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Per Annum

I’d been thinking of her more or less constantly as the day approached, obsessing over her in the final weeks, surreptitiously stroking my cock late at night and picturing her body, her curves, trying to recapture the way she felt and smelled and tasted.  I tried to visualize her face, what she looks like when I am fucking her, but it always escaped me, and she’s never let me have a picture to remember her with.  I’d masturbate quietly in bed, my fingers barely moving, tiny caresses, just thumb and forefinger, up and down on my insistently erect, quivering penis as my wife snored softly next to me.  When I silently came, my back arched and my dick twitching, ejecting puddles of hot sticky come all over my tummy, my breath coming in little gasps, it was her that I was fucking, and I was coming deep inside her juicy grasping cunt.

I bought a plane ticket online, explained it away as a business trip, placed an add on Craigslist: Nightingale: meet me at the end of Elizabeth Street by the piers at the witching hour. It would all be so much easier if she’d just let me call her cell phone or email her, but she’s never given me an email address much less a phone number, and I suppose all the cloak-and-dagger business is just part of the fun for her.

The usual clusterfuck at the LaGuardia: my flight was listed as twenty minutes late, then delayed forty-five minutes, and then boarded on time only to push back from the gate and sit on the tarmac for an hour, slowly poisoning us with jet fuel fumes.

I was seated in a middle seat, between a college kid with dreads and a Nintendo and a businessman in a cheap-looking double-breasted suit who wanted to invade my personal space and kept crossing the demilitarized zone of my armrest with his elbow.  I changed planes in Chicago, and got a window seat.  The sweet grandmotherly type who sat next to me wanted to chit-chat the whole flight long.  If she only knew the real purpose of my trip, it’d stop her pacemaker.

My back was totally seized up by the time I got off the plane and wrangled the rental car.  I called my wife on the cell phone, told her I’d gotten in safe, lied and said I was checking into the hotel.  Got coffee and fast-food in a bag for dinner and struck out for the coast.

By the time I found the place and got parked, it was almost time.  The pier was just as empty as I’d imagined it, desolate, a couple of lonely fishing boats bobbing on the gentle swell.  There wasn’t a light to be seen.  Broken glass in the parking lot, a full moon riding high above the water.  I could just make out a figure below, pacing back and forth on the wooden dock.

Down a steep staircase, the dock creaking and moving gently under my feet, little waves lapping at the sides.  The water looked cold and black as ink.

She looked beautiful pregnant.  She must have been about halfway through; her belly was big and round but not yet immense like an over-filled water balloon.  She wore a simple black dress that only emphasized her great belly.  Her breasts were larger than I remembered, the rest of her frame slighter than my memory told me.  Her flesh was pale under the moon, her long dark hair halfway down her back.  She smiled when she saw me, one hand pressed unconsciously against her stomach, supporting the unaccustomed weight.

She kissed me lightly on the cheek.  If she thought I might be taken aback by her present condition, she said nothing about it.

She pulled the dress off, over her head, tossing it carelessly aside.  It landed in the water, instantly soaked through and washing away with the tide.  She stood before me, naked under the stars and the moon, presenting her body to me for inspection.

Her stomach was big and round, the skin stretched taut.  Her breasts were large and full, the nipples bigger and darker than I remembered, erect with cold and anticipation.  Blue veins made a spider’s web underneath her nearly translucent skin.  She’d let her pubic hair grow out into a neat dark triangle where her thighs met.  Her legs were long, and if her ankles were swollen at all I certainly couldn’t tell.

I quietly disrobed, feeling her eyes on me all the time.  I carefully folded my things, stacking them next to me on the wooden planks of the floating dock.  My cock was already erect, bobbing eagerly in the night air.

Her husband couldn’t possibly know about our annual meetings, could he?  I wondered what excuse she used to get away, and how she would manage it next year with a baby not even a year old.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her to her knees, shoving her mouth onto my cock as I twisted and yanked her thick black hair.  She whimpered slightly and I slapped her hard on the cheek, leaving my fingerprints in red on her pale skin.  She opened her mouth and swallowed my penis whole.

I started fucking her face hard, bouncing her head up and down with both hands as I fed her my cock, letting my balls slap against her chin, enjoying the way the slurping and gagging noises she was making mixed in with the noise of the waves and the creaking of the dock and the tied-up boats.  I could come so easily like this…

Before I got too excited, before I crossed over to the point of no return, I released her, sending her sprawling onto the rough planks.  Before she could recover, I once again grabbed her by the hair and dragged her, kicking and struggling, out to the very end of the pier.

