Third Person Singular


It was about 11:30 on a Wednesday night, and conditions were just about perfect.  Amanda got on the L train at Union Square, and sat down almost exactly opposite the cute guy with the glasses and the grey knit cap.  They made eye contact for one electrifying moment and she felt a shiver of anticipation course up and down her spine.

She saw him on the train these days two or three times a week, always about this same time, on the way home to Brooklyn.  Computers, she guessed, though she had no real reason to infer that.  Some kind of computer job that, by necessity or inclination, kept him at the office until late at night.  He was a few years older than her, somewhere in his thirties; no ring on his finger; usually office-casual but occasionally clad in jeans; a shaved head that sometimes revealed a stubbly retreating hairline; discreetly pierced ears; black-rimmed glasses with intense sea-blue eyes behind them.  All-in-all, a pretty attractive package.

Most of the hipsters got off at Bedford, the first stop in Brooklyn; most of the rest got off at Lorimer, the second.  The train car wasn’t exactly empty; there were a couple Puerto Rican grandmothers on the bench to Amanda’s left, a Chinese couple with a baby carriage over to the right, an elderly laborer clutching a bottle wrapped in a brown bag who kept nodding off, and a rowdy gaggle of teens huddled giggling together down near the end of the car.

The anticipation made her salivate.  She felt sexy, wild, dangerous, out of control.  Mostly when she did this, Amanda flashed random strangers: the workmen across the street from her dentist’s office; passing motorists; Midwestern tourists; once, a UPS guy.  This afternoon on her way in to work, she had bared her breasts to the surprise and delight of a middle-aged jogger.  He had grinned and waved and given her a big thumbs-up.  But this was different.  The cute guy in the grey cap was neither random, nor really even a stranger anymore.  They had a relationship, of sorts.

As the train pulled out of the Lorimer Street station, Amanda casually hiked up her skirt a few inches, carefully avoiding eye contact.  Every other time she had done this, she had given him a shot of her panties: either blue or black or red or white; a view that obviously discomfited and excited him.  Tonight, Amanda felt the cool night air on her already moist pussy.

Self-consciously, reveling in the thrill and the danger of it, she parted her legs until her knees were as wide apart as they would go within the confines of the short skirt.  She sat back, and watched him out of the corner of her eye.

He flushed red, and a gratifying look of surprise and horny delight lit up his face.  A rather appetizing lump had appeared in the crotch of his khaki slacks, and was growing like a mythic beanstalk.  As the train rumbled along its underground track, Amanda very casually reached down between her legs, lifted the front of her skirt up like a tent flap, and parted her puffy labia with two fingers.  Her clit was big and hot and throbbing; her pussy was dripping wet.  Her vibrator was going to get such a workout tonight!  The cute guy watched, utterly rapt and amazed, as she slid a finger, then two fingers up inside herself.

Brakes hissed and the PA buzzed incoherent static as the L train pulled into Graham Avenue, Amanda’s stop.  She withdrew her sticky fingers, cleaned them off with a lick and a wink, and smoothed down her skirt as the train jerked to a stop.

As she got up to leave, there was a delay in the opening of the train doors.  She stood facing the door, hotly conscious of the guy in the grey knit cap sitting on the bench right next to her.

“You’re really beautiful.” he said.

“Oh, thank you!” Amanda replied with what she hoped was a casual toss of her head.  She could feel herself blushing from her toes all the way to the tip of her nose.  This was emphatically not part of the plan.

“So could I, um, have your phone number?”

The train doors finally opened up.  “Stepinstandcleardalosingdoors” the PA rattled.

“No,” Amanda said, and gave him her biggest, warmest smile, “no, but thanks anyway.  Maybe next time.  See ya…”

She stepped off the train and onto the platform.  With a hiss and a whine, the L train rattled off into the night.  Amanda walked purposely up the stairs toward the street and did not look back.


Maggie and her roommate Devon were drinking beer and talking sex: practice, experience, preference and fantasy.  Maggie was 25, with pale Irish skin and dark curly hair, on the plump side of thin.  Devon was 24, tall, blonde, well-spoken, and gay as the day is long.

“Ok, now that fantasy’s really weird!”  Devon giggled, and his eyes sparkled with naughty delight.

“Weird good, or weird bad?”

“Weird good.  But pretty freaky.   And here I thought you were such a nice girl.”

“Well you thought wrong, now didn’t you?” Maggie took a long pull from her beer.  She was a little lit.  “That’s been my fantasy since I was… well forever.  Think it’s too weird?”

