It’s Never That Simple

I’d told my wife I’d be out working on my sunburn. She was already sitting in front of the computer, plugging away at her novel. I went down to the beach.

I was sitting on my beach chair under a very large and very ugly umbrella, hiding behind a cheap pair of dark sunglasses, pretending to read Dostoyevsky. In actuality, I was looking at all the pretty girls go by, mentally undressing and molesting them. Some were in bikinis, some in one-piece suits, some in shorts and tees. My dick was lazily half-hard in my swim trunks. I love the female body in all its iterations: the fat and the skinny ones, the wives and mommies who are my age, the college chicks half as old as me, and their saucy and giggling younger sisters too. I’m going to hell, I know it, but I’d fuck them all, each and every one, young and old, in the pussy and up the ass.

Two girls were coming toward me, sashaying along the scandalously young end of the spectrum. I studied them from behind the safety of my shades. They were both wearing shorts and t-shirts. One girl was tall and winsome, like a sapling willow, with dirty shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and the smallest hint of breasts under her camisole. The girl walking beside her was short and curvy, chunky even, with a cheerful freckled round face, an up-turned button nose, short dark hair, cut-off denim shorts, and big round boobs that bounced pleasantly under her shirt as she walked. She was holding a large blue Slurpee, and when her pretty lips wrapped around that straw for a sip, I died a small death.

I studied them carefully as they approached, as secure behind my sunglasses as an arc welder behind his mask. There was something funky about the way the shorter girl walked. Finally, I figured it out. Her legs ended at the knee. From there on down, she was walking on dull, metallic gun-metal grey carbon-and-titanium prosthetics, terminating in black high-top sneakers. Were her legs amputated? Was she born that way?

Suddenly, the girls were right in front of me, almost close enough to reach out and touch. What was going on? I wondered if they had felt the intensity of my gaze. I blushed behind my glasses. I couldn’t decide if it was worse that I was staring at the short girl’s prosthetic legs, or at her tits. They stopped directly in front of me, and my heart pounded. My thoughts were most definitely impure.

I wondered what their pussies looked like: did they shave, were they trimmed, did they have bald little snatches? The tall one, I guessed, had a neat little landing strip; her shorter friend would be the natural type. Pouty, hidden lips; or proud pink labia that peeked out? They both had really cute tits. Fuck, I was getting hard. They stood just in front of my beach towel, the skinny girl’s toes curling in the sand. The chunky girl with the mechanical legs looked impatient.

She nudged her taller, skinnier friend. “Um,” Skinny Girl said, “Excuse me. I was wondering… do you think we could borrow twenty dollars?”

“Pardon me?” I set my book down in the sand, losing my imaginary place.

Artificial Legs nudged her again and Skinny seemed to get a little bolder. “Could we, like, you know, borrow twenty bucks from you?” She sounded like a spoiled little brat asking Daddy for an advance on her allowance. Christ, just how old were these girls? Or, more to the point, how young?

“We’ll make it worth your while,” Shorty chimed in. “C’mon Jessy, show him your boobs.”

Skinny Girl Jessy froze. She stood up straight and glanced quickly side to side. The tips of her ears glowed fiery red. “Catherine–”

Short Girl Catharine elbowed her hard, hard enough to leave a bruise. “Don’t use my real name!” she hissed. “Just show him your fucking tits.”

Jessy sighed dramatically. The blush had spread from the tips of her ears down to her angelic cheeks. She wriggled out of her t-shirt. She was wearing a little purple bikini top underneath. Shyly, she lifted up one cup, exposing the boob beneath.

It was perfect, the kind of breast that might have been Photoshopped up by the editors of some sleazy website devoted to beautiful, airbrushed, flat-chested teenage girls. It was pale and flawless, barely a speedbump, with a tiny little nipple, stiff and erect, like a luscious little candy, right in the center.

I saw it for a second, and then it was gone, hidden behind the soft and silky fabric of Jessy’s swimsuit.

“Pfft!” Catharine scoffed. “He’s not going to give you twenty dollars for that. Now here’s a pair of twenty-dollar tits!”

She lifted up her own shirt, clenching it between her teeth, revealing a pink and frilly bra. Both hands gripped the cups of her brassiere, and her breasts tumbled out: huge and soft and jiggly, with large, crinkled brown areolae and thick, stiff nipples that poked out like pencil erasers.

Catherine let me ogle her boobs for a long moment before stuffing them back into their restraints. My dick was now standing straight up inside my aqua-blue swim shorts.