Once again on her knees at the end of the pier, facing out to sea, the little waves lapping against the dock a few inches below.  Her pussy was wet, lips pouting open like the petals of a night flower, glistening in the moonlight.  I struggled with the condom as she waited impatiently, fumbling around with the wrapper and the slippery latex in the dark.  Finally I was ready, and I entered her with one thrust, brutally hard, burying my cock all the way to the hilts in her hungry cunt.

She was hot inside, amazingly hot and slippery wet and strong.  The contrast between her pussy and the cold night sea air was shocking.  As always, her pussy was sublimely tight, squeezing and grasping and milking my rampant cock like a living glove.

Her pregnant belly was resting on wooden dock.  With my hand entangled in her hair, I forced her face down, down, down into the cold black water.

Her ass quivered delightfully as I fucked her, and I slapped her hard again and again, leaving bright red handprints all over her buttocks.  I wondered how she planned on hiding those from her husband the next day.  Her big swollen breasts shook with every thrust, every blow, dipping down almost to the surface of the water.  Once a minute or so I would yank her head up from under the waves, letter her draw in a breath as she choked and gasped before shoving her face under water again.  The feeling of her cunt on my cock as her body struggled involuntarily, half-drowning, was exquisite.  In a different time, in a different place, that baby growing inside her could have been mine.

I admired her ass, spread out before me like two down pillows.  Her tiny little pink crinkled asshole winked with excitement.  I’ve never fucked her there; she’s told me several times that if I ever tried, I’ll never see her again.  I wonder if her husband is allowed to fuck her in the ass.

I pressed my thumb into her asshole.  Her butt swallowed me greedily, clamping down on my invading digit.  I could feel my cock thrusting inside her cunt.  I was so close to coming, I could feel myself slipping over the edge.

I pulled my thumb out and hastily withdrew my cock from of her grasping juicy pussy, clamping down hard to keep from coming.  She’s told me before if I ever come inside her, we are through, I will never see her again.  Her juices were slathered all over the condom.

I lifted her head up out of the water.  Her face was all red and her eyes were open but unseeing.  I waited while she coughed and choked, lying naked and dripping, breathing hard and raspy on the wood planks of the dock.  A couple fat droplets of milk were leaking out of her nipples, dribbling out into the night.

She got up and hit me, hard in the face, busting my lower lip.  I felt it swell up immediately, filling my mouth with the salty, iron taste of blood.  Then she walked up the dock, toward where her car was parked, leaving me alone.

I sat cross-legged at the end of the dock and waited.  It was cold, and I started to shiver, but I didn’t move to put on any clothes.  My erection started to sag, and I unrolled the condom and set it aside.

She came back from her car, wearing a man’s blue button-down shirt, and sat down next to me.  High above us, a million stars watched impartially.

I lay flat on my back, and she straddled my face.  Her pussy was still swollen and thick with tangy wetness.  From this vantage point, her belly looked immense.  Her bellybutton was threatening to pop out.  Blood from my split lip smeared onto her thighs, painting them in messy strokes of red.

I knew what she wanted.  I stuck out my tongue, as far as it would extend, and she lowered herself onto me, doing all the work herself.  She’d drag her freshly fucked cunt up and down my face, sometimes lightly, sometimes hard, sometimes mashing herself down onto me with no regard for whether I could breathe or not, sometimes lifting up so I had to crane my neck just to touch her with the tip of my tongue.  My dick slowly regained itself, straining upward in the cool night air as I licked with everything I had.  Her clit was big and red and swollen.  Her breathing changed, becoming shallower and more rapid as she got more and more excited.  She was insanely wet, and it was all over my face and in my hair.  My tongue ached and my neck cramped and my cock bobbed eagerly at nothing.  Finally she climbed off and had me roll over onto all fours.

One finger, wet with saliva and her own come, invaded my asshole.  It was swiftly followed by another.  She straddled me, sitting on the small of my back, finger-fucking my ass while she reached under and pumped my thick heavy cock.

The fingers deep in my asshole were intense, just on the edge of what I could take.  Not that there was any likelihood of her stopping if it became too much, no.  I stifled a little cry as the two fingers were joined by a third, stretching me out, probing deep inside me.

