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In Retrospect

“Hey, are you almost done in there?”

I was in Lorrie’s kitchen, dipping her wine glasses in an ammonia solution.

“Hurry up and get undressed, they’ll be arriving soon.”

I stepped out into the living room, holding a dish rag and a dusty wine glass.  Lorrie was standing on a chair, dusting the top of a gilt mirror frame.  She looked almost as if she’d been posed there by some erotic photographer.  In the next shot, she’d remove her sweater, and then her jeans.  She looked good.

“Get yourself out of those clothes Kidoo,” she semi-snapped at me, not bothering to turn around, but eyeing me through the mirror, “Hurry up, it’s almost seven and people will be showing up soon.  Come on, I want to see that cute little white butt!”

Lorrie was my first serious girlfriend in New York.  She was a natural redhead, with smallish boobs, a slender athletic figure, and a beautiful round butt that she saw as a curse and that I thought of as one of her prime assets.  She had a bright contagious smile, and a fierce intimidating frown.  She was in her late 30s, fifteen years older than me, and from the moment we’d started dating– we’d gotten caught in a rainstorm leaving the gym we both belonged to at the same time, and had agreed to share a cab.  She had proceeded to suck my dick all the way to Brooklyn–   she had knocked my sexual socks off.  She was the first girl I ever dated who was even hornier then I was.  She didn’t just like going down on me, she reveled in it like a gourmand at and all-you-can-eat buffet.  She liked a really hard spanking, she liked having her hair pulled, and she liked getting fucked, hard, deep, and often.  Lately she’d been teasing me with the prospect of anal sex (something I had yet to experience), and had been dropping broad hints about threesomes.

I was a clueless white boy, straight out of the Midwest, and I was eager to learn everything Lorrie had to teach me: how to eat sushi, how to listen to opera, how to fuck in public places without getting caught, the proper way to lick a pussy.  We had only been dating a couple months, and already I spent almost all my time at her apartment.  At the time I thought I was in love with her.

So I shucked off my clothes right there in the living room.  Maybe Lorrie thought we had enough time for a quick pre-party blowjob?  We hadn’t had sex in, like, three days, and I was all horny and raring to go.  But no, she just continued dusting, and looked approvingly at my reflection in the mirror.

“Very nice.  Now throw those clothes into the bedroom and put those wine glasses away.  I told you we don’t have very much time!”

I did as I was told.  While I was in the kitchen, hanging up the last of the wine glasses, the doorbell rang.

“Don’t just stand there,” Lorrie called from the bathroom where she was doing some emergency last-minute cleaning duty, “Go downstairs and get the door!”

Lorrie occupied the first two stories of a four-story brownstone in a not-very fashionable neighborhood in Brooklyn.

“Hold on!” I called, “Just le me throw some clothes on, okay?”

“Oh no you don’t,” she snapped, poking her head out the bathroom door.  She was wearing purple rubber gloves, and her greenish-grey eyes sparkled dangerously from behind her glasses, “You march straight downstairs and answer that door right now, just the way I like you, in your birthday suit.  You still want to do me up the pooper later on?  Good.  Now do what I tell you and don’t give me any lip.”

It was out first dinner party together.  I knew who was invited:

*Nora and Kevin, school teachers and friends of Lorrie.

*Rod and Tim, a gay couple.  Rod was a friend of Lorrie’s from work.

*Sue, a girl we both knew from the gym, and her boyfriend du jour.

*Meredith, Lorrie’s younger sister.

There was no arguing with that tone of voice.  I knew that from experience.  Plus, I really did want to fuck her in the butt later that night, and this was the closest she’d come to a promise that I really would get to.  So, feeling incredibly awkward and self-conscious, I slunk down the stairs to the front door.

It was Nora and Kevin, and they seemed totally unfazed by my nudity.  “Nice to see you!” they said, “Aren’t you going to ask us in and get us a drink?”

