This blog is a collection of my (hopefully!) sexy stories.  Some of them have been published in the Kristen Archives, some of them (under another pseudonym and possibly in slightly different form) at Literotica, and some of them are new new new.

Read and enjoy.  But Caveat Emptor: The content here ranges from the kinky all the way to the downright objectionable.  I write smut.  I try to write good smut, but it is smut nonetheless.  I consciously explore some of the darker and more twisted parts of my imagination.  Fantasy can’t hurt you.  Don’t think that these stories in any way reflect my real life.

I hope you like my writing, or at least some of my writings.  Read what interests you, pass over that which doesn’t.  Please, please, please leave comments!  Positive comments if you like what you read; criticism is welcome too; but please don’t attack.  Hey, if this kind of stuff is going to offend you, nobody’s making you read it!

Best Wishes,

A word about names:  For a long time, I used the name ‘Andrea’ both as a pseudonym, and as the name of the narrator in most of my stories.  This was, I believe, a mistake both personally and professionally.  The names I use in my stories now are essentially random: I use names that I like and that sound ‘right’ for the story.  Any pattern you may find is simply a slip of the Freudian variety.

A word about updates:  Random.  Updates are dependent on a)my creative juices flowing; b)the amount of time I have available for writing smut; and c)my whim.  I’m not going to post anything I’m not 100% happy with here just to make a deadline; and I don’t always have time in my life for writing pornographica.  So… we may see multiple stories in a week, or it may be a month (or more, though I hope not!) between posts.  Unpredictability keeps life from getting boring…


If you feel like making a donation, you can do so through Kachingle, or directly through PayPal. Any filthy lucre would be deeply appreciated and well-spent!

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  1. K said

    I’ve been reading your work for a number of years now on Literotica, and was delighted to find this blog. Your prose is both sharp, witty and deliciously kinky, though occasionally I find myself enjoying a post so much that your straight-to-the-point delivery occasionally leaves me frustrated there isn’t more story to go around.

    I also love that you’ve gone back to rewrite some of your older stories, as it forces me to rediscover them again. Never stop surprising us…

  2. E_E said

    I too have been reading your stories on Literotica. I thought you had stopped writing – discovering the link to your blog, and new stories, has been like a late christmas present. 🙂

    Please keep writing! Your stories are hot, kinky and filled with a delicious tension.

    • elsiewrites said

      Well, thank you!

  3. Nick C said

    I have to agree with the other comments: I read your work on Literotica and was delighted to find the link to this blog…

    Whilst it would be lovely to find a new post everytime I visit (which, I have to admit is every couple of days), the randomness of when you can add posts adds a thrill to visiting your blog…
    Long my your creative juices flow !

  4. km said

    I found you via your current piece on Clean Sheets. Bravo. Smut is good! We need more people out there talking about sex in an unfettered, fun, juicy way…

  5. griffo said

    After mourning the lack of new stuff on your Literotica place, now I find this site. Damn! There goes the weekend! Nothing else will get done until I get caught up on your delicious kinky (and well-written) stuff…

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