Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Glass Half


Slave to the Barachi

Like a Bitch in Heat


I Call My Love Sophia

Fit The First

Another Radar Lover Gone

The Olive in My God Damned Martini


If And Only If

The Temple of Ex-Girlfriend

A First Time for Everything

The Willow Tree

Shave and a Hair Cut

It’s Never That Simple

Molly McKeown…Cheesy Bond flick gone porno?

My Mother’s White Wedding Dress…More or less straightforward father/daughter incest thing.

The Nuclear Option…A girl on a mission.

David and Aphrodite…A case of statutory rape?

Rome Was Not Burned in a Day…Kind of a nasty near-future sci-fi story about a horny female torturer in a prudish society.

The Ten Thousand Things…the morning after a break-up.

Blessed Be…A fugitive finds shelter.

Grimm and Tonic…An urban fairy tale.

Two Ships at Night on a Dark and Restless Sea…a failure to communicate.

The Summer I learned to Fly…A girl explores her brand-new superpowers.

Vinegar Pie…Delicious, but deadly!

The Continuing Adventures of the Devirginator…A superhero story.

The Open Marriage Conundrum…Being in an open marriage can be complicated

Two in the Hand, One in the Bush…A sweeping epic of disconnected mini-masturbation stories

It Won’t Be Long Now…A nurse gives an old man a helping hand.

Salamander…she moves in with her best friend after a divorce.

Trigger Point…Bad things seem to happen whenever he has an orgasm.

An Exciting and Unusual Saturday Night…extra-curricular activities down at the old knife factory.

Thirst is a Terrible Way to Go…a guy has a long and drawn-out unrequited relationship with a lesbian friend.

Booger Eater and Fucktard…a fairly unsubltle brother/sister incest fling.

Mosquito … a guy has an encounter with a girl who has some issues.

This is Not a Love Story … A female dom is left unsatisfied.

The Ivory Coast… A jumbo love story

Three For Cassandra… Three short takes on a guy and his submissive girlfriend.

The New Economy… The new economy is not a very nice one.

That Which Does Not Kill Me… Can only make me stronger.

There Are Many Shades of Grey… Kinky sisters, home alone.

Feast Here Tonight… You are what you eat.

Do All Snakes Shed Their Skin?… A guy gets lucky on the bar scene

A Clockwork Tangerine… The title pretty much sums it up.

A Book, By Its Cover… A perverse coffee table book project

The Diary of Professor Albategnius… 1865, a space odyssey

Snow on the Hemlocks… A tree-hugging crossdresser gets what he deserves

I Will Go Down With This Ship… In-flight entertainment

The Dustbin of the American Century… Locked in a labyrinth

Videos Galore… An ex-ballerina is ambivalent about sex

Tuesday Night Soliloquy… A masturbation chain story

Gone Fishing…Hipster vampire chicks

The Monkey On My Back…She helps out with the grieving process

Broken Up…After a break-up, she moves to another city and messes around with a Mom and a daughter

Too Much of a Good Thing… a guy catches a ride across the country with a horny older woman

Taken For a Ride… a teenage girl hooks up with an older man who is a bit of a shutterbug

Up Against the Scarlet Mage… A d&d fantasy

Darkside… a darkly erotic trip to the moon.

Going Down…Stuck in an elevator, variations on a theme.

The Body of a Man…A girl with an unusual fantasy

Cough Syrup and Cruise Control… Daddy/Little Girl play on a perverted road trip

Becky’s Dojo…sex and violence. sort of a femme ‘Fight Club’ only different

A Fox in the Hen House…He comes home and finds her fooling around with a young guy.

Snarked…. He brings another girl home with him.

Persephone’s Kiss…Brother/sister incest with a twist or two.

Letter to the Editor…The mysterious Karl the Plumber shows up at her apartment. Rough anal sex ensues.

Midterm Maelstrom…A Pick-Your-Own-Poison Adventure

Narwhale…She lets a strange girl stay at her house.

Gramma’s Tale…Her grandmother tells her a story.

The Decline and Fall of Master Andrew… The tail end of an S&M relationship.

Unstuck… A girl with a time-traveling problem.

Lakeside.. A woman has a thing with a young teen boy on summer holiday.

The Show Must Go On… A shy young taxicab driver has a weekly webcam show.

Dad Quest… A girl seeks out her absent dad. Father/daughter incest.

The Imp of Perversity… A woman with a tendency to not do the right thing.

The Night Visitors…A woman is teased and tormented by a succession of strangers.

Library at Night…Two boys fooling around with each other in the library after hours.

Feature Film…A shy girl’s first porn shoot has a surreal twist to it.

Rain on a Two Lane Highway… A guy visits old college friends, and has an encounter with their teen-age daughter.

Barry’s Oasis… Two girls working the night shift at a gas station.

Artificial Alan… One-handed cyperpunk.  Girl mail-orders an unusual sex toy.

Linguini Puttanesca… Her girlfriend brings home another girl for rough sex.  BDSM-y

Birthday Brunch… A guy gets taken out for a surprise birthday treat.

Great Aunt Matilda’s Magic Wardrobe… Title is pretty much self explanatory.  Fantasy adventure with a teenage boy.

A Box of Letters…. A brother/sister relationship, described in a series of letters.

Per Annum. …. A once a year encounter between a man and a woman.  Pregnancy, infidelity, violence

Function,Limit, Derivative… High School lesbian affair.  Sex, math, and D&D.

