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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Two-thirty in the morning.  The dead end of a dead end road.  Tangled woods on the one hand: twisted, overgrown, blanketed in shadow; farmers’ fields on the other: tall wispy winter wheat glistening with frost and half-shrouded in ground fog.  A little gravel circle, just enough room to turn a car around: empty beer bottles and fast food containers littering the verge.

He killed the engine and cut the headlights.  The only light came from the nearly-full moon, waxing gibbous, floating ghostly just above the trees.  The pale blue light fell in long stark shadows, giving the landscape a creepy, film-noire chiaroscuro feeling.

“Are you nervous?”

“No.” he lied

“Don’t be,” I said, “We’re both grownups.  Come on, let’s do it!”

“Get out of the car.” he said.

It was freezing cold outside.  The frigid night air burned my exposed skin, and I shivered spasmodically.  The cold leached through my purple knit sweater and found its way around my ankles and up my pant legs.  For a moment I thought about reaching back inside the car and grabbing my jacket out of the passenger seat.

“Bend over the hood” he told me, and I did.  The metal, still warm from an hour-long drive, felt good against my chest.  His presence, his crotch, in close proximity to my ass, felt even better.  “Hands behind your back.”

I complied, and heard a slight jingle as he fished out the handcuffs.  One at a time he secured my wrists behind my back.  Each time the mechanism *clicked* and the cool smooth metal ratcheted down against my flesh, my clit twitched and my cunt drooled with lustful anticipation.

“Stand up and turn around.”

It was hard to feel very intimidated by him.  He was about my height, maybe an inch taller; skinny dude, pale skin.  Should get out more often.  He had shortish dark hair that was cutely disheveled like he’d just gotten out of bed, and one lazy eye that I found alternately endearing, distracting, or disturbing.  We stood, facing each other, our breath made visible in little puffs of white.

“Go ahead,” I told him, egging him on, encouraging him.

He seemed to dither for a long moment of indecision, and then, making up his mind, he slapped me across the face.

It was almost comical, a movie-slap.  My cheek stung a little bit.  Not the effect I was going for at all.

“No.” I said, “Harder.  Like we talked about before.  Come on, I’m not made of porcelain.  You’re not going to break me.”

He hit me again, hard, an open-handed blow to the face that rattled the teeth in my jaw and sent me reeling onto the frozen gravel at his feet.  The pain exploded from within me, hot and sharp, making my head spin and my parts throb.  I’d have a fat lip for sure.  I spit ineffectually, wondering if I were spitting up blood.

He was squatting next to me as I lay on the ground next to the front tire of the car.  The shock of the blow and the rush of pain gave me a sense of hyper-awareness.  With fumbling fingers he started unbuttoning my jeans, tugging them down.  I wiggled my jaw experimentally left to right.  It didn’t seem to be broken, no teeth missing.  Far, far above us, in the clear black sky, a million stars twinkled like fierce bright knives.

*Smack* He started beating my naked ass with the flat of his hand.  Smack! Smack! Smack!  I lost track after ten.  It hurt, a lot, he wasn’t holding anything back now, and tears ran freely down my face, leaving cold salty trails that threatened to freeze into rime ice. Smack! Smack! Smack!

“On your knees!” He grabbed me cruelly by the tits and hauled me up into a kneeling position.  Somewhere in the night a hunting owl hooted.  A dog barked.  Far away across the field, a pair of headlights traced their way along a country road.  Did the cops ever make it out here, looking for partiers, underage drinkers, teenage couples making out?

He had taken his dick out of his pants and was pointing it in my direction.  It stood up proudly, arcing slightly up.  The head was big and juicy-red and swollen, oozing pre-come.  Obediently I took it in my mouth, sucking it, lavishing it with my tongue, taking my pleasure in pleasuring him.  He held my head in both hands, forcing me up and down on his cock, fucking my bruised face without mercy.  I loved having him like that.  I wanted to taste him, I wanted him to use me, to come in my mouth.  I wanted to eat him like that forever.

He withdrew his hard wet cock from my hungry mouth. As I looked longingly at it, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me bodily into the backseat of his car.  I caught a quick glimpse of myself under the dome light as he tugged my jeans and wet panties all the way down around my ankles.  I was a mess.  Dirty, bloody, little chunks of gravel still imbedded in my knees and stuck to my thighs.

He forced my legs up in the air and started licking me.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been so wet before in my life.  My cunt felt huge and swollen, my clit throbbed, I felt like I way lying in a puddle of joy juice.  I wanted him to pull my pants off, spread my legs wide, and shove his fist up me; but my ankles were bound together by the crumpled-up pants and all he did was lick.

His tongue traced a wet path from my asshole up to my clitoris, and back down again, slurping like a thirsty dog attacking a water bowl.  Pleasure shook through me in waves.  Fingers penetrated my ass, my cunt, and his tongue flicked like a hummingbird against my clit and I exploded, crying, weeping, shaking, grinding back against him.

He pulled my sweater up and tore my bra off, ripping the black stretchy fabric.  He climbed onto the back seat, straddling my chest, his balls resting on my tits, his cock, that beautiful big hard cock that belonged inside me, pointed at my mouth.  I felt a pang of jealousy so strong it hurt for his girlfriend, his wife, whatever she was.  He was stroking his cock in one hand, pumping purposefully, urgently.  I licked the underside, tongued the head, savoring him, savoring the sensation, the taste.  My cunt was still leaking freely, my clit still twitching from that last orgasm.

Silently, he came.  Squirt after squirt of salty, sticky, bitter semen squirted into my open mouth.  I was amazed how much came out, how hard he shot off, and still more oozed out.  I drank it all, teasing the last drops from his winking pee-hole until he became too sensitive and yanked my toy away from me.

Back on the thruway, by the glow of the dashboard and the glare of the occasional oncoming headlight, I looked myself over.  My wrists were an ugly mass of red and purple bruises and abrasions, and I had skinned one elbow real good; the entire left side of my face was swollen, and I had split my lower lip.  There was a trickle of red blood drying at the corner of my mouth.  What excuse could I use Monday at the office and not sound like an assault victim in denial?  I had fallen down playing pick-up street hockey?  That didn’t sound too far out of character.

By the time he dropped me off in front of my building, the sky was turning pale and grey, like weak coffee.

“Same time next week?”

“Sure thing.” he nodded, “…you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I smiled, a twisted, wry smile, “Never better.”

I got out of the car and headed up the steps of my stoop.  When I reached the front door, I turned and looked back, but he was already pulling away.


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Adventures in dy/dx

(formerly titled ‘One of the Guys’)

The summer between my sophomore- and junior- years in high school, we moved out west to Washington State. My mom had grown up in the Northwest and wanted to be closer to her own parents, and she got a new job at a hospital in Seattle.  Nobody asked me what I thought of it.  I had grown up and spent all my life in Ohio. I hadn’t had a ton of friends there, but in Seattle, I knew nobody and nobody knew me. I was an unknown, a variable.  I could have been any value for x or for y.

It wasn’t so hard; I was tall and skinny and my breasts weren’t especially big. I got a short haircut (that my mom hated), clipped my nails really close, put on a tight sports bra, and wore an oversized sweatshirt and running shoes and a pair of jeans that were a size too big. When I checked myself out in the mirror that first morning, I was a little startled to see an attractive teenage boy staring back at out at me.

I don’t think my mom suspected anything. Sometimes she would say she wished I would wear make-up or dresses once in a while, but I told her that just wasn’t my style. And I guess she figured she was lucky: I didn’t go out and party, I didn’t date, and I always brought home good grades.

That first week, I was surprised at how easily I seemed to be getting away with it. I had already taken the requisite PE in Ohio, so the shower room wasn’t a problem. I’d always been kind of shy, especially with boys, but after a week or two I was hanging around with some of the nerds, the math geeks, the underachievers, pretty much the crowd I had always been most comfortable with anyway. It was weird being a boy at school though. I interacted differently with people.  People treated me differently.  Sometimes I would forget, for days at a time, that I didn’t have a dick in my pants. I suddenly found myself confused in my sexuality. Up till then I had always thought exclusively heterosexual thoughts: that was going to be half the fun of becoming a boy; getting closer to the guys, being able to check them out unobserved and unawares. Now, from the other side of the equation, I found myself checking out the girls through a boys’ eyes. But that didn’t mean I had stopped thinking about guys either.

I had developed a huge crush on my trig teacher, Mr. Garrison. He was quiet and patient, and he treated the kids with a lot of respect, even the annoyingly slow ones. I was always pretty good at math, and he really seemed to appreciate my effort in class. He was young, too: probably in his mid- or late- twenties, muscularly well-built, like a triathlete or something, and he had the cutest smile and the sexiest little butt. I know that he figured prominently in many of my masturbation sessions, and at that point in my life I was a masturbation champion! My favorite fantasies all involved me sucking his big fat dick until he came in my mouth and then (with no turn-around time, of course) him flipping me over and fucking me up the ass.  Even then, I was totally fascinated with anal sex, though I would never have admitted it to anyone, and I watched (and read) all the porn I could find on the subject.

I’m sure all the girls in our class had crushes on Mr. Garrison: if I’d been a girl that year, I probably would have giggled about him with my geeky friends and that would have been that. But I wasn’t a girl there, so I kept my thoughts to myself and tried not to too obviously stare at his crotch during class.

A grey Friday in October, and it was raining (again!).  I maneuvered through the crowded halls toward the exit and freedom.  Just as I walked through the big double doors into the bleak Washington drizzle, I realized that I didn’t have the rain jacket I had worn to school that morning. In one of those flashes of too-late lucidity, I remembered exactly where I had left it: in my sixth period trigonometry class, draped over the back of my chair. If Mr. Garrison was still there, maybe I could get it back. I wouldn’t mind having a few moments alone with him either. Maybe I could come up with some interesting math questions.  The homework wasn’t exactly challenging for me, but I was sure I could come up with something plausible.  It was with these thoughts in mind that I hurried through the empty hallways to room 306.

The lights were off, and I figured Mr. Garrison must have already gone home for the day. I was about to try the handle to see if the door was really locked, when some movement inside the room caught my eye.

I could see them, if I pressed my face against the glass just so. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on at first.  Mr. Garrison was sitting on his desk and…

Oh My God!

With my ear pressed against the door, I could hear their moans and the slurping noises coming from inside. There was Jamie; this cute black guy in my trig class, down on his knees between Mr. Garrison’s thighs, giving my crush, my hearts desire, the object of my most pornographic fantasies a monster blowjob. Mr. Garrison was stroking Jamie’s hair and rocking his hips rhythmically, and Jamie was obviously loving every bit of it, slurping and licking and sucking all over Mr. Garrison’s erect cock.

That was the first actual hard dick I had seen in real life (as opposed to pornography, where I saw penises on a daily basis).  It was pretty much everything a girl (or a guy) could hope for: long, thick, straight, hard as a rock with a nicely-defined helmet-shaped head capping it off like an x-rated mushroom.  Just looking at that thing made me hot.  The expression on Mr. Garrison’s face as he got sucked off pushed me right over the edge into ‘outrageously-excited-don’t-care-about-the-consequences’ territory.  I could feel my pussy getting all wet and squooshy inside my jeans.

Jamie was pretty cute himself. I guess if I had been in girl mode that year, and if our teacher hadn’t been so hot, I might have been really interested in him. He was my own age; a bit of a nerd, another one of the smart kids who sat up front and actually paid attention to trigonometric identities; tall and slender with chocolate skin, big round mischievous brown eyes, and a shy smile. To tell the truth, though, I hadn’t really paid him much attention until that instant.

Now Jamie was bobbing his head up and down fast on Mr. Garrison’s lap, and our erstwhile young math teacher was moaning so loud I could hear him even without my ear pressed against the door. My heart was pounding. “They’ve got to be more careful, what if they get caught!” I remember thinking.

Mr. Garrison grunted out “Oh fuck… Yes!” and with both hands he pressed Jamie’s face down hard onto his cock. I realized that I had unzipped my jeans, and that I had a hand up inside the boy’s boxers that I had taken to wearing, rubbing my swollen clit with desperate urgency. As Mr. Garrison and Jamie kissed like a pair of sweaty lovers (which I guess they were!), I gave myself a body-wracking orgasm. I slumped onto my knees on the floor, accidentally knocking into the door in the process.

“Quiet! Did you hear someone outside?” That was Mr. Garrison. I panicked and scrambled up, running away down the hall, around the corner, and out, any thought of retrieving my jacket completely forgotten. It was a long damp walk home in the cold soaking Seattle rain.

That night, I masturbated again to the memory of Mr. Garrison fucking Jamie’s mouth, only in my mind it wasn’t Jamie with his lips wrapped around Mr. Garrison big hard dick, it was me. Then I cried myself to sleep, remembering that someone else had stolen his heart (and his dick), and that he was gay, and he would never even be interested in me.

It was a funny thing, but by that point, I had all but forgotten that I was a girl. Except for once a month when I had my period to remind me, I simply thought of myself as a guy. I didn’t go shopping for cute outfits; I didn’t agonize over who was going to ask me to the prom (as if I would have done those things anyway!); I hung out by the water fountain with the D&D geeks, and looked surreptitiously at girls, and laughed at dirty jokes. So I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize that Mr. Garrison might just possibly be interested in me after all. The idea hit me in the middle of trig a few days later. I was dejected, staring off into space, when I caught him looking at me. It probably meant nothing; he was probably just wondering why I wasn’t working my exercises like everyone else, but I realized in that instant that he didn’t see me as a girl. He saw me as a boy.

