The Night Visitors

I woke up on a strange bed in a dark room.  The mattress was firmer than my own, and there were no blankets, only a white sheet underneath me.  The air was just this side of chill; my nipples stuck stiffly out.  I was wearing a pair of blue cotton panties and nothing else.  The only dim light in the room was starlight, filtering in from a small high window on the wall opposite the bed.

Very faintly, I could hear distant traffic noise.  Closer, I could hear the sounds of muted laughter and music, as if someone were having a party downstairs.  I wondered sleepily where the hell I was?  Had I fallen asleep at a friends’ house, or had too much to drink at someone’s party?  It didn’t feel like I had been drinking.  Maybe this was just a dream, a strangely lucid dream?

If this was a dream, it was a rather boring one.  I stretched and rolled over onto my back, staring at the nearly invisible ceiling high above.  I wondered what time it was, how long until morning.  Sleep was gone for me.

The door opened and closed, and there was a man in the room.  In the dim semi-darkness I couldn’t make out many of his features.  He was tall and lanky, and seemed to be older than me, though I wasn’t sure by how much.  Fifty-ish?  Older?  He seemed to be wearing dark clothing, perhaps a black or charcoal button-down shirt and slacks.

He sat down on the bed and started lightly kissing my feet, carefully planting a kiss on each toe before kissing his way up the instep and along my ankles and calves.

That settled it for me.  I must be dreaming.  After all, I reasoned, if I found myself in a strange room, and a strange man waltzed in unannounced and started molesting my feet, I’d definitely be freaking out if I were awake… right?

The way he was planting kisses on my lower legs made me tingle pleasantly.  This was turning out to be a nice dream.  I relaxed and let myself enjoy it.

His lips were just barely brushing my skin.  He had worked his way up to the backs of my knees.  My legs just naturally parted to allow him better access.

I shivered hard when he started kissing the insides of my thighs.  I knew exactly where this was headed now, and I was more than ready for him to fast forward through the opening credits and get into the action!  But he was taking his own sweet time getting there, and the anticipation, while maddening, was absolutely delicious.

He nipped the inside of my thigh, capturing the delicate white flesh between his teeth and pulling, gently but firmly.  I think I moaned out loud, and my cunt seemed to gush.

I lifted my legs up, pulling my knees up and out toward my breasts, by way of dropping him a subtle hint.  My pussy strained at the confines of my panties.

He kissed me once, right in the damp crotch of my panties.  His lips lingered there for a long moment, and then he got up and left, closing the door softly behind him, leaving me squirming, wet, and horny.

For a moment, while the door was open, I could hear the sound of the party downstairs much louder, and I caught a passing glimpse of his face: craggy and weather beaten, full lips, bushy eyebrows, regal nose.  It was not a face I had ever seen before.

I squirmed on the bed.  Wet.  Horny and wet.  I slipped a hand down the front of my panties: my cunt was slippery and drooling.  Well.  If it was going to be that kind of a dream, I could take matters into my own hands.  I slid a finger inside, savoring the sensation.

The door swung open again, and again there was a burst of party noise from without.  A man walked into the room, shutting the door behind.  A different man, I was sure of it: shorter, thicker, younger.  He moved with the easy powerful grace of a large cat, or a judo master.  When he climbed onto the bed and spread my legs apart with casual strength, I yielded like microwaved butter.

This guy didn’t beat around the bush.  I could feel his hot breath on my skin.  His finger traced the outline of my panties, the very tops of my thighs.  Pressing firmly, he drew his forefinger down the front, all the way to my butt, teasing my soft lips through the thin cotton fabric.  He impertinently pulled the crotch of my panties aside, peeking in at my swollen, drooling cunt.  He blew on me, and his breath was cool on my flesh.  My clit seemed to swell and throb.

With one smooth motion, he yanked my panties down, around my ankles and off, tossing them aside into the darkness.  I surrendered to him, needing his touch more than I could remember ever needing anything.

His face was close now, so close to what I needed.  His tongue touched me, and it was like an electric shock.  My cunt felt swollen and hot.  My clit strained out toward him.

