Three For Cassandra


The devil is in the details. You like the general idea, but we spend a lot of time negotiating the nitty-gritty. Just talking about it over the phone, and back and forth in emails and texts makes us both squirmy, restless, and hot. The anticipation builds and builds.

You come over to the house early in the morning, pink and eager and freshly showered. You ring the doorbell right on time, and my dick twitches and swells inside my pants. Out of sheer perversity, I let you wait a while on the doorstep. Five minutes, ten minutes click by with excruciating deliberateness. Time has slowed down to dentist office speed. When I do let you in, you smother me in a big, warm hug. Your body feels nice pressed up against mine. My cock is already hard. I have made you a big, hot breakfast. We eat, and then we make out for a while, lolling together on the couch like a pair of spoons, my erection pressed up against the cleft of your ass while I squeeze and fondle your breasts and we kiss. Then you get undressed, and I lead you downstairs.

It is dark and cool in the basement. The cement floor is gritty and a little moist. I fasten a leather dog collar around your throat, secure it with a padlock to a length of chain attached to the plumbing. There is a bowl of water for you to drink from, and a few granola bars. I kiss you once more, hard this time, biting your lip until I draw blood, and pinching and twisting your nipple, making you cry out. Then I switch off the light and leave you down there.

There is work for me to do, calls to make, open projects clamoring for my attention on the computer. My dick stays obnoxiously hard between my legs as I try to concentrate. Knowing that you are down there waiting for me is a powerful aphrodisiac. I feel your pull like a magnet.

When I can’t stand the wait anymore, I set work aside and make the trip down the stairs. You are lying down on the cement floor. Maybe you were asleep. I pull your lead, forcing you up onto your knees. I take out my cock and feed it to you, savoring the feeling of your mouth on my dick. You are an eager fellator.  You use your tongue and your lips and your hands on my erection, my balls, my asshole. You are good. The pleasure is almost too much for me. Before you push me past that event horizon, before I slip past the point of no return, I wrench myself away, leaving you there, gasping and panting. Upstairs, my dick is now constantly hard, a heavy ingot between my legs. I keep thinking of you down in the cellar waiting for me. I am not very productive.

From time to time during the day, I come down and let you suck my dick. Sometimes I shove it into your mouth, cramming it down your throat, grabbing a fistful of hair and fucking your face. Other times I torment you with it, holding it just out of reach so that the collar chokes you, and every muscle strains as you stick out your tongue, trying to lick the red, swollen head.

My friend Bryan comes over for lunch, and I tell him I’ve got something to show him downstairs. We go down to the basement, and I watch while you suck his dick. You look really sexy like that, with your lips wrapped earnestly around his cock, his balls rubbing against your chin, your breasts swaying and jiggling as your mouth goes up and down on him. I join in, and you try to swallow us both at once. It feels weird to have my cock rubbing up against his inside your mouth. I realize that I have never touched another man’s dick before, and now I am. You use both hands on our cocks, massaging our dicks while you slather your tongue across both of the swollen heads. You take my hand, place it on his shaft; and his hand on mine. We jerk each other off while you suck us both. Suddenly, I am kissing him. If he is surprised, he doesn’t show it. It is weird to kiss a guy: his lips feel hard and rough, his stubble is scratchy.  It feels strange to hold another guy’s cock in my hand. Now Bryan is kissing me back, our hands pumping hard and fast on each other’s cocks while you struggle to keep both the heads between your lips. I feel him shoot off into your mouth, and that is what sets me off. We spurt into your hungry mouth like a pair of roman candles. You lick our dicks clean as they slowly wilt and diminish. Afterward, Bryan seems embarrassed by what happened. I offer him a beer, but he makes an excuse and leaves.

During the afternoon, you suck my dick some more. I play with your pussy, choking you with one hand while I run my fingers roughly up and down your slit. I’m not going to fuck you this time, though I want to and you want me to. You are shockingly wet. I slip a finger into your asshole, and you yelp. I let you masturbate while I jerk off into your open mouth.

