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No Glow

“Watch me!”

I had already pulled the crux overhang, but the climbing up here was thin and scary.  My last piece, a fixed piton, was a long way below me; two body lengths at least.  It had looked pretty solid when I had clipped it, but who knew really?  That iron pin could have been hammered in forty or fifty years ago, rusting and corroding a little more with every passing day.  I looked around for a place to put gear in, but there was nothing.  The rock was brilliant white, crystalline and smooth.  I was balanced on thin edges.  The rope tied to my harness snaked down away into the abyss.  There was nowhere to go but up.

“Watch me!” I called down to Lindsey, who was belaying from a ledge sixty or seventy feet below.

“You’ve got it Andrea” she yelled up to me “You fucking rock!”

Well, I was glad she had confidence in me anyway.  I could see her bright eyes flashing in the sun from all the way up here.  My palms were sweaty, my heart was thumping out a punk-rock rhythm section.  If I slipped now, it would be a long long fall, an ugly fall.  It was not a fall I had any desire to take.  Forcing myself to focus, I moved upward on the steep crisp rock.

I had met Lindsey in the gym.  She caught my eye, and jumpstarted my overactive imagination right away.  She was in her mid-twenties, with the biggest, most beautiful innocent-looking brown eyes, brown hair in a sassy little pageboy cut with misbehaving bangs, a tight compact ex-dancers’ body, and a wicked little half-smile playing on her face that seemed to suggest untold depths of naughtiness and mischief.  As if that wasn’t enough, she also possessed a shapely little butt that begged to be kissed and squeezed, and a nice round pair of grapefruit-sized breasts that I couldn’t help but picture shaking wildly as she writhed in orgasm on my bed.  The first time I met her, my dirty mind flashed straight away to a picture of me on my knees with my face buried in her crotch, my tongue wildly slurping her clit and my thumb buried deep in her juicy pussy.  The gym-rats and muscle-boys were already closing in.  I choked down my social awkwardness, walked straight up to her, and asked if she was looking for a partner.

We took turns climbing up the multicolored plastic handholds on the rock wall, and I tried to not be too obvious about staring at her ass.  She was brand new to climbing, she said, but she loved it.  She had always wanted to try it when she was growing up, but had never had the chance.  She was really looking forward to climbing outside, on real rock someday.

When I heard that, my clit just about poked a hole in my panties!  Would she like to come up to the Gunks with me sometime?  Maybe she could take a day off work?

“That would be awesome!” she said, her brown eyes sparkling.  “Maybe next week, if the weather is nice?”

So does she go for girls?  That was the question that plagued me later on when I got home, after my shower, when I slipped a DVD into the player and imagined that the young women cavorting on the screen were me and Lindsey.  Had she been flirting with me, or just being friendly?  I’m so bad at that!  We had chatted all evening, and she had squeezed my arm and smiled a lot, and hugged me before we left, but that is how girls talk to each other.  We had traded phone numbers and email, but that had been so we could go climbing upstate together.  And even if she did go for girls, was she attracted to me?

The question bothered me all week.  I couldn’t concentrate on my work.  I kept downloading porn, looking for chicas who reminded me of Lindsey.  I took unnecessarily long showers.  I wrote and scratched out little stories about me and her getting stuck in an elevator, flying across the country together, any excuse for us to get it on.  I went for a new all-time-world-post-adolescent masturbation record.  I would have set one too, if the motor on my vibrator hadn’t finally burned out.  I went down to Babeland and bought a new one, a pink silicone number with quasi-realistic features.  (Wouldn’t Lindsey look HOT wearing that as a strap-on??)  Whenever the phone rang, my heart rate spiked and my stomach jolted.  I had a crush and no fooling.

She finally called, and we agreed to skip work the next Wednesday if the weather looked good.  I prayed for sun.

Wednesday came at long last, and it looked to be a beautiful spring day.  Highs in the mid seventies, with a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.  The sky was clear blue.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  I picked Lindsey up early in the morning in my Zip Car, and we headed upstate, against the commuter traffic, away from the crowds, away from the city.

She had her coffee cup with her, and a cute little schoolgirl-type blue backpack for her climbing stuff.  Her big brown eyes eyes were still sleepy.  I thought she was the cutest thing ever.

The drive up to the cliffs took about 90 minutes, but it seemed like forever.  I kept trying to decode every phrase, every glance.  Was she flirting?  Could she tell that I was attracted to her?  My nipples were hard just being in the car with her.  Would she notice?

I asked her to put in a CD.  She picked one out and put it in.  “Le Tigre is fucking awesome!” she said “I love their early stuff best, don’t you?”