He parted my labia with his tongue.  He dragged it relentlessly upward, closer and closer to that red-hot little button.  His huge hands were on my thighs, holding me firmly in place.

He stopped just before his tongue found my clit.  Got up, pinched my nipple, hard, and then he was gone.

He was replaced with another guy.  A younger man, neither so strong nor so self-confident.  I could see he wore glasses.  He lay down on the bed, placing himself on his stomach between my splayed legs.

He started licking.  A little tentative, a little hesitant, but I didn’t care.  His tongue felt like heaven.  When the tip of his tongue found my clit, I gasped and pulled him into me.  His hair was thick and curly between my fingers.

All too quickly, his flicking tongue left my engorged clitoris and delved south, lapping at my soaking wet cunt.  Which felt nice, don’t get me wrong, but it simply wasn’t going to do the trick for me.  I moaned with lust and frustration.

And then he was gone too, the door shutting behind him.  Sweet merciful Jesus!  Torture!!

The party downstairs seemed to be getting louder.  I imagined I could hear people dancing.  Was someone playing a saxophone?

I reached down, parting my labia, spreading my wetness up and down my cunt.  I had already made quite the damp spot on the bed.  My fingers found my clit, rigid and eager and more than ready.  I traced concentric circles, spiraling closer, ever closer…

The door swung open.  There was definitely music and dancing downstairs.  Someone entered the room and closed the door after themselves.  It was a girl this time.

Either there was a little more light in the room now, maybe a pre-dawn glow; or my eyes were just better adjusted.

She was one of those women who had sort of a bell shape: wide at the hips, narrow at the top.  She wore baggy cargo pants and a black mesh top.  Impenetrable round glasses.  Her hair was divided into a pair of saucy pony tails ala Pippi Longstocking.  She smiled whitely over at me.

She rolled me over onto my stomach, straddled me.

I felt her breath at the base of my spine, her hands separating my cheeks.  I froze, holding my breath.  I felt her tongue, tracing it’s lazy way down the cleft, searching.  I exhaled.

The tip of her tongue flicked against my asshole and my whole body jerked involuntarily. Her tongue drew circles around that little hole, and I moaned into the pillow.  She pressed insistently against my anus, insinuating her tongue up my butt.  The sensation was heavenly, exquisite, tantalizing.  My fingers found my clit.  I was trembling, right on the edge of a massive explosion.

She took hold of my wrists and held them firmly down against the bed, making a ‘tut-tut’ noise with her tongue.  Then she planted her face back between my butt cheeks and resumed licking.

I surrendered.  I was practically sobbing as I begged her –Please, please, please lick my cunt, Please, please just touch my clit…

But this girl was stone-hearted, totally without mercy.  She had the tongue of an anteater, and it was buried about three feet up my asshole, and all I would have needed was for her to so much as breath on my clit and I would have gotten off like so much TNT.

But she didn’t, and all too soon she left me, gasping, with a wet and winking asshole, laying on my side, curled up in the fetal position, my thighs slick with my own pussy juice.

My clit was a hard little marble, almost too sensitive to be touched.  Which was probably a good thing, because my next visitor didn’t seem even remotely aware of that particular piece of anatomy.

He had a beautiful body, I certainly had to give him that.  As he came into the room, he pulled his t-shirt off over his head, revealing a gym-built torso.  Even in the low light, I could make out the topography of his musculature, and the prominent bulge in the front of his tight black jeans.

He gave my poor drooling pussy one cursory lick, and then skewered me with one long meaty finger.

Grinning like a fiend, he finger-fucked me, pistoning his middle finger in and out of my juicy slurping cunt, as if he were energetically flipping off a taxi or summoning an elevator.

His finger made sexy little squooshing noises inside me.  It was frustrating, like masturbating with a toothbrush handle: it felt nice, but it wasn’t big enough to make me feel stretched and full; and my clit wasn’t getting any stimulation out of it.  Even so, he might have been able to make me come that way if he had just kept at it.

Without warning, he stopped.  Pulled his finger out, leaving me writhing in an agony of want on the bed.  With a smirk, he wiped the joy-juice off across his smooth, muscle-bound chest.

