Barry’s Oasis

I snagged the first crap job that came my way, working the overnight shift at Barry’s Oasis, an independent filling station on Route 89, a couple miles out of town.  I picked up an used bicycle and a semi-furnished room in the basement of a sympathetic local chiropractor.  I closed my eyes, but I couldn’t sleep.  I tried to masturbate, but my cunt was dry as dust, and phantasmal redneck cops kept lurking on the edge of my imagination.

For a crap job, it really wasn’t half bad, except for the sleep deprivation, which gave me a constant upset stomach and a permanent feeling of jittery disorientation. I worked six nights a week, midnight to eight, with the occasional morning or afternoon shift thrown in just to spice things up.

Barry was a jack-Mormon with three different ex-wives and an epic beer belly that spilled out over his belt buckle and threatened to burst through his shirt.  Barry didn’t trust banks and dealt only in cash.  Every Sunday night he’d drop by in his Chevy Astro minivan and his black cowboy hat, open up the lock-box, and count out a stack of twenties.  That was our paycheck, and if it was short one or two bills from what we thought it should be, we knew better than to complain.  Barry didn’t trust dudes, he only ever hired chicks.  He hated black, gays, liberals, and Mexicans, and I was pretty sure he was dealing dope on the side.  Barry was a good old boy.

Tammy was my co-worker and nominal boss.  She was Barry’s ex-step daughter by way of his first marriage; she referred to him un-fondly as ‘Uncle Barry’.  She’d been working at the filling station almost two years and supposedly was night manager, but that didn’t mean she got paid any more than me.  She was seventeen, but looked twenty-five; and was close to being pretty in the same kind of way that David Bowie was close to being female.  She had almost-blonde hair, with bangs straight out of the ‘80s, hairsprayed into a wave, boobs that stuck out from under her coveralls like a pair of sno-cones, a sharp hatchet-face that usually looked angry even when she wasn’t, and a constellation of raised white scars all over her upper arms, neck and chest that looked like they had been put there with a knife.  Her highest ambition was to be a stripper in New York City.

There wasn’t much to do on the overnight shift.  Boredom was the hardest part of the job.  We didn’t get much car traffic because Barry didn’t take credit cards, and the big rigs knew better than to stop at the Oasis.  Occasionally a car would stop in, the driver too drunk or self-important to pump his own gas.  Other than that, we had to mop the floors; we had to pump a couple hundred gallons of regular over into the high-grade tank; we had to dump used motor oil into the sink-hole out back.  Otherwise, it was mostly just a matter of staying awake.  Sometimes one of us would watch the store while the other took a nap, but that was dangerous because it was all too easy for both of us to fall asleep, and there was no knowing how long we’d be out.  So mostly we sat around, drinking coffee (or in my case Diet Coke) while Tammy chain-smoked, and we talked.

“How’d you lose your virginity?” Tammy asked.  We were sitting outside on the curb underneath the No Smoking sign.  Tammy took her coffee black, no sugar.  She tossed her cigarette butt in the general direction of the self-serve island.  Above the mercury-vapor flood lights, a million stars stared down at us like silent witnesses.  I’d never been in a place with so many stars before.

“I was eighteen,” I said, “and it was in the front seat of my Honda Civic.  I was dating this guy JJ, a sophomore who was almost three years younger than me.  We were both virgins.  He had a really big dick, but I don’t think either of us realized just how big it was at the time.  Neither one of us had anything to compare it with.  JJ was very sweet and kind of shy and awkward, like an oversized puppy dog.  He was good.  I was his first ever girlfriend.  I taught him everything: how to kiss, how to touch me, how to lick… he was an eager student and a quick learner.”

I smiled at the memory of those orgasms in the dark inside of my car, JJ squatting between my thighs, my feet propped up on the dashboard, his tongue all over my clit while I writhed and wiggled in the purest ecstasy.  He’d get two or three of those long fingers up my pussy and another would be tormenting my asshole, and he’d just dance the tip of his tongue over my aching clitoris just the way I’d taught him.  He could do that for hours, he never seemed to get tired of it.  He’d make me come until I couldn’t come any more, leave me as limp as an unstrung marionette.

