The Road to Temptation

1. Maureen

I had a date with Sam that evening, so I cut out of work a little early and hurried home to shower and change.

The house was quiet.  I wasn’t sure whether or not my daughter Alisha was home.  She might be upstairs in her room working on homework; she might be at the library; or she might be over at our neighbor and her friend Kira’s place.  I’d occasionally wondered if she and Kira weren’t fooling around, doing some experimentation on their own, but quite frankly I figured it wasn’t any of my business if they were.

I dropped my bag and peeled off my work shoes and made tracks for the upstairs bathroom.  I was all tingly with anticipation: it was a pretty safe bet that I was going to get laid tonight.  I was debating the merits of a pre-dinner masturbation session, just to take the edge of my horniness.

Sam and I hadn’t been dating very long: he was a carpenter and part-time sculptor who had done some work on the house a few weeks before.  There had been an immediate physical attraction between us, and after I paid him for his work (good quality work, and a very reasonable rate) he asked me out.  I only hesitated a second before agreeing to a date with him.  It turned out that he was smart and sweet as well as being a hunk.  He was the sweetest guy I’d been with in fact since… well, since I’d been single.  And, as I’d discovered on our second date, he was hung like a… well, for a carpenter he had one VERY nice tool.  This night was to be our third date, and I was looking forward to finding out exactly what that tool could do.

I noticed a light on in the study as I headed for the stairs, and I paused at the door, which was slightly ajar.  It was dark in there, but the room was lit with the blue-tinged light from the computer monitor.  The computer was turned off when I had left for work that morning.  I stuck my head in through the door to see what was up.

It was Alisha.  She was sitting in the darkened room in front of the computer wearing a baggy black sweatshirt and nothing else.  She had her feet up on the desk and her panties were dangling from one ankle.

On the screen, a girl with jet black hair, big boobs, and a lot of tattoos was getting vigorously fucked by a skinny asian guy with a really big dick.  Her pussy was shaved clean, she didn’t have any hair at all down there and Oh My Goodness! His dick wasn’t even in her pussy– he was fucking her up the ass!

There were moans and groans from the couple on the screen coming quietly out of the computer speakers, but over that I could clearly here the squishing noises of Alisha’s fingers busy at work between her legs.

“Eeep!” I squeaked.  Yes, I squeaked.  “Alisha, what ARE you doing?”

Ok, so that was stupid.  It was really obvious what she was doing.  And it’s not like I have any room to be shocked about pornography: when I was her age I was wanking off to Penthouse and Hustler magazines that I stole out of my dad’s closet.  I’d vowed to be more open about sex with Alisha than my parents had been with me, and I even kept books of erotica and nude pictures around the house.  But I didn’t know much about internet porn, and I didn’t want my computer to get infected with viruses and spyware, or even worse have my credit card hacked or my identity stolen.

Alisha spun around in her chair, trying to yank up her panties and shut down what was happening on the computer all in one motion.  She did pretty well, all things considered.  I felt kind of bad for having interrupted her; I should have quietly let her finish what she’d been doing, and had a little talk with her about appropriate computer use at another time.

“Oh Mom!  I was just… I mean, I just wanted to see how it works, you know, when people do it…” she trailed off.

I thought Alisha and I had a pretty good relationship going on, I thought we communicated pretty well.  I had long ago explained the mechanical and biological aspects of sex, and that sex and masturbation were a natural part of life.  I had told her (and I meant it) that she could come to me with any questions.  But I could certainly understand wanting a better ‘visual frame of reference’.  I just didn’t want her to get my computer all infected.  I blurted it out before I had even thought it through.

“I’ll probably be bringing Sam home after our date tonight.  If you want, you could watch us do it.”

I cringed the instant I said it.  Gawd, watch your mother fuck?  How totally uncool!  Alisha’s eyes however opened wide.  “Are you serious?”

“Sure,” in for a dollar, in for a dime.  “Why not?”

“You’d let me do that?  In the room with you guys and everything?”

I guess I’m naturally a bit of an exhibitionist.  I’d had sex in my dorm room once when I knew for a fact that my roommate was awake in her bunk; and in my post college New York City days, I would sometimes masturbate on my bed with the lights on and the curtains wide open just for kicks.  I used to entertain fantasies of being a stripper, or even a porn star.  All that had died off during the years I was married, but since I’d been single, my fantasy life had been making a comeback.  Sam and I, in our flirtations, had dropped big fat hints that we both wanted to experiment and try a little kinkiness.  So while I had initially pictured a peephole, or hiding a video camera or something, I went with Alisha’s interpretation.

“Sure, as long as Sam’s ok with it.”