I unlock you, and bring you upstairs where you shower and get dressed. Then I treat you to a big, beautiful dinner with flowers and a nice twenty-dollar wine. We sit outside together and look at the stars. You tell me this might be the start of a beautiful friendship.


You are still kneeling when I get home, which is good, because I know you don’t want to spend another night in the box. You are just where I left you, dead center in the middle of the living room, down on your knees, back straight; arms trussed up and bound behind your back.

The girl I brought home is young, skinny, pretty, and a little drunk. She giggles too loudly when she sees you. You hate her already. I can see it in your eyes, glinting through your glasses.

We make out for a while on the couch, right in front of you. She is a sloppy kisser, and over-eager to get my cock out. I get her top off, toss her bra aside. She has a pretty cute set of tits, the nipples hard and pink, pointing up and out.

She sucks my dick a little bit. She isn’t very good at it. She tries to swallow it whole, but gags and chokes. She bobs her head up and down, and uses her hand, but can’t find a good rhythm. She licks it like an ice cream cone, which is kind of sweet, but mostly frustrating.

I get annoyed and have her stand up and pull her skirt up and her panties down. I have her stand in front of you, and I tell you to lick her pussy. You don’t want to do it, but you do it anyway, sticking out your tongue and dragging it up her pouting, waxed, puffy-lipped slit. She grins, and giggles too loudly again.

I fuck her. I can feel your eyes on us every second of it. Her pussy feels really good on my cock, hot, tight, and very wet. She is gloating, chuckling as I fuck her bald twat, high on the thrill of fucking your lover right in front of you. She rubs her clit, and kicks her legs and comes loudly and dramatically on my thrusting dick.

I pull out, and tell her that you are going to show her how a real whore sucks cock. I peel off the condom and present my straining dick to you, and you devour it eagerly, devouring my erection like a prime cut of meat. Her juices are all over me. I reek of her sex. I pull your hair and fuck your face. Your mouth is, as always, amazing; hot and wet and talented. I can bear it no longer. With a cry and a whimper, I come, filling your mouth with my hot semen. You swallow eagerly, milking me dry.

I give her a cab fare and send her on her way. She looks resentful, as if she had expected something more. You smile triumphantly as I shoo her out the door. I untie you. We kiss and cuddle, and go to bed together, where I find your pussy slick and wet and ready to go. I lick your clit until you can’t stand it any more, and beg me to please fuck your cunt. I gladly oblige.


We find this one on Craigslist, of course. She taps softly at the front door, ignoring the doorbell. She’s cute; a little heavy, a little unsure of herself, with frizzy not-quite-blonde hair and skin so pale that it is almost transparent. I ask her in and offer her a drink, which she nervously accepts. She yelps when she sees you, even though we had told her beforehand exactly what to expect. I ask her if she’s ok, and she flashes me a disarming little smile and says ‘Yes’.

You are flat on your back on the coffee table, bound tight, your arms and legs lashed securely to the table legs. Your breasts are pancaked, and your labia peek out, betraying your excitement. The rope presses into your skin, carving out valleys in your flesh. To me it looks uncomfortable, but I don’t hear you complaining.

She sits on the couch and primly sips her drink, watching intensely as I step out of my pants and underwear. My cock and balls feel heavy, pendulous, as I climb up onto the table and straddle your face. You eagerly begin licking the underside of my cock, making me swell and grow hard. I shift position, and you licked and nuzzled my balls. I shift again, arching my back and spreading my cheeks, and you lick up and down the cleft of my ass, extending your tongue, licking all around my asshole before darting up inside. My cock is fully erect now, arching up and out, straining with excitement. I could come just from this. I stand up before we get too carried away.

“I think a woman looks so beautiful in a strap-on.” I say to the room. I produce our harness, with the large, purple, silicone dildo already in place, the one you like to fuck me with when the mood is upon us. This time, instead of buckling it around your hips, like we usually do, I fasten the straps around your face, so that the base of the dildo is pressed against your lips like a gag. You look strangely sexy that way, artificial phallus protruding obscenely from your face. I kind of like it. “Go ahead,” I tell her, “Be our guest. Please, don’t be shy!”

