as I got dressed, and I helped him get his briefs on and his jeans back up.  Then Mom was home, and we had to look all innocent.

“This will be our little secret.” I told him as we watched the last minutes of the movie.  “Our little secret, just between us.”

We didn’t get a chance to talk about it any more that weekend.  I had to leave to get back up to school.  During the week, I thought a lot about what had happened.  Oddly enough, I didn’t feel bad about it.  On the contrary, playing it back in my mind made me horny.  I think I jilled off twice as much as usual that week.

I don’t come home every weekend, even though it is only an hour and a half to drive.  I don’t even come home most weekends.  But the next weekend, I made the drive.

Mom was glad to see me.  Karl seemed happy to see me too.  I couldn’t resist giving him shit about his injury.

“Been doing a lot of skating lately?” I asked “Chicks dig it, I hear.”

Karl blushed.  He blushes a lot.  It’s cute.

Mom left to go shopping.  She asked me to take care of Karl if he needed anything.  Oh, I would.

“So?” asked Karl as soon as we were alone.

“So what?”

“What about us?”

“There is no ‘us’.  I’m your older sister, and you are my punk-ass little brother.” I told him lovingly “But if you aren’t too much of a little shithead and for gods’ sake don’t tell anyone, I guess I don’t mind helping you out.  While you’re in this… condition.” I eyed his cast-encased hands, and the not insubstantial bulge in the front of his blue jeans.

He seemed satisfied with that answer.  I went to the fridge and brought him a Pepsi.

“So you really haven’t gotten off since last week?”

“No.” he was blushing again.  It was cute. “I tried humping my pillow, but that only made it worse.”

“Wow, that sucks.  I really can’t imagine.” My sympathy for him was genuine. “So who was she?  Who were you trying so hard to impress?”

“Shannon Kelly” he told me “Cheerleader.  Beautiful.  Doesn’t even know I exist.  Or she didn’t.” he ruefully held up one cast.  I could see a girl’s signature.

“Jesus Christ Karl, why didn’t you just ask her out?”

He said nothing, just sipped his Pepsi.  Oh well, I thought, I have certainly blown it before too.  Not quite so spectacularly though.

“I’d like to try an experiment with you” I said, changing the subject.

“What kind of experiment?”

“Nothing bad” I told him “Have you ever seen a girl naked?”

“Not really” he answered “Not in person.”

“Do you want to?” I asked “I’ll show you everything you want, if you’ll let me try my experiment.”

“Well… Ok.”

“Why don’t we step into your office then?”

We hustled butt upstairs to his bedroom, the can of Pepsi forgotten on the kitchen table.

Karl lay down on his bed, and watched as I stripped for him.  It was my turn to feel self-conscious and insecure.  I am tall and gangly, and my curves all seem to be too much or not enough.  I tried not to look at him while I was peeling off my clothes.  When I was completely naked, I looked up at him.  His eyes were glued to me; I could almost feel them roving all over my body.  I think I blushed.  It felt good.  I felt a little like a centerfold.  Sometimes it’s nice to be objectified.

“So what’s the experiment?” he asked.  His cock was going to blow out the fly of his jeans if it got any harder.  I climbed up on the bed and started unbuttoning him.  He raised his ass to help me peel off his pants and undies.  With a little tugging, we got him out of his t-shirt too.

“I read somewhere” I said, admiring his swollen cock and balls “that it’s possible to get a guy off without touching his penis.”


“Well, that’s what I want to find out.”  I had gotten off the bed and was rummaging around in my backpack.  When I came up with a vibrator and a bottle of lube, I have to give him credit.  He didn’t freak out on me.

“Are you going to do what I think you’re going to do with that?”

I nodded.

“Don’t you think it’s a little big?”

“Oh” I said, tossing my hair “I figured we’d work our way up to it.”

He didn’t say anything to that, but layed back on his mattress and pulled his knees up toward his chest.  His big cock flopped against his stomach.

I got one finger nice and slippery, and started exploring between his cheeks.  It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for.  He sort of moaned and wiggled around to give me better access.