Alisha jumped up and gave me a big hug.  “Oh mom, you’re the coolest ever!  Thank you!”

“I’ll let you know later tonight,” I said, hugging her back.  “And no more internet porn.  I don’t want to get any viruses on my computer!”  I regretted it the moment I said it: if there’s one sure way to get a teenage girl to do something, it’s to forbid it.

2. Alisha

‘I just wanted to see how it works’??  I couldn’t believe how lame I’d sounded.  But what was I supposed to say?  I mean, it was pretty obvious what I’d been doing…

I’d come home from school all horny, and Kira wasn’t around and I was pretty sure she was on the rag anyway, and my mom doesn’t usually get home ‘til after six, so I’d gone onto her computer and fired up some porn and let my fingers do the walking.  I couldn’t believe she’d walked in on me; not that she has anything against masturbation, and I thought she might know about me and Kira anyway; but she had specifically told me not to look at porn on her computer.  Oops.

And then she’d offered to let me sit in on her and Sam!  I swear, even though she drives me crazy sometimes, my mom is the best.  Sam was this really cute older guy she’d just started dating, and he was by far the nicest of all the guys she’d gone out with since the divorce.  I’d tried (unsuccessfully) to flirt with him when he was working on the house.

I had to finish what I’d been doing.  I was WAY too far gone for that.  So when I heard the shower running, I crept back into the study, loaded up the video I’d been watching, and brought myself to a really quick, but really intense orgasm.  Only this time, when I came, the goth girl getting butt-fucked was my mom, and the asian dude fucking her was Sam.

I cleared the browser history, washed my hands, and went up to my bedroom and made a serious effort to do some homework.

Mom came by before she left and kissed me on the forehead.

“Have fun!” I told her, “Don’t forget!”

“I’ll ask him” she said, “Be good.”

“Be good yourself!” I said, “Don’t stay out too late…”

3. Maureen

Dinner was fun.  Sam and I had a really good chemistry together, and there was this delicious sexual tension between us, the tension of two people who are attracted to each other, like each other, think they’re probably going to sleep together later on, but don’t really know each other that well yet.  We laughed, we flirted, we ate and had a few drinks, and my panties stayed moist the entire evening.  Especially when I thought about asking him the big Alisha question later on.

After dinner, after the last drinks were drained, in the parking lot of the restaurant, we made out like a pair of horny teens on the back bumper of his pickup truck.  When we’d gotten to a point where we really couldn’t go any further without getting a room (his erection was making a delicious tent in the front of his jeans, and one of my boobs had somehow fallen out of my bra), there was the obligatory awkward silence, followed closely by a volley of giggling.

“Why don’t you take me back to my place?” I finally managed to gasp.

While Sam drove, I found myself totally unable to keep my hands off his hard-on.  At least I was a good girl, and confined myself to playing with it through the denim of his pants.  I certainly didn’t hear him complaining.  As we got closer and closer to my house though, I got more and more nervous about what I’d promised Alisha, and what I was going to ask Sam.

I blurted out the question at the last stoplight before our block.  As we waited for the light to turn, Sam looked at me funny.

“Alisha?  You mean your daughter?”

“Yeah,” I said.  I explained how I’d walked in on her masturbating that afternoon.

“Ok,” he said, “That sounds cool to me.”

4. Alisha

They got home around ten-thirty, giggling like, well, like a couple teenagers.  I was in my room, where I had honestly been trying to do homework, but I also hadn’t been able to keep my hands off myself.  I had borrowed one of Mom’s erotica books, but I also hadn’t wanted to get overexcited before the main event.

I heard them galumph up the stairs, and quickly pulled up my pajama bottoms.  A moment later, Mom tapped on my door.  When I opened it, she was grinning wickedly.  She gave me a big ‘thumbs up’, and I followed them into Mom’s bedroom.  They tumbled onto her bed, hands all over each other’s bodies.  I sat down on the chair next to Mom’s dresser, where I had a prime view of the all the action.

5. Maureen

Alisha followed us into the bedroom.  I felt positively high: not only was I about to get some ACTION, but I was going to do it with an AUDIENCE!  Sam and I tumbled onto the bed; ‘Lish pulled up the chair next to my dresser.

Whatever Sam had been holding back, he let go of.  He landed on top of me on the bed, kissing me hard and desperately, letting his big strong hands travel all over my body.  I kissed him back, groping him like a thing in lust.  The excitement of being in bed with a hot guy was amplified by the excitement of being watched.

