The Labyrinth

I don’t remember a time before the labyrinth.  I don’t ever remember not being hungry.  All I can recall is dimly-lit corridors, stone walls and cold cement floors, and a terrible gnawing hunger.

I hated to sleep.  I needed to, from time to time, but I always woke up in a panic; lost and confused and disoriented, hungry and horny.

How many maidens had I devoured back in those days?  Hundreds, probably.  And it pains me now to admit this, but the fact is I raped an awful lot of them too.  I was a monster; I had this big, hard, needy thing between my legs, and fucking maidens with it felt really good.  They didn’t seem to enjoy it very much, but I didn’t think about that at the time; I really didn’t know any better back then.  They had a hole and I had a peg, and anyway I was going to kill them and eat them as soon as I was done.

It was always pretty much the same routine: a pretty young girl dressed only in a sheet wandering through the dusty passageways, sometimes tearful, sometimes not. Often by the time I found them they were all cried out.  Their faces would be blank and hopeless, staggering along lost in the dim flickering light of the fluorescents.

Sometimes I’d stalk them, letting them hear the echoing clap-clop of my hooves, letting them get more and more panicky and terror ridden until the whole labyrinth reeked with the scent of their fear; more often though I was just too impatient.  I’d lurk behind a corner, and then when I heard their footsteps close I’d pounce.

Usually they’d be frozen like little rabbits.  Sometimes I’d have to chase one a little ways.  It didn’t matter, chasing them was almost more fun.  It was no contest: under the best of circumstances I could run six times as fast as any of them, and they’d usually trip over their sheet or their sandals or just collapse in fright after a few steps anyway.

I’d come bellowing and snorting around the corner, rip the sheet of the maiden’s nubile young body; snort and stomp and throw her down on the ground.  I’d force her thighs apart, jam my thing up inside her, and hump her until I was satisfied.  Then I’d snap her neck and devour her flesh, sucking the marrow from every bone.  When I was finished there was nothing left but a pile of torn rags and shattered bones soon to be cleaned up by the daemons, and I was once again left wandering the maze, wracked with hunger and sporting a persistent erection that masturbation just wouldn’t satisfy.

After ages and ages of all this sameness, one maiden was different; and I owe her a debt of gratitude for awakening something deep inside me, a debt that can never be repaid.

Instead of wandering aimlessly through the long corridors, I found this one leaning up against the wall in the entrance corridor near the great front doors with an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth, looking bored.  When I came bellowing around the corner, she looked up.

“You don’t have a light, do you?”

I shook my head ‘No’.

“Crap” she said, “Figures.”  She eyed the erection that was jutting straight out from my hairy crotch.  “Are you going to rape me or something?”

I snorted and shook my head ‘Yes’.

“You don’t have to, you know.  I mean, I guess you can if you want to, I sure can’t stop you.  You’re going to kill me afterwards, right?”

“Yeah” I admitted sulkily.

“Well shit,” she said, “It seems like the least you could do is show me a good time first.  Heck, you might like it better that way too.”  She smiled a coy little smile.  “I promise I won’t struggle.”

“Listen,” I said, scratching one of my horns against the stone wall, “I’m not exactly sure how this is supposed to work…”

“Here,” she said, “Let’s start this way.  Let me kiss it.”

Oh Ye Gods and Goddesses!  She secreted the unlit cigarette somewhere away (did those sheets they wore come with pockets or something?), got down on her knees and applied her pretty little mouth to my jutting cock.  I had never imagined that such pleasurable feelings were even possible!  I bellowed and snorted, and immediately felt weak in the legs.  I dropped down on my own knees, which made the maiden’s job a lot easier being as I stood about half again as tall as her.

At first she just licked and kissed it, from the purple crown down the shaft to my dangling balls.  The sensation was exquisite!  The girl looked up at me and grinned.  That may have been the first time I ever saw a human with a smile on its face.  She then proceeded to try and swallow me whole.

