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Strange Days

Junior high school was the deepest pit in hell.  There were three of us that hung out together: me, Lauren, and Ronnie.  It wasn’t so much that we were friends; we didn’t really have very much in common; it was more that we were companions in arms, banding together by necessity against the Jocks, the Tough Kids, the Rich Kids, and the Popular Crowd.

I was the budding literary geek, a writer and a (horrible) poet even then.  Lauren was super-intelligent, a math and science fiend; she’d end up with a PhD in physics from one of the ivy-league schools.  Ronnie was the malcontent, the ne’er-do-well, the cynic, too damn smart for his own good.

We all had two things in common.  The first was geekiness: we were all sci-fi/fantasy dweebs and avid D&D players.  The second was lust.  All three of us had burned the last bridge into full-on puberty, and we absolutely could not make it through a conversation, barely a sentence even, without dirty jokes, giggles, and raunchy sexual innuendo.  I for one seemed to walk around with a boner in my pants all the time, convinced that everyone at school could see it and was laughing at me behind my back.  It was such a relief to know other kids who were in the same boat.  The first time we discussed it openly, it was a huge epiphany.  We all three masturbated every day, at least once, often a lot more than that.  Ronnie and me had hard-ons all the freaking time; Lauren confessed that she always went home with moist and sticky panties.  From there, the next step was no giant leap.

So.  It was a Friday after school, mid-January, the beginning of the spring semester.  Next year we’d be split up to different high schools: Lauren would be attending a semi-private charter school, I’d be going to the high school near my house, and Ronnie was going to a different high school across town, closer to where he lived.

We were hanging out at Ronnie’s place.  Ronnie’s house was great: both his parents worked and didn’t get home until evening, and he didn’t have siblings, so we had the place to ourselves.  That, and his parents either didn’t know or didn’t care what he did on the computer: there were no parental controls, no websites were blocked.  So we used to surf all the porn we could find.

We each had our favorites.  I was a big fan of lesbian porn, Lauren liked blowjobs, Ronnie just liked seeing people fuck.  There was plenty to go around.  Ronnie’s computer was slow as hell, choked with viruses and spyware, but that didn’t stop us.  There was a ton of free porn on the web, and when the pop-up ads got too annoying, Lauren could usually figure out how to fix it.

So we’d get all worked up watching dirty videos, the giggling and chatter would sort of trail off, the temperature in the room would inexplicably rise, and then the clothes would come off.  Or at least some of them.

When none of us three could stand one more minute of frustration, the pants would come down, and me and Ronnie’s boners would pop out.  Lauren’s pants would drop down too, but she kept her knees pressed together, so all we got to see was the top third of her wispy, mousey brown pubic patch.  Which was plenty exciting all by itself.

This Friday was fairly typical.  It was freezing cold outside, but inside it was hot and sweaty, and the pheromones were flying.  We were sitting around Ronnie’s computer, the screen choked with pop-up windows, each on our own chair, internet porn dispensed with for the moment.  Ronnie and I had woodies that were standing up like little flagpoles; Lauren’s hand was busy in the mysterious out-of-sight region between her pale thighs, her eyes wide and fixed on our equipment.

I thought I had a nicer dick than Ronnie.  Both were about the same size (i.e. not anywhere near as big as the dudes we saw in the pornos), but Ronnie’s was kind of skinny, and the head was narrower than the shaft.  Mine had a foreskin that retracted when it was erect, and a sharply defined head that looked like a German WW2 helmet.

Ronnie and I reached over and started stroking each other’s meat.  It felt really good, both the sensation of having his dick in my hand, and the feeling of his hand wrapped around my cock.  What we both wanted, of course, was for Lauren to take on this particular task herself, but so far she had steadfastly refused.