Sam stopped kissing me long enough to pull my sweater up over my head.  I obliged him by unsnapping my bra and tossing it aside.  Sam began kissing and sucking my already quite erect nipples while he fumbled with the clasp of my pants.  I glanced over at Alisha.  Her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly open; she was totally absorbed in the scene.  We made eye contact, and I grinned happily at her.  She smiled shyly back.

Then Sam pushed me onto my back on the bed, temporarily abandoning my boobs so that he could concentrate on getting my pants off.  With both hands freed up, he successfully unbuttoned them, and I lifted my ass off the bed.  With one quick motion, he tugged my pants off.

“God, you look gorgeous!” he said.  He paused a moment and pulled off his own t-shirt and then his jeans and undies.  His big dick flopped out, and I thought I heard a sharp intake of breath from where Alisha was sitting.  I admired his cock.  It was a thing of beauty; not insanely long, but My God it was thick, capped with a perfect mushroom-shaped head, circumcised, with nice compact balls and a neatly trimmed triangular patch of reddish pubic hair.  It was the first time I had had a chance to have a good look at it: our last make-out session had taken place in the dark and cramped cab of his pickup truck.  I lusted to have that thing inside me.  I couldn’t wait to taste it.

He very obligingly got down on his knees, and I wasted no time wrapping my mouth around his erection.  I was not disappointed.  He was red hot, and tasted delicious, all sexy and clean and male.  I let him slide in and out of my mouth, swirling my tongue all over his velvety-hard flesh, grabbing onto his firm buttocks and trying to get the whole thing inside my mouth, then letting it slide out until just the head rested on my tongue.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me come if you keep that up!” He pushed me back down on the bed, his rock-hard juicy wet penis bobbing delightfully with every movement.  I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my lacy blue panties and slipped them off.  God, I couldn’t believe how fucking wet I was down there!

Sam took hold of my legs and dragged me around, turning me on the bed so that my feet were facing Alisha.  He nudged my thighs apart, and taking the hint, I spread my legs wide apart for him.  Looking down my body, I could see my horny little clitoris straining up from my pussy.  Alisha, who had scooted her chair closer to the side of the bed, must have gotten an eyeful!  Sam clambered down off the bed, got on his knees, and dove right in, licking and slurping my pussy with relish.  He obviously enjoyed eating me out very much, and he was very very good at it!  My ex-husband used to only grudgingly do that, and as a result I had never enjoyed it very much.  Now Sam had what felt like two or three fingers inside me, and his tongue had found my hyper-excited clit, and I realized that I was moaning like a porn star, and in fact very close to having a massive orgasm.

He concentrated on my clit, flicking me rhythmically with his tongue.  I was pinching and twisting my own nipples, thrusting my pelvis into his face.  His fingers were deep, deep inside my cunt, and then I felt another finger very gently tickling my asshole, which was terra incognita for me, and suddenly I was coming.  I heard myself screaming, bucking and writhing on the bed, grinding my cunt onto Sam’s face.  I had never ever come that hard before in my entire life.

Sam came up for air, beaming with a grin that lit up the entire room, and sporting an erection that was, if anything, even fatter than when it had been in my mouth.  “Grab a condom,” I said, “They’re on the bedside table.”

I watched, enthralled, as he rolled the latex sleeve down his cock.  “I don’t think I’m going to last very long,” he said, “I’m too excited.”

That didn’t concern me one bit.  I was fingering my pussy idly, just watching him.  “How do you want to do it?” I asked.


“That sounds fantastic!” I said, rolling over and getting on all fours.  My wetness was all over the inside of my thighs.  I felt deliciously exposed like that.  As Sam came up behind me, I glanced over at Alisha.  She was biting down hard on her lower lip.  One hand was up inside her pajama tops, toying with a nipple.  Her pajama bottoms were crumpled up around her ankles, and her other hand was busily drawing little circles in her crotch.  It seemed like she was in a world of her own.

Sam was tormenting my cunt, rubbing the head of his dick up and down my sopping wet slit.  At that moment, all I wanted was to have him inside me.  Finally, after what seemed like ages, he did what I needed him to, entering my pussy in one decisive stroke.

It felt so good to have that big fat cock up my pussy!  It had been ages, ages since I had last been laid, and I was enjoying every millimeter of it.  His dick made sexy squooshing sounds as it slid in and out of my well-lubricated hole, and he was grasping fiercely onto my butt cheeks.  I became suddenly aware that I was about to come again.  I reached between my legs and started diddling my engorged clit.

“Oh fuck, Maureen, I’m going to fucking come!”

“Yes Sam, yes yes yes!”

He was slapping my ass hard and pounding my pussy and crying out loud and I knew he was coming inside me even as my own orgasm washed over me like a breaking wave.  He kept thrusting all the way through it, and it seemed to go on and on.  Finally he collapsed sweatily on top of me, panting and kissing the back of my neck.

