You follow the Delmsey twins up the stairs to the second-floor game room, an oversized closet with a carpeted floor and an X-Box, a Playstation, a Wii, and a tricked-out PC. Just as the three of you come up the stairs, the game room door opens and Sacchidananda and Paul make their exit, hand in hand, looking sweaty and rumpled. Fay and Ray exchange looks and giggles; Sacchidananda flashes you a shy and self-satisfied little smile. She has really nice boobs, you realize You’d never really noticed before.

Into the tiny room, and close the door behind. You stand in the corner while Fay and Ray curl up on the beanbag together, touching and kissing like a pair of lovers. Which, you realize with a sudden start, is exactly what they are.

The pink jumpsuits are shed like snake skins. Underneath, they are wearing matching grey undershirts and briefs. You had them backwards: the one you thought was Fay is actually Ray, and there is a prominent bulge threatening to bust out of the front of his tight underwear.

The twins are locked together, grappling like a pair of wrestlers, mouths mashed together, limbs intertwined and roving. Underclothes come off almost violently.

They are both skinny beings, with long narrow necks and hollow chests. The ribs are visible under taut skin so pale that you can almost see their internal organs. They both have wild fluffs of blonde hair under their armpits and between their legs. Fay has very small breasts with pink, puffy nipples that stick out eagerly. Her pussy bulges out hungrily between her svelte thighs. Ray has a six-pack abdomen, though that is more due to an absence of body fat than an excess of muscle tone. His erect cock is huge, bordering on ridiculously big; the shaft has a 90 degree twist that skews the purple, bulbous, nectarine-sized head sideways. His furry balls are compact and drawn up close to his body. You wonder if he is going to fuck his sister with that outsized cock. You wonder if it would actually fit inside her.

As far as you can tell, they are now completely oblivious to your presence. Your hand finds it’s way up your skirt, down your panties, slowly petting your pussy, which has become extremely wet and slippery. Your clit feels distended, swollen in an obnoxiously delightful way.

They quickly reconfigure themselves into a ‘69’ position. Ray is on the bottom, his cock pointing up like some freaky albino totem pole. Fay is on top, her legs spread wide, her butt thrust up, her blossoming pussy poised just above Ray’s waiting face. She pauses, looks up, gives you one long, solemn, unreadable, look, and then she dives in.

Ray is slurping at her vagina with a vigor that is impressive. His face is crushed into her muff; he grips a pale ass cheek in each hand; you can hear the wet sounds of him licking and slurping at her like a cybernetic pussy-licking machine. How he can breathe while he does that is beyond you, but he keeps his face buried in her wet cunt, and she is clearly enjoying the ride, wiggling back at him, bucking up and down and writhing back and forth.

Even after she peaks, coming in a silent, rigid, almost reptilian rapture, he doesn’t stop, though he does slow the pace down a little. Now it is Fay’s turn to concentrate on pleasuring him.

She doesn’t take his cock in her mouth: it fairly obviously wouldn’t fit. Instead she licks it like a giant popsicle, tracing her tongue along the bulging vein that runs up the underside, following the twisted architecture of his cock all the way to the gasping pee hole. She kisses the head, lavishes her tongue all around, tracing every ridge, then retreats back down the shaft, nuzzling his ball sac and below, down between his muscular, tight cheeks.

Fay glances up, half-smiles at you almost shyly. Your own finger is knuckle deep in your hot, slick cunt. She takes one long, bony index finger, licks it seductively, and then slides it straight up Ray’s asshole.

She finger fucks him with one hand and jerks him off with the other, his fat ripe cock head balanced on her waiting tongue. You can hear his moans change in pitch and timbre, slightly muffled as his face is still pressed hard into his sister’s pussy. Suddenly, he disengages from her, arching his back and throwing his head backward, his face a rigid mask of ecstasy.

You slide down the wall into a sitting position, your legs spreading naturally apart. Your red-and-green striped panties dangle from one ankle. The twins watch silently, owlish, hand-in-hand, as you masturbate for them, plunging your fingers hard and deep up your pussy until you can stand it no longer, and then abandoning all restraint and rubbing your aching clit fast, fast, faster, until you come, gasping and sobbing. It is one of the strongest orgasms you have ever experienced.

“That was nice,” says Ray.

“That was nice,” confirms Fay, squeezing his hand and giving her brother a fond look. Pearly white semen is still leaking out of Ray’s much diminished cock. “We should do that again sometime. We should let her watch us fuck.”

“Yeah” Ray says, “We should. But right now we should get back to the studio. We’ve got a paper to write.”

Almost in a daze, through a fog of endorphins, you watch the twins get dress and leave. You shake your head and pull up your panties. Your pussy is still wet, your clit is pleasantly tender. You also have a paper to write.


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