She is shy though, and it is cute. She is hesitant and self-conscious about undressing. I think she has a lovely body, even though she isn’t anything like model-thin. Her boobs are small and sweet, she sports a neatly-trimmed little bush. I think her best feature is her ass, large and curvaceous.

Nervously, as if she’s afraid it won’t bear her weight, she climbs up onto the coffee table. I can see your breathing get shallower and more rapid, see your lips swelling, pouting out like a blooming flower, see the wetness oozing between your legs. She slowly and tentatively starts to lower herself onto the dildo that is strapped to your face. She smiles… she likes it! She sighs loudly, and lets it slip slowly all the way up inside, until her pussy is mashed up against your face. She grins up at me: this is good!

She starts riding you, like an equestrian atop a galloping horse, bouncing up and down, grinding against you. I’m not sure how you can breathe: your head is captured between her thick, meaty thighs; when she bears down your nose disappears between her ass cheeks. She bends over and starts finger-fucking you. I don’t think she has ever been with a girl before. It looks like she is stabbing at your pussy. Two fingers plunge in and out like daggers. I know you are enjoying this, but I also know it will not make you come.

I pour lube all over my hard dick until it glistens and shines like an amphibian thing. I maneuver myself into position, pry her cheeks apart, take aim. She stops moving, and holds her breath. I slide my cock slowly, inexorably up her ass. She grunts as she is penetrated. I am fucking her ass now, and you have a front-row seat.

She starts moving on the dildo again, rocking back and forth as I sodomize her. She whimpers and whines. She is going to come. Her asshole squeezes me very tight; the motion of the dildo in her cunt drives me crazy. I am not going to last very long.

She orgasms, loudly, high-pitched, broken, unintelligible screams, mashing herself down hard against your face. Her orgasm triggers my own, and I shoot off with a shout, squirting deep inside her asshole.

We slowly, gently untangle. I untie you, massage the blood back into your hands and feet. Your face is sticky, shiny with her juices. I let the two of you kiss for a little while, then gently tell her it is time to go home.

I make you walk naked out to the car. Anyone could see you if they were looking, but they probably aren’t. You have a tiara on your head, and a butt-plug in your ass, with three enormous, gaudy peacock feathers sticking out of the base. I think you look lovely like that.

I follow you out to the car, and take off my pants, so that I am naked from the waist down. We get in and drive. When we get out on the thruway, I turn on the dome light, roll down the windows, and set the cruise control.

You masturbate as you suck my cock. The peacock feathers protruding from your rear end flap and flutter in the slipstream like a cavalry standard. The big rigs slow down and lay on their horns appreciatively as they pass us.

I love the way you suck my cock. You are so good at it! You play me like an instrument, like you are performing a symphony on my dick. With my free hand, I play with your breasts, pinching and twisting your nipples as your head bobs up and down on my lap. There are bruises on your wrists from where the rope cut into you. They look pretty. Your tongue is swirling all over the head of my cock, making me squirm with desire, making me hump back against your mouth. I am having trouble keeping the car in our lane.

Your fingers are making squishing sounds as you masturbate. You smile up at me around my cock, your eyes flashing merrily in the low light. The plastic tiara is sitting crooked on top of your head. I tell you I want to come in your mouth, but you already know that. You slip a finger up my asshole, and start sucking me in earnest, no more teasing. You are a woman on a mission.

I reach over and slide a pair of fingers up inside your pussy. You are hot and slippery and dripping wet. I finger-fuck you while you play with your clit. You suck my cock and torment my asshole. Somehow we manage to come at the same time. I cry out loud and shoot off into your mouth as you buck and shake through an orgasm on my probing finger. You swallow my come. I lick my fingers clean. You remove the butt-plug, and I turn off the interior lights and roll up the windows, and we drive home, taking the slow route, feeling deeply, deeply satisfied.

And they lived happily ever after.



  1. advizor54 said

    I read this just after waking up. It made me cum. Thank you.

    • elsiewrites said

      Excellent. I am successful!

      • advizor54 said

        you are frequently “successful” but this one was a direct “cause and effect” moment.

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