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In retrospect, getting an apartment together may have been a mistake. We were both really damn young, what did we know about cohabitating? It all more or less worked out in the end though.

Meg had plucked my virginity the summer before like a ripe, low hanging plum, and for a while anyway, I was deeply and strenuously in love with her.

It was hard for me to believe, but the sex had started to get a little boring. Just a bit. Meg liked to fuck, and she liked it a LOT, but that was about all she liked. She had no interest whatsoever in exploring or experimenting with all of the things I was so eager to try out.

We had fucked just that morning. I woke up hard, as I usually did. I reached over, slipping my hand inside Meg’s pajama bottoms, where I found her willing, ready, and very shortly sopping wet. The thrill and novelty of readily available sex had not yet started to wear off.

I tugged her bottoms down. Her pussy was a moist, blossoming flower with ripe, swollen lips, and the cutest little bud of a clitoris. I ached to slide my head down between her voluptuous pale thighs and eat her out until she cried, lick her pussy and clit until my face was covered in her slick juices, and she pulled my hair hard as she came. Meg had never let me go down on her. She said it made her feel too self-conscious.

I climbed atop her and slid my dick up her pussy. It was always amazing to me just how good it felt to be inside her: hot and wet and tight. We kissed, she humped back against my thrusting cock, and we found a rhythm, prolonging our pleasure.

We changed positions, with her on all fours in front of me. It was easier for her to come that way. I liked the way her tits hung down and swung around while we fucked; I loved seeing her ass right there, up close and personal. I always wanted to stick my finger up her tight little butthole, but that was strictly forbidden.

We were both really excited. She came first, crying out like a songbird, and that totally set me off. I shoved my cock in hard one last time, yelled out her name, and pumped her wet pussy full of my come. Then we both showered, got dressed, and started our day.

One of the problems was that neither one of us had a car. Meg took the bus to work, I walked. After work, Meg’s mom picked me up to take me to the supermarket so that I could pick up some groceries.

The back seat was jammed full of shopping bags: a week’s worth of food, and we were headed back to the apartment. Meg’s mom was wearing a comfortable-looking t-shirt that showed off her considerable bust, and a faded pair of blue jeans. “I’m so glad that you and Meg are together,” she told me. “You two make such a cute couple. …but don’t you think she’s a bit of a prude? I bet she doesn’t even suck that cock of yours.”

At this point I realized two things simultaneously: Meg’s mom’s hand was resting on my thigh; and I had an uncomfortable erection inside my pants. And it was true: after one abortive early attempt, Meg had never again put her mouth on my dick.

“You know,” she said, running her hand up and down my inseam, “I used to give pretty awesome head. Back in the day.”

We had pulled up in front of the apartment building. Meg’s mom killed the engine. My dick was doing its god-damnedest to bust through my zipper. This was deeply, deeply fucked up. If this lady hit any harder on me, I’d have bruises. She was my goddamn girlfriend’s mother, for fuck’s sake, and at least twice my age. But for all that, she was pretty decent looking, with all kind of interesting curves on her.

Whatever. I seemed to have lost any say in the matter as she unzipped my pants, freeing my cock, which sprung immediately to full attention, thrilled to be relieved of the confines of my trousers.

“Oooh,” she cooed, “That’s a beauty! Looks de-licious too!” And she dropped her head onto my lap, opened wide, and swallowed me whole.

We were parked right in front of our apartment complex. Cars were constantly driving by, people occasionally walking past on the sidewalk. Meg would be getting home any moment.

Meg’s mom wasn’t fucking around. She wasted no time at all on subtleties. She slurped my cock deep into her mouth, lavishing her tongue all over the shaft and trying to stuff me down her throat until she gagged and coughed. She looked up at me, grinned wickedly, and pulled the front of her t-shirt down, letting her big fat cantaloupe sized tits hang out. Then she went back to work.

Some girl with green hair and a stylish leather jacket walking by on the sidewalk tapped on the car window, flashing me a smile and a big thumbs-up. I waved weakly.

Meg’s mom had her lips wrapped around the bulbous head, sucking hard. Her hand was a blur on my wet shaft, pumping up and down for all she was worth. It didn’t take long. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or two before I was lifting my butt up out of the passenger seat, humping her mouth, squirting what felt like bucketloads of semen into Meg’s mom’s hungry, voracious mouth.

The girl who’d been watching through the window winked and stuck her tongue out salaciously before moving on, while I hurriedly got zipped up and Meg’s mom looked on just like a big, self-satisfied housecat.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that to you Kiddo!” she said. Meg’s bus pulled up a couple car-lengths behind us, and Meg stepped off the bus. “My turn next… what comes around goes around!” And she helped me and Meg carry the grocery bags into our place while my sticky dick still flopped wet and drooling inside my pants.

Two days later, Friday, I had to work late and ended up walking home in the dark. And it rained on me. When I got home, Meg gave me a big hug, despite the fact that I was soaking wet.  “My mom’s coming over,” she told me. “I ordered a pizza, and we’re going to watch a movie. Sorry I didn’t give you any heads-up.”