That didn’t go so well, though she certainly put a good amount of effort into it.  The peg was simply too big for the hole, try as she might. She settled for sucking on the head like a big plum while she stroked the shaft with both hands.  This got me snorting and snuffing, and rocking back and forth in time with her ministrations.

I was just getting close to that magical, glorious moment of climax when she stopped.  “Not yet, not like that!  I want to enjoy it too.  Let’s do the fun part now.”

I must have looked quizzically at her because she tossed her red curls impatiently.  “You know, do it to me!  We’re all supposed to be virgins, but the priests aren’t really all that picky when it comes down to it.”

She stripped off her sheet and layed it down in a neat square on the dusty concrete floor.  I knew the maidens were all pretty, but I’d never appreciated just how pretty until that moment.  She was petite and curvy and her body was smooth and pale and nearly hairless, except for a neat little red triangle of fluff where her thighs met.  Her breasts were bouncy and perky, her body was sleek and trim.

Her vagina was beautiful.  It was pink and excited, spread open, wet and ready for me.  I pressed the end of my raging cock against her wide-open entrance.

We tried for a while, but it just wasn’t happening; at least not without hurting her, and I wasn’t about to do that.  Still, we both enjoyed the trying quite a bit.  In the end though, it was too frustrating, and I just wasn’t going to fit inside.

We settled for me sliding my dick up and down the length of her vagina while she held her legs up near her ears.  Her slickness lubricated things nicely, and she looked sexy as hell like that, and it felt great!

“Yowsa!” Underneath my bulk she was clearly enjoying herself.  “Wow you’re big!  Oh, gentle, gentle… no, don’t stop.  Don’t you DARE stop!”

I was doing it as carefully and as gently as I could, trying to delay the inevitable as long as possible.  She was so sexy, and it felt so good.  I wished it could last forever.

“I’m going to come… I’m going to come… I’m coming!” she cried out underneath me.  I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I had a pretty good idea.  I flushed with pride, and with my own impending orgasm, and with a new feeling that I could only have described as ‘tenderness’.

She started screaming, as if she’d been trampled under my hooves, and for a second I was afraid I had hurt her, but it became pretty apparent that this was a different kind of scream.  A good kind.

I gave in at last.  Abandoned gentleness, started rubbing myself against her wet slit hard and fast, surrendering to my own pleasure.  She sure didn’t seem to mind.  The harder I thrust, the more she writhed and moaned and encouraged me.  She wrapped her hands around my cock, pressing me hard against her wet pussy.  When I came, it rolled over me and through me in waves, more intense than it ever had been before, and I bellowed out and squirted the pearly white goo all over her: her stomach, tits, neck, face and pussy were thoroughly covered in my come.

We lay like that for a little while, both of us panting, me supporting my bulk on my elbows so I wouldn’t crush her.

She dipped her finger in, tasted it and licked her lips and giggled.  Hesitantly, I giggled back.

“You’re not going to kill me now, are you?”

“No,” I said, rolling over onto my side and gazing at her benevolently, “No, I wouldn’t do that.  I promise.”

“Ok.” She kissed me sweetly on the nose.  “Gods, but I want a smoke!”

I broke my promise.

That still has me messed up.  That’s the reason I see a shrink once a week and volunteer at a soup kitchen on the weekends and give more than we can afford to City Harvest.  My promise only lasted a few days.  I was hungry.  We were both hungry.  She discovered the trick of raiding the daemon’s private refrigerator, but left-over pizza and stale bologna sandwiches just weren’t cutting it.  We got each other off a lot, which helped take my mind off the hunger inside me, but whenever we weren’t actually fooling around, my stomach just wouldn’t shut up.

I tried to make it painless.  I don’t think she felt anything.  She was taking a nap after our latest bout, and I reached over, kissed her forehead once, and snapped her neck.

Up till then I had always relished the taste of human flesh.  She seemed to stick in my mouth, and I wept as I chewed.  But she was filling.

I have to admit I was kind of a dick after that.  I mean, I’ve always been a monster, but for a while, I was even worse.  I was hurting inside, and I took it out on the maidens.  I’d take pleasure in stalking them, holding back from the kill as long as I could stand while they panicked and ran from my invisible echoing hoof beats.  I gored them and trampled them and let them die slowly.  I was cruel, I was evil, and for that I am sorry.

