Spanish Club Fundraiser

There were three members in Spanish Club: me, Amy, and Nate.  Spanish Club consisted of hanging out after school in Miss Flores’s classroom, playing games, gossiping, and occasionally speaking Spanish for form’s sake.  Miss Flores was an affable old alcoholic who let us use her classroom as long as we kept the noise level reasonable, ignored her drinking problem, and didn’t make her do anything.

Actually, the only thing Spanish Club had to do with Spanish was that we three wanted to go to Mexico for our spring break.  The school would match the funds an activity group managed to raise.

Getting our moms to make brownies and selling them at football games wasn’t going to cut it.  So far, Amy’s was the only idea that sounded like it had any prayer of making enough money to get us our Mexico trip.

“Isn’t that illegal?” asked Nate.  Nate was the worrier, the soft-spoken and polite one.

“Well, yeah, if you want to be technical about it.  But so is downloading music, and that hasn’t stopped you, has it?”  Nathan blushed and Amy turned to me. “The real question is would she do it?

They both looked at me expectantly.  ‘Would she do it?’  Amy and I had gone to school together since second grade, but we hadn’t become friends until Spanish II and the monotony of our senior year.  Lately Amy and I had begun sharing some rather intimate thoughts; I knew that she had wet dreams about doing it with girls.  Just the other week, we had actually come this close to having phone sex together: laying in bed, telling each other about our favorite fantasies over the phone, I had my pajama bottoms off and two fingers up my pussy; and I knew Amy was masturbating too while she told me about this girl in her class she wanted to fuck.  Amy came across as a bit of a prude; a prim, good, mild girl who got straight ‘A’s and would go on to get her engineering degree from Stanford.  I knew her secret: behind all that niceness was a very dirty mind.

She knew my secret too.  She knew what pushed my buttons.  “Come on,” she said, eyes sparkling with mischief, “Do you have any idea how many guys would pay to get into bed with you?”

“How many?”  This was Nathan, ready with his calculator.

“Um… I don’t know.  A lot anyway.” Amy and Nathan looked at me expectantly.

None of us had any experience to speak of:  Amy (for all her active imagination) had never had sex with a guy or a girl; I don’t think Nate had ever even been out on a date; and though I wasn’t a virgin I’d only had penis-in-vagina sex with one guy, and that had been over a year ago.  So: ‘Would she do it?’  Even as I opened my mouth to answer, I didn’t know what I would say.

“Sure, why not?” I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it.  “I want to go to Mexico, how about you guys?”

Nate and Amy started brainstorming the logistics of it all.  It would have to happen on a Saturday night, and we would do it at Amy’s house because her parents were going to be away, and because Amy was such a known goody-two-shoes that nobody would suspect her of anything.  Nate was the computer geek; knew how to break into the school email system: he sent invites to the entire senior class.  I wrote the message myself.  I was the creative one, the one who would get an useless degree and end up working retail, scrabbling along, drinking too much and writing until three in the morning, waiting for my big break.  ‘One-on-one intensive tutoring session’.  Nothing too explicit, no names named, but if you read it carefully, you’d know what was going on.  $100 a ticket.  Condom mandatory.

I was incredibly, impossibly nervous the day of the event.  I couldn’t sit still.  I paced back and forth across Amy’s bedroom.  My hands were shaking.  Nate and Amy wouldn’t tell me how many tickets had been purchased.  “A lot” was all they would say.  How many was a lot?  Was I really prepared to go through with this?  It wasn’t as if I could back out now.  And it wasn’t as if I wanted to back out, really.  I was hornier than I think I’d ever been before.  I’d refrained from masturbating all week prior (a pretty mean feat!), and I felt like I could come just by squeezing my legs together.  My clit felt fat and tender between my puffy damp lips.

At eight o’clock, I took a shower, scrubbed my body with soap and washed my hair, barely resisting the temptation to masturbate in the tub.  There was a knock on the door.  “It’s time” Amy whispered through the closed door.  I toweled off and put on a clean bra and panties, and stepped out into the hall.

“You look beautiful!” Amy said, and kissed me on the forehead. “Are you ready?”  She was wearing a neat little black outfit I’d seen her wear to her college interview.  She looked very professional.