The next day, at the end of the period, I waited until after class, then I told him I was having some trouble with the problems in our section. Could he help me out a little, after school? I made a point of casually touching his wrist. It felt really good, cool and solid. “Sure” he said “Come by after 4:30 and we’ll look over them.”

My heart was racing with anticipation. I didn’t know what I expected. Right at 4:30, I met Mr. Garrison in his classroom. He seemed distant, almost formal as we went over the day’s homework, problems that I had to pretend to have trouble with. My heart sank. I guess I had pictured him grabbing me by the hair and ramming his cock down my throat. It became more and more clear that he had absolutely no intention of doing any such thing. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more. Taking a deep breath, I reached out and put my hand on his crotch. “Mr. Garrison, I have something to tell you.” I blurted out “I have a huge crush on you, and I really want to suck your dick. Please let me take you in my mouth.”

He stood up and started to back off, starting to protest. “Alex you can’t…”, but I already had his trousers open and his briefs down, and his big dick was staring me in the face. Mr. Garrison might be having qualms, but his cock wasn’t. Already it was standing at attention, rigidly erect.

To tell the truth, I had never seen a real penis close up before, except for hurried glances in the boys room. (I got a big kick out of watching the guys pee; but I was always afraid that I’d be caught looking and get my ass kicked) I hadn’t realized that it would seem quite so big when it was up close and personal. Well, now was no time to hesitate. I took his cock in my mouth, and proceeded to learn how to give a blowjob.

They called it sucking cock, so I sucked with everything I had. That big, impossibly big dick reacted right away, filling up my mouth. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breath, but I didn’t care. I hoped he would come in my mouth the way he did with Jamie. I felt his strong hands on my head, guiding me pleasuring him. I heard his grunts and moans, and my cunt flooded. I was in heaven.

Then I saw stars. Someone had hit me, hard, in the side of the head. I was lying on my back on the floor, and there was Jamie, sobbing and cursing Mr. Garrison, who was standing there with his pants down and his dick wilting, looking like he wanted to die. “I’m sorry Jamie, I’m so sorry” He kept saying, over and over. I slunk out of the room and went home, feeling like shit. I felt like I had just ruined two people’s lives, two people who I liked, who totally didn’t deserve it.

The next day I faked sick, and stayed home from school. The day after that was the longest day after. When sixth period finally came around, I couldn’t look at Mr. Garrison, and I couldn’t look at Jamie. Class seemed to last for hours.

I left class as quickly as I could; practically running out the door, but Jamie caught me in the hallway. “Alex” he said “I need to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry” I chocked, turning to face him “I can’t tell you how sorry I am. It was all my fault. I wish I could take the whole thing back.”

“I’m the one who’s sorry” he said “I shouldn’t have hit you. I’ve been feeling terrible about it. I thought I was in love with him.” Now we were walking down the hall together.

“I was so lonely” he went on “I thought I was the only gay guy in the whole school, and then I went and made you an enemy. And then I realized that Bill and I don’t have any future anyway. He’s twenty-six, you know.” He laughed. “And then I got to thinking that maybe you and I could, you know… share him?” He ended that last thought with a question mark. I started to realize what he was talking about, and for the first time in two days, my heart rose.

“So I was supposed to meet him at his house tonight, for dinner, to make up and talk things over. I thought maybe you could come too, and we could surprise him. Would you like to?”

Would I like to? “Hell Yes!” The possibilities boggled my mind. My spirit soared; my dick—I mean my clit, twitched inside my jeans. We agreed to meet at seven, and Jamie gave me a quick, secretive kiss on the lips as he left. I stood there in the hall, in a daze. I’d never been kissed before.  I’d just been kissed for the first time, by a gay boy. I was a virgin, and I’d just been invited to a gay threesome!  My pussy was all wet and squooshy with anticipation.

I met Jamie at seven, and we walked a few blocks to Mr. Garrison’s house. (“Call him Bill” insisted Jamie.) As we walked up to the door, my hand found Jamie’s. It felt nice to hold hands like that.

Mr. Garrison, I mean Bill, was certainly surprised to see the two of us together, but he took it all in stride. He greeted us warmly with hugs, and invited us both inside. I liked his house. It felt comfortable. He had made dinner already.

“Looks like I need to set an extra place.” Mr. Garrison said, disappearing into the kitchen. He looked nice, wearing blue jeans that made his ass look delicious, and a tight black t-shirt. He looked good enough to eat. Jamie and I exchanged a hungry look.

Dinner was great, Bill had made lamb chops, and the three of us talked about all kinds of things: politics, computers, books, and not one bit about trigonometry or after school blowjobs. I was really amazed at how comfortable I felt talking to Mr. Garrison. It wasn’t like he was a teacher, or even a hot guy to be intimidated by; it was more like chatting with a close friend.  At the same time, I was becoming more and more conscious of how attracted I was to Jamie.

After dinner, Mr. Garrison brought out some bottles of fancy imported beer. We sat on the sofa together. I sipped my beer tentatively. I was a little surprised to find that I didn’t really mind the taste at all.

“I’m a little surprised to see both of you here tonight” Mr. Garrison said casually “After the other day, I was afraid I wouldn’t be seeing either of you any more, and that really would have been a shame.”

“Well” said Jamie “I thought it over, and I figured that I don’t mind sharing…” he looked over at me “If you don’t mind sharing too”

Mr. Garrison said “I don’t mind at all.” And then he reached over and gave Jamie the longest most sensual kiss I had ever seen. I was melting already. I reached over and caressed Jamie, and Bill took my hand, and then all three of us were kissing, and I felt hands touching me, exploring my body, and my hands started doing some exploring of their own.

Mr. Garrison skillfully unbuttoned Jamie’s pants and his cock sprang out like a jack-in-the-box. It was beautiful, stiff and black, with a dark purple head, and it had an upward arc to it. While it wasn’t as long as Mr. Garrison’s (I mean Bill’s), it was significantly thicker. “How would I ever get that thing up my pussy”, I wondered, even as Mr. Garrison and I started to worship Jamie’s hard dick. (back then when I masturbated, I generally played with my clit, using my pussy mostly for convenient lube; when I was feeling extra randy, I’d slide a slippery finger up my ass while I whacked off.  Up to that point the biggest thing that had been up my pussy was a tampon.)  Impulsively, I pulled Mr. Garrison’s tight black shirt off over his head, exposing his muscular, smooth chest. I played with his little nipples, playfully nibbling on them, before I joined him in sucking Jamie. When Mr. Garrison sucked Jamie’s entire girth into his mouth, I nuzzled and licked his delicate hairless brown balls. Then the wet dick popped out of his mouth and he I would share Jamie’ shaft, licking and sucking and kissing it together between our mouths as we fondled his buttocks. Mr. Garrison took my hand in his and placed it on Jamie’s slippery shaft.  I moved my hand spasmodically up and down as Bill and I kissed his cock head.  Jamie was groaning and moaning with pleasure, and I was enjoying myself to no end. All of a sudden, he stiffened, squawked “Oh God!” I saw his balls contract and his butt clench, and then he shot squirt after squirt of hot sticky white come all over Mr. Garrison and me. I loved it. I had no idea that guys could shoot off so much or so far, and I was gratified to learn that I didn’t dislike the taste one bit. Quite the contrary.  My underwear was drenched with my own juice.

Then Jamie and I attacked Mr. Garrison.  It was beautiful to see him naked. He was gorgeous, like a male model. His dick was even more beautiful then I remembered. I sucked his cock the best I could, and Jamie helped me. I loved the sound of Mr. Garrison enjoying my mouth, the noises he was making, the feeling of him fucking my mouth. Then Jamie slid behind him and buried his face between Mr. Garrison’s ass cheeks. I was so turned on. So was Mr. Garrison. His groans got louder, his thrusting more urgent. I really wanted him to come in my mouth. Before he came though, his strong hands stopped me.

“Jamie” he said “I’d really like to fuck you tonight. Would that be ok?”

Jamie slid out from behind Mr. Garrison. “I’d really like you to do that too, Bill.” He turned to me.  “I’m a virgin Alex,” he said to me, almost apologetically. “Do you mind?”

“I’m a virgin too” I said. “And hell, no I don’t mind!”

Mr. Garrison laughed. “Well then Alex, how about helping me get Jamie all nice and slippery!”  It took me just a second to realize exactly what he meant.

I was only too happy to help. Jamie got on all fours on the floor, with his sweet black ass thrust up in the air, and his again-hard dick pointing straight out. I got between his cheeks and started licking. I ran my tongue up and down his crack, tickling the base of his balls, then darting up past his asshole up to his tailbone. His crinkled little anus winked with desire. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I let my tongue circle his asshole, then finally invade his hot little hole. I pressed my face into his ass, penetrating him as deeply as I could, savoring the taste and the sensation while Jamie moaned and writhed with pleasure. Then Mr. Garrison moved me aside, squeezing my ass fondly through my jeans. I think –but I’m not sure- that he gave me a strange look at that point.  “We’ll deal with you later” he whispered. His cock was sheathed in a condom, glistening with lube. He pressed it between Jamie’s cheeks.

“It’s not fair” Jamie said “Alex should be naked too. I want to suck his cock while you fuck me, Bill.”

“That’s right” said Mr. Garrison “It’s not fair. We’ve been neglecting you, Alex. Why don’t you join us?”

It was the moment I had been secretly dreading all night, the moment that I knew was coming, my inevitable downfall. I took a deep breath, and stepped back. Fatalistically, staring down at the floor, I stripped off my shirt, my sports bra, my jeans, and my boxers. My boobs, which pointed asymmetrically to either side, jiggled a little, and I felt my juices wet on my inner thighs. I was totally naked, and felt totally exposed. Suddenly the room felt cold.

I love them to this day; they both took it totally in stride. After a very pregnant pause, Mr. Garrison said “Well Alex, you’re certainly a very beautiful girl.  Would you like to help me fuck Jamie’s ass now?”

With a trembling hand, I grasped Mr. Garrison’s latex-wrapped penis and guided it in between Jamie’s ass cheeks.  His cock felt hot and hard and sexy and impossibly large in my small hand.  I wondered how it was ever going to fit inside that delicate little hole.

Mr. Garrison nudged forward, pressing the end of his cock up against Jamie’s slippery anus.  My hand found Jamie’s hand and our fingers intertwined.  He closed his eyes and squeezed my hand hard, so hard I was a little afraid he’d break my fingers.  I watched, awestruck, as his sexy little asshole opened up and swallowed the big bulbous head of Mr. Garrison’s beautiful cock.

As soon as the cock was inside him, Jamie started howling as if he’d been impaled.  Which, I guess, he just had been.  I couldn’t tell, at first, whether his noises were pain or pleasure.  I guess Mr. Garrison couldn’t tell either, because he held stock still with the cutest look of worried concentration on his face and the head of his cock stuck just inside Jamie’s anal opening.


Mr. Garrison and I exchanged a worried look.  What if that big dick had torn Jamie’s insides?  What if he needed to go to the hospital?  What if the neighbors heard him screaming like that and called the cops?  What would that cock feel like in my own butt?

“More!” Jamie arched his back like a cat stretching, and running his tongue over his lips.  His cock and balls hung down thickly between his legs, dribbling sticky clear juice out of the dark purple plum-shaped head.  “God, it feels so good!  Put some more in… just go slow, ok?”

Mr. Garrison parted Jamie’s cute little brown ass cheeks with his big white hands, and slid more of his beautiful cock up Jamie’s ass.

It was awesome, like the best porno I had ever seen, only better because it was real and I had a front-row seat.  My pussy was drenched, I mean absolutely dripping, and my clit felt like a huge swollen pea that might burst if it were so much as touched.

“Oh my god, Alex… it feels so good!  It’s amazing… Ah yeah, fuck me Bill… I could almost come just from this…  mmmm, harder!”

Mr. Garrison was really fucking him now, and it was so sexy!  Both the guys were all sweaty, and their nipples were pointing out and Mr. Garrison’s buns were clenched tight as he thrusted and his knuckles were white and his fingers left little red marks on Jamie’s ass cheeks and Jamie’s hard cock bounced every time Mr. Garrison rammed his dick up inside him, and they were both making the sexiest little noises as they fucked.

I couldn’t help myself.  I reached down between my legs and got my fingers all slippery.  I couldn’t believe how much juice was going on down there.  With two fingers of one hand, I pinched my aching clitoris between my puffy swollen lips; my other hand reached behind me and the middle finger went right up my butt.

“Shit, Jamie, Baby, I’m gonna come!” Mr. Garrison growled through clenched teeth.

“Oh yeah, do it Bill, I wanna feel you come inside me!” Jamie was humping back against Mr. Garrison, meeting his every thrust, taking every bit of that delicious cock up his ass.

With a growl like a bear, Mr. Garrison buried himself one last time all the way up to the balls inside Jamie.  His face was clenched in a mask of agony or ecstasy or both.  He moaned long and deep as he came.  An orgasm rumbled through my body as I watched them.

I continued to rub and finger myself as they disentangled, kissed and disposed of the used condom.  I was way too far gone to stop, even if I was totally and lewdly on display.

“Oh Alex, that was amazing!  I can’t believe how good that felt!” Jamie was positively glowing.

“What do you want Alex?” Mr. Garrison asked me softly, “What do you need?”

“Fuck me!” I croaked out, “One of you please fuck me!”

His soft cock was still leaking come, and I stuck my tongue out and tasted it.  Yummy!  I wanted more!  He chuckled.  “Jamie, do you have any objection to taking care of our friend Alex?  I’m afraid I’m down for the count for a little while at least.”

“I’d be happy to give you whatever you need.” Alex said very sweetly and almost shyly.  “I’ve never done anything with a girl before.”

