You leave the pink VR rig where it lays, and go upstairs to your bedroom, where you strip naked and turn on the shower. You ride the showerhead to a very satisfying orgasm, thinking deliciously slutty things about naked boys and the mysterious things they have between their legs. When you are all done, you towel off and get dressed, just in time to welcome your parents home from their meeting.

You graduate from high school, and start college, but never finish. You marry a nice man named Daveed who takes your virginity on your wedding night. It is neither as painful as you were afraid, nor as exciting as you hoped. You end up having two kids, a boy and a girl. You try for a third, but the pregnancies keep ending in miscarriage.

Your son is moderately successful and makes you proud. Your daughter is a bit of a problem, rebellious and promiscuous, and ends up sold to the barachi.

You live a long, fairly healthy, and unremarkable life.


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