This was all quite routine by now, and we’d both developed pretty good technique.  We’d start sort of slow and soft, and pump faster and more intensely until we were both howling out loud and Lauren’s fingers were making squooshing noises between her legs.  We’d gotten to where we could shoot off, if not exactly simultaneously, then within seconds of each other, which was Lauren’s cue to orgasm.  She would come in a series of gasping, choking, shaking breaths, which was generally enough to get me and Ronnie hard again.  Repeat as necessary until totally satisfied, or Ronnie’s parents came home, whichever came first.

It may not have been the ideal arrangement, but it sure beat the hell out of jerking off alone.

Back to this particular occasion.  Ronnie and I were just getting into it, teasing each other by going faster and then slower, squeezing hard for a few strokes and then barely touching at all.  The diminutive head of Ronnie’s dick was livid red and oozing copious amounts of slick clear pre-come.  My own penis was in very much the same condition.

Out of the blue, Lauren reached over (with her non-masturbating hand) and tapped me on the shoulder.  “Why don’t you suck his dick?”

Now it’s still kind of embarrassing to admit this, but I had been wanting to do exactly that for quite a while already.  Not because I was especially attracted to guys in general, or Ronnie in particular, but I was really really curious about what it would be like to try.  I thought it would probably be really sexy.

We both stopped what we were doing and answered Lauren in chorus: “No Way!”  I didn’t want anyone thinking I was gay, not even my two trusty sexual compañeros.

“Come on, it’ll be really hot.  I’ll show you my breasts…”

That clinched it.  We’d been nagging Lauren to show us her boobs almost from the very beginning, and so far she had always primly refused.  They weren’t very big, two bumps under her t-shirt, but they were real, and that counted for an awful lot.

“Ok!” “All right!”  We didn’t let go of each other’s dicks, but we totally stopped what we were doing and gawked at Lauren.

With a shrug, Lauren peeled off her grey sweatshirt.  She was wearing a frilly black bra underneath.  She reached behind her back, and undid the clasp, then wiggled out of the shoulder straps, letting the bra fall onto her lap.  She smiled, self-conscious but pleased, as we ogled her tits.

They were perfect.  They were smaller than almost any of the ones we had seen in porn, like a pair of half-plums, pointing outward and slightly upward.  They jiggled slightly with every movement, every breath, and she had a pair of little pink nipples that stuck out excitedly.

“Well, go on!” Lauren said, and Ronnie chimed in “Yeah, dude!”

I got down on my knees, my boner even harder than before, and got up close and personal, face-to-face with Ronnie’s dick.

Taking a deep breath, I opened wide and swallowed it whole.

It didn’t seem nearly so big or as scary once it was in my mouth.  I’d been afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it all in, or that I would choke.  That wasn’t a problem.  Thing was, I didn’t exactly know what to do next.

I started sucking (they did call it ‘sucking cock’ after all) as if it were a lollipop or something, and letting my tongue explore the underside of his dick.  The taste didn’t bother me; it didn’t really taste at all.

Apparently whatever it was that I was doing worked.  Ronnie started thrusting and moaning.  “Holy shit!  Oh dude, that feels amazing!  Oh fuck…!”  Lauren chimed in too: “Oh my God, that is SO hot!  Oh yeah, suck his dick!”

I kind of lost myself in the cock sucking.  My head bobbed up and down, meeting Ronnie’s thrusts, my tongue worshiped his dick as his moans got louder and more insistent.   I found the whole experience incredibly sexy, and so did my dick, pointing straight out in front of me as I knelt between Ronnie’s knees.

“Oh shit dude, oh yeah, I’m gonna come!” Ronnie grabbed my head, forcing me all the way down on his meat.  “Oh yeah, take it!” Lauren cried in that raspy voice I knew meant she was right on the edge of orgasm.  I closed my eyes and sucked with everything I had.

Ronnie came in my mouth, louder than I had ever heard him come before.  His stuff spewed into my mouth, filling and overflowing.  It was salty and hot and slimy and kind of bitter.  I didn’t actually mind the taste at all.  Somewhere in the background, I could hear the choked-off gasps of Lauren’s climax.  I licked Ronnie’s dick clean as it shrank, devouring every last drop.