I took their coats and ushered them upstairs, feeling very conscious of my naked dick and balls and butt.  Lorrie, having finished the bathroom in a hurry and ditched the gloves, was ready in the living room with drinks, and we all settled down to chat and make polite early-party small talk as if I weren’t naked as a jay bird.  After only about five minutes of this, the doorbell rang again.

“Be a dear and get that won’t you?” Lorrie sipped her wine and Kevin and Nora tried not to smirk.

It was Sue and her latest beaux, a very large black guy named Nigel.  “Well, hello!” Sue simpered, looking me greedily up and down, and Nigel gave me a look that said ‘Oooookay dude, what-ever.’

Tim was the next to arrive.  His partner, Rod, was feeling sick and wouldn’t make it.  Tim positively leered at me.  “Oh my, Rod is going to hate missing this party!  Looking good there, Kidoo!”

Meredith, Lorrie’s cherubic thirty-ish younger sister, was the last guest to arrive.  She was another red head, as short and chubby as Lorrie was tall and svelte.

“Well!” she said breathlessly when I opened the door, “it’s certainly nice to see you!”

Upstairs, everyone was chatting happily.  I was kept busy getting people drinks and bringing out appetizers and taking dirty dishes away.  From time to time, I almost forgot that I was nude, the only naked body in a room full of –mostly female– clothed bodies.

“Your new boyfriend’s so cute!” Meredith’s voice piped up over the general chatter, “Can I touch him?”

“Of course,” Lorrie replied, “Touch away.  You can all do whatever you want with him, just as long as you don’t make him come.”

I was mortified.  Meredith (whom I had just served a rum-and-coke to) reached out and traced with her fingertip, a line from the inside of my knee all the way up to my dangling ball sac.  I felt my dick twitch and my nuts contract, which elicited a grin from Meredith.  She then ran her fingers along the top of my penis, from the hairy base to the helmet-shaped head and back again.  Back and forth, she lightly dragged her index finger, and to my horror and embarrassment, my dick responded enthusiastically, swelling and bobbing, earning a peal of giggles from Tim and every female in the room.

“I wanna try!” called Nora from across the room.  I hesitated.  Lorrie gave me a sharp look, and I hustled butt across the room to the arm chair where Nora was sitting.  She was a grey-haired, severe featured lady, fifty-ish with sea grey eyes and pursed lips that occasionally relaxed into a very pretty smile.  Right now she was smiling.  While her husband looked indulgently on, she stroked my erection, bringing me rapidly to a state of complete and total hardness.

“My turn!” called Tim, and I was promptly shuffled over to the sofa where he and Sue and Nigel were sitting.  It felt kind of weird and embarrassing to have a guy fondling my dick, but it also felt really good, and my cock sure wasn’t complaining.  He squeezed my ass, and I felt his fingers slip between my butt cheeks, getting dangerously close to my asshole, when Sue barged in.

She grasped my cock hard and started pumping up and down in a way that would make me come if she kept that up very long.  She stopped before things got totally out of hand however, leaving me almost painfully turned-on, red-hot, trembling and rigid.  “Here, you have a try”, she told Nigel, “it won’t bite you!”

With a raised eyebrow and a bemused look on his face, Nigel gave my dick a quick squeeze with his huge brown hand.

“That’s not how you do it!” Sue laughed a short rat-a-tat laugh, and then, quick as an iguana, she stuck out her tongue and traced the vein on the underside of my penis all the way along it’s length from the base to the swollen, purple head.  A long strand of pre-come, which was now leaking freely from the end of my dick, attached itself to the tip of her tongue and formed a long, silvery gossamer thread between us, like a spider’s web.

“Dinner is served!” called Lorrie, and with that we all shifted into the dining room.  She had done all the cooking, and the food was delicious, but I had a very hard time concentrating on the meal at all.

I was seated at one end of the table, opposite Lorrie.  Throughout dinner, all the girls, and Tim, and even Nigel and Kevin once apiece, kept getting up to torment me: squeezing my now painfully hard erection, tweaking my nipples, nibbling my ears, fondling my buns, and in Meredith’s case, sticking her (bra-covered) boobs in my mouth.  Each new indignity made me even more uncomfortably turned-on, and was greeted with a merry burst of laughter from around the table.