“That was awesome!” I said.

“Shh…” He nodded over at Alisha, who had kicked off her pajama bottoms and had her feet up on the seat of the chair.  Her eyes were shut tight and her hand was a blur on her clit, and I could see her little pussy, labia moist and pouting open like a blooming flower.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” she came in a series of little gasps.

Sam’s much reduced penis slid gently out of me, and he disposed of the used-up condom.  We lay on the bed, side by side, glowing, watching Alisha recover from her orgasm.

With just a touch of embarrassment, she pulled her p.j. bottoms back on.  “Thank you guys so much, that was really amazing!  Can I watch you guys again sometime?”

“Sure,” Sam said, squeezing my boob, “It was really hot having you watching.  I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

It had gotten late on us.  Alisha went back to her own room, and Sam very sweetly fell asleep next to me.  I hadn’t really expected him to spend the night, but it was nice that he did.  I quietly masturbated, replaying the events of the evening in my mind over and over.

6. Sam

Weird and freaky?  Well, yeah, if you want to put it that way.  But coming from Maureen, in the front seat of my pickup, all nonchalant and matter-of-fact, it hadn’t sounded weird at all.  As a matter of fact it sounded pretty hot.  And I kind of liked the idea of someone watching.  Especially if that someone was a saucy teenage girl.  Even if that teenage girl happened to be my girlfriend’s daughter.

And when I saw Alisha come out of her bedroom, I almost came in my pants!  She was this absolutely cute cherubic little thing, with curly golden hair, a little up-turned nose, and jiggley tits that were well on their way to being as big as her mother’s.

I was super turned on about Maureen anyway.  She was the coolest, smartest, funniest, sexiest chick I had met in a very long time.  And once we got into the bedroom and things got hot and busy, I almost forgot about young Alisha’s voyeuristic presence.  Almost.

I hadn’t really intended to spend the night.   I just felt so drowsy and satisfied after the sex, and it was so warm and comfortable in Maureen’s arms… It had been, well, a long time since I had had sex; and it had been a really really long time since I had sex that good with someone I actually liked.

So I woke up early the next morning in a strange bed, with a full bladder and some morning wood.  Maureen was still asleep, breathing softly and rhythmically.  I got out of bed, careful not to wake her, and retrieved my briefs from where they had been tossed aside during the previous evening’s frenetic activities.

I padded quietly down the hall and found the bathroom.  The cool morning air helped my cock shrink a little, and I was able to relieve my bladder.  I washed up, wondered idly if Maureen had a spare toothbrush, and headed back to the bedroom.  I had to be at a gig fairly early, and I hoped I could grab a shower and at least have a few moments to be with Maureen before I had to leave…

Those were the thoughts going through my head as I opened the bathroom door into the hall and found myself face to face with Alisha, who was wearing a naughty little smile and the same unicorn-and-princess pajamas she’d had on the night before.

Before I could say anything, she pressed her finger to her lip in a ‘Shhh’ motion, and ushered me back into the bathroom.  I took two surprised steps backward, and she stepped forward and closed the bathroom door after herself.

Alisha ‘Shushed’ me again.  Her smile had gotten bigger.  That wasn’t the only thing that had gotten bigger.  Despite my better judgment, my dick had responded right away to the naughty little pixie in the white cotton jammies.  It had never gotten very soft; now it was making its presence obvious, peeking disrespectfully out the waistband of my underpants.

Alisha grinned wide and tugged down my shorts.  My cock flopped out, like a puppy eager to play.  Alisha got down on her knees, face to face with my dick.  She smiled happily up at me, stuck out her tongue, and traced the underside of my penis, all the way from my balls to the purple head that was already leaking pre-come.  When her tongue tickled my pee-hole, I shivered, and let out an involuntary sigh.  I reached down and stroked her curly blonde hair, which was as soft as a kitten’s belly.

My cock was harder than hard.  Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Alisha unbuttoned her pajama tops, giving me my first glimpse of her tits.  Lord have mercy!  They were beautiful!  They were large and firm, soft and pale and slightly freckled, and seemingly impervious to the laws of gravity, with pretty pink nipples that pointed perkily upward.

Her breasts swinging erotically with every movement, Alisha proceeded to swallow my cock whole.  Or at least, she tried her damnedest.  She could only get about half the length inside her mouth.  She started bobbing up and down on me, slurping happily away.  Her hands cupped my ass cheeks and fondled my thighs and ball sac.  I don’t think she had much –if any– experience giving blowjobs.  It felt really good, amazing even, but it wasn’t going anywhere.  She couldn’t get a rhythm going, wasn’t really using her hands in conjunction with her tongue.  She wasn’t going to be able to make me come.