“Now it’s your turn,” Lauren told us, “Go on Ronnie, make him come.”

“Why don’t you do it this time?” Ronnie asked, giving voice to my sincere sentiment.

“No, I just want to watch,” Lauren said, “Go on, jerk him off.  He did such a nice job for you…”

I leaned back and let Ronnie jerk me off while Lauren watched and fingered herself.  It was nice to be the sole object of attention for once, and it was really hot to be able to watch Lauren’s real actual breasts as she masturbated, but I didn’t feel like Ronnie was really giving it his all.  Any come is a good come, and I squirted all over my tummy to his ministrations, but it wasn’t exactly an earth-shaking one either.


Lauren asked if we could sleep over.  This wasn’t especially unusual.  By mutual unspoken agreement, there would be no sex games.  The chance of getting caught was just too real.  On the other hand, there would be D&D, Warhammer, X-Box and Playstation until late at night.  Parents were called, and no-one had any objections.

Ronnie’s dad, Mr. Ronzoni, didn’t get home until late.  He was a big guy with a big belly, and he worked in construction and never had very much to say.  There was a permanent scowl etched into his deeply lined face, and all of us were a little bit afraid of him.

Ronnie’s mom had dinner ready when he walked in the door.  Mrs. Ronzoni was great.  She was easy-going and friendly and funny and laughed often, and I secretly thought she was really hot.  She was ancient of course, she must have been close to 40, and she was a little chubby, but she had a beautiful smile, shortish blonde hair, twinkling eyes, and a really large pair of breasts that I used to try hard not to stare at over dinner.  You could see the cleavage where they came together near the top of her shirt, and it used to drive me crazy.  She also had a wide, soft shapely butt that I jerked off to on a regular basis.

Dinner was a quiet, tense affair.  Mr. Ronzoni brought a bottle of scotch to the table and drank half of it with his meal.  I tried to keep my eyes down and not get caught staring at Mrs. Ronzoni’s ample bust or catch Mr. Ronzoni’s eye.  One time Mrs. Ronzoni reached over the table to get the bowl of parmesan, and her boobs practically spilled out of her shirt.  Lauren kicked me under the table and grinned like a wolf.  I tried to imagine Ronnie’s parents having sex.  I imagined Mr. Ronzoni, naked, with his big round gut, a thick furry chest, and hairy balls that hung down to his knees.  I stifled a snork, and Lauren kicked me again and Ronnie gave me a warning look.

After dinner, we dicked around with computer games until it was way past time to go to bed.  Finally, Mr. Ronzoni (who had finished that bottle of scotch) came around grumbling at us, and we got shooed off to bed.

Ronnie slept in his own room, Lauren slept on the couch in the living room that folded out into a bed, and I slept on a pad on the floor in the study, where the X-Box and Playstation were.

It must have been after midnight.  I couldn’t sleep.  I always had trouble sleeping when I wasn’t at home.  Instead I was lying on top of my bed sheets, dick in hand, idly replaying the events of that afternoon.

I almost jumped out of my skin when the study door creaked slowly open.  For just a second I thought it was Ronnie, coming by to sample the taste of cock for himself, or even Lauren, relenting at long last.  Then I saw in the dim light that it was Mrs. Ronzoni, dressed in her green fuzzy bathrobe.  I choked down a startled squeal and hurriedly tried to hide my erect dick, yanking up my pj bottoms.

“Are you awake in here?” she asked softly.

“Yeah…” I whispered, my voice trembling and threatening to betray me.

Mrs. Ronzoni slipped into the room and closed the door quietly behind her.  “I came by to see if you needed anything…” She walked softly closer to where I was lying on the pad.  My dick was making an absolutely unmistakable tent in the front of my pajamas.  “…Anything at all.”

