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Hazelnut Latte

It hit me, like a dick-slap right across the face: I was graduating.

The thought induced a wave of nausea so powerful I had to sit down. The fact that I’d been up all night, playing in chatrooms and compulsively surfing porn didn’t help none. Too much caffeine, too much masturbation, not nearly enough sleep. I felt a little sick to my stomach, a pale shade of green, avocado or maybe artichoke. Marjorie didn’t approve of internet porn, but I’m not Marjorie.

And my cunt was sore and my clit was painfully tender. A consequence of edging all night long to nasty internet porn and horny dudes on sketchy websites. Bad habit.

This was Graduation with a capital G, the real deal, not high school or undergrad, but mother fucking graduate school. Fuck. Now what?

Now what indeed? My girlfriend was moving to Hawaii to start her internship. In approximately one week, I’d get an official piece of paper that designated me a bon-a-fide artist. And shortly thereafter, the student loan payments would start coming due.

I needed coffee like baby needed tit. I sucked that hot black liquid up like a webslut guzzling come from an oversized cock. I had edged far too long, and I was in desperate need of release.

Marjorie had gotten home late last night. The interview had been a great success. In fact she was going to fly out again tomorrow morning to start her internship on the Big Island. Everything was happening so fast, she said, it was like skiing an avalanche. For me, it felt more like a free fall. I only hoped I’d packed a parachute.

Marjorie was awake. She looked cute in her red polka dot pajamas, with her tousled sleepy-head hair and no make-up.

Things were already weird between us, I could tell. The drive home from the airport had felt wooden, scripted, like a bad TV show. Our thing was coming to an end, and it had only just started. When we got back to my place, she’d been too tired for sex. Too tired for sex! It was hard for me to imagine, but Marjorie was never the sexual creature that I am.

The sex we had was nice, and the orgasms had been plentiful, but sex wasn’t really the basis of our relationship, the way it had been with all my previous lovers. That probably would have turned into a problem if we had stayed together.

“Do you have time for a little action before seminar?” Marjorie asked me over her hot chai.

I didn’t, not really.

“Sure,” I grinned, “Let’s go back to bed!”

“Let’s not,” said Marjorie, “Let’s stay right here!”

That was rather unlike Marjorie, but I wasn’t about to argue. We sort of fell into each other’s arms, fiercely kissing, tumbled towards the couch, and missed, half falling onto the floor. My hands were already inside her shirt, feeling up her big tits, much larger than mine, pinching and pulling on her nipples, a tad harder than I knew she liked, making them grow and stiffen like little cocks.

“Mmmm,” she arched her back, for once not complaining that I was being too rough. “I want you…” The words just made my raw and irritated pussy even wetter. “Could I ask you a favor…?”

I stopped molesting her tits for a moment and held my breath. Marjorie never asked for sexual favors.

“Could we make a sex tape… you know, to remember each other by?”

I’d made sexy videos before – of me stripping and touching myself – for a couple different girls, and one exceedingly lucky guy. I’d never made an actual SEX tape, filming myself getting it on with another person, but I’d always wanted to. I never imagined that Marjorie might agree to agree to such a thing, and here she was asking me!

We paused for a moment while I set up my cell phone on the coffee table, propped up against a short stack of art history books, pointing at my ratty old red couch. It was difficult to get the angle set up just right because Marjorie kept playing with my inner thighs and butt through my pajama pants in the most distracting sort of way.

I finally got the phone camera set up right, and pressed RECORD, and Marjorie was all over me, pulling me with her onto the couch, peeling off my pajama tops and showering me with butterfly kisses all over my face and neck and tits.

I wasted no time getting her shirt off, freeing up her gorgeous big breasts, like a pair of ripe honeydew melons. They totally made me understand guys’ fascination with big tits. They are so much fun to play with!

She was all over me, just as much as I was all over her. Marjorie was rarely at all aggressively sexual, something had gotten into her. Maybe it was the fact that we were parting, or maybe it was the camera, but she was one horny little weasel this morning!

Marjorie had my pajama bottoms tugged down around my knees, but I wanted to taste her, so I shoved her back down on the couch and got my head down between her legs.

I sort of tried to leave a clear shot for the camera, but mostly the phone captured the back of my head: I was much more interested in eating out her pussy then in putting on a show.

Marjorie didn’t shave, not at all, which didn’t bother me in the slightest, except for the odd stray hair that got stuck between my teeth or in the back of my throat. I went for her pink little clit as usual, slurping up and down and all around, the way she liked it.

“I want to feel you inside me” Marjorie pushed my head away. “I want you to finger my pussy.”

Even the word “pussy’ was totally unlike her, not at all part of her regular vocabulary. I slipped a finger, and then two inside her cunt. She was sopping wet and searingly hot.

“Fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

I obliged, with gusto, sliding my fingers in and out of her slippery hole, pressing hard against the firm texture of her g-spot. Her pussy made appreciative slurping sounds as I finger-fucked her, her legs splayed wide, her head thrown back in a mask of ecstasy. Her orgasm gave me a vicarious rush of power and pleasure.

She covered me with kisses, wet, hurried, horny kisses all over my tits, neck, face, and lips. She flipped me over onto my back, tugged my pajama bottoms the rest of the way off, and dove down between my legs like a starving girl at a pie-eating contest.

It was as I had feared: after my night of solo debauchery, my poor lady bits were just too sensitive for that kind of attention. Well, the actual truth is that it wasn’t just my tender pussy. The truth is I was feeling extra horny, extra kinky and randy, and I knew that this was probably going to be my last chance for the foreseeable future. I pushed her head away.

“Hold on,” I said, “There’s something I want to try.”

I sprinted for the bedroom, grabbed my toy box from under the bed, and came back with my hands full. Marjorie had never seen the contents of my toy box because, as she had told me several times before, she was ‘not into toys’.

I pulled out my thick black dildo. Normally, I would be embarrassed as hell to be showing Marjorie something that, but I was feeling completely shameless. Lust does that to me sometimes.

“I want you to fuck me with this,” I told Marjorie. And the camera. “I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

Anal play hadn’t been part of our vocabulary at all. Whenever I went to tickle Marjorie’s cute little asshole while I was going down on her, she would squirm away from me. I fully expected her to argue, but all she said was “Ok, then turn over.”

I handed her the dildo and a bottle of lube, and got down on my hands and knees, presenting my backside toward the phone on the coffee table. She spread my butt cheeks and started touching me EXACTLY where I wanted to be touched. I really wanted her to use her tongue too, to rim my horny little asshole, but that was just wishful thinking.  Nevertheless, her fingers felt delightful up and down my ass crack, and when she started touching my asshole, it felt delicious!

She dribbled some cool lube on my anus, and nudged the tip of her finger inside. “Is that what you want, Nasty Girl? You want me to fuck that little hole with this big fat cock?”

Oh Yes, Oh Yes I did! I arched my back and wiggled my butt in what I hoped was a seductive way.

Marjorie slapped me on the ass, and then pressed the dildo against my asshole. I pressed back. It wasn’t easy, but slowly and inexorably, it slid in, past my tight anus and up my ass. It felt like heaven.

When the dildo was firmly lodged up my butt, Marjorie climbed up on top of me, pressing her large breasts against my shoulder blades. Clasping the dildo between her thighs, she started humping me with it. It felt incredibly erotic, getting butt-fucked by this beautiful PhD candidate. She reached under and just cupped my swollen wet vulva with her palm, and that was just enough. Humping back against her, meeting every thrust of her hips with a thrust of my own, the fat cock buried deep in my asshole, I exploded, all last night’s pent-up sexual energy boiling over and spilling out like a pressure cooker that has been left on high heat too long. I came, thrashing and swearing, grinding back against my soon to be ex-girlfriend, in one of the longest, most intense orgasms of my life.

When we were done, things were weird again right away. Thank heavens there was no poo smeared on the dildo when I extracted it from my butt. Marjorie got dressed in a hurry, declined my offer of the shower, saying something about how I had to get to my lecture (I was chronically late). Then she made a hasty exit, leaving me naked, sticky, and discombobulated, with a buzzing tender pussy and asshole and a sore, swollen clit.

Marjorie and I spoke a few more times after that, but that morning was effectively the end of our relationship. Full stop. I believe she’s a full professor now, at the university in Hawaii. I never did send her our sex tape, though I have whacked off to it many many times.

I cleaned up the parts of me that most needed cleaning, got dressed, ditched seminar, and went downstairs to the Crazy Lady Coffee shop, where I ordered a large hazelnut latte. I needed it.

That day was the first day of the rest of my life.



