“Definitely not too weird, sister.”

“So that wouldn’t freak you out?  You’d… participate?”

“Sure, why not?  Anything to help out a friend in need.  I’ll give Tim and Rick a call.  They’re usually up for weird and freaky.  Say Friday night?”


Friday night and Maggie stretched languidly and took a healthy swallow of merlot.  She was lying in the bottom of her (empty) bathtub; a towel under her head for a pillow, a half-full wine glass within easy reach, both feet propped up on either side of the faucet, her favorite purple penis-shaped vibrator humming happily away up inside her juicy pussy.

She sighed contentedly as she let the blue toy slip out of her wet and hungry hole, switched it off and set it on the side of the tub.  “Ok, you guys can come in now!”  Her clit twitched with anticipation.

Devon, poked his blonde head in the bathroom door, looking positively devilish.  “I hope you’re ready, ‘cause we’re not going to be able to hold out much longer.”

Devon, his friend Tim, and Tim’s boyfriend Rick crowded into the tiny bathroom.  Rick was a short little guy, a muscle-dude with fat steel rings through his ears and nipples.  Tim looked normal to a fault: a twenty-something version of Mr. Rogers, wearing gray slacks and a white button-up shirt.  The boys gawked and giggled unabashedly.

“When was the last time any of you guys saw a naked girl?”

“In porn or for real?”

“For real”

Long tittering pause.  Tim finally spoke up.  “Prom night, senior year.  Gawd, it was awful!  I think both of us were traumatized for life…”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Devon asked, “Between us we drank about six gallons of water.  It’s kind of now or never…”

“Oh FUCK yes!” Maggie arched her back like a cat and spread her labia with one hand, making her pink clit poke out obscenely.  “Bring it on!”

Devon moved over to the edge of the tub as the other two boys watched in fascination.  He unzipped his jeans and fished his penis out.  Maggie was rubbing her pussy slowly, fingers travelling rhythmically up and down.

“God,” he said, holding his soft dick between two fingers, “no pressure…”

“Just relax.  Close your eyes and let go.  Think of running water.”

A long pause, in which the only sound was the squooshing noises Maggie’s fingers made on her pussy as she masturbated.  Then, as if a tap had been turned on, the pee came: a little hesitant at first, then a strong, forceful, unstoppable stream.

“God yes…!” The pace of Maggie’s fingers between her legs doubled as an arc of urine struck her in the belly, “put it on my tits, my cunt…”

The pee seemed to last forever.  “This is wild!” Devon directed the stream up and down Maggie’s naked body, splashing onto the porcelain of the tub.  She closed her eyes, savoring the sensation of the warm pee hitting her flesh as she fingered herself.

Inevitably, the stream of urine coming from Devon’s dick started to wane and die out.  He shook out the last few drops and grinned.  “Well, THAT was different!”   He stepped aside, squeezing his butt past the sink, and Rick stepped up and took his place.

Rick, the muscle-boy, didn’t hesitate at all.  He just whipped out his dick (which, Maggie noticed abstractly, was pierced through the tip) and sighed ‘Aaaaah’ as he started squirting clear-yellow pee like a broken water main.  He didn’t need any direction, just hosed down Maggie’s breasts for her.  She masturbated feverishly the whole time.

When Rick was done, he tucked his penis away and made room for Tim.  “Oh man,” Tim said as he extracted his cock from his slacks, “I’ve had to go so bad for so long now!”

He pointed his dick right at her juicy pussy and let go.  His pee made splashing noises as it mixed with her busy fingers.  Maggie changed techniques, slipping two fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out, finger-fucking herself while Tim tried to direct his stream of pee right onto her clit.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna come!”  Maggie’s orgasm washed over her, eyes clenched tight, back arched, muscles straining, stomach clenching and heaving, her pussy spasming wetly.

She was left gasping and grinning stupidly in a shallow pool of pale yellow pee.

“Well THAT was certainly different,” Devon said again.

“Actually, I thought it was kind of cool….” Tim zipped up his pants and gave Rick an affectionate swat on the ass.  “Maybe WE should try that ourselves sometime!”


Beth found the tapes when she was cleaning out her closet.  Being a freelancer, her work life was either a feast or a famine.  After an uninterrupted multi-week stretch of twelve-hour days, the famine phase had kicked in, giving Beth the opportunity to: do the dishes; go grocery shopping; masturbate; do the laundry; pay the bills; clean the bathroom, organize the closet.  She hadn’t made it very far up that list yet.