As time passed by, my anger and my hurt faded.  For a while I became a vegetarian, but that didn’t work out so well.  The hunger gnawed and twisted my stomach; and my maidens just died of starvation and loneliness anyway.  After a century or so I went back to eating them, just like before.  I was the same old me, with the same terrible hunger, but I no longer felt the need to hurt.  And I didn’t rape anymore.  I jerked off all the time instead.  Masturbation was a poor substitute, but at least it didn’t leave me feeling empty and wrong.

One day is pretty much like any other in the Labyrinth.  There was a new maiden down there, somewhere, and I was stalking her.  I could smell her, I could hear her padding footsteps.  It was only a matter of time.

I didn’t bother prolonging it.  When I had finally located her, I just came around a corner, ready to make a meal of it.  She was walking slowly down the hall, carefully unrolling a ball of string.

When she saw me, this maiden stopped what she was doing and looked up.  “Huh!” she said, not dropping her ball of string, “I thought you were only a myth.”

That stopped me.  Partly just the fact that she was speaking to me: that was highly unusual.  No-one had said a word to me in centuries.  They mostly just screamed and ran in fear.  That was the other thing: she didn’t seem afraid of me at all, or disturbed by my monstrous appearance.  She reminded me of someone I had known once, many years before.

She was an unusual looking maiden.  She had a mass of curly dark hair, pale, almost translucent skin, a round face that was inclined to smile, and she was chunkier than most.  (This was not unattractive to me; oh my no, just the opposite!)  She was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt under her sheet, which was hardly a sheet at all, more of a cape-thingy.

“Hey, can I ask you a question?” She set the ball of string down.

“Huh?  Oh, sure.”

“Why are we supposed to be virgins?” she asked conversationally.  She didn’t seem even slightly afraid of me.  “I mean I’m really not one, if it makes any difference to you.  Those cretin priests sure don’t seem to give a shit, as long as you check the right box on the questionnaire, they don’t ask any questions.  But why would it even matter?”

She was right, that was a poser. “I don’t know” I said, “I don’t think it really makes any difference.  It’s just a tradition, I guess.”

“Huh.  I mean ‘virginity’ is a pretty elastic term, if you think about it.  But however you define virgin, I’m not one.”

“Listen,” I said, “Are you hungry?  I know where we can get a bologna sandwich.”

“Sounds delicious.  What’s your name anyway?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I’m not even sure I have one.”

“Sure you do.  Everybody’s got a name.  Mine’s Emily.  What’s yours?”

I sat and thought about it for a little while, and then I realized that I was staring at Emily’s breasts, which were quite large and nicely shaped.  She caught me staring and kind of smirked and I think I actually blushed.  She had the prettiest smirk I’d ever seen.  I tried to concentrate.  I’d never had a name before, not that I knew of, so I made one up.

“Ferdinand,” I said at last.  I liked the sound of it.  “My name’s Ferdinand.”

“Well it’s nice to make your acquaintance, Ferdinand.”  She stood up on her tippy-toes and kissed me lightly on the cheek, making the erection that I had been fighting to keep in check swell and bob.  (Her kisses would always have that effect on me.  She always found that charming and quite amusing.)  “So…” There was a mischievous twinkle in her eye, “Weren’t you going to eat me or something?”

I started to protest, and then I realized that she was talking about something else entirely and then I did blush.

Emily pressed her warm curvy little body up against me, and my erection swung straight up, completely out of my control.  She grinned happily.  “Now that is impressive!  And to think I thought you were just a myth!”

I squeezed her tight against me, almost drunk with blissful desire.  “Listen,” I said, “When you said that about wanting me to eat you…?”

Her grin got even bigger.  “Go right ahead!”