I felt myself blushing as her eyes travelled up and down my (mostly) naked body.  I forced a quick smile, and ducked into her bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I lay down on my back on the clean blue cotton sheets of Amy’s bed.  Night was falling outside.  There were a bunch of cars parked outside, and I could hear the sound of people downstairs.  Even though I knew what was supposed to happen next, I couldn’t quite bring myself to strip of my underwear and lie there completely naked.

I could hear my heart thumping in my chest.  It seemed like I lay there for an eternity; it was probably more like five minutes.  Then there was a soft tap on the bedroom door.  We had agreed that they would come in in the order that they had purchased tickets.  This was lucky ticket buyer number one.


It was Matt Carlson, the math geek.  He was clearly just as nervous (if not more so) than me.  He hovered just inside the closed door.

“How does this work?” he asked.

“I don’t know” I said, “ but I’m ready if you are.”

He started pulling off his clothes.  I could tell he was nervous, his hands were visibly trembling.  He had a pretty nice body, and his dick was already hard.  And nice and big and fat too.  We had been in pre-calculus together the previous year, and I had fantasized about having sex with him before.  Of course, I had fantasized about having sex with most of the guys I had had a class with.  He gave me a sheepish smile, and I realized it was my turn.

Well, here goes.

I unsnapped my bra and rolled my panties down.

“You look awesome!” Matt said.

I grinned.  “Thanks!”

“Would it be okay if I ate you out a little bit first?”

My smile got even better, my pussy got even wetter. “You certainly don’t have to… but I sure wouldn’t say ‘No’!”  I spread my legs, exposing myself totally to him.  God, I couldn’t believe he’d paid for this!

Matt got between my wide open legs and crouched down, dragging his tongue up my drenched pussy, starting at the crease of my butt cheeks and traversing the whole length of my labia.  As soon as his tongue made contact with my engorged clit, I went off like a string of firecrackers.  I was that worked up!

When I was done writhing, moaning, screaming, spasming, and whatever else I’d been doing, I propped myself up on my elbows.  Matt came up for air, his face nicely coated in my juices.  “You should put a condom on now,” I said, “and then you should fuck the shit out of me!”

He climbed off me and pulled a condom over his rigid dick (we’d bought a case of them at Costco).

“Are you ready?”

“Oh fuck me, please!” I was SO ready.

Matt clambered back on top of me, and (a little awkwardly, it took him one or two tries to get the aim right), impaled me with his thick, hot tool.  It was all I needed to go off again.  He probably lasted for all of three or four seconds of vigorous thrusting, but we came simultaneously, thrashing and moaning and (yes!) kissing.

And then he climbed up off the bed, disposed of the condom, got dressed, thanked me politely, and left me, gasping and fingering myself on the bed.  A few moments later, there was another soft tap at the door.


Jeff Greenley came through the door.  “Wow!” he said, staring at me.

“Are you ready?” I asked him.

“Hell yeah!” he said.  We had taken Chemistry together, and he used to sit in front of me.   He was on the basketball team, tall and skinny and muscular, and he had a really nice ass.  I used to daydream about that ass, and now he was getting naked just for me.  For the privilege of fucking me.  His dick was uncircumcised and waggled enticingly as he walked over to the bed and rolled the condom on.  I realized that I was masturbating shamelessly as I watched him, and I didn’t even care.

He fucked me without much ado; I wrapped my legs around his back and let him do all the work. “God, you’re hot!” he grunted.  When he came inside me, he howled like a stuck boar and went rigid all over and then thrust wildly as he emptied himself into the rubber, and it was just enough to set me off all over again.


This guy named Todd, who I didn’t know very well and had a bit of a stutter.  He was really sweet though.  His dick wouldn’t stay hard enough to get the condom on, so I went down on him for a little while, intending to just get him nice and hard for the main event, but I think that both of us were enjoying the blowjob action so much that we got carried away and he ended up coming in my mouth, gobs and gobs of delicious, hot, sticky, bitter semen.

“Was that okay?” I asked (I was worried that he’d feel like he’d been cheated.)

“Oh My God” he croaked, “Th-That’s the f-first time… n-nobody’s ever…” and then he kissed me full on the lips.

