The Scranton Archipelago

“Hey Sis!” my brother Glenn called from downstairs, “Get your butt down here and start sucking on my dick!”

I was up in my room, trying to finish my algebra homework.  Glenn was downstairs in the living room, making out with his latest girlfriend, a fact that made it rather hard for me to concentrate on my studies.

I snapped my math book shut and hurried down the stairs, eager to please.  It wasn’t until I was halfway down the stairs that I realized we weren’t alone.

Danielle was just beautiful, I thought.  She wasn’t scary skinny, the way Glenn’s girlfriends tended to be, nor was she blonde.  She was all curvy and cuddly, she had a really large set of round, nicely-shaped boobs, and a gorgeous mop of curly dark brown hair.  She had neat lips that formed a sweet smile, and big brown eyes that twinkled with intelligence and mischief.  She was a couple years older than me; I saw her around school but we’d never had a class together.  Glenn had introduced her to Mom and me the other day before taking her out to dinner, and I had been struck to the core with a painful jab of jealousy.  I wasn’t sure if it was her I was jealous of, or him.

They were sitting slightly apart on the big black leather couch.  Glenn’s jeans and underwear were all twisted up together down around his ankles, and his cock stood straight up from his hairy crotch, wetly erect, red and proud.  He wore a tight white t-shirt and a shit-eating grin.

Danielle modestly tucked her boobs back inside her black bra.  Her skirt was all crumpled up and piled in her lap, and a pair of purple panties lay nearby on the floor.  Her cheeks flushed deep red.  It was really cute.

I approached the couch cautiously.  We’d never done this with someone else present before.

“Come on baby sis!” Glenn caught me by the face, pinching my cheeks in his strong hand.  “Show Danielle how it’s done!”  I could smell sex all over his thick fingers.

I hesitated.  I could feel Danielle’s eyes on me.  Glenn slapped me across the face, lightly, a warning slap.  “Come on Sissy,” he said, “we don’t have all night.”

It was true.  Mom was due home from work by midnight, and it was already past eleven.  I got down on my knees between Glenn’s muscular thighs and got to work.

I loved Glenn’s penis, and at the same time I was scared of it.  I loved it because it was sexy, beautiful to behold, perfectly shaped and formed, and because playing with it got me incredibly, irrevocably aroused.  I was scared of it because it was big, a little too big for my liking, and because its owner was strong-willed, mercurial, moody, controlling and insatiable.

I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock whole, working my tongue all over the red swollen head and pumping the shaft with my small hands.  I could feel Danielle staring at me the whole time, watching what I was doing with– disgust?  disbelief?  jealousy? horror? something else?

“Oh yeah baby,” Glenn groaned, leering over at Danielle, “now that’s how it’s done!”

I felt a flush of pride, and sucked harder.  I’m a sucker for a compliment.  Glenn’s big hard dick felt super sexy in my mouth.  My pussy felt all squishy and wet and my clit tingled.

When Glenn was really excited, when he was focused on coming, when he was super turned-on; that was when it was hardest for him to get off.  His cock was hard as granite; I could tell that he could go on like this for hours.

What if Mom came home from work and found us like this?  Glenn would probably go to prison, I’d be put in an institution, and Danielle would sell her story to the National Enquirer.  I redoubled my efforts, sucking like a vacuum cleaner on the end of his dick and furiously jerking him off with one hand, while my other hand snaked under his bottom and tickled his asshole with one beckoning finger.

That seemed to set him off real good.  He grabbed big handfuls of my hair with both hands and started fucking my face, deep and hard, cramming his cock down my throat.  I choked and gagged a little, but he was way beyond caring about that.  I tried to keep my mouth wide open and my teeth out of the way as he face-fucked me.  Now and then I could gasp in a little air, but mostly I just held on, knowing that it wouldn’t be much longer.

Sure enough, after humping me furiously for thirty seconds or so, he yanked his big wet cock out of my mouth and throttled it with one hand, spraying hot come all over my face.  I like it when he comes like that, but I like it better when he finishes into my mouth.  I fell on the floor coughing and panting, a big wet sticky mess.

“I should be going” Danielle said, wadding up her purple panties and sticking them in her purse, “I’ll see you tomorrow.  Thanks for everything.”

Glenn and me got cleaned up just in time for Mom to come home and scold us both for still being up and send me to bed.  Glenn retired to his own room and Mom fixed herself a post-work cocktail.  I lay in bed for a long time with my vibrator humming between my legs, listening to her move around the house.


Later on that night, when Mom was safely asleep and the house was dark and quiet, Glenn let himself into my room.  I’d been waiting for him, dozing on and off.  He crawled into bed with me, laying down on top of me in the 69 position, and started licking my juicy cunt.

