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Flirting With Catastrophe

I’d chosen that blouse on purpose because it let my boobs hang out.  Now, as I leaned over the work bench, I felt deliciously self conscious as the front of my shirt gaped open.  I knew he could see my boobies hanging down, and that knowledge made me bold, horny and wet.

“Did you really rape a girl once?”

Uncle Tim sighed and put down the small engine he had been tinkering with.  “No,” he said with a sadness and certainty that made me hate myself for asking, “I have never raped anyone.  Who gave you that idea?”

“Mom.”  Uncle Tim was short, barely half an inch taller than me, but with his shaved head and muscles and all his tattoos he looked powerful and frightening, and I could easily imagine him raping someone.  “She didn’t exactly say so, but she, um, strongly implied it.”

“Ah,” he sighed again, and went back to removing the motor housing.  “I see.  Hand me that screwdriver, wouldja?”

Uncle Tim had huge hands like the paws of a grizzly bear that could be surprisingly delicate.  I could also imagine those hands punching through my bedroom door, shattering the wood, tearing the door off its hinges.  The thought made me shiver.  The words “LETS FUCK” were tattooed across his knuckles in faded blue ink, crisscrossed with a web of thin white scars.  I could easily imagine Uncle Tim raping me, a thought that made my clit twitch and my cunt drool.

“What was it like in prison?” I asked, bending suggestively over the workbench again, just in case he had missed the view the first time.  Under my skirt, the crotch of my panties was wet.  I’d chosen the panties carefully, a skimpy red lacey pair that I thought made my ass look pretty hot when I checked myself out in the mirror.  I’d considered going commando, but chickened out at the last minute.  I wasn’t wearing a bra though.  Even Mom said I didn’t need one.

“It sucked,” he said, not looking at me but fiddling around with the guts of the motor, “It was dehumanizing.  I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.  Mostly it was incredibly boring.  People would get in fights just to relieve the tedium.  Sometimes it was scary.  Long periods of crushing boredom, punctuated with bouts of ass-clenching terror.  That about sums it up.”

“My mom doesn’t like me hanging out here.”

“No kidding?”

He’d make me suck his dick first.  He’d take me by the hair and force me down on his cock, cramming it into my mouth and down my throat until I choked and then brutally face-fucking me.

I wondered what his penis looked like.  I bet it was like his body: short, but thick and solid.  Uncircumcised, with a bulbous head like a ripe plum, and a compact set of balls.  I wondered if he’d come in my mouth.  I imagined what it would be like to have him flood my mouth with hot sticky semen.  I bet there’d be a ton of it.  I wondered what he sounded like when he came.  Would he call me a bitch, a slut, a fucking whore?  Would he growl like a wild animal?  Or would he come silently, mashing my face into his pubes as he wordlessly pumped hot come down my throat, holding my head in those giant hands until I had swallowed it all?

Uncle Tim seemed to have found the part that was giving him trouble.  He removed it, a tiny little copper fitting, and held it up, squinting at it intensely.  It was amazing how those huge hands with those thick sausage-like fingers could be so careful, so delicate.  I climbed up on the workbench and sat down on the plywood tabletop, casually letting my knees spread apart.  I felt cool air waft up my skirt, caressing my sweaty inner thighs and I knew that if he looked he could see my panties.

“Did you really kill a guy?”

“Is that coming from your mom again?”


“No, that’s not true.”  He set down the little bushing or whatever it was, carefully in a little plastic tray.  “I did hurt a man really bad once, and I’m not proud of that.”

He was standing so close to me I could almost feel his body heat.  I could see his package, an enticing lump in the front of his dirty faded blue jeans.  I was helpless down here in the basement with him.  If he wanted to take me, there was nothing I could do about it.

“Is it true that you were a drug addict?”

“Yeah, your mom got that much right.  For a long time I was on dope.  It was easier than coping with reality.   I don’t advise it, but you gotta choose your own path.”

He selected a new part and carefully inserted it into the guts of the torn-open motor.  I spread my legs a little further apart.  My naked calf ‘accidentally’ brushed against his denim-clad leg.  Concentrating on his work, Uncle Tim didn’t even seem to notice.

“So when was the last time you did it with a girl?”

Uncle Tim set down his socket driver and looked at me seriously, like a butcher appraising a slab of meat.

“Are you sure you’re old enough to be asking me that kind of question?”

“How old do you have to be to start knocking over gas stations?”

“Touché.  Ok, fair enough.  But it was liquor stores, not gas stations.  They keep more cash in the till.  And to answer your question, it’s been a very long time since I was with a girl.”

I felt a thrill of terror run up and down my spine, making me shiver deliciously.  My clit felt fat and hot inside my damp panties.  He might take me right there on the work bench, sweeping the tools and parts aside with one brush of his ropey, apelike arm.  He could undress me as I sat on the table, unbuttoning my blouse with his huge clever fingers while I sat mesmerized by his steel grey eyes, unable to protest.  He would take my skirt off, pull my panties down, sniff the wet crotch and smirk crudely at me, knowing me for the horny little slut that I am.  He’d paw at my breasts, fondling me roughly, twisting and pulling on the nipples for the sheer pleasure of making me squirm and cry.

Then he’d get undressed.  He pull of his t-shirt, black with the white logo of some 1980s hardcore band on the front, exposing his pale flesh, his jailhouse tattoos, a wicked-looking half-moon scar across his chest, his flat pink nipples, his beer belly.  He’d pull off his jeans and his underwear, and there would be his cock, jutting out at me like a spear, hard as diamonds, swollen red and eager.

He’d push me down on my back on the tabletop, covering my face with his huge hand, and he’d climb up on top of me.  I’d feel his bulk above me, the heat radiating off his body, his cock brushing against my sopping-wet pussy.  He’d nudge my thighs apart, and I’d be powerless to resist.

His hard steel eyes staring pitilessly into mine, he’d pierce my virgin cunt with one cruel thrust.  It would hurt, but not too much, and even as I screamed into the slab of his hand, the pain would be washed away by waves of pleasure.  He’d fill me up entirely, skewering me with his cock.  He’d take his hand from my face and replace it with his mouth, kissing me forcefully, brutally as he fucked me.  Almost against my will, I’d feel my body responding, fucking back against him.  He’d sense my orgasm coming, and hold back his own climax, torturing me with his cock, fucking me slow, slow, slower, pulling it almost all the way out and waiting for me to beg for it before shoving it back deep inside.  At last when I could bear no more, when the whimpers and cries of fear and distress had been replaced with gasps and screams of pure pleasure, he’d surrender control, fucking my cunt hard and deep and we’d come together, my pussy milking his cock as he pumped gobs and gobs of semen deep deep inside me.

Or maybe he’d want my ass.  After clearing the work bench with one sweep of his giant arm, he’d lift me bodily up and place me on all fours on the table top.  He’d tear the front of my blouse open, scattering buttons all over the cement basement floor so my tits hung down.  He’d pinch and pull the nipples, chuckling as I squealed and tried to pull away.  He’d lift up my skirt, tear my panties off, exposing my secret parts, my wet pussy and my tender little ass.

He’d spread my ass cheeks with those inexorably strong vice-like hands, exposing my most private places, and I’d bury my face in my arms, powerless to resist.  He’d draw his finger all the way down from the base of my spine, along my ass, over my asshole and into my pussy, and he’d chortle out loud as I whimpered and wiggled at his touch.

I’d feel the red-hot pressure of the head of his penis pressing up against my anus, and I’d swallow hard, panting like a steam train, trying to force my body to relax, dizzy with fear and lust.  And then, lubricated with nothing more than spit and my own pussy juice, he’d slide that big fat cock right up my asshole.

