A Fox in the Hen House

Margot was fooling around on me again. I was certain of it. I could see it in her eyes, the way she walked. I could smell it on her, almost. She didn’t say anything. Of course she didn’t, she didn’t have to. I knew.

My job may not pay all that great, but it comes with a few fringe benefits, and at least the hours are flexible. I cut out of work early, parked just down the street from the house, and waited. My iPod was set on repeat, dialed into the Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun over and over again. I slapped out the bass line on the steering wheel.

I didn’t have to wait very long.

He was young, almost painfully young. Was he even shaving yet? I started shaving at age fifteen, the year I lost my virginity. Oh, Margot, you’re breaking my heart! Just how young was this one?

He might actually have been eighteen; in truth I’m really lousy at judging that sort of thing. The kid was skinny, with a high forehead, a delicate, aristocratic nose, and fine sandy-blonde hair. He was wearing crisply creased blue jeans and a white button-down shirt that was not tucked in at the waist. There was a folded-up tie hanging out of his back pocket. He walked with a swagger and panache that screamed out loud to the world “I just got some!” He was practically glowing. I figured he’d just been on the receiving end of one of Margot’s legendary extended-play blowjobs.

Margot teaches English, high school English. It wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on here. Oh Margot, you naughty, naughty, naughty girl!

I sat on the information for a couple days, let it stew, let it simmer. A week went by.

On Friday I left work early, and swung by the bar. I sat near the window and slowly drank a beer and picked at my chili-cheese fries and watched the pretty girls go by in their short, short skirts, and wished I had a smoke. When I finished my beer, I left the fries to congeal, paid, and drove home.

I left the car parked up the street and walked the last little bit. All was quiet and still. The front door was unlocked. I slipped on inside.

Once in, I could hear the noises coming from the bedroom. I winced as the squeaky spot in the floor creaked treacherously under my boots, but I needn’t have worried. They were oblivious.

He was sitting, stark naked on the side of the bed, facing away from me. Margot was still wearing her little black summer dress with the white polka dots on it, but it was gathered up around her waist, and her large, pale boobs were spilling out the top. She was sprawled out across the bed, and she was working on engulfing his dick with her pretty little mouth, plump lips freshly painted with hotrod-red lipstick.

As I watched, she let his wet dick pop out from between her pretty lips. She attacked his penis with her agile tongue, licking at it as if it was a big fat ice-cream sundae with a sweet red candy cherry on top.

He had a pretty big dick too, for a skinny young kid. I focused on that nearly hairless, neatly circumcised dick, savored the pleasure it must be radiating throughout his nervous system as Margot did her thing. He really was skinny; there was just no meat on him, no fat, no muscle to speak of. It was as if someone had draped a sheer sheet over an anatomy-class skeleton. And then given it a big fat boner. And a plump set of balls. There was a wispy patch of pubic hair just above his bobbing cock, the same color as the hair on his head, but he had no other body hair that I could see. Somehow he reminded me of a bird, some kind of stork or a heron maybe. He was jerking off now, pointing his dick like a loaded gun right at Margot’s big bouncing breasts.

Margot took the opportunity to squirm out of her dress. If she had been wearing a bra, it was already long gone, her nipples pinkly excited in the afternoon air. She was wearing a tiny black pair of panties that disappeared up the crack of her ass, and that I had never seen before. Perhaps she had bought them special, just for the occasion.

Nearly naked now, on her hands and knees on the bed with her boobs hanging pendulously down, Margot went back to devouring her young friend, who made raspy guttural noises as she ate him alive.

I stepped full into the room, clearing my throat with a loud phlegm-ridden cough that seemed to echo off the walls. Margot’s head popped up like a sprung jack-in-the-box, her face the perfect picture of shock and surprise.

I addressed the kid: “You know there’s only two ways out of this house.” It was true; there was the front door and the back door. I suppose if someone were desperate, he could jump out a window, it’s only a one-story ranch, but lets not get technical.

The kid stammered at me, his big wet cock bobbing comically. His mouth moved, but no words came out. I could see the fear in his big, round eyes.

I could see why he might be intimidated. He was naked, I was fully dressed. He was the interloper, I was the aggrieved husband. He was young and skinny, I was old and big.

It’s not that I’m actually a really big guy; I just seem to give off the impression of bigness. I’ve been lifting weights since I was in high school, when I got sick of getting beaten up for being a wimpy white boy; and I have a lot of tattoos. I was wearing black jeans and a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I smiled. That didn’t seem to reassure him.

