Linguini Puttanesca

I was just pulling the lasagna out of the oven, when I heard the front door open and shut.

“Hi Honey, I’m home!”

That was code.  That particular phrase meant Amy had not come home alone.  My nipples stiffened and my pussy twitched in anticipation.  I wondered what her latest toy would be like.

I set the dish down on the counter to cool and went out into the front room, where they were standing, dripping onto the hardwood floor.  Amy was helping the new girl off with her streaming rain jacket.

Oh, this one was cute! She had a mass of curly blondish-reddish hair that was sweetly straggly and damp at the moment.  She had these enormous brown eyes with long dark lashes.  Her makeup was a little smeared.  She had a curvy figure, and nice meaty hips.  I could see her bra inside her white button-down shirt.  She caught me checking out her bust and looked down shyly.  She was wearing pink corduroy pants.  She was young, college-aged.  Early college aged.  She probably went to the university where Amy taught and I worked.  I wondered if she was a student in one of Amy’s classes.  Most likely.

Did she have any idea what she was getting into?

The dvd I’d ordered had come in the mail.  Amy stuck it in the player while I served up lasagna and poured wine.  Skeevy- looking Eastern European dudes with greasy hair and oversized cocks were skewering various pale-skinned big-bosomed American chicks.  As we all sat on the couch and ate dinner, a pretty young thing was fucked in her mouth, her cunt, and her asshole all at the same time.  To all appearances, she was enjoying the hell out of it.  I know I was.  My panties were sticky and wet, and I was all too aware of New Girl on the far side of the couch.  I was dying to know what was going on inside those pink corduroy trousers.

“Do you guys… uh, watch a lot of this kind of stuff?”

“Oh yeah,” Amy answered, mouthful of hot pasta, “Most of the girl-on-girl stuff is just too softcore.”  A girl on the screen was busy jamming two jumbo cocks up her asshole.  She couldn’t have been older than eighteen.  Where do you learn to do that kind of thing?

Right after dinner, New Girl politely excused herself.  She had class in the morning, she had to study, whatever…  She pulled together her things and hustled for the front door.

Amy got there first, and intercepted her with a kiss right on the lips.  New Girl seemed stiff and shocked at first, but quickly melted into her arms.  They kissed for a long time, standing by the door, lips pressed together, lost in a world of their own.  Amy’s hand found New Girl’s generous ass, and squeezed her through her pink pants.  New Girl wrapped her arms around Amy’s shoulders, pressing herself even closer against my girlfriend.  They looked absolutely delicious together.

Later on that night, we lay in bed together, basking in the warm afterglow of a righteous fuck session.  We were tucked in together like a pair of spoons, her small firm boobs squooshed against my shoulder blades, her tidy black bush pressed up against my butt, one arm draped around me, playing idly with my still wet and slippery cunt.

“What was the new girl’s name again?” I asked sleepily.

“Laura.” Amy sounded smug.

“Do you think she’ll ever come back, or did we scare her away for good?”

“Oh, she’ll be back.  She’s definitely coming back.”

Two days later, Amy didn’t seem so confident about it.  She seemed positively distraught.  Which was kind of ok by me, because when Amy gets distraught, she tends to go on cleaning binges.

That Saturday we were hanging out on the couch in out jammies, sipping coffee and watching old Scoobie Doo cartoons and giggling about Daphne, and what we’d do to her given half a chance, when there was a nervous tap at the door.  It was such a quiet tap I almost missed it, but Amy was all over it.  She sprang the door like a rat trap.

It was Laura, looking cuter than cute in a little purple cami top, soft and baggy blue jeans, and a black beret that was perched on top of her blondish mass of curls.  Her cheeks were all fat and puffy like a chipmunks’, and her nose was a little button.

“Oh, hi Amy,” she said, eyeing me nervously.  (‘Honey,’ I thought, ‘It ain’t me you gotta be worried about.’)  “I was just wondering if I could hang out…?”

Amy went straight into full-on Queen Bitch From Hell mode.  It’s always amazing to watch; it happens so fast, it’s like someone throws a Frankenstein switch inside her.  You could almost see the electricity coursing through her slender body.

“HANG OUT?  You want to hang out?!  Tell you what Sweet Cheeks, I wanna see those titties of your hanging out!”

“Um, I don’t know…”

“Ok, fine!” Amy snarled, “don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out then.”

Laura stood, hesitant in the open doorway.  Her lips seemed to tremble.  Then she sort of half-shrugged, and pulled her cami off over her head.  Her boobies really were gorgeous: grapefruit sized, symmetrical, round and perky, with big pale areola, and little upturned nipples.