She worked my cock expertly.  She knew exactly how to touch me, how to bring me right to the edge.  Her fingers teased me, rubbing the underside of the head, squeezing the shaft tight and pumping hard and fast, then releasing me.  Every time she felt me getting close, my cock swelling and humping at the air, she would take me down a notch or two, cruelly squeezing my poor vulnerable balls in her hand.

I think she had all four fingers up my butt and was working on getting the thumb in there too.  She might have gotten her whole damn hand inside if we’d had some proper lube.  I was howling at the moon, not knowing whether I was in excruciating pain or exquisite pleasure.  Her hand was pumping hard and fast on my swollen cock as her fingers plunged even deeper into my ass, stretching me to the absolute limit and banging rudely against my prostate.  This was the moment that I would picture in my mind’s eye for the next 364 days when I masturbated or when I made love to my wife.

My orgasm started in my toes, and curled up through my entire body.  With a long, low, drawn-out groan I came.  The pleasure came in waves and peaked like breaking surf.  It seemed to last impossibly long.  As my climax finally faded, she diligently milked all the semen out of my wilting cock.  A big iridescent puddle of come spread out on the planks underneath me.

One hand still halfway up my butt, she moved on to the serious work of getting herself off.  I could feel her wetness all over the skin of my back, and I could feel her desperately strumming her clit like a heavy-metal guitarist.  Finally, body rigid and back arched, holding her breath, she silently came.  I could feel her trembling and jerking as she rode me through her orgasm.

We disentangled, and I got dressed.  Then we sat together for a few minutes more.  It was cold out, so I put my arm around her.  Her skin felt nice pressed against mine.  She put my hand on her stomach, and I felt the baby kick inside her.  A shooting star streaked across the night.  After a little while she got up and walked up the pier to her car.  When she had driven off, I got in my rental car and drove away into the night, in search of a motel and a hot shower.  I wondered how I’d explain away the fat lip once I got home.

On the flight home, I fidgeted uncomfortably in my seat.  My ass was sore and my balls were tender and swollen.  I felt discombobulated, slightly dizzy, with a sick, empty feeling sitting like a lump at the bottom of my stomach.  I had never figured myself for the cheating type.  I felt hollow, as if my skin were made of thin-gauge sheet metal and all my insides were clockwork.  And so it was to be for yet another year.


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Function, Limit, Derivative

The first time Mia ever made my pussy twitch was in fourth-period calculus.  It was at the end of class and she was sitting directly in front of me, and when she bent over to pick up her books which were stacked on the floor by her desk, the back of her shirt rode up, giving me a momentary view of the pale skin of the small of her back, the ridgeline of her spine, the frilly baby-blue waistband of her panties, and the merest suggestion of the dimple of the top of her butt crack.  My nipples perked up, my skin flushed pink, the hair on my arms stood up, and my pussy moistened noticeably.

This was not unusual at the time.  I was going through a phase where I was ridiculously easy to turn on.  The sight of a nipple poking through someone’s shirt, a glimpse of underwear, a tasty looking bulge in the front of someone’s blue jeans; my pussy would salivate and my clit would perk right up.  If I had been a guy I would have been walking around school with a mortifying hard-on all day; as it was, I came home with damp panties every day.

Mia was an attractive girl, tall and slender and athletic, with long, carefully brushed-out blonde hair and big blue eyes that made one think of a Victorian porcelain doll; but she might as well have been from another planet, as far as I was concerned.  She was one of those ‘good’ girls, to the nth degree: she maintained a 4.0 grade average, she was on the varsity volleyball team, and she was vice-president of the student council.  We had never so much as spoken to each other.

We never would have spoken either, most likely, except that I had a car and she didn’t, and I lived way out on the peninsula, and she lived even further out on the peninsula, and she missed the after-school bus one afternoon.

I was not one of the good girls.  I wasn’t an especially bad girl either.  I got a steady stream of A-minuses and B-pluses, mostly because I was smart but too lazy to work hard at any classes other than math and physics.  I had been hanging out after school in the math lab, nominally working on some classic proofs but in actuality storming a goblin-infested dungeon with our half-orc battle mages and elven archers and she-dwarf warriors with a bunch of dorky guys who (I was fairly certain) hadn’t even learned to masturbate yet.