#4 – #9

Cute guys who I sort of knew from school, with big, hard, beautiful dicks.  #9 ( a hot looking black kid I recognized but didn’t really know) wanted to come on my tits, and I was fine with that, so he pulled out of me at the last second, ripped the condom off, and jerked himself off onto my boobies, squirting sticky white droplets all over my flushed and jiggling breasts.

It was incredibly sexy.  I was high on the sex, sweaty and juicy and soaking wet and hyper-excited.  I had lost track of my orgasms; I was in this head space where I could barely tell the difference between coming and not.  I was surfing an endless wave of pleasure and it felt amazingly good.  And then with a rap at the door, #10 came in.


My ex-boyfriend, Mike.  He stood just inside the door, looking at me with hate, or disgust, or lust in his eyes as he stripped naked.  I lay there on the bed, passive, silent, with the previous guy’s come dribbling off my boobs.

He sheathed himself in a condom and entered me viciously, fucking me as if he were stabbing me, holding my wrists above my head so I was pinned to the bed beneath him.  I felt nothing.  His cock made squishing noises as it plunged in and out of my soaking wet cunt.  When he came inside me, it was almost silent, he just made a stifled little grunting noise, like a pig.  He pulled his wilting cock out of my pussy, and fixed me with a glowering look of contempt that made me cringe.

Without another word, he got dressed and stalked out of the room, leaving me feeling lower than low, the most disgusting slut on the planet.  That awful feeling lasted about two minutes, until the Johansen twins walked in.

#11 and #12

I’d gone all the way through high school with the Johansen twins, Jake and Brad, but I’d never actually talked to them.  They weren’t the kind of guys mere mortals like me and Amy and Nate associated with.  They were over-achievers: they both got straight ‘A’s, both of them were on the football team (Wide-receivers? Tight-ends?  Something like that) They were both well-spoken and polite, tall and muscular and sandy-haired: classic All-American good looks.  Both of them had beautiful, well-behaved, popular girlfriends, cheerleaders who would go to college, marry their sweethearts, and then develop drinking problems and go to seed.

Jake and Brad looked very similar, but they weren’t identical.  One was somewhat taller, one had a more angular face, and one of them (I’m really not sure anymore which one) had a bigger dick than the other.

They seemed a little shy when they entered the room, looking at each other and trying not to stare at my pussy and introducing themselves (as if I didn’t know who they were!).  As they got undressed, they seemed to relax a little bit.  They were beautiful naked: they were both incredibly well-muscled with not a hint of body fat, neat patches of well-trimmed body hair, and Jake had a little bit of chest hair between his sizeable pecs.  Both brothers were erect and circumcised and quite well-hung in the cock department!  (until that night I had seen –outside of porn- maybe a half-dozen dicks.  The Johansen twins appeared to be better endowed than average).

They were so shy and polite about it, it was hard to get out of them what they really wanted.  What they wanted (Brad finally admitted after much hemming and hawing) was to double team me: have one of them fuck me while the other got a blowjob, then switch.

It sounded pretty good to me!  I kind of wondered why they hadn’t done such a thing with their beautiful Barbie Doll girlfriends, but I figured it wasn’t really any of my business.  I got up on all fours, which felt good after having been on my back for so long.  I hadn’t realized it, but my thighs had gotten really stiff.  I presented my pussy to Jake while I applied my mouth to Brad’s nice, big, condom-sheathed member (or maybe it was the other way round.  It doesn’t matter…)

I L-O-V-E sucking dick!  I love having that piece of flesh in my mouth, giving a guy pleasure; I love the noises he makes as I lavish affection on his cock, and I love the way he thrusts involuntarily into my mouth as he gets more and more excited.  So having one athletic cock fucking my greedy pussy while I got a mouthful of another one was pretty much pure heaven as far as I was concerned.  I wasn’t a huge fan of giving a blowjob through a condom-wrapped cock, but what’s a girl gonna do?  I loved playing with Brad’s balls and fondling his shapely, muscular buns as I sucked his dick while his brother fucked me.