The closet was a disaster: it was where everything got put that didn’t have a place to be put away to.  It was bursting full to the point where the door would only close when heaved vigorously against.  Shoes that no longer or had never fit; empty beer bottles from the home-brewing experiment; the vacuum cleaner; her ex-boyfriend Josh’s button-down shirts; sleeping bag and hiking pack; an overflowing shoebox of old VHS tapes.

Once she had pulled everything out of the closet, Beth created a huge messy pile on her living room floor.  The video tapes spilled out onto the hardwood floor.  Some were labeled (Star Trek TNG; North by Northwest, X-Files; Horny Housewives IV); most were not.

How to decide which to keep and which to throw away?  She stuck one of the tapes into the dusty VCR that still sat on the bottom shelf under the tv, and hit play.

It was sort of a shock to recognize Josh.  He looked to be about ten years younger; slightly skinnier and with more hair than when they had been dating.  He was lounging on a bed she didn’t recognize, in blue-and-white striped boxer shorts and a white t-shirt.  The camera was stationary, probably mounted on a tripod, pointed straight at him.

Josh kind of half-smiled at the camera, and then lifted his ass and skootched off his shorts.  His erection flopped out.  It looked bigger on video that Beth remembered it being.

On the screen, the younger version of Josh started to stroke his cock.  Beth watched hungrily.  It had been a long dry spell since they had broken up the previous summer, and she hadn’t so much as touched a dick since, like, June.  Clean-up forgotten, she gazed, entranced, at the tv set as Josh slowly worked his cock up and down for the camera.

He was moving faster, more urgently now.  Without really realizing it, Beth slipped one hand down the front of her comfy pants and inside her panties.  What she found in there was well beyond just ‘moist’.  She slid her fingers up inside, getting them all nice and slippery.

Josh’s hand was pretty much a blur, pumping up and down his big dick.  Beth softly petted her clit as she watched.  Suddenly he went rigid, arched his back, and a perfect jet of come squirted out the end of his dick, puddling on his tummy.  He grinned sheepishly at the camera, wiped up with a Kleenex, and then moved out of the picture.  That was where the movie ended.  The rest of the tape was just snow.

-Holy Shit-

Beth kicked off her flannel pants and her panties; they were just getting in the way.  She picked out another unlabled tape from the pile and shoved it into the VCR.  This one was the dress rehearsal for somebody’s high school play.  It went straight into the trash.

The next tape looked to be more promising.  The video camera was pointed at the same bed, and there was a pretty cute twenty-something girl lying on the bed.  She was kind of chubby, in a cherubic way, and she had milk chocolate skin and frizzy black hair and big brown eyes and she was wearing blue jeans and a frilly white blouse.

Next thing, Josh came into the picture, clambering up onto the bed.  He grinned at the camera, the frizzy-haired girl grinned at him, and out came his cock, and off went her blouse!  She had quite a large pair of breasts, with silver dollar sized dark brown areole, and they looked really nice.  Josh started to masturbate as the blonde girl watched and idly played with her boobs.

Beth was masturbating as she watched the video, matching him stroke for stroke.  The frizzy-haired girl unbuttoned her jeans and stuck a hand down her pants.  Beth was hoping she would get naked, but no such luck; the pants stayed on.  Not even a glimpse of her pussy; Beth wondered if the hair down there was just as dark and curly as the hair on her head; or maybe she shaved.

Josh was obviously getting more and more excited.  The frizzy-haired girl’s plump brown breasts shook delightfully as Josh pumped himself.  She seemed to be whispering encouragement as she played with herself under her jeans.  He lifted himself up off the bed into a yogic pose, masturbating hard with one hand.  The girl pulled her hand out of her pants and pressed her breasts together, offering them up to him.

Beth and Josh came at the same time; the young Josh on the tv screen squirting his come all over the frizzy-haired girl’s tits, Beth gasping and shaking on her living room floor.

This was not the Josh that Beth had dated for six months.  That Josh had been tame in the bedroom; tender, giving, polite to a fault.  Suggestions of having a threesome or of making a sex video had been met with lukewarm response.  The kinkiest thing they had done together was -once- when they were both drunk, he had fucked her in the ass.  The sodomy was not repeated, despite broad hints from Beth that it would be more than welcome.  The vanilla-ness of their sex life was at least one big part of the reason they had split.  And yet, here he was, maybe ten years earlier, masturbating for a video camera.

Beth licked her tangy, slippery fingers, and slotted another unmarked tape.