“Would you like him to fuck your pussy?” Mr. Garrison asked, “You’ve got a beautiful pussy.”

I swallowed nervously.  “Fuck my ass.  I want to feel you in my ass.”

Jamie eagerly rolled a condom onto his thick rod, as Mr. Garrison poured lube generously down my ass crack.  The lube felt cold on my flesh and I shivered.  “It’s alright Alex, he’ll be gentle.  It won’t hurt at all.” he told me.  I wasn’t even worried about that.  I’d never been touched before, not by a guy, not down there (or up there for that matter!), and just the sensation of Mr. Garrison’s big sexy hands on my butt cheeks was threatening to push me over the edge all over again.

Regretfully, I stopped tweaking my needy clit and rested my head in my hands, my rear end lifted up invitingly.  I felt totally vulnerable and exposed.  It was so hot I swear my pussy felt like a great blooming flower, one of those immense dewy tropical orchids.

Jamie was positioning himself behind me.  His latex covered cock brushed against me and I jumped as if I it was a red-hot brand.  “Put it inside me!”  I gasped.  My asshole was winking with lust.  I hoped obscurely that he was enjoying this view of me, that I was sexy for him.

“I’m really turned on, Alex,” Jamie told me, “I’m not sure I’m going to last very long…”

“Me either!” I gasped, “Just fuck me now!”  Mr. Garrison had reached underneath me and was idly stroking my hanging-down breasts and it was driving me crazy.

I felt the pressure as he nudged against my asshole, and for one long second I thought -‘oh fuck it’s not going to fit in’- and then he was inside, past that crazy ring of muscles and I was so full of him and the sensation was so intense I started to weep even as he buried his cock in my asshole and chanted “yesyesyesyesyes” and my pussy was drooling and spasming and my ass was stretched to the absolute limit and Mr. Garrison reached down between my thighs and gently petted my clit and I absolutely exploded.

I was vaguely aware of myself screaming and Jamie yelling out that he was coming and plunging himself in and out of my ass and Mr. Garrison trying to keep a finger on my joy button, but mostly my world was just exploding.  It was far and away the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and it just kept going and going, like a roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.  I ended up in the fetal position, a shivering naked ball on Mr. Garrison’s hardwood floor, with two hot naked gay guys patting me reassuringly and asking me worriedly if I was ok.

I was more than ok.  I was AWESOME.

“I don’t care if you are a girl,” Jamie told me, “you’re amazing.”


The three of us never got together again after that.  Jamie and I became good friends and hung out together a lot that fall, and stayed in touch through college and beyond.  I got to hear all about Jamie and Bill’s sex life (and later, their break-up, their get-back-together sex, and their final break-up.  Fifteen years later, Mr. Garrison became godfather to Jamie and his partner’s adopted child.).  Jamie and I did math together, and I taught him about music (‘80s punk, hardcore, and pre-Nirvana grunge), and he spent several memorable afternoons teaching me how to properly suck a dick.

I got an ‘A’ in Mr. Garrison’s trig class (through dint of hard work: Mr. Garrison might not be above boinking his students now and then, but as a teacher he was scrupulously fair) and in the spring semester I moved on to pre-calc with Ms. Dyer.

Ms. Dyer was a spunky red head with glasses and perky boobs like a pair of big ripe peaches under her blouse that you sometimes caught a glimpse of when she bent over, and an ass to die for.  She taught in jeans more often than she was probably supposed to, and half the guys in the class (myself included) had a raging crush on her.

At the end of our first week in class, Ms. Dyer called me up to her desk after the bell.

“Mr. Garrison tells me you’re very talented Alex, and I wonder if you’d like to work on an after school math project with me.” Her eyebrows arched expressively behind her glasses, and I felt my insides melt.  “It might involve an overnight trip.”

I tried to keep my voice from shaking.  If I’d had a dick, the erection would have burst my zipper right about then; as it was I was definitely getting my boxers all sticky.  “Thanks Ms. Dyer, that would be great!”

She tossed her copper-red hair.  “It’s after school now, you can call me Jen.  By the way,” she added casually, “Did you know that Bill and I dated for a little while in college?  We tell each other everything.

I wondered if Mr. Garrison had really told her everything.  But I couldn’t wait to find out.

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Third Person Singular


It was about 11:30 on a Wednesday night, and conditions were just about perfect.  Amanda got on the L train at Union Square, and sat down almost exactly opposite the cute guy with the glasses and the grey knit cap.  They made eye contact for one electrifying moment and she felt a shiver of anticipation course up and down her spine.

She saw him on the train these days two or three times a week, always about this same time, on the way home to Brooklyn.  Computers, she guessed, though she had no real reason to infer that.  Some kind of computer job that, by necessity or inclination, kept him at the office until late at night.  He was a few years older than her, somewhere in his thirties; no ring on his finger; usually office-casual but occasionally clad in jeans; a shaved head that sometimes revealed a stubbly retreating hairline; discreetly pierced ears; black-rimmed glasses with intense sea-blue eyes behind them.  All-in-all, a pretty attractive package.

Most of the hipsters got off at Bedford, the first stop in Brooklyn; most of the rest got off at Lorimer, the second.  The train car wasn’t exactly empty; there were a couple Puerto Rican grandmothers on the bench to Amanda’s left, a Chinese couple with a baby carriage over to the right, an elderly laborer clutching a bottle wrapped in a brown bag who kept nodding off, and a rowdy gaggle of teens huddled giggling together down near the end of the car.

The anticipation made her salivate.  She felt sexy, wild, dangerous, out of control.  Mostly when she did this, Amanda flashed random strangers: the workmen across the street from her dentist’s office; passing motorists; Midwestern tourists; once, a UPS guy.  This afternoon on her way in to work, she had bared her breasts to the surprise and delight of a middle-aged jogger.  He had grinned and waved and given her a big thumbs-up.  But this was different.  The cute guy in the grey cap was neither random, nor really even a stranger anymore.  They had a relationship, of sorts.

As the train pulled out of the Lorimer Street station, Amanda casually hiked up her skirt a few inches, carefully avoiding eye contact.  Every other time she had done this, she had given him a shot of her panties: either blue or black or red or white; a view that obviously discomfited and excited him.  Tonight, Amanda felt the cool night air on her already moist pussy.

Self-consciously, reveling in the thrill and the danger of it, she parted her legs until her knees were as wide apart as they would go within the confines of the short skirt.  She sat back, and watched him out of the corner of her eye.

He flushed red, and a gratifying look of surprise and horny delight lit up his face.  A rather appetizing lump had appeared in the crotch of his khaki slacks, and was growing like a mythic beanstalk.  As the train rumbled along its underground track, Amanda very casually reached down between her legs, lifted the front of her skirt up like a tent flap, and parted her puffy labia with two fingers.  Her clit was big and hot and throbbing; her pussy was dripping wet.  Her vibrator was going to get such a workout tonight!  The cute guy watched, utterly rapt and amazed, as she slid a finger, then two fingers up inside herself.

Brakes hissed and the PA buzzed incoherent static as the L train pulled into Graham Avenue, Amanda’s stop.  She withdrew her sticky fingers, cleaned them off with a lick and a wink, and smoothed down her skirt as the train jerked to a stop.

As she got up to leave, there was a delay in the opening of the train doors.  She stood facing the door, hotly conscious of the guy in the grey knit cap sitting on the bench right next to her.

“You’re really beautiful.” he said.

“Oh, thank you!” Amanda replied with what she hoped was a casual toss of her head.  She could feel herself blushing from her toes all the way to the tip of her nose.  This was emphatically not part of the plan.

“So could I, um, have your phone number?”

The train doors finally opened up.  “Stepinstandcleardalosingdoors” the PA rattled.

“No,” Amanda said, and gave him her biggest, warmest smile, “no, but thanks anyway.  Maybe next time.  See ya…”

She stepped off the train and onto the platform.  With a hiss and a whine, the L train rattled off into the night.  Amanda walked purposely up the stairs toward the street and did not look back.


Maggie and her roommate Devon were drinking beer and talking sex: practice, experience, preference and fantasy.  Maggie was 25, with pale Irish skin and dark curly hair, on the plump side of thin.  Devon was 24, tall, blonde, well-spoken, and gay as the day is long.

“Ok, now that fantasy’s really weird!”  Devon giggled, and his eyes sparkled with naughty delight.

“Weird good, or weird bad?”

“Weird good.  But pretty freaky.   And here I thought you were such a nice girl.”

“Well you thought wrong, now didn’t you?” Maggie took a long pull from her beer.  She was a little lit.  “That’s been my fantasy since I was… well forever.  Think it’s too weird?”

“Definitely not too weird, sister.”

“So that wouldn’t freak you out?  You’d… participate?”

“Sure, why not?  Anything to help out a friend in need.  I’ll give Tim and Rick a call.  They’re usually up for weird and freaky.  Say Friday night?”


Friday night and Maggie stretched languidly and took a healthy swallow of merlot.  She was lying in the bottom of her (empty) bathtub; a towel under her head for a pillow, a half-full wine glass within easy reach, both feet propped up on either side of the faucet, her favorite purple penis-shaped vibrator humming happily away up inside her juicy pussy.

She sighed contentedly as she let the blue toy slip out of her wet and hungry hole, switched it off and set it on the side of the tub.  “Ok, you guys can come in now!”  Her clit twitched with anticipation.

Devon, poked his blonde head in the bathroom door, looking positively devilish.  “I hope you’re ready, ‘cause we’re not going to be able to hold out much longer.”

Devon, his friend Tim, and Tim’s boyfriend Rick crowded into the tiny bathroom.  Rick was a short little guy, a muscle-dude with fat steel rings through his ears and nipples.  Tim looked normal to a fault: a twenty-something version of Mr. Rogers, wearing gray slacks and a white button-up shirt.  The boys gawked and giggled unabashedly.

“When was the last time any of you guys saw a naked girl?”

“In porn or for real?”

“For real”

Long tittering pause.  Tim finally spoke up.  “Prom night, senior year.  Gawd, it was awful!  I think both of us were traumatized for life…”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Devon asked, “Between us we drank about six gallons of water.  It’s kind of now or never…”

“Oh FUCK yes!” Maggie arched her back like a cat and spread her labia with one hand, making her pink clit poke out obscenely.  “Bring it on!”

Devon moved over to the edge of the tub as the other two boys watched in fascination.  He unzipped his jeans and fished his penis out.  Maggie was rubbing her pussy slowly, fingers travelling rhythmically up and down.

“God,” he said, holding his soft dick between two fingers, “no pressure…”

“Just relax.  Close your eyes and let go.  Think of running water.”

A long pause, in which the only sound was the squooshing noises Maggie’s fingers made on her pussy as she masturbated.  Then, as if a tap had been turned on, the pee came: a little hesitant at first, then a strong, forceful, unstoppable stream.

“God yes…!” The pace of Maggie’s fingers between her legs doubled as an arc of urine struck her in the belly, “put it on my tits, my cunt…”

The pee seemed to last forever.  “This is wild!” Devon directed the stream up and down Maggie’s naked body, splashing onto the porcelain of the tub.  She closed her eyes, savoring the sensation of the warm pee hitting her flesh as she fingered herself.

Inevitably, the stream of urine coming from Devon’s dick started to wane and die out.  He shook out the last few drops and grinned.  “Well, THAT was different!”   He stepped aside, squeezing his butt past the sink, and Rick stepped up and took his place.

Rick, the muscle-boy, didn’t hesitate at all.  He just whipped out his dick (which, Maggie noticed abstractly, was pierced through the tip) and sighed ‘Aaaaah’ as he started squirting clear-yellow pee like a broken water main.  He didn’t need any direction, just hosed down Maggie’s breasts for her.  She masturbated feverishly the whole time.

When Rick was done, he tucked his penis away and made room for Tim.  “Oh man,” Tim said as he extracted his cock from his slacks, “I’ve had to go so bad for so long now!”

He pointed his dick right at her juicy pussy and let go.  His pee made splashing noises as it mixed with her busy fingers.  Maggie changed techniques, slipping two fingers into her pussy, sliding them in and out, finger-fucking herself while Tim tried to direct his stream of pee right onto her clit.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna come!”  Maggie’s orgasm washed over her, eyes clenched tight, back arched, muscles straining, stomach clenching and heaving, her pussy spasming wetly.

She was left gasping and grinning stupidly in a shallow pool of pale yellow pee.

“Well THAT was certainly different,” Devon said again.

“Actually, I thought it was kind of cool….” Tim zipped up his pants and gave Rick an affectionate swat on the ass.  “Maybe WE should try that ourselves sometime!”


Beth found the tapes when she was cleaning out her closet.  Being a freelancer, her work life was either a feast or a famine.  After an uninterrupted multi-week stretch of twelve-hour days, the famine phase had kicked in, giving Beth the opportunity to: do the dishes; go grocery shopping; masturbate; do the laundry; pay the bills; clean the bathroom, organize the closet.  She hadn’t made it very far up that list yet.

The closet was a disaster: it was where everything got put that didn’t have a place to be put away to.  It was bursting full to the point where the door would only close when heaved vigorously against.  Shoes that no longer or had never fit; empty beer bottles from the home-brewing experiment; the vacuum cleaner; her ex-boyfriend Josh’s button-down shirts; sleeping bag and hiking pack; an overflowing shoebox of old VHS tapes.

Once she had pulled everything out of the closet, Beth created a huge messy pile on her living room floor.  The video tapes spilled out onto the hardwood floor.  Some were labeled (Star Trek TNG; North by Northwest, X-Files; Horny Housewives IV); most were not.