And then, as promised, they switched places.  Jake (or was it Brad?) had a significantly bigger dick than his twin.  I made the pleasantly exciting discovery that, while my pussy couldn’t really tell the difference, sucking on a big dick really was more fun.  I loved that his cock was all hot from being inside me, and coated in my tangy juices.  I loved how excited both the brothers were getting from what I was doing to them.

“Oh God, I’m going to come soon!” groaned Brad, both strong hands grasping my ass as he slid his cock in and out of my pussy.

“Please!  Put it in my mouth!” I heard myself gasp as Jake’s oversized cock bobbed in front of me.  I unrolled the condom from his shaft and threw it on the floor, unveiling Jake’s dick in all its naked glory. Brad pulled out of my pussy and rolled his condom off, and both brothers presented their throbbing, swollen, leaking dicks to my hungry mouth.

I took both dickheads in my mouth, rubbing them against each other and swirling my tongue all over them as I jerked off both hot shafts as fast as I could.  It didn’t take long.  One came first, with a muffled grunt, spilling gobs of hot slimy semen into my mouth.  This seemed to set the other twin off: another drawn-out, muffled groan, and more boy-juice flooded my mouth, two cocks bathed in come.  I swallowed as much as I could; more white cream ran down the two spent shafts.  I started to lick them clean, like a kitten lapping up spilt milk.  I happened to look up and saw that the brothers were locked in a full-on kiss: tongues and everything.  It was very very strange sight and very very erotic: I felt a fresh rush of juice in my pussy as I watched them kiss and touch like they were lovers.

When I cleaned all the come off their cocks, the twins got dressed and left the room, leaving me reclining on the bed, idly playing with my pussy as I replayed in my head the scene we had just acted out.  When the next tap at the door came a couple of moments later, I was more than ready for another nice hard dick.


I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when Brenda Eastman walked through the bedroom door.  Everyone knew she was a lesbian, even if she didn’t actually say so.  She was stocky and athletic, captain of the soccer team, captain of the softball team.  She was kind of quiet except for her braying laugh; a good student, a dishwater blonde with a cute up-turned button nose who (as far as any of us knew) had never had a boyfriend.

“Is this ok?” she asked.

“I’m here to please” I told her.  It was true: I felt like the Cult Prostitute at the temple of the Sex Goddess.  Every part of me wanted to be sexed, to give –and to receive- pleasure.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since the sixth grade” Brenda said as she pealed off her t-shirt and jeans.  She was wearing a black sports bra and panties.  I remembered having gym class with Brenda in the sixth grade, envying her the boobs she had already grown.  Amy had mentioned Brenda more than once on the phone to me at night.  The bra and panties fell to the floor.  The boobs were bigger than I remembered, bigger than I would have guessed, cone-shaped and pointing slightly away from the center of her body, with large pink puffy areole.  Her pussy was covered in a triangular burst of soft pubic hair, a shade darker than the hair on her head.  “Would you suck my pussy?” she asked even as she clambered onto the bed and straddled my face.

It was the first time I had ever tasted pussy (other than my own) and I kind of liked it.  Don’t get me wrong: I had of course wanked off to pictures of naked girls, and even videos of girls doing it to each other.  I had fantasized about trying it myself, but it had never been my focus, the way it was for Amy.  I just liked dick way too much.

I was a little concerned I wouldn’t know what to do once I was down there, but I needn’t have worried.  As soon as Brenda was on top of me, she lowered her pussy onto my face and started grinding.  All I had to do was keep my tongue stuck out and get some air in my lungs from time to time.  Breathing was the hard part.

Brenda started by dragging her soaking wet pussy up and down my face.  I thought she tasted nice.  I guess I was a little surprised, I don’t know why.  She tasted clean, salty, tangy, sexual. Her juices instantly covered my face.  I felt the little nubbin of her clitoris, felt her jump slightly as it dragged over my extended tongue.  I tried to stiffen my tongue and jam it all the way up her wet pussy, but she wasn’t holding still for that.  Instead, I made my tongue flat and let her do the work.  Pretty soon she had centered her clit right on my outstretched tongue and was shimmying back and forth with her hands wrapped up in my hair.

