The Window

I was 22, and I had just moved to New York City. For the first few weeks, while I looked for a place of my own, my friends Kevin and Anna were kind enough to let me stay at their apartment. They had a fifth floor walk-up on Manhattans’ Upper West side, with a comfortable old couch that I could sleep on.

Kevin and Anna both worked during the day, so I had the place to myself during the days. I got into the habit of lounging around all morning, then going out in the afternoon to look for apartments and to try and find a job.

I’d been in the city two weeks. My friends were great about letting me stay in their place; they said I was welcome as long as I needed to; but I still felt uncomfortable living in someone else’s space. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find an apartment here; and how expensive rent was. I didn’t have any leads on a job either, and I felt oppressed by the noise and crowds of the city. I was starting to think that moving here had been a huge mistake, that I should get myself a bus ticket back to Ohio.

It was about 11 in the morning, and I was walking around in the apartment wearing nothing but a pair of panties. I’d made a pot of coffee, and I was on my way back to the couch to drink a cup and scan Craigslist when I noticed her.

I’ve never been the type to turn heads on the street or stop traffic; you’d better love me for my personality. I am tall (almost 6’1″); my breasts are on the small side, and my hips are on the wide side. I wear glasses. You could describe me as plain, though I might prefer “bookish” or even “nerdy”.

Anyway, there she was, framed in the window of the apartment across the alley: a blonde girl, I’m a lousy judge, but she was probably about my own age, maybe a little younger, watching me, with my boobs hanging out and a cup of coffee in one hand. I hadn’t even brushed my hair yet. She was slim, with long blonde hair, high, arched, perpetually amused eyebrows, a pale complexion, and a large bust that was just barely confined underneath her white t-shirt. She was about 20 feet away, staring intently at me through her window.

We made eye contact, and I have to confess that I blushed. I didn’t know how to react. After a second, I kept walking, over to the couch where I sat down to drink my coffee. I was rattled by the experience. I tried to read the apartment listings, but I couldn’t concentrate. I sure don’t consider myself a prude, but I was shaken by the idea that a total stranger had just seen me half naked. I often walked around the apartment topless when my hosts weren’t home. I wondered how often the girl across the alley had seen me. She was quite pretty, beautiful even. I wasn’t used to being looked at like that; not by strangers certainly.

I tried to let it go, but it wouldn’t let go. I finished my coffee. I wanted to get a second cup. I wondered if she was still there in the window. I thought about covering myself up, putting on a shirt. I decided not to.

I got up and went back across the living room. I noticed that my nipples were hardening, and I felt that familiar warm tingling in my clitoris. It had been a long time since I had been touched. I stopped in front of the window.

She was still there. We made eye contact for a second. I blushed again, bright red I’m sure, but she didn’t look away. I swear I could literally feel her eyes traveling over my body. I felt like a stripper or a centerfold or something.

I don’t know what came over me.  I reached up and tweaked my nipples, pinching and twisting them. It felt really nice. I moved my hands away, showing her the results of my handiwork; my nipples were pink and erect. I thought I saw the tiniest little smile play across her face. Then I lost my nerve. I ran back to the couch, safely out of sight of the living room window. I realized that my pussy was wet. I mean really wet. I hadn’t touched myself since I had been there; there was too much stress, and I felt weird about masturbating in my friends’ place. Now I pulled my panties down, and got myself off right there on the couch; on my knees with my tits hanging down and my ass in the air, rubbing my clit till I came explosively, imagining the pretty blonde girl taking me from behind.

The next time I walked across the living room, she was gone. I was a little disappointed. But I had to get dressed and start my day anyway. I looked across the alley several times before I went out, but I didn’t catch another glimpse of her.

I had no luck apartment and job searching that day. By the time I got home, it was almost dark, and I was exhausted. Anna and Kevin had kind words for me; it was hard to get started in the city, something would come up, I just had to be patient. Across the alley, I could see that a blind had been drawn, covering the neighbors’ window. I fell asleep early and had dark and confusing dreams.

When I woke up, Kevin and Anna were already at work. They had left a full pot of coffee, half a tray of rice crispy treats, and a note that had encouraging words on it. I stood in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, eating a rice crispy treat and read their note. ‘Don’t give up’ it said ‘Remember, you can make it here, you can do this. Don’t let it get you down, it just takes time.’