How to decide which to keep and which to throw away?  She stuck one of the tapes into the dusty VCR that still sat on the bottom shelf under the tv, and hit play.

It was sort of a shock to recognize Josh.  He looked to be about ten years younger; slightly skinnier and with more hair than when they had been dating.  He was lounging on a bed she didn’t recognize, in blue-and-white striped boxer shorts and a white t-shirt.  The camera was stationary, probably mounted on a tripod, pointed straight at him.

Josh kind of half-smiled at the camera, and then lifted his ass and skootched off his shorts.  His erection flopped out.  It looked bigger on video that Beth remembered it being.

On the screen, the younger version of Josh started to stroke his cock.  Beth watched hungrily.  It had been a long dry spell since they had broken up the previous summer, and she hadn’t so much as touched a dick since, like, June.  Clean-up forgotten, she gazed, entranced, at the tv set as Josh slowly worked his cock up and down for the camera.

He was moving faster, more urgently now.  Without really realizing it, Beth slipped one hand down the front of her comfy pants and inside her panties.  What she found in there was well beyond just ‘moist’.  She slid her fingers up inside, getting them all nice and slippery.

Josh’s hand was pretty much a blur, pumping up and down his big dick.  Beth softly petted her clit as she watched.  Suddenly he went rigid, arched his back, and a perfect jet of come squirted out the end of his dick, puddling on his tummy.  He grinned sheepishly at the camera, wiped up with a Kleenex, and then moved out of the picture.  That was where the movie ended.  The rest of the tape was just snow.

-Holy Shit-

Beth kicked off her flannel pants and her panties; they were just getting in the way.  She picked out another unlabled tape from the pile and shoved it into the VCR.  This one was the dress rehearsal for somebody’s high school play.  It went straight into the trash.

The next tape looked to be more promising.  The video camera was pointed at the same bed, and there was a pretty cute twenty-something girl lying on the bed.  She was kind of chubby, in a cherubic way, and she had milk chocolate skin and frizzy black hair and big brown eyes and she was wearing blue jeans and a frilly white blouse.

Next thing, Josh came into the picture, clambering up onto the bed.  He grinned at the camera, the frizzy-haired girl grinned at him, and out came his cock, and off went her blouse!  She had quite a large pair of breasts, with silver dollar sized dark brown areole, and they looked really nice.  Josh started to masturbate as the blonde girl watched and idly played with her boobs.

Beth was masturbating as she watched the video, matching him stroke for stroke.  The frizzy-haired girl unbuttoned her jeans and stuck a hand down her pants.  Beth was hoping she would get naked, but no such luck; the pants stayed on.  Not even a glimpse of her pussy; Beth wondered if the hair down there was just as dark and curly as the hair on her head; or maybe she shaved.

Josh was obviously getting more and more excited.  The frizzy-haired girl’s plump brown breasts shook delightfully as Josh pumped himself.  She seemed to be whispering encouragement as she played with herself under her jeans.  He lifted himself up off the bed into a yogic pose, masturbating hard with one hand.  The girl pulled her hand out of her pants and pressed her breasts together, offering them up to him.

Beth and Josh came at the same time; the young Josh on the tv screen squirting his come all over the frizzy-haired girl’s tits, Beth gasping and shaking on her living room floor.

This was not the Josh that Beth had dated for six months.  That Josh had been tame in the bedroom; tender, giving, polite to a fault.  Suggestions of having a threesome or of making a sex video had been met with lukewarm response.  The kinkiest thing they had done together was -once- when they were both drunk, he had fucked her in the ass.  The sodomy was not repeated, despite broad hints from Beth that it would be more than welcome.  The vanilla-ness of their sex life was at least one big part of the reason they had split.  And yet, here he was, maybe ten years earlier, masturbating for a video camera.

Beth licked her tangy, slippery fingers, and slotted another unmarked tape.

Same bed; this time a boy she didn’t recognize was lounging self-consciously front and center.  He was young (teen-aged?) and skinny, with a crew cut and tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt.  He was pretty cute.

Josh entered the scene.  This was another version of the younger Josh, maybe a couple years older than in the first two videos, with a different haircut.  He climbed up onto the bed alongside the boy in the white t-shirt, and they kissed.  It was a long, tender, open-mouth kiss, and as Beth watched she felt herself get dripping wet all over again.  She shifted into a more comfortable position and rubbed her swelling clit as the boys on the bed peeled off their jeans and tighty-whities.

Two cocks on one bed!  Two big, hard delicious-looking cocks!  The kid (still in his white t-shirt) had a significantly longer dick, and was uncircumcised.  They sat on the bed, backs to the headboard, slowly stroking their cocks in perfect sync with each other.  Beth imagined being there too, sitting at the foot of the bed with her legs spread wide, her cunt on full display for their masturbatory pleasure.  Her clit felt like an over-inflated balloon.

On the bed, the guys were jerking off faster.  They were holding hands with their unoccupied hands, fingers clasped tight.  Suddenly, the boy threw his head back and came, squirting white boy-juice all over his smooth tummy.

Beth gasped, and penetrated herself deeply with three fingers.  Josh and the boy kissed hard and passionately as Josh continued to stroke his hard cock.  When they broke off the kiss, the kid dipped his finger into the pool of come that had formed on his stomach, swirled it around, and fed it to Josh, who eagerly sucked it off his finger.

Josh squeezed his eyes closed and wrinkled his forehead in concentration.  The kid, still in his white t-shirt, diminished cock dangling suggestively, reached over and started suckling on one of Josh’s nipples, pinching and pulling on the other one.

When Josh came, it was so violent it was almost scary.  His body spasmed like he was going into convulsions.  There was a squirt of white jizz that reached almost up to his chin.  Beth came right along with him.  Man!  If only it had been like that when they’d been together…!

A shower was in order: Beth was disheveled, sticky and sweaty.  There were still a bunch of unlabled tapes to explore, and the living room was a worse mess than when she’d started.  But before she did any more cleaning, Beth thought she might just have to dig out the video camera and make a tape of her own.


Jenny and Sara were hanging out in the apartment.  It was Friday night.  Jenny was knitting a hat for her new nephew; Sara was lounging on the couch in her shorts, reading a book.

Jenny looked up from her project.  It was almost nine.  “Aren’t you going out tonight?  Don’t you have a hot date with the girly?”

Sara looked up disgustedly from her book.  “Broke up.” she said tersely.  She and the New Girl had been inseparable for the past three weeks: Jenny had gotten used to only seeing her roommate early in the morning as she was getting ready for work, sometimes still wearing yesterdays clothes.

“Oh, I didn’t know.  I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be.” Sara slapped her book closed.  The title, Jenny saw, was Delta of Venus, which rung a bell for some reason.  “She had snakes in her head.”

“Well it sucks that things didn’t work out, but I guess it’s good that you got out before you got too involved.”

“Yeah…” Sara stretched and sighed, “There’ll be someone else… sometime… I guess.  What about you?  Any hot new boys on the horizon?

Jenny made a face and stuck her tongue out.  It had been a long dry spell.  “I haven’t had any volunteers lately.”

“Shoot Girl… If you fetched me a beer out of the fridge, I’d do ya!”

Jenny got up from the armchair and stepped into the kitchen.  “The only problem is you don’t have a penis!”

“You obviously haven’t looked in my sock drawer!” Sara said.  Jenny came back into the living room with two sweating cold bottles in hand.  She handed one to Sara.  “Thanks!”

Jenny sat back down and had a sip of her beer.  “Anyway,” she said primly, “Roommates shouldn’t sleep together.”

“Gawd,” Sara said, taking a long pull from her bottle, “I can’t believe I don’t have anything better to do on a Friday night than watch porn and whack off.  …  Gawd, I can’t believe I just said that.”

“Oh tell me about it!” Jenny giggled self-consciously, “…You have porn?”

“Oh, only tons and tons.”



“Like magazines, or what?”

“Mostly DVDs.”

“I’ve never seen a real porno…”

“You wanna watch one with me?”


Sara skipped up and ran into her bedroom, and came out with a short stack of disks.  “Here, pick one!”

Jenny nervously selected one, and Sara slipped it into the player.  “Good choice!”

There was no attempt at dialogue or storyline; just sex.  A big-titted, pierced goth girl and her boyfriend were going at it in their bedroom.  A little perfunctory kissing and making out, and then the clothes went flying, and she was all over his big dick.

“Wow… this is really… hot!”

“Yeah it is,” Sara said, “This is one of my favorites.  I like that they’re really into each other.”

“Do you think… I mean, would you mind if I masturbated?”

“Not at all!  Isn’t that kind of the point?  I hope you don’t mind if I join you?”

“Well I sure don’t mind…” On the tv, the raven-haired goth girl was doing her best to swallow her guy’s entire cock.  It was a formidable challenge, but she seemed to be enjoying trying.  “Gosh, I could sure go for some of that!  It’s been long enough!”

Only slightly self-consciously, Jenny pulled down her sweat pants and removed her white panties.  Sara shrugged off her shorts; conveniently enough she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Jenny sighed audibly as her fingers parted her moist lips.  On the screen, the couple had switched positions.  The guy (black-rimmed glasses and big black plugs in his earlobes) was going down on his girlfriend.  “Are they always shaved like that?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, mostly.  You should take off your top too.”

“You just want to see my boobs!” Sara grinned wolfishly.  “Well, ok.” Jenny peeled off her t-shirt and unsnapped her bra, setting her rather large breasts free.  “God this is hot!”


“I’ve never really watched porn before… and I’ve definitely never -you know- watched another girl…”

“Masturbate?” Sara’s fingers were busy between her spread-open thighs.

“Yeah.” Jenny was tracing her index finger up and down her slit, alternating her attention between the video and her roommate on the couch across from her.

“It’s pretty hot…”


“You look really good like that…” Jenny had a neatly trimmed brown triangle of pubic hair.  Her pink nipples were erect, her petite labia puffy and spread wetly apart.  The two had been roommates for nearly a year, and Sara had been more-or-less secretly lusting to see her naked that entire time.  Jenny was friendly, flirtatious, and came across as a bit of a prude, which only encouraged Sara’s attentions.

“Do you mind if we pause this for a second?”  The couple on tv had retired to their bed.  Goth girl was on her back on the bed with her pussy spread wide; Goth’s boyfriend was preparing to spear her with his oversized clean-shaven erection.  In the apartment, both Sara and Jenny were rubbing squishily away.  The temperature in the room seemed to have gone up about a dozen degrees, and the noise that Jenny’s pussy made as she masturbated was driving Sara up the wall.

“Sure,” Jenny said, “But not too long, ok?  Why?”
“I want to grab something out of my room.”

“Oh, ok…”  Jenny stretched and licked her sticky index finger.  “Did you know I can suck my own nipple?”

“Oh. God.” Sara got up and ran, half-naked, into her bedroom as Jenny proceeded to demonstrate.  She was back two seconds later with a handful of toys.  She pulled her sweatshirt off and flopped back onto the couch, spreading her legs as wide as she could and pointing her crotch directly at Jenny.

Jenny grinned and pressed ‘Play’ on the remote.

“Wow, that is so fucking sexy!”  Sara wasn’t sure if Jenny meant the porno (the couple was full-on fucking now, with some delicious close-ups of the penis-in-vagina action) or her own little show.  With her left hand she pressed a little chrome-plated vibrating egg against her engorged clitoris; with her right, she impaled herself with her big pink realistically-molded double-ended dildo.  As the silicone cock penetrated her pussy, and she felt the vibrations from the egg and Jenny’s hungry eyes on her, her first orgasm shuddered through her body.

“Damn, that thing’s big!  … Hey, is he going to do her in the ass?”

“Yeah” Sara said huskily.  The goth girl was on all fours on the bed, thrusting her rear up like a cat in heat.

“Can I pause the movie and grab something too?”

“Go right ahead!” What Sara was hoping that what Jenny wanted to grab was the other end of the double dildo now lodged halfway up her puss.  How good would those big nice-girl boobs feel pressed up against her own smaller ones, how would it feel to grind up against that pretty little pussy?!

But Jenny got up and ran/skipped naked into her own bedroom.  She was back a moment later with a bottle of lube in one hand and a black toy the size and shape of a large egg with a flat flange at the base.

“Does that go where I think it does?”

Jenny smiled sheepishly and poured clear sticky lube all over the butt-plug.  She pried open one butt cheek and, as Sara watched rapt, pressed the toy up against her tiny little rosebud.

For a second, Sara didn’t think it would go in at all: the toy was too big and Jenny’s ass was too little.  But Jenny’s butt was deceptive.  It was used to this kind of attention.  Her anus opened up and swallowed the big toy whole.  Jenny sighed aloud and strummed her clit, which was swollen and pink and visible from across the room.

On the tv screen, the goth girl was taking every inch of her boyfriend’s cock up her ass, and apparently enjoying every bit of it, but neither of the girls in the apartment were paying much attention.  Each one was intently watching the other whack off.  Sara was plunging the dildo vigorously in and out of her pussy; Jenny was busy drawing little concentric circles around her clit with one hand while she worked the toy in her ass with the other.

“Ah!  I’m going to fucking come like this!” Jenny gasped.

“Me too!  Don’t stop!”

They both came at the same time, writhing and gasping and moaning on the couch and the armchair.  Sara’s orgasm was like a speeding express train, blasting through her body and leaving her breathless.  Jenny came in a series of shuddering spasms, interspersed with a series of high-pitched half-sobs.  When she finally lay still, the butt plug came out of her ass with an audible -pop-.

Both girls giggled uncontrollably at that.  “If you had one bisexual bone in your body…” Sara said, slowly drawing the pink dildo out of her pussy, “my tongue would be so far up your ass right now…!”