Amy contemptuously flicked one of those nipples with her middle finger and I involuntarily flinched.

“Do you want to lick my pussy Laura?” Amy asked sweetly.

“Oh God, YES!”   Laura dropped to her knees right on the doorstep and started fumbling with the drawstring of Amy’s jammies.   A guy walking past on the sidewalk did a double take, took a few steps and did a triple-take.

“Oh no,” Amy said, taking a step back, “You haven’t earned the right to lick my pussy yet.  Why don’t you just come on in?”

Underneath her baggy blue jeans, Laura was wearing a skimpy pair of black bikini panties.  These were soon lying on our living room floor.

Laura stood naked in between the sofa and the tv, looking beautiful and vaguely self-conscious.  I don’t know how she could do that; I can’t deal with being naked in front of strangers.  I even get uncomfortable changing in the gym locker room.

She did have a lovely body though.  Her breasts seemed to defy gravity; she had little ears, full lips; a sweet, rounded stomach, and her fluffy pubic hair was the same golden red color as the hair on her head.  Her legs were thick and shapely.  ‘I wouldn’t mind’, I thought to myself, ‘Exploring those curves a little on my own…’  I realized that I was staring hungrily, and that my pussy was getting all moist and excited.  Fortunately Amy didn’t notice me drooling.  She was really on a tear.

“The first thing you need, Little Miss Thang, is a good sound spanking.”  Amy kind of reminds me of a cat: a sleek, lithe black cat.  She isn’t tall, but she looks it.  Her body is spare, lean, compact, from her petite little boobs to her tight little butt.  She’s an amazing lover, and my best friend, but she’s also a little scary.

“What did I do wrong?” Laura asked, looking a little panicky.

“Oh, nothing in particular,” Amy said, “I just want to put you in your place.”

Laura got down on her hands and knees on our hardwood floor, boobs hanging down, curly blonde hair falling all over her face.  She had a really gorgeous plump pale ass.


And then there was a big red handprint on one of those sweet, virginal cheeks.

“Ow!  Hold on, that really hurt!”


And then there were two livid red handprints on Laura’s butt, one on each cheek.

“Ow!  God, I’m serious.  That really stings!”

“I know.” Amy said, “Now start counting out loud.  If you lose track, we’re starting over.”

Her boobs and butt-cheeks jiggled delightfully every time Amy landed a blow.  Tears were streaming down her face, but Laura kept her teeth gritted fiercely and made it almost all the way up to twenty before she completely broke down sobbing and begging Amy to stop.  Her ass was a mess; rosy red and covered in raised, hand-shaped welts.

Amy gave her a break to go use the bathroom and get cleaned up.

“So whaddya think?” she gushed at me, “Isn’t she just the cutest little thing ever?”

I could only agree, mutely nodding my head so my voice wouldn’t betray me.

When Laura came out of the bathroom, Amy fastened a black leather choker around her neck.  “You’ll wear this” she announced, “As long as you continue to be with me.  It will symbolize your submission and your devotion to me.”

Laura sure looked really fetching, standing there all naked with that black collar around her neck.

When Amy told her to get down on her knees, she knelt, just like a good little slave girl.  Amy had brought our toy chest out of the bedroom.  She selected one, a red silicone vaguely penis-shaped number, and started it vibrating.

“Here you go Sugarplum,” Amy cooed, rubbing the end of the buzzing vibrator up and down Laura’s furry pouting slit, “Open wide!”

She slid the toy straight up Laura’s wet pussy, and I had a fantastic view of it too.  Her cunt seemed to hungrily devour the toy.  I could see her wetness oozing out.  I could see her little pink clit.  It was really fucking hot.

“Now then,” Amy went on, selecting a large chrome butt-plug out of the box, “Do you take it in the ass?”

I wouldn’t have thought it possible for someone to blush when she was kneeling naked in front of a pajama-clad domme and her girlfriend; naked, collared, with a big buzzing toy shoved up her puss; but blush Laura did, bright and red.  “Oh, um… I’ve never…”

“Well now you’re going to…” Amy was slathering the metallic toy in lube.  She spread Laura’s poor abused butt-cheeks apart.  Her anus looked tiny and vulnerable like, well, like a pink little rosebud.  I wasn’t at all sure that toy was going to fit up there.

Amy ran the tip of the toy up and down Laura’s butt-crack, finally pressing it up against her crinkled little asshole.

