Another Radar Lover Gone

It is a solid three hour drive, and I have to stop halfway there at a rest area and pee. I brush my teeth in the parking lot, not wanting to greet you with coffee breath.

The building is five stories tall, and briskly generic, all steel and glass on the exterior. I am highly conscious of the erection bulging out the front of my pants as I tell the receptionist that you are expecting me. She makes a quick phone call, smiles (lewdly? suggestively? just professionally polite? I can never tell.), and tells me to go on up. “Her office is on the fourth floor, in the corner.”


I step out of the elevator, momentarily disoriented. A pretty young woman (an intern?) who is sexy in a plump sort of way, pear shaped body, small breasts and a nice soft and shapely ass, directs me. My cock strains against the front of my trousers. The girl smiles sweetly and heads away, her large butt wiggling prettily in black slacks.


The door to your office is ajar. I tap softly. “Come on in,” you say without looking up from your laptop, “You can close the door behind you.”


You are wearing a floral dress, explosions of tropical flowers on a black field. You have a purple cami on underneath, and a pretty crystal necklace around your neck. Your cleavage peeks saucily out. You weren’t fooling, you really are busty! Another time I will devote more attention to your breasts. There isn’t time today.


“It’s twenty minutes after ten,” you say, closing your laptop. “I have a meeting at ten thirty.”


You stand up, and we kiss. Your lips are soft, you taste a little like peaches. Your breasts feel nice pressed up against my chest. My erection strains out toward your crotch. You rub yourself against my hardness. I guess it feels pretty good to you too.


You squeeze my dick through the front of my pants. “We don’t have a lot of time,” you whisper. You sit back down in your black chair, pushing away from the desk and swiveling to face the window. The parking lot is spread out before us, tasteful little trees and Priuses and the odd Vespa scooter or Tesla parked there, every color of the rainbow. I see my own car, parked away in one corner like an odd sock.


Your legs part and you lift up your dress, gathering it up around your waist. “I want to see your cock,” you say, smirking broadly. “I want to see just how hard you really are.” I oblige, unbuttoning my pants and shimming down my underwear, setting my erection free. It bobs and wiggles, eager to please, like a puppy who has been let out of its box.


You lean back in your chair and I get down on all fours, pants crumpled around my ankles, cock and balls hanging out as I crawl in between your knees. You are wearing lavender panties, prim and pretty. I can feel the heat radiating from your crotch.


I pull your panties to one side, revealing your pussy. You are clearly excited, wet and puffy. I stick out my tongue, tracing the outside of your sex, the long soft seam of your pussy. Your lips pout open and you sigh softly. You taste good: clean and sexy. I lap again, dragging my tongue up and down your labia, conscientiously avoiding your pink clit.


Your hand in in my hair, pressing my closer. “Don’t tease,” you say, “We don’t have time for that crap.”


I lick more aggressively, exploring your asshole, circling your clit. You grind back against my tongue, smearing your wetness all over my face. My finger finds your anus, another finger slides up inside your pussy, finding you hot and tight and slick.


“God I want you to fuck my cunt!” you groan, humping back against me.


“Not this time,” I say from between your pale thighs, “Next time thought.”


Two fingers in your pussy, one in your asshole, my tongue slithering all over your clitoris, you come, squeezing my head hard, gasping and moaning, growling like an animal. When you are finally done shaking, I come up for air. My cock stands straight up, harder than I can remember it being before. Clear, sticky pre-come leaks from the purple head, a long strand that connects to my thigh. My face is slick with your wetness.


“Suck me,” I say, “Please.” It is less a request than a command. You open your mouth and swallow my cock.


Your tongue slathers around my glans, driving me wild. Your hand strokes my shaft, fondles my balls. I can feel the orgasm building up inside me. I am aware of the phone ringing on your desk, but we both ignore it. I start humping your mouth, and you match my rhythm, dragging your tongue along the underside of my cock, making little gurgling noises as you suck. Your lips look gorgeous wrapped around my girth.


One finger finds my asshole and slips inside. This is just enough to set me off. I bite down hard on my lower lip as my balls twitch and clench, and I pump what seems like gallon after gallon of semen into your hungry mouth. You swallow every last drop, and my soft wet cock falls out of your mouth with a pop.


The time is 10:35. Someone knocks on your door. I hastily pull my pants up, and you straighten up your dress. The pretty plump girl sticks her head through the door, “We’re all in the conference room, are you ready to start?”


You squeeze my ass on the way out. The pretty girl in the black slacks winks at me and sticks out her tongue like a lizard. Or maybe I just imagine it.


My cock is wet, my balls fat and loose inside my pants. I am feeling lightheaded and goofy, slightly drunk on your sex. As I leave through the lobby, I can feel the receptionist’s eyes on me.What does she know, what does she guess? It gives me pleasure to know that upstairs, in the conference room meeting, your lavender panties are soaked through and through.


The drive back is long and dull, and by the time I get home, my cock is hard all over again. Next time. Next time I am going to fuck your pussy, fuck you deep and hard, and feel you come on my cock. Next time.




  1. Anon said

    Welcome back

  2. David Wright said

    God, i love your writing. You make sex sing (or some such metaphor – I’m drunk on your words). I’m so happy you’re writing (again?).

    • elsiewrites said

      Never stopped writing; the difference is that maybe I’m finishing things again. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. zattazsis said

    Welcome back. Intense and playful as ever. Missed you.

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