Adventures in dy/dx

(formerly titled ‘One of the Guys’)

The summer between my sophomore- and junior- years in high school, we moved out west to Washington State. My mom had grown up in the Northwest and wanted to be closer to her own parents, and she got a new job at a hospital in Seattle.  Nobody asked me what I thought of it.  I had grown up and spent all my life in Ohio. I hadn’t had a ton of friends there, but in Seattle, I knew nobody and nobody knew me. I was an unknown, a variable.  I could have been any value for x or for y.

It wasn’t so hard; I was tall and skinny and my breasts weren’t especially big. I got a short haircut (that my mom hated), clipped my nails really close, put on a tight sports bra, and wore an oversized sweatshirt and running shoes and a pair of jeans that were a size too big. When I checked myself out in the mirror that first morning, I was a little startled to see an attractive teenage boy staring back at out at me.

I don’t think my mom suspected anything. Sometimes she would say she wished I would wear make-up or dresses once in a while, but I told her that just wasn’t my style. And I guess she figured she was lucky: I didn’t go out and party, I didn’t date, and I always brought home good grades.

That first week, I was surprised at how easily I seemed to be getting away with it. I had already taken the requisite PE in Ohio, so the shower room wasn’t a problem. I’d always been kind of shy, especially with boys, but after a week or two I was hanging around with some of the nerds, the math geeks, the underachievers, pretty much the crowd I had always been most comfortable with anyway. It was weird being a boy at school though. I interacted differently with people.  People treated me differently.  Sometimes I would forget, for days at a time, that I didn’t have a dick in my pants. I suddenly found myself confused in my sexuality. Up till then I had always thought exclusively heterosexual thoughts: that was going to be half the fun of becoming a boy; getting closer to the guys, being able to check them out unobserved and unawares. Now, from the other side of the equation, I found myself checking out the girls through a boys’ eyes. But that didn’t mean I had stopped thinking about guys either.

I had developed a huge crush on my trig teacher, Mr. Garrison. He was quiet and patient, and he treated the kids with a lot of respect, even the annoyingly slow ones. I was always pretty good at math, and he really seemed to appreciate my effort in class. He was young, too: probably in his mid- or late- twenties, muscularly well-built, like a triathlete or something, and he had the cutest smile and the sexiest little butt. I know that he figured prominently in many of my masturbation sessions, and at that point in my life I was a masturbation champion! My favorite fantasies all involved me sucking his big fat dick until he came in my mouth and then (with no turn-around time, of course) him flipping me over and fucking me up the ass.  Even then, I was totally fascinated with anal sex, though I would never have admitted it to anyone, and I watched (and read) all the porn I could find on the subject.

I’m sure all the girls in our class had crushes on Mr. Garrison: if I’d been a girl that year, I probably would have giggled about him with my geeky friends and that would have been that. But I wasn’t a girl there, so I kept my thoughts to myself and tried not to too obviously stare at his crotch during class.

A grey Friday in October, and it was raining (again!).  I maneuvered through the crowded halls toward the exit and freedom.  Just as I walked through the big double doors into the bleak Washington drizzle, I realized that I didn’t have the rain jacket I had worn to school that morning. In one of those flashes of too-late lucidity, I remembered exactly where I had left it: in my sixth period trigonometry class, draped over the back of my chair. If Mr. Garrison was still there, maybe I could get it back. I wouldn’t mind having a few moments alone with him either. Maybe I could come up with some interesting math questions.  The homework wasn’t exactly challenging for me, but I was sure I could come up with something plausible.  It was with these thoughts in mind that I hurried through the empty hallways to room 306.

The lights were off, and I figured Mr. Garrison must have already gone home for the day. I was about to try the handle to see if the door was really locked, when some movement inside the room caught my eye.

I could see them, if I pressed my face against the glass just so. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on at first.  Mr. Garrison was sitting on his desk and…

Oh My God!

With my ear pressed against the door, I could hear their moans and the slurping noises coming from inside. There was Jamie; this cute black guy in my trig class, down on his knees between Mr. Garrison’s thighs, giving my crush, my hearts desire, the object of my most pornographic fantasies a monster blowjob. Mr. Garrison was stroking Jamie’s hair and rocking his hips rhythmically, and Jamie was obviously loving every bit of it, slurping and licking and sucking all over Mr. Garrison’s erect cock.

