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Crime and Punishment


I had a pretty good set-up going on before I fucked it up.

Jillian had been flirting with me for months.  At first it was subtle, little things: a glance here or there, a quick brush of ‘accidental’ contact, an unfastened button in her blouse.  It drove me crazy.  I told myself I was just imagining things.  I had furious, guilt-wracked masturbation sessions: the girl was only fifteen.  And then she slowly became more and more obvious, more brazen.  She would practically dare me to look down her shirt; she licked ice-cream cones in the most suggestive way possible; she strolled around the house in her underwear; and in one memorable incident, she walked in on me while I was in the shower.

I had been married to Rebecca, Jillian’s mom for a little over three years.  The sex was… well boring isn’t the right word; but it was kind of infrequent and rather vanilla.  I’d wanted to try different things, but I’d never really had the nerve to.  I’d had fantasies about fucking Rebecca in the ass, but I never quite felt comfortable telling her.  I was always afraid that she’d think I was a pervert.  Rebecca had a quick, fierce temper.

When I’d first gotten together with Rebecca (never Becky), Jillian was really just a girl, a sweet little girl on the edge of puberty.  In the last year or so she’d matured a lot.  An awful lot.

It was a great thing I had going on with Rebecca, and I certainly didn’t want to screw that up.  Rebecca worked in advertising down in the city and she did pretty well at it.  She had a lovely house upstate; and I didn’t have to work, just take care of Jillian and the housework; and I got laid whenever Rebecca felt like it, which was usually once or twice a week.  Life was pretty good.

It was the first day of school summer vacation; Jillian had turned 16 a few weeks before, and was going to be a sophomore in the fall.  I couldn’t believe how fast she was growing up.  Especially when she trounced around the house in boxer shorts and a t-shirt with no bra.

Jillian was off hanging out with her friends, I supposed.  Like most teenage girls, she wasn’t incredibly communicative about her comings and goings.  Rebecca was down in the city, in meetings all day.   There were a few chores I had to do around the house, but for the most part, the day was all mine, mine to squander as I pleased.

Straightening up the kitchen and mowing the lawn could wait.  I brewed myself a big strong cup of coffee and ate a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Then, out of the secret shoe box in the back of my closet, I dug out a VHS tape.

Still wearing my bathrobe, I went down to the den, cassette in one hand, bottle of AstroGlide in the other; and slipped the tape into the VCR.

It was one of my favorites.  There is nothing quite as hot as seeing a bunch of cute-looking young girls getting butt-fucked really hard and messily.  There wasn’t even any attempt at plot in this one; just a series of sex scenes.  My dick was hard right away, but I was holding out for the last scene:  a blonde girl with big tits gets fucked in the ass while a brunette girl with smaller boobs licks her clit and fingers her pussy.  Hot stuff.

I don’t know how long she was standing there, watching.  It could easily have been a pretty long time.  It was certainly long enough anyway.  There I was sprawled out on the sofa, gently stroking my lubed-up cock, all my attention focused on the television screen, blissfully unaware of her presence until Jillian bent over the back of the couch and said “Hi Ted!  Or should I call you ‘Daddy’?”

Well I just about had a heart attack.  I had no idea what to say to her.  I stopped, frozen in mid-stroke, and gaped like an idiot as she flounced around to the front of the couch.

“Is that a pretty big one?” she asked, looking skeptically at my cock.  Behind her, the porno action was rocking along, full-blast.  The remote control was on the end table, just out of my reach.

“I, um, think it’s about average.” I said, flustered.  My dick wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small either.

“Good.” She said, flopping down on the couch along with me, “My friend Kira has a dildo that is way bigger than that.  It scares me. Your thing looks like it’s about the same size as my vibrator.”

Jillian was wearing a pair of blue running shorts that showed a ton of leg, and a little white halter-top thingy that didn’t do much at all to contain her bouncy young breasts.

