Your parents always warned you that if you were a bad boy and didn’t do as you were told, they would sell you to the barachi someday. You never really believed them though.

Mom was at work, dad was at SETI. You had planned on taking a shower and violating the sanctity of your body’s temple under the warm, soapy water; but something caught your eye. Your dad had left the door to his study open a crack, and there on the desk was his VR rig.

You knew that it was a mortal sin for a boy to spill his mother-of-pearl; that was why you always did it in the shower, where your horny nastiness would leave no trace. But honestly, there is only so much a guy can do with one soapy hand, and the VR rig was right there for the taking. You should have plenty of time before any came home.

If you take the VR rig, click here.

If you resist the temptation, click here.

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