The last thing I needed now was for Maureen to come tapping on the door.  I gently pushed Alisha off me, and wrapped my own hand around my shaft.  She smiled understanding and nodded eagerly.  I started lustily jerking off.  She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue invitingly.  Her tits were all flushed, her nipples erect.  She had my butt clasped in both little hands, and one finger started probing between my cheeks, probing, pressing…

“Oh, fuuuuck!” I choked out, trying not to shout out loud as I came.  I squirted gobs of pearly white come right onto her outstretched tongue.  She swallowed, and more landed on her neck and tits.  When I was done squirting, she licked up the sticky stuff that was leaking out of my dick until there was none left.

“Thanks!” Alisha said brightly, as she buttoned up her p.j.s  “I have to get dressed for school now.  Don’t follow me right out, ok?”  And then she was gone, leaving me standing alone in a daze in the bathroom with my underpants around my ankles.

7.  Maureen

Sam very sweetly woke me up with a kiss and a hot cup of coffee.  He was already dressed, and running late.  He kissed me again on the lips, a lingering, sexy kind of kiss and looked at me seriously with those big blue eyes.  “Can I we get together again soon?”

Oh yes, very soon.  The sooner the better, as far as I was concerned.

I called him up from my desk at lunch.  He answered on his cell phone.

“Where are you right now?”

“In my truck, taking a lunch break, eating a tuna sandwich.”

“Mmm, yummy!  Last night was fantastic…”

“Yeah, it was…”

“Sam, you wanna guess what I’m doing right now?”

As a matter of fact, I had just pulled my panties down, and my free hand was busy under my skirt, tracing up and down my moist slit.

“God Maureen, you’re making me hard just talking about it…”

“Why don’t you get your dick out and play along?  No-one will know…”

“Listen, Maureen, we need to talk.”

Oh God.  That stopped me up short.  He wasn’t really going to dump me was he?  I thought he was such a nice guy, I thought we had such a cool thing going on.

He wasn’t dumping me.  Stammering, embarrassed, he told me what had happened to him that morning in the bathroom with my daughter.

At first I was more than a little miffed.  Not at poor Sam, bless his heart.  I was mad at Alisha, that little tramp… get a boyfriend of your own to molest!  But then, I felt bad for getting mad.  I had pretty much led her straight down the road to temptation after all.

And then I started picturing the scene in my head: my little Alisha on her knees on the bathroom floor, her mouth full of dick, her boobs swaying in the breeze, my man Sam’s big strong hands all tangled up in her curly golden hair…  I was even wetter than I had been before!

“Are you pissed at me?”  I realized that Sam was still on the phone, and that I had left him waiting in silence for a very long moment since he had made his heartfelt confession.

“I’m not pissed!” I said, “Just promise me one thing, ok?”

“Sure,” Sam said, “Anything.”

“Promise me you won’t do anything sexual with Alisha again–”

“I promise!”

“–unless I’m there with you.  Ok?”

“um… ok!”

“You know what?”


“Just thinking about this stuff makes my pussy really wet.”  It was true.  I tend to get ridiculously wet when I am aroused.  I have soaked all the way through a pair of jeans before.  What with all the nasty thoughts in my head, and the fingers that just would not stay still, I was making a big sticky puddle on my swivel chair.  “You should take your dick out.”

“It already is.” Sam confessed.

“Is it hard?”


“Let’s masturbate together.  I want to hear you come.”


There was near silence on the phone line as we touched ourselves.  I could hear Sam’s heavy breathing, the rustle of his movements.  My clit was poking straight out, my juices were flowing.  I imagined him in his pickup truck, parked in some construction site, stroking his beautiful cock.  It was so hot!  My skirt was up around my waist, my legs were spread wide.  Anyone could (theoretically at least) walk into my office at any time.  The danger just added to my excitement.  I couldn’t get that picture of my naughty daughter out of my head either.

“Sam, you know what I’m picturing right now?”

“What?”  His voice was hoarse.

“I’m picturing you fucking Alisha.  I’m picturing you sliding your big dick into her pretty little virgin pussy…”

“Is she a virgin?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she is.”

“Aw, fuck Maureen, I’m gonna come!”

And come he did, with a strangled, drawn-out grunt that pushed me over the edge, triggering my own gasping orgasm.  I would have to put a towel or something down on my seat, or I’d get joy juice all over my skirt.

“Sam,” I said when we could both talk again, “Would you like to go out for dinner tonight?”