That was the first actual hard dick I had seen in real life (as opposed to pornography, where I saw penises on a daily basis).  It was pretty much everything a girl (or a guy) could hope for: long, thick, straight, hard as a rock with a nicely-defined helmet-shaped head capping it off like an x-rated mushroom.  Just looking at that thing made me hot.  The expression on Mr. Garrison’s face as he got sucked off pushed me right over the edge into ‘outrageously-excited-don’t-care-about-the-consequences’ territory.  I could feel my pussy getting all wet and squooshy inside my jeans.

Jamie was pretty cute himself. I guess if I had been in girl mode that year, and if our teacher hadn’t been so hot, I might have been really interested in him. He was my own age; a bit of a nerd, another one of the smart kids who sat up front and actually paid attention to trigonometric identities; tall and slender with chocolate skin, big round mischievous brown eyes, and a shy smile. To tell the truth, though, I hadn’t really paid him much attention until that instant.

Now Jamie was bobbing his head up and down fast on Mr. Garrison’s lap, and our erstwhile young math teacher was moaning so loud I could hear him even without my ear pressed against the door. My heart was pounding. “They’ve got to be more careful, what if they get caught!” I remember thinking.

Mr. Garrison grunted out “Oh fuck… Yes!” and with both hands he pressed Jamie’s face down hard onto his cock. I realized that I had unzipped my jeans, and that I had a hand up inside the boy’s boxers that I had taken to wearing, rubbing my swollen clit with desperate urgency. As Mr. Garrison and Jamie kissed like a pair of sweaty lovers (which I guess they were!), I gave myself a body-wracking orgasm. I slumped onto my knees on the floor, accidentally knocking into the door in the process.

“Quiet! Did you hear someone outside?” That was Mr. Garrison. I panicked and scrambled up, running away down the hall, around the corner, and out, any thought of retrieving my jacket completely forgotten. It was a long damp walk home in the cold soaking Seattle rain.

That night, I masturbated again to the memory of Mr. Garrison fucking Jamie’s mouth, only in my mind it wasn’t Jamie with his lips wrapped around Mr. Garrison big hard dick, it was me. Then I cried myself to sleep, remembering that someone else had stolen his heart (and his dick), and that he was gay, and he would never even be interested in me.

It was a funny thing, but by that point, I had all but forgotten that I was a girl. Except for once a month when I had my period to remind me, I simply thought of myself as a guy. I didn’t go shopping for cute outfits; I didn’t agonize over who was going to ask me to the prom (as if I would have done those things anyway!); I hung out by the water fountain with the D&D geeks, and looked surreptitiously at girls, and laughed at dirty jokes. So I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize that Mr. Garrison might just possibly be interested in me after all. The idea hit me in the middle of trig a few days later. I was dejected, staring off into space, when I caught him looking at me. It probably meant nothing; he was probably just wondering why I wasn’t working my exercises like everyone else, but I realized in that instant that he didn’t see me as a girl. He saw me as a boy.

The next day, at the end of the period, I waited until after class, then I told him I was having some trouble with the problems in our section. Could he help me out a little, after school? I made a point of casually touching his wrist. It felt really good, cool and solid. “Sure” he said “Come by after 4:30 and we’ll look over them.”

My heart was racing with anticipation. I didn’t know what I expected. Right at 4:30, I met Mr. Garrison in his classroom. He seemed distant, almost formal as we went over the day’s homework, problems that I had to pretend to have trouble with. My heart sank. I guess I had pictured him grabbing me by the hair and ramming his cock down my throat. It became more and more clear that he had absolutely no intention of doing any such thing. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more. Taking a deep breath, I reached out and put my hand on his crotch. “Mr. Garrison, I have something to tell you.” I blurted out “I have a huge crush on you, and I really want to suck your dick. Please let me take you in my mouth.”

He stood up and started to back off, starting to protest. “Alex you can’t…”, but I already had his trousers open and his briefs down, and his big dick was staring me in the face. Mr. Garrison might be having qualms, but his cock wasn’t. Already it was standing at attention, rigidly erect.

To tell the truth, I had never seen a real penis close up before, except for hurried glances in the boys room. (I got a big kick out of watching the guys pee; but I was always afraid that I’d be caught looking and get my ass kicked) I hadn’t realized that it would seem quite so big when it was up close and personal. Well, now was no time to hesitate. I took his cock in my mouth, and proceeded to learn how to give a blowjob.