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The Honey Badger

It was easily the most unpleasant and awkward dinner I’d ever been to. Melissa’s mom was absolutely from hell. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure she was drunk. Obviously Melissa and I were from very different socio-economic classes, but she was brutal the way she rubbed it in: I had gone WHERE to high school? PUBLIC school?? How… nice… but, wasn’t it awfully dangerous there? Did I really feel like it had prepared me for college? Oh NO, that’s the salad fork you poor thing, Melissa dear, please show him the dessert spoon!

I was pretty sure she’d had a face lift. And a boob job too.

Melissa’s brother and sister (both younger, but not that much younger) sat sullenly and mostly silently at the table. Her brother was kind of pudgy with greasy hair: I pegged him as a D&D geek. Her sister was short, with mousy brown hair and big tits. She looked down at her plate a lot and only spoke when spoken too. “DAHLING, won’t you PU-LEASE pass out guest some more of these delicious French peas?”

The funny thing was, I’m pretty sure most of the food had come straight out of a can. It sure tasted like it.

Her dad came in mid-meal, and he was even worse. He was 40-ish, heavy-set and balding, and obviously loaded. He clapped me on the back, and started bragging right away about his fancy car, the stocks and bonds he’d traded at work today, how attractive and sexy his wife was compared to the bimbos back at the office.

Melissa’s brother and sister excused themselves early from the table. Melissa and I stuck it out to the bitter end.

I’d been trying to bang her all semester, hitting on her hard enough to leave bruises, with little to show in the way of results. The fact was, I hadn’t gotten laid since… well, not for a really long time. Sometimes Melissa seemed to be flirting back, other times she seemed only distantly amused. So when she invited me back to her parent’s house over winter break, my cock pretty much tried to bust through my zipper in horny anticipation.

The house was an enormous and grotesque McMansion, located deep inside a subdivision in what had only recently been verdant farmland. It had a chandelier, an attached 3-car garage, central air, the works. The only think lacking was any semblance of taste.

After dinner, Melissa showed me to the guest bedroom. It looked a bit like a Sultan’s boudoir, all shag carpeting, mood lighting, and sateen sheets. Melissa told me that the bathroom adjoined hers, so if I needed privacy I should lock the door. Then she went to bed. Not so much as a goodnight peck.

I figured the odds of my getting laid that night were roughly on par with the odds of me winning Powerball. I decided to take a shower to wash the memories of that awful canned dinner from my flesh.

I have to say the shower was amazing. It was the kind that doesn’t have a shower stall, just a drain in the middle of the bathroom. Glass tiles, and three shower heads. And the water was as hot as I could stand it. It was great. I took a really long shower, finally relaxed a bit, and stood in the steamy bathroom toweling off, thinking that if I wasn’t going to get laid, at least I could whack off in the lap of luxury.

My cock was already thick and heavy. It didn’t take much petting to coax it fully erect. It was kind of hot to watch myself in the full-length mirror, as my dick grew bigger and harder, jutting straight up, the head swollen and purple, my balls drawn up tight as my own fist slid rhythmically up and down the shaft. It really was weirdly hot to watch: I’d never really seen myself masturbating before, and there I was, large as life.

I was close, I was really close to exploding when the bathroom door opened, and there was Melissa. “Oh! Oh my. Excuse me…” She had caught me mid-stroke, and I stood there in the bathroom, naked, cock in hand, eyes wide like a deer glancing up at an oncoming semi. “Well don’t stop on my account!” Dressed in flannel pajama bottoms and an oversized t-shirt, clearly with no bra on underneath, she looked sexy as all hell. I resumed what I had been doing, as she watched, fascinated.

It didn’t take long. Looking in the mirror, watching myself while I stroked my cock while Melissa watched was a delicious visual. I made a croaking noise, my butt squeezed, my back arched, and I exploded in a powerful orgasm, shooting an arc of semen halfway across the tiled floor.

When I was completely finished, she gave me an unreadable little half-smile. “That was kind of hot! I’d totally do you if I did guys. Now sleep tight, I’ll see you in the morning!”


I went to bed, exhausted from a long stressful day, and sexually sated, at least for now. I slid in between the sateen sheets (frankly kind of icky), and fell asleep hard.

…and was woken up an indeterminate amount of time later with a hand on my cock. Not my hand either.

It was Melissa’s little sister, who’s name I had forgotten as soon as we had been introduced, and continues to evade my memory. She continued fondling my dick (which was already hard and eager to go all over again) as I blinked my eyes and struggled up into wakefulness.

Her tits were big and bouncy as she slithered up my body to kiss me, her pussy leaving a wet trail up my thigh. She kissed my lips ravenously, her big soft boobs pressed up against my chest, reaching back to squeeze my hard cock again and again. I fondled her ass, and she giggled and rubbed her wet pussy against me.

From somewhere she produced a condom. She tore the wrapper open, winked at me, gave my erection a swift lick or two, and then rolled the condom down my shaft in one practiced motion.

She crawled over me, so her boobs were danging right in front of my face, grabbed my cock with one hand, and slowly, oh so very slowly, slipped it inside and lowered herself down. She was incredibly hot inside, hot and wet and slippery. Her pussy was framed with a neat bush of black hair, her nipples jutted out, her hair was wild. Setting the pace, she rode back and forth, up and down, grinning like a maniac all the while.

I wanted to come inside her, but even more than that I wanted to feel her come on me, so I held back with everything I had, biting my lower lips until I tasted blood. She was moving faster and faster, bouncing up and down, making sexy little noises that were rising in pitch, her tits shaking violently as she approached the point of no return.

“Sssso sssexy!” It was her mom, Melissa’s mother, standing framed in the doorway, looking downright frightening in a matching purple bra-and-pantie set. Dad was standing right behind her, wearing an improbable red and purple velvet bathrobe with Chinese dragons embroidered on it.

“That was one hell of a show kids,” he chortled. “Come on Honey, let’s show them how it’s done!”

My dick had gone soft the moment the bedroom door had swung open. Melissa’s sister clambered off me and removed the condom from my soft and shrunken dick. Now she was idly playing with my penis and her own pussy. Her head was turned, and I couldn’t see her face.

Melissa’s mom stripped out of her fancy lingerie. Her breasts looked like a pair of cut-in-half grapefruit, and not in a good way. Her pussy was shaved bare, which might be attractive on some women, but looked kind of grotesque on her. She lay flat on her back across from me, her legs splayed wide, her labia pouting open and drooling, tits pointed unnaturally straight up at the ceiling.

Dad let his bathrobe fall to the floor. He had a Burt Reynolds hairy chest, which contrasted in kind of an icky way with his waxed-clean pubic region. His cock jutted out in front of him like a battering ram. It was enormous, at least half again as big as my own, or even bigger. It looked scary. With one thrust he slid it up inside of his wife, and she grunted like she’d been punched in the stomach, and lifted up her legs, pointing her toes at the ceiling. They squelched obscenely as they fucked.

My dick was hard once again, thanks to Melissa’s sister’s efforts. She gave me a look that said “I don’t fucking know either”, and borrowed my hand, sliding my middle finger up inside her juicy pussy as she played with her own clit.

I finger-fucked Melissa’s sister as her parents fucked six inches away from us. She brought herself to an orgasm, kissing me hard on the lips as she rubbed her clitoris. I could feel the muscles inside her pussy pulsating on my finger as she came. It was pretty satisfying.

Dad flipped Mom over so she was facing us on all fours. Her hair looked freshly coiffed, but her eye makeup was smeared and running. His scary cock stood straight out from his beer belly, covered in his wife’s wetness. “Watch this, I’m going to wreck her rectum,” he announced, and proceeded to cram that ridiculous thing up her ass. It took a while, and a little grunting and whimpering and grimacing from her, but he got it in, in the end, and proceeded to fuck her with deep, pounding strokes.

Meanwhile, my own orgasm was evading me. Melissa’s sister was earnestly trying to get me off with her mouth and hand, but it wasn’t taking me anywhere. As her Mom and Dad’s cries became louder and more desperate and animalistic, I gently moved her aside, and started masturbating.

“That’s it Baby Doll,” Mom said in between her husband’s thrusts, “Play with his balls. Boys love that.”

Melissa’s sister was playing with my balls, which felt heavenly, but that wasn’t all she had for me. Very gently, she insinuated a wet finger in to my anus, pushing me straight over the edge.

Her parent’s cries were reaching their crescendo, but they might as well have been in the next county as I jerked off with Melissa’s little sister licking my testicles and fingering my asshole. I exploded harder than I think I ever had before, enough to make me see stars, my body clenching from toes to ears, with everything in between spasming sympathetically.

Melissa’s sister gently extracted her finger, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. Then she disappeared out the bedroom door, leaving me alone in bed with her vigorously copulating parents.

I took the coward’s way out: I slunk as quickly as I could into the bathroom and turned on the shower, and didn’t come out again until quite a while after the last of the sex noises has quieted down from the guest bedroom.