She was making so much noise I actually started to worry that the neighbors might hear.  I had both my hands on her ass (which felt delicious), supporting some of her weight as she rubbed herself off on my tongue.  I couldn’t believe how wet she was.  Her pussy was making wet squelching noises against my face, the stuff was running down my cheeks and my neck.  It was SO sexy!  I had a soft, perfect ass cheek in each hand.  I let one finger explore between those milky white globes, and was rewarded with even more vigorous movement and even louder moans.  I gulped a lungful of air when I had a chance.  My middle finger found her asshole, circled it, and gently penetrated.  She was slick with pussy juice, and my finger slid in easily, right up to the first knuckle, grasped tightly by her sphincter.

Above me, the gasps and moans turned into cries and screams.  My finger slipped deeper into Brenda’s asshole.  She grabbed my hair hard and mashed me into her cunt, grinding me against her clit, squeezing my head between her thighs as she came all over my face.

It seemed to go on and on forever.  I almost couldn’t hold my breath long enough and started to panic.  Just then, she eased off.  With my finger still up her butt, Brenda squatted over my face, rubbing her clit like a banjo player to another (exceptionally loud) orgasm.  Long gossamer strands of come leaked from her neat little pussy to my sticky face.

“Oh man, that was amazing!” She kissed my forehead before getting off the bed and putting her clothes back on, “Do you think we could ever, you know, hang out sometime?”

“Sure!” I said, still slightly dazed from the intensity of her orgasm.  Of all the people who bought tickets, Brenda was the only one who asked me that.  (We did, in fact, hang out later on that spring, and she more than returned the favor.)

#14, #15, #16

Three more guys that I kind of knew from school. With the first guy, I was already so worked up from pleasuring Brenda that I came all over his dick as soon as he entered me, and I kept on coming and coming while he fucked me.  He must have felt like some kind of super stud!  The next guy was fun too.  The third guy was kind of a pain in the ass.  He was chewing gum, which I found mildly distracting and kind of annoying; and once he started fucking me he just couldn’t come.  He pounded away at my pussy for probably ten or fifteen minutes.  It was kind of boring, and my poor pussy was starting to get sore.  He just kept at it, pumping away on top of me, huffing and puffing and sweating and cracking his gum.  Enough was enough: there were other guys waiting their turn.  I had to ask him get off me and remove the condom and jerk off into my mouth while I licked the head of his dick.  At the very last second, he yanked his dick out from between my lips and came on my face which I didn’t really mind, but thought was a little rude.  At least he didn’t squirt a ton of come out, and none got in my eyes.


When Mr. Christianson walked in the door, I thought we were busted.  Mr. Christianson was my second period American History teacher.  We stared at each other for a second.  Then I almost laughed out loud at the flustered look on his face.  He swallowed hard and started undressing, neatly folding his clothes and stacking them on a chair.

He was, I don’t know, forty or fifty years old with a bushy beard and a mostly bald head.  He had a paunchy little belly that was really kind of cute, and a very hairy chest, and a decent-sized penis that hung thickly in front of his dangling ball sac.

“Um, I’m not quite sure how this works…” he was at least as nervous as a teenage boy, “Can I make a special request?”

I smiled my sweetest smile.  “Don’t be shy now…”

“Er…” he was blushing bright red now.  It was cute.  “Can I do you in the ass?”

Now I’d never had anything up my butt.  Not really anyway; this one guy I had fooled around with for a while used to put his finger in my butt hole when he went down on me, which was nice; and I REALLY liked anal porn, though I never would have admitted it to anyone at the time.

“Sure,” I said, “I don’t mind.”

I didn’t mind either.  I was riding on a huge adrenalin and sex high, and I’d already had more orgasms than I could count, and my pussy was starting to feel raw.  I got on all fours and presented him my ass.

“Don’t be nervous”, he said nervously.  I watched upside down through my thighs as he rolled a condom onto his erection.  His dick wasn’t all that huge, about average I guessed, certainly not as big some of the boys who had already fucked my pussy.

“I’m not nervous” I said.  As I watched, he took the giant, Costco sized bottle of lube and poured the slippery stuff all over his latex-covered erection.  I’d never be able to look at Mr. Christianson in class the same ever again.