“Well Jess,” Catharine sniggered, “It looks like we have his attention. Maybe you’d like a look at her purdy little pussy. That should be worth twenty bucks.”

Jessy unbuttoned her cut-off shorts and shimmied them slightly down. She was wearing a skimpy purple bikini bottom underneath. She hooked a thumb in the front of them, and leaned forward, offering me a glimpse of what lay inside: an large unruly patch of soft and fluffy light-brown hair.

“Pretty nice, huh?” Catharine stuck out her tongue at me. “You should taste it… delicious!” She unbuttoned her own jeans. “I’m not wearing a bathing suit.” She opened up her fly to give me a peek. I saw fleshy, puffy, baby-bare labia coming together in a pouting hairless crease. “I’m going skinny dipping later on.” She smiled wryly. “Or chubby-dipping.”

Catharine brushed the backs of her fingers against the erection that was straining to burst out of my swim trunks. It felt like she was jangling a jackhammer directly on my nerves endings. I clenched my ass as my dick jumped like an over-excited Labrador puppy about to go for a walk.

Jessy stood in front of me, and I let my eyes slowly traverse her body. Her navel was a tiny dent, a crater-like button in the midst of her otherwise flat stomach. I imagined my cock slamming into her, sliding in and out of her juicy, tight pussy, coated in her young juices. I imagined myself pulling out at the penultimate moment and squirting all over her, filling that belly button up with semen even as her own orgasm rocked through her tender, lithe body. It was a pretty nice image.

“OK then,” Catharine said to me with an air of finality. “Let’s see the goods.”

Suddenly I knew exactly where this was going. As soon as I was naked, I was vulnerable. My trunks would come off, and the girls would snatch my swimsuit out of my hand and run away squealing and giggling and pointing, leaving me with a waggling flagpole of a boner in the middle of a public beach. The police might or might not be summoned. Either way, it would not end well.

I looked around. There were probably a couple of hundred people in this section of beach, but no-one seemed to be looking at a sallow-faced, middle-aged white dude sitting under an umbrella talking to a couple of teenage girls. I shrugged and pulled my swim trunks down and off, exposing my privates to the unfamiliar sensation of direct sunlight.

“Ver-r-rey nice,” Catharine cooed. Jessy smiled and bit her lip. “That’s the nicest one we’ve seen in a long time. Sizeable, but not too enormous. I’d go so far as to call it perfect. And look at those balls! They’re so cute!”

I wasn’t sure what I thought of my nuts being referred to as ‘cute’, but I didn’t say anything.

“Jessy may not be very good at sucking cock,” Catharine went on matter-of-factly, “but I bet she could give you twenty dollars worth of blowjob. Whaddya say?”

Well, what was I going to say? Catharine didn’t wait for an answer. She turned to Jessy. “Whatcha waitin’ for, sis? Get down on your knees and start sucking his dick. And pull your top down, bitch. You look cute like that.”

Jessy glanced around and apparently came to the same conclusion that I had: nobody was paying any special attention to us. She slithered her bikini top down around her midsection, exposing her pale, barely existent breasts, and got down on her knees on the sand in front of my chair. I could feel her hot breath on my cock as she knelt down in front of me. The she opened up her mouth and took the plunge.

My wife doesn’t hold with oral sex, so it had been a long, long time since I’d gotten a real blowjob. This girl was beautiful, and the sight of her dirty blonde hair cascading down, her naked breasts and shoulders, and her pretty lips and delicate tongue on my meat was plenty of stimulation. The warm wetness of her mouth was exquisite. But Catharine was right. Jessy wasn’t very good at giving head. My sense was that she was just deeply inexperienced. She couldn’t find a rhythm. She kept getting distracted. Her teeth got in the way. Worst of all, she kept popping up and looking to Catharine and me for approval. It felt amazing, but every time I started to get really worked up, she lost it. It was a kind of delirious torture, and I loved every second of it.

I moaned out loud and Catharine grinned. “Aren’t you afraid someone will hear?” Between the seagulls and the surf and the yammering kids, I didn’t think that was anything we had to worry about. I wasn’t going to worry about it anyhow.

While Jessy kept on gloriously bungling the blowjob, Catharine slid her hand down the front of her own shorts and waggled her eyebrows at me salaciously. I imagined her lying flat on her back on the sand, shorts discarded, tits hanging out. I imagine licking her bald pussy, her artificial legs wrapped around the back of my head. Servo motors whine, pulling me into her like some sex-crazed terminator. I suck desperately at her clit and slide my fingers up her pussy and asshole. She is sopping wet, and when she comes, she squirts all over my face.