“She sucks dick pretty good, huh?” No answer. “You like having your dick sucked, huh?” No answer. “You like sucking dick then? Huh?” Still no answer. I gave him a shove right between his shoulder blades, and he went sprawling onto the floor. “Maybe you oughta try sucking my dick, boy.”

My cock, which had felt plump and semi-swollen all day long, was by now good and hard, an angry bull cooped up in its pen, just waiting for that cowboy to saddle up. I opened up my zipper and released the beast.

He looked over to Margot, but she had no help to offer. He looked up at me, but I gave nothing away. Hesitantly, unsure of himself, he opened up his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and gingerly licked the underside of my cock. You’d think he was being forced to sample a piss-flavored popsicle.

“Oh no,” I said, “I don’t let just anyone suck my dick. You gotta beg me for permission first.” I slapped him across the cheek with my erection: once, twice, three times, again and again.

“Please sir,” he finally said, his voice trembling, “Please let me suck your cock. I’ll do a good job, I promise. Please let me take it in my mouth.”

“Well,” I said, “Since you ask so nicely, open wide.” I took a big handful of his hair, and crammed his face down on my waiting dick. “Watch those teeth, pretty boy.”

I rather enjoyed fucking his face. Margot seemed to enjoy it too. As her little boyfriend choked and gargled on my cock, struggling to get air down his windpipe, terrified of pissing me off further by catching his teeth on my dick, she lounged back on the bed, sliding her skimpy black panties down her legs and letting her fingers do the walking.

He obviously wasn’t any kind of cock sucker. The kid had no technique. It made me feel like slapping him around just on principal. Still and all, it felt good.  I could have come that way, just grabbed the back of his head and fucked the shit out of his face; but I chose not to.

I pushed him roughly away, and he fell gasping and retching onto the floor, his big dick still incongruously hard.

“Wanna eat some pussy?” Margot’s legs were spread wide apart, and her pussy was pouting open, pink and excited. “You wanna lick some of that purdy, juicy twat?” I took a fistful of his fine, thin hair and dragged him bodily up onto the bed, shoving him in between Margot’s strong, curvaceous thighs.

With my hand firmly gripping the back of his head, I ground his face into Margot’s crotch, not particularly caring whether he could breathe or not. I mashed him into her muff, as if his head was a sponge, and I was trying to mop up a particularly stubborn stain.

It probably wasn’t ideal, as far as cunnilingus technique goes, but Margot seemed pretty into it, lounging happily on the bed and humping back against his face, wiggling her hips and straining to stimulate her clit against him. I finally released him, and he fell down on the bed, coughing and sputtering.

His dick looked harder than ever. It looked like it might have even grown another half-inch or so. It arched rigidly up and out from his wispy, blondish crotch like a pre-stressed steel girder. The head looked like a deliciously ripe, big juicy raspberry. If he got any harder, he might just pop.

“You wanna fuck her, don’t you?” He just looked dumbly up at me, his dick practically glowing cherry red and drooling. “You wanna slide your dick up that hot, juicy, wet pussy, don’t you?” Margot had her legs spread acrobatically wide, and was busy parting her thick and meaty labia with two fingers while idly playing with her clit. “Well, go right ahead… I ain’t stoppin’ you.”

With a nervous look over his shoulder at me, Kid shuffled in between Margot’s wide apart thighs. Holding his oversized penis in both hands, he carefully took aim, and gingerly nudged himself into Margot’s eagerly waiting pussy-hole.

It was just within the bounds of possibility that he was an actual, bona fide virgin.

There was a satisfied-sounding sigh as he entered her. I’m not sure if it came from him, or from her, or both.

“Don’t you DARE come inside her,” I warned as he feverishly started humping her cunt. Margot’s legs wrapped around the small of his back, pulling him deeper inside. He had a cute, pale little ass, that reminded me of a white peach, and his fat fuzzy balls jiggled pleasantly.

They were both making a lot of noise as they fucked. It was pretty hot. I spit on my index finger and slid it between his butt cheeks, pressing up against his tight little anus. He whined, but didn’t stop what he was doing.

I shoved my finger up his ass. It was hot, and impossibly tight. Definitely a virgin, to this, at least. His asshole locked down hard on my finger, clenching like a fist. He froze, and underneath him, Margot wriggled and squirmed, pleasuring herself shamelessly on that big, hard cock of his.

I started finger-fucking his asshole, and he slowly relaxed a little, enough so that my finger could slide in and out. He resumed humping Margot’s pussy. His thrusts moved in time with my invading finger. It was like I was fucking her with a giant, hot-blooded finger puppet. It was actually quite hot, and my own dick was really hard now, obnoxiously hard and horny.