“Um,” Laura said nervously, “I’m not so sure that things’ gonna fi… EEEEP!!”

Amy grabbed a fistful of Laura’s curly locks, and then jammed the butt-plug straight up her ass.  The red vibrator threatened to pop right out of Laura’s cunt.  “Fuuuuck!”  she reached between her legs, hurriedly sliding it back up inside.

Smiling beatifically, Amy retrieved a bottle of red nail polish from the side table.  “You Lucky Duck,” she addressed Laura, “you get to paint my toenails for me!  Do a nice job now.  And if either one of those toys pop out while you’re working, you can just get dressed and get your sweet tush out of here.  And don’t bother coming back either.”

So we sat on the couch sipping our coffee and watching Velma, Daphne and the gang while poor Laura did an absolutely faultless job of painting Amy’s toes Ravishing Red; at the same time managing to keep her pussy and asshole sufficiently clenched to keep either of the toys from popping out.  I was impressed.

When Laura had finally blown her toes dry, Amy relented.  She removed the butt-plug and vibrator and patted our girl fondly on the head.  “You can get dressed now,” she said, “Be back here tomorrow night at eight.  Don’t even think about being late.”

As soon as the door closed behind her, Amy was all over me, practically ripping my pajamas off my body.  “Isn’t she hot?!  Isn’t she sweet?!  Isn’t she sexy?!  And she’ll do anything I tell her to!!”  Amy’s fingers found my cunt, which was, by this time, absolutely drenched.

Her long clever fingers treated me so nicely it would have been selfish not to return the favor with my tongue.  We didn’t even leave the couch until mid-afternoon.

When Laura came by the next day, I was in the kitchen, whipping up a chicken pesto thing with sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts.  It was a recipe that had been handed down to me from my grandmother.  I turned the gas down to a simmer and slipped over to the bedroom to watch the action.

Laura stood at attention at the foot of the bed, looking soft and lovely and naked in nothing but her black leather collar.  Amy was lounging on top of the sheets in jeans and a black t-shirt.

“Do you want to see me naked?” Amy asked, “Do you want to see my pussy?”

“Oh yes!” Laura replied earnestly, “Oh yes please!”

“Good answer.”  Amy shucked off her tight jeans and stretchy t-shirt.  As usual she was wearing nothing underneath.  Her pretty little labia pouted out underneath her fine black triangle of pubic hair, and her nipples stuck out excitedly.

“Oh my goodness!” Laura gasped, “You look delicious!  I seriously cannot wait to lick that kitty of yours!”

“Well,” Amy said, “You’re just going to have to wait a little longer.”  She got up off the bed and retrieved her whacking stick from the corner where it was leaning.  Amy’s whacking stick is a thin piece of bamboo, about the length of a pool cue, but more flexible.  I’ve seen what it can do, and I winced in advance on Laura’s behalf.

“Here,” she said, handing the stick to Laura, “Balance this on your head… good girl!”

She climbed back onto the bed, spreading her long skinny legs wide, petting her little pussy up and down.  “Like what you see?  Good.  You can masturbate too, you know.  Just don’t come.  One little orgasm and your pretty white butt is out of here!  Here, use this.”

She reached over to the bedside table and tossed Laura one of our vibrators, a pink ridged one with a delicious upward curve to it.  Laura caught the toy, but in the process the whacking stick fell off her head and landed on the floor with a clatter.  Uh-oh.

“Well, that’s one!” Amy stopped fingering herself and lazily licked her fingers clean.  “Would you like it across your tits or on your butt?”  Laura’s behind was a grotesque Rorschach blot of purple and blue bruises from the previous day.

“Um,” she said hesitantly, “on the boobs, I guess.”

“Excellent!” Amy sprung out of bed and picked the switch up off the floor.  “Stand against the wall and clasp your hands behind your neck.”

Laura looked nervously over at me, and then complied.

WHISH! The switch carved an arc through the air.  CRACK!  I grimaced, gritting my teeth in sympathy, but I couldn’t look away.

Laura fell to her knees, clutching her breasts and wailing incoherently.  Amy let her weep and writhe for a long minute.

“Up!” she said, “Get back up.”  She handed Laura the vibrator, and placed the stick carefully back on her head, where it wobbled precariously.  “As you were.  Please, do continue.”  And she climbed back onto the bed, dipping her long fingers back inside her wet, swollen, excited little pussy.

Tears were still streaming down Laura’s face.  There was a livid red line across her breasts, precisely intersecting one of her nipples, narrowly missing the other.  A few scarlet drops of blood leaked out along the edges of the wound.  She was watching Amy masturbate as if she were hypnotized, slowly drawing little circles on her cunt with the humming pink vibrator.