I saw Mia, looking rather forlorn, trudging out of the school parking lot, so I pulled over and offered her a ride.  She was still all pink and flushed from volleyball practice and fresh out of the shower, and when she climbed into my car and smiled gratefully at me, my pussy twitched in a big way.

In the car, we fumbled around looking for common ground, trying to find something to talk about as I maneuvered us down the long, winding, two lane roads of the peninsula.  She was interested in sports, colleges, SATs, graphic design, and boys.  I was interested in math, punk rock, sci-fi and fantasy, D&D, and filthy pornography (though I wasn’t about to bring that subject up in the car!)  We didn’t have much luck, and the conversation quickly sputtered into an awkward silence.

Eventually we were at her place, about three miles up the road from my house.  I steered the car down a long, rutted driveway.  Her place was a double-wide mobile home with a damp-looking, heavily sagging wooden porch added on, and a rusty turquoise pickup truck with four flat tires and a peeling Bush/Cheney sticker on the bumper rusting in the front yard.

“Well, here we are,” Mia said ruefully, “Thanks again for the ride.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, “anytime.”

She did not get out of the car.  I switched off the ignition.  My pussy twitched violently.

For a long, long minute, we sat there, stewing in the sexual tension, staring at each other.

I reached out, across the armrest, and touched her, tentatively, just barely stroking the inside of her elbow.

Mia reacted like a wolf spider, pouncing on me from across the car.  All of a sudden she was kissing me furiously, mauling my breasts through my sweatshirt, biting my lips and trying to force her tongue all the way down my esophagus.

I’d never kissed a girl before.  The truth is, I hadn’t ever really been kissed at all before that day.  I was a nerd, and my friends –who were few and far between- were also nerds, and we were about as socially sophisticated as a UNIVAC mainframe.  I personally spent my days doing math and playing D&D, and my nights surfing the internet for porn and masturbating more or less constantly.

I surrendered to it, kissing her back, pawing at her body, making it up as I went along, my heart pounding in my chest like I was a marathon runner or something, my pussy drooling into my panties and my clit pulsing and aching and swelling up like a bing cherry on steroids.

I’m not sure just how long we made out in the front seat of my Nissan Stanza, but it was a while.  Long enough to steam up the windows, long enough for the sticky dampness to soak through my panties and seep through the crotch of my jeans, long enough for us to find a rhythm, a common language, long enough for me to start to get good at kissing her back.

Finally, Mia broke away, looking dazzled and dazed and a little panicked.  “I’ve got to go now” she blurted out, “My dad’ll be home soon.”

She picked up her sweater, which had somehow come off while we were tongue-wrestling, and climbed out of the car, slamming the door behind her and running across the yard and into her house.

I sat there for a few minutes behind the steering wheel, in a light-headed, inner-ear spinning haze of shock, confusion, and full-body horny lust.  Then I drove home, where I was just in time for dinner, and where I politely squirmed through an evening with my parents, waiting impatiently for a chance to go upstairs, get naked, watch nasty porn videos, cram a hairbrush handle up my twat, molest and maltreat my electric toothbrush, and whack off into delicious oblivion.


The next day at school, Mia ignored my presence, which was kind of depressing but not really unexpected.  I sat behind her in calculus (the only class we had together) and silently fumed and lusted after her body.

After school I found crap to do in the math lab until practice let out, and Mia didn’t get on the activities bus.

“I don’t know what you think,” she said to me in the car, “but I’m not a dyke.”

“I’m not one either” I said.  In reality, I didn’t know what the fuck I was.  In porn the thing I mostly liked best was surfer-dudes with washboard tummies and big hard dicks (oddly enough, I mostly had to go to gay sites to find these); but at the moment all I could think about was licking Mia’s pussy.

The drive out the peninsula was long and tense and silent.  When I dropped her off at her place, there was an old Honda parked next to the rotting pick-up.

“My dad’s already home,” Mia said as she got out of the car, “What are you doing later on?”

“Uh, nothing, I guess.”

“Meet me at the end of my driveway then, at twelve o’clock.”

I felt like I’d rolled a twenty!


I’d never sneaked out of the house before.  It felt weird, juvenile and exciting.  I backed away from our house with the headlights turned off, clenching the steering wheel so tight my knuckles turned white and my hands threatened to cramp up.

Mia was standing at the end of her driveway, wearing black canvas high-tops, faded blue jeans and a purple hoodie.  It was the first time I’d ever seen her wear blue jeans.