“And I would be ALL over you… if I was the least little bit bisexual.”


Tammy and her new girlfriend were going at it again, and they weren’t even trying to be quiet.  The sounds of their sex seeped through the entire apartment, wafting through the paper-thin walls into the other two bedrooms.  Every time it started to seem like they might be done, they just started building up to another crescendo.  It seemed like both girls had the capacity for an infinite number of orgasms, and they both kept trying to one-up the other in the screaming intensity of their climaxes.

Jason didn’t mind.  He was kneeling naked on his own bed, a fat dildo shoved halfway up his ass, looking intently out the window: a pair of field glasses in one hand, his well-lubed dick in the other.  The binoculars were trained on one particular window one flight down and across the alley, and he slowly stroked himself as he watched the action.

Rachel could have turned on some music to drown out the sex noise, but she didn’t.  She kind of guiltily liked it.  It made her horny.  If she couldn’t get any, she figured, she might as well masturbate to the sound of somebody else getting some.

A light was on in the building across the way, and it happened to catch her eye when she glanced out her bedroom window.  What she saw took her breath away.

There was a couple in their own bedroom.  She recognized them, they were both twenty-somethings, she saw them around the neighborhood, getting off the subway or occasionally at the corner bodega.  He was pretty cute, in a geeky sort of way.

At the moment, he was wearing fishnet stockings and black heels and nothing else.  His cock was hard and it hung down thickly between his legs.  His girlfriend was nude, except for a strap-on harness and with a large purple dildo projecting from it.  It bounced obscenely as she moved.  Her breasts were beautiful: not large, but perfectly shaped.

Rachel was glued to the window pane.  A quick check with a couple fingers confirmed that she was soaking wet, slippery and juicy.  For just a moment, she considered getting up and tapping on Jason’s door, telling him what she had just discovered.

Down, across the alley, the cute guy was on his knees, worshipping his girlfriend’s dildo, sucking hungrily on it as if it were a real cock.  Rachel’s pjs were down around her ankles, her index finger busy on her swollen clit.  In the background, the feverish cries of lesbian lust were reaching yet another crest.

Rachel grabbed her vibrator, sliding it into her hungry wet pussy then pulling it out and pressing it up against her engorged clit.  She moaned out loud.

In the next room, Jason had dropped the binoculars.  One hand was busy sliding the dildo in and out of his tight asshole, the other hand was jerking his cock off feverishly.  As he watched the couple across the way, he imagined Rachel invading his anus, grasping his red-hot dick in her small hand.  With a long, drawn-out moan, he came, squirting pearly-white come all over his bedsheets.

Down across the alley, Cute Guy was on all fours, and his girlfriend was taking him from behind.  As Rachel worked the vibrator in and out and all over her tingling clit, she wondered what it would be like to wear a strap-on harness, and fuck a hot boy in the ass.  She wondered what it would feel like to be that Cute Guy, and have his blonde girlfriend fuck her from behind.  She wondered what Jason’s cock would feel like back there…

As her own orgasm washed through her, Rachel’s cries comingled with the screams and grunts coming from the bedroom of the over-sexed lesbians.

“Why oh why” she thought as her body shook and she started masturbating her way to another exquisite come, “Why doesn’t anything exciting ever happen to me?”


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The Roommate

I knew two things the moment I met my new roommate: the first was that I couldn’t stand the bitch; and the second was that I wanted her.

I didn’t even know that I was queer yet. I mean, I was fresh out of high school, and where I grew up you just didn’t talk about things like that. I had gone out with a few boys, even fooled around with them a little, just because I was curious, but I couldn’t really get into it. But girls… I would wiggle my clit silly thinking about girls. I had left many a damp spot on the chair surfing internet porn, looking at pretty naked girlies, but it had never really occurred to me that I might be a dyke.  I guess I was pretty deeply in denial.

So anyway, it was the first day of college, freshman year, and I was sitting around in my dorm room with my new friends, we were all taking hits off a bong, and I was thinking about how cool college was going to be; to actually be able to talk and interact with other people, people who don’t care how they dress and aren’t into sports, and read books and actually have two brain cells to rub together. And where I could get high without being worried about anybody’s parents walking in. Right into the middle of this impromptu gathering, Sara walked in.

“Hey, you must be my new roommate.” I said. They had sent everyone a picture of their roommate. She was Asian, Japanese I think. She stood there in the doorway, looking at us disapprovingly. She wore neatly pressed black slacks and a white blouse. Just a hint of makeup. Her short black hair was impeccable. She sniffed.

“If you insist on using illegal drugs”, she said airily, “Please refrain from doing so in our dorm.” There was just the tiniest hint of an accent in her speech.

My new friends and I exchanged glances. Great. So this was my roommate. We moved to a less uptight dorm room. But not before I lusted after her. She stood there in the doorway, waiting for us to leave. She had two bags, the kind that stewardesses carry their gear in. She was a little shorter than me, but standing straight up she gave the impression of tallness. Her breasts were small and pert underneath her blouse. I am a sucker for small, pert breasts. Her lips, pursed in a frown, looked full and kissable. I wondered what she sounded like when she came.

Things were frosty between us from day one. Sara was a couple years older than the other freshmen, and she held herself aloof from the rest of us.  Fortunately for my sanity, she took a very heavy course load, and I rarely had to see her. I took to avoiding my dorm room if I knew she was going to be home.

I remember the first time I saw her naked. It was a Saturday morning. I had just woken up, and I was lying in bed, reading the book I had put down the night before. I could hear the water running; she was in the shower. The water stopped. I could hear her in the bathroom, drying off. Then she came out of the bathroom, stark naked. I may have actually gasped. There she was, totally nonchalant, walking around completely nude. I tried not to stare. She had a beautiful body. Slim and toned, she had a flat tummy and long, smooth legs. Her breasts had a slight upward turn to them, with small brown nipples like Hershey’s Kisses, and they jiggled pleasantly as she moved. She had a neat triangle of jet black hair above her pussy. She ignored me as she went about her morning business, making no attempt to cover herself. I pretended to read as I watched her parade around naked. She had such a beautiful ass, firm and shapely. Finally she got dressed and went out. My pussy was soaking. My fingers wasted no time, pulling on my nipples and stroking my clit, I gave myself a rocking good orgasm right then and there.

After the second or third time this happened, it might have occurred to me that she was doing this on purpose.  Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, you know.

I would have a beer or two sometimes, and I smoked pot when it was available, but I definitely wasn’t into the party scene. I was a nerd in high school, and it was the same in college. Sara wasn’t a party girl either. That’s why I was so surprised when she stumbled in late on a Friday night. I wasn’t really asleep, just teetering on the edge of it. I had gotten high with some friends earlier, and then lain in bed reading for a while. I had only turned off the lights a little while before. At the time iit had seemed a little strange that Sara was still out. Maybe she had a date. We never talked any more than absolutely necessary.

Anyway, she came stumbling in. I felt the light from the hallway on my eyelids. I heard the door slam shut. I looked at the glowing green digits on my alarm clock: almost 1:30. I could hear her getting undressed. I wished I could watch, but it was dark, and my eyes weren’t adjusted.

She fell into bed with me. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I wondered for a second if she was so drunk she had gotten into the wrong bed. Then I felt her exploring hands under the sheets, and I knew that there was no mistake. Her hands were roaming all over my body, touching me softly, and I arched my back and shivered with pleasure. I had never been intimately touched by another girl, and I loved it. Inexorably, her roaming fingers found my breasts, my nipples already erect and aching. Her fingers pinched and twisted, sending little shocks through my body, straight down to my throbbing clit. Her mouth found my breast, sucking and nibbling, as her hands worked their way down my body, seeking that wet place between my legs. God, I wanted her. My legs were spread wide for her, my cunt swollen and drenched. I could feel her heavenly naked body pressed against mine. Her long, delicate fingers penetrated me. I was coming, and she hadn’t even found my clit yet. My hips bucked as she fucked me. She was fucking me hard, slamming two or three fingers in and out of my gaping pussy. Her thumb kept banging into my clit, making me gasp with pleasure. I came and came. I wanted so badly to taste her, to suck her clit into my mouth, to lick her pussy, drink her juices, to make her cry out. When I was done coming, Sara disentangled herself from my body and got out of bed. I started to get up after her, but she pushed me gently but firmly back down. I lay there, confused sweaty and sticky, as she went to the bathroom and from there to her own bed.

She had nothing to say to me the next morning. She was awake before me, and parading around the dorm naked. God, how I loved her body. I watched unabashedly as she got dressed. She gave me a look that might have been contempt, or might have been something else, and then she was gone. I had no idea what to say to her.

This happened several times that semester. We never talked about it.  With no warning whatsoever, Sara would crawl into bed with me and fuck me silly. Sometimes she would go down on me, other times she would just use her fingers. She never kissed me, and I was never allowed to touch her back. I thought I would go crazy. She obviously enjoyed teasing me, being naked in front of me, distracting me when I was on the phone or trying to study.

It was finals week. The weather outside was crisp and cold: snow was in the air. I had a ton of studying to do. In high school I had never studied; I had discovered early on that I could get good grades and barely even pay attention in class. College was different. Here I had to work my ass off to keep my GPA up.  I had two finals the next day, and I was worried about them. Sara was in the room too, working naked at her computer. It’s a measure of how hard I was studying that I was hardly aware of her presence.

“Do you want to fuck me?” All of a sudden Sara was standing right next to my desk. I was speechless. “I said,” she went on in that crisp, clipped, weirdly accented voice of hers,  “do you want to fuck me? Tell me now, Yes or No.”

Her chocolate nipples were hard; I could tell she was excited. “Yes.” I answered.

“Well if you want to fuck me, you’ll have to earn the privilege. Take your clothes off, now.”

I felt her eyes on me as I undressed. I was totally disconcerted. She had seen me naked before, been incredibly intimate with my body, and yet I felt suddenly shy and awkward, ungainly and gauche. She was observing me, silent. I unbuttoned my jeans and kicked them off. Her legs were so long and smooth and toned and mine—well mine aren’t. I could almost physically feel her eyes groping my crotch as I pulled off my panties. My pussy, hot and wet, was responding to her, even as my brain reeled in stunned confusion.

“Come here.” She wanted me to kneel. I knelt in front of her, on my knees on the cold tile floor of our dorm room. Her black bush was right at my face level. I could feel her heat on me, smell her musk. She smelled sexy.

“Touch yourself. I want you to masturbate while you look at me.” My fingers darted between my legs. I was totally turned on. I was wet and slippery. I worshipped her body with my eyes as I slid my fingers up and down my slit.

“Do you want me girl? Do you?”

“Yes. Oh Yes I do.  Yes please.

“Then taste me.” She spread her labia with two fingers. Her cunt glistened with wetness. Her little clit peeked out from under its hood, pink and erect. I stuck out my tongue, moving my face toward her pussy, aching to taste her at last.

And then she let go and peed. The stream caught me in the face. Some splashed in my eye, and it stung. It felt hot on my skin. Before I even realized it, I was drinking her, letting her urinate into my open mouth. It seemed to go on forever. It didn’t taste bad. It didn’t really taste. I swallowed and drank more. I felt like a slave. I was worshipping at her church. Finally she was done.

“You missed some.” There was a small puddle on the floor. Her pee was all over my face. I realized that I was crying, tears were running down my cheeks, mixing with the urine. I licked her piss up off the floor.

“What a good girl.” She lay down on my bed, face down. “Now come here and eat me out.”

I came to her. She raised her hips for me. I could feel the heat radiating from her cunt. Her pussy pouted open, labia swollen and purple. I wanted her. I wanted to devour her, to taste her nectar. Nuzzling up behind her, I stuck out my tongue and licked her pussy. It was soaking wet, slipper and sexy. I wanted more.

She reached back and pulled my hair, hard. “No, that’s not for you.” She spread her asscheeks wide. Her tiny brown asshole winked lewdly at me. So that was what she wanted!  Well, that was OK by me.  I licked up and down her crack, feeling her soft skin on my tongue, losing myself in her ass. She sighed and ground herself onto my face. I stuck out my tongue and touched her anus. She jumped a little. I pushed deeper, exploring her ass with my tongue, fucking that little hole with it. She opened up to me, letting me ream her out with my tongue. Her musk was all over my face. I could feel her fingers inside her pussy, masturbating furiously as I tongued her asshole. She was so hot inside. I could hear the slurping sounds as she fingered herself. She was fucking my face with her ass, grinding onto my tongue, calling me a bitch and a fucking slut and a whore as she came, and suddenly I was coming, wave after wave of spasms rocking through me, as I licked her asshole and fingered my clit. I came and came, like I never had before. My clit seemed like the center of the universe, my cunt a giant lotus. I buried myself in her ass.

Sara kissed me softly on the lips and thanked me. We cuddled for a while on my bed.  Then I took a shower. After that she took a shower and I fell asleep. When I woke up again she was gone. The next day was finals, and then I flew back home for Christmas. When I came back from vacation, all her stuff had disappeared. When I asked, they told me she had transferred to another school.


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The Window

I was 22, and I had just moved to New York City. For the first few weeks, while I looked for a place of my own, my friends Kevin and Anna were kind enough to let me stay at their apartment. They had a fifth floor walk-up on Manhattans’ Upper West side, with a comfortable old couch that I could sleep on.

Kevin and Anna both worked during the day, so I had the place to myself during the days. I got into the habit of lounging around all morning, then going out in the afternoon to look for apartments and to try and find a job.