The sensation would be unlike anything I’d ever felt before: not painful, but a kind of intensity that I could only just barely stand.  I’d choke out a strangled little scream, and he’d only grunt and shove a little bit more up inside.  By the time I’d feel like I really couldn’t take any more, like I’d burst, like my poor ass would be split in half, he’d kind of sigh and I’d realize that he was all the way up inside me.

I’d reach back to pet my clit, hot and swollen and needy, coated in the slippery juices that were leaking so copiously from my cunt.  He’d be there already though, his huge finger gently caressing my exquisitely sensitive button, drawing tiny little circles on my clit, bringing me right to the edge.

Slowly, very slowly, he’d start fucking my ass as he fingered my clit.  At first he’d barely move.  The sensation would be amazing.  I’d be groaning now, begging for it, humping back against him.  He’d get more and more excited, forgetting to be gentle at all, fucking my ass harder and deeper.  He’d slide one of those huge fingers up my cunt, and then just when I thought I really couldn’t take any more, he’d slide a second one in alongside the first.

He’d whisper my name, over and over in a low throaty growl as he fucked my ass, and his thumb would keep bumping into my engorged clit, totally sending me over the edge.  I’d come on him, a long, drawn-out wailing orgasm, and my spasms would set him off.  He’d fuck my ass hard with abandon, taking his pleasure in my body, ignoring my screams and pulling hard on my hair until he came, shooting his come straight up my butt, his cock twitching as he came, gallons and gallons of semen, and that would make me come again, and then at last he’d collapse on top of me, panting and sweaty, his massive bulk almost crushing me, our bodies pressed together on top of the worktable, his lips in my tangled hair, his hot breath on my neck, his slippery cock between my ass cheeks, a big wet sticky mess.

My panties were really drenched.  “Uncle Tim?”  I desperately hoped I didn’t sound desperate.

He almost had the motor housing reassembled.  “Hmm?”

“Would you like to have sex with me?”

He set the motor down and fixed me with those steel grey eyes, and I experienced another jolt of raw fear.  “Sweety,” he said gently, “Didn’t your mother tell you I’m gay?”


“Hand me that screwdriver again, wouldja?”  He tightened up the last couple of screws and wiped his greasy hands on his black punk-rock t-shirt.  “Whaddya say we go get lunch?”

Later on, after cheeseburgers down at the diner, as we sat across the table from each other and sipped our Cokes, I once again squirmed under his inscrutable steely gaze.  The tattooed words on his knuckles taunted me.

“I feel like a total asshole” I told him.

“Go easy on yourself Sugar,” he said, “You put it out there, and that counts for a lot in my book.  Hell, you had me halfway there, and I don’t even do girls.”

That made me feel a little better.  That was one of the things I liked best about Uncle Tim; he never talked down to me.  He always treated me like an adult.

“Hey Uncle Tim, if I bought something on the internet, could I have it shipped to your address?”

He raised an eyebrow.  “What, something you wouldn’t want your mother to see?  Sure, no problem.”

We finished our Cokes in silence.

“Uncle Tim,” I asked after the waitress had taken away the bill, “If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?”

“I wouldn’t have got caught.”


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Good Times

Jim was a beautiful drunk.  I first laid eyes on him over at the Good Times Saloon.  The Good Times was a very blue-collar bar around the corner from my apartment building.  Some afternoons when the writing wouldn’t come, I’d take the elevator down to the street and roll on into the Good Times and park my wheelchair at a table in the back and drink gin-and-tonics and watch the local action until I was seeing double.

He was tall and rangy and ropily muscular in a way that suggested hard, low-paying manual labor rather than the gym.  He had flames tattooed up and down his sunburned arms, and he had big beautiful hands, and tragic grey eyes.

He didn’t notice me.  Why should he notice a plain-looking middle-aged woman in an electric wheelchair drinking alone?  But I noticed him.  I all kinds of noticed him.

When I asked him what he was drinking, he said ‘Tequila’, so I bought him a shot of Cuervo.

He had drifted up here from Texas with his pickup truck and his dog, following a girl.  The girlfriend had of course broken his heart shortly after they’d moved in together and he was struggling to make ends meet.  He was the kind of guy who had the worst kind of luck, and it was never precisely his fault.

He was part cowboy, part musician, part carpenter, part welder, part sculptor, and all trouble.  Exactly my cup of tea.  Carlos, the bartender du jour, winked knowingly from behind the bar.  Inside my panties, my clit perked right up and my pussy salivated.

I was nervous about propositioning him.  All the usual reasons.  What if he said No?  What if he thought I was a freak?  What if he laughed at me?  But I knew he wouldn’t say no.  It was only two in the afternoon, and he was already on his third or fourth shot of tequila.  He was telling me about how he was having trouble making rent, how he couldn’t find any work.  The unions kept all the decent paying work locked up; illegal Chinese and Mexicans flooded the labor market.  He’d sold a sculpture last month, but had to spend the proceeds to fix his truck.

“How would you like to make some cash?” I asked him.

“Hell yeah,” he replied, “I’m a good carpenter.  I’ve been doing light construction since I was fifteen.  I could remodel your apartment, renovate your bathroom…”

“I just want to watch you fuck.”

That stopped him dead, right in the middle of reaching for a shot glass.  He blinked two or three times.  “Fuck?”


“Fuck who?”

“Different people.  While I watch.  I’ll give you forty bucks a pop.  Cash.”

“When do I start?”

“Tomorrow night.  Come by my apartment building around eight.”


I decided to try him out on Ashley, an escort whose services I employed from time to time.  She claimed to be putting herself through nursing school.  It might even have been true.

Ashley showed up right at eight.  We sat down and had a drink and caught up on gossip together.  I kept checking the clock on the kitchen wall as we chatted.  Me and Ashley get along really well.   I’d almost call us friends.  She’s a smart girl and good company, but she does charge by the hour, and she ain’t cheap.

The doorman buzzed Jim up around eight thirty, quarter to nine.  When he walked in the door I could smell the liquor on him, ten feet away.  Ashley and I took one look at each other and nodded: “Off to the shower with you, Mister.”

When Jim came out of the shower, he was naked and clean and looking delicious.  Ashley was all ready to go, lounging on the bed, naked except for her black thong panties.  I positioned my wheelchair for optimal viewing, with my vibrator close at hand.

Our boy looked pretty damn hot: kind of a yellow complexion and a bitch of a farmer’s tan, but a nice body, tall and lean with lots of muscles and scars and interesting tattoos (in addition to the flaming sleeves, there was a little monkey on one shoulder, a she-devil with bat wings and huge tits on the other shoulder, and a square-rigged sailing ship on his thigh), and those big sexy hands of his.

Ashley went right to work, applying that talented and well-paid tongue of hers.  Whether it was because of stage fright or booze, or a combination of both, it took Jim a while to get it up.  The wait was worth it though: watching his cock get hard was a joy to behold.  It was like watching a time-lapse film of a flower growing and spilling into bloom.  He wasn’t exceptionally long, but he was thick, and his cock had a pronounced upward curve.

Ashley certainly seemed to approve.  She wiggled right out of her skimpy black panties, and I could see that her neatly waxed pussy was wet and excited.  She rolled a condom down Jim’s proud shaft, pushed him down on his back on the bed, and climbed onboard for a ride.

She opened up her pussy with two fingers, and very deliberately dragged herself back and forth across the condom-sheathed head of his cock until he was moaning out loud, begging for it.  Then, with a very satisfied little smile, she slowly lowered herself onto him, impaling herself, filling her cunt with cock.