The kid’s breathing changing, becoming faster and more raspy; and his fucking started to change too. He was fucking in and out of Margot at an ever-increasing tempo, humping her like a horny little dog. I knew what was coming.

I slapped his plump balls. Not hard– well, not hard enough to do any damage– but definitely hard enough to get his attention. “DON’T!” I barked, “Don’t you fucking dare!”

“Don’t stop!” Margot whined from under him, “Don’t let him stop, I’m almost there!”

I kept my finger up his ass and maintained a firm grip on his balls as he fucked Margot to an epic orgasm, the kind that rattles the china and sets off car alarms. Her body thrashed and spasmed under him. Every time I thought he might be close to sliding over the edge himself, I gave his nuts a quick squeeze.

Finally she was done, flushed and sweaty and satisfied. She pushed him away, and I extracted my finger from his bum.

“I bet you wanna come,” I said, “I bet you want it real bad.” I was already rolling the condom down my engorged, aching cock.

We maneuvered him onto all fours on the bed, his dick hanging thickly straight down like a pendulum. He whimpered a little bit, like a frightened puppy. It was cute.

I stuck my tongue up his asshole for a little while, which he didn’t seem to mind one bit. He tasted fresh and sweet and clean, kind of reminded me of apricots. I licked his ball sac all over while Margot fed him her pussy juice from her fingers. She was masturbating all over again.

And then I shoved my cock up his ass. The way he howled as my cock penetrated him made all my arm hair stand up. I wasn’t gentle. I wasn’t in a particularly gentle mood. His sphincter clenched right down on my dick, like a choke collar, impossibly tight.

“Fuck my cock!” I ordered, “Fuck my cock, goddamnit! If you want to come, then fuck my goddamn cock!”

Slowly, gingerly, he started sliding himself back and forth on my dick, in and out. As he moved, Margot reached underneath him and traced her fingertip up and down the length of his erection. If he ever stopped moving, so did she. It was exquisite.

Slowly, inexorably, his body started to unclench, and as he got more and more excited, he moved more and more vigorously back and forth on my dick. I was pretty much in heaven, impaled on this skinny kid whose tight little ass was moving on my cock like a tilt-a-whirl. Margot was full-on jerking him off now, and he was moaning something fierce, humping at her hand and sliding my dick all the way in and almost all the way out his butt hole in the process.

He came with a shout, arching his back and spasming, squirting gobs and gobs of pearly-white come all over the sheets. His orgasm set me off, and I abandoned all restraint, grabbing him by the shoulders and pounding his asshole, fucking him hard and fast, pounding him down into the sticky mess he had made on the sheets. He took the pummeling almost silently, but I could feel his body straining underneath me, his anus clenching and unclenching on me like the hand of a drowning man. I fucked him hard, fast, and deep until I came with a roar, filling up the condom with my own semen. I collapsed on top of him, still lodged in his anus, breathing hard.

I watched Margot finger herself to another quivering orgasm.

Finally I rolled off the kid, extracting my dick and throwing away the spent condom. I tossed him his wadded-up clothing. Perspiration was beaded up and running down his hairless, concave, avian chest. His dick was still half-hard and drooling slightly.

“Get the hell outta here.” I growled, and he slowly walked naked out of the bedroom and out of the house, like a shell-shocked soldier emerging from the trenches, or the lone survivor staggering out of a massive train wreck. The last I saw of him he was out on the front lawn, awkwardly pulling his trousers on.

After he was gone, I flipped Margot over my knee and spanked her big round ass until it was beet red and covered with finger-shaped welts. I spanked her until my hands stung, just for being such a naughty little slut.

Later on, we were sitting on the back porch, drinking chardonnay. Margot was still glowing.

“I think,” she said, sipping her wine, “I think that was the best one we’ve ever done.”

I whole-heartedly agreed.



  1. ElsieFanny said

    Thank you for another fun and perverted story. I have been trying to figure our which of my own high school English teachers I want Margot to be, but none of them quite live up to her. Once I settle on my fantasy teacher (a red-haired and curvy junior high orchestra instructor is coming to mind), I will have to decide how to avoid your protagonist while still getting Margot’s goodies.

  2. Butch said

    That was fun! And I really want to meet Fanny’s junior high orchestra instructor. 😉

  3. Caramella said

    I think it’s time I got serious about finding tutoring work…

  4. Grendel said

    this one was fun! Didn’t copy it to my drive but really enjoyed it!

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