“What are you watching?  That looks hot.  I was over at Kira’s house this morning.  She’s got a lot of porn, but it’s all soft-core stuff.  You wanna know a secret?  Sometimes we fool around… she lets me touch her, but she doesn’t like to touch me back.  That’s not really fair, is it?”

No, I guessed that it wasn’t really fair at all.

“Well you don’t have to stop what you’re doin’ just ‘cause of me… Daddy.”

That wasn’t exactly fair either.  But I wasn’t really in a position to exhibit a lot of self-restraint.  Almost on its own, my hand found my dick again, and resumed its slow stroking.  Jillian watched, fascinated.

“That looks hot,” she said, “That thing looks yummy!”  Before I could say anything, she had pulled her halter top off over her head.  Her boobs were large and perky in the way that only a sixteen year old girl’s big tits can be perky, and they looked delicious.  “I wanna play too!”  She spread her soft white thighs and pulled aside the crotch of her blue nylon shorts.  She wasn’t wearing any panties.

She slipped her fingers inside her shorts and started rubbing up and down, making little squishy noises.  I knew exactly where this was headed.  This was totally out of control.  And I wasn’t doing anything at all to stop it.

“Your dick looks delicious Daddy,” she’d never called me her Daddy before, not in the four years I had been with her mom. “Can I suck it a little bit Daddy?  I’ve been a really good girl.”

She didn’t wait for me to answer, but came at me on all fours, tits hanging down and swaying as she moved.  I presented my cock to her, and she boldly took it in her mouth.

Oh God it felt good!  Her mouth was so hot and wet!  How long had it been since I’d had an honest-to-god blowjob?  Way too long, not since Rebecca and I had started dating.  Jillian looked stunningly beautiful like that, her face in my crotch, her curly blonde hair spread out over my lap, her beautiful big boobs brushing against my thighs.  I reached down and cupped her large breasts, gently massaging her nipples.  They were stiff as pencil erasers.  She was slurping all over my cock.  She couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth, but she was sure willing to give it a try!  She would lick and kiss her way from the head to my balls, then swallow as much of the shaft as she could.  I don’t think she was very experienced, but she more than made up for that with enthusiasm.  I was totally in heaven.  Her mouth felt amazing, but she wasn’t maintaining enough of a rhythm to be able to make me come.  Which, for the time being, was just fine.

Jillian lifted her mouth up off my cock, which wetly flopped to one side and slapped her on the cheek.  She was grinning wide, and her eyes were bright.  “I want you to do it to me Daddy!”

On the screen, a blonde chick was working her way through a very loud and fake sounding orgasm as she got anally impaled with a big black cock.

Jillian stood up in front of me and peeled off her thin blue shorts.  As she tossed them aside, I saw her bare labia pouting fatly out.  She had no hair at all down there; I’d never seen that in real life.  I thought only porn stars did that.

“I want to feel your cock inside me Daddy,” she said, fondling her own pussy lips.  She was really wet, I could see that already.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked stupidly.

She took a step closer.  Her bald little pussy was right in my face.  I could feel her heat, smell her arousal.  I could practically taste her.

“Not for much longer.” She replied, licking her lips.  She parted her labia with two fingers, making her pink little clit pop out.  I thought I might explode.

“Are you on birth control?” I asked.  I wasn’t completely stupid.

“Not yet,” she said, “Do you have any condoms?”

We didn’t have any in the house.  Rebecca was on the pill, and we hadn’t used a condom together in years.

“Well then I guess you’ll have to put it up my butt.”


“I do that to Kira sometimes with her toys.  It’s pretty hot.  Come on, you’ve already got the lube out!”

She had a point there.  And quite frankly the sight of Jillian bent over on her knees in front of me, her ass cheeks spread wide apart and her fingers busy on her pink little clit was more than I could possibly be expected to bear.  I dripped a little lube onto her tiny crinkled rosebud and gently rubbed it in with my finger.

“Oooh that feels nice!  Hurry up and put your cock up inside me Daddy… I want to come with that big beautiful dick in my asshole!”