I felt a little better after reading their note. Then I remembered the girl in the window. I wondered if the blind was still down. A cup of coffee in one hand, a rice crispy treat in the other, my breasts hanging free, wearing nothing but my cotton pajama bottoms, I walked over to the living room window to see. The blind was gone, allowing me to see into the neighbors’ living room, but the blonde girl wasn’t there. Had I imagined her? Was she just a phantom of an over-stressed and over-sexed imagination?  I put my coffee and my breakfast down, and went to the bathroom to pee and to deal with my hair.

When I came out again, I was ready for another cup. On the way to the kitchen, I saw her. She was sitting in a chair next to her window.  I was still wearing my pajama pants, and nothing else. This time I was sure I saw her smile, in a shy sort of way. I smiled back at her.

She was wearing a little lavender top that said ‘sexy’ in sparkly letters across the front. It was obvious that she had nice sized boobs, quite a bit larger than my own. Her eyes seemed to trace my body up and down, sizing me up. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I cupped my own breasts, lifting and squeezing them for her. My nipples were already hard. I could feel a warm moist knot forming between my legs.

She was definitely smiling now; a big happy smile that showed off her perfect teeth, framed by perfect lips, glossy and pink. She peeled off her tank top, revealing a smooth, flat tummy, and a white bra that was nice and full of boob. She pulled aside one cup, exposing a perfect, pale tit, with a lovely pink nipple at its center. A thick steel ring pierced her nipple.

A wave of lust rushed through me, literally making me dizzy. I felt sexy, being on display like this. I felt like a porn star.  I stuck a hand down the front of my pjs, probing the slippery wetness between my legs. I ran my finger up and down my slit while she watched. My clit was singing. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

I really couldn’t believe myself. I’m not usually an exhibitionist, not at all. All my life I’ve been painfully shy.  She was certainly beautiful, but definitely not the type I’m usually attracted to; I usually go for girls who are a little edgy, a little punk, with short hair and leather jackets. This girl had painted her finger nails bright red; I never ever paint my nails.

She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, and her tits swung free. They were the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, in porn or otherwise. I felt suddenly self conscious about my own small and pointy ones. Hers were round and full, but not at all saggy; they hardly seemed to need a bra. Her nipples were smallish and pink, pointed slightly up. A thick, steel ring pierced each nipple. Her eyes seemed to dare me to go further.

I undid the drawstring of my pajamas, and let them slide down my legs, exposing my nudity. I could feel her eyes on my pussy, where my clit throbbed under an unruly patch of dark hair. I reveled in the lust of the moment.

With two fingers, I spread my pussy lips, exposing my inner labia to her. I couldn’t believe how wet I was already. My clit ached, needing to be touched, and soon. My pussy was drooling, I could feel the wetness on my thighs. I wondered if she could see just how wet I was.

She stood up, revealing a tight pair of blue jeans. Her nipple rings jiggled and gleamed in the morning light. She turned around. She had a sexy, muscular back. She unsnapped her jeans and stepped out of them. She was wearing a pink thong. Now, I don’t usually go for butt-floss, but damn! her ass looked great; round and smooth and firm, with the tiniest thread of material running down the middle. I wanted to touch it so badly, to tear that tiny thong right off her ass and stick my face between her cheeks.

She turned again to face me, and pulled her nipple rings, elongating her nipples, lifting her boobs up. I was rubbing myself rhythmically now, running my fingers up and down my wet pussy, just grazing my clit. Her legs were long and well muscled. I think she may have been a dancer. I imagined being squeezed between those thighs. My eyes coveted that little pink triangle of cloth that barely covered her pussy.

As if she could read my mind, she hooked her thumbs under her panties and pulled them off. She was bare underneath it; completely shaved or waxed except for an ornamental little strip of hair, like an exclamation point on her mound. Not my style at all, but it looked great on her. Between her puffy labia, a small silver ring peeked out. A clit ring, or a hood piercing. She licked a finger, and then placed it on her pussy lips. Her vagina seemed to bloom. She stood with her legs spread, running her fingers up and down her sex. I could see her fingers glistening with girl-come.

We stood across the alley, watching each other masturbate. She was playing with a nipple with one hand, pulling the ring hard and twisting it, pinching and flicking it. Her fingers ran up and down her pussy, sometimes slipping inside. Unconsciously, I matched her pace. She dropped her other hand to her clit. We fucked our pussies with our fingers and drilled our clits. I felt the orgasm building in my toes, rising through my legs into my spine and then it washed over my body. Across the way, I could see her stomach spasming, her breasts shaking, two fingers completely buried in her vagina, her other hand a blur as she rode her own climax. I came in wave after wave. When it was finally over, she blew me a kiss, then turned around, and ran out of my sight. I took a shower.