8. Alisha

I had been thinking seriously of going over to Kira’s house and jumping her bones, period or no period.  It had been an endlessly frustrating day at school, with Sam’s come drying on my breasts, and me so worked up I couldn’t concentrate on anything.  The hours absolutely crawled by!  I amused myself by kind-of-masturbating in class, squeezing my legs together to stimulate my puss.  It kind of worked– it kept me all aroused and juicy; but it did nothing to relieve the sexual tension.

I called Kira’s cell phone as soon as I got home, but she didn’t pick up.  I fired up the computer: if I couldn’t get off with another real live human being, I could at least whack off to some hot nasty porno.  Before I had gotten very far though, I heard Mom’s car pull into the drive.  Damn!  Home early twice in a row!  I pulled up my panties and buttoned my pants and closed the naughty web site, and managed to look pretty damn studious when she walked into the study.

I don’t know how she knew, but she knew.  I braced myself for her to be furious with me, and it took me a little while to figure out that she wasn’t.  She started off by telling me that she was wrong the other day, to tell me not to look at porn on the computer.  She said that she trusted my judgment, and that I could look at whatever I wanted online, as long as I didn’t get the computer infected.  That was kind of a relief; if I had gotten caught once, it was a pretty safe bet I’d get caught again.  Mom even asked me to show her some places to get hot porn.

At that point I breathed a secret sigh of relief: I wasn’t about to get busted for what I’d done that morning.  And then she started asking me about blowjobs, whether I’d given a lot of them (I hadn’t) and whether I liked giving them (I did!).  I was feeling really nervous at this point because I was pretty sure I was about to have to fess up to sucking her boyfriends’ cock that morning in the bathroom.

Mom sat down next to me and put her hand on my knee.  “Would you like to have sex with Sam?  While I watched?”

Oh My God, that certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to hear.  It actually knocked me speechless for a few moments.

“Mom,” I stammered, “You know I’m a virgin, right?”  Well, technically a virgin… Kira had had several fingers and a small vibrator up my pussy already.

“Well, yes, I guess I kind of figured you were…”

“I just… I always pictured having sex for the first time with a guy I was really in love with” It sounded kind of silly to me, when I heard myself say it, but it was true.  I guess I was kind of a romantic.

“I totally understand” Mom said.

There was kind of an awkward pause.  “I’d let him do me up the butt though.”

“You’d like that?”  Mom sounded shocked, mildly horrified.

“Oh Yeah.”  Sometimes when she went down on me, Kira would tickle my asshole with one finger, and what I really wanted, and hadn’t worked up the nerve to ask for yet, was for her to stick two or three fingers (or her vibrator) up there, and fuck me that way.  That was in fact, my most recent favorite topic of masturbation.

9.  Maureen

I had, of course, seen anal sex done in porn, and I have to admit that I found it hot.  I’d never imagined though, that the women actually got any pleasure out of the act: I’d though it was for a strictly male audience.  I looked at Alisha, looking at me, blushing, with big blue pleading eyes, and then I imagined her on my bed, and Sam impaling her little ass with his big cock.

“Sure,” I said, and gave her knee a little squeeze, “I bet he’ll be thrilled!”

10. Sam

Dinner was awesome, though we both had a hard time eating.  Maureen kept flirting with me, rubbing my thigh with her foot, asking me questions about my experience with Alisha in the bathroom: “Did I like her tits?”  “How much of you could she get in her mouth?”  “Doesn’t she have a nice ass?”

At one point, Maureen excused herself to the bathroom.  When she came back to the table, she slipped me her wadded-up red panties.  The crotch was damp.  I ‘accidentally’ dropped a fork, and dived under the table to retrieve it.  Maureen had her skirt piled up on her lap, and I stuck my head between her thighs and gave her juicy pussy a big slurp before resurfacing.  We were right on the verge of making a complete scene out of ourselves right there in the restaurant.  Fortunately about that time we finished out dinner, refused the waiter’s offer of coffee, paid the bill, and walked out to my truck.  I was pretty sure that everyone in the place was staring at the flagpole boner sticking out of the crotch of my pants.

In the truck, as we drove over to her house, Maureen fished my cock out and laid her head on my lap.  While I tried to concentrate on not getting us killed, she idly licked, kissed, fondled and occasionally swallowed my member.  It was about the most pleasurable –and distracting—drive I could remember.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” she asked me as we pulled into her driveway.

“Never have,” I answered honestly as I tucked my aching hard dick back into my jeans.  “It’s something I always wanted to try at least once, but I’ve never had the chance.”

Christ!  Just when I thought my dick couldn’t get any harder!

We walked in the front door, and there was Alisha, waiting for us, in her blue jeans and tank top.