I poured some lube on my erection and positioned myself, rubbing the sensitive head of my cock between her ass cheeks.  She rubbed aggressively back against me.  “Hurry up!”

“I’ll be gentle.” I said.

“Fuck my ass!” Jillian gasped.  Her fingers were making squooshing sounds in her pussy.  I nudged the end of my cock between the perfect globes of her pale butt cheeks, nosing the head up against her little brown hole.  My cock was so hard I swear it was pulsing.

“Stop right there, Mister!” Rebecca was standing in the entrance to the den, her arms crossed, a black thundercloud of pissed-off-ness on her face, and one of her SLR digital cameras in hand.  “Don’t. You. Dare.”

I wilted like last weeks’ lettuce, and extracted myself from my step-daughter’s ass.

“You,” Rebecca said to Jillian, “get dressed and go to your room.  And you,” she said to me, “We need to talk.”


We didn’t actually talk much.  Rebecca let it be known that I had fucked up really badly, and if I didn’t want a divorce and a lengthy prison sentence, I had better start toeing the line, and doing just as she said.  I was sequestered for the remainder of the week in a crappy motel room on route 28 up in the Catskills.  When she did speak to me she was cold as stone.  I spent the week pacing the room and eating crappy pizza I got delivered and feeling like a complete shit.

When Rebecca booked the two of us on a flight to Brazil, and I asked no questions and meekly packed my things like she told me to.  Finally, on the 12 hour flight, she seemed to thaw out a little bit.  She started being almost nice to me.  Toward the end of the flight, she even told me she didn’t really blame me for what had happened.  “From what Jillian told me, it wasn’t really your fault.  Who knows… in a similar situation I might even have done the same thing.  But I still don’t think that excuses you.”

I started to panic when we got to the hospital, but Jillian squeezed my arm and told me to hang tough.  “Try to be grown-up about this Ted” she said, “You screwed up, you take your punishment like a man.  And don’t forget about those pictures.”

Nobody would tell me what was going on as they put me on the stretcher, but a nurse gave me a sedative and I started not to mind so much.  Then another nurse inserted an IV in my arm and hooked me up to something wicked powerful, and I slipped into blissful unconsciousness.

When I woke up, the first thing I was aware of was searing, pulsing, throbbing, unbearable pain.  It was centered on my crotch, and seemed to radiate from there throughout my entire body.

Rebecca was sitting next to my bed.  “I asked that they not give you any pain killers,” she said, “Just as a reminder that you’re being punished.  I wanted them to do the operation with just a local anesthetic, but the doctor was afraid you’d struggle too much and injure yourself, so he insisted on putting you under.” She smiled sweetly.  “I think,” she said, “that we can now call it even-steven.”

After the first day, Rebecca relented on the painkillers, and kept me well dosed up on percodan, which numbed the pain but made me feel nauseous.  My crotch was a mass of bandages, with a plastic tube leading out from under, which I peed out of.

I was only in the hospital for a day.  I couldn’t tell what was going on under the bandages, and I was terrified to ask.  The nurses changed my dressing and released me, and we took a taxi back to the hotel.  Rebecca was all sweetness and giggles; none of the coldness that had been there before.

The next morning Rebecca woke me up early with a big kiss.  “Why don’t we go to the beach, and catch some sun while we’re down here?” she asked breezily, “I think your bandages can come off now, though you probably shouldn’t go in the water yet.”

I lay back on the bed, dreading what I was about to see.  “Don’t worry,” she said, “It’s not so bad!”

Getting the bandages off pulled out a few stray hairs, which made me wince.  “You can look now!” Rebecca giggled.  I had had my eyes shut tight.

The whole area of my crotch had been shaved clean, and was now growing back in a mess of stubble.  My balls were fully intact, which was what I’d been most worried about.  But where my penis had been, there was just a nickel-sized disk of angry red scar tissue, with a tiny hole in the middle.