He clambered up onto the bed behind me.  I closed my eyes and buried my face in the pillow as he fondled and lightly smacked my upturned ass.  I really like the attention to my rear end, the knowledge of what he was getting ready to do to me.  I couldn’t help myself, my fingers found there way up to my throbbing clit.

Mr. Christianson poured a big squirt of lube between my butt cheeks.  The slippery liquid felt cool against my warm flesh.  I shivered in delightful anticipation.

He was kneading my cheeks and running a finger very lightly up and down my crack, always just missing my tender asshole.  The anticipation was killing me.  I must have moaned out loud.

Then he shifted his weight, and I felt his bushy beard tickling my thighs and rear end, and before I even realized what he was going to do, he was licking my asshole.

My first instinct was to feel shocked, to pull away, to squeal like a little girl.  Then I realized just how fucking good his tongue felt back there, and I relaxed into it.  It felt absolutely amazing, and the nastiness of the act was a major turn on.  My high school history teacher was eating my ass out and I was loving it!  I masturbated shamelessly as he licked, rubbing my clit and holding my ass open for his wriggling tongue.

I was just on the edge of coming when he stopped.  His weight shifted as he sat back up.  “Please… please…” I begged as I worked my clit.  I just needed a little more stimulation.

Suddenly I felt a pressure back there, and before I could even be scared, I felt him penetrate my asshole.  It felt so dirty, so sexy, so hot, I was instantly addicted.  It was awesome!

“Is that your penis?  Are you all the way in?” I asked him when I had settled down enough.  I was still plenty horny, and I was really enjoying the sensation of having him in my butt.

“No,” he laughed sheepishly, “That’s just my finger.  Are you ready to try it?”

“Ok” I said.

He pried my cheeks wide apart, and I suddenly felt obscenely exposed.  Then I felt the head of his dick nudging insistently against my asshole.  I was whimpering with lust to be penetrated, stuffed full of dick, butt-fucked into submission.

I felt him shoving himself harder against my puckered opening, and I tried to will myself open, pressing back against his hardness.

“Try to relax,” he whispered in my ear, reaching under my torso and cupping my breast, “I’ll be gentle.  It won’t hurt.”

“Fuck me!” I growled back at him through gritted teeth.  I thrust my ass aggressively back at his crotch, and there was an almost audible *pop* as the bulbous head of his dick entered me.

I gasped, suddenly rigid.  The sensation was amazingly intense.  Not painful, just intense.  And pleasurable.  Once I had determined that it didn’t hurt, that I wasn’t being split in two, I pressed back, feeling more and more of Mr. Christianson’s slide up my ass.

“Oh my god baby,” he groaned, “You’re so tight!”

“Just fuck me!” I answered back.  His cock was all the way up my ass and I felt incredibly full and stretched to the limit.  He was bent over me, cupping both my boobs in his large, hairy hands.  My clit felt like it was sticking straight out of my crotch, like a miniature erection.  Mr. Christianson was breathing hard in my ear as he fucked my ass, deeply and slowly, squeezing my breasts hard.

I reached between my legs to pet my throbbing clitoris.  I was literally dripping juice.  Slippery stuff was running down the insides of my thighs.  I slid my middle finger up my pussy, squeezed unnaturally tight by Mr. Christianson’s cock in my ass.  Inside, I could feel every inch of his cock as it slid in and out of my asshole.  I realized with a gasp that I was going to come, and hard.  So was Mr. Christianson.  He was really close to losing it, fucking my ass harder and faster, breathing in huffs and gasps.  My ass loved being fucked.  It felt great.  As he sodomized me, I finger-fucked my own pussy and ground my clit against my hand and suddenly I was coming, coming harder than I’d ever come before, shaking and shivering and screaming into the pillow.  Somewhere in the background I heard Mr. Christianson coming as he buried himself in my ass one last time.

He gently extracted himself (which was tricky), and watched as I fingered myself to another delightful come.  I watched, in a bit of a daze, as he got dressed.  “Pop quiz on Monday, read the chapter on the Reconstruction.” And then he was gone.