Amy was very obviously enjoying the show.  Her pussy was spread wide open and was soaking wet, the black hairs slick with her juice.  Her clit stood out like a fat pink marble.  She slid two fingers up inside herself, all the way up to the knuckles.  She seemed to savor the sensation.  “Go on,” she told Laura, “put it up inside.”

Laura slid the buzzing toy slowly and carefully up her own pussy.  There was a clatter as the switch fell off her head once more.

“Oh dear,” Amy said, grinning like a cat, “Well, that’s two.  Turn around and face the wall dear.”

Wide-eyed and trembling, Laura did as she was told.  I couldn’t watch.  I closed my eyes.  There was another SWISH! CRACK! and then a piteous howl of misery from Laura.  When I opened my eyes she was once again standing at the foot of the bed, trying to get the whacking stick to balance atop her head.  Amy had three fingers up her own juicy pussy and was rubbing her clit delightedly.

Laura achieved balance with the switch, and again picked up the vibrator and carefully inserted it.  Her own pussy was literally dripping wet.  A long, silvery strand of come leaked out of her like a spiders’ web.

I couldn’t watch any more.  I left the bedroom and went into the study and turned on the computer.  I sat down to do some writing and tried to ignore the noises coming from our bedroom.  Amy is the most multi-orgasmic girl I’ve ever met, and she can be quite vocal about it.  Some of the screaming was Amy getting off; the other thinner, more ragged screams were the suffering of Laura.  It was distracting, to say the least.  I couldn’t write a damn thing, so I gave up trying and just surfed porn.

A fully-dressed and defeated-looking Laura emerged from the bedroom a couple hours later, followed by a naked and triumphant-looking Amy.  “Come back Friday morning!” she told Laura brightly, “And do try not to sit down too much between now and then!”

She turned to me: “You.  Bed.  Now!”

I swear, that woman has the tongue of a freaking iguana!  She knows exactly how to lick me, and which buttons to push.  I was already turned on, between the internet porn and the scene she and Laura had just done, I was really primed; and Amy made the most of it.  She licked me inside and out, had me begging her to finish me, and when she finally brought me off, it was explosive.  I collapsed on the bed underneath her, a big sweaty sticky mess.

“Oh My God that was so hot!” Amy lounged next to me, curled up against my body like a housecat.  “I think I’m going to make her shave her head.”

“Oh Amy, but she has beautiful hair!”

“Well yes she does, doesn’t she…  We’ll give it to a cancer survivor for a wig.”

“That’s horrible!  Why would you do that to her?”

“Because I can.  It’s so sexy!  I’ll shave her head,” she said decisively, “and then I’ll fuck her up the ass with my strap-on.  And then maybe I’ll let her lick my little kitty.”

Man, Amy really was hell on wheels.

On Friday morning when Laura showed up, I kept myself busy in the kitchen.  I tried to ignore the noises emanating from the bedroom.  My pussy, however, refused not to listen.  My clit was obnoxiously swollen and perky inside my pants.

I heard Amy go to the bathroom.  “Oooh Laura, could you come in here for one second?” she called sweetly.

“I tried to pee standing up,” I heard her say, “and I guess I made a bit of a mess… would you be a dear and clean up for me?”

“No!  Not like that!  Silly girl, put the sponge down.  Now get down on your knees and use your tongue… that’s a good girl!”

Amy poked her head into the kitchen, fully-dressed and chipper looking.  She had a lecture class that afternoon.  “I’ve got to go teach.  Would you mind handcuffing our play girl to the coat rack in the closet for me when she’s done?”

She kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my boob.

“See you later on,” I said, “Good luck!”

Laura was down on her hands and knees next to the toilet.  There was a good sized puddle next to the toilet.  Laura was actually licking the black tiled floor.  Amy’s an amazing woman, she has an incredibly hot body and she’s a tornado in bed, but I can’t imagine putting up with that kind of crap just to sleep with her.  But then again, she’s never asked me to.  She calls me her little vanilla cookie.

A dildo with a long horsehair tail was buried in Laura’s butt.  It waved fetchingly whenever she moved.  The bruises on her bottom were fading, but a half-dozen wicked lines from the whacking stick criss-crossed both buttocks and looked like they’d be marking her for a while still.

“You don’t have to do that anymore,” I said, “Come on, have a cup of coffee.  I’ll clean that up with a mop later on.”