His cock was right up in my face, and I started licking and sucking and playing with it.  It was hard to concentrate; the things he was doing to me with his tongue made me squiggle and squirm.  I knew from experience that I’d have to be careful with his dick; it was all too easy to make him come when he’d gotten off once already and when he was distracted by my pussy, and I wanted to have an orgasm of my own before I made him come again.

He concentrated on my clit, flicking the sensitive little button with the tip of his tongue like a cat lapping up milk and teasing the entrance to my vagina with his fingers.  It was all too much for me.  I forgot all about his dick in my face and gave myself over to the orgasm, bucking and grinding my pussy against his face, moaning out loud into his hot hairy crotch as I came.

He came too, shortly after that.  I think my orgasm really did it for him.  With a long low sigh he squirted a good amount of hot salty bitter come into my hungry, tired mouth.

“One of these days,” he said, still gently fingering my tender virgin pussy, “I’m going to fuck that little hole.”

“No! No no no!” I protested, but I knew it was true, and the thought made my clit twitch all over again.


I saw Danielle at school a couple of times, passing in the hall, but we didn’t speak.  I felt weird and ashamed about what she’d seen, but it also made me feel secretly sexy, knowing that she knew.

About a week later, it was the next Friday night, I was up in my room when I heard Glenn’s car pull into the driveway.  I’d been browsing internet porn and teasing myself through my panties with my vibrator.  I heard the front door open and close.  I pulled up my pants, set the vibrator aside, and held my breath.

I heard them go into Glenn’s room.  I tried not to think about what they were doing in there.  It didn’t work.  I looked at some more porno.  I resisted the temptation to grab my vibrator and finish the job then and there.

Maybe fifteen minutes later, Glenn poked his head in my door.

“Take off your shirt and pants,” he said, “and come on into my room.”

I did as I was told, slipping down the hall and into his bedroom in my matching black bra and panties.

Danielle was lying naked on the bed, her pretty lips wrapped around Glenn’s cock.  Glenn was kneeling next to her head, feeding her his meat.  Her dark curls splashed onto the white sheets in a beautiful mess.  Her big round breasts were pancaked on her chest and jiggled as she sucked.  She had a soft, slightly rounded tummy with a deep bellybutton, and her cunt was shaved bare.  I hadn’t really expected that.  Her outer lips bulged out, and the sex between them was pink and moist.  She had thick, muscular legs, and her ankles were slender and delicate.

When I walked in, Danielle and I made eye contact, and it jolted through me like an electric shock.  Glenn grinned broadly and withdrew his hard cock from her mouth.

“Sit.” He told me, indicating the side of his bed.  I sat.  The walls of Glenn’s room were plastered with heavy metal posters, scary-looking guys with big hair and tons of tattoos.

He spread her thighs wide apart.  I got a really good view of her pussy, and I thought it looked incredibly beautiful, sexy, small and delicate.  The petite inner lips pouted like a dewy flower.  Her pink clit poked shyly out.  She gave me a little smile, but her attention was focused on his big red hard cock.

Glenn maneuvered himself between her legs and took aim.  I heard the squishing noise as he entered her, and the sharp intake of breath as she was penetrated.  Then he started fucking her, hard and deep.  I was so turned on!  I could actually see his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, covered in her slippery juices.  They were both breathing hard, fucking hard.  I knew Glenn, and I knew he could fuck her all night if he chose, fuck her cunt raw.

She was lolling her head back and forth, eyes half-closed, grunting with every thrust of his wicked big cock, her face a mask of tension and pleasure.  If I were a little braver, I would have reached over and played with her clit, making her come on his big thrusting dick.  But I sat quietly as he fucked her.

Suddenly he jumped up, yanking his dick out of Danielle’s open drooling cunt.  He shoved his cock into my mouth and started frantically jerking himself off.

His penis was hot from the sex, and totally coated in Danielle’s come.  It was tangy and a little salty and I liked it.  It tasted sexy.  His cock was thrusting eagerly in my mouth, seeming to swell and throb against my tongue, and his balls were pressed against my chin.

Danielle’s hand found mine and our fingers intertwined.  I squeezed her hand as Glenn jerked off into my mouth.  She squeezed me back.  I opened my eyes and saw her kissing his balls, his inner thighs, and then her head disappeared behind his body and he started moaning and making weird animal noises, and I knew she was licking his ass.  He shouted so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear, and then he came, flooding my mouth with buckets and buckets of his hot sticky semen.  I swallowed and swallowed and milked every drop from his wilting penis.

He slapped me once, hard across the ass, and sent me back to my own empty bed.  I felt Danielle’s eyes burning into my back as I left the room.