My pussy salivated at the memory.  I swished the sickly-brown liquid around the bottom of the cup, making the ice rattle.  “I got really good at sucking his dick,” I went on, “I mean I’d done it before, but I perfected my skills on JJ.  I got to where I could take the whole thing into my mouth; I got so I could suck him forever, keep him balanced right on the edge of coming without pushing him over the edge until I decided to.  Then he’d squirt his hot come into my mouth, he’d be practically weeping by this time and I’d just devour him, suck him all down until there was no more left to swallow…”

I was definitely moist by this time, wetter than I’d been in a lifetime.  My clit was poiking obnoxiously out.  I shifted the way I was sitting on the cement curb, surreptitiously squooshing my vulva, making my clitoris throb and pleasantly ache.

“I wanted him inside me.  He was nervous about it.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe he was scared of hurting me, maybe he was afraid he wouldn’t be good at it.  Maybe it was the last step for him toward becoming an adult and he didn’t feel ready.  I don’t know.  But I finally talked him into doing it with me.”

“We tried it with me lying on my back in the passenger seat and him climbing on top of me, but that felt really awkward and JJ was having trouble getting it in.” I smiled at that memory. “He kept rubbing his cock up and down my crotch, which felt amazing, but he couldn’t seem to find the hole.  It was driving me crazy.  I was about to reach down there, grab his dick and take matters into my own hands when all of a sudden his eyes got really wide, his body went all stiff and he choked out “Oh Shit” in this quiet little voice and then he squirted all over me.  It was more come than I’d ever seen: all over my pubes, my tummy, all the way up to my tits.  The stuff filled up my belly button and ran over the sides, it oozed down into my pussy.  JJ was mortified, stammering apologies even as his dick dripped more semen onto me.  He was embarrassed, terrified that I’d be pissed.  I thought it was funny and cute, and kind of sexy too.”

Tammy lit another cigarette.  I seemed to have her full attention.  The night was dead still.  We could hear the trucks away on the interstate, and the occasional whir of a bat buzzing by the big Oasis sign. There was nothing else.

“We made out for a while, and I made clear to JJ that I wasn’t angry at him, and he started to relax.  Then I went down on him until his dick was nice and hard again.  When he was fully erect, dick straining upward and quivering at my touch, we traded places.  This time he lay on his back in the passenger seat and I clambered up on top of him.  I took his cock in both hands and aimed.  It was trickier than I had imagined.  Finally I got us positioned right.  I guided the head of his cock in between my hungry lips.  It felt incredibly good right there in the doorway to my cunt.  My clit seemed to bulge out like a mini-hard-on of my own.  I could have easily gotten off just like that.  I bore down on him, trying to get the whole pulsating, living thing up inside me.  It hurt more than I had thought it would.  I could feel myself tearing, but even so I kept at it, lowering my body gingerly down onto his girth.  His eyes were wide, like an owl.  I couldn’t believe how fucking wet I was.  The deeper in I got, the more intense the pleasure was and the pain sort of faded away into the background.  And then he was all the way in, I could feel his balls up against my thighs, his pubes were mashed up with mine.  I started rocking back and forth on him, like I was riding a bull, building up to this massive come.  His big hands were squeezing my ass.  I reached down and started rubbing my clit, the whole area down there was just soaked in my juice, and that sent me.  I came harder than I’d ever come before.  I think I screamed.  I collapsed onto his sweaty bare chest, covering him in kisses.  I didn’t realize for a little while he’d come too, at the same time as me.”

“I bled like something out of a horror film.  I was on maxi-pads for like a week, walking bow-legged the whole time, but it was worth it.  He fucked me three or four more times after that.  I was training him up right, he was starting to get real good at it.  Then out of nowhere, JJ dumped me for a girl his own age.  My period came late, but at least it came.  I almost gave myself an ulcer waiting for it.”