“You’re kind of a perv Bro” I told him as I worked my finger up into his tight opening “But that’s good.  Chicks really do like that.”

I liked having my finger up inside him.  He was tight, and super hot.  His dick twitched every time I pressed my finger further up his ass.  I wanted to take his delicious piece of meat in my mouth right then, but in the name of scientific experimentation I didn’t.

When it felt like he was ready for it, I added more lube and a second finger.  “Oh yeah Steph” he groaned.

“Do you want to taste my pussy?” I asked

He nodded, and his anus squeezed my exploring fingers hungrily.  I let my other hand wander between my legs.  My pussy was startlingly wet.  I slipped a finger up inside, getting it nice and gooey, and then offered it to my brother.  He eagerly sucked my juice off.  Watching him do that made me double horny.  I started fucking his ass with my fingers a little harder, twisting them around inside him.  I loved making him squirm.

I got the silicone dick all lubed up, and Karl had his legs up in the air like a little porn star.  His cock was leaking a river of clear precome, making a little lake on his smooth stomach, and his little brown asshole was winking with lust.  I pressed the end of the toy against his opening.

“Oh yeah Steph, please give it to me, please fuck my ass!”

I loved hearing him beg for it.  His dick was so big and hard and swollen I thought he would explode if I so much as touched it.  I pressed the dildo up into him, and he opened right up to swallow it.

It didn’t take very long to get the whole thing up his butt.  I couldn’t keep my finger off my clit as I fucked him in the ass.

I found the dial on the back of the dildo, and turned the vibrator up all the way.  I pressed the toy hard into him, tickling the skin behind his balls.  It was too much for him.

“Ooooh Stephanie!” he moaned and arched his back, raising his ass up off the bed.  I watched fascinated as his balls contracted and his cock twitched and squirted jet after jet of pearly white boy come.  Some of it went so far that it actually hit him in the chin!  Mostly though, it collected in puddles on his chest and tummy.  I couldn’t believe how much there was!  It was so cool!

I let the dildo slip out of his asshole, and waited for him to calm down.  To my happy surprise, his dick showed no sign of going soft.  Without waiting for permission, I turned around and backed myself on top of him, smearing his warm semen between us, and got his erection into my mouth.  Meanwhile, my dripping wet cunt was presented to his mouth.  Karl did not disappoint; he started licking like a trooper.  He was paying a little too much attention to my pussy and not enough to my clit, but I had a mouthful of cock, so I didn’t say anything.

I loved having that dick in my mouth, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make him come again.  Pretty soon it became clear that this wasn’t an issue.  His dick seemed to swell and he thrust urgently into my mouth as I sucked hard, jerking off the base of his cock and tickling his asshole.  He rewarded my hard work with a squirming, moaning orgasm that filled my mouth with his sticky white come.

I had to take matters into my own hands.  Letting his now softening wet dick slip out of my mouth, I sat back on my heels and let my fingers do the walking as I squatted over his face.

I was really excited at this point; it wasn’t going to take much to push me over the edge.  Karl’s’ long and talented tongue snaked down my pussy and up between my ass cheeks, teasing me and drilling up into that special sensitive spot back there.  It was too much for me.  With Karl’s tongue in my ass, I jammed two fingers up my pussy hole and pressed hard on my g-spot as I worked my clit like crazy.

I don’t usually ejaculate; I have to be really worked up and touched just right, and even then I can’t always make it happen.  Well, it certainly happened this time: as my orgasm ripped through my body, I let go with what seemed like a never ending stream of hot clear liquid right onto Karl’s chest. I came and came.  It was insane.  I realized that I had been screaming out loud and grinding my ass onto poor Karl’s face.  He didn’t seem to mind too much though.

We both needed a shower, but Karl was positively soaked in sex.  I taped plastic bags over his hands and helped him into the shower.  I washed off and masturbated again while Karl watched; then I got dressed and went downstairs.