“Hi” I said stupidly as she got into the car.  It was chilly enough that I could see her breath coming in faint white puffs.  I put the car in gear and we drove away aimlessly.

“I never,” she snapped, “Ever want to be like my parents.”

“Why’s that?  What’s up with your parents?”

“They’re divorced.  My dad works at the lumber mill and he’s a knee-jerk republican.  My mom does telemarketing and gets by on food stamps.  Neither one of them ever went to college.  They’re ignorant.  I hate them.”

“I’m sorry…” I said and she snorted annoyedly, “So what did you want to do tonight?”

“What do you think I want to do?”

I thought I knew what she meant.  My pussy certainly did.  Between my legs it felt hot and moist.  A certain part of my mind couldn’t really believe this was really happening to me.

“I know a place we can park,” she said, “There’s an abandoned logging road up here a ways.”

I drove as far as I dared up the rutted dirt road.  Finally, at a level spot wide enough to turn the car around, I killed the engine.  The full moon was peeking through the trees, bright enough to cast distinct shadows.  We attacked each other.

We kissed for a while there in the car, her hands in my hair, our lips pressed together, our tongues dancing.  Mia was groping my boobs through my t-shirt.  I liked it.  I slid a hand up inside her hoodie and found her smaller breast.  I squeezed it through her shirt and bra.  It felt amazing in my hand, warm and soft.  I could feel her nipple, erect through the various layers of fabric.

Mia reclined the passenger seat.  “Why don’t you come on over here?” she asked, “It’ll be more comfortable.”

I clambered over and snuggled up next to her.  It felt nice being so close, having her body pressed up against mine.  I liked the way she smelled, the way she tasted.  She was hot.

As we kissed, she was fumbling with my zipper, trying to tug my pants down.

“Hold on a second,” I said.  I pulled my t-shirt off over my head and wiggled out of my bra.

“They’re beautiful!” Mia whispered, “God you’re hot!  I wish I looked like you!”

Which was funny, I thought, because Mia was tall and skinny and blonde and had a really sexy butt.  I’d always thought of myself as frumpy.

She left off kissing me and went to work on my breasts, kissing them all over and sucking on the nipples, which felt really good and made them stand out like red gumdrops.  Meanwhile she had worked one hand down the front of my pants, where my pussy was sopping wet.

I moaned out loud and spread my legs and raised my ass, pulling my pants halfway down while Mia sucked on my tits.

Suddenly she was inside me, and the world shifted slightly on its axis.  Her fingers were in my cunt.  I couldn’t believe how fucking wet and turned-on I was.  I shifted again, trying to get her plunging fingers to find my aching clit, but she was intent on finger-fucking me as deep and as hard as possible.

I was right on the edge of a massive come.  Screw it, I’d just have to take matters into my own hands.  Releasing her breasts, I reached down between my legs and started circling my clit while Mia fingered me.  It was like pouring gasoline on a bonfire.  I went off hard and long, coming all over her long sexy fingers, thrashing around and cursing and screaming and panting and whimpering until I collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of her.  It was the best one I’d ever had.

“Wow!” she said, her eyes sparkling. “That was amazing!”

I could only kiss her.

“I’d like to go down on you” I said.




She pulled off her hoodie and the black shirt she had on under it.  She unsnapped her bra, setting her breasts free.  They were small and somewhat conical, like a pair of ice-cream cones.  The nipples were hard and pointy and tilted slightly up.  Then she lifted up her ass and scooted down her blue jeans and her pink panties, and she was naked in my car.

She had long, muscular pale legs and a furry little pussy that pouted excitedly open.  I knelt in the space under the glove compartment, her legs spread and her feet resting on the dashboard.  She smelled incredibly sexy.

I was a little afraid the taste would be gross, but it wasn’t.  She tasted clean and musky.  A lot like my own taste, but different.  I could feel the heat coming off her wet pussy.  I started by teasing her, licking all around, her inner thighs, her belly button, the backs of her knees, but that didn’t last long.

I dove in, parting her lips with my tongue, probing up inside her, circling her clit.  She sighed and pressed up against my face.  I felt sexy and powerful licking her like that.  I wanted her to come on my face, to grind her pussy onto me as she orgasmed, screaming out my name as she came.

