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When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was a strange man sleeping next to me in my bed.  I must say, I reacted to this discovery pretty calmly.  I didn’t scream or otherwise freak out.

Very gingerly, so as not to wake him, I peeled back the covers and rolled out of bed.  I’d been sleeping naked, as has been my habit since I was a little girl.

For a strange dude asleep in my bed, at least this one was pretty cute.  He had a high forehead and strong cheekbones, and his chin was all bristly with stubble.  His mouth was open slightly, and he snored softly, with one arm thrust out as if to embrace someone who wasn’t there.

I tiptoed into the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth and get my head on straight.  My nipples were tender, as if they’d been sucked on a lot, and my pussy was pleasantly sore and juicy; apparently I’d had fun last night.

There was a post-it stuck to the mirror over the sink, and scrawled in hasty red magic marker:





Back in the bedroom, I carefully peeled back the sheets.  Ken was sleeping naked too.  His soft little cock was too cute not to kiss.  As soon as my lips touched it, it twitched and started to swell slightly.  I very lightly traced my tongue across his crinkled scrotum and along the underside of his still-flaccid penis.  He tasted salty and sexy, and his cock continued to swell in a most gratifying way.

He shifted, rolling over onto his back.  His eyes were still closed, and if he wasn’t still completely asleep, he certainly wasn’t quite awake yet either.  His cock was now fully erect, and my boy Kenny was possessed of one very attractive penis.  It was big; long without being too long, fat without being too fat, circumcised with a bulbous well-defined head and the whole thing had an interesting upward curve to it.  My pussy twitched wetly.  I wished I remembered…

I softly swirled my tongue all around the big knobby purple head, exploring the ridges and textures and enjoying his taste.  He swelled even more and I could feel his pulse beating in his cock.  I wanted to eat him.

His big cock flopped wetly against his flat tummy, and his eyes flickered sleepily open.  He smiled slowly and stretched, arching his back like a lazy cat.  I swallowed his hard cock whole.

I loved having that big hot hard living thing in my mouth.  His hands played with my hair as I lavished affection all over his penis with my tongue.  I started bobbing my head slowly up and down, taking as much of him as I could and then releasing him until the head was balanced precariously between my lips, then engulfing him all over again.  He started humping back, matching my tempo, slowly at first and then more and more urgently.

I wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of his cock and started jerking him off into my mouth, quick little butterfly strokes.  My other hand cupped his balls, gently squeezing him, my fingertips teasing the soft skin of his taint and the dark secret crack where his ass cheeks met.  He was moaning and groaning in the most sexy way, lifting up off the bed to meet my wet mouth.  I released his balls and, still pumping his erection between my thumb and forefinger, I let one exploratory finger slide up between his ass cheeks.

I circled his crinkly little anus with my finger, and the moans and groans increased in volume and urgency, and he started fucking my mouth harder, bucking and thrashing around.  I wanted to taste him, taste him, feel him come.  I pressed my finger up against his hole, and his anus opened up and let my finger slide all the way in to the second knuckle.  He was hot and tight, and I could feel his body pulsing.  With a howl, he arched his back, shoving his cock deep into my mouth, his entire body trembling.  Ignoring my aching shoulder, I jerked his cock as fast as I could, keeping my mouth wrapped around his cock.  He shot off into my mouth, flooding me with his hot, salty-bitter come, his ass spasming and grasping at my probing finger.

At last I released him, licking my lips like a satisfied cat, admiring him lying disheveled on my bed, the picture of a very satisfied man.

He smiled very big and stretched again and rolled over, revealing one of the cutest little white butts I’ve ever had the pleasure of ogling.  I was just starting to wonder how long his turn-around time might be, and whether he’d be at all interested in licking my pussy in the meantime.  Then he saw the clock on my bedside table.

“Oh crap,” he said, sitting up, “I’m going to be late for work if I don’t hustle bunnies!”

I lay on the bed and watched him hurriedly get dressed.  I think that’s so sexy; I love watching a guy –or a girl- get dressed.  I wished that I had time to properly masturbate, but I’d seen the clock too, and I also was running late for work.

“Thanks for everything!” he said, “Last night was amazing, and so was this morning!  I hope we can all get together again soon.  Tell Ana I’ll see her at the next meeting.” He stopped, suddenly unsure of himself, then he kissed me quickly on the lips.  “See you soon!” and he slipped out through the door.