Unbuttoned his jeans.  He wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and he was shaved bald down there.

Whipped out his cock, hard as granite, glistening slightly in the dusky light; swollen, eager, straining, waggling side to side with every move, his fat balls a pair ripe fruit tucked up close against the base of his penis.

Oh Yes, fuck me!  Give me every last bit of that thing, bury it inside me like you’re sinking fence-posts!  Do it to me, fuck me now!

He gripped his cock in one hand and pumped machine-gun staccato.  He arched his back, grunted aloud.  Come spurted out in a clean white arc, falling across my boobs, chest and neck like the warm fat raindrops of a summer thunderstorm.

Towering over me, he milked out the last few sticky droplets of his ejaculate onto my tits, tucked his equipment back into his pants, zipped up, retrieved his t-shirt, and left.

The slice of sky I could see through the small, high window was now the color of freshly poured cement.  I could still hear occasional party noises from downstairs, but it was much quieter now.  It seemed like there was more traffic noise outside, and somewhere in the far distance I could hear the thrum of a helicopter.

I was laying in a damp spot the size of a freaking swimming pool.  I wondered what my next tormenter would be like.  I idly toyed with the come that was splashed all over my breasts, spreading it around with my finger, touching it to my lips.  Salty, bitter, male, sexy.  I pulled on my nipples, twisting and pinching them.

I waited for the door to swing open.  And waited.

My hand between my legs, I squeezed my thighs together, mashing my puffy lips together, squishing them up against my clit.  The first orgasm was almost a let down.  I rolled over onto my stomach and jammed my clenched fist against my cunt, grinding up and down.  I was completely drenched in slippery stuff.  I went off like a Roman candle, my body jerking spasmodically as I wailed into the pillow.

I collapsed, rolled back over, breathing hard.  My clit felt like it might pop, my nipples were sticking out like a pair of bright red sewing thimbles.  I licked the slick, musky wetness from my hand.

I buried first two, then three fingers in my ravenous, wide-open cunt, pressing my palm up against my clit, rocking back and forth like that.  I reached around with my other hand, stimulating my own asshole.  It was so wet and slippery back there my fingers slid easily inside.  Another orgasm, the biggest one yet, was building up inside me.  I fucked myself with both hands, hard and merciless until my wrist and shoulders ached, moaning and cussing and drooling, bearing down on my fingers until the dam burst and I fucking came.  I seemed to come and come, finally releasing all that pent-up sexual frustration, rocking through my body, and I rolled with it, a surfer caught up in a monster wave.

I realized I had been screaming.  One hand was buried knuckle-deep in my cunt, which was still twitching tiredly.  I was curled up in a little ball on the bed.

My eyes wanted to close.  I was pleasantly sleepy.  I sniffed my fingers –smelled like sex— stretched, rolled over onto my side.  Despite the chill air in the room, I was warm and comfortable, and I felt like I was glowing.

I wondered what time it was.  Yawned, stretched again, and then












Originally published by the good people at Clean Sheets Magazine. Check them out, they have a bunch of awesome erotica by talented authors who are not me. Here is the direct link to my story on their site: The Night Visitors


  1. excel again in producing the most erotic read that went from my eyes and through every part of my body, teasing me to the very end….and what a climax.
    I have to say I particularly liked this due to the wonderful description of the initial act of the older man, to kiss the feet and then let his lips slowly stray higher against the skin of the thigh. This is something I particularly enjoy to do – and then to see revealed to me a pair of wet panties and a girl with an urgent expression on her face. The tracing of the material of the panties with either my finger or tongue then is a delight and especially to watch the marble-like clit push it’s way through the fabric. At this point I normally would suck in the material and enjoy fully the taste and perfume of the girl and only after some time of this would rip the panties from her body.
    You described something so precious to me and so well, I am extremely grateful.
    The number of people that came into the room gave the dream fantasy basis of the story a wonderful dimension.
    I love it! 🙂

  2. Monolithicbrown said

    Loved it! 🙂

  3. ElsieFanny said

    This is an intriguing tease for her and your readers. I like the ambiguity of the beginning and end.

    I also thought the artwork was a good match for you. Is this your choice or theirs?

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