I licked her pussy until my jaw ached.  I loved pleasuring her.  Her juices were all over my face.  I tried slipping my fingers up her pussy.  She was super tight down there, and I could only get my finger a little way in.  I guessed that meant she was a virgin.  (I was a bona fide virgin too, but I’d never had any compunction about putting things in my pussy: toothbrushes, carrots, small cucumbers, hairbrush handles…)

Mia certainly enjoyed having my fingertips playing with the entrance to her cunt while I licked her clit.  She made a lot of gasping and groaning noises, wiggling around gratifyingly as I working my tongue all over her vulva.

Feeling courageous and emboldened, I slipped one wet finger between her gorgeous ass cheeks, probing that dark, secret territory I secretly lusted after so badly.  My fingertip found that crinkled little bud that must be her anus, and I gently explored her ass, drawing little concentric circles with my finger, closer and closer to her sweet little asshole.

She pulled violently away.  “No!  Don’t ever touch me there!  That’s gross… and perverted.”

Chagrined, I withdrew the offending finger.

I concentrated on licking her hard little clit, dragging my tongue across it like a kitten lapping up milk, and playing with her pussy lips and the opening of her pussy.  Her wetness was everywhere.  I must have gone down on her for over an hour; when she finally pushed me away the clock on the dashboard said it was almost two.

“Thank you for doing that,” Mia said, “That felt really nice.”

I finally had a chance to really look at her naked.  She looked beautiful like that, all sweaty and flushed, her hair mussed up and her nipples puffy and erect and her pussy all slick wet and swollen.

We were both half-drunk with exhaustion and sex.  I was swimming with lust and overloaded sensation.  “Would you mind doing me again?”

“You could do that again?” she asked incredulously.

“Oh yeah.”

We exchanged positions, and I pulled my pants off all the way, so she was laying on top of my naked body, kissing my lips and my neck and face and ears, her breasts pressed up against mine while she fingered my super wet pussy.  I wanted to ask her to play with my asshole, but I didn’t dare.  Once again I had to help out when it came to the crux, strumming my clit madly while she finger-fucked me, but it gave me the second-best orgasm of my life.

Later on, when I was driving her home, it was three in the morning and we both had to be up for school in a couple hours, Mia said “I wish I could come like you do.  I’ve never been able to.  I’m so jealous of the way you can do that.”

I dropped her off at the top of her driveway.  We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to get together again ‘really soon’.  I thought about kissing her goodnight, but she was already gone.


Mia and I continued to be strangers to each other at school.  Several times a week though, one of us would call the other, and we would get together late at night at the end of the logging road.  She would finger me to orgasm after orgasm and I would go down on her, licking her pussy and her clit until she had had enough.

I was caught between heaven and hell.  We still had nothing to talk about, and we publicly disdained each other, but all of a sudden my sex life had gone from zero to warp speed.

The phone rang during dinner and my mom answered it.

“It’s your friend Mia” my mom said, handing me the receiver.

“Can you come pick me up?” Her voice sounded shaky and I could tell she’d been crying.

I found her on a lonely stretch of road between strip malls, trudging along the shoulder, looking forlorn.

“I was on a date with Tommy Cartwright” she told me in the car.  Tommy was the quarterback on our high school football team.  “We had dinner at the Olive Garden.  Then he wanted me to suck his dick right away, and he got all pissed off when I wouldn’t, and he threw me out of the car and left me.” She sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand.  “I would have given him an excellent blowjob too, if he hadn’t been so pushy about it.”

Our regular parking spot was no good.  There were a couple pickup trucks parked in our place.  Hunters.  I gingerly backed the car down the rutted road.

We ended up parking in an empty parking lot next to the boat launch at the State Park, under a big bare maple tree, whose leafless branches rubbed together in the wind like a multitude of dry old fingers.  The water was rough and I could hear the waves slapping the pebbly beach.  It was already dark and getting stormy and the place seemed likely to stay deserted and we were both feeling pretty desperate.

She started crying again while we were kissing.  I tried to soothe her, but she just kissed me harder, pulling my hands underneath her blouse.  It was a little scary, holding her like that while she was weeping, and her hot salty tears were all over my face.

“I want you to fuck me” she finally choked out.

Our clothes went flying, though this time (on the off chance that a park ranger or a fisherman or somebody might pull into the parking lot) we left our tops on.

I crawled down into my customary position between her knees and started licking.  Her pussy wasn’t wet and open and excited the way I was used to it; it seemed extra small and vulnerable.