I pressed the vibrator hard against my clit as they fucked.  Ashley bounced up and down on his cock, which glistened sexily with her wetness.  She fucked him slowly at first, and then faster and faster, and louder and more and more out of control.  He was grunting and groaning and humping her back.  Ashley told me later on that her orgasm was real, and I believed it.  Her tits were bouncing furiously, her forehead wrinkled in concentration.  Every muscle in Jim’s body was clenched, every tendon tensed.  He looked like a wild animal.  His cock made sexy slurping noises as it slid in and out of Ashley’s wet wet pussy.  She was rubbing her own clit with one finger as they fucked furiously.  My panties were down around my ankles, the seat of my wheelchair was soaked.  I timed my own orgasm to coincide with theirs.  Ashley was a screamer, and the walls of my apartment reverberated with her cries as she came; Jim was a silent orgasmer and the look on his face as he shot off inside her totally set me off.  It was one of the best I’d ever had.

“That was the best scene I’ve ever done,” I told Ashley later on over gin-and-tonics.

She nodded her head enthusiastically.  “Can we keep him?”

Over the next several weeks, I made employed Ashley and Jim’s services a lot.  What the hell, I could afford it.  I gave Jim a hundred bucks and sent him to a doctor for a full check-up, blood tests, the works.  Surprisingly enough, he came back clean.

I got to watch Jim fuck Ashley in a whole variety of different positions.  My favorite (and Ashley’s) was having him do her from behind.  She’d get down on all fours, tits hanging down and hair fetchingly mussy, and I’d have a fine view of Jim’s taut buttocks humping away, slowly at first, then faster and more urgently.  I loved watching those big, powerful, dexterous hands of his: fondling her breasts, pulling her hair, playing with her clit, slapping her pretty white ass.  I loved it when he’d wet one of those thick fingers of his and slip it right up her asshole.  (So, apparently, did she.  Ashley claimed to come every time with Jim, and even if that wasn’t strictly true, then at least she did a damn fine job of faking it.)  I loved watching him come, either buried deep inside her pussy, or yanking the condom off at the last moment and jerking himself off onto her, squirting oodles of gooey white guy-juice all over her face, tits, ass, cunt, or wherever took his fancy.  Sometimes she’d suck him off just like a porn star, and that was pretty freaking hot too.

Often I’d treat them both to dinner, either taking them out to a restaurant beforehand, or ordering pizza or Thai food after the scene.  They could both use more solid food than they were getting.

“Our boy Jimmy should try laying off the booze a little bit.” Ashley told me one night while we were waiting for Jim to make his appearance.

‘And you my dear,’ I thought but didn’t say, ‘should try easing off on the cocaine just a touch.’


One afternoon, when I was on my way out to a meeting with my literary agent, Mrs. Krapowski, my downstairs neighbor, stopped me in the hall.

“Who is that delicious young buck who’s been coming by so often lately?  Don’t tell me he’s your new visiting nurse?”

In the past, I had explained Ashley away as a home healthcare provider.  Which, in a way, she was.

“Jim?” I said, “Oh, he’s just a friend.”

“Really… just a friend?”  Mrs. Krapowski gave me a look like a large bird sizing up a particularly juicy worm.  “You can tell me, he’s your boy-toy, isn’t he?”

I admitted it.

“My oh my!” Mrs. Krapowski exclaimed, looking at me with envy burning in her eyes.  I wasn’t used to getting envious looks from other women.  I kind of liked it. “What I wouldn’t give for a slice of that pie!”

Mrs. Krapowski was about ten years older than me and married to a plumber.  She was a big woman, in every sense of the word, but she had a good honest laugh and a warm smile, and that goes a long way in my book.  I felt like I’d be a lousy friend, a bad neighbor, if I didn’t offer.  Besides, I had a suspicion that it might be really hot to watch.


If Jim was surprised by my choice of partners for him for the evening, he hid it pretty well.  He was very polite, and introduced himself to Mrs. Krapowski, and shook her hand, and I could tell that she was quite charmed.  We promptly dismissed Jim to the shower – he’d come straight from work and was covered in sweat and construction grime.  If he’d been drinking, it was only a beer or two.

“I suddenly feel a little bit shy,” Mrs. Krapowski told me as she started to disrobe.  She wasn’t really a fat lady.  She was just big: tall and curvy with a hefty bust, a big round belly and butt, thick thighs, and wide hips.

“Don’t worry about Jim.  He’s totally non-judgmental.”

“Oh, it’s not him.  I’m feeling shy about being naked in front of you.”

I didn’t know quite what to say to that.  She grinned a big, wolfish ear-to-ear grin, and unsnapped her bra, setting her enormous breasts free.  She wiggled out of her big white panties, revealing a lush patch of dark, curly hair, and then she was standing a little too close to my chair.  I felt something electrical pass between us, and my clit twitched nervously.  Then Jim emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and the moment passed.

Mrs. Krapowski may have felt shy about undressing in front of me, but she seemed to have no qualms at all as far as Jim was concerned.  She whipped the towel right off him with one swift yank, revealing him in all his tattooed, farmer-tanned glory.  She pounced on his penis like an overgrown kitten onto a ball of yarn, and proceeded to bring him from flaccid to rock-hard in record time, licking, sucking, slurping, stroking, and squeezing him between her huge breasts until his dick was at its beautiful, up-curving maximum.

She practically manhandled him between her meaty thighs, grabbing his head and steering him like a horse, and he immediately dove in, pleasuring her enthusiastically with his tongue.

Jim went down on her for well over an hour.  In porn videos, that’s the part I usually fast-forward through, but this kept my attention just fine.  Mrs. Krapowski was a very vocal and demonstrative recipient, and I lost track of how many times he made her come.  The woman seemed to be an orgasm machine!  I loved watching her shake and squirm with Jim’s face mashed into her crotch, and I loved watch Jim, and his cute little white butt, as he licked diligently away.

Finally Mrs. Krapowski pushed Jim away.  “I think I’m ready for my dessert now,” she smirked.  My skirt was piled up on my lap, and my own juicy pussy and aching clit were more than ready for the main event.

Mrs. Krapowski had a very pretty cunt.  In contrast with the rest of her, it was quite petite and ladylike, with neat inner labia and a shy little clitoris that she forced out from beneath its hood with two fingers.  She was sopping wet: her thighs and Jim’s face were slick with it.  She lay on her back on the bed while Jim rolled a condom down his painfully-hard looking erection.

He impaled her with a grunt, burying his cock all the way to the balls in her eager pussy.  She responded ecstatically, cooing like a bird, enveloping him deep in her juicy folds.  He started fucking her hard and fast, his brow furrowed in concentration.

“Oh Jimmy! Oh my- Oh my goodness!  You make me feel like a virgin all over again!  Oh my goodness, you’re going to make me come!”

She wasn’t the only one.  I could see it in Jim’s face, the set in his jaw and the intensity of his stare as he urgently fucked her cunt, and I wasn’t far off myself either.  I had my vibrator pressed firmly against the swollen button of my clitoris.

Mrs. Krapowski came first, her coos escalating in volume until I was sure the neighbors would complain and I’d get an angry letter from the co-op board.  Her body thrashed and heaved as her orgasm peaked and peaked again.  Jim pulled out, hurriedly unfurled the condom, and squirted copious amounts of semen all over Mrs. Krapowski’s heaving belly and breasts.  That was enough for me.  He always looked so incredibly sexy when he came, always that expression of silent ecstasy.  I gave myself over to my own orgasm, letting waves of pleasure wash over my body like breaking surf as my vibrator hummed and my cunt quivered.

“Oh my goodness!” Mrs. Krapowski gasped out loud, “I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun!”


Jim picked up a full-time job as a non-union welder, and was doing a ton of overtime for a couple weeks, coming back to my place filthy and exhausted, sometimes too tired to fuck; but his boss turned out to be a crook and his paycheck bounced.  I loaned him a couple hundred bucks so that he could make rent, money that I expected never to see again.