Now just what did she mean by that?

By the time we got up to the Shawangunks, you could have cut the sexual tension in the car with a knife.  Or at least I thought so; Lindsey seemed blissfully unaware of it.  My pussy had been moist all morning, soaking into my panties; and my clit felt like a pearl in an oyster: round and hard and irritating.

The cliffs were about as empty as they ever were on a sunny day in May.  The joggers were out, and a few other lucky work-slacking climbers were up on the rock, but by and large we had the place to ourselves.  It was beautiful out: the trees were full of young green and it smelled like spring.  The sun felt good on our skin.  We held hands for a while as we walked down the carriage road.  Girls do that sometimes, it doesn’t necessarily mean a thing.  I was going to have to ditch my panties; they were driving me insane.

We did a couple of short routes, warm ups for me.  Lindsey did great.  She was way stronger than any beginner had the right to be.  “It’s all the dancing I used to do” she explained “It made me strong and flexible.  I can still get both feet behind my head if I try.”

God.  She did that on purpose, didn’t she?! The next time I slipped behind a big boulder to go pee, I peeled off my panties and buried them in my shorts pocket.  I’d worn sexy black frilly lacy ones just for her.  The clean spring air felt nice against my damp pussy.

The most amazing part really, was that she had no fear of heights.  That was what I had struggled most with, learning to climb.  I still struggled with it.  It scares the shit out of me.  I don’t even like ladders.  Lindsey seemed just as cheerfully unaware of the altitude as she was of my increasingly desperate lust for her.  It got warm, and she pulled off her t-shirt, revealing her packed sports bra.  I swear, I gasped out loud.  She had pierced nipples.  Pierced fucking nipples!  I could see the dents through the black stretchy material.  Then we were discussing bras, and she was telling me how she hates them, but really has to wear one or it gets uncomfortable.  Me, I don’t really have that problem.

We decided to do “No Glow” (as in: nice girls don’t sweat, they glow), a 5.9 that I had heard was really cool.  I hadn’t led any 5.9s yet that season; I had only done a couple last fall when I was feeling mega strong and in rad climbing shape.  But I wanted it, and I really wanted to impress her.

The first pitch was pretty easy, if a bit run out.  It was fun.  For the first time all day I was concentrating on the rock and the climbing, and not on getting into Lindsey’s pants.  We found ourselves sitting on the ledge, a couple hundred feet off the ground, looking out over the Hudson valley.  It was the first time all day that we had been up above the trees; everything else we had done had been one-pitch lower-offs.  From where we sat, we could see farmland, small towns, and woods.  Up above, birds of prey circled lazily on the thermals.  Lindsey casually put her arm around me, and we drank from the water bottle, and enjoyed the view.  Life was perfect.

The second pitch was the crux pitch.  Right off the bat, it meant business, traversing through a huge and poorly protected corner under a roof.  A fall here would be ugly, sending me swinging, slamming into the rock face and possibly onto the ledge below.  I kept my shit together, and with Lindsey attentively belaying, I made it through that and up to the crux overhang.  I clipped the fixed pin there, giving it a tug to test it.  My next piece down was a solid looking cam in a horizontal crack.  I took a deep breath and moved on up.

The move seemed impossible, though I knew it wasn’t: ‘it’s only a 5.9 after all’.  If I positioned my feet just so, undercling with one hand, I could just barely get my fingers around the key exit hold.  That was it?!?  I reached back and chalked up and grabbed it again.  With all my weight on my arm, I could feel my strength sapping.  It would have to be now.  A hundred or more feet below, the jagged rocks of the talus gleamed nastily in the sun.

It was fucking scary, let me tell you, moving up onto blind holds with nothing but air under my ass.  I was breathing hard, sweating and overgripping, and cursing under my breath, but I didn’t fall off.  I was close to the top.  Twenty feet, maybe, twenty or thirty feet of clean white steep rock.  If I could just get some gear in, life would be good again.  But there was no place to put a nut or a cam.  All I could do was move on up, increasing the length of my potential fall, trying to keep my knees from shaking too much.  Almost there.  I could feel Lindsey’s eyes on me.  “Watch me!” I called again, knowing that she was watching me closely.

I made it to the top without falling.  I was drenched in sweat, and my hands were shaking uncontrollably as I anchored myself to a tree.  “Fuck me!” I called down to her “That was insane” It was by far the wildest thing I had ever led. “I’m off belay!”

Lindsey of course had no problem with it, other than a few moments hesitation at the crux.  But then, I consoled myself, she was on toprope.