“Not like that,” she said as I drew my outstretched tongue along the furry pursed crease of her vulva.  “I want you to fuck me.”

I parted her labia, exposing her delicate pink bits.  I teased her with my fingertips, pressing my way just inside her tight pussy.

“Come on” Mia growled, “Fuck me!”

I slicked up my fingers with the juice the was oozing out of my own conveniently sopping wet pussy and pressed two fingers up between her lips.  We stayed that way for a long moment, hovering on the threshold.  Then she bucked her pelvis, jerking toward me at the exact same instant that I pushed against her.  I felt her hymen tear, and then I was inside her, all the way up inside her body, knuckle-deep in her pussy.

“OUCH!” she jerked violently away from me, “SHIT!  FUCK! OW!” It was the first and only time I ever heard Mia curse.  “Goddamnit, I didn’t expect it to hurt that bad.”

She was bleeding freely, all over the passenger seat of my car.  It wasn’t as dark and it was more liquid than period blood, and it was getting everywhere.  She pulled up her panties.  The crotch was almost immediately stained dark red.

“Ok,” she said, “Thank you for doing that.  Could I go down on you now?”

That sounded fine by me.  In all the time we had been fooling around she hadn’t so much as tasted me.

Mia got between my thighs, crouching down in my usual spot in front of the passenger seat.  I spread my legs wide for her, admiring how beautiful she looked from this perspective.

She started licking me, tentatively at first and then more and more eagerly.  It was a revelation.  It felt amazing!  Even better than my electric toothbrush.  Her tongue felt huge and soft and it drove me absolutely insane!  Almost right away I was coming on her face, and coming hard, writhing around in the passenger seat, bucking around, pulling her head into my pussy.  It was the first time she had ever gotten me off unassisted.  I came two or three more times, right in a row, and I had to pull her off of me when my clit became too sensitive.

She came up beaming.  “I liked that!” she said.  Her face was all shiny with my juices.  “I liked that a lot.”

“Me too!” I said, and we kissed.


Math was really the only subject that Mia had trouble with.  She had to work hard to earn her ‘A’s in calculus.  She really had no business being in that class, and had been getting through by force of will alone.  I started helping her with her homework.  She’d come over to my house and we’d ‘study’ together.  It was a good excuse for us to get together, and we actually did a pretty good amount of actual studying.

We were working on limits and derivatives, and Mia was having a really hard time with the whole concept.  One night, we spent so much time and energy going over the homework that we barely even had sex.

The next day in class, when the teacher asked another hapless kid a question about the limit formula that he answered wrong, she let out a resounding “Duh!”   The whole class laughed, and she proudly recited the definition of a limit, just the way I had drilled her to at eleven o’clock the night before.  I was disgusted with her.

That night in the car, I told her that she’d been a real bitch in class.

“If you think I’m such a bitch,” she sneered, “Why don’t you treat me like one?”

She had such a nasty, smug look on her face that I lost control.  I slapped her full across her face.  We were both pretty shocked.  The inside of the car was silent.

“Oooh, I think I liked that,” she said, “Do it again!”

I grabbed a big fistful of her hair, yanking it hard and forcing her over.  Her skirt rode up, and I started spanking her panty-covered ass.

She ended up on her knees on the passenger seat, her ass thrust up and her face mashed against the headrest.  I pulled her panties down around her thighs and continued spanking her bare ass as hard and as fast as I could, until her butt was covered with the red welts and my own hand ached and stung.  Then I shoved my face into her pussy, which was wetter than I’d ever experienced it, and licked her for all I was worth.

I licked her pussy and clit until she was squirming away, begging me to stop, and then I kept on licking.  She squealed and shrieked “No! No! No!” and tried to get away from me, but I was having none of it.  I kept my face buried in her sticky slippery vulva, my tongue mashed up against her clit as her shrieks got more and more desperate and then  turned into sobs.

Somehow she got the passenger door open, and she finally tumbled out into the night, landing on her back in the gravel and the mud.  I landed on top of her, and we kissed like that for a long time, next to my car under the trees and the stars, surrounded by discarded beer cans and tall dewy grass.

After that, we started playing rough a lot.  We discovered that the meaner I was to her, the more she it turned her on.