There were three condom wrappers torn open on the bedroom floor.  Daaamn!  I checked the clock.  I had just enough time to take a really fast shower and get dressed.    I thought about whacking off really quick under the hot running water, but I decided to wait.  I wanted to take my time and make it a really good one.

The first thing I saw in the kitchen was the big oversized calendar I didn’t remember taping to the wall.  The days were crossed out in black magic marker.  According to the calendar, it was Wednesday October 13th.  How had it gotten to be Wednesday already?  How had it gotten to be October?

There was a yellow post-it note stuck to today’s date on the calendar: Doc Appt, 3:30.  I didn’t remember making a doctor appointment.

The fridge was covered in yellow post-its.  There was a big pink one front and center with large block lettering on it:


It sort of made sense, actually.  I couldn’t remember anything.  It was all kind of blurry.

I made coffee, savoring the lingering taste of his maleness in my mouth: salty, sweaty, tangy, musky, comey.

I got on my bike and started pedaling.  The early fall morning was bright and shiny and made my eyes squint.  I got to school just before the tardy bell.  My first class was pre-algebra: 30 fidgety 7th graders, and not one of them looked in the least bit familiar.  Fortunately I had left myself detailed notes, and an excellent lesson plan.  I could get through this day.

Apparently I had packed a brown bag lunch for myself the day before.  I’d have to make sure and do the same thing again tonight before bed.  I couldn’t wait for Ana to get home.  It seemed like forever since I’d seen her.  Did she even still have the same job?

The rest of my classes went by ok: Geometry, Algebra, another Pre-Algebra.  The kids were all strangers to me, but I knew the material and I had left myself excellent notes, so it wasn’t any problem to teach.  I was pretty sure they couldn’t even tell I was winging it.

One of the girls in my 9th grade Algebra II class kept looking at me funny.  It was a hungry, flirtatious, knowing kind of look.  She was kind of goth in a nerdy way (or nerdy in a goth sort of way), smart, and just painfully cute.  Had we done anything together?  That would be unethical and illegal and could get me fired if not actually jailed.  I could totally picture myself sitting on top of my desk while she ate me out, fondling her ripe young breasts while she licked my clit.  I hoped I’d had the good sense not to molest her, but I just didn’t know and she kept staring at me in a way that gave me butterflies in the worst kind of way, a sensation that was not entirely unpleasant.

After the last class let out, I sat down to write myself a detailed set of notes for tomorrows classes, and to let myself know how far we had gotten and what homework I had assigned.  I had some time to kill before my doctor appointment; maybe I had planned it that way.

I was sitting behind my desk, obliviously writing to myself, when I heard the classroom door open and close.  I looked up, and a beautiful raven-haired woman was looking intently at me with smoldering eyes.

Was that Ana?  All of a sudden, I realized that I had no visual memory of her.  I knew she was beautiful, I knew that I loved her, but I couldn’t remember, not even a little bit, what she looked like.  This might be her, coming to pick me up from work, but I really wasn’t sure.

“Ana?” I croaked.

“No, I’m Peggy, Milo’s mother” she said, “We talked for a long time yesterday, and you said you’d like to meet up after school today.  Well, here I am!  You warned me you might not remember…”

She was hot.  Older than me, by maybe ten years, with long dark hair that was almost certainly dyed, and a very tall slender figure that was accentuated by an almost-scandalously short skirt and a tight black sweater that showed off her smallish boobs to their very best advantage.  She wore a bright band of gold on the third finger of her left hand.  Oh Peggy, you are one hot mama!  Are you flirting with me?  Did we flirt yesterday?  Did we do more than just flirt?

“Apparently my memory isn’t functioning properly,” I said smiling politely, “Ever since the accident.”

“That’s what you told me yesterday,” Peggy said, biting her lower lip fetchingly, “Maybe we could continue this conversation in my car.  Can I offer you a ride somewhere?”

She was parked in a corner of the school parking lot, under a big gloriously golden-leafed oak tree.  Her car was an expensive-looking black muscle car, a Mustang or a Camaro or something like that.

We got in.  It seemed to me that sexual tension was absolutely crackling between us.  My pussy was moist and my clit felt swollen and tender.  I wondered if she felt the same way, or if she was really just offering me a friendly ride to the doctor’s office.

She closed the driver’s side door after herself, but didn’t buckle up or start the engine.  She placed her hand lightly on my thigh.  Underneath my grey slacks, inside my panties, my pussy drooled with horny anticipation.

