Cough Syrup and Cruise Control

…please Daddy-O, can i have a little more cough syrup now?

…sure you can Half Pint, sure you can. you can have all you want. get me another beer out of the cooler while you’re at it, won’t you sweet little thing?

…i like the way cough syrup tastes Daddy-O, it makes my insides feel all funny.

…that’s right Half Pint, it tastes good and it’s good for you too. ‘cause it’s medicine that’s why… oh boy what a night! what a freaking be-yoot-i-ful night! we’ve got nothing but blacktop in front of us, four-lane scientific superhighway all the way; we got the top down, nothing but stars above, we got cruise control, and we got benzedrine. open me up another can of beer, won’t ya babydoll?

…can we pull over and stop somewhere soon Daddy-O? i’ve gotta go pee.

…i’m sorry Half Pint, you’re just gonna have to hold it. we got a long way to drive tonight.

…but Daddy-O, i’ve gotta go bad!

…squeeze your legs together Half Pint. hold it in. i told you before, we ain’t stoppin’ til we hit reno.

…ok Daddy-O, i’ll try.

…that’s right Half Pint. hold my hand, that’ll help.

…oops …oh no Daddy-O, some just leaked out.

…oh no. oh no Half Pint. oh well, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. now you’ve gone and wet your pants, you might as well just let it all go. let it all out baby, just relax and let all the peepee come out…. that’s right babydoll.

…gosh Daddy-O, i’m so sorry! i made a big mess.

…don’t you worry Half Pint. don’t fret. don’t cry now, it’s just a little peepee. you better get out of those wet things. that’s right, take those wet panties off too. we can’t have you sitting in peepee wet pants all night… better throw them out of the car, let the wind take them now, throw them out into the night… come on Half Pint, don’t cry… we’ll get you new panties in reno. have a little more cough syrup. there there… doesn’t the night air feel good on your naked skin? don’t worry Half Pint, nobody can see us. it’s just you and me and the stars above. and maybe a passing truck driver or two, all whacked out on speed and hallucinating freely, cranking their big rigs on across the night… maybe they’ll honk their big horns and flash their lights at us.

…thank you Daddy-O, that feels so much better! i kind of like being naked in the car with you. i can’t wait til we get to reno.

…me too Half Pint, me too… say baby, would you pop me another benny? and a beer to wash it down with? …oh yeah… aw shoot, wouldn’t you know it? now Daddy-O’s gotta pee too. i just hate those gas station restrooms, don’t you? they’re always so dirty, and the guy behind the counter always looks at you like you’re doing something wrong, like you’re a criminal or something. you know what to do, don’t you Half Pint? that’s right, that’s a good girl. take it in your mouth. carefully now, you don’t want to spill any. once urine gets into a car’s upholstery, you can never get the smell out. that’s it…. aaahhh… …damn, that feels good! what a good girl, you swallowed every last drop! good work Half Pint! …aw now look what you’ve gone and done! you’ve made Daddy-O’s dick get all big and hard. well don’t stop now Half Pint! …oh yeah… oh god yeah… oh fuck yes, fuck yes! god damn Half Pint, you were just born to suck cock! that’s right, play with Daddy-O’s big fat ball sac, play with his butt hole… oh yeah Half Pint, stick your finger straight up Daddy-O’s asshole! oh shit Half Pint, you’re taking my dick like a sword swallower! i must be halfway down your throat! oh boy i’m all over the road! oh shit, i’m gonna come, i’m gonna come right in your fucking mouth! …oh fuck! oh fuck! oh yes! …ah yeah, yeah, oh baby thank you!

…i like doing that to you Daddy-O.

…i like it when you do that to me Half Pint…

…now i’m all wet again down there Daddy-O.

…it’s not peepee wet now, is it Half Pint?

…no Daddy-O, it’s the other kind of wet.

…let me touch it.

…oh, that tickles!

…do you want me to stop?

…no Daddy-O, don’t stop! …that feels good…

….look out how pretty your little cunny is. look at how pink and wet it is, just like a pretty little flower. you like it when i play with your little button like this don’t you? should i play with your butt hole too? do you like it when i do that?

…oh yes Daddy-O yes… oh! oh! oh! …oh Daddy-O, you made me come!

…i know.

…thank you Daddy-O. …when we get to reno can we get a hotel room?

…oh yeah. we’ll get the biggest, best hotel room in the city.

…will you do it to me there Daddy-O? will you fuck me in my cunt?

…don’t use that word Half Pint! i hate it when you use obscenities! you can call it your vagina, or call it your cunny, but don’t curse. it ain’t ladylike.

…i’m sorry Daddy-O. i won’t curse. will you put your thing in my cunny when we get there?