Laura looked up at me gratefully.  Her frizzy blonde hair had fallen forlornly across her face.  “Really?  That would be so awesome…  Do you have any herbal tea?”

I made myself another cup of joe, and brewed Laura a hot cup of Lemon Zinger.  We sat together in the kitchen.  She was still naked, and she still had the dildo crammed up her ass.  My clit wasn’t about to let me forget it either.

“So,” she said, “are you going to handcuff me in the closet now?”

“Only if you want me to.”

“Gosh,” she bit her lip and stretched, which made her boobs stand up even more.  The purple bruise from Amy’s stick looked somehow deliciously sexy on her big round tits.  “You know, I haven’t had normal sex in so long, I don’t even remember what it feels like…”

“You mean with a guy and a penis?”

She looked me right in the eye.  “You know what I mean.” She unfastened her black collar and set it on the kitchen counter.

We tumbled into bed together.  She was naked and I was dressed.  Laura seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in undressing me.  She grinned and giggled and kissed me all over as she removed each article of clothing.

I hadn’t touched another woman at all in the three years that Amy and I had been dating.  It was shockingly different with Laura.  She was all softness and curves, gentle sweet tenderness.  This in contrast to Amy, who was firm, lithe, and aggressive, like a weasel in heat.

The way she lavished affection upon my breasts when she pulled my bra off made me feel like a supermodel.  And when she finally got around to removing my panties, it felt like somebody had melted ice cream inside them.

At last, she laid that curly blonde mop of hair on my lap and very sweetly started licking my pussy.  What she was doing felt absolutely heavenly, but she didn’t know her way around my body like Amy did, and for a while I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make me come.  She kept flicking my aching straining clit with the tip of her tongue, punctuated with slurps up and down my sopping wet pussy.  It felt incredible, but it just wasn’t going to push me over that edge.  She looked so cute doing it though!  I adored the way her horsehair tail wagged as she licked.

She switched techniques, coming up grinning and sticky from between my legs.  She inserted one finger in my asshole, something that Amy never does, and slipped two fingers up my cunt, and started fucking me hard and fast, making a kind of ‘come hither’ beckoning motion with her fingers as she banged me.  That totally pushed me over.  Laura saw me coming and started fucking me even harder, fingers buried deep in both my holes, tits swinging wildly.  Her enormous brown eyes were locked on mine as she worked.  I came hard, moaning and writhing, my toes curling and my breath coming in ragged little gasps.

Then I went down on her.  It was weird to taste someone other than Amy.  Laura tasted different, sweeter.  She was different.  Same species, different flower.  I put my all into licking her out, and she responded beautifully, spreading her legs impossibly far apart for me, running her fingers through my hair, bucking and crooning softly.  I very nearly made her come on my face, but she had other ideas.

She lay on her tummy, and I knelt over her.  I had one hand under her pelvis, where my fingers lay on her horny little clit; the other hand grasped the dildo in her asshole.

I fucked her ass hard with the dildo, harder than I would have thought possible, and let her slippery clit just glide all over my fingers.  Laura buried her face in the pillow and came and came, like a runaway freight train on a steep downhill grade.

When it was all over, we took a shower together and got dressed.  Amy was due back from class soon.  Laura gave me a big hug and a kiss and said goodbye.  I saw her a few times, over the next couple years around campus, but we never spoke to each other again.

When Amy got home and saw the slave collar on the kitchen counter and nobody shackled up in the closet, she asked me what had happened.  I told her the truth; that Laura had left and hadn’t told me where she was going.

“Oh well, her loss.” Amy sighed, and promptly went on a cleaning binge, fishing the vacuum out and going at the rugs with a vengence.  One of the many fringe benefits to living with Amy is that our apartment could pass the white-glove test any day of the week.  “Pity,” she sighed again, “I was looking forward to getting a workout with my strap-on tonight.”

“Well you still might get one!” I said, wiggling my butt seductively.

“Oooh goody!” she smiled, “I love you!”

Amy hugged me hard and I squeezed her back, feeling only a little bit like a cheating, two-timing whore.

“So,” she asked, her hands still cupping my ass, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

“Linguini puttanesca.”

“Mmm.  Delicious!”



  1. ElsieFanny said

    You have been a busy girl this month! I really like the idea of Elsie/protagonist girl as the sexy rescuer turning Laura loose after a goodbye roll in the hay. I hope that you are having pleasant holidays, and that you don’t have to go out in your post-blizzard chaos too much.

  2. english thorn said

    Great piece! I really enjoyed it, thanks.

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