They called it sucking cock, so I sucked with everything I had. That big, impossibly big dick reacted right away, filling up my mouth. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breath, but I didn’t care. I hoped he would come in my mouth the way he did with Jamie. I felt his strong hands on my head, guiding me pleasuring him. I heard his grunts and moans, and my cunt flooded. I was in heaven.

Then I saw stars. Someone had hit me, hard, in the side of the head. I was lying on my back on the floor, and there was Jamie, sobbing and cursing Mr. Garrison, who was standing there with his pants down and his dick wilting, looking like he wanted to die. “I’m sorry Jamie, I’m so sorry” He kept saying, over and over. I slunk out of the room and went home, feeling like shit. I felt like I had just ruined two people’s lives, two people who I liked, who totally didn’t deserve it.

The next day I faked sick, and stayed home from school. The day after that was the longest day after. When sixth period finally came around, I couldn’t look at Mr. Garrison, and I couldn’t look at Jamie. Class seemed to last for hours.

I left class as quickly as I could; practically running out the door, but Jamie caught me in the hallway. “Alex” he said “I need to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry” I chocked, turning to face him “I can’t tell you how sorry I am. It was all my fault. I wish I could take the whole thing back.”

“I’m the one who’s sorry” he said “I shouldn’t have hit you. I’ve been feeling terrible about it. I thought I was in love with him.” Now we were walking down the hall together.

“I was so lonely” he went on “I thought I was the only gay guy in the whole school, and then I went and made you an enemy. And then I realized that Bill and I don’t have any future anyway. He’s twenty-six, you know.” He laughed. “And then I got to thinking that maybe you and I could, you know… share him?” He ended that last thought with a question mark. I started to realize what he was talking about, and for the first time in two days, my heart rose.

“So I was supposed to meet him at his house tonight, for dinner, to make up and talk things over. I thought maybe you could come too, and we could surprise him. Would you like to?”

Would I like to? “Hell Yes!” The possibilities boggled my mind. My spirit soared; my dick—I mean my clit, twitched inside my jeans. We agreed to meet at seven, and Jamie gave me a quick, secretive kiss on the lips as he left. I stood there in the hall, in a daze. I’d never been kissed before.  I’d just been kissed for the first time, by a gay boy. I was a virgin, and I’d just been invited to a gay threesome!  My pussy was all wet and squooshy with anticipation.

I met Jamie at seven, and we walked a few blocks to Mr. Garrison’s house. (“Call him Bill” insisted Jamie.) As we walked up to the door, my hand found Jamie’s. It felt nice to hold hands like that.

Mr. Garrison, I mean Bill, was certainly surprised to see the two of us together, but he took it all in stride. He greeted us warmly with hugs, and invited us both inside. I liked his house. It felt comfortable. He had made dinner already.

“Looks like I need to set an extra place.” Mr. Garrison said, disappearing into the kitchen. He looked nice, wearing blue jeans that made his ass look delicious, and a tight black t-shirt. He looked good enough to eat. Jamie and I exchanged a hungry look.

Dinner was great, Bill had made lamb chops, and the three of us talked about all kinds of things: politics, computers, books, and not one bit about trigonometry or after school blowjobs. I was really amazed at how comfortable I felt talking to Mr. Garrison. It wasn’t like he was a teacher, or even a hot guy to be intimidated by; it was more like chatting with a close friend.  At the same time, I was becoming more and more conscious of how attracted I was to Jamie.

After dinner, Mr. Garrison brought out some bottles of fancy imported beer. We sat on the sofa together. I sipped my beer tentatively. I was a little surprised to find that I didn’t really mind the taste at all.

“I’m a little surprised to see both of you here tonight” Mr. Garrison said casually “After the other day, I was afraid I wouldn’t be seeing either of you any more, and that really would have been a shame.”

“Well” said Jamie “I thought it over, and I figured that I don’t mind sharing…” he looked over at me “If you don’t mind sharing too”

Mr. Garrison said “I don’t mind at all.” And then he reached over and gave Jamie the longest most sensual kiss I had ever seen. I was melting already. I reached over and caressed Jamie, and Bill took my hand, and then all three of us were kissing, and I felt hands touching me, exploring my body, and my hands started doing some exploring of their own.