Her robe slipped open at that point and anything I had been thinking of saying was instantly forgotten.  She was naked, totally, gloriously naked.  Her breasts looked giant, better than anything I had ever seen in a porno, with big brown crinkly circles the size of my palm around big fat nipples.  She was all soft and curvy, with a deep bellybutton, and a dark lush triangle of pubic hair framed by two thick thighs.  She knelt down on the bed and leaned over so her boobs were brushing against my chest and she kissed me full on the lips.

Her kiss was hot and wet and boozy.  I kissed her back, as best as I knew how (which wasn’t very much) and she responded eagerly.  Her hand found my cock through the soft fabric of my pjs, and I almost came just from her touch.  She squeezed me fondly and tugged down my pajamas.

We kissed a little bit more, and I thought I might get drunk off her taste, and then she fed me her tits and let me lick and suck on them a little –heaven- and then she pushed me down and started sucking on my dick.

Holy Shit!  I couldn’t believe how amazingly good it felt!  If what I had done for Ronnie had felt half as good, he should be thanking me the rest of his life.  And my dick was getting sucked by a real, actual female, a naked woman with big tits and a beautiful ass.

“I’m going to come!” I squeaked, and Mrs. Ronzoni popped her head up.

“Shhh” she whispered, “Not yet.  Not like that… like this.” And then she straddled me, and I could feel her pubic hairs brushing against my erection and I could feel her hot wetness dripping down onto me, and as soft as butterfly kisses, she dragged her juicy slit up and down my raging hard-on as she played with her nipples and with what I could only assume was her clitoris and watched me from on high like a bird of prey.

I noticed about then that the door was slightly ajar, though Mrs. Ronzoni had certainly closed it after herself, and I was just in time to see Lauren, in her pale blue nightgown, slip into the room.  Lauren saw me looking and made a face and then, when Mrs. Ronzoni showed no sign of noticing, flashed me a huge, lusty grin.

“Are you ready?” Mrs. Ronzoni asked.

I nodded.

She confidently grabbed a hold of my cock and pointed it straight up, and then impaled herself onto me with a satisfied “Aaaaaah.”

Oh my god!  If I thought the blowjob part was amazing, it was nothing compared to the sensation of being inside her hot, slippery, wet pussy.  It felt so good, I thought I might die.  I wanted it to go on forever.

“Go ahead,” Mrs. Ronzoni whispered to me, smiling, “fuck me.”

I didn’t really have any choice in the matter: my body sort of took over for me.  I started humping into Ronnie’s mom’s wet pussy, and she started grinding herself back against me, and our pubes were mashed together and “Oh Fuck I’m Coming!” and Mrs. Ronzoni lay down her body on mine and kissed my mouth hard with her tits squished against my chest as my balls twitched and my hips bucked and I screamed silently into her mouth and pumped what seemed like gallon after gallon of come into her hungry pussy.

It seemed to go on for ages.  When it was finally over, I lay back gasping, feeling Mrs. Ronzoni’s weight and wetness on my body.  I glanced over, and saw Lauren framed in the partially-open door, her nightgown hiked up around her waist and one hand busy between her legs.  She grinned at me and gave me a big thumbs-up.

“You want to play some more?” Mrs. Ronzoni asked in a husky whisper, and I nodded ‘Yes’.  “You want to taste?” I nodded an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’

She extracted herself from my penis and crawled up my body, ending up squatting over my face.  I was just inches from her pussy, her beautiful, swollen, wide-open, soaking-wet gooey pussy.  “Lick it,” she encouraged me, and I dove right in.

She was absolutely soaked, with my come and her own juices.  The aroma of sex made my head spin.  I didn’t even know where to begin.  I just started licking, drinking her, drinking myself, trying to get my tongue as far up her pussy as I could stick it.

She took hold of the back of my head and guided me.  I started slurping up and down her crease.  It was salty and musky and female and I loved it.  I could sometimes feel a bump near the top that must have been her clitoris because she jumped and moaned every time my tongue ran over it.  I experimentally stuck my tongue down where her ass cheeks creased together and got instant results.