#18, #19

A couple more guys from school who I kind of knew by sight, but didn’t really know.  #18 was this skinny blonde kid who seemed REALLY young, and who came literally as soon as he entered me.  Like, as the head of his penis slipped between my labia, he shot off.  He was still hard, so I let him put on a fresh condom and try again.  This time he fucked me for a good five minutes before coming.  After he had withdrawn, he asked if he could watch while I did it with the next dude.  I told him I didn’t mind if the next guy didn’t mind.  He said it was okay, they had fooled around together before, and had talked about this beforehand.

#19 walked in, another really young-looking guy, darker and a little heavier than his friend.  He was nervous, but didn’t seem to mind having an audience.  His dick was on the small side, but I sure wasn’t complaining.  He fucked me vigorously with it, while his blonde friend watched and masturbated.  They both came at about the same time, the blonde kid squirting a few fat droplets of semen onto my outstretched hand.  His dusky-skinned friend licked them off and then kissed him, which I thought was unspeakably erotic.


As much as I was enjoying all the action (and I was, believe you me!), my pussy was getting tender and sore.  After each bout I squirted on more lube, which helped.  But my privates were getting the workout of a lifetime, no doubt about it!

When there was a soft tap at the door and Maria Sanchez walked in, I almost didn’t believe it was her.  Of all the people in the world who I thought might have bought tickets, she would have been one of the last.  Maria was in my class, but we’d hardly ever spoken.  She was studious, highly intelligent, and spoke English with an accent, when she did speak.  The girl was almost silent, she only spoke in class when called on.  She was short and kind of round, with long straight black hair neatly brushed.

“Is it ok?” she asked me.  I smiled and said yes.

“May I… lick you?” she asked haltingly.  Her accent was enchanting.

“You can do whatever you like.” I told her.

“Do I have to be naked?”

“You don’t have to be,” I said.

“Would you like me to be naked?” she asked, flashing me a hint of a smile.


She nodded as if that settled it, and set about stripping out of her blouse and skirt.  Under her plain white bra, her breasts were small and pert, with large brown nipples that stuck straight out.  She pulled off her white panties, revealing a thick triangular bush of black pubic hair.

“I want to lick you now,” she said, crawling up onto the bed.  I spread my legs wide apart for her.  My pussy was soaked in come and lube, and there was a damp spot on the sheets the size of a small lake.  “tell me if I’m not doing it right.”

Very tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and traced a line up my pussy.  I held my breath and jumped slightly when her tongue brushed my clit.  She looked up and grinned, flashing white teeth at me.  “You like that?”  I did.

Maria kept licking softly at my clit.  It felt wonderful.  I kept getting worried that she would tire and quit before I could come.  “Please, Maria…” she looked up at me and smiled again, “I want to feel you inside me…”

She went back to licking, softly, maddeningly slowly, and slid one finger up my pussy.  I was turned on beyond belief, her ministrations were maddeningly pleasurable, I was moaning and sighing, and just not quite able to come.  “Play with my asshole,” I begged, my voice shaking, “Please, touch me there!”

I felt her fingers prying between my ass cheeks, and then her tentative finger, stroking my tender, recently-fucked anus.  It was just enough to set me off.  I came as she licked, groaning and saying her name over and over.  When I was done shaking, she came up, face all sticky with my juice.  Her smile lit up the room.  “Thank you!  Thank you so much” she said, “That was so amazing!”  And then she got dressed and practically skipped out of the room, grinning hugely and brightly the whole time.


More guys, more cock, more orgasms.  Sticky bed, sore pussy.  I started having the guys pour lube all over their condom-sleeved erections before they entered me.  That seemed to help quite a bit.


The sky outside Amy’s window was turning pale grey.  There was a barely audible tap at the door and then Christopher peeked his round, brown head through.  “Can I come in?” he whispered hoarsely.  Christopher was a boy in my English class: smart, fat, black, and intensely quiet.  I don’t think I had ever heard him speak above a whisper.  I didn’t know him very well.  I did know he was really self-conscious about being overweight.

“Come on in!” I said, and he did, sliding through the door like a bear in the woods.  How a guy so big could move so quietly and delicately was beyond me.  He tiptoed sheepishly into the room and sat down heavily on the side of the bed.

“I’ve never done anything like this before” he whispered.

“Me neither” I said.

“That’s not what I meant…”

“I know,” I said, feeling ludicrous as I patted his big thigh, “Its ok.”