Mr. Garrison skillfully unbuttoned Jamie’s pants and his cock sprang out like a jack-in-the-box. It was beautiful, stiff and black, with a dark purple head, and it had an upward arc to it. While it wasn’t as long as Mr. Garrison’s (I mean Bill’s), it was significantly thicker. “How would I ever get that thing up my pussy”, I wondered, even as Mr. Garrison and I started to worship Jamie’s hard dick. (back then when I masturbated, I generally played with my clit, using my pussy mostly for convenient lube; when I was feeling extra randy, I’d slide a slippery finger up my ass while I whacked off.  Up to that point the biggest thing that had been up my pussy was a tampon.)  Impulsively, I pulled Mr. Garrison’s tight black shirt off over his head, exposing his muscular, smooth chest. I played with his little nipples, playfully nibbling on them, before I joined him in sucking Jamie. When Mr. Garrison sucked Jamie’s entire girth into his mouth, I nuzzled and licked his delicate hairless brown balls. Then the wet dick popped out of his mouth and he I would share Jamie’ shaft, licking and sucking and kissing it together between our mouths as we fondled his buttocks. Mr. Garrison took my hand in his and placed it on Jamie’s slippery shaft.  I moved my hand spasmodically up and down as Bill and I kissed his cock head.  Jamie was groaning and moaning with pleasure, and I was enjoying myself to no end. All of a sudden, he stiffened, squawked “Oh God!” I saw his balls contract and his butt clench, and then he shot squirt after squirt of hot sticky white come all over Mr. Garrison and me. I loved it. I had no idea that guys could shoot off so much or so far, and I was gratified to learn that I didn’t dislike the taste one bit. Quite the contrary.  My underwear was drenched with my own juice.

Then Jamie and I attacked Mr. Garrison.  It was beautiful to see him naked. He was gorgeous, like a male model. His dick was even more beautiful then I remembered. I sucked his cock the best I could, and Jamie helped me. I loved the sound of Mr. Garrison enjoying my mouth, the noises he was making, the feeling of him fucking my mouth. Then Jamie slid behind him and buried his face between Mr. Garrison’s ass cheeks. I was so turned on. So was Mr. Garrison. His groans got louder, his thrusting more urgent. I really wanted him to come in my mouth. Before he came though, his strong hands stopped me.

“Jamie” he said “I’d really like to fuck you tonight. Would that be ok?”

Jamie slid out from behind Mr. Garrison. “I’d really like you to do that too, Bill.” He turned to me.  “I’m a virgin Alex,” he said to me, almost apologetically. “Do you mind?”

“I’m a virgin too” I said. “And hell, no I don’t mind!”

Mr. Garrison laughed. “Well then Alex, how about helping me get Jamie all nice and slippery!”  It took me just a second to realize exactly what he meant.

I was only too happy to help. Jamie got on all fours on the floor, with his sweet black ass thrust up in the air, and his again-hard dick pointing straight out. I got between his cheeks and started licking. I ran my tongue up and down his crack, tickling the base of his balls, then darting up past his asshole up to his tailbone. His crinkled little anus winked with desire. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I let my tongue circle his asshole, then finally invade his hot little hole. I pressed my face into his ass, penetrating him as deeply as I could, savoring the taste and the sensation while Jamie moaned and writhed with pleasure. Then Mr. Garrison moved me aside, squeezing my ass fondly through my jeans. I think –but I’m not sure- that he gave me a strange look at that point.  “We’ll deal with you later” he whispered. His cock was sheathed in a condom, glistening with lube. He pressed it between Jamie’s cheeks.

“It’s not fair” Jamie said “Alex should be naked too. I want to suck his cock while you fuck me, Bill.”

“That’s right” said Mr. Garrison “It’s not fair. We’ve been neglecting you, Alex. Why don’t you join us?”

It was the moment I had been secretly dreading all night, the moment that I knew was coming, my inevitable downfall. I took a deep breath, and stepped back. Fatalistically, staring down at the floor, I stripped off my shirt, my sports bra, my jeans, and my boxers. My boobs, which pointed asymmetrically to either side, jiggled a little, and I felt my juices wet on my inner thighs. I was totally naked, and felt totally exposed. Suddenly the room felt cold.