Maureen gave her a big hug and a kiss on the forehead.  “You want to show me Honey?  Show me how you did it this morning.”

Alisha looked from her mom to me and blushed.  She actually blushed, it was painfully cute!  But then she got down on her knees in front of me, and I realized this was for real.

“Go ahead” Maureen said, and I unzipped my pants.  Alisha clumsily fished my dick out.  It was incredibly hard.  I think, if I hadn’t already come twice that day, that I would have shot off into her mouth the instant that she licked the underside of my cock with her soft little tongue.  As it was, I moaned out loud, and she took her cue to swallow my dick head.

“Take off your shirt!”  Maureen had flopped down on the couch to watch.  Alisha released my dick just long enough to pull her t-shirt up over her head and to reach behind and unsnap her bra.  Then she went right back to work.  Her boobs were just as big and perky and beautiful as I remembered, and they jiggled nicely as she bobbed up and down.  She was no longer trying to swallow the whole thing: this time she kept her mouth on the head, and was jerking off the shaft.  If she kept that up, I was going to come right in her mouth.

“God that’s hot!” Maureen had her skirt hiked up and her legs apart, and was fingering her snatch.  “Why don’t we all go upstairs to the bedroom?”

I took the opportunity to lose my pants, then Maureen and I followed Alisha up the stairs.  “Doesn’t she have a sexy ass?” Maureen commented to me on the way up.  Alisha turned around and grinned at us.

We all three piled onto Maureen’s bed.  Maureen’s skirt was already on the floor, and she stripped her top off, setting her gorgeous rack free.  Her nipples were pink and erect.

“I hope my tits look like yours when I’m grown up!” Alisha said.

“I bet I know what you’d like to do,” Maureen said to me as I peeled the vestiges of my clothes off.  Alisha lounged topless on the bed next to her mother, grinning and watching intently.  “I bet you’d like to lick her pussy!”

That wasn’t ALL I wanted to do to her, but she was absolutely right.  I did want to lick Alisha’s pussy.

Alisha unsnapped her jeans and allowed me to tug them off.  She was wearing green and white panties with roses printed on them.  I could see the crease of her pussy, and I thought I could detect a little damp spot in the crotch.

“Go ahead” Maureen said.  Alisha wiggled out of her underwear.  Her pussy had a neat little triangle of soft golden hair above it.  He shy little clitoris was just peeking out, and her petite little labia were pursed as if for a kiss.  She was very wet.

“She’s a virgin,” Maureen said, and I thought ‘this is as far as it goes: her mom would never let me fuck her if she’s a virgin.’   Alisha nodded seriously.  “Go ahead and lick her pussy.  When was the last time you got to lick a virgin pussy?”

I dove right in.  I tried to tease, to lick all around and be coy, but Alisha was having none of that.  “Lick my clit!” she moaned, grabbing me by the hair and directing me.  My tongue found her little button, and she reacted violently, tugging at my hair, grinding herself onto my face.

I had her small, round ass cupped in both hands, lifting her pussy into my face like it was a chalice.  She was delicious, and my face was covered in her slick juices.  She was also making a ton of noise, groaning and gasping and urging me on.  I was slurping her pussy, dragging my tongue up her slit and lavishing her clit.

I had an ass cheek in each hand, and when one finger ‘accidentally’ brushed against her tiny puckered rosebud, I thought I detected a change in the pitch of her moans.  Experimentally, I pressed just a little harder against her asshole, while I continued to lick.

“Oh fuck YES!  I’m going to come!”  I let my finger tip slip up into her anus, and licked her clit for all I was worth.  Her body shook as she came and came all over my face.

“Holy Shit that was hot!”  Maureen had two fingers up her pussy, and her clit was bright pink.  Alisha lay on her back, gasping.  My dick was still quite hard, and I was leaking a gossamer strand of sticky pre-come.

“Tell Sam what you want,” Maureen said.

“Would you like to fuck me in the ass?” Alisha asked quietly.  “It’d be my first time.”

10. Maureen

She looked so sexy, lying there naked on my bed, still flushed and sweaty from her orgasm.  I felt a surge of pride for my sexy little vixen.

When she told Sam what she wanted, I thought he might pop off right then.  His erect dick jerked and bobbed even as he stammered that he’d be happy to oblige if that was what she really wanted.

Oh, she wanted it alright!  Quick as a little salamander, she was on her hands and knees on my bed, her ass thrust up in the air like a cat in heat, her beautiful boobies hanging down swaying, her golden curls fallen all over her face.

I took the opportunity to reach over to the nightstand and open up the drawer.  I grabbed Blackie, my realistically shaped black silicone vibrator, and a tube of lube which I tossed over to Sam.