“I haven’t been able to get you off my mind,” she said with a smile that was almost shy.  Her hand, maybe unconsciously, was softly stroking my thigh.  Every time it brushed up toward my crotch, I felt a wave of almost uncontrollably red-hot lust.  “I was thinking about you all day today.”   She smiled again.  Enchanting.  “I thought about you last night before I went to sleep.

“If my husband knew, he’d kill me.  Or else he’d want to watch.  Which might not be an all bad thing either…

The way her hand was petting my thigh was absolutely killing me.  My cunt was swollen and hot and hungry, and I was sure I was soaking all the way through my slacks.  I wanted my clothes to be off.

“Did Milo do ok in class today?” I wracked my mind… Milo: a youngish-looking thirteen year old with glasses and a worried look on his face.  Now that I remembered I could see his mom in him.  I recalled that he’d done well on his homework and had volunteered an answer in class.  I told Peggy and she seemed relieved.

“It’s so weird that you’re his teacher and I’m his mother.  God, if he had any idea…”

Her stroking hand had reached my crotch, softly petting me just above where my clit was screaming ‘TOUCH ME TOUCH ME!!’  I could help myself no more.  I reached over the stick shift and grabbed Peggy’s sweater, pulling her to me and kissing her hard on the lips.

She kissed me back ferociously, her hand finding my breast and squeezing hard.  She tumbled across the gear shift on top of me, her lips mashing into mine.  Fumbling, I found the lever that reclined the passenger seat.

When was the last time I’d fooled around in a car?  I can tell you exactly: it was my junior year of high school, with Mia, this girl on the volleyball team who I wasn’t exactly friends with, but with whom I had a torrid and steamy sex-ridden six-month affair.  We had lost our virginity to each other, late at night, parked at the end of a semi-abandoned dirt road, surrounded by trees and empty beer cans.  It was broad daylight here, and the school parking lot was far from abandoned.  Just that moment, I really didn’t give a shit.

Peggy had both her hands tangled in my hair and was kissing me hard and deep.  Her breasts were pressed up against my own.  Her skirt had fortuitously ridden up, and I let my hands explore her bare legs, feeling their way up her smooth firm thighs and stroking her through her silky panties.

It didn’t take me very long to push her panties aside and let my fingers slip inside.  She was very wet: furry, hot, and slippery.  Two of my fingers slid right up her hungry cunt; my thumb bumped against her hard little clit and she moaned into my mouth.

My fingers were knuckle-deep in her pussy, and she was humping back hard against my hand, but my wrist was in an awkward crampy position, so we rolled over.

I pulled her panties off and tossed them aside.  They were black, of course, lacy and frilly, cut into a high V shape.  She spread her legs wide, resting one high heel on the dashboard, the other flailing off into the steering column.  Peggy’s pussy was revealed to me in all its glory.  She had a mass of black pubic hair, thick and dark and slick with her juices.  She had big, meaty lips that folded open, and her clit stood boldy out, a fat little pea.

Kneeling in the cramped space in front of the passenger seat, I stuck my head between her thighs and started licking joyously.  Her taste was clean, tangy, hot, slippery, sexual.  I loved losing myself into her cunt.  I slurped up and down her pussy, dragging my tongue from her ass cheeks all the way up to her clit and back again.

What Peggy liked best, it turned out, was having her pussy fingered while just the tip of my tongue teased around her swollen clit.  I lost track of how many times she came like that.  More times than I would have thought physically possible, and very loud and violent at that.  Whenever she came, her stomach muscles heaved and flexed, her back arched, her thighs squeezed my head hard, and she let loose with a blood-curdling scream as if she were being murdered.  I just kept fingering and licking and trying to get enough air into my lungs to avoid passing out.

After, I don’t know, ten or twelve of these, three fingers up her pussy, another finger halfway up her butt, my aching tongue dancing around and just brushing against her clitoris, she finally pushed me away gasping “Enough… I can’t take any more!”

I came up, grinning.  My fingers were totally coated in her come, stuck together and dripping off me.  I half expected the car to be surrounded by a crowd of horny students and teachers, drawn from blocks around by Peggy’s screaming orgasms; but the lot was deserted.

“My God…” Peggy said, still out of breath, “You are just amazing!”

I was absolutely squirming for her to get into my pants.  But then I remembered my doctor appointment.  I was already ten minutes late.