My niece Jackie was over one afternoon for high tea.  Jackie wasn’t really my niece; she was my friend Janis’ daughter.  She was still in high school, and wanted to be a writer.  I thought she had a shot at it too.  She had the talent.

High tea, for us, meant smoking a bowl and then sitting around my apartment sipping a Coke (Jackie) or a gin-and-tonic (me) and talking about whatever we felt like, but mostly sex and writing.  We’d been doing high tea together, on an irregular basis, since Jackie was fifteen.  She’d hooked me up with some of my favorite internet porn, and I’d shown her what I’d never shown anyone else: my rough drafts.

“I really want to try anal sex!” Jackie said to me over her can of Coke, her eyes sparkling.

“So?” I sipped my gin-and-tonic, “Tell your boyfriend to go slow and use lots of lube.”

“Boyfriend?” Jackie made a face, “We broke up.  Besides, Rickie was straight as an arrow.  He wouldn’t even kiss me after I had his dick in my mouth.”

I’d never told Jackie about the little scenes I staged for myself.  That never seemed quite fair, as I got to hear every juicy detail of her sex life, from losing her virginity on forward.  Now seemed like as good a time as any to spill the beans.  Plus, dirty old biddy that I am, I had been itching to see Jackie naked for a long time.

She listened quietly as I told her, and explained my proposition.

“Are you serious?” Jackie said when I was done talking.  “That would be so awesome!  Is he pretty cute?”  I nodded.  “When could we do it?  Tonight?”

“I’ll make a phone call,” I said, rolling into the kitchen and making myself another drink.

By the time Jim came over, I was half-drunk, and Jackie was bouncing off the walls.  When he finally walked in the door (forty-five minutes late, as per normal), Jackie grinned broadly and gave me a secret thumbs-up.

Jim scooped her right up and carried her squealing over to the bed.  Jackie was a skinny, very petite girl, and she looked like a rag doll in Jim’s humongous hands.  She shrieked happily when he dumped her onto the sheets, her long hair spilled out in a beautiful golden-brown tangle.

“He’s like a slave?” Jackie asked me, her eyes aglow, “He’ll really do anything you want?”

“He’s not a slave, he’s a performer,” I said, “And yes, he’ll pretty much do anything you want.  Am I right Jim?”

He grinned broadly and nodded.

“Well then, I’d like for him to lick my pussy!” Jackie giggled, “If you don’t mind, that is…”

Jim didn’t mind one bit.  He undressed Jackie like a kid opening a present, carefully and meticulously so as not to spoil any of the wrapping.  He lifted her little black dress up over her head, revealing non-matching underwear.  I held my breath.  The bra came off, and the panties too.  She was absolutely gorgeous naked, all lithe and willowy with perky little breasts, a soft furry pussy, and an ass to die for.

Jackie lay down on her back on the bed, her dishwater blonde hair spilling off the side, framing her head.  She lifted her knees to her chest and grinned at me upside-down.  Jim peeled off his tight white t-shirt and dove in between her thighs into Jackie’s fluffy brown muff.  I have to say, at that moment, I felt distinctly jealous of him.  The expressions that passed across Jackie’s face, and the slurping and licking noises that Jim made had an immediate and moistening effect on me.  Feeling Jackie’s eyes on me, I scooted my pants down and started petting my clit, spreading the slickness of my cunt up and down my sex.

Then Jackie squirmed away, giggling.  She rolled over onto her tummy and wiggled her cute little tush invitingly at Jim.  He was no dumb bunny; he could take a hint when it was waved in his face.  He planted his face between her soft sweet cheeks and kept on licking.

“Oh my God!” Jackie announced to me, “He’s licking my butt!  He’s got his tongue like all the way up my ass!  It feels amazing!  He’s going to make me come!”

And then she did come, and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.  She thrashed and squirmed on the bed, her eyes clenched tight and her cheeks flushed, while all the time Jim’s face was buried between her ass cheeks, his hands under her hips.

When she was finally done coming, Jim stripped out of his blue jeans and boxers.  His cock curved upward, long, hard, and ripe to be plucked.  I grabbed my vibrator and started it buzzing.

Jackie got up on her knees.  Her cute little boobies hung down like a couple small ripe pears, her rump thrust obscenely up in Jim’s direction.  I could see her tiny little asshole, pink and winking, glistening with Jim’s saliva.

Jim looked questioningly over at me. “You know what she wants,” I told him, “fuck her in the ass!”

We had pre-positioned a bottle of lube next to the bed and Jim emptied about half of it onto his straining erection.

“Tell me him to stop if it hurts,” I told Jackie, who just grinned reached back and spread her cheeks wider for Jim.

It wasn’t like in the porno films where they just jam it straight in and start butt-fucking.  I have to hand it to him, Jim really took his time warming her up properly.

He started out with just one finger, teasing her asshole with it at first and then working just the fingertip gently inside until she was literally begging for more.  He slowly worked his finger in and out until he was finally knuckle-deep and she was moaning.  Then he carefully added a second finger, slowly penetrating Jackie’s upturned ass with his thick digits.  All the time she was moaning softly and rubbing her sopping wet pussy with both hands.  My own clit felt like it was about an inch long, and I was sitting in a puddle of my own juice.  My vibrator was humming happily away.

At last Jim had two finger buried all the way to the hilts inside Jackie’s little asshole.  “I can’t take it much longer,” Jackie said, her voice strained and raspy, “do it to me now!”

Jim’s beautiful cock was glistening with lube as he pressed it up against her anus.  He pressed forward and Jackie whimpered and the livid red head of his penis disappeared inside her anus.   She froze, and the two of them held stock still for a long moment, joined tenuously together.

“more…” she whispered.

Slowly, slowly, agonizingly slowly, Jim’s big cock slid up Jackie’s asshole until he was all the way up inside her.  Together, they started rocking back and forth.  Jackie’s eyes were half-shut, and her fingers had resumed their dance on her clit.

“Oh my God,” she moaned, “He’s fucking my asshole.  It feels so good!  I’m going to come all over again!”

Jim upped the tempo, actively fucking her butt now.  I could see his thick shaft sliding in and out of her butt hole.  There was an intense look of concentration on his face: I could tell he was holding back with everything he had.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Jackie sounded like a tropical bird when she came, her whole body flushed and trembling.  Jim let go at last, fucking her ass hard once, twice, three strokes and then exhaling with a rush and collapsing onto her sweaty back as he came.

The two of them lay naked on the bed together and watched as I brought myself off.  I was so turned on by that point that I didn’t even feel self-conscious about them watching me.


“Would you fuck a dude?  While I watched?”

“Honey,” Jim told me in his sweet Texas drawl, “For you I’d fuck a porcupine.”  He knocked back another shot of tequila.

Carlos was my favorite bartender.  He kept me in free gin and tonics.  He’d also been my very first in-home entertainer.  Carlos would fuck anything, and he had one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen, in porn or otherwise.

Carlos lifted weights.  He had a shaved head, and there was no hair at all on his body except for his eyebrows and a little dark peach fuzz on his muscular forearms.  The head of his dick was pierced through with a thick steel ring.

Jim was late, as usual, and when he did show up, he was clearly sloshed.  He and Carlos shook hands glowering, and then slowly undressed, eyeing each other like a pair of prizefighters.  The tension in my apartment was thick as smoke.  I was excited and a little scared.

Jim struck first.  He pushed Carlos hard in the center of the chest, sending him sprawling on my hardwood floor.

Carlos was back on his feet in an eye-blink and, crouched down low in a compact mass of muscle, he charged Jim, bowling him over and knocking a lamp off one of my side tables, shattering it.