“Nice,” Tammy said, grinding out her cigarette.  “Too bad he was a douche to you.”

“It’s ok.  I got over it.”

“Have you ever masturbated at work?”

“No.  Never.”

“I do it all the time.” Tammy smiled a crooked little smile.  “The girl who used to work here before you, we used to do it together sometimes, sitting across from each other right in the aisle.  She was a black chick.  It was pretty hot.”

Before I could even say anything, she shucked off her gray coveralls, and pulled the t-shirt off over her head.  She was wearing a plain beige bra and rainbow-striped panties.  She unsnapped her bra.  The words ‘Love Always’ were tattooed across her breasts in spidery blotchy blue letters.  Grinning wide, she slithered her panties down.  Where I’d expected to see a bush the same dishwater color as the hair on her head, there was nothing down there but soft bare skin.  Thick, purple labia flopped out of her pussy.  A clear string of wetness seeped out like a strand of spider web.  I could see her pink clit.

She did it right in front of me, legs spread wide apart, right there in the open on the cement curb under the harsh glare of the mercury vapor lights.  She held her cunt open with two fingers, making her clit stand out like a pencil eraser.  As I watched, enthralled, she spread her wetness slowly up and down, up and down, coating her entire vulva.  One finger started drawing little circles around her clitoris, slowly at first then faster and faster.  She locked eyes with me, biting down hard on her lower lip, and plunged two fingers deep into her pussy while her other hand kept busy, a hummingbird on her clit.  Her stomach heaved and contracted, and she lifted her naked ass up off the cement, fingers buried to the knuckle in her juicy cunt, her face a rigid mask of ecstasy.

When she was all done, she licked her fingers clean, like a fastidious cat, and lazily pulled her shirt and coveralls back on.  It was getting early.  The sky in the east was glowing pink.  To my sleep deprived eyes, all the colors seemed lurid and intense.   There were cars on the road now.  Our rush hour, such as it was, was about to begin.

“Shit man, I really needed that.  Thanks.” Tammy winked at me.  “’scuse me now while I go powder my nose…” She left me there sitting on the curb, horny and paralytic, as the first SUV rolled up to the full-service island.

That afternoon, in the stuffy semi-dark of my basement apartment, I tried to whack off.  My pussy was plenty wet, but I couldn’t quite push myself over that edge.  All I got was frustrated and sore.


“I saw Uncle Barry fucking another girl once, back when he was still married to my mother.”

It was just after two in the morning.  We hadn’t had a customer in over an hour, and we’d decided the floor could just mop its damn self.  We were sitting out back next to the dumpster, looking out over the sink hole, and the surreal nightscape of the desert beyond.

“I came home from school and my mom was still at work and Barry’s van was parked in the driveway.  I could hear them from all the way outside.  It sounded like someone was being murdered.  I stuck my head in the front door.  No one was there.  The noise was coming from the kitchen.”

Tammy got up, poured herself a fresh cup of coffee, snagged a pack of Camels from behind the counter.  I was sipping Diet Coke out of a straw.

“They were both naked.  He had this girl kneeling on a kitchen chair, bent over the back of it, her hair all over her face.  She wasn’t that much older than me.  I thought I recognized her, I thought she was in high school.  He was fucking her up the butt.  I had a really good view.  Her pussy was wide open, she was playing with herself while he fucked her.  She was screaming really loud, her throat sounded all raw, and he was pulling on her hair, but I didn’t think she was hating it one bit.  She had really big boobs and they were shaking and jiggling all over the place while they went at it.  Uncle Barry had these fat balls that hung down and slapped against her hairy pussy every time he shoved his dick into her.  All of a sudden he throws his head back and yells something like ‘HOLY SHIT I’M COMING! TAKE IT BITCH!!’ and he yanks his dick out of her ass and pumps it really hard in his hand and then he squirted white stuff all over her back.  She was breathing super hard and raspy and I knew exactly what her fingers were doing between her legs, I could even hear them squooshing in her cunt. “

She took a long drag off her cigarette.  “I thought it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.  I stuck my hand down my pants and found out that my pussy was sopping wet.  It was wet like I’d peed myself.  While they calmed down and cleaned up and disentangled themselves, I made myself scarce.  I slipped out of the house and went for a long walk.  By the time I got back, Barry’s van was gone and the house was empty.”