Breakfast the next morning was an awkward, silent affair.

On the long, dull drive back to school later on that day, Melissa told me “Thank you for coming out. I know my family is pretty weird, but I hope you’ll come visit again at spring break.”

I most certainly would.


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When I woke up, the boy was lying next to me in bed, snoring softly. He looked cherubic, lying there nude: hair tousled, penis limp, mouth open and drooling slightly. I extracted myself carefully so as not to wake him, and still sticky with the juices of last night’s exertions, I put on my running stuff.

It was raining outside, but that didn’t bother me. It was high summer, it had been a hot night, and today was going to be another scorcher. I set off on my regular hilly loop, enjoying the sensation of the asphalt under my shoes, the clean cooling rain on my face and hair. As I ran, I started to lose myself in the steady rhythm of my feet, and I replayed some of the juicer aspects of the previous night.

He was young, this boy of mine. Like young young. Which was different for me: annoying in some ways, but mostly just a lot of fun. Everything was new and fresh for him, And it seemed like he was always hard. My clit throbbed a little just thinking about it. My pussy was still a little sore, which apparently was one of the occupational hazards of robbing the cradle. Despite myself, I already wanted a little more.

One more hill. The sun had crested the horizon, and the temperature was already rising. I struggled a bit with the last uphill, as I always do, and rounded the corner to my street. My house, and the big chestnut tree in front of is was in view. Sometimes I sprint it in, but not today. Twat too sore. My neighbor Molly was just setting out for her jog. The rain hadn’t scared her off either. We waved our hellos, and I went inside, sweaty, wet, and horny.

I stripped naked, tossing my damp running stuff into a pile in the corner of the bathroom, and stepped into the shower. Warm water pelted my body, washing the sweat away. I thought about the boy, how I had ridden him the night before, and my nipples stiffened and perked up. I shaved my pits and my legs, touched up around crotch, and then lathered up. Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap tingled my sensitive parts in a not unpleasant way.

A draft rustled the shower curtain and stirred me from my lascivious daydreams. Time was getting on, and I needed to go to work. It would not do to be late.

The boy was standing nude on the bathroom tile, crazy bedhead hair like an anime character, shit-eating grin on his face, and a boner leading the way.

“Come on in,” I said. “The water’s fine!”

He joined me inside the tiny shower stall, and I dropped to my knees.

“We’ve got to be quick,” I told him. “I can’t be later for work.”

The boy had a perfect cock for sucking: not too big, certainly not too small, clean-shaven and delicious. I opened my mouth and swallowed him whole, letting him slide between my hungry lips while my tongue did loop-de-loops around the head, and my hands fondled his generous ball sac and his cute little buns. He moaned gratifyingly and ran his fingers through my wet hair and started humping my face. It is a testament to how hard I had worked him the night before that he didn’t just explode right away in my mouth.

I turned him around so he was facing the corner of the shower, spread his cheeks apart, and started to rim him. He loved that, almost as much as I loved doing it. He’d told me I was the only woman who had ever done that to him. It turned me on tremendously to hear him gurgle and sigh as I darted my tongue in and out of his tiny little hole, circling all around and probing gently with my index finger. I didn’t know about him, but I was more than ready.

I slithered up his body, pressing my breasts against his shoulders, my cunt against his ass. “I want you to fuck me up the butt” I whispered into his ear. My pussy was too damn tender for any serious action just yet.

I can’t really recommend Dr. Bronner’s soap as a lubricant, but I will tell you that it’ll do in a pinch! Once we had slathered soap all over my asshole and his cock, he slid right up inside. I was relaxed and horny enough that I barely even gasped at the invasion. The peppermint stung deliciously as he started fucking me, cupping my breasts in his strong hands and growling silly little terms of endearment into my ear. I humped back against him, encouraging him, playing gently around my clit as he got more and more excited. I was pretty fucking turned on myself! My clit was aching and throbbing, and my cunt felt like it was gushing, and I almost almost almost came before he did, spasming deep inside my ass, filling me with his hot gooey cream.

“I’ve seriously got to go,” I said, disentangling our bodies. “Let yourself out. I’m going to be late. I’ll see you later…”

As quickly as I could, I got dressed for work. I really was going to be late. I wore just what I’d been directed to wear: short black skirt, pumps, low-cut white blouse. No bra or panties. I literally ran for the train, knowing that it wouldn’t help.

I tried to slip into the office unnoticed, but let’s face it, that was never going to happen. “You’re late,” Carl announced for everyone’s benefit. “Again. Settle your things and meet me in my office in five minutes. And don’t be tardy.” Jane in accounting sniggered derisively. My legs felt weak, and I had a sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach, and my pussy was paradoxically wet.

“Come in,” Carl said shortly, not looking up from his laptop. “Close the door behind you. Don’t bother sitting down. You know how I feel about punctuality.”

I stood in front of his desk in the long silence that followed, hands clasped in front of me, feeling like a naughty schoolgirl awaiting her punishment. I squeezed my thighs together, mashing my labia together against my tender clit. My asshole still buzzed from the boy’s invasion. I felt incredibly vulnerable, standing there, fully dressed, but with no underwear on; I felt more naked than if I were actually naked.

“This is the third time this month,” Carla said, finally looking up from his computer screen. “How am I ever going to get through to you?”

It was a rhetorical question.

“Open up your shirt,” he commanded. I fumbled with the buttons, feeling self-conscious under Carl’s impatient, critical gaze. “Well, I see you’ve learned how to follow directions at least.” He flicked a nipple with his index finger, and I flinched. He laughed softly and coldly.

From a drawer in his desk, Carl produced a pair of little silver bells. Attached to each bell was a delicate silver chain. At the end of each chain was an alligator clip.

I winced as he applied the clamps to my nipples. It hurt as he put them on, but I knew it was going to hurt even more later on.

“Now bend over,” Carl commanded, “Hands on your knees.” I did as I was told.

He lifted up my skirt and caressed my buttocks softly with the back of his large, hairy hand, sending electric shivers from my toes all the way up my spine. My cunt was positively drooling.

Carl picked up the wooden yardstick that always sat on his desk, and he started right in on me. I had to choke down a yelp from the first whack; the ferocity of his blows always took me by surprise. The man has a very strong arm.

I didn’t take me long to lose track of how many times he’d hit me. Every time the yardstick struck my poor exposed butt, the little silver bells dangling from my nipples would bounce and shake and tinkle. This seemed to amuse Carl to no end. I was mortified that the whole office could hear; but mostly I was in agonizing pain, and almost too horny for words.

I’ve never considered myself a masochist. This whole s&m thing had kind of come right out of left field. But holy crap, the things Carl did to me got me incredibly hot in ways I’d never been turned on before.

By the time he was done, when he judged that I’d finally suffered enough, or his arm just got tired, tears were streaming down my cheeks, and my ass felt like he had scrubbed my buttocks down with sand paper, poured gasoline all over them and lit me afire. Carl thoughtfully handed me a tissue to wipe my eyes.

“I have something a little special in mind for you for later on,” Carl said as he removed the silver bells from my breasts, sending fresh waves of pain through my body and making my knees weak and wobbly. “But first, I believe you have a floor plan to finish.” He smiled thinly.

His erection was prominent under his black suit pants, bulging out invitingly from the crotch. He was clearly enjoying himself. As was I. It still boggled my mind how much this man turned me on, though he’d never lifted so much as a finger to pleasure me.

“I have a client meeting at one. I want you under my desk at 12:55. Now you had best get some work done…”

I tucked my poor, abused tits back into my blouse, and smoothed out my skirt over my tenderized ass, and went back into the office, feeling the eyes of my coworkers on me, wondering if they knew what was going on in Carl’s office, or if they just thought I’d gotten a lecture about punctuality. I sat down at my workstation, my bruised butt reminding me of the punishment I’d received, and started to draft.

At 12:53, I slipped into Carl’s office and closed the door behind me. He nodded his satisfaction.

“I’m going to be meeting with these clowns for an hour or so. You know what to do. Just keep me excited, but DON’T let me come!”

So I crawled under his desk, and started sucking his dick. Carl’s cock was longer than I personally like, the kind with a pointy head. It reminded me of a grossly oversized asparagus spear. He waxed or shaved the whole area clean, when was kind of nice because I wouldn’t get any pubes stuck in my throat or between my teeth.

The meeting dragged on and on, and I licked, slurped, sucked, stroked, and occasionally nibbled. I liked sucking his dick quite a lot, and I considered myself pretty good at it, and sometimes I got a little bit over-enthusiastic, and was promptly rewarded with a sharp tug on my hair or a knee to the tit. My jaw was aching by the time the meeting finally wrapped up, and his dick was slick and dripping with my saliva.When the clients were all gone, he let me out from under his desk and wiped off his dick.