I’d been in the city two weeks. My friends were great about letting me stay in their place; they said I was welcome as long as I needed to; but I still felt uncomfortable living in someone else’s space. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find an apartment here; and how expensive rent was. I didn’t have any leads on a job either, and I felt oppressed by the noise and crowds of the city. I was starting to think that moving here had been a huge mistake, that I should get myself a bus ticket back to Ohio.

It was about 11 in the morning, and I was walking around in the apartment wearing nothing but a pair of panties. I’d made a pot of coffee, and I was on my way back to the couch to drink a cup and scan Craigslist when I noticed her.

I’ve never been the type to turn heads on the street or stop traffic; you’d better love me for my personality. I am tall (almost 6’1″); my breasts are on the small side, and my hips are on the wide side. I wear glasses. You could describe me as plain, though I might prefer “bookish” or even “nerdy”.

Anyway, there she was, framed in the window of the apartment across the alley: a blonde girl, I’m a lousy judge, but she was probably about my own age, maybe a little younger, watching me, with my boobs hanging out and a cup of coffee in one hand. I hadn’t even brushed my hair yet. She was slim, with long blonde hair, high, arched, perpetually amused eyebrows, a pale complexion, and a large bust that was just barely confined underneath her white t-shirt. She was about 20 feet away, staring intently at me through her window.

We made eye contact, and I have to confess that I blushed. I didn’t know how to react. After a second, I kept walking, over to the couch where I sat down to drink my coffee. I was rattled by the experience. I tried to read the apartment listings, but I couldn’t concentrate. I sure don’t consider myself a prude, but I was shaken by the idea that a total stranger had just seen me half naked. I often walked around the apartment topless when my hosts weren’t home. I wondered how often the girl across the alley had seen me. She was quite pretty, beautiful even. I wasn’t used to being looked at like that; not by strangers certainly.

I tried to let it go, but it wouldn’t let go. I finished my coffee. I wanted to get a second cup. I wondered if she was still there in the window. I thought about covering myself up, putting on a shirt. I decided not to.

I got up and went back across the living room. I noticed that my nipples were hardening, and I felt that familiar warm tingling in my clitoris. It had been a long time since I had been touched. I stopped in front of the window.

She was still there. We made eye contact for a second. I blushed again, bright red I’m sure, but she didn’t look away. I swear I could literally feel her eyes traveling over my body. I felt like a stripper or a centerfold or something.

I don’t know what came over me.  I reached up and tweaked my nipples, pinching and twisting them. It felt really nice. I moved my hands away, showing her the results of my handiwork; my nipples were pink and erect. I thought I saw the tiniest little smile play across her face. Then I lost my nerve. I ran back to the couch, safely out of sight of the living room window. I realized that my pussy was wet. I mean really wet. I hadn’t touched myself since I had been there; there was too much stress, and I felt weird about masturbating in my friends’ place. Now I pulled my panties down, and got myself off right there on the couch; on my knees with my tits hanging down and my ass in the air, rubbing my clit till I came explosively, imagining the pretty blonde girl taking me from behind.

The next time I walked across the living room, she was gone. I was a little disappointed. But I had to get dressed and start my day anyway. I looked across the alley several times before I went out, but I didn’t catch another glimpse of her.

I had no luck apartment and job searching that day. By the time I got home, it was almost dark, and I was exhausted. Anna and Kevin had kind words for me; it was hard to get started in the city, something would come up, I just had to be patient. Across the alley, I could see that a blind had been drawn, covering the neighbors’ window. I fell asleep early and had dark and confusing dreams.

When I woke up, Kevin and Anna were already at work. They had left a full pot of coffee, half a tray of rice crispy treats, and a note that had encouraging words on it. I stood in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, eating a rice crispy treat and read their note. ‘Don’t give up’ it said ‘Remember, you can make it here, you can do this. Don’t let it get you down, it just takes time.’

I felt a little better after reading their note. Then I remembered the girl in the window. I wondered if the blind was still down. A cup of coffee in one hand, a rice crispy treat in the other, my breasts hanging free, wearing nothing but my cotton pajama bottoms, I walked over to the living room window to see. The blind was gone, allowing me to see into the neighbors’ living room, but the blonde girl wasn’t there. Had I imagined her? Was she just a phantom of an over-stressed and over-sexed imagination?  I put my coffee and my breakfast down, and went to the bathroom to pee and to deal with my hair.

When I came out again, I was ready for another cup. On the way to the kitchen, I saw her. She was sitting in a chair next to her window.  I was still wearing my pajama pants, and nothing else. This time I was sure I saw her smile, in a shy sort of way. I smiled back at her.

She was wearing a little lavender top that said ‘sexy’ in sparkly letters across the front. It was obvious that she had nice sized boobs, quite a bit larger than my own. Her eyes seemed to trace my body up and down, sizing me up. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I cupped my own breasts, lifting and squeezing them for her. My nipples were already hard. I could feel a warm moist knot forming between my legs.

She was definitely smiling now; a big happy smile that showed off her perfect teeth, framed by perfect lips, glossy and pink. She peeled off her tank top, revealing a smooth, flat tummy, and a white bra that was nice and full of boob. She pulled aside one cup, exposing a perfect, pale tit, with a lovely pink nipple at its center. A thick steel ring pierced her nipple.

A wave of lust rushed through me, literally making me dizzy. I felt sexy, being on display like this. I felt like a porn star.  I stuck a hand down the front of my pjs, probing the slippery wetness between my legs. I ran my finger up and down my slit while she watched. My clit was singing. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

I really couldn’t believe myself. I’m not usually an exhibitionist, not at all. All my life I’ve been painfully shy.  She was certainly beautiful, but definitely not the type I’m usually attracted to; I usually go for girls who are a little edgy, a little punk, with short hair and leather jackets. This girl had painted her finger nails bright red; I never ever paint my nails.

She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, and her tits swung free. They were the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, in porn or otherwise. I felt suddenly self conscious about my own small and pointy ones. Hers were round and full, but not at all saggy; they hardly seemed to need a bra. Her nipples were smallish and pink, pointed slightly up. A thick, steel ring pierced each nipple. Her eyes seemed to dare me to go further.

I undid the drawstring of my pajamas, and let them slide down my legs, exposing my nudity. I could feel her eyes on my pussy, where my clit throbbed under an unruly patch of dark hair. I reveled in the lust of the moment.

With two fingers, I spread my pussy lips, exposing my inner labia to her. I couldn’t believe how wet I was already. My clit ached, needing to be touched, and soon. My pussy was drooling, I could feel the wetness on my thighs. I wondered if she could see just how wet I was.

She stood up, revealing a tight pair of blue jeans. Her nipple rings jiggled and gleamed in the morning light. She turned around. She had a sexy, muscular back. She unsnapped her jeans and stepped out of them. She was wearing a pink thong. Now, I don’t usually go for butt-floss, but damn! her ass looked great; round and smooth and firm, with the tiniest thread of material running down the middle. I wanted to touch it so badly, to tear that tiny thong right off her ass and stick my face between her cheeks.

She turned again to face me, and pulled her nipple rings, elongating her nipples, lifting her boobs up. I was rubbing myself rhythmically now, running my fingers up and down my wet pussy, just grazing my clit. Her legs were long and well muscled. I think she may have been a dancer. I imagined being squeezed between those thighs. My eyes coveted that little pink triangle of cloth that barely covered her pussy.

As if she could read my mind, she hooked her thumbs under her panties and pulled them off. She was bare underneath it; completely shaved or waxed except for an ornamental little strip of hair, like an exclamation point on her mound. Not my style at all, but it looked great on her. Between her puffy labia, a small silver ring peeked out. A clit ring, or a hood piercing. She licked a finger, and then placed it on her pussy lips. Her vagina seemed to bloom. She stood with her legs spread, running her fingers up and down her sex. I could see her fingers glistening with girl-come.

We stood across the alley, watching each other masturbate. She was playing with a nipple with one hand, pulling the ring hard and twisting it, pinching and flicking it. Her fingers ran up and down her pussy, sometimes slipping inside. Unconsciously, I matched her pace. She dropped her other hand to her clit. We fucked our pussies with our fingers and drilled our clits. I felt the orgasm building in my toes, rising through my legs into my spine and then it washed over my body. Across the way, I could see her stomach spasming, her breasts shaking, two fingers completely buried in her vagina, her other hand a blur as she rode her own climax. I came in wave after wave. When it was finally over, she blew me a kiss, then turned around, and ran out of my sight. I took a shower.

As the warm water washed the sex smell and sweat from my body, I replayed the show we had just put on across the alley, and before I knew it, I was turned on again. I lay down in the tub, and turned the faucet full on my spread pussy. The sensation of the warm water washing over me was enough to push me over again. My legs were spread wide, and my clit stood proudly out from its little hood. I fingered myself to my third orgasm of the morning there in the bathtub.

It was a long shower. When I came out again, modestly wrapped in a towel, the room across the alley was empty. After I got dressed, I checked again, but now the shade was pulled down.

I woke up early the next morning. I had breakfast with Anna and Kevin. They had a friend of a friend who might know about a place for me. I was going to meet with him that afternoon. They wished me luck and left for work.

I was ready for her this time. I sat naked on the chair by the window, waiting for her. She showed up half an hour later. She was wearing black stretchy jeans that fitted her tightly, showing off every curve, and a black stretch top. Even across the alley, I could make out her pierced nipples through the tight fabric.

She smiled at me and waved, turning around once to show off. Her tight ass looked heavenly under the stretchy pants.

Then she pulled off her black top, setting her boobs free. They jiggled beautifully. We played with our nipples, teasing ourselves and each other across the alleyway. I was making a big damp spot on Anna and Kevin’s chair; I was going to have to clean that up later. I couldn’t take it any more; I had to touch my pussy.

I stood up, putting my pussy on display. I rubbed myself up and down, circled my clit, licking my fingers off as seductively as I knew how.

She gave me a big smile, and stepped out of her tight black jeans. She was naked underneath. Her pussy was in clear view, and looked delicious, and I felt a rush of excitement as she began to touch herself in time with me. We just stood there and watched each other masturbate for a while. It felt so good I never wanted to stop.

She gave me another big smile and reached down to grab something. She came up with a toy in her hand. It was a vibrator, big and pink and penis shaped.

She put the vibrator in her mouth, sucking it like a cock.  If this had been a scene in a porn film, I would have laughed and mocked it mercilessly; from this perspective though, what she was doing was sexy as hell.

When she took the toy out of her mouth, it was wet and slick with saliva.  She winked at me, and twisted the knob at the base.

Her pussy opened up and swallowed the vibrator. I could see her shaved lips bulging out around it. She closed her eyes and pushed it all the way up inside. She stepped up one leg, steadying herself against the wall and putting her foot on the window sill to give me a better view. I did the same, exposing myself to her as intimately as I could. I could see her clit ring shaking as she fucked herself. Strands of sticky wetness clung to the toy as it slid in and out.  She was fucking herself in earnest now.  Her pierced boobs shook with each stroke. I could see her getting lost in the pleasure, approaching orgasm as she watched me masturbate.

Very deliberately, I turned around, spread my ass cheeks, and slipped my index finger up my own anus, as I feverishly rubbed my swollen clit. That was all it took.  I exploded, the orgasm shaking my body again and again. I came over and over, fingering my asshole, rubbing my clit until it was too tender to be touched.  Behind me, across the alley, I heard her cry out above the street noise, through the glass, high-pitched and desperate.

At last it was over. I turned back to the window.  Her breasts were flushed mottled red.  She gently extracted the vibrator from her pussy and smiled, licked the tip.  I blew her a kiss, then went to take a shower. By the time I was out, she was gone again.

That afternoon, I found my apartment. I could move in right away. I was elated. I got a call for a job interview. I went out to celebrate with Kevin and Anna. We drank quite a lot and had a good time.

The next morning I looked for the neighbor girl, but she didn’t show. I had a big day in front of me. I packed my bags, and got ready for the trip to Brooklyn, where I was going to live. Before I left, I took one last look out the window. The room across the alley was empty. I locked the door after me and walked down the five flights of stairs. I never saw the pretty blonde girl again.


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Dana and I had been together for almost three years, and our sex life was in the doldrums.  It’s not as if the sex was bad; it had just gotten routine. God help me but it was getting boring.

We had sex once, possibly twice a week.  It was fun; we had good orgasms and we knew how to push each others buttons: once in a while Dana would fuck me in the ass, and once in a while I would give her a good spanking.  Maybe that was part of the problem; we knew each other a little too well, knew just what buttons to push.  There was no spontaneity, no experimentation.  It hadn’t been like that at first.  In the beginning, we had been firecrackers: constantly at it, always in the sack, experimenting and pushing each others limits.  At some point, I don’t know when, sex had become a habit.  A nice habit to be sure, but a habit nonetheless.

I found myself looking and flirting more and more, and spending more time checking out porn on the internet.  This trend made me sad, because I love Dana, and I wanted to be her girl forever.  But I didn’t stop looking.

It was late June, and we were suffering through the first heat wave of what promised to be a long and stifling summer.  Dana and me were hanging out in the bedroom in front of our first big purchase together: the air conditioner.  We both had our period that week, so sex was off the menu.  A year ago that wouldn’t have stopped us; it wouldn’t even have slowed us down.

“Jonathan called me up yesterday.”

“Yeah?”  I rolled over languidly.  Jonathan was Dana’s little brother; he had just graduated from high school, and would be starting at NYU in the fall.

“He was wondering if he could stay with us for a while this summer before school starts.”

“Sure” I said “Why not? He’s a neat kid.”  Dana and I shared a rent-stabilized one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg.  By some standards it was small, but to us it was practically a mansion.  There was a futon couch in the living room that could be used as a bed by guests.

“Cool” Dana said “I’ll let him know.”