“My friend Vanessa and me had been fooling around for a while already.  It had started off with us comparing bodies, checking out each other’s junk, and it was all pretty much downhill from there.  You know.  We started with kissing, touching, exploring, and before you knew it, we were both sucking pussy and licking clit like a couple of grade-A junior dykes.”  She grinned, and stuck out her tongue lewdly at me.  “Its funny, I always thought it would taste gross, but it turns out I didn’t mind it one bit.  I got really good at doing it, too.  I used to go over to her house, tell our moms we were doing homework, and then we’d lick each other out for hours on end.  I got to where I could make her come so hard, just using my tongue.  She’d be chewing her arm off trying to keep from screaming.  Her mom would be watching TV in the other room, and I’d have my head in between Vanessa’s long skinny legs, licking her sweet little twat like a dog at a water bowl, making her come and come and come again until she was sobbing, ‘til her whole body was shaking.”

“I was so jealous of Vanessa, that she could come like that.  I pretended to have one sometimes, to make her feel like she was accomplishing something, or just to get her to stop when it got to be too much, but really, even though what she was doing felt nice, I was pretty sure I’d never had an orgasm.  Maybe a little tingly feeling, but definitely nothing that would make me want to writhe and kick and scream.  I tried masturbating, but that was even worse.  It was like being on a roller coaster that only went up and up, and never over the hump and down.”

“So anyway, that same night after I caught Barry and that chick going at it, I went over to Vanessa’s house to do some ‘studying’.  I made her come so hard she fell off the bed and we both got the giggles something awful.  It’s a good thing her mom didn’t come check up on us… Vanessa was naked from the waist down, and my face was all slimy with her come.”

“When she went down on me, I asked Vanessa to stick the handle of her hairbrush up my butt.  She was all like, ‘Are you sure?  Really? Eww…’, but she went ahead and did it.  I think she was just as curious as me, really.  She got me all nice and wet with her tongue, then I rolled over and got on all fours on her bed, and she stuck that thing right up my asshole.  She wasn’t as gentle as she should have been, and when she jammed it in, I almost freaked out, almost couldn’t take it.  But then my body relaxed, and she pushed it the rest of the way in.  It felt weird in there, not bad at all.  Vanessa got the giggles all over again.  But then she started licking my cunt and playing with the hairbrush stuck up my ass, and I knew I had struck gold.  I just started fiddling my clit while she licked and butt-fucked me, and it happened.  It really was like fireworks, I just slipped over the edge, it felt like my body was exploding, it seemed to go on forever and ever.  I really was screaming into the bed sheets, and her mom did come and check up on us this time.  ‘We’re fine mom, just fooling around!’  Getting the hairbrush out was trickier than getting it in in the first place, and there was a little poop on the end.”

Tammy tossed her cigarette butt into the sinkhole and lit a new one.  “I think that really grossed her out.  It’s funny.  I’d go down on her whenever she wanted, even at school, even when she was on the rag, I didn’t care.  I’d even lick her asshole sometimes.  She loved that, but she wouldn’t admit it.  She’d never do that to me… I guess she thought it was weird or something.  But she sure loved having it done to her.  Then she goes and dumps me for the first guy who asks her out.  She dropped out of school.  Now she’s got a little girl of her own.”

“So what about you?” Tammy asked, blowing a white cloud of cigarette smoke into the night air, “Have you ever fooled around with another girl?”

“Oh once or twice,” I said, “My last real girlfriend developed this nasty habit of forging checks and got us in a heap of trouble.”