“Don’t forget, you owe me a revision. I want to see that floorplan in the shared drive before you leave today. Oh, and I might swing by your house this weekend.”

“Swing by my house??” What a ballsy, arrogant motherfucker.

I had to duck into the lady’s room and rub my clit to a well-deserved orgasm before I could get back to work. And dammit, I did have that revision done before I left the office at six.

The boy was home when I got home. I’d given him door keys a week or so ago. He was sitting naked on the couch, smelling of pot, headphones on, playing some stupid game on his phone. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock and played with his balls and asshole until he came in my mouth. No complaints there!

I sucked all the hot, bitter, sticky semen out of his cock, knowing full well that there was plenty more where that came from. Finally he took the headset off and put the phone down, and got down to the business of eating me out.

This was something I’d been working on with him, and I had to hand it to the lad, he was making good progress! He still spent too much time directly on my clit, and I had to redirect him a few times, Even so, the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and tickling my asshole while his tongue flicked at my engorged little clitoris was heavenly, and I ended up creaming all over his face in a very loud and satisfying way.

Afterward, we cuddled a bit, and then I went to work on getting him hard again. I slipped down between his thighs, with the intention of sticking my tongue as far up his ass as it would go; that usually did the trick. While I was down between his legs, nuzzling up behind his balls, I noticed a hickie on his inner thigh that I hadn’t put there myself.

“Listen, you,” I told him, “If you are going to be fucking other girls, we’re going to have to go back to using condoms.”

He didn’t respond to that, but when I got my face between his tight little buns and starting licking his anus, he responded all right!

I got his ass nice and wet and loose with my tongue. This made his dick really really hard, I had to run upstairs and grab condoms, which aren’t really my favorite thing in the world, but that’s not something I fuck around with.

So I rolled one down his shaft, and then we fucked like rabbits. We started out with me riding his cock, bouncing up and down on his lap, and we finished with me tits-down on the couch and him pounding me from behind. Once he’s gotten off the first time, the boy lasts pretty well.

After we got cleaned up, he took off. He didn’t say where he was headed, and I didn’t ask. I showered, got high, looked at some porn online, didn’t quite masturbate, and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up early and ran. The humidity had gone down, and it wasn’t going to be quite as hot. I did my long hills route, and by the time I got back to the house, the sun was up in the sky, and I was drenched in sweat.

The front door was open a crack, which should have been my first clue, but I was oblivious. I pulled off my shoes and socks and jog bra and went to my bedroom to grab a towel.

Carl was sitting on the side of my bed. It was the first time I’d seen him naked. The boy was between his thighs, greedily sucking his cock, slurping and bobbing his head up and down, occasionally gagging on it.

Carl saw me, winked broadly, and leered, placing a strong hand on the back of the boy’s head and forcing him down his shaft until the boy coughed and choked.

My hand slipped down the waistband of my running shorts and found my cunt wet. And not just running sweat wet; I was slick and drooling.

Carl lifted the boy up off his cock and tossed him onto my bed. The guy was pretty ripped. You never would have known, under his business attire, but he must have worked out a ton.

I don’t know if the boy saw me or not. Don’t really care either way. He ended up with his rump in the air, face buried in the pillows.

Carl rolled a condom (one of MY condoms, thank you very much!) onto his long wet shaft, perfunctorily fingered the boy’s anus, and then proceeded to jam his cock up the boy’s asshole. It was pretty brutal to watch.

The boy screamed, which was kind of satisfying in a very twisted and perverse sort of way. Carl fucked the boy’s ass hard, without mercy. I fingered my cunt for a little while as they fucked, but Carl kept looking over his shoulder at me with a big shit-eating grin on his face, and I had to walk away.

I sat on my front step and tried to clear my head, but the sex noises kept leaking out of the bedroom into my ears and filling me with deeply mixed emotions. Tears of anger or shame or jealousy or something were running down my cheeks, and my cunt was wet and needy, and I kept having to squeeze my thighs together to appease it.

Molly came jogging up the sidewalk, big boobs bouncing pleasantly under a damp t-shirt. She waved as I ogled her, and I suddenly and self-consciously remembered that I was topless. I extracted my hand from my running shorts where it had somehow migrated when I wasn’t paying attention.

“Hey!” Molly said, stopping right in front of my front walk.

“Hey,” I said back. I tried not to stare at her tits. I had the distinct impression she was trying not to stare at mine. I heard muffled screams coming from my bedroom. It seemed the guys were having a good time of it.

“There’s a contractor over at my house this morning,” she said. It was true, now that I noticed: a white cargo van was parked in her driveway. “Would you mind if I borrowed a shower from you?”

“Sure,” I said. “Come on in!”

The bed was squeaking hard, and we heard Carl’s voice drift out, muffled and husky “Yeah, that’s it boy, fuck me harder…”

Molly giggled. “Oh my, you are popular! I had no idea!” I felt her cup my ass with her hand and squeeze, and a grin lit up my face like the midday summer sun as I led her toward the shower.


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I Call My Love Sophia

It started out as a joke, a passing fancy, a half-serious dare. It quickly became an addiction.

When you come into the room, I have to choke down the instinct to smile, to kiss you, to hold you close. Instead, I adopt a stern frown.

“Strip naked,” I command. You comply.

“You can stop this at any time,” I say, “Just say one word. Bananarama. That’s the word. Got it?

“Bananarama” you repeat meekly.

“Very good,” I say condescendingly, patting you on the head like a kindergartner. “But if you use that word,” I go on sternly, “You don’t get to come. Do you understand?”

You nod silently.

“Good,” I say. I pull out two pairs of thumb cuffs (14.95 on Amazon!), and twirl them casually on one finger. “Down on the floor,” I say. You obey.

I lock your thumbs together behind your back, fasten your two big toes together. Leave the keys on the night stand. “You look nice like that,” I say. “Vulnerable. I’m going to go take a shower.”

I leave you there on the floor, and treat myself to a long, hot, sudsy shower. I take my time, though I am aching to be back in the room with you. I masturbate a little, but then I catch myself getting over-excited, and have to douse my bits with cold water.

When I come back into the room, wrapped up in a fluffy purple towel, you are up on the bed. I smile. “Simon didn’t say,” I say in a sing-song voice. “Bottoms up, dear!”

Your ass is beautiful, pale and flawless. I beat it without mercy, smacking first one cheek and then the other, leaving red hand prints to mark my territory. I spank you until my hands smart and sting from it, and then I switch to my hairbrush. You grunt and groan, but not a word of complaint passes through your lips. I dare you, double-dare you to use your safe word as I pummel your bright red bottom with my leather belt, but you hold your piece even as salty tears stream down your face.

Finally, when my arm is tired, and I get the sense that I might be on the edge of pushing you too far, I stop. I run one finger lazily up and down your sex. Clearly I am not the only one who is enjoying this game.

Up on your knees. I want to get a dog collar for you to wear, all the time, even when you’re at work, so the whole world will know that you are mine, all mine.

Out come the sterile needles I stole from the hospital clean room. You wince but stay silent every time I puncture your flesh. The alcohol makes it sting. The blood blossoms like red roses on your perfect chest. You look so gorgeous kneeling there it almost stops my heart.

I am about to kiss you, but then I change my mind. Smack! Smack! Smack! Open palm, right across the face.

“I’m setting a timer,” I say, pulling out my smartphone and making a big show of setting up the stopwatch. “You’ve got 15 minutes. If you haven’t given me an orgasm before that alarm goes off, you are going to be very, very sorry.”

I put the phone on the side table next to the cuff keys, and lie down on my back. The clock is ticking. You feverishly go to work, doing your best in your hobbled state, hands pinned behind your back, feet attached at the toes. I had thought of gagging you, but now I’m glad I didn’t. You work furiously, desperately, using mouth and tongue. You do your work almost too well; I have to roll over onto my front to keep you from getting me off. I lift my ass in the air, spreading my cheeks, and you dive in, sticking your tongue into my asshole, licking my most private parts in an optimistic attempt to appease me. It doesn’t work, but it feels delicious.

Finally the alarm goes off. “Time’s up!” I say cheerfully, rolling off the bed. “Nice try, but not good enough. Now you’re really in trouble!”

You look worried. Rightly so.

I take a freshly peeled root of ginger out of the ziplock bag I had stashed in the drawer. Up your butt it goes, neat as a cork in last night’s wine bottle. I lay back on the bed, parting my knees invitingly. “The sooner I get off, the sooner it comes out!”

You go to it with a vengeance, and this time I don’t hold back at all. The things your mouth do to me are exquisite, and I catch myself moaning your name out loud and humping back against your eager tongue. I am coming in seconds, coming hard and not stopping. My body shakes and shivers with the intensity of the orgasm. I hold your head in place and keep it there as the aftershocks rack through me, curling my toes.