The guys were pretty evenly matched: Jim was bigger, but Carlos was stronger; Carlos had studied judo, but Jim was meaner.

They fought naked and silent on my living room floor.  The only sound was their heavy breathing, an occasional grunt, and the thwack of flesh-on-flesh.  It was really scary and highly erotic.  My pussy was totally drenched.

I couldn’t tell how much of it was play and how much was for real.  They were fighting hard, but they weren’t really beating the shit out of each other.  At least I didn’t think so.  Carlos had a bloody nose.  Both guys were sporting erections.

Then Carlos grabbed Jim’s arm just as he was swinging a punch.  Jim went flying and landed flat on his back -BOOM- in the middle of my living room floor.  Carlos was immediately on top of him, twisting his neck into a headlock.

“All right,” Jim’s face was purple and the veins in his temple were bulging out.  “I give.” One eye was already starting to swell shut and he’d split a lip.  Carlos released him and he crumpled into a heap on the floor.

“Oh Fuck Yeah!” Carlos crowed triumphantly, “Who’s the man?!”  Blood was streaming out of his nose, smeared all over his face and dribbling onto my floor in fat red drops like a summer thunderstorm.  He reached down and grabbed a fistful of Jim’s hair and jammed his ridiculously long cock down Jim’s throat.

Jim choked and gagged, but didn’t struggle as Carlos face-fucked him.  He managed to take most of Carlos’ length down his throat, which I thought was a pretty impressive feat.  I’m lousy at judging that sort of thing, but I’m pretty sure Carlos was packing at least ten inches, maybe more.

Carlos was humping Jim’s face really brutally, yanking his hair and using Jim’s mouth as a cunt.  Finally, he threw his head back, rammed his cock into Jim so deep his balls were pressed against Jim’s chin.  He held him like that for a long moment.  Every tendon in Jim’s throat strained and bulged out, and his face was bright red.  Then Carlos pushed him away, and Jim sprawled coughing on my bare wood floor.  Carlos towered above him, his hairless, pierced saliva-slick cock standing straight up like an obelisk.

“Next time I fuck you in the ass, pinche jue!” Carlos said.

“Fuck you!” Jim croaked back, “Next time I’m fucking you up the ass!”

And then they were all over each other, kissing and touching, and they landed in a heap right near my wheelchair.  They were a twisted knot, clasped close together like lovers, kissing deeply and rolling around on the floor.

I hadn’t realized just how excited I had become.  My panties were literally soaked through.  I yanked them down and started fingering myself just as they got hold of each other’s cocks.  They started pumping each other’s hard dick, each guy daring the other to come first.

It was absolutely the hottest scene I had ever been witness too, and when they came, (Carlos with a grunt and a curse, and Jim silent as always) they splashed oodles of hot come all over each other, I rubbed my clit fast and hard and my orgasm almost shook me out of my chair.


Me and Jim were hanging out at my table over at the Good Times one afternoon a week or so later.  It was still early, but we were both pretty shit faced already.

Jim had gotten kicked out of his apartment for non-payment of rent.  He and his dog were living in his pickup, parked in a vacant lot over by the East River.  He was still nursing a shiner from his encounter with Carlos.  I thought he looked pretty hot like that.

I killed the last of my gin-and-tonic.  Carlos wasn’t working that day, and the bartender du jour wasn’t even looking our way; he was busy flirting with a gaggle of hipster chicks over near the front.  I felt Jim’s hand on the useless stick that is my right leg.  I moved his hand away.  He put his hand back, higher up my thigh this time.  Dangerously high.  When I didn’t protest, he nudged my skirt out of the way and started caressing me through my panties.

We stumbled, or rather Jim stumbled and I rolled, into my apartment.  I hadn’t meant for this to happen, it went against my better judgment, but there you have it.

He lifted me bodily out of my chair and dumped me onto the bed, where he methodically started stripping my clothes off.  When I was naked, he undressed himself.  His cock was as hard as I had ever seen it.

He lay down on top of me and we kissed for a long time.  It felt good: his naked flesh pressed heavily against mine, his solid weight bearing down on me, his tequila-flavored mouth on my own, his tongue exploring my mouth.

He slid down my body and I froze, petrified.  I felt his hot breath on my cunt.  The room was spinning, wobbling like a dying top.

He started licking, and I gave in to the pleasure.  Holy Shit!  Was it always this good?  If so, then Ashley should have been paying me!  I couldn’t believe how wet I was!  It felt like I was gushing, like an out of control well.  I was sure that I was making a huge puddle on the bed and soaking through the mattress.

Jim had a finger in my asshole, I don’t even know how many fingers up my cunt but it felt like his whole damn hand, and his tongue was doing absolutely insane things to my clit.  I came and I came until I couldn’t take any more.  I pushed him away at long last, gasping for air, my whole body trembling.

He came up from between my thighs with a big wet grin on his face.  He slithered up my body, nudging my thighs even further apart, taking direct aim at my sopping-wet, wide-open cunt with his cock.

“DON’T. YOU. DARE.” I said it through clenched teeth, in a tone that meant business.

He stopped short, the swollen scarlet head of his penis poised just microns from the drooling entrance to my cunt.   “I’ll put a condom on…”


He raised his eyebrows and shrugged and then repositioned himself so that he was straddling my midsection.  He took my little hand in his enormous one, and wrapped it around his hard cock.  I marveled at how hot and silky-soft the skin of his penis was.  I let him move my hand up and down his cock, faster and faster until he came with an ecstatic grimace, shooting gobs and gobs of hot sticky juice all over my tits, neck, and face.

Breathing hard, he collapsed on top of me, squooshing our juices between us.  I savored that sensation.  We lay that way for a long while.  His bulk was heavy on top of me and made it hard to breathe, but I didn’t mind.

“Well,” I said at last, “I think the least you could do is help me take a shower.”

Jim lifted me up and deposited me in my seat in the shower.  He turned the water on and climbed into the tub with me.

I had a very nice time sucking his dick under the hot cascading water.  It was fun making his cock all hard again.  It felt nice in my mouth.  I enjoyed playing with his cock, running my tongue all over the head and the shaft and the balls, squeezing his ass, nibbling on his thighs, kissing his belly.  Unfortunately, Jim wasn’t able to come again, not even when he took matters into his own hands, pushing me gently away and jerking off into my open, waiting mouth.  But he did finger-fuck me to another very nice orgasm.

We toweled off and he helped me get dressed.  I thought it was really sexy watching him move around the apartment, naked, his hard-on waggling like a totem pole.  When his finally put his clothes back on, his erection was clearly visible through his pants.

I loaned him another two hundred dollars.  He didn’t want to take my money, but I insisted.

“You know this can never happen again,” I said.



After he left, I poured myself another gin and tonic.


I got sent out of town for a couple weeks on a book tour, which meant reading the same partial chapter over and over again at chain bookstores across the country and signing autographs until my hand cramped, eating crappy food at chain restaurants, and then jerking off to internet porn in my generic handicap-accessible hotel room.

When I got back to the city, I didn’t see Jim around the Good Times.  There was an envelope behind the bar with my name on in, written in thick pencil in Jim’s shaky block lettering.  Inside was four hundred dollars in greasy, crumpled twenty dollar bills.

I kept hoping that he’d show up, but he didn’t.  I called his cell phone, but it was disconnected.  He was gone.


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Dog Boy’s Got The Blues


Tracy was a nice girl from a nice family who grew up in a nice Midwestern town, the kind of town that exists mostly in corny novels and TV miniseries.  She was a good student and showed a talent for drawing.   She wanted to go to university to be an illustrator or maybe a designer.