Mom got home with the groceries while Karl was still in the shower.  She asked me what was up, and I told her that Karl had taken a nap, and when he had woken up had insisted that I help him with the shower.

“Well you know how boys are” Mom said conspiratorially “In that condition and at his age. I do feel sorry for him.”

Me too Mom, me too.

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A Rainy Vacation

A Family Vacation: what a brilliant idea.  I only got two weeks off a year, and I was spending one of those weeks in a cabin in the Olympic Mountains with my Mom and Dad and my two older brothers.  And it was still raining.

It was Sunday morning, and our parents and Jessie had gone to church, and wouldn’t be back before noon.  Stefan and I were left by ourselves in the cabin, with nothing much to do with ourselves.  It might have been fun to go for a hike, but it was pouring outside.  The others had taken the car, so it wasn’t as if we could escape into town either.  There wasn’t even a tv in the place.  Fortunately I had brought a good book.

“Have you ever had sex with a guy Angela?  I mean, are you a virgin?”  Stefan asked me, right out of the blue.  He was lounging on his sleeping pad on the cabin floor.  I was sitting on the bed.

“Heck no” I answered without even thinking “What, are you kidding?”  I was twenty-two years old at the time; I had lost my virginity at the age of sixteen in the back of my then boyfriend’s dad’s range rover.

Then the thought occurred to me.  “You’re not, are you? A virgin?”

Stefan was two years older than me.  Growing up, he had always been overweight.  When he was seventeen, he had weighed almost 300 pounds.  I guess he hadn’t had any girlfriends in high school.  And he had always been really shy, more likely to be reading a book or playing computer games than hanging out with other kids.  But he had lost a lot of weight in the last few years, and had really shaped up into a good looking guy.  Besides, he’d been to college.  Wasn’t that what college was for, so that nerds could have sex?

“Well” he said blushing and putting down his book “Sort of.”

“What do you mean, ‘sort of’?”

“Uh… completely, totally.”

“You mean you’ve never even fooled around with a girl?”



“I was just curious… You being a dyke and all.”

I had come out to my family about a year ago.  My parents didn’t want to hear about it; they were probably hoping it was just a phase that I would grow out of.   Jessie had been most visibly upset by the news; only Stefan had been supportive.  But then me and Stefan had always been buddies.

“No that’s not what I meant” I said “Why haven’t you had sex?  Why haven’t you at least fooled around with a girl?  You haven’t gone and gotten religion on me have you?”

“No” he said “Nothing like that.  It’s just that… Before I was always too… heavy and too shy.  One time in the sixth grade, I think a girl liked me, but I didn’t know what to do, so I was a jerk to her.  I guess I was really immature at the time.”

“Stefan, everybody’s immature in the sixth grade.”

“Anyway, I’ve never gotten over being shy.  I still feel like I’m fat and ugly.  I can’t talk to women.  I guess I’m afraid of them.”

“You’re talking to me.  And I don’t think you’re ugly.  You’re not afraid of me, are you?”

“You’re my sister Angela, that’s different.”

“There’s no reason for you not to be having sex Stef.  You’re smart, you’re sweet, you’re good looking.  Just about any girl would be happy to jump in the sack with you Bro.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Hell Yeah, of course I think so.  In fact, maybe I could help you out.”

“What do you mean?”

“I bet I have a bunch of girlfriends who would be happy to sleep with you.”


I went through my mental rolodex, trying to think of all my straight friends.  All of a sudden it didn’t seem like I knew any who were single:  Rosa had gotten married last summer, and Julia had just hooked up with a steady boyfriend.  Bridget… well, I wouldn’t sic her on my poor innocent brother.

“I’m sure I can come up with someone.” I bluffed.

We went back to our books.  Outside, the rain fell steadily, a long, gray, soaking blanket of water.  The sound of the rain on the roof of the cabin was relaxing, almost hypnotic.  I couldn’t concentrate on my book.  I had had no idea that Stefan was still a virgin.  We told each other everything.  Almost everything, I corrected myself.