Meanwhile, the ginger root is doing it’s job inside your tender little anus. You are weeping now, shaking, and you stutter the words out: “Banana– Bananarama.”

I decouple myself from your tongue, swiftly removing the stinging piece of ginger and unfastening your restraints.

I kiss you top to bottom, licking tenderly, salving your wounds and your swollen needy parts. Finally I hold you close, kissing you sweetly on the lips.

“I lied,” I say, “About the safeword. You earned an orgasm.”

My fingers find your sex, and I hug you close to me, kissing you as my hand bring you exquisite pleasure, taking joy in your gasps and cries of pleasure as you come in my arms.

We lie together on the bed, naked, wet and sticky, for a long long time before either one of us says anything else.

“I love you.”


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Fit The First

It should never have happened the way it did. It really probably shouldn’t have happened at all.


But it did.

I was driving home from school after Math Bowl one cold and raw afternoon in January, when I saw Mr. Stephenson slouching along the side of the road, all six foot seven of him, bent over and huddled down against the bitter wind.

I pulled over and opened the passenger side, and he folded himself gratefully into my car, like a giant origami swan.

His knee pressed up against my thigh, almost certainly because he didn’t have any room, but the contact gave me an instant hard-on.

I had, of course, jerked off to Mr. Stephenson before. But then again, I had probably jerked off to everyone in my school, student or staff, male or female. I was an oversexed teenage math geek.

Choosing to interpret the cramped conditions as flirtation, I placed my hand on Mr. Stephenson’s thigh, a few inches south of the crotch. He responded by putting his tennis racket sized hand on top of mine, and our fingers intertwined. The temperature inside the car rose a couple degrees.

I parked the car in front of Mr. Stephenson’s house, a shabby-looking beige duplex at the end of a cul-de-sac. I could see a promising-looking bulge in the front of his slacks. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

“I’ve never done this before.”
“What, fooled around with a student?”
“No, kissed a guy.”

For all that he was a pretty good kisser. It wasn’t exactly my first time. I’d fooled around more than once, at math camp and on sleepovers, with guys and with girls, giggly, embarrassing half-acknowledged gropings. This was a different order of magnitude altogether.

We unfolded ourselves from the tight confines of the car and jogged up the walk to his front door. He fumbled his keys out of his pocket, dropping them on the stoop, rattling them in the lock, before he finally got the door open, and then we more or less fell inside, letting the door slam behind us. I pretty much attacked him, tearing his pants off and freeing his raging cock.

It was bigger than I had imagined, but not so big as to be scary. I thought it looked incredibly sexy. He was uncircumcised, and the livid purple head peeked sassily out from under his foreskin. I started kissing and nibbling him, licking all up and down the shaft and around the head, playing with his balls. He had a nice taste. His dick was so hard it was literally quivering.

Any qualms Mr. Stephenson may have still had about fooling around with an underaged male student were left crumpled up on the floor alongside his trousers and briefs. He reached inside my shirt, rubbing and pinching my erect little nipples as my head bobbed up and down on his cock. It didn’t take him very long. With my lips wrapped around his dick like a big, hot popsicle, I reached under his fat ball sac and tickled his anus, and he shouted out loud, grabbing my hair and crushing me into his crotch, exploding in my mouth, filling my mouth up with hot, sticky, salty-bitter semen. I swallowed every drop.

He sucked my dick next, but I have to tell you he wasn’t really very good at it, not that first time anyway. I ended up straddling his chest and jerking off onto his face as he tentatively slipped one saliva-slick finger up inside my tight and slightly nervous, but very horny asshole.

We fooled around a lot more that semester, but we never actually fucked, for reasons I still don’t quite understand. It turns out Mr. Stephenson had a girlfriend, and I really wanted to do a threesome with her, but he was worried that she wouldn’t be into it, which was kind of ironic, because later on I did end up fooling around with her too. She taught me a few tricks that I still use today.

I guess I expected things to be weird between us after all that, in class and whatnot, but honestly it wasn’t weird at all. Life went on, the world kept turning, and in due course I graduated and moved on.

It almost didn’t happen at all that day. We had planned it out in advance, but then It started to snow, and your husband wasn’t sure he wanted to be out driving in that stuff.


But you convinced him to go anyway.

As soon as I got your text, I felt my pussy start to salivate. I had been playing with my clit all morning, idly browsing porn and thinking about what we were going to do. I sprinted to my car and drove to the mall.

I bided my time, looking in store windows and watching people, bored teens and old folks. I hadn’t worn any panties on purpose, and I felt naughty and very aware of my naked, horny cunt just under my short black skirt.

I caught a glimpse of you and your husband. He looked not at all as I had imagined him: older, dumpier, somehow diminished. Middle-aged. You looked simply radiant.

I saw you talking to him. After a brief discussion, you two parted ways. He went into a sporting goods store. You went into H&M.

About two minutes later you texted me again. That was my cue. I went into the H&M, pulling a few shirts and bras off the racks totally at random, and headed toward the fitting rooms. You were in the last one on the left.

I tapped on the door, and you opened it. I stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind me. This was the first time we had seen each other in person. I dropped my armload of clothes on the bench, and hugged you tight, kissing your pretty lips. I felt your hands on my ass, pulling me closer.

I dropped down on my knees, tugging your panties down. Your pants were already off. We had to be efficient, time was at a premium. I gave your pretty pussy a perfunctory kiss, then dove in, licking up and down and all around, trying to apply all the lessons I’d learned from watching porn and reading dirty stories.

I’d been a little afraid I wouldn’t like the taste, that the flavor of another woman’s pussy would be repulsive to me. I shouldn’t have been worried. You were intoxicating, clean and sexy, musky and feminine. With a little help from your guiding hands, I found your clit, circling your swollen little nub with my outstretched tongue.

I looked up to see if I was doing a good job. You had pulled your bra down, and your big tits bounce free, nipples erect and pointing out in disparate directions, Your eyes were closed, your head thrown back, and you were chewing on three fingers of your own hand. I guessed I was doing ok.

I felt you come. Your whole body seemed to go rigid, and then your stomach pulsated and your pulled me in hard. I couldn’t breathe for a long moment there, but I didn’t mind. Then you lifted me up and we were kissing. Your juices were smeared all over my face.

I turned around, facing the mirror so I could watch what you were doing. It was your turn to get down on your knees. You licked my asshole, just like you had promised in your emails, fingering my pussy deeply as your tongue probed and explored my virgin little hole. I rubbed my clit, savoring the sights and sensations, saving the memories up for later use. I made myself come quickly, resisting the urge to draw it all out, giving myself a silent little orgasm. There would be more later on, after I got home. Maybe I’d make you a video.

I’m not sure how long we had been in there, maybe five minutes. It already felt like too long. We got paranoid; kissed one more time, and then you pulled your pants on, tucked your tits back in, and left the dressing room. I got myself dressed, counted to seventy five, and headed out, dropping the clothes I’d picked up in a cart full of shirts, pants, and bras.

I saw you one more time as I headed for the parking lot. You were walking hand in hand with your husband. He was looking at his smart phone, totally unaware that my come was still drying on your face and fingers, that I was still wet from your affection.

I drove home, touching my pussy in the car as I drove, thinking about you the whole way.

We weren’t even supposed to meet yet, not for another two weeks.


But… the doctor at your office got sick. He came in late, saw two patients, sneezing and hacking and snuffling the whole time, and threw in the towel. “Close the place down,” he said, “Pay yourselves for the day, I don’t care. I’m going home.”

When you texted me, I had just put my son on the school bus. “Of Course!” I replied, “Where can we meet?”

I wound my way down the Taconic, dirty piles of snow looming on either side of the twisty highway, keeping the speedometer needle exactly five miles above the speed limit, fighting the urge to speed like a maniac, like a bank robber, like a cheating husband.

You were already in the donut shop when I arrived. You were sitting in a corner booth, sipping coffee from a paper cup, a multi-colored torus covered with sprinkles sitting untouched in front of you. You looked just as sexy in person as you did in your pictures. I don’t know why that should surprise me, but it did. My cock was hard inside my pants.

I sat down across from you. There was a momentary awkward silence as we both took a breath, preparing to speak. I had never heard your voice and you had never yet heard mine.

“Was the drive OK?”
“It was fine,” I said. “It’s so good to finally see you in person.”
My hand reached out across the table and our fingers intertwined. The awkwardness faded away like a mist off melting snow.
“Let’s get out of here,” you said. “I don’t want to waste any of our time together.”

