Maybe you heard something and maybe you didn’t. You stand at the top of the stairs, hesitating, feeling awkward and gawky. What you should be doing right now is working on your mid-term paper; what you would like to be doing right now is getting some action.

The door swings open, and Sacchidananda and Paul come out of the gaming closet, arm in arm, smiling goofily and looking sweaty and self-satisfied.

Sacchidananda has pleasantly curvy wide hips and big boobs. You never noticed before just how large her breasts were, but they are big and nice and bouncy, and appear to be unconstrained by any bra underneath her flimsy t-shirt. Paul is a tall, skinny fellow. There is a large wet spot on the front of his khakis. You can almost smell the sex wafting off them.

You have the strongest feeling that you just missed out on an exciting and erotic adventure. You feel crestfallen and lonely and frustratingly horny as they excuse themselves past you and down the stairs.

What you should really do is go home and work on that big mid-term paper.

Do you:

Go back to the dorm to work on your paper? *Go to21

Go back downstairs and try to find someone else to hang out with? *Go to 8

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