Danielle caught up with me after school, on my way to the bus.

“Hey” she said.


“It’s pretty freaky what you and your brother do.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“It’s freaky, but it’s sexy too.” she said.


“How long have you two been doing that?” she asked.

“Forever,” I said, “Ever since we were little kids.  It started out with just a little fooling around, playing, but it’s been getting more and more serious.  Pretty soon I think we’ll be doing everything together.  Everything.”

“Do you want to come over to my house for a while?”

“Yes,” I said, “I’d love that.”

Both her parents worked during the day, and her little brother was in daycare.  The house was empty.  My pussy was hot and my clit was tingling, and it felt like my panties were soaked.  We didn’t even make it up to her bedroom.

On the cool, smooth linoleum of the kitchen, we kissed and groped and made out for a long time, her big soft breasts pressed up against my own much smaller ones.  My nipples felt like a pair of gumdrops, hard and puffed up.

It felt weird to be kissing a girl.  I liked it.  I liked it a lot.

She pulled my shirt off over my head and deftly unsnapped my bra and began sucking and tugging on my titties.  I couldn’t really believe it: she was beautiful, straight out of a renaissance portrait by Titian or one of those guys, the kind of girl that I would develop crushes on and worship from afar, and masturbate to at night with Glenn’s salty come still fresh in my mouth; and she wanted me.

Then her hands were inside my skirt and pulling aside my panties.  I was so horny I ached.  My pussy felt like it was wetter than Niagara Falls.  With every part of my being, I wanted to feel her inside me.

She pressed two eager fingers up into my cunt, and it hurt for just a second as the fragile tissue was torn away , and then pleasure overtook me and I savored the sensation of having her long clever fingers up inside me, inside my pussy.

Shoving me against the kitchen counter, Danielle kissed me forcefully on the lips, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth and squeezing my breast hard with one hand as she finger-fucked me.

I came hard, moaning, screaming maybe, into her mouth, grinding back against her hand.  Danielle pulled away, extracting her sticky fingers and grinning like a naughty cat.  Keeping her eyes locked on mine, she peeled off her shirt and removed her bra, setting her beautiful, round, grapefruit-sized tits free.

“I have been totally dying,” she said, licking her lips, “to eat you out!

She got down on her knees on the kitchen floor, and I leaned back against the countertop.  I lifted my skirt up out of the way, and she tugged down my panties.  They were a mess of come and blood.  She grinned up at me and dove right in.

Her tongue felt amazing against my clit!  It was like a wriggling little salamander.  Glenn may have had a more practiced technique, but Danielle more than made up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm.  I ran my fingers through her thick, curly hair and dragged my cunt up and down her lapping tongue.  She grabbed my butt with both hands and pulled me into her hungry mouth.

Her tongue circling and flicking my clit pushed me over the edge and I came again, grinding my pussy against her face.  It was a long, intense orgasm, and when it was over, my clit was tender and my knees were wobbly.

I took a thing or two I had learned from Glenn and applied them.  I watched silently as Danielle slipped out of her pants and pulled her red lace bikini panties off.  She knelt in front of me on the linoleum.  She had a gorgeous ass, pale and round and firm and smooth.  *SMACK*SMACK*  I slapped her butt across first one cheek then the other, leaving puffy red imprints of my hand on her flesh.  She smiled.

I got down on my knees behind her.  I could feel her heat, see her wetness, smell her sex.  It was incredibly sexy, like being inside a wet dream.  A little tentatively, I stuck out my tongue and caressed her pussy with it.  She sighed and seemed to open up like a blooming flower.  That taste again, the one I had tasted on Glenn’s fingers before, only even stronger now.  I could get addicted to that taste.  I licked again, drowning myself in her feminine scent, burying myself in her folds.

Her big tits shook as I licked her from behind.  I marveled at her clitoris, how small it was, and how much sensation it conveyed.  She was hot inside and wonderfully wet. I tickled her cute little asshole with my thumb.

“Someday I’m going to fuck that little hole!” I told her with more bravado than I really felt.

“Oh Goody!” she wiggled her rear end playfully, “Lucky Me!”

I went back to licking her clit, determined now to make her come just as she had done for me.  I tried to keep my tongue on her squirming button as I finger-fucked her pussy with two, then three, and finally four fingers, pounding her hole deep and hard until my shoulder ached from it.

When she finally did come, it was amazing.  She was so loud I was afraid I was hurting her, but she grabbed my arm urgently and said “Don’t you DARE stop!”  I licked her clit all the way through the orgasm, with four fingers buried to the knuckles in her pulsing cunt and the tip of my thumb pressed into her anus.  She screamed and shook and ended up collapsed on the kitchen floor with my face stuck stickilly between her thighs.  She rolled over and I crawled up on top of her and we kissed for a long while.