The idea wouldn’t quite go away.  It was like an annoying little gnome tapping on the back of my head.  Why the hell not anyway?  Well, there were plenty of reasons actually.  One was that I already had a great girlfriend, a Korean girl named Kee who was waiting for me back in Brooklyn.  For another thing, it would be incest, an activity I mentally attributed to hillbillies, old world royalty, and people from South Jersey.  This was my brother I was thinking about.  And hadn’t I given up on cock?  I hadn’t been with a guy in, what?  Three years now.

“I stopped masturbating” Stefan said, right out of the blue.  I realized that I hadn’t turned a page in a long time.

“What did you just say?” I asked, putting down the book that I hadn’t been able to focus on anyway.

“I decided to stop masturbating until I can get laid” Stefan said “Kind of a motivational tool.”

“Are you serious?  How long has this been going on?”

“About four months now.”

“Jesus Christ!  I can’t imagine.  How do you do it?  I mean not do it?”

“It was really hard at first.  I was used to jerking off all the time.  But once I got into the habit of not doing it, it wasn’t so bad.” He paused “I’ve started having wet dreams again.”

“I admire your willpower” I said, sitting up on the bed “But we have really got to get you some sex.”

The wind lashed a squall of rain against the cabin window.  We both jumped.  Outside, the pine trees were whipping and swaying in the wind.  The storm was getting more intense.

We spoke at the same time:

“You wouldn’t want to…?”

“What would you think of…?”

All of a sudden there was so much sexual tension in the little cabin that it seemed like electricity would start arcing between us.  We stared at each other for a minute.  Then we broke up laughing.

“Ok, you first” Stefan said when we could talk again.  He was blushing, and I suspected that I was too.

“Well I was wondering if you’d like to… you know… try some stuff.  With me, I mean.”

“Angela, you’re my sister”

“Yeah, and you’re my brother.”

“And you’re a lesbian.”

“That’s different.  You’re my brother.”

“So what did you have in mind?”

“Well” I said, marveling to hear the words coming fully formed out of my mouth “I was thinking of something in the nature of a blowjob.”


“Sure” I said, shrugging my shoulders “Why not?  I mean aside from the obvious reasons anyway”

“You’d do that for me Angela?” he asked quietly

“Sure thing Stefan.  Come over here.”

He got up from the sleeping pad where he had been laying, and sat next to me on the bed.  He looked shy and hopeful and, well, cute.  I hadn’t thought that I had sexual feelings for guys anymore, but looking at Stefan sitting next to me on the bed triggered something inside me.  I was suddenly very aware of my clit.

“Go ahead” I said “Take off your jeans.  Unless you want me to.”

Stefan nodded.  I took a deep breath, leaned over, and unbuttoned his fly.  He raised his butt off the bed, and working together we tugged his pants off.  He was wearing red checked boxers, and his erection was making a tremendous tent in them already.

“Is this ok?” Stefan asked quietly

“Yeah, I think so.”  I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his boxers, and blithely removed his underwear.  He flapped nakedly on the bed next to me.

His cock looked nice.  I mean really nice.  I hadn’t seen an actual real live penis in years, and suddenly it looked to me like a delicious treat.  It was nice sized; neither too big nor too small.  He was circumcised, and the head was bright purple and already oozing precome from his pee hole.  He didn’t have much hair down there, and what there was was soft and light brown.  His balls were huge.  I wasn’t an expert in male genitalia, but these were the biggest set I had ever seen.  I didn’t know if they were swollen from his non-masturbatory regime; or if they were just naturally big.  I wasn’t about to embarrass him by asking.  I could feel the heat radiating off of him.

“Should I take my top off?” I asked “Would you like that?”


Suddenly feeling strangely shy, I unbuttoned my blouse.  I don’t think I’m that much to look at: I’ve always been on the chunky side of skinny, and my bust isn’t exactly massive.  I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, setting the girls free.  My nipples were erect, swollen and sensitive.  I was amazed at how excited I was getting.

“God Angela, you’re beautiful.  I can’t believe this is really happening.”

