Library At Night

“Do you want me?”

We had been making out ever since the library had closed, over an hour ago. We’d been kissing, groping, ass-grabbing, snogging, and generally giggling like a pair of cub-scouts on their first sleepover.  We’d even photocopied various body parts, slipping the full-color scans into the pages of obscure texts, snorking at the thought of dusty old academics stumbling upon them months or years later.  Now we were sitting, holding hands, on the circulation desk, wearing nothing but our underwear: him in his tighty-whities, and me in my black boxers-briefs.

“Do you want me?”

Well, duh!  I thought the tent in the front of my undies made that answer perfectly clear.

“Do you want me?”

I wanted him so bad it literally hurt. My balls ached for him, and my cock was standing up and screaming out loud in penis semaphore: Yes Yes Yes!!

I’m not sure what ethnicity he was; his skin was the color of a frothy latte, his big brown eyes reminded me of almonds. An exotic cocktail of some sort: Thai? Black? Philippine? Columbian? Malaysian?  His black hair was whisper short and his ears were pointed, like a wood-elf or a Vulcan. He seemed young, young even for an undergraduate, but I couldn’t begin to guess his actual age.

“Do you want me?”


“Then you’ll have to catch me!”

He pushed off from the desk, sending a stapler and a cup of pencils flying, and took off running, away into the stacks. I ran after him, in hot pursuit.

The guy was born to run.  He was skinny, a little shorter than me, but equipped with lithe, muscular legs, and feet that barely seemed to touch the carpeted floor.  He wasn’t exactly ripped, but there wasn’t any fat at all on his body and I could see every delicious muscle, just like an illustration from an anatomy text.  Running, he reminded me of a gazelle: a joyful model of efficiency in motion. Me, I am a trifle stout, and thick around the middle, and my legs are rather short and stumpy.  There was no way I was going to catch up with him.

He was toying with me.  Teasing me.  Slowing down so he was almost within arm’s reach, than sprinting away, giggling and hooting, dancing just out of my grasp.  Turning around, skipping, grinning madly at me in the dim light of the night library.

He miscalculated, danced a little too close just once, stumbled slightly as he turned to flee.  I seized the chance, flinging myself at him.  I caught him around the waist and we both went tumbling down onto the scratchy beige carpet.

He squirmed, bit, and kicked, fighting to get away. He was strong, and slippery, like a giant weasel. I yanked down my boxer-briefs, freeing my long deprived and uber-excited cock, and shoved it into his face. He opened his mouth, swallowing me hotly and wetly.  It felt so good, after all that flirting and teasing. His tongue was a living thing, swirling around my shaft.  His full lips were sealed around my cock, sliding up and down my length.  He looked up at me, his big brown eyes sparkling with pleasure. I closed my eyes, giving myself over to him.  And then he darted away, jumping up and back, leaving me flopping and gaping and gasping.

I lunged after him, as he fled, and I almost had him. I got a hand on the waistband of his underwear as he wrenched away from me, and he kicked me in the jaw with his bare foot. I was left all alone, lying on the floor, with a hard wet dick, rubbing my chin; his white jockey shorts clasped in my hand as his cute brown butt receded into the distance in between the stacks.

I chased after him a little while, but I had to stop.  I was out of breath, sweating and panting, my heart thumping in my chest.  I came to a stop in front of one of the windows. The trees cast purple shadows on the blanket of snow on the grass. Anyone who happened to be out walking around the campus that night and who happened to look up would have seen me: sweaty and naked with my half-hard dick pointing straight out from underneath the round expanse of my belly.  From outside I must have looked like some kind of weird demented hobbit.  If people had any idea what went on in the library after dark… I decided to switch tactics.

Upstairs in the Classics section, I insinuated myself into the alcove underneath the bust of Pallas, and there I lurked.  It didn’t take long.

With soft little kitty-cat footsteps, I heard him pad up the stairs.  His footsteps approached my ambush slowly, softly, carefully.  I tried not to breathe too loud.

He crept into Classics, right past me in my not-very-subtle hiding place.  He stopped, just past me, seemed to hesitate, sniff the air.  He turned suddenly around and we made electric eye contact just as I pounced.

It was a textbook tackle, and this coming from a man who has never played a game of football in his entire life. He went sprawling underneath me, flattened under my bulk.

No struggling, no fighting this time, though I held his wrists pinned to the floor. I kissed him and he kissed me back, fiercely, defiantly, a wild animal at bay, but far from defeated.  I felt his hard penis pressing against my belly. My own cock was once again fully erect, hard, leaking, and ready for action.

It was almost unbearably sexy, lying with him on the library floor beneath volumes of Homer and Virgil and under the watchful eyes of Athena Pallas; my belly pressed up against his taut stomach, our dicks rubbing up against each other in a deliciously tantalizing erotic way. I finally lifted myself half up off him, observing what I had captured. He made no move to run away.

