Two Ships at Night on a Dark and Restless Sea

I wake up with a start, suddenly shockingly, lucidly conscious. I’d been having a disturbing dream that I don’t quite remember now, but which lingers on the edge of my memory like an unpleasant taste. I look over at the glowing red digits of our alarm clock. It is 2:22 a.m.

What woke me up? I have no idea. Certainly not Dennis, my husband. He is lying next to me. I can hear him quietly breathing.

The bed is shaking, trembling oh so softly. It takes me a moment to figure out what just what is going on. Dennis is jerking off, right there beside me in our bed. He has the sheet flipped back, so that his cock is exposed to the darkness of the night, and he is slowly, softly masturbating.

I almost reached over and grabbed his dick from him, finished the job myself. Maybe I should have. But I didn’t.

I wish I could tell you how long it’s been, but I can’t. Dennis and I get it on once ever couple, three months. It usually seems adequate. We’ve been together twenty years now, nearly ten of those years married. I guess I always assumed that he jerks off from time to time, but the reality of it stabs me in the gut.

I think back to Kristov, my very first. I was in my mid-teens, too smart for my own good, and horny beyond description. Kristov was my tennis instructor, and if my mom ever found out, even today, it would kill her. He was ten, fifteen years my senior, easy. He should have known better. He did know better. I blatantly seduced him.

We’d been flirting all the way through the lesson. Kristov seemed to be flirting back There was a lump in the front of his white tennis shorts that hadn’t been there earlier. I was gratified to see that my newly minted powers of seduction were working. I stuck my hand down his shorts and told him I wanted him to fuck me cross-eyed. The poor guy didn’t know what to say. But his dick answered loud and clear.

With that established, we progressed rapidly through tongue-kissing and dry-humping to the art of furtive handjobs and finger-banging (a joy in and of itself!); with a brief pause for refreshment; and then straight to the main event, which occurred in the passenger seat of his little black Miata on the bottom floor of a parking garage. The ambience wasn’t what I’d call exactly romantic, and his sports car was only slightly more cramped than a Soyuz capsule.

I thought his dick looked beautiful, crowned with an explosion of blonde pubic hair, and I wanted it inside me, like yesterday. He didn’t want to wear a condom, but I insisted. I was horny, not stupid. He had some in the glove compartment. By this point I was beyond excited; my pussy was quite literally drooling, leaving slime trails all over his black leather bucket seat. Safely wrapped, he climbed on top and kissed me some more and played with my tits a little before skewering my cunt. I won’t say it didn’t hurt when he penetrated me, but I didn’t really mind. I’d expected it. And once he was well inside and thrusting, I knew that I’d hit jackpot.

I wrapped my legs around his white little butt, kicking the rearview mirror right off the windshield, grabbed the headrest with both hands, and screamed like a howler monkey. He shot off inside me about two seconds later, his cock pulsating and spasming like a dying animal, thrusting like mad and filling the condom to overflowing with his hot semen.

In retrospect, I know that Kristov had a fairly small penis. Not that I’m complaining; on the contrary, for my purposes it was perfect. I couldn’t get enough of it either. He taught me to suck it for him. He was uncircumcised, which was kind of exotic, though I didn’t know it at the time. He was no mini, but definitely on the petite size. It fit inside me perfectly. Possibly a little too perfectly. I could feel myself starting to get addicted.

Kristov fucked me three times, and each time was a little better than the time before. He lasted a little longer each time; the last time he did it to me, I even had an orgasm on him.

I broke it off after that. Quit tennis, never played again. I was in danger of falling in love with Kristov and his scandalous dick, and I wanted to nip it in the bud. I hope I didn’t do him any damage. All in all, he was a pretty good guy.

Next to me in bed, Dennis’ rhythm has changed. He is doing it a little faster, a little more insistently now. I wish I could see, but I can barely make out his profile in the darkness, and I don’t want to move and let him know I am awake.