I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  “I think it looks cool!” Rebecca said, “It’s kind of sexy, in a weird way.  Come on, you can wear one of my bikini bottoms!  Trust me, you’ll fit right in, it’s a Brazilian beach!”

She was right, I did fit right in.  People, male and female, were wearing the skimpiest suits imaginable, and a lot of the women were topless.  Rebecca had slipped me half a percodan because my crotch still ached, and it made me feel relaxed and drowsy.  The warm sunlight and the noise of the waves didn’t help matters.  From time to time over the next few weeks I would have flashes of panic: “Oh my God, my wife had my dick cut off!” but right now I was just feeling sleepy.

Rebecca was lying on the towel next to me, in a tiny blue and white polka-dot bikini that I’d never seen before.  She wore dark sunglasses and was actively people-watching.  She would point out all the hottest bodies on the beach to me, guys and girls.  She really seemed to like the girls with big tits too, she kept pointing those out.  This was not the wife I had known up till now: slightly prudish, straight as an arrow.  Rebecca stroked my thigh softly as she made eyes at the hot young Brazilian babes and studs, and lavishly slathered sunscreen all over me.  Something fundamental had changed in her, or something deeply buried had come up to the surface.

I’ve read that amputees, people who have lost an arm or a leg, get phantom itches on body parts they don’t have anymore; itches that can’t be scratched.  I’ve read that these phantom itches are incredibly maddening.  Well let me tell you, they have nothing at all on me!

I started to get really horny.  I hadn’t actually gotten off since before the fateful Jillian incident two weeks before, and here I was surrounded by beautiful, almost-naked bodies, and my wife (who until a few days ago had been cold as ice) was actively flirting with me.  I started to get an erection.  Or that is, I would have started to get an erection.  I squirmed and groaned and gritted my teeth.  Nothing seemed to help.  Rebecca seemed to find all this incredibly amusing.  She smiled very sweetly and stroked my balls through the thin fabric of my borrowed bathing suit.  “Maybe we should go back to the hotel right now.”

About five minutes later, up in our hotel room, Rebecca was wetter than I’d seen her since we first started dating.  I sucked her pussy with gusto.  I’ve always enjoyed eating her out, but since we’d been married, for reasons I didn’t entirely understand, we hadn’t done much in the area of oral sex.  It just seemed like when Rebecca was in the mood for sex, we always just skipped to the main act.

I love watching Rebecca come, and I loved making her come with my fingers and tongue. This one seemed especially intense, and left her panting.  After she settled down, she kissed me lightly on my sticky wet cheek.

“I’ve heard they all shave down here,” she said, meaning both Brazil and her own furry bush.  “Do you think that’s sexy?  I’ve always thought it looked kind of infantile.”

I answered carefully.  “It can be a nice look.  I like that you can see everything going on down there.”

She rolled over and gently cupped my balls, which felt big and tender.  “I know what you mean.  I guess it can be kind of sexy… like in porn.  But it also seems sort of manufactured, or fake.  Jillian’s been shaving for a while now… but you knew that.”

“Yeah.” I said lamely.

“God…” Rebecca stretched, “I could really go for a dick inside me right now.  It’s really kind of a shame… but at least now you’re safe to have around the house.”


The flight back to the States was long and boring and for me as well as being very frustrating and uncomfortable.  I found myself in a state of permanent horniness.  I kept wanting to sneak into the bathroom and jerk off.  But of course I had nothing to jerk.  Rebecca read her book and slept through most of the flight.

We got in early in the morning at JFK, Rebecca had to go right into the city and go to work.  I took the bus upstate, drank too much, tried to nap, and moped about, feeling depressed about my lot in life.  I took a cold shower and went down to the kitchen to brew some coffee.

Jillian came bouncing in the door, wearing painfully tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt that only too obviously had no bra underneath.

“Ted!” she cooed, “I’m so sorry!  It was really all my fault, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble!  I know Mom was really mean to you.  I tried to talk her out of it.  I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you…”  She gave me a big hug, and made a point of pressing her big unfettered breasts against my chest.