“Oh yes, you kinky boy!”  Ronnie’s mom shifted her stance slightly and pried her butt open, and I was suddenly face-to-face with her big, crinkled asshole.  I dove in hungrily, licking and kissing away, probing her anus with my tongue as she rubbed herself and moaned louder and louder until I was afraid she would wake up the whole house.

“Oh yes you sexy little beast, make me come!  Yeah, stick your finger in there and lick me now!”

I let my forefinger slide up her tight hot asshole, and licked as hard as I could as she lowered herself onto my face.  I couldn’t breathe, and I didn’t care.  All I cared about was licking that hot little button she was grinding against my tongue.

She came, groaning and cursing up above me, and I felt like the King of the World.

Meanwhile, my dick had gone and gotten all hard again.  Mrs. Ronzoni smiled and kissed my wet and sticky face.  “Fuck me again,” she told me softly, “fuck me real good.”

She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide for me, and I got my first real good look at her pussy, and it made me even hornier than ever.  I climbed between her thick thighs and slipped my dick into her wetness and fucked her pussy and sucked and kissed her tits as she kissed and encouraged me, and this time I must have lasted a good two or three minutes before I exploded, pumping whatever come I had left out of my aching balls and deep into the depths of her pussy.

She let me lay there, panting, for a minute or two, and then gently rolled my limp body off of her.  I looked for Lauren over by the door, but apparently she had already made her exit.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Ronzoni said, and kissed me again on the forehead, “You have no idea how badly I needed that.”  Then she gathered up her bathrobe, tied the knot around her middle, and slipped out of the room into the night.


A couple days later, me and Lauren were hanging out in the school library after classes.  Ronnie wasn’t there.  He was in detention that day.

Anyway, we all used to hang out in the library after school a lot, because it was private and safe, and because Mrs. Binnewater didn’t give a shit what we did as long as we kept it quiet and left her alone.

“I saw you the other night.” Lauren said.  We were sitting in the sci-fi section, backs to the shelves, facing each other.

“I know” I said, feeling weirdly sheepish about admitting it.

“That,” Lauren said, closing her book with a snap, “was So Fucking Hot!”

“Yeah… Really?” I set down my own book.  I wasn’t sure where Lauren was going with this conversation, but she didn’t seem to feel disgusted or betrayed, my two big fears.

“Have you done that before?  Do you always do that with her when we sleep over?”

“No,” I said, “That was the first time ever.”

“Wild.” she said and kind of chuckled, “That was really fucking hot.  Even better than watching you do Ronnie.”

Now that was an issue we NEVER ever discussed openly, and certainly not at school.

“You wanna see something?”

Well of course I did.

Lauren was wearing a skirt, which was kind of unusual for her.  It was a blue denim skirt, and she had black leggings on because it was freaking cold outside.  She skootched up her ass and hiked her skirt up around her waist.  The leggings ended mid-thigh, and I had an awesome view of her pink panties.  My dick, of course, responded instantly, pressing hard against my zipper.

“Lauren, we’re in the library!” I hissed at her.

“So what?  As long as we’re quiet, no-one’s going to bother us.”  It was true.

She took a deep breath, and wiggled her panties off, kicking them to one side.  For the first time ever I had an unobstructed view of her pussy.  It was beautiful.  It had a soft covering of light brown hair, and a neat seam up the middle where the pursed lips bulged appetizingly out.

“Is it ok?” Lauren asked, “It’s not ugly is it?”

“Oh my god no, it’s amazing!”

She peeled the puffy outer lips back, putting herself totally on display for me. I could see her inner labia, the actual place where a penis would go, I could see her glistening, oozing wetness and everything.  My cock threatened to explode inside my pants.

“This is my clitoris.”  I had a little trouble believing that the tiny little pink nubbin she was pointing at was really it; that hallowed, sacred spot, the source of so much pleasure, the subject of so many sex articles.  In the dark room, Mrs. Ronzoni’s had felt huge against my tongue.  “That’s what I like to play with when I masturbate.”