I don’t know why it should bother me that he is masturbating now, in our dark bedroom, but it does. I could never get enough. Even back in the day, when me and Dennis were crazy about each other and screwing like weasels, I used to whack off behind his back, look at pornography, fantasize about fucking different guys, teasing and flirting and generally pushing my luck.

Oh, I’ve strayed a couple times. I even paid for it once. Yes I did. It wasn’t so long ago, last summer. Our regular receptionist called in sick (Hung-over, most likely. Ricky was a pale and anorexic-looking tight-jeaned young raver. Not my type at all. And yes, I would probably fuck him given half a chance.) The temp that they sent over was exactly my cup of tea though. He looked just like Teddy Ruxpin. He might have been twenty-one. He was a little chunky; he had curly brown hair and hairy forearms and a bit of a belly, and the biggest, most adorable brown eyes.

I flirted with him shamelessly all morning, and he seemed to be flirting back. I am well aware that I am no supermodel, especially since I’ve gained some weight, so as he responded to my playful innuendo, I just got bolder and bolder.

I sat down on the counter next to his swivel chair. “What are you having for lunch?” I asked. If he looked, he could see straight up my shirt, black panties framed by fat white thighs.

“I brought a sandwich,” he said, holding up a paper bag as evidence. “What are you going to eat?”

“For a nickel,” I informed him, licking my lips lasciviously, “I’d eat you.”

He turned bright tomato red. “I have a girlfriend,” he sputtered. I don’t think he would have said that if I was skinny.

“Doesn’t bother me,” I said. My panties were distinctly moist, my hands trembling. “I’ll give you sixty bucks, but you have to go down on me first.”

“For real?”

“For real.”

I gave him three twenties, and we retreated to my boss’ office. Sharon was out for a lunch meeting, and I knew she wouldn’t be back until after three. We did it right there on her desk. I’ve never told her, but I’m pretty sure she would approve.

I peeled off my panties and sat back, and he went to town. God, he was good! His girlfriend was one lucky gal. Dennis eats pussy too, but not like that! His tongue was busy, restless, dancing up and down my slit, darting here and there, circling my clit and then moving on, teasing me mercilessly, intentionally or not. It was sweet, sweet torture. I was wet like Lake Michigan. When I finally did come, I pretty much suffocated him between my thighs. Not one word of complaint though.

As much as I enjoyed him going down on me, I relished sucking his dick even more. It had been ages since I had sucked a cock—Dennis and I usually just skip straight to the main act—and I relished it. I relished every inch of it. He was pretty hung; nice and thick, slightly bent, hairy and circumcised. I would have happily taken it in my pussy, climbed on board and ridden him, bouncing up and down until he filled my pussy with his juice, girlfriend be damned. But I restrained myself. I sucked him like a gobstopper. The head got more and more purple and swollen the more I licked. He tasted delicious. I love the taste of man, sweaty and clean. I loved playing with his fat balls. He squealed out loud when I stuck a wet finger up his asshole. I think he may have been a virgin to that. I kept my finger lodged up there while I jerked him off, my lips wrapped tightly around his over-inflated glans, and shortly thereafter he came in my mouth, grunting like a bear and pumping out what seemed like about a gallon and a half of sticky, salty semen. I was pretty much in heaven. I swallowed every drop and licked his wilting member clean before gently extracting my finger, a process that made him giggle.

“I’d have done it for free,” he said.

“Yeah, but this way you made sixty bucks,” I told him. “Take your girlfriend out to dinner.”

She’s a lucky girl. I kind of wish I had fucked him.

There is this girl at the gym I am dying to fuck. I don’t even know her name. We have roughly the same workout schedule. I’ve been watching her get undressed, shower, and put on her street clothes for the last couple months. I’m pretty sure she knows I’ve been watching too. She always picks a locker close by mine, and she has dropped all pretensions of modesty with her towel.