As the warm water washed the sex smell and sweat from my body, I replayed the show we had just put on across the alley, and before I knew it, I was turned on again. I lay down in the tub, and turned the faucet full on my spread pussy. The sensation of the warm water washing over me was enough to push me over again. My legs were spread wide, and my clit stood proudly out from its little hood. I fingered myself to my third orgasm of the morning there in the bathtub.

It was a long shower. When I came out again, modestly wrapped in a towel, the room across the alley was empty. After I got dressed, I checked again, but now the shade was pulled down.

I woke up early the next morning. I had breakfast with Anna and Kevin. They had a friend of a friend who might know about a place for me. I was going to meet with him that afternoon. They wished me luck and left for work.

I was ready for her this time. I sat naked on the chair by the window, waiting for her. She showed up half an hour later. She was wearing black stretchy jeans that fitted her tightly, showing off every curve, and a black stretch top. Even across the alley, I could make out her pierced nipples through the tight fabric.

She smiled at me and waved, turning around once to show off. Her tight ass looked heavenly under the stretchy pants.

Then she pulled off her black top, setting her boobs free. They jiggled beautifully. We played with our nipples, teasing ourselves and each other across the alleyway. I was making a big damp spot on Anna and Kevin’s chair; I was going to have to clean that up later. I couldn’t take it any more; I had to touch my pussy.

I stood up, putting my pussy on display. I rubbed myself up and down, circled my clit, licking my fingers off as seductively as I knew how.

She gave me a big smile, and stepped out of her tight black jeans. She was naked underneath. Her pussy was in clear view, and looked delicious, and I felt a rush of excitement as she began to touch herself in time with me. We just stood there and watched each other masturbate for a while. It felt so good I never wanted to stop.

She gave me another big smile and reached down to grab something. She came up with a toy in her hand. It was a vibrator, big and pink and penis shaped.

She put the vibrator in her mouth, sucking it like a cock.  If this had been a scene in a porn film, I would have laughed and mocked it mercilessly; from this perspective though, what she was doing was sexy as hell.

When she took the toy out of her mouth, it was wet and slick with saliva.  She winked at me, and twisted the knob at the base.

Her pussy opened up and swallowed the vibrator. I could see her shaved lips bulging out around it. She closed her eyes and pushed it all the way up inside. She stepped up one leg, steadying herself against the wall and putting her foot on the window sill to give me a better view. I did the same, exposing myself to her as intimately as I could. I could see her clit ring shaking as she fucked herself. Strands of sticky wetness clung to the toy as it slid in and out.  She was fucking herself in earnest now.  Her pierced boobs shook with each stroke. I could see her getting lost in the pleasure, approaching orgasm as she watched me masturbate.

Very deliberately, I turned around, spread my ass cheeks, and slipped my index finger up my own anus, as I feverishly rubbed my swollen clit. That was all it took.  I exploded, the orgasm shaking my body again and again. I came over and over, fingering my asshole, rubbing my clit until it was too tender to be touched.  Behind me, across the alley, I heard her cry out above the street noise, through the glass, high-pitched and desperate.

At last it was over. I turned back to the window.  Her breasts were flushed mottled red.  She gently extracted the vibrator from her pussy and smiled, licked the tip.  I blew her a kiss, then went to take a shower. By the time I was out, she was gone again.

That afternoon, I found my apartment. I could move in right away. I was elated. I got a call for a job interview. I went out to celebrate with Kevin and Anna. We drank quite a lot and had a good time.

The next morning I looked for the neighbor girl, but she didn’t show. I had a big day in front of me. I packed my bags, and got ready for the trip to Brooklyn, where I was going to live. Before I left, I took one last look out the window. The room across the alley was empty. I locked the door after me and walked down the five flights of stairs. I never saw the pretty blonde girl again.



  1. Mark said

    Great story, too bad you never met the girl in the window.

  2. Conor said

    “Strands of sticky wetness clung to the toy”

    “Very deliberately, I turned around, spread my ass cheeks, and slipped my index finger up my own anus”

    Great story. Very sexy. From a selfish guy perspective, I would have like MF too, but that’s just selfishness 🙂 Keep it up

  3. Elsie Fan(ny) said

    A great set of images with a nice what-might-have-been undercurrent. I will be fantasizing about seeing both of you from a third window (never mind the impossible geometry).

  4. This is absolutely my cup of tea….loved this one

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