I love them to this day; they both took it totally in stride. After a very pregnant pause, Mr. Garrison said “Well Alex, you’re certainly a very beautiful girl.  Would you like to help me fuck Jamie’s ass now?”

With a trembling hand, I grasped Mr. Garrison’s latex-wrapped penis and guided it in between Jamie’s ass cheeks.  His cock felt hot and hard and sexy and impossibly large in my small hand.  I wondered how it was ever going to fit inside that delicate little hole.

Mr. Garrison nudged forward, pressing the end of his cock up against Jamie’s slippery anus.  My hand found Jamie’s hand and our fingers intertwined.  He closed his eyes and squeezed my hand hard, so hard I was a little afraid he’d break my fingers.  I watched, awestruck, as his sexy little asshole opened up and swallowed the big bulbous head of Mr. Garrison’s beautiful cock.

As soon as the cock was inside him, Jamie started howling as if he’d been impaled.  Which, I guess, he just had been.  I couldn’t tell, at first, whether his noises were pain or pleasure.  I guess Mr. Garrison couldn’t tell either, because he held stock still with the cutest look of worried concentration on his face and the head of his cock stuck just inside Jamie’s anal opening.


Mr. Garrison and I exchanged a worried look.  What if that big dick had torn Jamie’s insides?  What if he needed to go to the hospital?  What if the neighbors heard him screaming like that and called the cops?  What would that cock feel like in my own butt?

“More!” Jamie arched his back like a cat stretching, and running his tongue over his lips.  His cock and balls hung down thickly between his legs, dribbling sticky clear juice out of the dark purple plum-shaped head.  “God, it feels so good!  Put some more in… just go slow, ok?”

Mr. Garrison parted Jamie’s cute little brown ass cheeks with his big white hands, and slid more of his beautiful cock up Jamie’s ass.

It was awesome, like the best porno I had ever seen, only better because it was real and I had a front-row seat.  My pussy was drenched, I mean absolutely dripping, and my clit felt like a huge swollen pea that might burst if it were so much as touched.

“Oh my god, Alex… it feels so good!  It’s amazing… Ah yeah, fuck me Bill… I could almost come just from this…  mmmm, harder!”

Mr. Garrison was really fucking him now, and it was so sexy!  Both the guys were all sweaty, and their nipples were pointing out and Mr. Garrison’s buns were clenched tight as he thrusted and his knuckles were white and his fingers left little red marks on Jamie’s ass cheeks and Jamie’s hard cock bounced every time Mr. Garrison rammed his dick up inside him, and they were both making the sexiest little noises as they fucked.

I couldn’t help myself.  I reached down between my legs and got my fingers all slippery.  I couldn’t believe how much juice was going on down there.  With two fingers of one hand, I pinched my aching clitoris between my puffy swollen lips; my other hand reached behind me and the middle finger went right up my butt.

“Shit, Jamie, Baby, I’m gonna come!” Mr. Garrison growled through clenched teeth.

“Oh yeah, do it Bill, I wanna feel you come inside me!” Jamie was humping back against Mr. Garrison, meeting his every thrust, taking every bit of that delicious cock up his ass.

With a growl like a bear, Mr. Garrison buried himself one last time all the way up to the balls inside Jamie.  His face was clenched in a mask of agony or ecstasy or both.  He moaned long and deep as he came.  An orgasm rumbled through my body as I watched them.

I continued to rub and finger myself as they disentangled, kissed and disposed of the used condom.  I was way too far gone to stop, even if I was totally and lewdly on display.

“Oh Alex, that was amazing!  I can’t believe how good that felt!” Jamie was positively glowing.

“What do you want Alex?” Mr. Garrison asked me softly, “What do you need?”

“Fuck me!” I croaked out, “One of you please fuck me!”

His soft cock was still leaking come, and I stuck my tongue out and tasted it.  Yummy!  I wanted more!  He chuckled.  “Jamie, do you have any objection to taking care of our friend Alex?  I’m afraid I’m down for the count for a little while at least.”

“I’d be happy to give you whatever you need.” Alex said very sweetly and almost shyly.  “I’ve never done anything with a girl before.”

“Would you like him to fuck your pussy?” Mr. Garrison asked, “You’ve got a beautiful pussy.”