She took a step back and proceeded to undress.  The cape-thingy fell in a crumpled heap on the dusty cement floor.  She peeled off her black t-shirt and unsnapped her bra (an invention I was unacquainted with at the time).  Her breasts were beautiful, full and large and round, with big crinkly nipples.  She smiled at me again, unsnapped the fastener on her jeans and wiggled out of them.  Her black bikini panties (again, I had never seen anything of the sort before) were next.  Between her thighs was a lush triangle of soft curly black pubic hair.  She let a finger slip between her legs.  It came back shiny and moist.

“You want me to lick you there?” I hazarded a guess.

“Oh yeah!” Emily said, “If you don’t mind, that is.  Gods and Goddesses, I can’t believe how fucking horny I am!”

“Me too!” I admitted, a little bashfully.

“I can tell,” she said, eyeing my hard-on.  “Don’t be shy.  Come on!”

I took her in my arms and lifted her up so that her legs were resting on my shoulder and she was able to grab a horn in each of her hands.  That put her pussy right in front of my mouth.  It was beautiful, furry and petite and pouting open like a blossom.  She smelled delicious.  Wetness was dripping off her purple nether lips.  It was intoxicating.  I tentatively stuck out my tongue and sampled her fruits.  I felt her shudder in my arms, so I did it again.  The wetness was everywhere now.

“Don’t stop!” she cried, “Zeus, that’s amazing!”

Encouraged by her encouragement, I didn’t stop.  I slurped up and down her pussy, licking all over, curling my tongue and sliding it inside her, dragging it up and down the length of her sex.  Emily rode me like a bronco, gripping my horns tight, grinding herself back at me in a perfect rhythm, meeting my tongue, rubbing that little nubbin near the top until she was actually screaming, a scream I instinctively knew was neither fear nor pain.

“Please don’t stop!” she gasped.  I didn’t stop until she sagged limply in my arms.

“That was fantastic!” Emily gasped.  “You know” she said coyly, “If you were to hold me upside down, I could probably do you at the same time as you lick me some more…”

I turned her over, and holding her gently by the waist, I slowly lowered her open mouth down onto my aching penis.  With a –glurk- she swallowed me whole.

The sensation was so amazing I forgot to lick for a little while.  I hadn’t felt anything like this in centuries!  Her mouth was so hot and wet; her tongue was doing incredible things to me.  I discovered the trick of lifting her up and down while she sucked, which only made the sensations more intense.  Then I remembered that I was supposed to be licking too, and Emily started moaning and gurgling as she sucked my cock.  Her pussy was soaking wet.  It was amazing.

“I’m going to come!” I suddenly bellowed out.

“MMM!! Mmm-hmm!” Emily responded, and I felt myself coming, shooting off, squirting into her hungry mouth.  She swallowed and swallowed until my limp cock slipped out of her mouth with a pop.

“Oh thank you!” I sputtered “Thank you so much!”

“My pleasure” she grinned from upside-down, “Listen, while you’re up there, would you mind…”

“Not at all!” I responded, and resumed my licking.  As I licked, she kissed and fondled my temporarily reduced cock and my dangling balls.  It was quite distracting.  I discovered the trick of applying just the tip of my tongue to her bulging clitoris (I didn’t know the name for it at the time, but I soon learned).  This drove Emily absolutely wild, and kicking her legs and whimpering and moaning for me all over again.

“Put a finger in my asshole!” she begged, and I was happy to oblige.  Somewhat to my surprise, that little crinkly hole accepted my big hairy finger.  It slid easily inside, where it was gripped by her body, hot and tight.  This just drove her wild, and did it nicely for me too.  I licked her pussy and her clit and toyed with her asshole with my finger until she came screaming again.  I still love feeling her orgasm with a finger up her ass.

“Wow!” she said, when I set her gently down again on her disheveled pile of clothes. “That was intense Ferd.  Hey, didn’t you say something about a bologna sandwich before?  I’m so hungry I could just kill!”

Emily got dressed again, which I found nearly as sexy as watching her get undressed.

We raided the daemon’s fridge, chowing down on stale Wonder bread and lunch meat.

She eyed my penis, which had become hard all over again in the meantime.  The hunger was never far away.  “You really are a monster!” she said, and grinned.  That grin never seemed to be far away from her face. “Do you want to fuck?”