When she was a teenager Tracy, like most girls her age started feeling sexy.  Like many teenage girls Tracy wasn’t ready to start fooling around with boys.  Real boys introduced way too many complications.  That left just two options: fooling around with girls (Tracy was self-aware enough to know that she was at least potentially interested, but didn’t know how to go about getting started) and masturbation.  Fortunately she also discovered pornography at about the same time and she soon became a master and frequent practitioner of the art of self-pleasure.

It was early one lazy Saturday morning late in the summer.  The humidity lay over the corn fields like a thick wool blanket.  It was going to be a scorcher.  Tracy was lying naked atop her bed sheets, one hand flipping through the glossy pages of the dirty magazine she had nervously purchased from a Pakistani immigrant a couple of years older than herself at a downtown convenience store the previous night.  Her other hand was busy between her legs, where her pussy was already thick, swollen and extremely wet, and her clit was standing up, poking out in a deliciously obnoxious way.

She was deeply engrossed in a photo spread depicting two large-breasted, heavily made-up girls fooling around together in a hot tub.  The blonde girl’s tongue was outstretched and was almost but not quite touching her brunette friend’s asshole.  As Tracy perused the steamy photographs, Rex nosed her bedroom door open and came trotting happily into the room. Tracy was so absorbed in what she was doing that she didn’t even notice his presence until he jumped up on the bed.

Tracy stifled a scream and sent the magazine flying when the big friendly black lab joined her atop the sheets.  Rex knew he wasn’t allowed up on furniture and it was mortifying to be caught in this condition – shamelessly naked, legs spread wide open and two fingers busy on her wet cunt.  She’d never felt shy in front Rex before. And yet… Tracy couldn’t quite bring herself to shoo Rex down off the bed and she couldn’t quite bring herself to stop rubbing that swollen, slippery button between her legs.  Rex started licking her toes, which tickled and made her giggle.  He really was just a big oversized puppy.

She could have stopped him when he started licking her ankles and her calves, but she didn’t.  Her skin was all sweaty from the excitement and exertion and the humid morning heat and Rex’s tongue sent pleasurable shivers up and down her spine.  In the back of her head she knew where this was headed, but she didn’t stop it.  She rolled over onto her back and continued circling her clit with one slick finger as Rex licked his way up her legs and on to the soft pale skin of her inner thigh. When Rex’s long, slurping tongue found her pussy, it was almost too much.  She had to bury her face in the feather pillow to keep from screaming.  Elsewhere in the house, Tracy’s parents and her kid brother were presumably still asleep.

This was so wrong, so perverted, disgusting and sick.  And yet… The things that Rex’s eager, lapping tongue was doing to her cunt were amazing, better than anything Tracy had ever experienced. Better even than the buzzing handle of her electric toothbrush.  She put her hands behind her head and relaxed into it, letting go as Rex and his long slobbering tongue slurped away at her juicy, super-stimulated cunt.  Before she knew it, she was having an orgasm, a long, drawn-out orgasm, one of the strongest, best orgasms she had ever experienced.

“Good boy, good dog” she scratched Rex’s head between the ears when the tremors had finally ceased and the aftershocks had settled down.  Rex was panting happily and Tracy could see that his penis was erect, pink and unsheathed.

‘This is so wrong,’ Tracy thought, ‘I shouldn’t even be thinking about doing this…’  But Rex had just done such a nice job for her and it was really quite harmless if you thought about it. Certainly it wasn’t any worse than what they had already done and it seemed only fair to get him off too.  Besides, it’d be good practice…

Tracy and Rex’s relationship changed after that.  They’d always been best buddies, but now they were constant companions.  They went for long walks together and sometimes they’d play fetch and sometimes they’d find a secluded spot down by the river to lick, suck and fool around. Afterward, they’d lie together cuddled up in the tall green grass and watch the clouds float by high overhead.  Most nights, after the rest of the family had gone to sleep, Rex would climb into Tracy’s bed.  Some nights they’d just sleep, but more often they’d play a while first.

All this might have been fine, a summer love affair to be treasured and kept secret and not often thought of but never forgotten.  But Tracy was an adventurous girl, and once she got started she discovered that she wanted more, and one thing led to another.

When Tracy missed her period, she knew.  She bought a home-pregnancy test with shaking hands at the drugstore downtown, but she already knew.  She also knew how her pregnancy would be received in the small, conservative town.  Giving up the baby was not, as far as she was concerned, an option.  So the next day instead of going to school, she went down to the bank and withdrew the entire contents of her college fund.  She packed up her things, piled them into her car and then she and Rex headed out of town in her beat-up old white Maxima, bound for the Big City. Nine months later, while Rex waited nervously outside, a rather bemused resident at a crowded public hospital delivered me, a healthy (if somewhat unusual) baby boy.

Tracy waited tables for a while and eventually opened up a tiny shop in the West Village where she sold her pornographic pen and ink drawings.  Tracy’s erotic art became very popular among the city’s rich and kinky crowd, of which there were a surprising number, and she did quite well by it.

Rex got a job with the police department, and retired with full benefits after 9/11.

But enough with the family history.


I was a normal, happy, exuberant child.  When I was fully dressed, the only thing that distinguished me from the other kids was a long furry tail that stuck out the seat of my pants and wagged uncontrollably whenever I was happy or excited.

At school, I was a regular kid.  I was a bit of an outsider, as any kid who is smart and different will be.  I may have been overly fond of chasing balls and my tongue did have a tendency to loll out, but I also got good grades and liked books.  I got along ok, though I didn’t have any close friends until much later.

About the time we hit high school, boys started noticing girls and vice-versa.  I was no exception, but I was also painfully shy and very conscious of being different. So when the other kids were going to school dances or necking on the promenade, I was usually at home, jerking off.

Kat moved to our school from California and she looked every bit the part of a Cali girl.  She was tall, slender and athletic, with long shapely legs, big pert boobs and wavy blonde hair.  She fit right in with the popular girls.  If our school had had a cheerleading squad, she would have been captain.  She wasn’t a dumb blonde either, not one inch of it.  She was, in other words, so far out of my league that I almost didn’t bother masturbating to her.

And then the unthinkable happened:  Kat asked me out.  She came up to me right after pre-calc, didn’t hem or haw, she just asked me straight up.

“Do you want to go out on a date with me?  How about Friday night?  We could watch a movie and then hang out and do stuff…”

‘…and do stuff…’  I really did jerk off to her after that, and every night that week.  Part of me was terrified that it was just a cruel joke, that when I showed up for our date a bunch of sneering, laughing popular girls would jump out from behind a bush, snapping pictures with their cell phone cameras and posting shots of the freak online.

But it was just Kat and she didn’t seem nervous at all.  I couldn’t pay any attention to the movie; I was too distracted by her presence next to me.  I can’t remember what the movie was about.  It may have been a romantic comedy.  Heck, I can’t even remember what the title of the film was.  I was too distracted by Kat’s body next to me. Too conscious of my own erection in my pants, agonizing whether or not I was supposed to try and hold hands with her. Kat answered that question for me after the movie let out.  She took my hand in hers and suggested that we go for a little walk in the park.

“I like your tail” she said to me as we walked hand-in-hand past Victorian-era statues and park benches on our way toward the northern, more deserted end of the park.

“I like yours too” I said, and then flushed red.  Was that too bold? Too crude? Too overtly sexual?

Kat didn’t seem to think so.  “Thank you” was all she said, and she squeezed my hand with hers.  I felt as though I were glowing.  My dick was so hard and swollen it almost hurt.

We left the path and picked our way through the darkening woods until we came to a grassy little clearing overlooking the duck pond.  Kat clearly knew her way around this place at night; I was all turned around. We settled down in the crook of a big old oak tree and started kissing.  Her lips felt incredible against mine.  It was all I could do to not shove my tongue all the way down her throat.  My dick felt like it was about to blow out my zipper.  My tail was curled up in a tight, excited spiral.