Mia liked having her hair pulled.  She liked to be spanked, as hard as I could spank her.  She liked having her nipples cruelly pinched and twisted.  She liked it when I crammed three and even four fingers up her tight cunt.  She even liked having her pussy and clit lightly slapped.  One night, after we had drank some whiskey she’d stolen from her dad and smoked some pot I’d stolen from my parents, she convinced me to pee on her while she lay on her back in the dirt.  I straddled her, and after a couple false starts, I pissed all over her breasts and stomach while she grinned up at me.  I don’t think she would have objected if I’d peed on her face.

Things began to get a little less icy between us.  We started hanging out a lot, in between her volleyball games and track meets and my D&D campaign, and it wasn’t always just so that we could do math homework or fuck.  We still didn’t have very much in common to talk about, but now that seemed ok.  Sometimes we went shopping, or had dinner, or just hung out.  Sometimes we’d hold hands in public.  I liked that.

I had just about made up my mind to ask Mia to go to the prom with me.  It was the week before the dance and we were in my car together, just starting to get warmed up into a serious sex session.  I was about to ask her when she cut me off.

“Guess who asked me out to the prom today?” she beamed.

My heart sunk.  “Who?” I asked.

“Tommy Cartwright!”

“And what did you tell him?”

She gave me a look.  “Well, of course I said ‘Yes’!”

It ended up being the last time we ever had sex.  She got on her hands and knees for me in the passenger seat, and I started licking her pussy from behind while I tormented her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples as I licked, not really caring whether I was hurting her too much.

I pried apart those beautiful butt cheeks, exposing her tiny pink crinkly little anus.  I slurped her ass hungrily, trying to force my tongue up her clenched butt hole.  When she protested, I ignored her, yanking on her pubic hair and slapping her ass hard while drilling at her butt hole with my tongue.

I could hear her telling me to stop, but I didn’t care.

I wet one finger with my spit and stuck it rudely up her butt.  “No!” she squealed and tried to pull away, but I had a handful of her pubes, so she didn’t get far.  Her asshole was ridiculously tight, but eventually I worked my finger all the way in.  She wasn’t struggling any more.  She might have been crying, I couldn’t tell.  Her pussy was soaking wet.

I proceeded to fuck her really hard, two fingers up her asshole, two fingers up her cunt, and my thumb all over her clit.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna come!” she wailed, “I’m gonna come… I’m coming!”

It was true, she was, and it was beautiful.  Her whole body went rigid and trembled, and her breath came in shallow rapid gasps.  Her stomach shook and contracted and her toes clenched spasmodically.  Her asshole and pussy squeezed my fingers impossibly hard, relaxed, and then squeezed again.  I was soaking in her wetness.  I gently slid my fingers out of her exhausted body as the trembling subsided.  I kissed her sweet ass cheek one last time and then turned her head to kiss her on the lips.

She pushed me away.

“Take me home” she said coldly.

We got dressed silently, and I did.


After that we stopped speaking to each other.  Apparently Mia spread a rumor around the school that I was a lesbian, but that didn’t bother me very much; the guys I hung out with in the math lab didn’t really hear rumors and anyway I was pretty sure they had only the vaguest idea of what a lesbian was.  And besides, if it hadn’t been for that nasty rumor, I would probably never have gotten together with Violet and her sometimes-boyfriend Mark.  Violet was a quiet, weird girl who wore all black and did the lights for all the school plays, and Mark was an unobtrusively pleasant fat kid who always seemed to be hanging out in the library.  They were really into 17th century costume and warfare, and they were really, really kinky.

The math geeks and I stormed the underground citadel of the Spider Queen, but she escaped, slipping away just ahead of our swords and arrows and magic.  Mia got a B-plus in calculus, spoiling her perfect 4.0 average.  I went on the study finite dimensional topology and Hausdorff vector spaces at MIT.

Six or seven years later, I ran into Mia totally at random on the street in Tacoma.  I was taking a break from my post-graduate studies to visit the fam.  She dragged me into a café and insisted on buying me coffee.

She had two kids, a rambunctious five-year old boy, and a squirmy two-year old girl.  She was divorced, and owned a small art gallery, did freelance graphic design to help make ends meet.  She had cut her hair short and wore Venus sign earrings.  Her kids were beautiful and she looked happy.

“I’ve been waiting for a chance to apologize for years now.  I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you in high school.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her, “I’m not exactly proud of what I did either.  I’m sorry too.  Anyway, it all turned out ok in the end.”

“Thank you” she said, “Thank you for saying that.  You know, being with you really changed my life.  It changed my life for the best.”


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