“You,” she said, “Are just amazing.”


That night in my bed, with a mouthful of my brother’s cock, I wondered if he knew that my pussy was no longer his personal property.  I wondered if he could tell that he wasn’t the first person to lick my cunt that day.  After he pumped his semen into my mouth, he uncharacteristically kept licking me until I came.  When I came on his aggressive lapping tongue, I pretended that it was Danielle’s mouth I was orgasming on.


Danielle offered me a ride home from school the next day.  I sat next to her, in the passenger seat of her black Stanza, savoring her presence.  Just being this close to her made my pussy damp.

“What are you going to do when you get out of here?”

I hadn’t decided yet whether I wanted to be a mathematician or a novelist.  But I knew what she meant.  There wasn’t much going on in Scranton: you could work at a call center, or at the Wall Mart like Glenn, or if you were lucky you might get a job at the hospital like Mom.  None of those things sounded at all appealing to me; and Glenn had been getting more and more bossy and possessive over the last several weeks.

“Do you ever think about running away?”

“Constantly.” I said.

“I’ve got a friend in New York City,” Danielle said, “She waits tables and does some modeling and stuff.  She’ll let us stay at her apartment for a while, and she says she could get me work.”

“Ok” I said, squeezing Danielle’s thigh through her jeans.  My touch lingered and strayed up the blue denim to the seam of her crotch which already felt warm and damp to my touch.

She pressed down hard on the accelerator, and made the tires squeal on the onramp.  We hit the interstate doing 80 miles an hour.



  1. LJ said

    All the incest is great, but I think I’m that lone Scranton booster that you warned. Oh well. Great story nonetheless.

    • elsiewrites said

      Sorry Scranton… I was looking for the kind of American city where a smart kid would feel like she was trapped and didn’t have a future. I’ve driven through Scranton, and a friend of mine who grew up there described it as “2 1/2 hours from everywhere”. Nothing personal, I assure you!

  2. LJ said

    No worries! that part of the story actually resonated with me a little bit.

  3. ElsieFanny said

    This is a very nice story, as always. I now realize that I know your type ( or at least one of your types). As soon as I read: “curvy and cuddly, she had a really large set of round, nicely-shaped boobs, and a gorgeous mop of curly dark brown hair,” I knew that you character had her inamorata.

    The Scranton setting seems right to me too. I have a friend from Scranton with a similar attitude to your’s and LJ’s about job prospects. One of his explanations as to why he left involved explaining that his father was a carpenter in Scranton, and that it was unusual for someone in his father’s line of work to retire with all of his fingers.

    However, my first reaction to the mention of Scranton was to wonder if this was some sort of Updike homage. (Think about it: Scranton, wonderfully written, dirty subject matter, etc.). The only thing that doesn’t seem to line up is the incest; I think of him as more of an adultery sort of guy. I don’t recall any incest in that part of Updike’s work that I had read apart from one of the Rabbit novels where Rabbit screws his daughter-in-law (not real incest anyway).

    I guess it is hard to work with his favorite transgression in a lesbian context until you girls can get married in order to fantasize about cheating on each other in an officially illegal way.

    Love you!

    • elsiewrites said

      I’m embarrassed to admit that I have not yet read any Updike… where should I start?

      • ElsieFanny said

        I am surprised; perhaps great writer’s minds follow similar paths.

        Most of Updike’s best material is before your time (and even mine), but he wrote about twenty novels and lots of short fiction, much of the latter for the New Yorker, from the 1950s until shortly before his death early last year. A lot of it is set in small fictional cities in Eastern Pennsylvania (he grew up there) which seem to be a composite of several places, possibly including Scranton. His breakthrough novel, and the one that made me think of Updike when reading your story is a 1960 novel “Rabbit Run” about a young ex-athlete who seems to have peaked in school and is unable to deal with his new life as a husband and father of young children. He followed this book up with three novel-length sequels (Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich, and Rabbit at Rest) and a subsequent novella at roughly one-decade intervals following the same character through life at the same pace. These novels are his best known ones and accumulated most of his many Pulitzers, National Book Awards, and National Book Critics Circle Awards. However, I haven’t read most of his work myself, and I would defer to someone better up on their lit. crit. to give you a better suggestion as to where to start.

  4. […] It is strange to me what gets to me sometimes. From the first line I knew immediately I had to come. […]

  5. Ollie said

    Sexy and strangely sensitive story, but sensual too and SEXY as hell. Great work you do girl. Please, keep up the great work.

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