In your car in the parking lot, out behind the donut store, between the dumpster and the train tracks, I leaned across to kiss you. Your lips met mine like an electric shock. My hand found your thigh, squeezing and caressing as your tongue entered my mouth. We kissed for a long time, I don’t know how long, long enough to fog up all the windows. Your hand started rubbing my erect cock through my pants. I could feel your hot dampness through the fabric of your jeans. My cock was straining hard against its confines, so hard it almost hurt. My hand traveled up, cupping your large, soft breast.

You took my hand in yours, guiding it up under your shirt, inside your bra, where I found your nipple, hot and swollen. I pinched, gently and first, then harder, enjoying your squirms as I nibbled on your neck.

“Please,” you moaned, “Please, please, please…”

Your jeans came down, a wrestling match in the tight confines of the driver’s seat of your car. My own pants came off as well, almost as an afterthought, much easier without a steering wheel in the way. My cock made a giant tent in the front of my boxers. Your bright red panties were visibly wet, almost like you had peed yourself.

You reclined your seat all the way, and I lay my head in your lap. The smell of your sex was intoxicating, your pussy moist and pink and open. I stuck my tongue out, savoring that first taste, the salty musky flavor that is all your own. You made a noise, hands curling in my hair. My tongue found your clitoris, swollen and eager as my fingers probed inside your hungry pussy. You were already moaning, humping back against me. This was clearly not going to take long.

Two fingers up inside your pussy, rubbing hard against that special spot, my tongue pressed hard against your clit, another finger just tickling your asshole. You came, and you came hard, grinding against me, crying out loud as your body bucked and shook. I stayed with you through to the very end.

Finally I came up for air. My face was coated in your juices, my fingers covered in it. I lick my fingers clean, and you kissed my come-slick lips again and again, hand wrapped firmly around my cock.

“Take your shirt off,” I ask, and you comply. Your tits were beautiful, just gorgeous. Now it was my turn to recline the passenger seat, as you opened your mouth to swallow my cock.

The feeling was exquisite. It had been far too long since anyone had given me this kind of attention. Certainly not my wife. Your mouth was hot and wet and eager, your tongue doing acrobatics on my erect dick, swirling around the tip, pushing me closer and closer to the point of no return. As your head bobbed up and down, your hand was busy between your legs.

You looked up at me, my erection straining and bobbing wetly. “I think I could come again,” you said. I knew from your texts and emails that you weren’t usually multi-orgasmic.

It was tricky, in the little car, but we managed. You straddled my face, large breasts pressed against my flat stomach. I had a soft ass cheek in both hands. I cannot believe how wet your pussy is, how beautiful and sexy it looked from this vantage point, so up close and personal.

“Fuck my mouth” you said, “fuck my mouth and put your tongue on my clit, and I’ll do the rest.”

I complied, offering you my tongue as you opened your mouth wide, accepting the length of my cock.

I bucked my hips furiously, fucking your mouth like a wet pussy and you fingered yourself along with me, grinding on my outstretched tongue. It didn’t take me very long to come. I was way too turned on, too excited, too under your spell. I cried out loud, shooting my hot and sticky semen deep into your hungry mouth. You swallowed me, and swallowed again and again.

I could tell you were close as well. You held my softening dick in your mouth as you pressed your hard clit against my tongue, rocking back and forth, close, oh so close, but not quite there yet. I slapped your ass hard, alternating cheeks, and you whimpered. I slip a wet finger just inside your tight little anus, and that seemed to do the trick. You came sobbing, squeezing my head between your thighs until I couldn’t breath, my hand still beating your ass cheeks with all my strength as I struggled to keep my tongue on your clit.

Finally it was all over. Getting dressed in a parked car turned out to be considerably trickier than getting naked. Our bodies were spent and sticky. Big smiles were plastered across both of our faces.

“Wow,” you said, “That was intense.”

It certainly was. I could already feel a tingle in my dick, the beginnings of a new hardness. But the clock had other ideas. We both had to be getting back to our respective spouses, take showers, make excuses. We untangled, kissed, hug and squeeze, and kiss one last time.

The drive back home seemed longer than the drive down. I played the encounter over and over again in my mind; by the time I arrived back at the house, my cock was most definitely hard once more.

Wife was home already, putting groceries away. I was ready explain away my sweat as left over from my workout, your scent blamed on the gym, but and she didn’t even seem to notice my presence.

I pulled the shower curtain closed, letting the hot hot water fall on my naked body, stroking my cock and thinking of you.

Everything is the same as is was before. Except that it isn’t.


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Another Radar Lover Gone

It is a solid three hour drive, and I have to stop halfway there at a rest area and pee. I brush my teeth in the parking lot, not wanting to greet you with coffee breath.

The building is five stories tall, and briskly generic, all steel and glass on the exterior. I am highly conscious of the erection bulging out the front of my pants as I tell the receptionist that you are expecting me. She makes a quick phone call, smiles (lewdly? suggestively? just professionally polite? I can never tell.), and tells me to go on up. “Her office is on the fourth floor, in the corner.”


I step out of the elevator, momentarily disoriented. A pretty young woman (an intern?) who is sexy in a plump sort of way, pear shaped body, small breasts and a nice soft and shapely ass, directs me. My cock strains against the front of my trousers. The girl smiles sweetly and heads away, her large butt wiggling prettily in black slacks.


The door to your office is ajar. I tap softly. “Come on in,” you say without looking up from your laptop, “You can close the door behind you.”


You are wearing a floral dress, explosions of tropical flowers on a black field. You have a purple cami on underneath, and a pretty crystal necklace around your neck. Your cleavage peeks saucily out. You weren’t fooling, you really are busty! Another time I will devote more attention to your breasts. There isn’t time today.


“It’s twenty minutes after ten,” you say, closing your laptop. “I have a meeting at ten thirty.”


You stand up, and we kiss. Your lips are soft, you taste a little like peaches. Your breasts feel nice pressed up against my chest. My erection strains out toward your crotch. You rub yourself against my hardness. I guess it feels pretty good to you too.


You squeeze my dick through the front of my pants. “We don’t have a lot of time,” you whisper. You sit back down in your black chair, pushing away from the desk and swiveling to face the window. The parking lot is spread out before us, tasteful little trees and Priuses and the odd Vespa scooter or Tesla parked there, every color of the rainbow. I see my own car, parked away in one corner like an odd sock.


Your legs part and you lift up your dress, gathering it up around your waist. “I want to see your cock,” you say, smirking broadly. “I want to see just how hard you really are.” I oblige, unbuttoning my pants and shimming down my underwear, setting my erection free. It bobs and wiggles, eager to please, like a puppy who has been let out of its box.


You lean back in your chair and I get down on all fours, pants crumpled around my ankles, cock and balls hanging out as I crawl in between your knees. You are wearing lavender panties, prim and pretty. I can feel the heat radiating from your crotch.


I pull your panties to one side, revealing your pussy. You are clearly excited, wet and puffy. I stick out my tongue, tracing the outside of your sex, the long soft seam of your pussy. Your lips pout open and you sigh softly. You taste good: clean and sexy. I lap again, dragging my tongue up and down your labia, conscientiously avoiding your pink clit.


Your hand in in my hair, pressing my closer. “Don’t tease,” you say, “We don’t have time for that crap.”


I lick more aggressively, exploring your asshole, circling your clit. You grind back against my tongue, smearing your wetness all over my face. My finger finds your anus, another finger slides up inside your pussy, finding you hot and tight and slick.


“God I want you to fuck my cunt!” you groan, humping back against me.


“Not this time,” I say from between your pale thighs, “Next time thought.”


Two fingers in your pussy, one in your asshole, my tongue slithering all over your clitoris, you come, squeezing my head hard, gasping and moaning, growling like an animal. When you are finally done shaking, I come up for air. My cock stands straight up, harder than I can remember it being before. Clear, sticky pre-come leaks from the purple head, a long strand that connects to my thigh. My face is slick with your wetness.


“Suck me,” I say, “Please.” It is less a request than a command. You open your mouth and swallow my cock.


Your tongue slathers around my glans, driving me wild. Your hand strokes my shaft, fondles my balls. I can feel the orgasm building up inside me. I am aware of the phone ringing on your desk, but we both ignore it. I start humping your mouth, and you match my rhythm, dragging your tongue along the underside of my cock, making little gurgling noises as you suck. Your lips look gorgeous wrapped around my girth.


One finger finds my asshole and slips inside. This is just enough to set me off. I bite down hard on my lower lip as my balls twitch and clench, and I pump what seems like gallon after gallon of semen into your hungry mouth. You swallow every last drop, and my soft wet cock falls out of your mouth with a pop.


The time is 10:35. Someone knocks on your door. I hastily pull my pants up, and you straighten up your dress. The pretty plump girl sticks her head through the door, “We’re all in the conference room, are you ready to start?”