She has short hair, black with a blue streak. She’s probably half my age. She shaves her pussy, the way all the kids do these days, I guess. She has these enormous, round boobs that I am absolutely dying to touch. And to suck on. And I don’t even like big tits!

This girl has the sexiest ass ever. I would love to fuck her little asshole. I wonder if she likes it that way. Dennis used to butt-fuck me from time to time. He was always a little hesitant, like he wasn’t sure I was really into it. I’m not sure when we stopped doing that. It always made me come. It feels so intimate! There is nothing like coming with a cock in your ass, your clit bulging out and on fire, your pussy drooling and grasping at air while your man abandons restraint, thrusting deep inside you, fucking your harder, pummeling and brutalizing your wide-stretched anus.

I’d love to fuck her that way. I’d take her right there in the locker room. Bend her over the bench and lick her from clit to asshole and back again, making her pretty little pussy all wet and wide open, sticking my tongue in her ass until she is positively begging for it. I’d start with one finger, wet with my own pussy juice, work it gently inside. Damn, she’d be tight! The sound of her moaning would change, get softer and more intense. I’d keep my tongue busy, kissing and licking her backside while I worked my finger deeper into her anus. I’d add a second finger, and she’d growl with pleasure, humping back up against me. My other hand would find her clitoris, her tiny, needy button, and I’d pet it, just barely stroking, drawing little circles, while I sodomized her deeper and deeper. And then she’d come, her whole body flailing and bucking and twisting, while my invading fingers stretched her to her absolute limit.

She’d kiss me shyly, and get dressed and leave, leaving me there to masturbate shamelessly right there in the showers, where just anyone could walk in and see.

Next to me, Dennis’ hand is moving faster and faster. The bed is making tiny squeaking noises now, like a hamster wheel. Suddenly he freezes. His hand stops and his whole body goes rigid, and I know he is coming. I hold perfectly still, waiting for his breathing to resume.

He gropes by the side of the bed for a dirty sock to wipe up with. What is it with guys and dirty socks? Maybe I should reach over, dip my finger in the puddle spread it around his belly before bringing my wet finger to my lips and tasting his salty essence. I could lick him clean, kiss him on the lips, whisper in his ear that I still love him.

It is 2:26 in the morning. My pussy is drenched. My clit is hard and erect, throbbing urgently with every heartbeat. I am making a little wet spot on our clean sheets. I can hear Dennis breathing again, the slower, deeper sound of sleep. I wonder what it would feel like to be divorced.



  1. […] Two Ships at Night on a Dark and Restless Sea […]

    • cliffmichaels said

      Good porn – better story

      • elsiewrites said

        Thank you! I really appreciate the comments and ‘likes’.

  2. Weird said

    i agree with cliff – about the story. she could have reached over there and taken over the handjob. she didn’t, and now is thinking about divorce. how many women will there be, tonight, lying beside someone who is almost a stranger to them? how many women will there be tonight emotionally alone in a bed they share with someone they used to be close to?

  3. advizor54 said

    And how many men are in his position? Forced to jerk off in secret to prevent running off with another woman just for sex, but defeated after years of rejection and criticism for being a pervert just for asking about doggy style or wanting sex more than once a month. It’s a great story because it is built on a real conflict, his and hers. And it’s hot, so that’s good too. 🙂

    I’m glad I saw your story today, I was looking at my WordPress list and you had dropped down far too low. It’s good to have you on top again.

  4. Mike said

    Certainly your most convincingly realistic story so far…I like it better than the more fantastical plots you been trying our recently.

  5. Caramella said

    I found this story very sad. Two horny adults who should be able to communicate with each other, but can’t. But hey – at least it pays off for us!

    Welcome back 🙂

  6. mfxp said

    wow, there’s lots of good stuff there.

  7. icam said

    got me off,
    glad you’re still out there 🙂

  8. David said

    Great writing. Powerful, erotic and such sadness. It reads honest and true. Wow, I’m hooked on Elsie.

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