“Don’t be shy,” Kat told me, placing my hand on her breast.  I could feel her nipple all the way through the layers of fabric.  “Here, I’ll make it easy for you.”  She pulled her shirt off over her head and wriggled free of her black sports bra, setting her breasts free under the soft moonlight.

She was beautiful, she was topless and she wanted me.  I fondled her breasts as we kissed.  They were soft, heavy, smooth, and firm.  She liked having her nipples pinched and played with.  The harder I pinched, the more she seemed to like it. While I played with Kat’s breasts, she was busy playing with my dick through the frustratingly thick denim of my jeans.

Finally she broke off our kiss.  “What do you have going on down there?” she asked, and then she was expertly unbuttoning my pants and tugging down my zipper.

“Good God,” Kat said in a completely different tone of voice, “What is that thing?  What are you?”

She got dressed without another word and stalked off into the darkness, leaving me to find my own way home through the park at night.  By the time I got home, I was too tired and disgusted to even masturbate.


It may have been my imagination, but I don’t think it was.  After my disastrous date with Kat, the girls at school started looking at me differently.  Some of them stared openly; others whispered to each other and giggled.  I even got strange looks from some of the guys.  I didn’t like it.  It made me squirm with self-consciousness.  I started to become depressed and my tail sagged like a day-old french-fry.

Lynda and I had been in the same class since early elementary school.  We were always the two smartest kids in our class, but we’d never seen eye-to-eye.  Lynda was a prissy-missy, an over-achieving good girl with a wickedly sharp tongue.  I on the other hand, had always been a slacker, a weirdo and a bit of a slob.  Lynda would go to a better college than me. One day a week or so after the Kat incident Lynda cornered me up against my open locker.  She may have stood at least two heads shorter than me, her fierce brown eyes level with my solar plexus; but the girl had presence.

“What are you doing on Saturday?” she asked me bluntly. “My parents are going out of town.  You should come over and hang out.”

“Are you joking?” Just two minutes before, a gaggle of popular girls had swooped down on me, pointing and giggling and snapping pictures of my crotch with their cell phones.  I was in no mood to be trifled with.

“Look,” she said tapping one foot impatiently, “Do you want to come over or not?”  Her brown eyes flashed dangerously behind her glasses.

“I’ll be there.” I said as the warning bell rang for class.


I rang Lynda’s doorbell at ten o’clock sharp, just as instructed.  She answered the door, wearing pink teddy-bear print pajamas.

“Oh hi,” she said, “Why don’t you come on in?”

We sat down together on the big white leather couch in her living room.  There was an awkward silence.  I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who felt uncomfortable and ill at ease.

“My parents went up to Boston for the day, some church thing.” Lynda made a face.  “They don’t mind leaving me alone here because I’m a Good Girl.

“Do you want something to drink?” she stood abruptly up.  “Ice tea? Juice?  I could get you some vodka…”

“I’d like a glass of water.” I said.

She ducked out of the room into the kitchen.  As she left, I noticed that Lynda had a really cute little butt.  I’d noticed her ass before, but I’d never really appreciated just how nice it was. Lynda came back with two tall glasses of ice water.  She sat back down next to me on the couch and took a long drink of water.  She adjusted the way her glasses were sitting on her nose.

“Are you nervous?” she asked.

“No.” I lied.

“I am.” She drained her water glass.

“Me too.” I admitted.

“I’ve never really done this before.” Lynda told me.

“Me either,” I replied possibly a little too hastily.

She turned on me.  “What?  Hooked up with a girl just for sex?  Or are you saying you’re a virgin?”

My tail thumped sheepishly on the white leather couch.

“Oh My God, you are a virgin, aren’t you?!  This is going to be fun!!”

My tail thumped a little harder.

“That is too funny!”  I didn’t think it was funny at all.  “And I always thought you were a total dog boy… no offense.”

“None taken,” I said, trying to preserve a shred of my dignity.

“Listen,” Lynda said, setting down her empty glass and looking seriously over at me, “I don’t know how you’re going to feel about this but I need to warn you, I’m on the rag.”

“That doesn’t bother me.” I said.

“Cool.” Lynda relaxed visibly.  “Awesome.  Do you wanna go upstairs?”

We went up the stairs and into Lynda’s bedroom, where we sat together on the edge of her bed.  I took her small hand in mine and squeezed.  She squeezed back.  Electricity seemed to crackle between us. The bed sheets were purple and the walls were lavender and the whole room was done up in a unicorn/rainbow motif.

“My mother decorated it,” Lynda said and frowned.  “I’d like to kiss for a while first, if you don’t mind.”

I didn’t mind.  I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.  She responded eagerly, kissing me back voraciously and pressing her small body against mine. Our lips locked together and our fingers intertwined.  Lynda shifted her position so that she was sitting on my lap, her sassy little ass rubbing up against the erection that was threatening to burst free of my pants.  Lynda was a biter and she seemed to be doing her very best to ram her tongue down my throat.  I didn’t mind one bit.  It struck me as kind of funny in a way; I’d only kissed a couple of girls before and I’d always very self-consciously restrained my own tongue.

My hand found her breast.  She wasn’t wearing a bra under her pajama top, and her nipple was hard and pointy.  Meeting zero resistance, I slipped my hand up inside and cupped her naked tit. Her breasts were tiny, not anywhere close to a handful, but they felt absolutely heavenly.  She pressed herself harder against me, and I played with her boobs as we kissed and made out on the side of her bed. We fell backward together onto the sheets.  I ended up flat on my back with Lynda sprawled across my chest.  She broke off our kiss and grinned.

“You’re an amazing kisser!  Who knew…”  She got up, straddling my lap, and peeled off her pajama top.  Her boobs may have been tiny, but they were perfect; absolutely gorgeous little half-globes with compact dark nipples.  She rubbed her bottom playfully across the throbbing log in my pants.  There was a big smile across her face.  “You like…?”

I did like.  I squirmed out of my t-shirt, baring my own chest.  All six of my nipples were pokey and erect.

“I like!” Lynda exclaimed, kissing her way down my chest.  She paused to suck each one, catching each sensitive nipple between her front teeth and pulling gently, making me squirm.

“Now this,” she purred, “I have got to see!”  Her face was right at the level of my crotch, and she was fumbling with the buttons of my fly.

It took a little fumbling, but she finally got all the buttons undone and my dick came bouncing out like an excited puppy released from its pen for playtime.

“Oh my goodness!” she licked her lips, “Wow!  That’s… Very interesting!  Very nice!  Mmm…” She flicked the tip of my swollen dick with her tongue.  I had thought I couldn’t possibly get any harder, but at her touch; my cock trembled and seemed to grow another half inch.  “I am going to make you feel really good. First though,” Lynda’s expression changed, and she suddenly looked small and vulnerable.  She asked me in a small voice, “Would you mind making me feel really good?”

I didn’t mind at all.

I watched ravenously as Lynda stripped off her pajama bottoms.  She was wearing blue cotton panties, which she scooted off and kicked in the general direction of her laundry basket. Hers was the first pussy I had ever seen live and in person.  It was beautiful.  She had a sweet little triangle of very neatly trimmed curly black pubic hair.  Below that, soft lips pouted open invitingly.  A white cotton string dangled out of her pussy like a pull-toy.

She plucked the tampon out and discretely tossed it in the trash. She then shifted position so she was sitting on the bed with her back to the wall and spread her legs.  Her pussy was wide open and I relished the view.  She was really wet and I caught a glimpse of her clit, all pink and shiny.  There was a little trail of blood leaking out and a whole lot of girl come.  Her pussy was at least as excited as my cock was.