I separated myself from her, smiled weakly, and told her that it wasn’t her fault; that I was a grown man, and I had done something bad.

“I didn’t think it was that bad.” she pouted.  “I kinda liked it actually.  Listen, I was wondering if there was any way you would do me a favor…”

I waited for it.  She blushed and hemmed and hawed and finally spat it out.  “I’m not a virgin anymore.  I’ve been seeing this guy, Kenny, from school.  He’s cute, but a little dumb, and his dick’s bigger than yours was, but that’s not necessarily a good thing by the way.  Anyway, I was over at his house today… well, we did it and I didn’t get to get off, and he doesn’t like to go down on me…”

I nodded with what I hoped was fatherly understanding.

“…So I was wondering if maybe you’d go down on me.  Mom says you’re really good at it…”

Rebecca wasn’t going to be home until 7 at the earliest, and it was just past noon.  What I really wanted to do was sink my cock into her sweet young snatch.  But since that obviously wasn’t going to happen, my tongue would just have to do.  Jillian grasped me by the hand and led me eagerly out onto the back porch.  My balls felt like a pair of swollen, dangling grapefruit in my pants.

Our back porch faced the side of the mountain.  There were no neighbors, just trees.  Jillian flopped down onto one of the wooden Adirondack deck chairs.  “Take of your shirt,” she said, “I like your chest.”

I pulled my shirt off, feeling faintly ridiculous.  The summer sun felt nice and warm on my back.  Jillian gave me a big fat grin, and unbuttoned her ludicrously tight stretchy jeans.  With one seductive wiggle, they were off.  She wasn’t wearing any panties underneath.  There she was, bare-assed (from the waist down) naked on the reclining chair.  Lazily, she spread her legs wide, resting her calves on the armrests.  Her soft, pale thighs were parted invitingly; her hairless pussy was swollen and wet and hungrily open.

I felt a searing pang of jealousy, right down through where my dick used to be.  Some teenage prick had been inside there not long ago, and didn’t even appreciate what he was getting.  I got down on my knees and dove right in.

Jillian was absolutely dripping sex.  The scent was overwhelming, intoxicating.  Her petite labia were swollen almost purple, and pouted open like a blooming rose.  Her little pink clit was peeking out excitedly from beneath its hood.

With my tongue, I traced her puffy outer lips.  Her incredibly soft skin was sweetly sweaty.  She shivered at my touch.  “Oh yeah Daddy, lick my cunt!”

Well, that was all I needed!  I parted her delicate inner lips with the tip of my tongue, and slowly, slowly dragged my tongue from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to her clit.  Jillian groaned out loud and grabbed a handful of my hair.  When my tongue reached her clit, she jumped in the chair.

Her juices were copious, and flowing like a river.  She tasted like sex: young, sweet, salty, musky sex.  I reveled in it, her juices coating my tongue and plastered all over my face.  For a while I slurped away at her, getting enormous pleasure out of lapping up her juicy pussy, hearing her moans and feeling her wiggles whenever my tongue bumped into her swollen clitoris.

I’m not sure how long I kept that action up, it seemed like an eternity.  Finally Jillian begged, “Please Daddy, please suck my clit!”

I was happy to oblige her.  I switched gears, concentrating on that tender little button.  First I wrapped my lips around it and sucked, like a kiss, or like sucking a pea out of a pod.  That seemed to be a little too intense for her, so I changed techniques and started flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue, like a kitten lapping up milk.

That certainly seemed to do the trick!  I inserted a finger, and then another into her steaming hot, slippery pussy.  She was groaning and arching her back, lifting her ass up to press her pussy into my face and to meet the thrusts of my fingers.  Her noises were getting louder and more intense.  Still licking away, I pressed another finger against the tight opening of her anus.  She opened right up, letting my finger sink into that tight little hole all the way up to the knuckle.  Her cries reached a fever pitch, and then she was coming, all over my fingers, all over my face.