When she pulled herself up over the lip of the cliff, her eyes were wide and shining.  “Andrea you fucking rock!  That was really awesome!”

She came over and kissed me on the lips.  Sometimes when we’re happy, girls will kiss each other in a way that straight guys or probably even gay boys wouldn’t, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  This kiss, however most definitely meant something.

My harness was still tied to the tree.  As we kissed fiercely, hungrily, our fingers fumbled with knots and carabiners and harness buckles.  It seemed to take a long time, but neither one of us was willing to break off the kiss to get untied.  At last, we were out of our climbing harnesses and free.  We rolled around on the little grass-covered clearing that we had found ourselves in, kissing and touching and giggling.

“Oh fuck Andrea” she said as we finally broke apart and unlaced our tight and sweaty climbing shoes “I’ve wanted this since I first saw you.  I just didn’t know if you…”

“I do” I told her “Oh boy do I ever!”

It took us seconds to get undressed from there.  She pulled off her top, revealing her gorgeous boobs, big pink nipples pierced with steel barbells; I was all over her, pulling off her pants, even as she tugged at my shorts.  It felt great to be naked with her, all alone in such a beautiful place, just her and me and the wide open sky.

I had my mouth on her breast, where I had longed to put it all week; she was driving me crazy by rubbing between my legs without quite touching me where I needed it most, and we were kissing all the while, hard and deep.  I cupped her ass with both hands and squeezed hard.

The tangy smell of ozone and a sudden cool breeze and then we were being pelted with big fat drops of rain, slow at first, becoming logarithmically faster and harder.  Thunder rumbled somewhere not far away.  Summer thunderstorms roll in quickly, often from behind the ridgeline, so you don’t even see them coming.

The grassy little meadow we had been frolicking in was now a mud pit.  We were soaked.  Above us, the sky boiled dark and threatening.  The rain poured down in sheets, slamming into us with gale force.

“Don’t stop” she said into my ear “Please don’t stop!”

My fingers had found her cunt, and she was soaking wet.  And clearly not just from the rain.  She was gooey and slippery and hungry for me.  I slipped a finger inside, caressing her little clit with my thumb, and she moaned something into my mouth, and pressed her fingers against my own drooling puss.

It felt so good, so wild to be doing this as the storm raged around us.  Lighting flashed and crackled, illuminating the greenish-blackish storm clouds.  I pushed her onto her back in the muddy grass, and her legs raised by themselves and her feet tucked behind her neck.  She was totally exposed from her lush pubic triangle to her cute crinkled anus.  The water beaded and ran off her skin.  Her beautiful labia pouted slickly open, her pink clit stood out excitedly.  I wanted to stick a finger and then two, and then the entire length of my tongue straight up her tight little brown butt hole, but I didn’t dare.  I didn’t want her to think that I was a total pervert; at least not yet.  So I contented myself with lapping at her pebble-hard clit and finger-fucking her grasping horny pussy until she came, thrashing and splashing and swearing and crying out my name.

Without a word, she came at me, kissing me like a panther.  She kissed and nibbled her way down my body, stopping at my breasts, my armpits, my sternum, my navel, and finally gluing her mouth to my aching, needy crotch.  She squeezed my ass and pulled me to her.  Her tongue was heaven.  The rain whipped, trees bent and shook, and lightening cracked in the sky, close, too close.  A roar of thunder followed right behind it.  I shook with excitement, cold, fear, and lust.

“Andrea” she said, pulling away from my pussy for a second “Please don’t take this wrong, but if you don’t mind, I’d really like to lick your ass.”

Mind?  No I didn’t mind.  I got on my knees like a cat, arching my back and sticking my butt up in the air and burying my tits in the wet grass.  I shivered as I felt her hot breath between my cheeks and the cold wind on my wet skin.

Her tongue pressed against my anus and I moaned out loud.  I felt her tongue slip inside my hole, licking me in that most intimate place.  My own fingers found my clit as she greedily tongued my asshole.  I felt her fingers enter my pussy, stretching me wide open, fucking deep up inside me as her tongue did loop de loops in my winking nether region.  I just couldn’t get enough.  When I came, it was like a roll of thunder, and it never seemed to stop.  It kept rolling through me, shaking my body as I gave myself totally over to her.

The thunderstorm passed as quickly as it had come on, and soon we were sitting on a rock together, naked in the sun, waiting for our clothes to dry out enough to put them on again.  We kissed and touched languidly, knowing full well what we were starting up again; enjoying it and taking our time.  We had all afternoon.  We had all the time in the world.  High above, in the clean clear sky, the birds of prey circled up and up and up in great lazy spirals.

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