Midterm Maelstrom (a Pick-Your-Own-Poison Adventure)-1


It is Tuesday night, and that crucially important midterm paper is due at ten o’clock on Thursday morning, a deadline that Professor Sullivan has been emphasizing for weeks now, and in no uncertain terms. A hard, sharp, non-negotiable deadline. You have sort of started writing the paper; ‘started’ in the fuzziest sense of quantum mechanics.

You haven’t been properly laid all semester, and when your cell phone rings, your clitoris positively twitches with anticipation. Maybe it is Tomas calling. Tomas, your high school boyfriend, who is now a continent away, studying volcanology at the University of Washington. His sex life is equally non-existent. He is in the same horny and frustrated boat that you are. Perhaps he could be coaxed into another hot and steamy phone-sex session. Maybe he could even be convinced to do some webcam action with you. Your pussy salivates slickly into your panties at the thought.

But no, it is just your friend Sacchidananda calling to see if you want to go with her and her boyfriend Paul to a party over at Schrödinger’s Cat House.

Do you go out with them?

*if YES: go to 8

*if NO: go to 21


  1. That was great!! I bet it took a long time to write though. Well done.

  2. Hot and brilliant. Every ending’s a winner!

  3. katrina said

    This is fantastic writing and a great idea. I admit to going back and picking a different path each time, wanting to have the whole experience. Utterly fabulous.

  4. elsiewrites said

    Thank you guys, I’m really glad to hear you like it!

  5. Wonderful stuff!

  6. Leah said

    This is a brilliant conceit for erotic fiction. In my life, I often wonder about paths not taken. The might-have-beens would have been fun.

  7. jeff said

    excellent well worth the wait. And I love the grues

  8. ElsieFanny said

    Very fun! I immediately thought of Adventure when I started reading these stories (the Colossal Cave Adventure that was the ancestor of Zork). I never played Zork much, but I felt less nerdy (or perhaps just in familiar company) when I tracked down the missing pieces and saw the grue references. I would have wasted even more time on Adventure if Will Crowther had you approach to content.

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