Same bed; this time a boy she didn’t recognize was lounging self-consciously front and center.  He was young (teen-aged?) and skinny, with a crew cut and tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt.  He was pretty cute.

Josh entered the scene.  This was another version of the younger Josh, maybe a couple years older than in the first two videos, with a different haircut.  He climbed up onto the bed alongside the boy in the white t-shirt, and they kissed.  It was a long, tender, open-mouth kiss, and as Beth watched she felt herself get dripping wet all over again.  She shifted into a more comfortable position and rubbed her swelling clit as the boys on the bed peeled off their jeans and tighty-whities.

Two cocks on one bed!  Two big, hard delicious-looking cocks!  The kid (still in his white t-shirt) had a significantly longer dick, and was uncircumcised.  They sat on the bed, backs to the headboard, slowly stroking their cocks in perfect sync with each other.  Beth imagined being there too, sitting at the foot of the bed with her legs spread wide, her cunt on full display for their masturbatory pleasure.  Her clit felt like an over-inflated balloon.

On the bed, the guys were jerking off faster.  They were holding hands with their unoccupied hands, fingers clasped tight.  Suddenly, the boy threw his head back and came, squirting white boy-juice all over his smooth tummy.

Beth gasped, and penetrated herself deeply with three fingers.  Josh and the boy kissed hard and passionately as Josh continued to stroke his hard cock.  When they broke off the kiss, the kid dipped his finger into the pool of come that had formed on his stomach, swirled it around, and fed it to Josh, who eagerly sucked it off his finger.

Josh squeezed his eyes closed and wrinkled his forehead in concentration.  The kid, still in his white t-shirt, diminished cock dangling suggestively, reached over and started suckling on one of Josh’s nipples, pinching and pulling on the other one.

When Josh came, it was so violent it was almost scary.  His body spasmed like he was going into convulsions.  There was a squirt of white jizz that reached almost up to his chin.  Beth came right along with him.  Man!  If only it had been like that when they’d been together…!

A shower was in order: Beth was disheveled, sticky and sweaty.  There were still a bunch of unlabled tapes to explore, and the living room was a worse mess than when she’d started.  But before she did any more cleaning, Beth thought she might just have to dig out the video camera and make a tape of her own.


Jenny and Sara were hanging out in the apartment.  It was Friday night.  Jenny was knitting a hat for her new nephew; Sara was lounging on the couch in her shorts, reading a book.

Jenny looked up from her project.  It was almost nine.  “Aren’t you going out tonight?  Don’t you have a hot date with the girly?”

Sara looked up disgustedly from her book.  “Broke up.” she said tersely.  She and the New Girl had been inseparable for the past three weeks: Jenny had gotten used to only seeing her roommate early in the morning as she was getting ready for work, sometimes still wearing yesterdays clothes.

“Oh, I didn’t know.  I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be.” Sara slapped her book closed.  The title, Jenny saw, was Delta of Venus, which rung a bell for some reason.  “She had snakes in her head.”

“Well it sucks that things didn’t work out, but I guess it’s good that you got out before you got too involved.”

“Yeah…” Sara stretched and sighed, “There’ll be someone else… sometime… I guess.  What about you?  Any hot new boys on the horizon?

Jenny made a face and stuck her tongue out.  It had been a long dry spell.  “I haven’t had any volunteers lately.”

“Shoot Girl… If you fetched me a beer out of the fridge, I’d do ya!”

Jenny got up from the armchair and stepped into the kitchen.  “The only problem is you don’t have a penis!”

“You obviously haven’t looked in my sock drawer!” Sara said.  Jenny came back into the living room with two sweating cold bottles in hand.  She handed one to Sara.  “Thanks!”

Jenny sat back down and had a sip of her beer.  “Anyway,” she said primly, “Roommates shouldn’t sleep together.”

“Gawd,” Sara said, taking a long pull from her bottle, “I can’t believe I don’t have anything better to do on a Friday night than watch porn and whack off.  …  Gawd, I can’t believe I just said that.”

“Oh tell me about it!” Jenny giggled self-consciously, “…You have porn?”

“Oh, only tons and tons.”



“Like magazines, or what?”

“Mostly DVDs.”

“I’ve never seen a real porno…”

“You wanna watch one with me?”


Sara skipped up and ran into her bedroom, and came out with a short stack of disks.  “Here, pick one!”

Jenny nervously selected one, and Sara slipped it into the player.  “Good choice!”

There was no attempt at dialogue or storyline; just sex.  A big-titted, pierced goth girl and her boyfriend were going at it in their bedroom.  A little perfunctory kissing and making out, and then the clothes went flying, and she was all over his big dick.