I sat down on the daemon’s ratty old couch (which was kind of ridiculous, it was like an undersized lazy-boy to me, and I was lucky it didn’t just collapse under my weight), and watched Emily get undressed again.  I never get tired of watching that.  My cock was straining almost painfully upward.  She kissed the head of it merrily.

“Anal’s going to be tricky… we’ll just have to work up to that.”  She climbed up onto my lap, balancing on my thighs.

Raising herself up onto her knees, she gripped my erection with both hands, rubbing it up and down her drooling pussy.  I sighed and rolled my head back, shutting my eyes and relishing the blissful sensation.  It felt so good what she was doing, and it had been so long since I had been touched like that.  I only hoped it felt just as good for her.

Then I felt her movement change, and I opened my eyes to see what Emily was doing.  She had the end of my dick aimed right at her pussy opening.  Carefully, determinedly, she lowered herself down onto my pole.

“Oh! My! Goodness!!” she gasped out loud through a bit lip, “Damn that feels good!”

It certainly did.  Her pussy enveloped me, grasping me tightly.  She was hot and wet inside.  It felt incredible.  She eased herself down, until the entire length of my penis was inside her.  Her pussy seemed to bulge visibly around my meat.

“Oh… yeah… Gods!” she was moving now, little movements: up and down, back and forth, impaled on my cock.  “I’m going to have to get myself a new dildo!”

She looked beautiful like that, riding my dick.  Her breasts shook and jiggled with every movement, her hair was mussed up and her eyes were glazed and half closed.  She seemed to glow.  I reached behind her and caressed her jiggling buttocks.  She wiggled her behind encouragingly, and I cupped her ass in my hands.  Her round bottom seemed almost tiny in my huge hands.  I spread the cheeks apart and with a fingertip, gently traced the crease in between, ticking her tiny asshole.  She started moving more aggressively up and down on my dick.  Her hands were busy, pulling and twisting her own big pink nipples.  I pressed my fingertip up into her very tight asshole.

Her moans and groans increased substantially in volume, and she started to flush blotchy red pink.  I had never felt anything remotely close to this ever: a beautiful willing eager female impaled hotly, wetly on my cock, enjoying every bit of me.  I felt something swell in my heart, an almost incomprehensible rush of tenderness nearly overwhelmed me.  Meanwhile I wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this.  I was clenching every muscle in my body to keep from shooting off inside her.

“Emily, I want to feel you come on my dick…!” I managed to whisper through clenched teeth.

She opened her eyes and looked at me scorchingly.  “You’re going to in just about three seconds!”  She removed one hand from her swollen nipple and started rubbing vigorously between her legs as she bounced up and down on my cock.  Moments later, her breathing was coming in ragged gasps, and I felt her body tremble and shake, and then I knew she was coming.  Somewhere I could hear her screams of pleasure, but more immediately, I felt her pussy grasping, squeezing, spasming on my cock.  I could take no more.  I thrust myself up into her, fucking her, and with a bellow, I let go.

My come was so intense, it seemed to last a century.  She rode me all the way through it, and when she collapsed on top of me, covering my hairy chest with kisses, I felt like it was me who was glowing.  We stayed that way for a long time, just cuddling and touching and kissing, our parts pressed wetly and stickily together.

Finally, Emily laid her head down on my chest and closed her eyes; her sheet-cape-thingy did double duty as a blanket.  I watched her breathing softly and gently played with her hair.  I could feel the terrible hunger gnawing at my insides again.  I hated myself right then.  I thought about eating rocks, or killing myself, just to get rid of that hunger.

“Why don’t you leave this place?”

I’d thought she was asleep.  Now Emily was propped up on one elbow, looking up at me seriously.

“There’s no way out.  Believe me, I’ve looked.  Over the years I’ve been through every inch of the labyrinth.”

“What about the doors?  Have you ever tried the front door?”

I felt like a total asshole.  The front doors were these massive stone gates, way too heavy for any mortal to budge.  But not necessarily too heavy for a minotaur to push open.