I swallowed nervously.  “Fuck my ass.  I want to feel you in my ass.”

Jamie eagerly rolled a condom onto his thick rod, as Mr. Garrison poured lube generously down my ass crack.  The lube felt cold on my flesh and I shivered.  “It’s alright Alex, he’ll be gentle.  It won’t hurt at all.” he told me.  I wasn’t even worried about that.  I’d never been touched before, not by a guy, not down there (or up there for that matter!), and just the sensation of Mr. Garrison’s big sexy hands on my butt cheeks was threatening to push me over the edge all over again.

Regretfully, I stopped tweaking my needy clit and rested my head in my hands, my rear end lifted up invitingly.  I felt totally vulnerable and exposed.  It was so hot I swear my pussy felt like a great blooming flower, one of those immense dewy tropical orchids.

Jamie was positioning himself behind me.  His latex covered cock brushed against me and I jumped as if I it was a red-hot brand.  “Put it inside me!”  I gasped.  My asshole was winking with lust.  I hoped obscurely that he was enjoying this view of me, that I was sexy for him.

“I’m really turned on, Alex,” Jamie told me, “I’m not sure I’m going to last very long…”

“Me either!” I gasped, “Just fuck me now!”  Mr. Garrison had reached underneath me and was idly stroking my hanging-down breasts and it was driving me crazy.

I felt the pressure as he nudged against my asshole, and for one long second I thought -‘oh fuck it’s not going to fit in’- and then he was inside, past that crazy ring of muscles and I was so full of him and the sensation was so intense I started to weep even as he buried his cock in my asshole and chanted “yesyesyesyesyes” and my pussy was drooling and spasming and my ass was stretched to the absolute limit and Mr. Garrison reached down between my thighs and gently petted my clit and I absolutely exploded.

I was vaguely aware of myself screaming and Jamie yelling out that he was coming and plunging himself in and out of my ass and Mr. Garrison trying to keep a finger on my joy button, but mostly my world was just exploding.  It was far and away the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and it just kept going and going, like a roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.  I ended up in the fetal position, a shivering naked ball on Mr. Garrison’s hardwood floor, with two hot naked gay guys patting me reassuringly and asking me worriedly if I was ok.

I was more than ok.  I was AWESOME.

“I don’t care if you are a girl,” Jamie told me, “you’re amazing.”


The three of us never got together again after that.  Jamie and I became good friends and hung out together a lot that fall, and stayed in touch through college and beyond.  I got to hear all about Jamie and Bill’s sex life (and later, their break-up, their get-back-together sex, and their final break-up.  Fifteen years later, Mr. Garrison became godfather to Jamie and his partner’s adopted child.).  Jamie and I did math together, and I taught him about music (‘80s punk, hardcore, and pre-Nirvana grunge), and he spent several memorable afternoons teaching me how to properly suck a dick.

I got an ‘A’ in Mr. Garrison’s trig class (through dint of hard work: Mr. Garrison might not be above boinking his students now and then, but as a teacher he was scrupulously fair) and in the spring semester I moved on to pre-calc with Ms. Dyer.

Ms. Dyer was a spunky red head with glasses and perky boobs like a pair of big ripe peaches under her blouse that you sometimes caught a glimpse of when she bent over, and an ass to die for.  She taught in jeans more often than she was probably supposed to, and half the guys in the class (myself included) had a raging crush on her.

At the end of our first week in class, Ms. Dyer called me up to her desk after the bell.

“Mr. Garrison tells me you’re very talented Alex, and I wonder if you’d like to work on an after school math project with me.” Her eyebrows arched expressively behind her glasses, and I felt my insides melt.  “It might involve an overnight trip.”

I tried to keep my voice from shaking.  If I’d had a dick, the erection would have burst my zipper right about then; as it was I was definitely getting my boxers all sticky.  “Thanks Ms. Dyer, that would be great!”

She tossed her copper-red hair.  “It’s after school now, you can call me Jen.  By the way,” she added casually, “Did you know that Bill and I dated for a little while in college?  We tell each other everything.

I wondered if Mr. Garrison had really told her everything.  But I couldn’t wait to find out.


  1. Elsie Fan(ny) said

    I like the way you have fleshed this out and especially the new ending.

    Thanks again!

    • elsiewrites said

      Thanks! I was never really satisfied with this one in it’s original form.

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