He was cute, and I was feeling flirtatious, so we ended up hanging out all night, letting the party go on around us.  He was kind of quiet, and kind of shy, which doesn’t normally do it for me, but he was also really smart and funny as hell.  And really cute, with magnetic grayish-blue eyes.  So when it got late and people started going home, I let it be known that I wouldn’t mind hanging out a bit longer.

He wasn’t really one to take a hint, but when I made myself perfectly clear, he responded appropriately.

We went for a long, meandering walk under the stars and the streetlights, enjoying each others closeness.  It was a long enough walk for both of us to sober up a little bit, and for the sexual tension that had been building between us to reach a critical mass.

Predictably enough, we ended up at his place.  After a long, sweaty make-out session in front of his door, involving much tongue-wrestling, breast-fondling (on his part), and crotch-grabbing (on my part), he broke off the kissing long enough to invite me upstairs.

His place was on the fifth floor.  By the time we got to his apartment, I was panting, and not just from the stairs.  My pussy was so wet, I swear I had soaked right through my jeans.

Which came promptly off, right there on the linoleum of his kitchen floor.  He may have been a little socially retarded, but once he got down to it, this guy meant business!

We made our way to his bedroom, shedding clothes along the way like falling leaves.  By the time we tumbled into bed, I had his big hard dick firmly in my hand.

I took great pleasure in sucking that dick.  It was a really beautiful cock, just the right size, and I gobbled it with glee, bringing him to the very brink and back again over and over until he was literally begging me.  Then it was his turn.

I love having my pussy eaten, eaten well, and eaten by a man who enjoys eating it.  He had an extremely agile tongue, and nine enthusiastic, dexterous fingers that filled my pussy and toyed with my asshole and stroked my clit.  I exploded for him, once, twice, three times, until my body was left shaking and limp.  His dick seemed to have only gotten harder and longer.

“Should I put a condom on?” he asked.  His face was sticky with my come, and seemed to glow in the low light of his bedroom.

Normally I don’t actually fuck guys I’ve only just met.  Normally I save that for the second date.  But I was incredibly turned on, horny beyond all reason or restraint.  Plus, even through the mists of alcohol and lust, I knew that I really liked this guy, and that we’d be spending a lot more time together in the near future.

“I think that’s an excellent idea” I said, and watched languidly as he tore open the little foil packet and rolled the condom carefully down his thick, hard shaft.

I wanted him to skewer me, to spear me, to impale me with one violent thrust.  He knew it too, and chose to torment me instead, rubbing the head of his dick up and down my gasping vulva, nuzzling my clit, hovering right at my entrance until it was me who was squirming and begging.

A big dick and he knew how to use it.  Holy Cats, I felt like I had just hit jackpot.

When he finally entered me, he fucked me hard and he fucked me deep, lifting me up and squeezing my ass.  He held back his own come just barely long enough for me to squeeze in one more orgasm.  When he came, he came with a long, drawn-out, throaty growl and my pussy happily milked his cock dry.  Then he collapsed on top of me, a limp, sweaty heap.

It felt good to be naked with him.  I asked if I could spend the night, which is also pretty unusual for me in that kind of a situation, but it just felt good and I didn’t feel like going home anyway.  He said fine.

We cuddled for a long time in the dark, and I had the feeling that he might be up for a second bout in not too long.  I amused myself by exploring his body with my fingertips.

“So how did you lose your finger?” I asked him idly.  His left forefinger was missing, truncated right at the first knuckle.  It was one of the first things I had noticed about him at the party, right after his sea-grey eyes and that promising-looking bulge in his jeans.

“Oh, you don’t want to know” he said.

“Oh, but I do!” I said.

“It’s a long story” he said.

Now my interest was really piqued.  “We’ve got all night” I told him.

“All right,” he said, “You asked for it…

“It was the summer that I was fourteen years old, but I was a young fourteen.  I didn’t have many friends, and I’d definitely never had a girlfriend or anything like that.” he paused.  “I’ve always been the shy kid.