“Wow… this is really… hot!”

“Yeah it is,” Sara said, “This is one of my favorites.  I like that they’re really into each other.”

“Do you think… I mean, would you mind if I masturbated?”

“Not at all!  Isn’t that kind of the point?  I hope you don’t mind if I join you?”

“Well I sure don’t mind…” On the tv, the raven-haired goth girl was doing her best to swallow her guy’s entire cock.  It was a formidable challenge, but she seemed to be enjoying trying.  “Gosh, I could sure go for some of that!  It’s been long enough!”

Only slightly self-consciously, Jenny pulled down her sweat pants and removed her white panties.  Sara shrugged off her shorts; conveniently enough she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Jenny sighed audibly as her fingers parted her moist lips.  On the screen, the couple had switched positions.  The guy (black-rimmed glasses and big black plugs in his earlobes) was going down on his girlfriend.  “Are they always shaved like that?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, mostly.  You should take off your top too.”

“You just want to see my boobs!” Sara grinned wolfishly.  “Well, ok.” Jenny peeled off her t-shirt and unsnapped her bra, setting her rather large breasts free.  “God this is hot!”


“I’ve never really watched porn before… and I’ve definitely never -you know- watched another girl…”

“Masturbate?” Sara’s fingers were busy between her spread-open thighs.

“Yeah.” Jenny was tracing her index finger up and down her slit, alternating her attention between the video and her roommate on the couch across from her.

“It’s pretty hot…”


“You look really good like that…” Jenny had a neatly trimmed brown triangle of pubic hair.  Her pink nipples were erect, her petite labia puffy and spread wetly apart.  The two had been roommates for nearly a year, and Sara had been more-or-less secretly lusting to see her naked that entire time.  Jenny was friendly, flirtatious, and came across as a bit of a prude, which only encouraged Sara’s attentions.

“Do you mind if we pause this for a second?”  The couple on tv had retired to their bed.  Goth girl was on her back on the bed with her pussy spread wide; Goth’s boyfriend was preparing to spear her with his oversized clean-shaven erection.  In the apartment, both Sara and Jenny were rubbing squishily away.  The temperature in the room seemed to have gone up about a dozen degrees, and the noise that Jenny’s pussy made as she masturbated was driving Sara up the wall.

“Sure,” Jenny said, “But not too long, ok?  Why?”
“I want to grab something out of my room.”

“Oh, ok…”  Jenny stretched and licked her sticky index finger.  “Did you know I can suck my own nipple?”

“Oh. God.” Sara got up and ran, half-naked, into her bedroom as Jenny proceeded to demonstrate.  She was back two seconds later with a handful of toys.  She pulled her sweatshirt off and flopped back onto the couch, spreading her legs as wide as she could and pointing her crotch directly at Jenny.

Jenny grinned and pressed ‘Play’ on the remote.

“Wow, that is so fucking sexy!”  Sara wasn’t sure if Jenny meant the porno (the couple was full-on fucking now, with some delicious close-ups of the penis-in-vagina action) or her own little show.  With her left hand she pressed a little chrome-plated vibrating egg against her engorged clitoris; with her right, she impaled herself with her big pink realistically-molded double-ended dildo.  As the silicone cock penetrated her pussy, and she felt the vibrations from the egg and Jenny’s hungry eyes on her, her first orgasm shuddered through her body.

“Damn, that thing’s big!  … Hey, is he going to do her in the ass?”

“Yeah” Sara said huskily.  The goth girl was on all fours on the bed, thrusting her rear up like a cat in heat.

“Can I pause the movie and grab something too?”

“Go right ahead!” What Sara was hoping that what Jenny wanted to grab was the other end of the double dildo now lodged halfway up her puss.  How good would those big nice-girl boobs feel pressed up against her own smaller ones, how would it feel to grind up against that pretty little pussy?!

But Jenny got up and ran/skipped naked into her own bedroom.  She was back a moment later with a bottle of lube in one hand and a black toy the size and shape of a large egg with a flat flange at the base.

“Does that go where I think it does?”

Jenny smiled sheepishly and poured clear sticky lube all over the butt-plug.  She pried open one butt cheek and, as Sara watched rapt, pressed the toy up against her tiny little rosebud.

For a second, Sara didn’t think it would go in at all: the toy was too big and Jenny’s ass was too little.  But Jenny’s butt was deceptive.  It was used to this kind of attention.  Her anus opened up and swallowed the big toy whole.  Jenny sighed aloud and strummed her clit, which was swollen and pink and visible from across the room.