“Did you warn him about New York City in the summer?”  We were both in bra and panties, barricaded inside the only cool room in the place.   And it was still only June.


“Well, it’s his funeral then.”


A few weeks later, Jonathan showed up on our stoop.  He was a neat kid; I had already met him a couple times by then.  Dana’s family had been very understanding when she came out of the closet; they had had us up to their house for dinner, and I had spent last Christmas with them.  I guess it’s never easy, but they had all tried real hard.  They had been a lot cooler than my own family, that was for sure.

Jonathan was a skinny, sandy-haired kid, with glasses and a cute little pony tail.  He was 19, and bouncing off the walls with energy.  He was smart and funny (much like his older sister), and it was good to have him around.  We set him up in the living room.  He didn’t come with much in terms of clothes and things. Guys, how do they do it?  We all got along really well, though truth be told we didn’t all hang out together very often.  Dana and I both worked full time, and Jonathan took to the city like a fish to water.  He spent all his time in the parks, galleries, and museums, sketching in his pad.  He had some talent, that kid.

Dana and I had to be a little more careful about walking around the place topless, and leaving dildos laying around; but if Jonathan found it strange living with two lesbians, he was polite enough not to say anything.


I got home from work early, which was nice because I would still get paid for a full eight hours.  I was through the door and into the living room before I even noticed.  I don’t know who was more embarrassed.

Jonathan was stretched out on the futon, naked from the waist down, with his (sizeable!) erect cock still squeezed in one hand.  A DVD was playing on the tv. One of our DVDs; punk rock girls with pink hair and piercings fucking each other in the ass with some exceptionally large and exotic dildos.

I don’t think either one of us knew what to say at that moment.  I stood there for a moment, my mouth hanging open I’m sure, like some dopey cartoon character.  Jonathan was frozen, mid stroke, on the futon.

“Excuse me, I’m so sorry” I said, and turned around and walked straight out the door.  I went for a long walk, which ended up in a bar near the river, and it was getting dark by the time I went home.  Dana was there, but Jonathan wasn’t.  I didn’t mention the incident to her.


I didn’t find myself alone with Jonathan for another week.  Things were a little weird in the mean time- he gave me a look, I gave him a smile, he blushed, I looked away –but not very weird.  It really wasn’t a problem.

That Friday, I didn’t have to work until late.  Dana kissed me and left for work; I slept in.  After my shower, I sat down at the kitchen table to my coffee and corn flakes.  That was when I noticed Jonathan.  He was laying on the futon, wearing boxers and a t-shirt.  I was embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed him. I didn’t want him to think that I was ignoring him; I’m just dense in the mornings.

“Hey Liz” he said “I’m really sorry about last week.”

“Don’t worry about it” I said “It’s really not a problem.” I laughed a little “Plus, if we didn’t want you checking out our porn, I guess we shouldn’t have left it lying around.”

“Um thanks”

“Just don’t leave any stains on the couch.” That got a laugh. “It’s not like Dana and me haven’t left any stains of our own there” Another laugh.  “Want a cup of coffee?”

“I don’t usually drink coffee.”

“Well, it’s time you started.”

He got up and poured himself a big glass of orange juice and joined me at the table.  He still had bed head, and looked really cute.

“Can I ask you something Liz?”

“Shoot.  Ask away.”

He blurted it out in one breath “What do girls get out of it anyway?  I mean the, you know, the anal sex thing?”

Wow, that wasn’t what I had been expecting, not at all.  “Um, I don’t know” I said “It’s kind of forbidden and naughty, um but mostly it uh, just feels good.”  We were both blushing now, and then we both had to laugh at how embarrassed we both were.  “Have you done that with a girl yet?”

Now Jonathan was really blushing.  It was awful darn cute.

“Come on now” I joshed “didn’t you ever fuck some cute little high school girl up the butt?”

If he turned any more red, he could have easily been mistaken for an outsized tomato.  “No, actually” he managed “I never did that.”

We both got the giggles.  When I could talk again, I asked “You’re not a virgin then, are you?”


“No!  You’re not, are you?”

“What if I was?  Is that so bad?”

“No… not at all.” I floundered “Some of my best friends are still virgins” Now that was patently untrue. “I didn’t lose mine until I was twenty.” That was true.  “It’s not a big deal.  Not a big deal at all.  I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

Now I was the one who looked like a tomato.

“So it really feels nice?”


“You know… doing it in the butt.”

“Oh yeah” I said “really good.  If you ask me anyway.”

“It’s funny” he said “I always thought that it was something that guys did to girls… or gay guys did to each other.  I always thought that it would just hurt for the um, the person who…”

“Who gets fucked in the ass?”

“Yeah, that.”

“Nope, it’s not supposed to.  Not if you do it right.”

I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation, not with my girlfriends’ kid brother.  I guess he couldn’t believe it either.  He got up and got a bowl of cereal.  I couldn’t help noticing that there was a lump in the front of his shorts.  A pretty nice looking lump.  I could hardly blame him; I realized that I was physically excited myself.


That night, after I got home from work, I pounced on Dana.  Jonathan was asleep on the couch; Dana had stayed up reading, waiting for me to get home.  It was sweet of her.

I couldn’t get naked fast enough.  She was still wearing panties.  The air conditioning felt nice on my skin.  It was hot as fuck in the rest of the apartment.  I fell onto Dana, kissing madly, touching and caressing, squeezing and grabbing.

“Ooh, You’re a tiger tonight” she said “Lucky me!”

“I am so fucking horny!” I whispered in her ear “I can’t wait to fuck you hard.”

“Oh Baby” she arched her back to give me better access to her fantastic breasts “Come on and fuck me now!”

At that moment, that was all the invitation I needed.  Foreplay is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you need to cut right to the chase.  I got up and started fumbling with the straps on our harness.  I realized that it had been a couple months since we had even used the thing.  Dana was peeling off her black panties.

“God Liz, you look so sexy wearing that thing!”  A large purple dildo protruded lewdly from my crotch, bouncing up and down as I moved.

“Call me Jonathan.”


“Say it.”

“Well, you’re quite the kinky one tonight”

“Say it.”

“Come on Jonathan…” she couldn’t look me in the eye “Come on little bro, come fuck me with that delicious cock of yours!”

I could tell just from looking that she was super turned on: her pussy was all swollen and she was practically making a puddle on the bed.  Her clit stuck out like a hard little eraser head.  Me, I was soaked.

“Suck my dick Sis.”

“Shh!  He’ll hear.  You’ll wake him up!”  Jonathan was sleeping (I hoped) just the other side of our thin bedroom wall.

“Go on, suck my dick.”

She licked and slurped the dildo while I pinched and pulled her sensitive nipples.  She looked really sexy like that: kneeling on the bed with her mouth full of my purple dick; but neither of us could wait much longer.

I pulled out of her mouth, stood over her, mock threatening.  “You want your brother’s dick now?”

“Oh yeah Jonathan, come on and fuck me.”

“You want me to fuck you with my big virgin cock?”


“Oh Yeah.”

“Please fuck me now Bro.”

I knelt between her spread legs, teasing the outside of Dana’s drooling pussy with the head of the dildo.  I couldn’t believe how turned on we were.

“Where do you want me to fuck you Big Sister?”

“My ass.”

Funny, usually it was me begging for attention in that particular hole.  “You want me to fuck your ass?”

“Oh… put in my pussy then in my ass.”

I couldn’t tease her any longer.  I thrust forward, burying my artificial cock in her juicy pussy.  It felt so good to be inside her.  I fell on top of her, squishing our boobs together, humping her pussy and kissing her.  “You like having your little brothers’ cock in your pussy?”

“Mmm Jonathan… Oh so good… Oh yeah…”

I love watching Dana come.  Her eyes squeezed tight, her breasts flushed red and her breath came in little gasps.  I felt so powerful at that moment, plowing her sweet pussy as her body shook with orgasm.  I kept on fucking her.

“Oh Jonathan, fuck my ass right now.”  Dana had a far away look in her eyes.  I pulled the shaft out of her.  It was liberally coated with her juices.  Her come looked really sexy spread all over my cock.

“Should I grab the lube?”

“I don’t think so… think I’m plenty wet already.”

I was playing with her tiny little brown hole with my index finger.  I’d fucked her there a couple of times in the past, but we had always had to take it super slow.

“Put it in Little Brother… Put your cock up my ass right now!”

Well, I wasn’t about to argue with that!  I maneuvered the end of the dildo against her puckered little opening.  Gently, slowly, I pressed forward a little.  She pressed back against me.  Entranced, I watched as her body opened up for me.  The fat dildo slipped right up inside her.

My cock was all the way up her butt.  Her cunt was spread obscenely in front of me, juicy and swollen.  Her clit was more erect than I had ever seen it.  It looked like a big fat pink pearl perched at the top of her pussy.

“Do you like that?  You like having your brother’s cock up your ass?”

“Oh yeah!  Oh Jonathan… it’s so good… so nasty!  Oh God yeah Jonathan, fuck my ass with that cock… yeah, do it Bro!”

Now I was the one who was worried about Jonathan hearing us.  I fucked her ass, hard and deep, reveling in the sight of my lover squirming on the end of my cock.  Dana played with her nipples, pulling and twisting as I fucked her.

“Oh Liz it’s so good… I need you… I need your pussy on my mouth.” No argument from me! “Leave it in me though.”

I disentangled myself from the strap-on harness, leaving the purple dildo buried in Dana’s ass.  It was then that I realized just how wet I was: my thighs were totally covered in joy juice; sticky strings of come leaked from my slit.

We arranged ourselves into a 69.  Her tongue found my clit right away; her fingers probed my pussy and asshole.  We weren’t going to last much longer.

I licked her swollen clit hard, and spanked her beautiful ass till it was red with my handprints.

“You nasty little slut” I said between slurps “Horny little tramp” Smack, smack! “Fucking your own brother like that” The dildo wiggled obscenely in her asshole “Fucking your brothers’ cock…”

My own orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave, and I ground myself onto her mouth, concentrating as best I could on her button.  I felt Dana go off under me, wiggling and moaning and squirming.  It seemed to go on forever, like an endless white water rapids of pleasure.

We lay like that for a little while, a sweaty sticky human knot.  When we had disentangled and cleaned up, we cuddled for a while before drifting off.

“That was very kinky” Dana said “We should do that one again.”

“MmmHmm” I murmured sleepily “We sure should.”


Jonathan got home later than usual.  He had been drinking, I could tell.  Sweet kid, and no tolerance for alcohol whatsoever.

Dana was off at a dinner with some of her college friends; I’m embarrassed to say that I had been on the internet, surfing porn all evening.

I came out into the living room as Jonathan fell onto the futon.  I was feeling naughty and randy.  I had been replaying the events of the other night over and over in my head.  When Dana got home, she was in for some hot action!

I sat down next to Jonathan on the couch/bed.  “So which one is your favorite?” I asked, indicating the stack of DVDs under the tv.  It was pretty clear that I wasn’t asking him whether he preferred The Princess Bride or The Drunken Master.

This was really unfair of me, and I don’t know why I said it.  I was sure though, that he must have watched all our pornos by now.  I would have.

“Um…” he was blushing again.  It was so cute.  “This one.”  He pulled out the disk that I had walked in on him watching the other week.  It happened to be one of my favorites too.  Without a word, I slipped the disk into the player.

We watched silently for a little while.  I wasn’t sure just what I was starting here, but the sexual energy in the room was so intense you could have cut it with a knife.  On the screen, a busty chick was dancing around for us, gyrating and masturbating with a black horsehair-tailed dildo up her butt.

“Liz, you like that don’t you- you know, in your ass?”

“Oh Yeah.”

“I think I might too” He was so cute “I mean I’ve never tried it, but…”

“Do you want to masturbate?”  Oh God, I couldn’t believe I just said that.

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Oh no, not at all.  Not one bit.”

Jonathan stood up, dropping his jeans and boxers.  His cock sprung free.  It was a beautiful dick; big and thick and hard, uncircumcised, with a lovely purple head.  He wasn’t very hairy, and his balls were drawn up tight.  He looked delicious.

He started stroking himself next to me on the couch.  It took all my self restraint (what there was left of it) to not suck him into my mouth right at that instant.  On the tv, two girls were getting it on in a hallway.

“Lie down on your side” I told him quietly.  He had the cutest little ass, tight and muscular, two perfect handfuls.  I traced up and down the crack of his butt cheeks as he stroked.  I could hear him breathing, thick and raspy.

I let my finger slip between his cheeks, searching for that special place that I lusted after.  I found what I was looking for.

“Is this ok?”


I wet my finger in my mouth and returned it to his opening.  He was stroking himself slowly.

I circled, tickled, caressed.

“Please Liz…”

I pressed against his anus.  He opened up a little for me, allowing the tip of my finger inside.




I pressed a little harder.  God he was tight!  I worked my finger in and out a little, each time a tiny bit deeper up his ass.  My cunt was really drooling.  I had to reach inside my own shorts and caress myself.

I had my finger almost all the way up his ass.  He was incredibly hot, and squeezing me tight. I could feel him jerking his cock all the way through his body.

“Is it still ok?”

“Yeah” he breathed “Do it to me.”

I slid my finger in and out of his hungry hole.  He was masturbating faster and faster.  It was so sexy.  I buried a finger in my pussy, spreading my wetness all around.  My clit was singing.  I pressed my t-shirt covered breasts into his back, twisting my finger inside him.

I felt his body shake, and he clamped down hard on my finger.  Jonathan moaned, long and loud, and shot a copious amount of pearly white semen halfway across the room, I swear.