She proceeded to do so, getting her index finger wet first by licking it, and then by dipping it into her pretty pussy.  I was utterly fascinated, and turned on beyond all measure, watching her caress that little eraser head with her wet finger.

“You should get your pants down,” Lauren said.  I looked nervously in the direction of the librarian’s desk, invisible from where we were in the stacks.  “Don’t worry about Mrs. Binnewater.  She’s not coming over here.  She never has before, why would she now?  Come on, I like looking at your dick!”

Well, that settled it.  I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my jockey shorts, setting my poor aching erection free.  “Mmm, nice” Lauren said.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy.  The semi-circular motions of her index finger had sped up and taken on a new urgency.

“You can touch me if you want to.” she said.

Hesitantly, I reached out with my own finger and gently petted her pussy, parting her moist inner lips with my fingertip.  She shuddered and arched her back at my touch.  She was incredibly hot down there.  It was totally different from Mrs. Ronzoni’s, as different as one flower is from another.  She felt small and delicate and slippery.  I pressed my finger in a little deeper.

“Stop!  I mean, don’t stop.  Keep your finger right there, just don’t go any deeper.  Oh fuck, I’m going to come!”

Following her instruction, I kept the tip of my finger nestled between her tender lips, barely moving it, making tiny beckoning motions: come here, come here.  Her juices were all over me, her legs splayed wide, threatening to knock some sci-fi paperbacks off the bottom shelf, her breath was choppy and raspy.  We’d played together long enough that I knew she was right on the edge of a really intense orgasm.

“Touch my asshole!” she whispered throatily.  Probing between her clenching-and-unclenching butt cheeks, I found her little asshole and pressed a finger up against it.  Lauren came hard, bucking and twisting and writhing, biting down hard on her shoulder to keep from screaming out loud.

“Thanks!” she said once she had settled down, “That was awesome!  Can I do you now?”

I certainly didn’t need any encouragement, and neither did my dick.  Her small soft hand felt great on my penis.  Lauren smiled happily.  “I hope I do it right.”

Ronnie might have had more practice, but Lauren was fantastic.  It felt amazingly good, and  I was in heaven while it lasted, which wasn’t very long.  Her hand pumped up and down, her free hand fondled my balls and my ass and my toes curled as I started to come.

“Oh Lauren…!” I gasped.  She grinned up at me, a big happy smile, and pumped harder and faster.  “Oh…!” I was coming, hard.  She squirted me straight into the palm of her hand, a big pearly-white puddle that she proceeded to hungrily lap up.

“That was fun!” she said as she retrieved her panties.

“Yeah, it sure was.”

“I’m not sure that it can happen again.”

“Oh… Ok.”  I had been more than prepared to fall head over heels in love with her.

“But it was still fun.”

“Yeah, definitely.”


We weren’t meeting up for our after school sessions nearly as much anymore.  Lauren had confided in me that she was having an affair with a girl from the University (they’d met online and she’d lied about her age; I got to hear ALL the gory details!) and Ronnie kept getting detention.  Kid was skipping class entirely too much, and had started smoking cigarettes lately.  This was almost as horrifying to me and Lauren as if he’d started shooting heroin or joined the Young Republicans.

So we were all lounging around in post-orgasmic limpness over at his house a couple months later, when he told us:

“My Mom’s pregnant.”

I blanched white, but Lauren coolly said, “Oh that’s cool.  Do you know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know,” Ronnie said disgustedly, “All I know is who is going to get stuck babysitting and changing the diapers.  ME, that’s who!”


I saw Ronnie and his mom once that summer.  It was September and my mom had dragged me to K-Mart to go shoe shopping.  Ronnie and Mrs. Ronzoni were there on much the same mission.  She looked like she had swallowed a beach ball.  They didn’t notice me, and I didn’t say anything.

I pretty much lost track of Ronnie.  Heard he ended up with a law degree.  Lauren and I drifted apart during high school, but reconnected while she was at Princeton and I was at State, and we became long-distance friends and confidants.

I didn’t have sex again until I was almost 25.


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