It was wild feeling her orgasm with my digits up her butt and pussy.  I stayed with her as long as she could stand it, and then finally stopped licking her too-sensitive clit and very gently withdrew my sticky fingers.

“Wow!” she gasped when she found her voice, “That was amazing!  You’re way better at that than Kira ever was!  Mom says your harmless now, so I can hang out with you as much as I want.  We can do father-daughter activities and you can help me with my homework and… stuff.  So, could I…. um… see it?”

I pulled down my pajama pants, exposing my poor tender swollen testicles and the bright red quarter-sized disk of scar tissue where my penis had been.  Pre-come was leaking in delicate strands out of the pee hole in the middle of the scar.

“Oh you poor thing,” Jillian said as she pulled her jeans back on, “What a waste!”  Then with a flutter of her wrist that said ‘I’m done with you for now Old Man’, she was gone.

My balls ached.  I went upstairs and took a long hot shower.


I didn’t see Jillian again until dinner, which was mac and cheese.  Rebecca called and warned me she’d be home late.  Over dinner I fretted, remembering what she had said about wanting a dick inside her: was she already out fucking some young stud, some guy from her office?

After dinner, Jillian took off.  “I’m going over to Kira’s place, see you later!” she said, grinning lasciviously.   Mmm-hmm, I had a pretty good idea what that meant.  I hoped they had fun together.

Rebecca got home a little after 8, which isn’t actually incredibly late for her.

“Where’s Jill?” she asked.

“Oh, she’s over at her friends’ house,” I said, “I don’t think she’ll be home ‘til late.”

“God,” Rebecca sighed, “I’m exhausted.  What a long day.  I’m ready for bed already, how about you?”

Something about the way she said ‘bed’ made me prick up my ears.

I got undressed, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, sat down to pee (which was taking some getting used to and was a little annoying).  When I came back into the bedroom, Rebecca had stripped down to bra and panties.

The woman was 42, pushing 43, but she was still amazing looking.  Her breasts were large and firm, her tummy flat, and she had an ass that I still loved to watch wiggle when she walked.  She grinned when she saw that I was checking her out.

“You poor thing,” she said, “What will it take to get you some relief?”  She unsnapped her bra, setting the girls free.  Rebecca’s breasts may not be quite as perky as young Jillian’s, but they are even bigger, and are beautifully shaped and not at all saggy.  Her nipples were pink and erect and pointing straight out.  She tweaked her nipples seductively and, hooking her thumbs under the waistband, slipped out of her blue panties, revealing her neat triangle of sandy-brown pubic hair.

“I’m thinking about shaving it,” she said conversationally, “Just to try it out, see how I like it…”  And then she crawled up onto the bed, nudged my thighs aside, and started licking my balls.

She spent a lot of time gently licking and kissing and fondling my poor delicate nut sac.  It felt absolutely exquisite, but it was also really frustrating because it was taking my absolutely nowhere.

“Roll over,” Rebecca commanded, her eyes gleaming with wicked excitement.  I complied, turning over so I was lying on my stomach.  Rebecca started playing with my buns, lightly tracing her fingertips across my ass cheeks, prying me open, blowing into my crack, and then before I knew it, she had her face planted between my cheeks and was hungrily licking my asshole.

I’d seen this done in porn (though always with a girl on the receiving end), and I thought it was hot, but I’d never done it, and certainly never had it done to me.  The sensation was just AMAZING.  It felt like my phantom erection would bob up and clock me in the chin!  I was drooling and moaning like a porno-slut as Rebecca inserted her tongue what felt like several yards up my ass.  If she kept that action up, I thought I might be able to get just from her licking me there.  I felt the pressure of an enormous orgasm building up deep, deep inside me.

Abruptly, she stopped, leaving me just shy of nirvana, and got up, clambering off the bed.