After dinner was over and all the dishes removed (by me, with my erect cock pointing the way) to the kitchen sink, Lorrie stood and addressed the party.

“My young friend here would like to lose his anal cherry tonight.  Does everyone here think he’s earned that privilege?”

There were cries of “Yes!” and “No!”

“Well I propose that he earn that privilege by serving us desert.  Climb up on the table, please.”  This was clearly directed at me.  Resignedly, feeling every one of the sixteen eyes around the table focused on my naked body, I climbed up on top of the table, on all fours as Lorrie directed.  My hard cock hung long and thick and frustrated between my legs, and my balls and ass felt terribly naked and exposed.

From somewhere I couldn’t see, Lorrie retrieved a black silicone butt plug.  It wasn’t huge as far as butt plugs go; the business end was the size and shape of a good-sized chicken egg; but at that point in my life I had never even seen a butt plug in person before, and to my eyes it looked enormous.  Furthermore, this particular plug had a cluster of peacock feathers projecting from it’s base, iridescent, outrageous peacock feathers three or four feet long.

I thought I might die of humiliation as Lorrie carefully lubed up my asshole, but my cock stayed resolutely hard.  If I hadn’t been so freaked out about Lorrie touching me ‘back there’, and if everybody hadn’t been watching eagerly, I would have found the sensation pretty erotic.  As it was, I was incredibly embarrassed, blushing from head to toe, and all the parts in between.  Also, I was genuinely worried about the toy that I knew she was getting ready to jam up inside my virgin butt hole.  I was afraid it would hurt, and I wasn’t sure I could take that on top of my very public humiliation.

Lorrie was stroking my cock with her index finger now, incredibly lightly, as if she were petting a baby kitten.  I was drooling.  Another finger started toying with my anus, drawing little circles around it, pressing up against it, threatening to stray inside.  Now I was finding it erotic, seriously erotic, and all the social anxiety in the world wasn’t restraining me any more.  I moaned and thrust my ass back toward her invading finger.  There was dead silence around the table as Lorrie’s long index finger entered me, her other finger never stopping on my dick.

I loved the feeling of her finger in my ass, and if one felt good, two slick fingers felt even better.  I was being pleasantly stretched in ways I’d never been stretched before, and it felt absolutely amazing. All too soon, she removed her fingers from my butt and my cock, leaving me gasping and writhing with desire unfulfilled.

Lorrie then held up the butt plug and all it’s glorious plumage for everybody to see, and the dinner guests ‘Ooohed’ and ‘Aaahed’ appreciatively.  She then got down to the business of sticking it up my horny virgin hole.  Once it was between my butt cheeks and pressed against my anus, the toy felt absolutely huge.  There was no way it was ever going to fit in, and if it did, it would tear me apart.  Unconcerned, Lorrie pressed relentlessly against my anus.

“Relax!” she whispered in my ear, “it won’t hurt, I promise!”

I swallowed and gritted my teeth and tried to relax.

The room was silent, as if everyone were holding their breath.  I know I was.  I could feel the toy irresistibly nosing it’s way inside, opening me up, stretching me impossibly wide.  She was right, it didn’t hurt, but the sensation was –to put it lightly—intense!  Just about the time I couldn’t take any more, my ass was opened as wide as it could go and was on the verge of hurting, just as I was about to cry out for mercy, the world shifted slightly on it’s axis, and with an almost audible *pop* the widest part of the toy slid past my anal sphincter and lodged itself inside me, and I was left with a most amazing feeling of fullness.

“Excellent!” laughed Lorrie, and the dinner guests finally exhaled.  She swatted me across the rear.  “Now be a Dear and serve the people desert.”

Desert was ice-cream and tiramisu, and as I brought the plates out from the kitchen, my tail feathers dragging on the floor behind me and my cock bobbing stiffly in front of me like the figurehead of some obscene sailing ship, I was faced with a new quandary: how to avoid shooting off spontaneously.  The toy in my ass was now pushing buttons I hadn’t even known existed, and with every step I took I had to clench my teeth and curl my toes to keep from erupting into orgasm.