Mnemositis…. A girl with memory problems.  Girl/Girl and Girl/Guy sex.

Flirting With Catastrophe …Teenage girl and her uncle. Incest? Rape?

Good Times …A wheelchair-bound female writer who likes to watch.  Girl-Guy and Guy-Guy sex.

Dog Boy’s Got The Blues …Hopefully not your typical girl-meets-dog story.  Girl-Guy sex.

The Scranton Archipelago …A kinky girl and her kinky older brother and his kinky girlfriend.  Sibling incest.  girl-guy and girl-girl sex.

I Like to Watch …She likes to watch, and ends up watching her brother quite a bit.  Sibling incest?  girl-boy sex.

Hard Reset… When his marriage falls apart, a guy moves to the city and has some sexual rediscovery.  girl-girl, girl-guy, and guy-guy sex.

666 13th Avenue… A deal with the Devil. BDSMy

Otherworlds… A virtual reality fantasy.  BDSMy

In Retrospect… His girlfriend puts him on display at a dinner party.

Aerophobia….A girl learns to deal with her fear of flying.  Male/Female foolin’ around.

Downstairs….Anonymous kinky lesbian sex in the downstairs bathroom of some bar.

The Deep End….A young girl fools around with and fucks her sister’s boyfriend.  Hints of sister/sister incest.

The Amazing Marvella….A somewhat kinky magic show.

A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone…. An annoying corporate retreat comes at that time of the month.

Square Hole Meets Round Peg…. Written in collaboration with Fantasia Lillith of Pillow Talk Press

Nine.  A cute guy she hooks up with has a rather interesting sexual history.  girl-guy sex.

The Labyrinth.  A girl-meets-minotaur story.

No Glow.  Rock climbing and lesbian sex.

Strange Days.  Junior high school fooling around.  guy-guy, guy-girl, and guy-friend’s mom sex.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door.  Kinky rough sex play.  Guy-Girl.

Adventures in dy/dx. Gender-bending high school story.  guy-guy and girl-guy sex.

Third Person Singular.  A series of unconnected very short stories told in the third person.  Guy-guy, girl-guy, and girl-girl sex.

The Roommate.  Kinky lesbian college roommate story

The Window. Girl-looking-at-girl voyeurism

Jonathan.  Kinky incestuous threesome; two lesbians and a younger brother.

The Long and the Short of it

…. Gender bending.  A girl has a transformative experience.

Happy Endings

…. A girl’s experience with erotic massage

Spanish Club Fundraiser

…. A girl and a whole bunch of guys


….  A lonely girl working as a temp.

The Road to Temptation

…. A mother-daughter-boyfriend triangle.

Crime and Punishment

….A different take on castration as punishment for sexual digression

Dean’s Toys

…. The housekeeper dabbles in her employer’s gay BDSM games

Wild Bill

…. A kinky construction worker.  A little gender-bending.


…. A woman seduces a hot teenage boy.  Some bisexual action thrown in too.

The Bear

…. A fantastic wildlife encounter on a solo hiking trip.

Shelter Island

….  One last hook-up with her lesbian lover in a Brooklyn bar.

In Therapy

…. Her first appointment is therapeutic.  BDSM-y

Rape Fantasy

…. A rape-play fantasy gone all topsy-turvy.

Driving Miss Lisa

…. A female teacher’s very inappropriate relationship with a girl student.

Switching It Up

…. He’s tied up and used and abused by two girls

At the Cottage

…. A brother/sister incest thing.

Oh Brother, My Underwear!

…. A brother/sister incest thing

The View From My Window

…. A girl watches the hot guy across the street.

Helping Jess and Andrea

…. A pair of lesbians dabbling with some penis play.

Joey Comes to Visit

…. A lesbian relationship and a younger brother.

Jim and His Two Sisters

…. Brother/sisters incest story

Ever Notice?

. Brother/sister incest

To Spend the Night

…. A girl goes over to her (male) lovers’ house after a difficult breakup.

The Blackout

…. Lesbian sex during a power outage.

My Son Daniel

…. A mother/son incest thang.

The Good Twin

…. A father/daughter incest thang, and a slight case of mistaken identity.

The Substitute

… A girl fills in for her prudish roommate.

The Visit

…. A guy flies out to visit his (female) lover for a little rough sex.  BDSMy

Chester’s Ex

…. A girl gets it on with her roommates ex-girlfriend.

The Toad

…. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Her friend has a crush on her brother.

A Rainy Vacation

…. A brother/sister incest thang.  She takes his virginity, and then some.

Amy Downstairs

…. A couple has a fling with the teen girl who lives downstairs.


…. Father/daughter incest thang during a cross-country roadtrip.

The Distance Between Us

…. A girl who hates being touched.

Goody Two-Shoes Visits College

…. Her younger sister visits her at university, and may not be such a prude after all.  Sister/sister incest.

Road Trip To Boston

…. A brother/sister incest romp.

Angela’s Boyfriend

…. She takes advantage of her sister’s boyfriend.

Summer Holiday

…. Set in 1950s England, she has a learning experience with her ‘Aunt’

New York Trip

…. A teen girl visits NYC for the first time.

The Fall Semester

…. A female teacher has a highly inappropriate crush on one of her male students.

Something To Look Forward To

…. He visits his older sister in New York, and she shows him around.  Kind of incest-y.

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