Catharine finally pulled her hand out of her pants, her middle finger shiny and slick. Grinning evilly, she wormed her hand down the back of Jessy’s shorts, which solicited a grunt.

“Jess likes it when I play with her asshole,” Catharine said. “Well, that’s not exactly true,” she corrected herself. “I like it. I’ve never asked her. But her cunt sure is wet.”

This went on for a brief eternity; Jessy ineptly sucking me while Catharine molested her from behind. How long could this torment/bliss go on? Much more and I was going to lose my mind; more to the point, somebody was bound to notice the action under my umbrella.

Catharine suddenly stood up straight, extracting her hand Jessy’s shorts. She wafted her finger under my nose. The scent was intoxicating.

I took the opportunity to look around, and sure enough, a heavyset woman in a black one-piece swimsuit with a big floppy hat was lying on her side gazing raptly in our direction while her kids built messy sandcastles. She smiled. One hand was captured between her thick, fleshy thighs.

Catharine gripped Jessy by the forehead. She mashed the back of Jessy’s head hard against her own denim-covered crotch, grinding up and down like a scrub-brush. This had the effect of forcing Jessy’s head down on my dick, jamming my cock halfway down her throat. She choked, coughed, and gagged, but stayed with me. I felt myself slipping over the edge.

I’m pretty sure Jessy couldn’t breathe at all; she was kind of convulsing, and the red marks her fingers left on my thighs lingered for weeks. Her tiny tits jiggled adorably; her throat made gurgling, gargling noises.

“Fuck her mouth,” Catharine growled huskily, and I complied, humping away at Jessy’s throat.

Catharine bore down hard on the back of Jessy’s head, masturbating herself with a vengeance, reveling in the friction. This had the effect of forcing Jessy’s mouth all the way down my erection. Jessy’s face was pressed hard against my pubes, her slobber was running down my balls. She choked and convulsed. Her spasms were just enough to set me off, and through the blissful haze of my orgasm, I was aware of Catharine coming, eyes screwed shut and grunting like a bull.

My own orgasm seemed to last forever. It felt like I had just shot off more semen than I ever had before in my life, gallons and gallons of the white sticky stuff. I never saw a drop though; Jessy swallowed it all.

Catharine released her, and my wet dick slipped out of her wide-open mouth as she collapsed, gasping into the sand. The first thing she did after she’d taken a breath was wiggle her bikini top up, covering her exposed little breasts. I was in no condition to practice any such modesty; I sat there naked in my  beach chair, bedazzled and bemused, my soft wet dick hanging out there for anyone passing my to see.

Catharine adjusted her shorts, pulling them out of her crack, gave one fat tit a playful squeeze and winked at me. She then picked up her big blue Slurpee from where she had set it in the sand, and proceeded to pour the liquid contents down the back of Jessy’s pants. Jessy squealed in a way that didn’t sound especially distressed.

“I’ll be licking all that up later on,” Catharine said over her shoulder to me. She gave Jessy, who was still coughing and rasping, a hand up. Jessy’s bottom was distinctly wet, and a large blue stain was spreading down the backs of her thighs. Catharine’s mechanical legs clicked softly but audibly as the two walked hand-in-hand away from me down the beach and out of sight. I hastily pulled up my shorts before anyone could come over and investigate. My heavyset neighbor in the big floppy hat under the next umbrella over grinned and licked one finger seductively.

The first thing I did was check my wallet, which astonishingly was still where I had left it, next to my beach chair. I looked inside, and all my credit cards were present and accounted for, as well as the two hundred bucks I had taken out of the ATM that morning.

I hoisted my book, flipped to a random page, and pretended to read. My curvaceous friend in the black one-piece and hat was strolling casually over, her kids safely occupied playing dump trucks and front-end loaders in the sand. No doubt she was about to ask me the same question I was currently asking myself:

“What the hell just happened?’



  1. advizor54 said

    So, did they ever get the $20 the needed?

    Great story, and I’m glad you didn’t finish it with, “And then he woke up.” I do want to see what happens next with his curvaceous new friend….

  2. cliffmichaels said

    O’Conner would be proud

  3. Deedub said

    My god, you are a hot writer. You make my want to run home and fuck my wife until the neighbors call the police nuisance line.

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