Happy Birthday So Wrong!

Celebrating an entire year of literary perversion for literate perverts!  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read my stories, and especially those who have taken the time to comment or email me!  I’m looking forward to another great year of productive and rewarding pornographica!  Read and Enjoy!

(special bonus excerpt)

from ‘Ewe Too Billy?’

All the other shepherds laughed and laughed when Billy emerged from behind the bushes with Maybelle.   But Billy only smiled.  He knew what the others didn’t, that the cutest sheep wasn’t necessarily the best lay.  Maybelle ‘Baaed’ contentedly and waved her fluffy tail, revealing moist treasures beneath the wool.  Billy felt his cock begin to harden inside his trousers all over again…

Maybelle contentedly chewed on a tuft of grass and savored the wet, tingly feeling in her hind quarters.  She placidly ignored the derisive ‘Baas’ of the rest of the flock.  She knew something they didn’t: that the cutest shepherd with the biggest dick wasn’t necessarily the best fuck.  Pretty soon, she thought, she’d have Billy trained up right…

(to be continued….)



  1. aprilinside said

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Chuck a horny Pan in there and it’d be Arcadia. Happy birthday! xxx

  2. Happy blogiversary! I do so love your writings and hope you continue for another year.

  3. ElsieFanny said

    Happy first birthday! Thanks for the intriguing tease.

  4. L.L. said

    I feel a bit sheepish because I hadn’t realized it was your blogbirthday. My baahhd.

  5. elsiewrites said

    Thanks Everybody!

  6. Steve said

    Ever heard the story of the farmer that when cutting the wheat in his field always left a patch in the middle uncut. When asked why and why such a large patch, he said it was where he’d had his first woman and her mother was standing by.
    “What did her Mother say to you while you were fucking her daughter?”
    “Nothing much” he replied just “BAAAAAAA”.

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