They aren’t down in the basement, where the Axis and Allies game is in full swing. The Martians, to no-one’s surprise, have been dominating World War II, but now the Vikings, allied with the Comanche, are making a surprise comeback. This will probably go on until dawn and beyond.

They are not in the kitchen, though Lara Cunningham and Professor Sullivan are busy leaning against the refrigerator, kissing deeply and touching each other through their clothes. He has a handful of her curly flame-red hair, and his cock is clearly visibly through his corduroy trousers. It looks long, long and erect.

You go upstairs, where there is an oversized closet that has been converted to a game room with a carpeted floor and an X-Box, a Playstation, a Wii, and a tricked-out PC. The door is closed.

You may have heard a noise behind the door, a muffled, sort of furtive noise, but you aren’t sure

Do you:

Tap lightly on the door? *Go to 22

Mind your own business and go back downstairs? *Go to 8

Stand there, paralyzed by indecision? *Go to 19

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