“Really? Do tell…”

“The cops busted us right in the middle of getting in on.  They banged in the door of her trailer, I don’t know if they had a warrant or anything, it doesn’t matter now.  Four big fat redneck cops, guns drawn like we were dangerous or something.  One of them was female, I remember thinking she had huge breasts.  They were there to arrest Marla, turns out she had written over a hundred thousand dollars in bad checks.  But first they wanted to see some action.

“Marla had been going down on me when they busted the door in, and they were all ‘Oh no, don’t stop, don’t mind us!’  I was sprawled out on the bed, totally naked, and Marla was just wearing panties, nothing else.  They all stood over us while she licked and fingered me, making nasty comments and laughing.  They all still had their guns out.  I don’t know about Marla, but I was freaked out, so scared I was shaking, sick to my stomach.  I couldn’t come, but her tongue was driving me ape shit!  This went on for what felt like forever, and by the end I was squirming and gibbering with frustration, which amused the cops to no end.”

“Then the lady cop found our toy box (‘searching for evidence’, she called it) and they rooted through our stuff, hooting and snorting at our toy collection, calling us ‘Lesbo Preverts’ and ‘Demented Little Bull Dykes’.  It was humiliating.  In the end they made me put on our strap-on, and handcuffed Marla to the kitchen sink.  The female cop yanked Marla’s panties down around her ankles.  Then one of the guy cops made me stick a butt-plug, lubed up with dish soap up her ass, and then they made me fuck her from behind while they all watched.”

“Marla was sobbing, weeping into the sink at this point, but her pussy was also super-wet, and I knew she was really turned on too.  The cops were all pointing their pistols at us, shouting ‘Faster!  Harder!  Fuck her!  Fuck the shit out of that little cunt!” So I did.  I fucked her as hard as I could.  The harder I fucked her, the louder the cops shouted and the more Marla cried, until the end, she was screaming hysterically, slamming back against my every thrust.  Between the two of us, we were about as wet as Lake Michigan.  I could feel the juices running down my legs.  I could tell Marla was right on the edge of coming, and then I realized that I was going to come too.  I’d never had an orgasm from fucking her before, but between the friction from the base of the dildo bumping up against my clit, and the sheer intensity of the situation, the cops all screaming at us with their guns still out; it just pushed me over the edge.  I grabbed Marla’s hips and jammed, as hard as I could.  Somewhere I was still aware of the cops and their guns, I think at least one of them had his dick out, and I was distantly aware of Marla rocking her way through an orgasm, but mostly I was just coming.”

“I think I blacked out a little bit, it was that intense.  The orgasm just rolled straight through me, and all I could do was hang on for the ride.  It was like a massive thunderstorm inside of me.  My nipples felt like they were going to pop right off my tits.  When I was finally done gasping and shaking, we were still surrounded by chortling cops, and Marla was a limp mass slumped into our sink.  The cops un-cuffed her, and let us pull some underwear on; then they handcuffed us both and threw us in the back of a squad car and drove us down to the station.  It was the last time that Marla and I were together.”

“They took her away somewhere, and threw me into a holding cell with a bunch of drunk housewives and hookers.  I sat in there all that night and all the next day, and then they released me.  Marla ended up going to prison.  I haven’t been able to get off, not at all, since that all happened.”

“Wow,” Tammy said, tossing the dregs of her coffee into the sink hole.  “That’s pretty fucked up.”

“Its ok,” I said, “I’m getting over it.”

“I had an abortion when I was fifteen,” she said, “I never told my mother.  Barry drove me to a clinic across the state line.”

We sat together in the dark for a long while, just sitting and listening to the night.  I could feel her body heat next to me.  I wasn’t exactly attracted to her, but I wondered, just wondered if…

And then a car pulled into the station and the spell was broken.  We got up and went out front.  A blue sedan was sloppily parked in front of the self-serve island.  We watched the guy fill his tank.  He was stumbling drunk; he had no business walking, never mind driving.  He went in and paid Tammy, went back to his car, came back and asked for the key to the bathroom.  I could smell the booze on his breath from across the floor.