We followed Emily’s string back to the gates; the daemons had been slacking off in recent years.  There were more burned-out fluorescents than there should have been too.  The doors were huge and daunting; if they were barred from the outside, we were both fucked forever.  I put my shoulder against one and pushed.  It shuddered and creaked, and moved very slightly outward.  The things were solid granite, and must have weighed tens of tons.

Turns out I was strong enough, though just barely.  The stone door creaked and complained and finally opened just a crack, wide enough for Emily and me to slip out into the night.  It was night outside, and our faces were lit by the soft light of the crescent moon and a high dome of impossibly bright stars.

I never looked back.

Emily always wanted to try a threesome, but the idea kind of freaked me out: I was always afraid that I’d forget myself and eat the third in the heat of the moment.  So we contented ourselves with lots of kinky sex and porn.  Emily says she’s crazy about me.  I don’t really understand why: I’m a huge, hairy brute; but I love her very much.

We took an apartment in the city, and I got a job with a moving company.  It isn’t the greatest job, but it comes with health insurance and two weeks vacation, and when I threatened to quit (because the other guys had taken to letting me do all the work) they gave me a raise.

I discovered the joys of Costco and of take-out pizza and all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet; I’m developing a bit of a paunch.  I don’t think I’m immortal anymore, since I’m outside; my knees and back have been complaining a lot lately, and I seem to be going grey.  But I don’t mind.  I kind of like the idea of growing old with Emily.



  1. ElsieFan said

    Thank you Elsie. This is the weirdest and funniest story of yours since “The Bear” and this one perhaps surpasses that on both counts. I like your insertion of yourself into a male perspective, and you do it well. You are a treasure!

    • elsiewrites said

      Thank you! I’ve been working on this one for quite a while. I’m never entirely sure where my stories germinate: this was a particularly weird one. (it was at least partially inspired by a short story published in the New Yorker magazine last June entitled ‘Ziggurat’) It’s not exactly one-handed reading, but neither is it (I think) really much like mainstream erotica. In any case I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      I only just got the double-entendre of your name. Clever!

      • ElsieFanny said

        Thank you! And thank you for pointing out Ziggurat. I just read and re-read it, and it is definitely a story worth reading. It is especially interesting to read your story and the Stephen O’Connor one back-to-back.

        His story is definitely darker and stranger than yours, and I find myself getting a bit lost in the shifting ground of its reality and all of the references and allusions. (For example, is the line of pelicans supposed to suggest the pigeons in Stevens’s “Sunday Morning” “gliding downward to darkness, on extended wings”?)

        However, I love your story for its odd switch to casual domesticity at the end. It reminds me of Jenny Wanshel’s “Boy Magnets” story in this respect.

        Both stories are very good, and very good at keeping alive a 3,000+ year old story line.

        My only complaint is that you have now multiplied what some writer referred to as New Yorker “subscription guilt” given that this has been sitting in a pile of not-yet-finished New Yorkers and other magazines for nine months.

  2. Yonty said

    Not my favorite post. Preferred the realism of the bear to this fantasy

  3. Grendel said

    “I discovered the joys of Costco and of take-out pizza and all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet;”


  4. John Cowan said

    “Emily always wanted to try a threesome, but the idea kind of freaked me out: I was always afraid that I’d forget myself and eat the third in the heat of the moment” is just a really funny line. The whole thing is incredibly light-hearted considering its subject matter, and I think that’s wonderful. Beautifully done.

  5. Matt B said

    This was sweet! I’ve read everything up tot his point. I love how fearless you are. Always when I read your stories that are in genres that never interested me before I always wind up hugely excited and wind up always really enjoying them. Your imagination appeals to me in so many ways, and watching you revel in it is beautiful 🙂 Keep creating! I’ll be reading.

  6. Though I have been quietly following your blog for years, and read many a good tale, this one stuck with me since the day I read it! What a fun twist on the story of the minotaur. I giggled, I read lines to my partners, I got funny looks–good times were had by all.

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