I still couldn’t tell what race or stock he might come from. He had a distinct tan-line, and from the looks of things he wore a lot skimpier bathing suit than I dared to; in any event his pale bits were still darker than any of my skin. His pointy elf-ears were flushed pinkish with excitement.  His nipples were chocolate chips, hard and brown and tiny. His belly button was nearly an outy, a twisted little knot peeking out from in between his ab muscles. He barely had any body hair at all; there were a few soft dark strands on his chest nestled between his pectorals, and a discrete little neatly trimmed triangle crowning his cock and balls.

His balls made me think of ripe fruit; full and juicy and ready to be eaten. His penis was standing erect, pointing eagerly up at me.  He wasn’t as big as me; his cock was narrower and a little shorter than my own, and had a curious 90° corkscrew twist to it.  The bulbous head was practically glowing red-hot.  It reminded me of a cherry tomato.  A big fat dewy drop of nectar balanced precariously on the tip of his penis, just about to dribble down onto his flat tummy.  Flicking my tongue like a hummingbird, I slurped the droplet off the scarlet head of his cock. It tasted like honey.

I straddled him. Capturing him between my thick, hairy thighs, I presented my own hard cock to his plump, full lips.  Opening his mouth wide, he gobbled me eagerly.

Oh my God, his mouth was hot!  His tongue felt like an otter, wriggling and writhing playfully all over my dick.  He made sexy popping and gurgling noises as he sucked me, my balls pressed up against his hairless chin.  It was about all I could do to not grab him by the ears and face fuck him until I shot off straight down his throat.

He was going to make me come if he kept that up.  I yanked my cock out of the warm wet confines of his mouth.  I was harder than I ever remembered.  My glistening wet dick seemed to quiver.  I figured I’d grown a good half inch or so just from his ministrations.

I scooped him up and flipped him over, so he was lying on his stomach.

He had a beautiful back and shoulders, all ropey and muscular. I slithered my way down each individual vertebra, kissing and licking my way down his body until my tongue found the cleft of his buttocks.

He sighed and wiggled his ass enticingly, arching his back and presenting his rear end to me, a supplication. I spread his cheeks apart, admiring the delicate skin, the darker pigment of his tiny crinkled anus, and the lighter, mocha color of the sensitive flesh leading up to his ball sac.  I stuck out my tongue and started licking his ass, teasing him at first, putting the tip of my tongue everywhere but his asshole, licking all the way from his tailbone to his balls and back, licking the inside of his cheeks, pausing to kiss his dangling cock, licking my way back up the inside of each butt cheek, smacking him playfully on the rear end before getting down to the real business of eating his ass out.

When I finally allowed my tongue to find its target, I felt his body stiffen and he half-moaned, half-sighed, a long, low guttural noise from the depths of his throat.  I gripped a muscular thigh in each hand and proceeded to tongue-fuck him.  His asshole opened right up for my tongue.  He tasted sexy: male and musky and clean.  I proceeded to jam my tongue as far up his butt as I could possibly manage. He humped back against my face as I worked, and his hard dick flapped merrily against his flat tummy.

Oh my God I was horny, hot and turned on!  The time for teasing was over.  I extracted my face from in between his butt cheeks, took my dick in hand, and took aim at his little brown hole.  Between his saliva and mine, the whole area was soaking wet and slippery.  Lube was not going to be a problem.  I nestled the head of my cock up against his tight little anus, feeling his heat, feeling his body’s trembling urgency.  I wanted to skewer him, shove my cock straight up the tight ring of muscle and posses him, fuck him hard fast and deep, fuck him until I came deep inside his ass.

“No, please! Not like that!” There was an urgency in his voice.  The head of my penis was nudged up against his almost painfully tight anus.  One more millimeter and I’d be inside him. “Please no,” he cried, “please don’t!”

Fuu-uuck…! I was balanced on a knife’s edge.  Paralyzed, neither one of us moved for a long, long moment.  I could feel his heart beating. He whimpered softly, “please…” I exhaled long and slow. I wanted to be inside him so badly. Fuu-uuck….

I pulled my cock away and redirected, sliding up and down the valley defined by his taut brown butt cheeks. My dick made sexy little squooshing noises as it thrust, sandwiched in between his muscular buns.  I managed to last four or five strokes before I was overcome, before I gave myself over to my orgasm.  It curled my toes, tingling electrically up my legs and exploded, pleasure washing over and through me as I shot off, squirting all over his sweaty back. I came and I came, until there was a pearly iridescent lake of come splashed all over his back. Then I finally collapsed stickily on top of him.

My soft dick was still wedged nicely between his ass cheeks.  We were both breathing hard.  I liked his sweaty smell.  My come squooshed in between us, glueing me to him.

“Do you want me now?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yes!” he replied from beneath me, “I want you so fucking bad!”

“Then you’ll have to catch me!”

And I was up and off, running all out, down the stairs, and into the stacks, and off into the darkness of the night library.



  1. Elsie….another wonderful piece of writing, Homoerotica is not an area that excites me (with men), but you cannot get away from the fact that your writing is just first class!!

    • elsiewrites said

      Thank you! One of my goals here at So Wrong is to touch on every genre of erotica at least once. I sincerely believe that sexual desire is universal, that the anatomical details are just that, details. It is fun for me to explore different point of views and orientations with my characters.

  2. LOVE it as always! 🙂

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