On the tv screen, the goth girl was taking every inch of her boyfriend’s cock up her ass, and apparently enjoying every bit of it, but neither of the girls in the apartment were paying much attention.  Each one was intently watching the other whack off.  Sara was plunging the dildo vigorously in and out of her pussy; Jenny was busy drawing little concentric circles around her clit with one hand while she worked the toy in her ass with the other.

“Ah!  I’m going to fucking come like this!” Jenny gasped.

“Me too!  Don’t stop!”

They both came at the same time, writhing and gasping and moaning on the couch and the armchair.  Sara’s orgasm was like a speeding express train, blasting through her body and leaving her breathless.  Jenny came in a series of shuddering spasms, interspersed with a series of high-pitched half-sobs.  When she finally lay still, the butt plug came out of her ass with an audible -pop-.

Both girls giggled uncontrollably at that.  “If you had one bisexual bone in your body…” Sara said, slowly drawing the pink dildo out of her pussy, “my tongue would be so far up your ass right now…!”

“And I would be ALL over you… if I was the least little bit bisexual.”


Tammy and her new girlfriend were going at it again, and they weren’t even trying to be quiet.  The sounds of their sex seeped through the entire apartment, wafting through the paper-thin walls into the other two bedrooms.  Every time it started to seem like they might be done, they just started building up to another crescendo.  It seemed like both girls had the capacity for an infinite number of orgasms, and they both kept trying to one-up the other in the screaming intensity of their climaxes.

Jason didn’t mind.  He was kneeling naked on his own bed, a fat dildo shoved halfway up his ass, looking intently out the window: a pair of field glasses in one hand, his well-lubed dick in the other.  The binoculars were trained on one particular window one flight down and across the alley, and he slowly stroked himself as he watched the action.

Rachel could have turned on some music to drown out the sex noise, but she didn’t.  She kind of guiltily liked it.  It made her horny.  If she couldn’t get any, she figured, she might as well masturbate to the sound of somebody else getting some.

A light was on in the building across the way, and it happened to catch her eye when she glanced out her bedroom window.  What she saw took her breath away.

There was a couple in their own bedroom.  She recognized them, they were both twenty-somethings, she saw them around the neighborhood, getting off the subway or occasionally at the corner bodega.  He was pretty cute, in a geeky sort of way.

At the moment, he was wearing fishnet stockings and black heels and nothing else.  His cock was hard and it hung down thickly between his legs.  His girlfriend was nude, except for a strap-on harness and with a large purple dildo projecting from it.  It bounced obscenely as she moved.  Her breasts were beautiful: not large, but perfectly shaped.

Rachel was glued to the window pane.  A quick check with a couple fingers confirmed that she was soaking wet, slippery and juicy.  For just a moment, she considered getting up and tapping on Jason’s door, telling him what she had just discovered.

Down, across the alley, the cute guy was on his knees, worshipping his girlfriend’s dildo, sucking hungrily on it as if it were a real cock.  Rachel’s pjs were down around her ankles, her index finger busy on her swollen clit.  In the background, the feverish cries of lesbian lust were reaching yet another crest.

Rachel grabbed her vibrator, sliding it into her hungry wet pussy then pulling it out and pressing it up against her engorged clit.  She moaned out loud.

In the next room, Jason had dropped the binoculars.  One hand was busy sliding the dildo in and out of his tight asshole, the other hand was jerking his cock off feverishly.  As he watched the couple across the way, he imagined Rachel invading his anus, grasping his red-hot dick in her small hand.  With a long, drawn-out moan, he came, squirting pearly-white come all over his bedsheets.

Down across the alley, Cute Guy was on all fours, and his girlfriend was taking him from behind.  As Rachel worked the vibrator in and out and all over her tingling clit, she wondered what it would be like to wear a strap-on harness, and fuck a hot boy in the ass.  She wondered what it would feel like to be that Cute Guy, and have his blonde girlfriend fuck her from behind.  She wondered what Jason’s cock would feel like back there…

As her own orgasm washed through her, Rachel’s cries comingled with the screams and grunts coming from the bedroom of the over-sexed lesbians.

“Why oh why” she thought as her body shook and she started masturbating her way to another exquisite come, “Why doesn’t anything exciting ever happen to me?”


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  1. Mark said

    Great story. I like your lesbian adventures – they are very descriptive, erotic and just plain HOT. If you are ever looking for ideas please let me know, maybe we could collaborate.

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