I couldn’t either.  I reached out and grasped his hard cock.  He was really hot, and harder than hard.  I could feel his pulse throbbing in his shaft.  His head was slick with pre come.  I lowered my head to his lap, stuck out my tongue, and licked his length, from his swollen testicles to the tip of his purple head.  I slurped him like a big hot sexy popsicle.  He shivered.

“I’m so turned on Angela” he moaned “I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold out very long.”

“Don’t hold back” I told him, raising my head from his crotch momentarily “This is all for you Stefan.”

I got my mouth back on his tool and got serious about blowing him.  I took as much as I could in my mouth and sucked, letting my tongue explore.  Meanwhile, I pumped his hard shaft with my hand.  I cupped his huge balls with my other hand, gently stroking the sensitive skin between his ball and anus with my finger.  I felt his hand cupping my breast.

It seemed like I had only been sucking for a couple seconds when he started to come.  I felt his body go rigid, and his cock seemed to swell in my mouth.  He humped my hungry mouth, and moaned wordlessly.

But he didn’t come the way a guy usually does; shooting a big wad of come straight down my throat.  He came more like a river, a steady stream of hot, bitter, salty semen flowing into my mouth.  It just didn’t stop.  I kept sucking enthusiastically.  He just kept coming and coming, writhing on the bed, moaning and groaning, leaking more and more come into my mouth.

I don’t know how long this went on.  It seemed like a long time.  I felt like I had swallowed a pint of his come.  Finally he pulled away from me.

“Please” he gasped “Stop, I can’t take it any more.”

I released his penis from my ministrations, and gave Stefan a big wet kiss on the lips.  His cock was still hard as a rock, proudly erect.

“Stefan” I said “Would you like to touch me now… touch my pussy?”

My cunt was drooling inside my panties.  As Stefan watched, I peeled off my pants and underwear.  I don’t think I’m all that to look at, but feeling Stefan’s eyes on my nakedness made me positively glow.

My wetness was slick on my thighs.  I took Stefan in hand, and guided him to my slit.  I showed him how to rub me up and down, spreading my slipperiness.  Then I helped him find the swollen little nub of my clit.  It felt really nice.

I looked down at his cock, still moist with my saliva, still oozing some thick, milky semen.

“Stefan, would you like to lose your virginity now?  Would you like to fuck me?”

He nodded “Do you want to?”

“Oh Yeah”

“Do you have any protection?”

“I’m on the pill” I was glad I had stayed on the pill.  It kept me regular, and helped with cramps.  Now it was really coming in handy.

I lay on my back on the bed, legs splayed wide, looking for all the world like some slutty Penthouse model.  Well, sort of like one anyway.  I was pretty seriously turned by this time.  My clit felt like a hard little pearl, my cunt was soaking wet, and I could almost physically feel Stefan’s eyes traveling over my naked body.

Stefan knelt between my thighs, his hard on sticking straight out.  I could tell he was nervous.  I took his rigid penis in my hand and guided him to my drooling hole.

“Don’t worry” I told him “You’re going to do just fine.  Just enjoy it.  I want to feel you inside me now.  Come on Stefan, fuck me.”

He felt good inside me.  Really good.  It wasn’t like having a dildo or a vibrator inside; not better, not worse, just different.  It wasn’t going to make me come, but damn it felt good.

He started fucking my pussy.  “Oh god Andrea, it feels so fucking good!”  He had taken off his shirt at some point.  His skin felt good against mine.  His cock felt really nice sliding in and out.  I wished that I could see his slick cock invading my pussy, sliding wetly in and out of my grasping labia.  I pinched and twisted my nipples, enjoying the sensation of getting fucked.

“Angela, I can’t help it, I’m going to come again!”

“Go ahead Stefan, come in my pussy!”  We hadn’t been doing it very long, but I wanted him to enjoy every bit of this.  And the idea of his come flooding my cunt was really erotic.

His eyes clenched tight, and he pumped wildly into me, shouting aloud.  I grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into my pussy as he pumped more and more sperm up inside me.

