Likes and Dislikes and Other Dogma

The word that is synonymous with ‘orgasm’ or ‘ejaculate’ is spelled ‘come’, NOT ‘cum’.

Elsie likes: The Venture Brothers, old Simpsons, Johnny Cash, Black Flag, The Pogues, good porn, red wine, beer

Elsie dislikes: pop music, bad grammar and sloppy writing, bad porn, white wine


  1. Mike said

    I spend a silly amount of time browsing random internet porn…and your stories collection is the most erotic thing I have stumbled across for ages. I wish I could remember how I found it.

    I don’t even know why I like (most of) these stories so much. Aside from the threesomes, I wouldn’t have said these are my type of porn. Some of them even squick me a bit. I’m a pretty ordinary middle-aged, married, hetero guy who has never lived any like any of these scenarios. And, in most cases, wouldn’t want to. Because they are so wrong.

    I hope the posting of an index as your latest entry does not indicate some kind of end to the writing!

    • elsiewrites said

      Have no fear, I have not stopped writing! Just on a little hiatus; things are a little crazy in my personal life right now. I’m hoping to be posting filthy pornographic stories again soon.

      I’m glad to hear that you like my work! It is always great to get compliments. I consciously write porn that is potentially squicky; there is something in here to offend everyone. I like writing stories that are both sexy and disturbing, and I enjoy exploring perverted scenarios and pushing boundaries. In my mind, the key is to write well and be true to the characters.

      When I post a new story, I typically then update the index section with the previous story posted; so the index is almost always the latest entry. If I ever do decide to shut down (unlikely at this point), there will be some sort of announcement. Otherwise, I try to update at least once a month, but I refuse to hold myself to any set schedule. When the writing isn’t happening, I’d rather let it not happen than post stuff that I’m not entirely happy with.

      Hope you enjoy, and keep reading!


  2. Charles said

    I first discovered your works on Literotica, and admire your writing style, pacing, and plotting; it is clear, does wonderful job of obeying Strunk & White’s famous Rule Thirteen (“Omit needless words”), and your characterizations are as well designed as the sex. If Twain had written smut — and I’m rather sure he did — I expect it would be much like yours.


  3. Jay said

    Have you stopped writing and posting ? Eagerly waiting for your posts.

    • elsiewrites said

      Haven’t quit, but apparently I’ve been on hiatus: I can’t seem to finish anything these day. Big life changes, maybe that’s why. Hoping to have new stories up soonish!

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