His orgasm triggered my own.  I diddled hard under my shorts, coming and coming.  It was so good!

I hadn’t played with a boy in, like, years.  He was so fucking cute!  I love the way guys come, giving you such a sexy visual reward.  I wish I could come like that, squirting juice all over my lover.

I gently removed my finger from his now very sensitive rear end.  I think we were both too embarrassed to say much after that; I went into the bedroom and he took a shower.

“That was fun.” I said before I closed the bedroom door.



I was still horny.  Super horny.  Dana was really in for it when she got home.


Me and Dana were having sex almost every night now.  We didn’t play the Jonathan game again; I felt a little sheepish about touching him so intimately, and I felt weird about taking Dana there in the first place. But the sex between us was great: hot, passionate, sometimes rough, often kinky; always fun.  Our sex life was reborn, with a vengeance.  We tried to keep it quiet, but I don’t know how successful we were.  I secretly kind of liked the idea of Jonathan hearing us anyway, masturbating on the other side of the bedroom wall to our sex noises.

We were all home together the next Friday night; a rare event.  Jonathan would be moving into the dorms on Monday.  We had gotten a six pack of beer, and rented a movie: Rushmore.

The movie had wrapped up, and the three of us cuddled up together on the couch.  I sat next to Jonathan; he was next to his sister.

“Do you ever hear us at night?  We sleep just on the other side of this wall.  It’s not that thick.  Did you ever hear us… having sex?”  I couldn’t believe I was asking him this.  Out of the blue too.

“Um… yeah, a few times, I guess.”

“Did it bother you, to hear us doing it?”

“Maybe it turned you on.  Is that it?  Did it ever turn you on to hear us having sex?  Did it ever make you hard?” Now Dana was chipping in.

There was a sizeable bulge in the front of Jonathan’s pants.  Not saying a word, I reached over and carefully unzipped him.  His big, rigidly erect dick sprang out.  He wriggled, and got his pants and shorts down around his ankles.  His cock stood straight up, bobbing proudly with every heartbeat.

I looked over, and Dana had pulled of her own shirt and bra.  Her large, full breasts jiggled pleasantly.  I love her tits.  They are works of art.  Her nipples were hard and pink and pointed slightly upward.  I took her hand in mine and guided it to the base of Jonathan’s cock.  Hand in hand, we gripped his shaft, barely moving, stroking it up and down with tiny motions.

“That’s sexy” I said

“Really sexy” Dana agreed.

Jonathans hand had strayed to Dana’s thigh.  Her skirt had ridden up to her lap.  His hand stroked her softest skin oh so lightly, teasing ever closer to her panty-clad pussy.

“Bro, keep that up and you are about two seconds away from getting a monster blowjob.”  Jonathan didn’t stop.

Without another word, she lowered her head to his crotch, opening her sexy lips and taking the end of her brother’s rampant cock into her mouth.  I thought she looked gorgeous like that.

She sucked, and I jerked him off; Jonathan sat there on the couch, moaning a little with the pleasure, playing with Dana’s sizeable breasts, eyes shut and head lolled back; the very picture of a 19 year old guy who has just entered nirvana.

I really really liked jerking him off; he felt amazing and hot and hard in my hand.  I loved that I was masturbating him into his own sister’s mouth.  It made me hot.

His eyes snapped open.  “Oh God, I’m going to come!”

I gripped his cock harder, squeezing as hard as I could, and jerked even faster.  My shoulder ached, but I ignored it.  I looked over at Dana, her dark curls spilling all over Jonathan’s lap.  Her eyes were shut, and she was cupping his balls in one hand.

Jonathan moaned wordlessly, his body went rigid, and he lifted up off the couch, thrusting into Dana’s hungry mouth.  She stayed with him, sucking hard and swallowing the load that he delivered into his mouth.  I kept stroking, milking his cock even as he started to get soft.  I never saw even a drop of semen.

His cock slipped out of her mouth with an audible –pop-.  I fell across Jonathan, kissing my love passionately.  Her mouth was hot from his penis.  I could taste him in her mouth.  My hand went straight down the front of her panties, where I found her hot and slick and ready.  One finger probed inside her, another found her sweet little asshole.  I ground my hand into her, and she came, squirming and moaning into my mouth.

We got up and ran, literally ran into the bedroom.  Clothes went flying.  We fucked like scissors, mashing pussies, grinding into each other, coming and coming until we couldn’t come any more.  We fell asleep like that, but at some point during the night, we disentangled and slept side by side.


When I woke up the next morning, Dana was already gone.  I got up and got ready for work.  Jonathan was still asleep on the futon.

When I got home, Dana was in the kitchen.  I could tell right away that I was in trouble.  She was slamming around, clattering pots and pans angrily.  She didn’t acknowledge me.  Not knowing what else to do, I sat down at the kitchen table, and waited.

“You engineered that didn’t you?”

I didn’t deny it.

“God damn it Liz, this is peoples lives you’re fucking around with.  This isn’t some kinky fantasy, this is real.”

“I’m sorry” I said softly, feeling like dirt.

“Think next time, please think” she was crying now “before you start fucking around with people like that.  He’s my brother Liz.  My brother.”

“I’m so sorry.” I got up and tried to give her a hug, but she pushed me away.

“I love you” I said, walking toward the door.

“I love you too” she said quietly.  But she didn’t sound very enthusiastic.

I walked for a long time, up and down the hot asphalt and concrete avenues of Manhattan till my feet hurt and my legs ached.  The air seemed thick enough to swim in.  Finally, I ended up in a bar.  I lounged in the air conditioning, and slowly drank beer after beer, feeling glum and sad.  It was late before I made it home.

I fumbled the keys on my first try.  I was heartsick, tired, and a little drunk, and I just wanted to be in bed.  The apartment was dark.  I wondered if Dana was still pissed at me.  I wondered if she would ever forgive me.

I opened the bedroom door as quietly as I could; I was hoping that Dana was asleep, and that I could slip into bed without waking her up, and sleep with an arm around my dearest love.


Brother and sister were locked together in a passionate embrace.  Both were nude.  Jonathans’ head was locked firmly between my girlfriends’ thighs.  I sobered up right quick.

I could actually hear the little slurping noises he made as he licked and sucked.  I couldn’t help noticing his cute little ass either.  Dana was in ecstasy, her eyes squeezed tight, her fingers busy pulling and twisting her pink nipples.

A wave of emotion washed through me, almost buckling my knees.  I had to grasp the door jamb to stay upright.  I felt a whole range of emotions: jealousy, confusion, lust, but more than anything, I felt a warm and overpowering love for my Dana.

As I watched, Dana’s body shuddered through a deep, moaning orgasm.  She looked beautiful as she came, head lolling back and forth, stomach spasming, legs kicking.  Her brother stayed with her the whole way through, his little pony tail dipping with each lick he took.

I walked quietly into the room, and sat on the edge of the bed.  Dana reached over and squeezed my hand.

“Do you want to lose your virginity Bro?” Jonathan was still busy between her legs, gently caressing my lovers’ wet pussy with his tongue “Do you want to fuck me now?”

“Yeah” he said looking up and seeing me in the room for the first time “Yeah, I mean if that’s ok.”

“There’s a pack of condoms in the sock drawer.  Would you grab them for us Liz?”

I got up and found the box.  I opened it up and tore one out.  Jonathan was now kneeling on the bed, his cock pointing straight up like a clock showing eleven.  I went over and, with a little fumbling, rolled the latex condom onto his rigid cock.  I couldn’t resist: before I started putting the condom on, I kissed him right on the tip of his penis.  It was super hot, and leaking clear, sweet pre-come.

Once we had the condom on him, I helped him get situated between Dana’s legs.  Holding his cock encircled in my thumb and forefinger, I rubbed him up and down her spread pussy, using his penis like a dildo, bumping her excited clit with his cockhead.  She squirmed and writhed most fetchingly.

“Oh, come on fuck me now, I can’t stand it!”

As I watched, Jonathan pressed forward, burying his dick into her beautiful pussy.  I fell forward, kissing Dana hard on the lips as Jonathan fucked her.  I felt her hands on me, first squeezing my breasts, then pulling off my t-shirt and sports bra.

As she played with one tit, and her brother the other, I managed to wiggle out of my shorts and panties.

I felt Jonathans exploring hand roving between my thighs, exploring my ass and pussy as Dana worked my erect nipples and kissed me deeply.

“Oh my God, I’m going to fucking come!”

“Do it!” urged Dana, breaking off our kiss “Go ahead, do it!”

“Yeah Baby!” I said “Come in her fucking pussy!”

Jonathan came hard, thrusting wildly and fucking Dana like a mad thing.  He exploded into her cunt with a high pitched, wordless sound that trailed off as he collapsed on top of her sweaty body.

I was a little surprised by how quickly he got hard again, but I supposed I shouldn’t have been: he was a nineteen year old guy, and he had two girls giving his cock a thorough kissing, licking and sucking.

“Are you ready to lose your virginity again?” Dana asked “In your ass?” she looked over at me “Come on Liz, you know you want to.”

Oh yes I did.

I got into the harness while Dana lavished attention on his backside.  He knelt like a cat on the bed, and she got her pretty face right between his butt cheeks and started licking away.  His cock responded nicely- it was even harder than it had been before.  I spread lube all over the big dildo projecting from my crotch.

Dana had stopped rimming Jonathan, and now had a long finger up his ass.  “God he’s tight!  Oh Liz, he’s so hot!”  She was playing with her own pussy as she finger fucked him.

I got behind Jonathan, and aimed the end of my dildo at his hungry little asshole.  Dana helped guide me in, but she kept getting distracted by kissing me and playing with my boobs and butt.

“Please hurry up and fuck me” Jonathan begged.  His cock was hanging down between his legs, heavy and thick.  I pressed forward, he pressed back, and I penetrated him.  The purple dildo slid right up his ass.

“Oh God Yes” Jonathan moaned, wriggling impaled on my cock.

I started moving, tiny gentle movements, barely moving the dildo in and out of his stretched open little anus.

“Oh Dana” he moaned “It feels so good…. Don’t ever let her stop… Oh please Liz, a little harder…”

I complied, fucking him a little harder, a little faster.  It took all my self restraint not to let loose and fuck his ass as hard and fast as I could.  The base of the dildo was rubbing nicely against my clit; and Dana had taken up position behind me, squeezing my breasts and rubbing her wet pussy against my ass cheeks.

“I want him inside me again” she whispered in my ear “I want you to fuck me with his cock.”

“In the ass” I whispered back, handing her the bottle of lube “I want to fuck your sweet little ass”

Dana lost no time getting her butt nice and slippery.  She lay down on her stomach in front of Jonathan, spreading her ass invitingly.  I reached around and grabbed his dick.  It was incredibly hot.  I could feel his pulse throbbing through the shaft.  Pressing forward against him, I guided him into my girlfriends’ little brown target.

“Oh Liz!” Dana cried out “It’s so fucking good!  Fuck me hard, make him come in my asshole!”

There was no holding back now.  I squirted a bunch more slippery stuff onto the purple rod, and started fucking Jonathan with serious abandon, slamming into him, withdrawing almost all the way, and shoving the cock right back up his tight little butt.  Every time I slammed into his ass, he was forced deeper up Dana’s backside.  She was moaning incomprehensibly, masturbating furiously as we fucked her.  Jonathan had a hand full of his sister’s curly brown hair, and was eagerly humping back against me.  The rubbing of the toy against my clit, and the eroticness of the situation was driving me crazy.  My pussy was soaked; my clit felt distended.

I heard Dana’s cries rise in intensity and pitch, and knew that she was coming.  I redoubled my efforts, fucking Jonathan with all my might.

“Oh Fuck yes, I’m coming Sis!” he shouted out loud and his whole body went rigid for a second before he collapsed, a limp pile of flesh.

Very gently we extracted ourselves from each other.  I kicked the harness away, and masturbated idly as I watched my beautiful girlfriend and her brother kiss in the post sex glow.

“Liz hasn’t gotten to come yet” Dana said “I don’t think that’s fair, do you?”

In concert, they came at me, pushing me back onto the bed.  Jonathan dived hungrily into my pussy, exploring my cunt with his fingers and sucking my clit like a hard candy treat.  Dana attacked me from behind, tonguing my anus mercilessly, licking all around my backside until I was frantic, then driving her tongue what seemed like yards up my ass.  I started coming, and it just wouldn’t stop, like rolling thunder beyond the horizon on a hot summer night.  I shook and gasped and cried out loud, and the orgasms just ran through me like a river.  I don’t know how long it went on, but finally it was over.  I kissed their smiling, sticky faces, and we all fell asleep together in the bed.


We all had sex again the next morning; Jonathan woke up with an erection, and Dana and me were both ready to go.  The sex was more conventional this time; penis-in-vagina and tongue-on-clit (or dick); but for all that it was no less fun.

When we were done, we all went out for breakfast together.  Conversation was a little awkward, and we kept breaking out into big goofy grins.

After breakfast, Jonathan packed up his stuff- all his gear fit into a backpack and a duffel, and headed over to the dorms.  Dana and I went back to bed.


It was about a week later.  Dana and I hadn’t talked at all about what had happened the last weekend of Jonathan’s stay.  But our sex life was still super energized, and showed no signs of slowing down.

I was sitting on the futon, working on a crossword puzzle.  Dana plopped herself down on my lap, naked as a jaybird, big boobs bouncing merrily.

“I love you so much” she said to me “You’re the coolest girlfriend ever.  Thanks so much for helping me with that fantasy.  It’s been brewing since I was like sixteen.  I want to be with you forever and ever.”

I kissed her “I love you too”

And then we fucked like bunnies.


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