You squeeze my ass on the way out. The pretty girl in the black slacks winks at me and sticks out her tongue like a lizard. Or maybe I just imagine it.


My cock is wet, my balls fat and loose inside my pants. I am feeling lightheaded and goofy, slightly drunk on your sex. As I leave through the lobby, I can feel the receptionist’s eyes on me.What does she know, what does she guess? It gives me pleasure to know that upstairs, in the conference room meeting, your lavender panties are soaked through and through.


The drive back is long and dull, and by the time I get home, my cock is hard all over again. Next time. Next time I am going to fuck your pussy, fuck you deep and hard, and feel you come on my cock. Next time.



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The Olive in my God-Damned Martini


We’d been dating three or four months, keeping it deliberately casual. It was one of those classic opposites attract set-ups: I was older, she was younger; she was a medical student, I was an ex-punk rocker and construction worker turned nurse’s aide. I going to night school to become an RN, she was just about to start her residency. I was a bad boy doing my level best to straighten out, and she was a good girl experimenting with her naughty side.

It was, of course, not quite as simple as all that.

We had fun. We knew it wasn’t going to last, but we genuinely liked each other. And we did a lot of really excellent fucking in the meantime.

We got it on every time we got together, which was most days. It was good, old fashioned basic sex, ham-and-cheese sex; a lot of vigorous screwing with a little bit of sucking and licking thrown in now and then as an appetizer. Nothing kinky in the slightest. A couple times when we were fucking I’d slipped a finger between her ass cheeks and started playing with her butthole, and she had silently and firmly moved my hand away. I could take a hint.

She had a killer body. Slim and petite. Lithe, muscular legs that she ran half-marathons with and liked to wrap around my back while we fucked; flat tummy, exquisite little breasts. And an ass to die for, the kind of butt that I could have spent hours worshipping with my tongue. If only she’d let me. But I was sensible to leave well enough alone.

She sucked me off now and then; one time in a nearly empty movie theatre, and one week when she had a wicked yeast infection and couldn’t fuck, sometimes when she had her period, though mostly we just screwed anyway, mess be damned. I went down on her frequently: before sex, as an appetizer, or after sex if she wanted another orgasm; flicking her pink little clit with the tip of my tongue while she squirmed and sighed and melted on my face in the most satisfying way, but I always assiduously avoided the nether regions. Mostly we fucked. She loved to fuck, and she always, invariably came on my cock. We had dispensed with condoms early on, we were monogamous and I had a vasectomy, and I loved to feel her tight little pussy squeezing my cock as she orgasmed underneath me. Or on top of me, depending on the position. It was ham and cheese sex, but there was lots of it, and it was pretty damn good sex.

What she saw in a burned-out old punk rocker technically old enough to be her father I’ll never know.  She was a nice girl, smart, and a horny little bunny rabbit; but to all appearances straight as a ruler. Appearances, however, can be deceiving.


We were lounging around in bed in my apartment, mostly naked, getting ready to get it on. It was mid-morning, I’d just come off a gruelling 12-hour night shift, and I was wired and tired. My dick was already half-hard, and her cute little boobies jiggled around like a pair of luscious peaches, juicy-ripe and ready to be plucked.

“What’s the deal with anal sex?” she asked me, straight out of the blue.

“What do you mean?”

“Why are guys so fascinated with it? Does it feel different? Have you ever done it?”

“I have done it before,” I said, “Once or twice. It feels a little different, I guess. But mostly I guess it’s hot because it’s kind of naughty, forbidden, risky-feeling. It’s very intimate,” I added.

I don’t know if she noticed, but my cock had sprung from half-hard to stiff and fully erect as I spoke.

“I think I’d like to try it,” she said. “With you.”

I started out by going down on her. It was always a pleasure to eat her pussy, and she certainly enjoyed it. Normally, I would aggressively lick her clit until she came, and then slide my cock up her wet pussy and fuck her to another orgasm; but this time I kept backing off each time she seemed to be getting anywhere close to a climax. I licked up and down her labia, teasing her clit, until she was wetter than wet, and my face was completely soaked in her slippery juices. Her cunt was wide open, lips swollen, clit straining. This whole time I had been purposefully avoiding my ultimate target, her crinkled little anus.

At a nudge from me, she rolled over onto her tummy, and I spread her delicious firm butt cheeks. It was the first time I’d had a good look at this part of her anatomy. Her butt hole was tiny, pink and tight. It was hard to believe something so small could open up enough to let a poop out, never mind accept a full-sized cock. I stuck my face into her cleft, tongue extended, and started licking, up and down, all around her anus, darting down to her drooling pussy, then back up to her asshole. She moaned, pressing back hard against me.

“Oh my God, that feels so good! I can’t believe we’ve never tried this before!” The tip of my tongue darted up against her sphincter, and I felt her straining back against me. Her own fingers were busy with her pussy, rubbing her own clit. I had never seen her masturbate before, and she got all shy and blushy whenever the topic was raised; she must have been turned on beyond belief at this point.

I decided to take it to the next level. Wetting a finger, first with my saliva, then with her joy juice, I circled her butthole, savoring the appreciative sounds she made as I tickled her anus. Gently, carefully, very slowly, I slipped the tip of my finger up inside. Her asshole clamped down on finger as the first knuckle slid past the tight ring of muscle.

“Ow! Ow! Stop! Take it out!” she squirmed away from me, pulling back in a panic. I removed the offending finger, and she clamped her hands over her butt, eyes squeeze shut.

“Sorry,” she said after a long minute. “I guess anal sex really isn’t for me.”

“It’s ok,” I said.

“Do you still want to fuck?”

I did. And we did. And when I shot off, she came right along with me, her whole body shaking as I squirted my semen deep inside her pussy. But it wasn’t without regrets, not on my part anyway.


“Tell me one of your fantasies,” she said.

We had been watching porn together all afternoon. I had turned her on to the stuff. She’d never looked at porn before, besides one or two giggling glances in high school or college with her girl friends; she was at least as surprised as me to discover she loved the stuff.

She had very specific taste. It had to be amature, no pro stuff at all; with attractive performers, but no surgically enhanced bodies. And she wanted to see them fucking: there had to be good, explicit close-up shots of penis sliding in and out of vagina. That is what turned her crank. We’d be watching together, and I’d slide my hand down her panties, and find her pussy all slippery, juicy and wet. We’d finger and pet and tease each other, and the invariably, we’d end up fucking in front of the computer monitor.

She admitted to me that she masturbated “once in awhile”, but she wouldn’t go into any more detail than that, and I didn’t press her.

“Go on,” she said, “Tell me a kinky fantasy. Don’t be shy.” On the screen, a couple was fucking, hard and fast, a bearded guy was screwing his big-breasted girlfriend from behind, making her tits swing like a pair of wrecking balls.

“Well,” I said, “I’ve always wanted to have a threesome….”

“I think,” she said, “that we could make that happen.” And then she slid her sweatpants and underwear down, and her pussy was glistening and ready underneath her fluffy little patch of blondish pubic hair, and we started fucking in sync with the couple on the screen, and that was that for a while.

After we were done, when we were cuddling, a sweaty and sticky mess, she turned to me, looking serious. “If I set up a hot threesome for you, with another girl,a super hot girl, one who really likes anal, would you do something for me?”

“Sure,” I said. “Anything.”


“Anything, for you.”

And that, in a nutshell, is how I ended up, a few days later, in bed with Elijah. His skin was the brown color of chocolate milk, and perfectly hairless, except for a hint of stubble on the cheeks and chin. We were both a little drunk, and naked to the waist. She was draped across my sofa, dicking around with the laptop, trying to find some appropriate porn. She was a little drunk too.

I don’t know where she found him. I don’t know how old he was, or what he did for a living; I couldn’t even get a vibe from him as to gay or straight or somewhere in between. He was cute though. She had good taste in men, I’ll give her that.

She finally found a video she liked, a cute, chubby tattooed redhead taking it vigorously in the pussy from her well-hung boyfriend. Me and Elijah started kissing.

I’d never kissed a man before, not seriously, and I have to admit I kind of liked it. His lips were rough, his tongue more aggressive than I was used to. I like the way he tasted, and the slight scratch of his stubble. I liked his hand on my chest, in my hair, stroking my cock through my pants. I liked feeling his hardness as well.

The pants came off. I was aware of her watching us, but I was much more aware of him, his body, his hands, his male parts. His cock, I was gratified, and slightly disappointed to discover, was smaller than mine. He was shaved or waxed clean, and circumcised, and hard as ice. Hot ice. We kissed and jerked off together, enjoying putting on a show, touching and caressing, pinching and stroking, each of us daring the other to take it just a little further.