“There was this lady, Ms. Heath, who lived across the street from my friend Toby.  She hired me to mow her lawn that summer, paid me twenty bucks a week, which was a ton of money to me.  I thought she was beautiful.  She was tall and busty and had a delicious curvy ass and this mass of curly red hair.  Sometimes she’d hang out on her front porch in a bikini while I was mowing, and then offer me a lemonade before she paid me for my work.

“This would usually give me an erection –I was fourteen, you know- and I remember sitting there on the porch with her, my dick ready to burst out of my shorts, squirming with embarrassment, wondering if she’d noticed and half-hoping that she had.

“She was old. She must have been well into her thirties, maybe even her early forties.  I remember that it was kind of odd that she lived alone.  I think she was a nurse or something.

“One hot and humid Saturday in the middle of August, I got done mowing her lawn.  I hadn’t seen or heard her, but I knew she was home because her car was in the driveway, and the front door was ajar.  So I went on in, hoping to get my twenty bucks, and maybe some ice cold lemonade, and hopefully a quick peek at her cleavage or her butt.”

He rolled over onto his side, absently massaging the stump of his index finger, and chuckled sadly.

“It was a set-up.  Of course, it actually took years for me to figure that out, but there you have it.  She wasn’t in the kitchen, she wasn’t in the living room, but I heard noises from the bedroom and the door was open so I went to investigate.

“I had seen plenty of pictures of naked women by that point- I’d been sneaking into my dad’s closet stack of pornos for years.  But let me tell you,” he said, “seeing a real actual woman totally naked was absolutely mind-bending to me.”  He paused, reflecting, “and she really was beautiful, it wasn’t just my over-active adolescent imagination.

“She was spread out on her bed, pillows under her ass, red hair cascading all over the sheet.  Totally, totally nude.  Boobs, pussy, everything on full display.  Her legs were splayed wide apart, and she was slowly working this big pink dildo in and out of her pussy.  That had red hair around it too.  I remember feeling kind of intimidated by the dildo; my own penis wasn’t nearly that big.”

I gave his dick a squeeze.  I thought it was pretty sizeable, myself.  It would have to have been a pretty freaking big toy to make that thing look small.  Of course, he had been fourteen at the time.  Maybe he hadn’t finished growing yet.

“She looked up as soon as I entered the room.  Didn’t even pause in what she was doing.  Just said ‘Well don’t stand there, come on in.’

“I didn’t need to be asked twice!  She had me take off my grass-covered clothes before I got into bed.  I remember feeling really self conscious as she watched me strip.  She watched me really intently, like a cat watching a little bird, and when I was naked, she smiled.

“She had me get between her legs and lick her down there.  She showed me how to lick the little pink button that I knew must be her clitoris, while she continued to fuck herself with the plastic dick.”

He looked at me seriously.  “I was in heaven.  I could have stayed down there all day and all night.  I loved the taste, the smell, the wetness.  Most of all, I loved the reactions that I was getting out of her.  I’ve got to give her that.” He smiled.  “She sure taught me how to eat pussy really well.  If I do say so myself.”

I did not disagree.

“My dick was incredibly hard the whole time I was going down on her.  Like, I was on the verge of coming just from the friction against her bed sheets.  She seemed to have a lot of orgasms that way.  After she had come a bunch of times, she hauled me out from between her legs and had me straddle her chest.

“Her tits were really beautiful, and I had a prime view of them from where I was sitting.  She encouraged me to touch and play with them.  Then she opened up her mouth and swallowed my cock.

“I’m kind of surprised I didn’t come right away from that, but I guess she knew what she was doing.  She’d suck and lick and tease me right to the very edge, then back off.  I was in absolute ecstasy.

“Finally she stopped what she was doing, pushed me away.  Said, ‘One thing I don’t do is let boys come in my mouth.’  I was crestfallen and more than a little disappointed.

“She went on ‘You can finish for yourself right now, or if you want you can go all the way with me.  But if you want to do that, you’ll have to do something for me first.’

“Of course I took the bait.  She whispered it in my ear.  I didn’t believe her at first.  I thought she was joking.  But she was serious, deadly serious.

“She said ‘There’s a cutting board and a cleaver on the kitchen counter.  You’ll find some gauze next to the knives.  Come back when you’re done.  Put a lot of pressure on the wound, I don’t want you getting blood all over the place.’

