With a sigh, you go on past your dad’s study. You strip off your clothes and step into the familiar warmth of the shower. Your cock is already hard. You grasp it in one sudsy, slippery hand, thinking hazy thoughts about the girls at school and the warm, mysterious, fuzzy place between their legs. When the mother-of-pearl comes, your back arches in ecstasy, and you rise up on tiptoe, squirting milky white semen all over the shower stall. How can something that feels so good be so wrong?

The last traces of sin are washed down the drain, and you towel off and get dressed in plenty of time for your parents to get home.

You graduate from high school, and go on to college where you get a degree in civil engineering. You marry a nice girl who you suspect is smarter than you are. You lose your virginity on your wedding night, discovering that sex, while enjoyable, is nowhere near as much fun as you had anticipated.

Your wife bears you two children. You try for a third, but she miscarries several times. Your son does moderately well in life, and you are proud of him. Your daughter is a bit of a problem, disobedient and promiscuous, and ends up sold to the barachi.

You live a longish and perfectly ordinary life.



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  2. […] If you resist the temptation, click here. […]

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