“Shit,” Peggy cursed, maneuvering her skirt back down and her way back into the drivers’ seat.  It wasn’t very graceful, but it was cute.  “I’ve got to get back to the house in time to meet Milo when he gets home.  I can drop you off at your doc’s.  Come on!”

She drove me over to the doctor’s office.  It was a short drive, and she left her hand casually in my lap, stoking my leg through my pants.  By the time we got there I was ready to straddle the gear shift and shove it right up my cunt.  I was so wet and turned-on it was ridiculous.

“I’m all booked up the rest of the week,” Peggy told me as she dropped me off, “But we could get together next Monday after school if you like.  I’ll take good care of you next time, I promise.”

“I won’t remember” I said.

“I know.  Write yourself a note.  Thanks again Sexy!” She blew me a kiss and drove away.

I was fifteen minutes late when I checked in with the receptionist.  She told me to have a seat.  I waited there another ten or fifteen minutes.  I passed the time flipping through old news magazines, imagining the people in the pictures naked and squeezing my thighs together, semi-masturbating in the waiting room.

I liked my doctor immensely.  He was a dapper little man in a neat suit who spoke very precisely and came across as caring and intelligent.  He told me that all the tests so far had come back negative, and that he wanted to schedule another CAT scan.  He wrote me an appointment card, told me to post it in a place where I couldn’t miss it.  Then he put his hand on my shoulder.  “Don’t worry,” he said, sounding worried, “We’ll figure this out.  This kind of thing is rarely permanent.”

Outside, the bright October day was clouding over, turning dark and threatening.  There was a chill in the wind, and I wondered if it might not rain.  It was a fairly quick walk home from the doctor’s office.  It was only a mile or so, and the way home took me straight through the park.

The park was forlorn and empty.  In this light all the trees seemed muted and dead.  Dry leaves rustled in the wind.  I realized with a start that I’d left my bike at work, chained up in the rack in front of the school.  Crap, I could be home already!  I’d have to write myself a post-it tonight or tomorrow I’d have no idea where my bike was.

I made eye contact with a fairly cute-looking guy who was walking the other direction.  He smiled at me, a big friendly smile, and I smiled absently back.  He stopped and turned around, and then we were walking together.   He was tall and skinny, in his early twenties, with hair the color of straw.  His hand found mine and our fingers clasped.  I wondered where I knew him from.  There was a highly interesting looking bulge going on in the front of his tight black jeans.

I maneuvered us off the main path and we sat down on a park bench by a little bridge and made out for a while.  He was an aggressive kisser, and that was exactly how I liked it at that moment.  I liked him holding my wrists down and forcing his tongue down my throat and grabbing and squeezing my breasts like silly putty, tormenting my erect nipples through my bra.

I unzipped his pants and fished out his cock.  It was long and thin and uncircumcised.  I started jerking him off, right there in the open.  He leaned back unsnapping his fly, giving me full access.  I tugged his pants down a little bit so his zipper wouldn’t chafe on the goodies.

His cock pointed straight up in the air like an obelisk.  It was exceedingly veiny and seemingly hairless.  As I worked my hand up and down, the scarlet head kept flirtatiously peeking out and then disappearing underneath his foreskin, like a shy little elf.  I found that quite charming.

I lubricated the whole situation with my spit, and cupped his balls against the chilly autumn air with my free hand.  Giving a world-class handjob is like conducting a symphony orchestra.  Again and again I brought him right to the edge, squirming inches from his peak before backing off, only to slowly build up to another crescendo.  I varied my tempo subtly, until he was wordlessly begging for it.  His cock was hot and red and pulsating and his balls were swollen and tight.  I squeezed his dick hard in my hand and began pumping him deliberately faster and faster until there was no going back.  He wailed like a girl and raised his ass off the park bench, fucking toward the sky.  At the very last second I dropped my mouth onto his cock so as to not waste a drop of his come.  I felt his cock twitch violently as he came, squirting and squirting again, filling my mouth with his hot sticky precious juice.

It’s funny how no two people’s come tastes the same.  He was saltier than Ken had been that morning, stronger tasting, but by no means unpleasant.  I savored his flavor, the sensation of having a mouth full of semen before I finally came up for air.

“Wow.” he told me, “Just Wow.”

“I’m kind of embarrassed to say this,” I said, “But I don’t remember your name…”

“I’m Mike,” he said, grinning drunkenly.  “What’s yours?”

I don’t know you??

“No,” he said, still grinning, his soft cock lounging out on display for anyone who happened to be walking by, “But I’d love to.  Could I have your phone number?”