My life wasn’t made any easier by the squeezing, groping, fondling, and pinching I got from all hands as I served desert and coffee and then took away the dirties.

I felt physically exhausted, as if I had just run a marathon, and my dick was drooling freely by the time people started to get and fetch their coats.  Everyone agreed that it had been a very successful dinner.

“What a dish!” I overheard Meredith tell Lorrie on the way out.  “Freakiest damn party I ever been to!” Nigel told Sue as they walked down the stairs, and it didn’t sound like he meant it in a bad way.

At long last Lorrie and me were alone.  I thought ruefully of the mountain of dishes in the kitchen, and how since she had cooked, cleaning up was my responsibility.

“Fuck the dishes!”  Laurie was already pulling off her clothes, “Come over here and fuck me!  You were magnificent!”

She bent over the dining table, thrusting her curvaceous soft pale ass up and out, spread wide, all for me.  Between those two white pillows, her little crinkled brown anus winked invitingly at me.  “Come on!” she exclaimed urgently, the fingers of one hand already squishily busy between her thighs.

I took aim with my penis, which felt like a red-hot poker, about a meter long and ready to burst.  The bottle of lube was sitting conveniently on the table where she had left it.  The cool oozy viscous stuff felt good on my erection.  It seemed to temporarily soothe the wild beast.  I squirted a generous amount onto Lorrie’s eager butt hole.  She sighed and wiggled her rear-end.

“Come on!” she repeated, “Fuck me!”

With one long, slow motion, I invaded her asshole, all the way up to the hilts.  I couldn’t believe how tight she was on my cock, or how hot she was inside.  It felt amazing and by the time my hips were pressed against her soft ass cheeks, she was snarling and growling.  “Fuck me hard!” she ordered.

Almost as soon as I started to thrust, I was coming.  It wasn’t the kind of orgasm I was used to– just this rush of pleasure coursing through my body as my penis spouted what felt like a fire hose worth of come into Lorrie’s ass.  My dick stayed hard throughout, and I stayed horny, turned-on, and hot to trot.  My come filled her ass and sloshed around my dick and leaked out onto my balls.  “Oh YES!  That’s it!” Lorrie humped back against me, slamming her butt into my pelvis, trying to get every bit of my dick up inside her.  She had fingers in her pussy now, and I could feel them.  “Fuck me hard!” she repeated.

I complied with gusto, fucking her with everything I had, while my tail feathers shook, and she deliriously rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.  I could feel another orgasm building up in my balls, and this one was going to be huge!  I had my hands on her hips, slamming her butt with my dick, we were both howling and growling and wailing and moaning, and then she was coming, gasping in little hic-hic-hics, arching her back and knocking a coffee cup off the table as her body shook and her asshole spasmed and contracted around my dick, and then I was coming, and the intensity of my come was almost too powerful to be believed, and I was screaming and shaking and pumping myself into her hot, juicy butt.

I had collapsed onto her back, and we lay there for a little, quivering, splayed out on top of the dining table, two exhausted sweaty bodies.  Then my much-reduced penis slipped out of her asshole with a *pop* and we both got a case of the giggles.

Removing the butt plug from my own ass was a little bit more of a project, one that resulted in another erection on my part, which brought on a blowjob from Lorrie, and two or three of her fingers up my well-stretched but tired butt.

I slept hard that night, and woke up with a smile on my face; sore, tender, and very satisfied.

Within a month, Lorrie had broken up with me.  I didn’t understand why at the time.  I was heartbroken.  In retrospect, I realized that she had gotten bored with me, and didn’t need a twenty-two year old kid mooning over her.  I guess she was ready for a new boy-toy.

All this is part of the past.  I moved on, more-or-less forgot about our brief fling and our adventures together.  Then, last Friday, out of the blue, I got a call on my cell phone from Meredith, Lorrie’s little sister.  She wanted to know if I remembered her (I did!), what I was up to (not much), and whether I was available (I was).

We’ve got a date this weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it.


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