“Make it really slippery” I instructed him.  I realized that I had been masturbating shamelessly in front of my daughter: my fingers were all juicy and sticky.  Alisha had one hand busy between her legs.  I loved how sexy she looked, all naked and turned on.  I wondered if I had been that sexy when I was her age: at the time I had just felt awkward.

I watched greedily as Sam greased up his pole.  I had never yet seen his cock this hard.  Covered in slippery lube, it looked extra big and thick and sexy.  I couldn’t believe he was going to put that thing up Alisha’s butt.  I wondered what it would be like for him to do that to me.  I wondered if I might like it.

I twisted the knob on Blackie, and concentrated the buzzing tip on my clit.  Sam was rubbing his dick up and down between Alisha’s heavenly butt cheeks, and she was breathing heavily already and whimpering, “Put it in… put it in… slide it up my ass…”

Sam assumed a look of total concentration as with one hand he guided his engorged dick toward its target.  Alisha grunted, shifting her weight so that her head lay in my lap.  Her pretty mouth hung slightly open, her eyes were half closed.  That finger between her legs was making sexy squooshing noises.  I could feel their combined heat rolling over me.  The vibrations running through my clit were driving me insane.  I could feel Alisha’s breath on my inner thigh.

“Its too tight,” Sam gasped, “its not going to fit.”

“Keep going,” Alisha responded throatily, “keep going.  Just go slow, ok?”

He had both strong hands on her pale ass cheeks, spreading them far apart.  His face was rapt with concentration, his brow furled.  Alisha was panting.  I was going to come in a second.  Somewhat regretfully, I stopped directly stimulating my clit with the vibrator, and slid Blackie up my incredibly wet pussy.  It felt so fucking good to have that humming toy up my cunt!

“Oh Fuck, Yes!”  Alisha breathed.  “Fuck yes, I’m inside!” Sam gasped.

“Fuck that’s sexy!”  Alisha grabbed Blackie out of my hand and started thrusting it in and out of my slippery pussy.  This was way farther than I had intended anything to go, but I was far to turned on to stop it.  And it felt amazingly good!  “Fuck my ass!” she growled back at Sam, “I’m going to come!”

She wasn’t the only one!  Sam’s face was all red and he was biting his lower lip hard.  I was amazed.  He had every inch of that glorious cock up my daughter’s ass.  “Ohh!  Ohhhh!” he was growling, “Ohhhh fuuuuck!”

Alisha came too, shaking and crying, her face all screwed up, her tits shaking, “Ah ah ah ah ah yes!”  Her hand never stopped rubbing her clit, and her other hand was still jerking Blackie in and out, in and out of my hot cunt.  With one hand, I reached under my bottom and stimulated my own anus with a fingertip.  I’d never done that before, and it felt goood.  With my other hand, I strummed my poor over-excited little clit straight into heaving, screaming ecstasy.

When I could think straight again, Sam and Alisha were spooning, her face pressed against my thigh, his thick fingers idly tracing the crack of my vagina.  I realized with a bit of a start that I had one of Alisha’s rosy pink nipples pinched between my thumb and forefinger.  I gave it a playful tweak.

“So, who’s up for another round?”



  1. Elsie Fan(ny) said

    This is very, very nice. I like your dirty stories with happy endings.

    I also like the multiple viewpoints in this story, just as with “Jim and His Two Sisters.” It isn’t quite up there with “As I Lay Dying” in emotional power. However, it is more fun to read your take on incest, voyeurism/exhibitionism, and a bisexual young lady asking to be sodomized than about hard lives in the context of rural poverty in early 20th century Mississippi.

  2. Liam said

    A great read and a wonderful distraction. Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen til the / my delightfully happy ending. More!

  3. Found your blg through your Literotica page. I’m really glad I did. That was a very hot read! Thanks.

  4. […] The Road to Temptation […]

  5. John Cowan said

    This story would be a good candidate for a rewrite in omniscient third person, actually. I found jerking in and out of different first-person viewpoints in the middle of a conversation offputting. Omni gets a bad rap from “creative writing” folks these days, but before 1915 it was practically universal, and it still is for many genres, notably including children’s books. See Le Guin’s Steering the Craft for more about different voices, including omni (which she calls “involved narrator”) and how and when they work.

  6. elsiewrites said

    An interesting, thoughtful point. I have no problem with the omniscient third person — as reader. I’m actually not comfortable with it as a writer, particularly as a writer of porn. Thank you for the Le Guin recommendation; I love her as a writer of fiction, and as a person. I’ll be interested to read her thoughts about the craft of writing. Part of me wonders what she’d make of my work…

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