Your parents always warned you that if you were a bad girl and misbehaved, they’d sell you to the barachi. You never really believed them though.

You knew it was bad, beyond bad, but it was so damn tempting… your mom had left her VR rig just sitting right there in her sewing room. The helmet was pink, the corresponding prong was soft-skinned, matching pink, with interesting ridges and a slight upward curve. It looked like it would be just exactly the right side for your horny little kitty.

And your kitty WAS horny. Your parents had gone to the neighborhood SETI committee meeting, leaving you to your own devices. Usually your own devices would have been a nice hot bath and the affections of your own four fingers, or possibly the shower head just for variety’s sake. Both options worked perfectly nicely, but frankly just lately they had both been getting a tiny little bit… boring. Your mom’s pink and sparkly VR rig would spice things up quite nicely!

You knew that a girl’s hymen (if not her actual virginity) was the most precious thing she owned, and that she should protect it at all costs. But you were pretty sure you could use that thing without damaging your precious maidenhead.


If you take the VR rig, click here.

If you resist temptation, click here.


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  2. I do feel like that when I got my mum is vibrator and put it inside me it really went hard inside and as my brother saw me you come over to help me out started putting fingers inside me and it got me excited and I think I can’t because his fingers all wet and he had a hard-on and it wanted me to touch it and play with it for him so I could make him come all over my breasts and my nipples

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