“You don’t have to do anything with me if you don’t want to.”

“You should get undressed.”

He took a deep breath of air and stood up next to the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt.  There is something really sexy about watching a guy, any guy, get undressed.  I watched as he fumbled with his belt and let his trousers fall.  He was wearing a pair of girl’s green silk bikini panties, with a promising looking bulge in the front of them.

“Nice undies!” I said.

I’ve never seen a black guy blush so red in my life!  “They’re more comfortable!” he sputtered.  He wiggled out of them, setting his cock free.  It was a nice looking dick, uncircumcised and a little on the small side, which was just fine by me.  “How does this work?”

I’m not sure how much Christopher weighed; 250, 300 pounds?  He had a soft, round body, like a giant teddy bear.  His cock on the other hand was petite and rock hard.  “Why don’t you just lie down on the bed,” I suggested, “and I’ll take care of the rest?”

Christopher set his bulk down, lying flat on his back on the bed.  His dick stuck straight up from the kinky black pubic patch below his copious belly.  I tore open a condom and crawled up between his thighs to roll it on.  Before I did that though, I kissed him right on the oozing purple head of his dick.  He moaned, and before I could stop myself, I had swallowed him whole.

Christopher had a lovely taste to him, sweet and salty and spicy and clean and masculine.  I swirled my tongue across his dick head and sucked playfully.

“Oh God no, don’t do that, I’m going to come!”  Even as he said the words, I felt his body tremble and his dick swell, and suddenly he was pumping my mouth full of his hot sticky semen.  There were gobs and gobs of it.  It was great!

“I’m so sorry!” he gasped after I had swallowed all he had to offer and I had removed my mouth.

“Don’t you worry about it,” I said grinning.  His dick was still hard and I carefully rolled the condom down the length of it.  I climbed up onto his lap, running my very juicy pussy up and down, up and down, rubbing myself on him.  “Enjoy this moment,” I told him, “Savor it.”  I reached down with one hand to help guide him, and slowly, very slowly, impaled myself on his erection.

It felt nice to be on top.  Muscles that had worked hard all night were getting stretched out.  Other muscles were getting worked, and it felt good.  Christopher was gazing up at me with wide, happy eyes.  His dick was working my pussy in a way that felt quite pleasant.

“I’m going to come again soon” he warned me.

“Me too,” I said, grinding happily back and forth, “go for it!”

I felt the orgasms building up from my toes as I bounced up and down on Christopher’s dick.  I hadn’t thought I really had another in me.  How wrong I was!  I pinched and twisted my own nipples as it built up inside me.  I was aware of Christopher moaning and groaning and tweaking his own nipples underneath me as I crested, and I think we got off at exactly the same moment, “Oh, FUUUUCK, yesssss….”  I collapsed onto his huge, heaving chest, and I kissed him quickly and lightly on the lips

“Thank you,” he gasped, “thank you so much!”


When I woke up, bright sunlight was streaming in through the window.  I was stiff and sore, caked in dried juices and sweat, and my pussy felt like it was the size of a watermelon.  A very sore and tender watermelon.  I was still riding high on an endorphin buzz when the door swung open.

Amy and Nathan bustled into the room.  Amy, bless her heart, had a big hot cup of coffee for me.  Nathan, seeing me in my naked state, blushed deep red.  I draped a crumpled sheet over my body in a symbolic act of modesty.

“So,” I said, “Did we make enough money to go to Mexico?”

“Sweety,” Amy laughed, “We made enough money to buy a fucking house in Mexico!”

“You did all the work!” Nathan pointed out.

“What work?” I asked with a grin.

“We are going to have So Much Fun south of the border!” Amy was grinning from ear to ear. “You know, Nate and I bought tickets too, but we can wait to cash them in.”

“I’m gay you know,” Nate said, “But I sure wouldn’t mind watching you two…!”

I was definitely looking forward to it.  And now I knew how I was going to pay my way through college!



  1. Elsie Fan(ny) said

    A very pleasant “no teens were harmed in the making” of this depraved story. I also liked the ending; this one is not as surprising as some of your other stories, but it seems to fit the mood of this story very well.
    Thanks again.

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