At last, he pulled out of my pussy.  I’ll be damned if his cock wasn’t still hard!  It was slick with our combined juices, and a gossamer thread of semen stretched from his urethra to my pussy.  I thought he looked really sexy like that.

“Oh Angela, that was fantastic!  Thank you so much!”

“My pleasure!” I laughed “My pleasure!”  We kissed, not like lovers, but like a brother and a sister.

“Angela?” he asked shyly “Do you think I could, you know, taste myself on you?”

“You want to?” I was a little surprised and pleased.

“If you don’t mind”

“Mind?  Hell no, I think that would be super hot!”

Stefan wasted no time getting his face between my sticky thighs.  I was really wet and gooey down there, and he seemed to genuinely relish it.  His tongue was unschooled but enthusiastic, and with my guidance, he was soon doing a number on my clit. It felt fucking awesome.  I could kind of feel an orgasm tickling down in my toes, but he wasn’t going to be able to push me over.  I can’t usually come without some anal stimulation.

My clit got too sensitive and I had to make him stop.  We lay together for a while, enjoying being naked together, exploring each others bodies.

We decided to take a shower together.  We were both sticky and covered in each others mixed juices.  We reeked of sex.

Once we were in the shower, under the hot water, lathered up in soap, rubbing against each other’s naked body, we got turned on again.  Of course.  I could feel my tender clit throbbing, and Stefan’s dick had never even gotten soft.

We made out for a little while under the shower, kissing like lovers this time, and then he slipped his cock inside me.  His thrusting was less urgent, more controlled this time.  It felt great, but I felt like I would go crazy if I didn’t come soon.  I needed to have an orgasm.

“Stefan” I said, cupping his tennis ball sized balls against my vulva “Would you put it in my ass?”

“You want to have anal sex?”

“I need it.  Will you?”

I was bent over the side of the tub, asscheeks spread wide, totally exposing my backside.  The stream of hot water was hitting me in the small of the back.  Between my natural lube and the soap, we got nice and slippery.

“Are you ready?” he asked.  His dick was tickling my anus, driving me crazy with lust.

“God yes, fuck my ass please!”

He slipped easily inside me, like a hand into a glove.  A big hand, and a tight glove.  It was exquisite.  I was in heaven.

“I’ll be gentle.” He whispered in my ear

“Fuck gentle!” I growled through clenched teeth “Fuck my asshole hard Stefan, fuck me hard and come in my ass!”

He took my words to heart, reaming my anus with vigor.  I humped back against him, insatiable for his meat in my rear end.  He pinched and pulled my nipples as he fucked my ass, and I teased around my clit as much as I could stand.  My climax hit me like an express train.  I was in orbit, coming all over the place, shaking and cursing and spitting, and it never seemed to stop.

“Oh Angela, I’m coming again!”  Through the haze of my own bone-rattling orgasm, I felt him shudder and twitch, thrusting one last time to deliver yet another load of semen into my insides.

We lay like that together for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of being entwined so intimately.  His penis finally got soft, but I didn’t want to let him out of me just yet.  The hot water washed all over us.

Our post-orgasmic bliss was rudely interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into the gravel driveway.  It was a miracle that we heard it at all in our condition, between the sound of the rain and the shower.  About thirty seconds of utter panic ensued, with us extracting his now-flaccid cock from my anus, scrambling to dry off and get dressed and to assume innocent looking poses in the main room of the cabin.

My heart was pounding hard when Dad, followed by Mom and Jessie opened the door. They were soaked to the bone.

“Nice weather for ducks!” joked Dad.

I laughed weakly, discreetly kicking my discarded panties under the bed.  Stefan’s come was leaking out of my asshole.  I hoped it wouldn’t soak through my jeans.

Later, I thought about Kee, back in our apartment in Brooklyn.  I thought about how hurt she would be if she knew I had cheated on her.  “It wasn’t really cheating” I told myself “I was just helping my brother out.”  Then I wondered: might she be up for a threesome?

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