She looked incredibly sexy like that.  I told her so and she blushed.  Then I slid my big hands underneath her sassy little butt and lifted her up so that her shoulders lay on the bed and her feet were kicking high in the air and her pussy was right in front of my mouth.  I pulled her to me and started licking, eating her out like I was trying to clean out a pint container of ice cream with my tongue. All my life I’ve been self-conscious about my tongue, even more so than my tail.  My tongue is just too long for my mouth and tends to flop out to one side or the other when I’m not paying attention.  At last I had found a really good use for that oversized tongue of mine.

I thought Lynda tasted delicious.  There wasn’t a ton of blood, but what there was mixed in with her sex juices and tasted amazing.  I delighted in her wiggles and gasps as I tongued her and I loved the feeling of her little ass cupped in my hands.  I explored every single inch of her pussy, inside and out, probing every fold and crevice with my tongue as I pressed inside her hot tangy cunt as far as my tongue would extend.  Every time I licked her clitoris, her whole body shook uncontrollably and she cried aloud. I’m not sure how many times she came.  It seemed to be a more or less constant thing, once I had gotten her going, like a huge summer thunderstorm rolling up a mountain valley.

“Ok!!” she finally pulled away from me, “Ok!  I can’t take any more!  Dear God…” My face was slick with her juices.  “That was amazing!  I am so going to fuck you cross-eyed!!”

She fetched a condom out from the drawer in her bedside table.  I saw a big pink dildo in there as well as a couple other items I couldn’t immediately identify.

She tore the wrapper open and tried to roll the condom down my cock.  It didn’t really work right.  My penis was the wrong size and shape.  We went through three different condoms; we managed to get the last one on, but then it tore.  We were both starting to get really frustrated.

“Listen,” Lynda said, “I hope you don’t think this is gross or anything, but you wouldn’t have to wear one if you put your dick in my ass.  Technically, I’m still a virgin at that, but I’ve wanted to try it for a long time now.”

She dug a bottle of lube out of that bedside table of hers and tossed it my way.  Then she lay down flat on her stomach with a couple pillows under her hips and her butt presented to me like a gorgeous soft ripe peach.

I poured nearly half the bottle of lube all over my cock and down Lynda’s butt crack.  She shivered and whispered encouragement, spreading her cheeks wide apart and revealing her tiny pink little crinkled butt hole.  I loved the shape of her ass; I loved the crease where her thighs met her butt cheeks, I loved the spiraling patterns of downy black hair on the small of her back, I loved the dimple just below the base of her spine.  I rubbed my cock between those delicious cheeks.  It was slippery and hot there.  Lynda grunted and raised her hips up to meet me.

“I don’t think it’s going to fit.” I said.  It just didn’t seem possible that I could cram myself into such a small opening and not injure her.

“Try me,” she said, wiggling her ass invitingly, “Go on!”

I positioned the tip of my dick at her tiny little anus and pressed gently forward.  Amazingly, she opened right up for me, swallowing my cock whole.

Lynda blew a long breath out through her teeth.  “Oh yeah… that feels amazing.”

It did feel amazing.  Her ass was so tight it was almost painful.  Her body was clinging to my dick, milking me and she was incredibly hot inside.

I began fucking her, slowly and very gently.  She humped right back against me and slowly, very slowly, the whole length of my cock disappeared up her ass.

“Oh shit yeah, that feels fucking amazing!  It’s so good!  You’re totally filling me up!  Oh shit this is wild!  Christ you feel huge…”

I could feel myself swelling inside her, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Lynda,” I yelped, “I’m going to come!  I’m going to come inside you!”

“Oh shit yeah…” Lynda was playing her clit like a banjo and grinding her rump against me.  Her glasses had fallen off and were lying on the bed sheets.  “Oh shit yeah, do it, come in my ass!”

I howled and let go, humping her so hard I nearly shoved her off the side of the bed.  My balls contracted and I pumped what felt like gallons and gallons of semen into Lynda’s butt.

With a satisfied sigh, I collapsed on top of her sweaty, gasping, petite body.

“Wow,” she said, “That was amazing.  I think that was the most intense orgasm I ever had… you can pull out now, but just be gentle, ok?”

“I can’t.” I said.  It was true.  Before I come, the end of my dick swells up like a body builder who starts taking steroids.  The more excited I am, the bigger it gets.  It takes forever for it to shrink down to normal size too.  At the moment, the head of my dick was the size of a small watermelon.

“Are you serious?  Ooh, freaky… In that case I’m going to go for an instant replay… roll over!”

I rolled over onto my back and Lynda sat astride me, my cock lodged firmly up her butt.  She leaned back and started circling her clit.

“Put a finger up inside me” she commanded, and I happily complied.  She was really hot inside and amazingly wet and slippery and I could feel my own swollen dick through her pussy walls.

I grabbed her breast with my free hand and started kissing her fiercely as I finger-fucked her cunt.  She was rubbing herself furiously, and it didn’t take long for her to bring herself to another beautiful, bone-rattling, full-body orgasm.

We lay there panting for a few minutes, joined tightly together.  Her thighs and my balls were coated in pinkish come and fresh red blood.  I thought it looked really sexy.

“We made a pretty big mess,” I told her.  It was true.  There were dark splotches on the sheets where we’d been frolicking, and we were both smeared all over with blood and come.

“Don’t worry,” she said lazily, “It’ll all wash out.”

We ended up waddling to the bathroom together and clambering into a freezing cold shower to detach me from her freshly fucked ass, an operation that Lynda found absolutely hilarious.

After we had finally extracted my reduced cock from her tender asshole, we toweled off and went naked downstairs to the kitchen. Lynda poured us each a tall cool orange juice and added a splash of vodka to each glass.  Neither one of us could help the big fat goofy grins splashed across our faces.

A little while later, I found myself sitting on one of the kitchen stools with Lynda between my legs, kneeling on the linoleum.  My erection was back with a vengeance and Lynda was very lightly stroking it with her thumb and forefinger. She stroked me so lightly that it was almost as if she wasn’t quite touching me at all.  Every now and then, she flicked out her tongue and playfully licked my balls or the engorged head of my penis.

“I love how your cock does that.” The head of my dick was once again swollen like an over-filled water balloon, trembling on the edge of bursting.  Lynda stroked my tail with her free hand.  Normally I don’t like people touching my tail, but this time I didn’t mind.  “I think it’s really sexy,” she went on, “I wonder how big you’d get if you had a butt plug in.  You’d like that, I bet.”

Her hand left my tail and found its way between my ass cheeks.  The tip of one finger grazed my anus and I jumped a little, my dick bobbing and waving.

“If I was on the pill, you could fuck me anytime and we wouldn’t have to use condoms, as long as we weren’t fooling around with other people.  How does that sound?”

It sounded pretty great to me.  Her fingers lightly traced their way up and down the length of my dick, tickling my asshole, driving me insane, tormenting me and keeping me balanced on the razor’s edge of a massive explosion.

“I’m not looking for a boyfriend,” she continued, looking up at me from between my hairy thighs, “It just wouldn’t work.  I’m too prickly and you’re kind of a dork.  But we could be just friends.  Friends who fool around…”

Up, down, up, down; she never stopped travelling the length of my quivering erection, her fingertips just barely grazing the soft skin of my penis.

“Gawd,” Lynda said, “Once a month I get absolutely insatiable!”

She suddenly plunged her finger into my ass and squeezed my cock tight in her fist and I came, squirting come all over myself. I had big white puddles of it all over my tummy and chest, some sticky droplets making it up to my neck and onto my chin.

Lynda proceeded to lick her way up my body, devouring my come like a kitting licking up spilt milk.  She lapped it all up.  Every single drop.


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