“God you look sexy like that,” she said.  I was on my knees with my head mashed into a pillow and my rump thrust up in the air like a cat.  “I stopped by Delta of Venus after work today, that’s why I was late getting home.  I picked up something I hope you’ll enjoy.  I know I’m going to enjoy it.”

She pulled out of her bag a large, purple, double-sided dildo. [probably one a lot like this:  ]

“I always wanted to try anal sex with you,” Rebecca said as she poured liberal amounts of lube down my butt crack, “But I never thought it would be like this.”

I’d never really been penetrated back there at all; I’d had one girlfriend who would sometimes tickle my asshole with her fingertip when she gave me head, but that was it.  So I was really nervous, especially looking at the size of that dildo.  But I was also turned on beyond belief, and so fucking horny it literally hurt.

“I am so fucking wet!” Rebecca announced as she inserted her end of the dildo into her vagina.  I had to admit she looked incredibly sexy just then, my beautiful wife in all her stark naked glory and very turned on, with a large, purple, penis-ish dildo projecting hornilly from her crotch.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked me as she smeared lube all over her phallus. “You’d better get ready!”

I buried my face in the pillow and tried to relax as she clambered up behind me, put one hand on the small of my back, and started nudging the dildo between my ass cheeks.  I was hugely aware of the area back there, and my heavy balls hanging down between my thighs.  I felt the tip of her dildo bump into my asshole, and involuntarily I gasped.

“Try to relax” Rebecca said.  Easy for her to say.  She had one hand prying my cheeks apart, and had apparently found her target.  She was pressing that thing right up against my poor little anus.  I felt a lot of pressure there, a not-unpleasant sensation.  Then I suddenly felt something yield, and the sensation changed radically, and I knew she was inside me.

“Oh My God!” Rebecca gasped aloud, “I’m fucking your ass! Does it hurt?”

“No” I didn’t hurt.  It was scary, right on the edge of hurting, but it didn’t hurt.  It felt amazing.  “Keep going!”

She kept going, pressing more and more of the dildo up inside me.  I couldn’t believe I could take the whole thing.  I felt full up and stretched to the breaking point when finally she said “It’s all the way in now.”

“Go ahead and fuck me,” I said, “Just be gentle, ok?”

Rebecca put both hands on my hips and started sliding the dildo in and out of my ass.  She started slowly, with just the tiniest movements, but we both quickly got very excited, and soon we were fucking like a pair of crazed monkeys.

“Oh my god, I think you’re going to make me come!”  I could feel that orgasm building up in my balls, I just needed to be pushed a little more and I would fall off that cliff.

“Oh my god, I’m going to come!” Rebecca was riding my ass, humping her end of the dildo with abandon.  Each thrust gave me a jolt of intense pleasure.  “Oh fuck!  I’m coming!” and she ground herself hard deep into my asshole.

It was just enough to push me over.  The orgasm curled my toes and rocked my body even as Rebecca was convulsing on top of me.  I shouted out loud as I squirted buckets and buckets, stream after stream of semen all over the top sheet.  It was the most intense come I had ever had, and it seemed to go on forever and ever.

Rebecca settled down, still quivering from her own orgasm, and very slowly and gently extracted the dildo from my tender, overworked asshole.  She kissed me sweetly on the lips.  “Oh Ted, that was really hot!  You know, you could do that to me with a strap-on if you wanted…”

We had to change the sheets, and then we took a shower together, which led to me giving her another orgasm with my fingers, and her playing with my balls and ass and nipples again until I was ready to go all over again.  “Hold still,” she said.  Rebecca carefully inserted her middle finger up my butt until she had found that special place.  She rubbed it with her finger for just a couple seconds and then; “Aww, fuck!” I was coming again, squirting gobs of come out of my little pee hole, with a sensation that was at least as intense as my first orgasm.

We both slept really soundly that night.

We woke up late the next morning, entangled in each other’s limbs.  Over coffee Rebecca said to me, “You know, I think Jillian is old enough to make her own decisions in life.”

I had a pretty good set-up.



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