…yes i will Half Pint. oh yes i will.

…and will you do it to me in my butt hole too?

…i’ll do it where ever you want Half Pint.

…i love you Daddy-O. …how much further to reno?

…not too far Half Pint, not too far. a couple, three or four more hours. i love you too Half Pint. … pop me another benzedrine, won’t you babydoll? when we get to reno, i’m gonna buy you the nicest, prettiest dress. i’ll buy you a pearl necklace, and a gold bracelet with jewels in it. i’m gonna buy me a gen-u-wine gold toothpick. we’ll get us a whole case of cough syrup. nothing can stop us now Half Pint… spread your cunny wide, so the whole night can see… i got the cruise control set at ninety-five. i’m turning the headlights off now. we’re like a shooting star baby, a meteorite on fire, streaking across the desert sky… ain’t nothing can stop us now.



  1. Terri said

    Your writing has consistently wandered far and wide, crossing boundaries in interesting and engaging ways.

    Unfortunately, this time, you crossed into nauseating. There are some places not to go, much as their definition may be subjective.

  2. minority said

    Maybe I was in the minority but something about the “Daddy-O” part made me think of a couple ala Natural Born Killers instead of an actual father and daughter. A highly dysfunctional couple and maybe a bit abusive or imbalanced, but not incestual.

    I liked it as I do all of your stories, Elsie. Even the few that aren’t arousing are still interesting. My only complaint is how infrequently you update.

    • elsiewrites said

      Thank You Minority! Although the story was written in response to a friend’s Daddy/Little Girl fantasy, the ‘dysfunctional adult couple’ model was what was in my head when I wrote this one (largely because inter-generational incest fantasies do nothing for me, personally). I purposely tried to make it rather ambiguous in that respect, and I also tried to write it somewhat over-the-top and cartoonishly, to avoid the story being read too literally. I was sort of thinking, ‘what if Ken Kesey wrote really kinky erotica’. (side note: I considered trying to write this story androgynously, such that we couldn’t be sure of the gender of either character; but it proved to be too tricky to do in this situation. I think it might have been an interesting experiment though.)

      I seem to have offended people with this one. I’m honestly a little surprised, though perhaps I shouldn’t be. Virtually all my stories are offensive to someone, of that I am sure. Part of the point of this body of work is to go to some nasty, uncomfortably, edgy places and to see what lurks there. Generally the only limit I impose on myself is non-consent, and that is just a personal preference of mine. I stand by my thesis that imagination and fantasy hurts no-one; what may be nauseating and unappealing for one person may well be sweet masturbation fodder for another. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it: I don’t think there is anything wrong with whacking off to the idea of a dad and daughter having kinky, drug-fueled, road-trip sex. (Or, for that matter, whacking off to the idea of getting molested in a car by your perverted, drug-addled Daddy) Now in real life, however, there is plenty wrong with that scene, starting with the cough syrup, and expanding from there. I hope nobody who reads this thinks I confuse fiction writing with real life. (honestly, my real life is pretty freaking mundane, compared to a lot of sex-bloggers I read!)

      As far as my updates go, I do my best. I purposely don’t hold myself to any particular update schedule, but I do try for at least one story per month. If I didn’t have a job and obligations, and I got paid for writing pornographica, I still don’t know if I’d update more frequently; I am not in control of my muse, and I’d much rather leave all y’all hanging than publish crap, or mediocrity, or works that just aren’t ready to be published. I do post stories pretty much as quickly as I finish them; but the writing, re-writing, reading, re-reading, and editing take up quite a bit of time. Hey, you get what you pay for!

      Thanks for reading, and please don’t be scared away if one of my stories offends you. There’ll be something new and differently perverted up soon enough!

  3. ElsieFanny said

    I am not offended by this, and I like it too. Consensual inter-generational incest wouldn’t have offended me but that isn’t how I interpreted this. Something in the interplay between the baby talk and the drugs just seemed to scream that this is about adults play acting, albeit perhaps on the highway to an early grave. I didn’t see this so much as well-written porn as a good piece of short fiction that happens to have a lot of dirty talk and a bit of oral sex.

    The nonstop highway driving made me think about On the Road. Once I saw “Daddy-O” and the reference to benzedrine with their 1950s vibe, I felt pretty sure that you were alluding to Kerouac. The only thing that made me doubt it was the reference to cruise control, but you never claimed this as historical fiction. I am glad to read that I wasn’t that far off with Ken Kesey as your inspiration.

    Is the “scientific superhighway” a call out to some particular 1950s-1960s work, or is this your own channeling of the genre?

    Thank you.

  4. Grey Fox said

    Now I know why you got tired of Nifty’s editorial control. ha-ha

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