“I protested a little bit, but it was no use.  ‘If you don’t like it, you’re free to whack off.  You can jerk off in the bathroom if you like.’  ‘What am I supposed to tell my parents?’ I asked. ‘Tell them the truth’ she said, ‘that you reached under the lawnmower to get a stick out while it was still running.’  Oh, she had all the answers.

“Of course my dick won out in the end.  There was never really any doubt about it, was there?  ‘Do it quick, with one chop, that’ll be easiest’ she told me, ‘it’ll hardly hurt at all.’

“I went naked into the kitchen.  Everything was layed out just like she said: cutting board, meat cleaver, gauze and surgical tape, even a little box for what I was about to cut off.

“It took me a while to work up the nerve.  Believe it or not, my dick never even got soft.  I stood there like an idiot for probably five minutes, knife in one hand, my left hand flat on the cutting board, hard-on bobbling away like an x-rated weeble-wobble.  Then I took a deep breath, clenched my teeth, and did it.

‘The knife was really sharp.  It made a nasty crunching noise as it cut through the bone; it sliced straight through the flesh.  She was right, it hardly hurt at all, not at first.  The pain would come later on.  I think I was too jazzed out on endorphins and adrenaline and testosterone.  I guess I thought it would have bled more too.  I mean there was quite a bit of blood, but it didn’t squirt all over the place.  Right away I clapped a piece of gauze over the stump.  My finger looked weird and surreal lying there on the cutting board, like it was somebody else’s or something.  I placed it in the little wooden box and brought it back to her, just like she had told me to.

“Before we did anything else, she dressed the wound up right. ‘Good boy!’ she said, ‘You’re going to get what you need.  I just don’t want you bleeding all over my sheets.’

“She was as good as her word.  She sucked my dick again, brought me all the way back to where we’d left off.  Licked my balls, sucked on my nipples, stuck her tongue up my asshole.

“Then she spread her legs wide apart for me. ‘Come on and get it while it’s hot’ she said, and I did.  It was heaven, better than I’d ever imagined, so hot and slippery around my thrusting dick.  I probably lasted all of five seconds, but those were the best five seconds of my life thus far.  Then I was coming, coming in her juicy pussy.  I went rigid, squirting what seemed like gallons of juice up into her.

“When I was done coming, I found that I was still hard.  Remember, I was only fourteen.  She let me keep on fucking her, and this time I lasted a little longer.  She played with her clit and watched me.  The whole thing was incredibly sexy to me, watching my come-covered dick slide in and out of her slippery pussy, watching her tits bounce and shake, watching her rub her clit.  I may have lasted a whole five minutes that time, before I came again.

“By then, I was getting all woozy and light-headed.  From shock of course.  Various forms of shock.  It was all pretty overwhelming.  She got dressed and I got dressed, and then she drove me to the emergency room, where I dutifully told them I had stuck my hand inside a running lawnmower.  They stretched flaps of skin over the cut and sewed it all up.  That’s when it really started to hurt.  It was even worse the next day.

He sighed.  “I never went back to Ms. Heath’s house after that.  Never got paid my twenty bucks for mowing her lawn that week either.”  He laughed ruefully.  “I just now realized that.”

It was really late by this point, and we were both drifting off.  By mutual unspoken consent, we agreed that there’d be plenty of time for more hot sex in the morning.

“The really fucked up thing,” he said to me just before he fell asleep, “the really fucked up thing is that if you put me back in my teenage shoes, I’d probably do it all over again just the same.”

The really fucked up thing was that I found his story incredibly hot.  I played it over and over again in my head, and masturbated to it as he lay softly snoring next to me.



  1. curt said

    beautiful – the things we do for “fun” when we are young.
    i like that you are dwelving to all sorts of fantasies and such (the losing a limb/appendage). keep it up! thanks for posting it.

  2. ElsieFanny said

    Your are a very bad, twisted, nasty girl! I can’t figure out why I love your stories so much.

  3. K said

    Finger, hell! At 14 I’d have cut off my damn arm if my saxophone teacher had asked me to.

  4. Blue said

    I used to follow your stories at Literotoca. You’re a fabulous writer. Glad I found you over here.

    • elsiewrites said

      Thank you! We aim to please…

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