“I should really be going.” I said.

“Alright,” he said, “See you around then…”

The rain had started by the time I got home, a cold and soaking rain that glued my shirt to my skin and made my shoes squish on the sidewalk.  I wished I’d packed a rain jacket.  I wished I hadn’t forgotten my bike.

When I let myself into the apartment, there was a beautiful woman standing in the kitchen, trying more-or-less successfully to dig a broken-off cork out of a bottle of wine.  She was all curves and freckles and had red hair pulled back in a pony tail and a sexy butt and outrageously big boobs and an even bigger smile and I knew in a rush of emotion that it was Ana.

“Welcome home!” she said, “I was going to cook us dinner, but then I decided I’d rather order a pizza and fuck.  How was your day?”

I told her everything.  She alternately grinned and tut-tutted.

“Girl,” she said, “You need to be more careful with strange guys you don’t know.  We should get that tattooed on the back of your hand: Ask Him If He Knows Your Name FIRST.

“Was it too weird this morning?  Sorry I didn’t have time to leave a better note.”

“No, it was fine, it was fantastic,” I said, “How about last night?  Was it hot?”  I’d always wanted to have a threesome, but I’d never gotten the chance.

“Oh my god, it was so hot!  We both went down on him, then he fucked me while I ate you out, then he watched while we did a 69, then I got to watch him fuck you.  The guy could just keep going and going.  It was amazing!  I kept licking your clit and making you come on his cock.  I had my finger up your ass while he was fucking your pussy… I could totally feel his cock moving inside you.”

“I’d like to have more than just your finger up my ass… this has been the most sexually frustrating day ever!”

Ana grinned wickedly.  “I think that could be arranged.”  Just then the doorbell rang.  It was our pizza.

Over greasy slice of pepperoni pie, I told Ana about the girl in my algebra class who had been giving me the eye.  “Ana, have I been boinking any fifteen-year old students?”

“Not that you’ve told me,” Ana said, “and you tell me everything.”

After pizza and several glasses of wine, Ana dragged me kicking and screaming into the bedroom.  “I hope they fix your memory soon,” she smirked, “but I hope they don’t fix your sex drive!”

She looked gorgeous naked and I told her so.  Her boobs stood proudly out, huge pink aureole with little dimpled nipples in the center.  Her pussy was shaved bare, which was a new development for me: last I remembered she had a neat little red bush.  I liked the new look.

My panties were an absolute disgrace.  Ana sniffed the soaking wet-come-stained crotch and grinned wickedly as she fumbled with the straps of her harness.

Apparently we’d gotten a new dildo: this one was short and thick and looked more like a goose egg than a penis.  It was off-white and silicone and projected lewdly from her crotch, bobbing slightly as she moved.  “Bend over” she said, and I did.

The sexual tension that had been building in me all day boiled over when I felt her tongue on my ass.  Abandoning any restraint, I came hard and loud and wetly as she tongued my anus.  Her fingers found my pussy, my clit, my asshole, and she played me like an instrument.

When she mounted me, I was more than ready for her.  We didn’t even use any lube, it was all me and her.  With a series of cute little grunts, she worked that fat dildo up my hungry asshole until her crotch was pressed against my butt cheeks, her big breasts squished up against my shoulder blades.  I felt delightfully stretched to the absolute limit, riding a knife-edge of almost unbearable pleasure.  My pussy twitched and gushed, and I squirmed back against the thick dildo in my asshole, savoring the sensations.

She whispered in my ear that she loved me, and proceeded to fuck my ass hard, pulling on my hair and fingering my cunt, making me come over and over again until I was limp as an unstrung marionette.

We carefully disengaged and then I licked her pussy.  Ana has the most beautiful pussy: fat puffy outer lips that press together in a neat and tidy little crease to reveal petite inner labia that are so small they barely exist at all, and a clit that stands out like a miniature cock.  Right now her clit was swollen and livid with excitement and her cunt was beyond wet, oozing come all over her inner thighs, dribbling out in long sticky strands.  I dove in, losing myself in her familiar spice-tinged taste.

I licked all around her clit, the way she likes it, teasing her pussy and her asshole with my fingertips, tormenting her as long as we could stand it before giving over to lust and slurping and finger-fucking her to one violent orgasm after another.

It was great to be back home.

“I love you” I said later on as we snuggled together like a pair of nested spoons.

“I love you too” Ana told me sleepily.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Mmm-hmm.” She was already asleep.


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