“No worries,” I said. “I like your mother.” –gulp—

“She should be here in about half an hour,” Meg said. “Do you wanna go for a quickie?”

“Sure!” I said, and Meg was already tugging off my wet things. She didn’t even bother getting undressed, just hiked up her skirt, bent over the sofa, and pulled her panties to one side.

I slid my dick straight up inside her wet pussy. “Mmmm,” she purred, “Fuck me hard, do it to me!”

And so I did, hard and fast. It was really sexy to be fucking Meg right through her panties, and she seemed really into it, making a lot of gasping and mewing noises, and humping back against me with each thrust while she fiddled with her clit. It was pretty hot, and it was in a way the closest we’d ever gotten to ‘kinky’. I came really quickly, shooting off inside Meg’s pussy just as she climaxed, and two seconds later, while my still firm dick was still nestled inside Meg’s juicy come-slick pussy, the doorbell rang.

I extracted myself and ducked into the bedroom to put on some dry clothes while Meg got the door.

The movie was good, I guess. I was pretty distracted, and had a hard time focusing. I was sandwiched on the couch in between Meg and her mother. Meg’s mom kept playing with my cock through my pants whenever Meg wasn’t looking, and it wasn’t long before I was hard all over again. I was a little afraid that Meg would notice the bulge in my pants and wonder what was up, but when her mom got up to use the bathroom, Meg whispered in my ear “I think it’s really sexy that your come is still inside me, and it’s getting my panties really wet.” She was blushing really hard. It was cute.

When the movie was over, Meg announced that she was going to take a shower. Meg’s mom said that she was going to have another beer before she left.

As soon as the bathroom door closed and we heard the water running, Meg’s mom lifted up her skirt and spread her legs. Her pussy was plump and hairy and sexy as all hell. “I hope you’re feeling hungry,” she said, “Because this kitty ain’t gonna lick itself!”

I got down on my knees between her legs and went right to it. Her taste was strong, almost overpowering at first, but I got used to it quickly. I slurped up and down her pussy, stimulating her prominent clit, and doing my damnedest to fuck her cunt with my tongue. She guided me with her hands on my head and made nice appreciative noises. It was my first time ever licking pussy, and I’m honestly not sure I did a very good job, but she made me feel like a champion cunninlingist.

“Play with my asshole,” she instructed me, “slip a finger up inside… yeah, just like that. Now finger fuck my pussy… mmmm… yeah, now lick my clit hard!”

I did just as I was instructed, and if she faked her orgasm, she did a damn convincing job of it! I felt like a million bucks, and my cock swelled up with pride.

“You have no idea,” she said as I came up for air, panting and soaked in her slick juices, “How badly I needed that. Now come fuck me. Quick, while she’s still in the shower.” She grabbed her ankles and lifted her feet up to her ears. Those yoga classes weren’t for nothing!

I slipped my cock inside her, amazed once again at how good it felt, how similar and yet totally different it was from fucking Meg. She wasn’t tight, but she was muscular down there, I could feel her pussy grasping at my cock, and she was very, very wet. It felt amazing on my dick.

The shower water turned off, and I froze, deep inside Meg’s mother’s cunt. A moment later we heard the sound of Meg’s hairdryer turning on.

“Why don’t you finish in my ass?” she said. “I bet Meg’s never let you do that… Where I got such a prudish kid, I’ll never know… I blame her father.”

I pulled my dick out of her slippery pussy. “I’ll be gentle,” I promised. She snorfed.

“Just fuck my ass Kiddo, come on!”

My wet cock slipped easily up her butt. The sensation was only marginally different from fucking a pussy, but the situation was so wild, so nasty, so crazy and erotic that I felt myself losing it almost immediately.

Meg’s mom was grinning wolfishly and rubbing her fat pink clit in slow, lazy circles. “Go on kid, fuck that ass hard, I want to feel you come inside me!”

The hairdryer turned off. I started pounding Meg’s mom’s ass hard and fast, abandoning any semblance of gentleness. “Oh yeah, that’s the shit”, she cooed, “go on, fill my asshole full of come, you hot little stud!”

I buried my cock deep inside her, biting my lips hard so as not to cry out loud as I came.

Meg’s mom took a long pull from her beer and belched loudly.

I got my pants up and zipped just as Meg came out of the bathroom. We said our goodnights and went to bed. I slept hard that night, and did not dream.

I was woken up the next morning by Meg playing with my dick. It was already hard, and she was running her forefinger up and down the length, smiling shyly. She was topless, and her breasts jiggled pleasantly as she moved.

“Horny much?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, blinking the sleep out of my eyes.

“Me too.” She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my shaft and started moving her hand more rapidly.

“You know how you always want to try different stuff, and I’m always too shy…?” Now Meg’s hand was moving up and down in an inescapable rhythm. I was lifting my ass up off the bed, matching her movements, straining toward her. “Well I’ve been thinking… what if we brought in someone else, someone older and more experienced, and you could try doing things with her while I watched? I think that would be sexy… Would you like that?”

“Yeah…!” I groaned, and came, splashing pearly-white semen all over my tummy and chest. Meg climbed on top of me, smearing my come all over her boobs, and we kissed for a long, long time.


















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