While he was retching loudly in the men’s room, Tammy went through the contents of his wallet.  She extracted five twenties; gave me two, and tossed his wallet into the backseat of his car.  When the guy finally emerged from the bathroom, he returned the key, thanked us, and drove away into the night.

Tammy fetched us two Budweiser tall boys out of the cooler.  We sat out back and drank them together.  “Do you mind if I whack off?” she asked.  I didn’t mind at all.


I tried to masturbate again that day, but when I tried to picture Tammy’s head between my thighs, all I could see was those fat cops.  And they all had Barry’s fleshy pockmarked face.  I finally gave up in disgust and wrapped myself around a bottle of cheap red wine.

I was an hour late for work, and viciously hung over.  The bike ride in helped me sweat some of it out, but I was still hurting when I finally rolled into the oasis at one in the morning.  I was queasy and my eyeballs hurt and the world sort of shimmered through a vibrato haze.  I thought I might just vomit.  It was payday, and Barry’s tan Chevy Astro was parked by the door.  I had been afraid that I might have missed him, and missed getting paid for the week.  He might give me shit for showing up late, might well dock my pay, but at least I’d have cash in my pocket.

Barry was sprawled out on the tile floor, his white seersucker pants down around his ankles, his black Stetson sitting underneath the rack of Pringles and candy bars.  Under the blue glare of the fluorescents his skin looked like it was made of rubber.  His eyes were wide open and staring, but he wasn’t moving at all.  He wasn’t even breathing.  His cock was still erect, like a weird little mushroom sprouting pinkly from his hairy crotch.  It may not have been all that tiny in reality, but it was dwarfed by his massive beer belly and his pendulous ball sac.

Tammy was leaning against the counter, smoking a cigarette.  There were three fat lines of powdery white cocaine on the glass next to the register.

“He had a heart attack.  Or a stroke or whatever.  What’s the difference anyway?”

We opened up the lockbox.  There was close to eight thousand dollars in there.  We split it down the middle, even-steven.  Tammy took the contents of his wallet, a couple hundred bucks, a fat zip-lock full of blow, and the keys to Barry’s Astro.  She kissed me on the cheek, wished me luck, and took off in the van, headed for the interstate.

I watched her taillights until they disappeared into the night.

The winds of change were blowing in from the east along with the rising sun.  My head finally felt clear.  I biked back to the chiropractor’s house, past eerie spectral images of scrub pine and cottonwood, wreathed in shadow.  I hurriedly packed up a little backpack with a change of clothes, extra socks and underwear, some letters and my notebooks.  Grabbed my toothbrush and some tampons.  Then I ditched the bike into a drainage ditch,   hiked all the way over to the Trailways station in town, and bought myself a bus ticket.

I got on the first bus that pulled in, and I didn’t get off again until I was Someplace Else.



  1. This writing is unreal…fantastic. More than anything you are a great writer!! I am thrilled at finding this blog, and astounded at the quality of the writing.
    I wonder how long it took you to write this story, and also if any parts are autobiographical.
    Outstanding….thank you so much!!!!

    • elsiewrites said

      Thank you! This one took about three weeks. The first draft came really quickly, then there was proofreading, percolating,editing, re-reading, and a little more editing. I’m glad you enjoyed the final product! I don’t think there are any real autobiographical elements in this one.

  2. Nice story!

  3. ElsieFanny said

    Your stories often leave your readers to wonder about what would happen after the stories conclude, but I can’t recall another one where you leave so many things to wonder about both in the back-story and in what will happen afterward. (For example: why the white scars; who got Tammy pregnant; what was Barry doing with Tammy other than coke that left him half-naked and hard as well as dead; and will the narrator ever be healed enough to come again?) There is too much emotional damage for this to be a fun sexy read, but it is well-written as always, and it will give me something to think about the next time I am on some long drive between national parks or whatever along U.S. 89. Thanks, and I am glad to know that there isn’t anything autobiographical to this one..

  4. SamWright077 said

    If the Coen brothers wrote porn flicks, they’d be these.
    Keep it up.

    • elsiewrites said

      High praise indeed!

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