By unspoken, mutual agreement, our hands found each other’s cock. It felt good, strange but good, to have another man’s erection in my hand. His grasp felt nice on my dick, softer and stronger than I would have expected. We kissed, letting our tongues dance and explore, as we slowly stroked each other. I glanced over at the couch, and she was staring intently at us, mouth slightly open, biting down on the tip of her tongue, blondish-red locks a beautiful mess, hand stuck down her own pants. The video on the laptop had come to an end, and she hadn’t bothered refreshing it.

Elijah and I were getting hotter and heavier, jerking each other off faster, more aggressively now. I cupped his tight little brown ass, pulling him closer to me. His breath was coming in raspy little jerks. It wouldn’t be much longer now, not for either one of us.

He came first. I was surprised by the force of it. His whole body went rigid, his back arching. He made a little squeak, surprisingly non-masculine, and I felt his cock pulsate in my fist. Then he sprayed hot semen all over my belly and chest. It was really gratifying.

I didn’t have much time to revel in it though, because as soon as his dick started to soften in my hand, he squirmed out of my grip, slid down my body, and did his God-damnedest to swallow my cock whole.

I was right on the edge as it was, and his hot mouth on my meat, his tongue swirling around my cock head, his wet finger pressing against my asshole was enough to set me off. Hips bucking, I came and came and came, and he stayed with me all the way, slurping me up and swallowing every drop of my come. She came at almost the same time, hand down her pants, head thrown back in ecstasy. Sometimes she was nearly silent when she came, but not this time. She sounded like an old time steam engine, huffing and puffing into the station, whistling and grimacing on overload, ready to explode. It was beautiful to watch, as Elijah and I took it all in, basking in the afterglow of our own orgasms. The evening hadn’t really been what I’d expected, and afterward I wasn’t really sure what to make of it, or how to process it. Weird, and maybe not something I’d choose to do again, but for all that it had been really hot.


Cherry was a big girl, large in every sense of the word. Big personality. Big breasts, big body, big curvy butt, brash and aggressive. She stood a full inch taller than me, and could have kicked my ass in a stand-up fight, no fooling. She was kind of gorgeous, in a very non-traditional and idiosyncratic way. When my girlfriend introduced us, she grinned at me like a hungry she-wolf, showing off two rows of perfect white teeth.

I led the way up to my apartment, the ladies following behind me, four flights up an echoey stairwell.

“You’re boyfriend has a cute little ass!”

“Doesn’t he though?”

“Ever gotten a rim job?” Cherry slapped my butt. “Boy, I am going to lick your asshole out until your head explodes.” My cock, which had been firm and flirting with hardness since we had met up was suddenly straining against my zipper.

No sooner had the door slammed behind us then the girls were all over me, tugging my pants and underwear down, pulling off my shirt, running their hands all over my body, kissing and nibbling and exploring. Cherry took the lead, with my girlfriend taking cues from her.

“Nice dick,” Cherry said, giving my girlfriend a sisterly squeeze. “Why don’t you show me how to suck it?”

My girlfriend got down on her knees, opened wide, and started slurping, closing her lips around the shaft and doing her damnedest to take the entire length of my cock into her hot, wet mouth.

Cherry winked lewdly at me. “That’s fucking hot. Are you ready to have your mind blown?”

She got down behind me, stuck her face between my butt cheeks, and started licking, circling my asshole with her tongue, darting inside, worming her way past my anus, only do dart back out and lick my balls while up front my own girl was slobbering all over my erection.

It was utter bliss, heaven, almost sensory overload. I seriously thought I might die of pleasure. I’m not sure how long this went on, but I enjoyed it while it lasted, two beautiful girls giving me kinky oral treatment from in front and behind. I was just starting to feel the beginnings of a come percolating up from my balls when Cherry stopped short.

“OK,” she said, leaving me gasping and panting, my wet cock straining up and out, purple with frustrated excitement. “That was a pretty good appetizer, but there needs to be some female nakedness right here and now. I need to have a look at those titties, girl!”

When we’d talked about doing this, my girl had said that she guessed she wouldn’t mind making out with another woman a little bit, if it would turn me on. There were no signs of hesitation as she attacked Cherry, pulling her tank top off and exposing her big bouncy breasts, fondling her as they French-kissed. She wiggled out of her own shirt and pants, letting Cherry’s hands rove over her body, eventually unsnapping her bra and setting her smaller firm breasts free. The nipples were hard and pink, and Cherry evidently took great pleasure in pinching and twisting them, harder than I had ever dared.

“YOU,” Cherry said, “Need to lick my pussy RIGHT NOW.” She unsnapped her jeans and peeled them off, exposing her voluptuous lower half, which was sexier than I would ever have thought possible. She wasn’t wearing panties. Her legs were thick and curvy, pale and smooth. Her pussy was tidily trimmed, fat lips pouting out, purple inner labia visibly wet. She lay down on my hardwood floor, spread her legs wide, and my girlfriend, who had never expressed the slightest interest in hot girl-on-girl action, dove right in.

Cherry parted her labia with two fingers, exposing her pink clit. “You know what I want,” she said. “Lick it. Lick it good!”

I watched while my sweet, innocent little girlfriend slurped her pussy, and Cherry narrated. “Oh my God, your girlfriend’s tongue is amazing! She’s licking my clit so good! …mmm yeah, just lick that. Put a finger inside. Yeah, more… play with my asshole… oh yeah don’t stop, keep licking, yeah, just lick that… holy shit, you’re going to make me come. Oh yes, don’t stop, please, yes, I’m going to fucking come all over your pretty little face.. oh fuck yes!!”

She didn’t stop. Cherry was writhing in ecstasy, kicking her ankles up in the air, a fistful of my girl’s reddish blonde hair, pulling her deeper into her cunt. She came, tits shaking, head thrown back, belly spasming, hollering loud enough to rattle windows.

My girlfriend finally came up for air, face wet and flushed and shiny, grinning from ear to ear.

“I need to get fucked now,” Cherry announced, rolling over onto her hands and knees. “You there,” she told me, “Pick a hole, any hole!” She leered back at me, prying her asscheeks apart, revealing a dripping wet pussy and the big brown star of her anus.

I pressed the head of my cock up against her asshole, which opened right up to envelop me. The muscles of her ass squeezed my cock tight, and once again I felt come bubbling up from my balls. I clenched my teeth and curled my toes, willing myself not to shoot off.

“Don’t come yet,” Cherry admonished me, “I want to enjoy this. Don’t even move. I’ll do all the work.” She tightened her asshole for emphasis, squeezing my dick with her internal muscles.

Cherry started sliding back and forth on my cock, sodomizing herself with my erection, deeper and deeper until I was buried completely in her ass, my pubes smashed against her ample buttocks. She’d rock forward until just the head of my cock was captured inside her asshole, then slide back, impaling herself once again. All the while, she was kissing my girlfriend open-mouthed, and playing with her cute little tits while she played with her own pussy.

“Oh yeah,” Cherry said, “That’s the shit! This is going to make me come… I want to feel you shoot off inside my asshole. Fuck my ass now boy, fuck it good and hard!”

And that is exactly what I did, grabbing hold of her big butt cheeks and pounding her ass hard. After all that willing myself not to come, I was surprised that I didn’t come right away, but I didn’t. I could feel the orgasm building though, and it was not far off.

While I was fucking Cherry’s ass, concentrating on my own pleasure, my sweet girlfriend was getting some pleasure of her own. Cherry, grunting throatily every time I humped forward, had her panties pulled halfway off, and was licking at her clit, fucking her pussy deeply with two fingers, another two fingers crammed deep up her ass, all the way up to the knuckles. It’s an image I’ve jerked off to many times since then.

I can’t swear to it, but I think we all came at the same time. My own orgasm, when it finally broke through, seemed to go on and on, rising through me like a tsunami, overwhelming waves of pleasure wracking my body as I pumped my semen deep into Cherry’s hot ass. Cherry was coming like an overheated steam engine underneath me, and I could hear the familiar high-pitched cries of my girlfriend’s orgasm as Cherry finger-fucked her pussy and ass.


I never did get to fuck her in the ass. She did mine, one time, sliding a long wet index finger up my asshole while she sucked me off, a few nights after our threesome with Cherry. It was exquisite, and I think she was gratified with how thoroughly it got me off, shooting with a cry into her hungry mouth as she wiggled her finger deep inside my body.

I also feel like that night was the beginning of the end for us. I’m not sure why, maybe I had just served my purpose with her.

We broke up not long after that. It was pretty adult, not too many hurt feelings, no yelling or screaming, just two people who weren’t going to make it in the long run. I heard that she and Cherry started dating, and I’ve thought about looking the two of them up sometime, but so far I haven’t. Maybe I should. I don’t know. Sometimes it’s best to leave good memories alone.


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