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Dean’s Toys


“Could I have a glass of water, please?”

The voice was just a mite above a whisper, raspy and thick.  It belonged to Ryan, Dean’s new toy.  Frankly I’d forgotten he was there.  It was Tuesday morning and I was supposed to be paying Dean’s bills online, but for the last hour or so I’d been surfing porn, getting my panties damp looking at pictures of pretty blonde girls sucking black guys dicks, getting fucked by big black dicks, and being sodomized by beautiful black dudes with big black dicks.  Ok, so I’ve got a bit of a fetish.

I’d seen Ryan around campus.  He was a freshman, a skinny white boy; cute, sweet, not too bright, and queer as a three-dollar bill.  Not exactly my type, but totally Dean’s cup of tea.  At the moment, Ryan was kneeling on the slab of rough-cut lumber that served as Dean’s coffee table.  He was stark naked except for a black leather dog collar.  His hands were cuffed behind his back and his ankles were secured to a steel spreader bar.  His pierced nipples were clipped into d-rings mounted to the table top, making it impossible for him to shift at all from his current position without experiencing excruciating pain.  He had a black eye, and his lips were viciously chapped and split.  His cock and balls, waxed bare, hung down vulnerably between his thighs.

I went to Dean’s house two or three times a week; paid his bills, did the books, took down the recycling, did little research projects- all the things Dean couldn’t be bothered to do and didn’t trust his toys to do for him.  It helped me cover the rent while I worked on the novel, and Dean knew I wouldn’t be freaked out by his domestic habits and trusted me to be discrete.  Actually I mostly just dicked around on Dean’s computer- at my apartment the only internet I got was pirated wireless, which was slow and unreliable at best.  In any event, I didn’t think it would do any harm to give the poor boy a drink of water.

I held the glass to his lips and he slurped it noisily.  “Oh my god, thank you!  I was so thirsty!”

Like I said, usually I just ignore Dean’s toys.  But I was in a weird mood that morning: I’d already been looking at sleazy porn all morning, and last night’s hot phone sex session had been shut down early and unexpectedly when my boy in Cincinnati told me that he was now ‘seeing someone’.  Whatever that meant.

So anyway, instead of pretending he was a piece of furniture or an object d’art, I took a moment and admired poor Ryan’s up-thrust rump.  It was really a pretty nice little rump, taken at face value: tight, pale, muscular little buns with an inviting crease separating the two lobes.  Ryan was so not my kind of thing: when I go for boys I like disaffected, dark, muscular intellectual types: blue-collar poets and jaded punk rockers.  And I was pretty certain that Ryan didn’t go for girls anyway.  But all that aside, he had a really cute ass.  And a nice dick too.

I stroked his butt lightly with my fingertips, giving him goosebumps.  “That doesn’t look like a very comfortable position.” I said.

“It’s not.” His voice had come back a little bit after drinking the water.  I refilled the glass and offered him more, which he gulped eagerly and awkwardly.  The best method was for me to hold the glass up to his lips, and he would lick the water out like a dog at a dish.  “It was really hot last night when he left me like this.  Now it’s just boring… and painful.”

“Poor thing.” I continued to stroke his little white ass.  I was rewarded by the sight of Ryan’s cock swelling into a full-on erection.  Now I saw why Dean had brought this one home.  Not only was Ryan’s dick nice and big without being obnoxiously huge, it was just perfect. Straight, thick, with a beautifully sculpted purple head; it was the kind of cock I would cast and make into a dildo and market and make a million dollars with.  The kind of cock that belonged inside me.

As I continued softly stroking Ryan’s rump, making his dick wiggle and twitch entertainingly, I noticed that he had a stainless steel butt-plug inserted in his anus.  Well of course, that made perfect sense.  Of course Dean would leave the toy with something inside him, something to make him suffer a little more and to help loosen him up for Dean’s notoriously big cock.

I plucked the toy out of Ryan’s butt with one swift motion.  It was quite big around and shockingly heavy.  He yelped out loud and jumped, which obviously hurt quite a bit as his pierced nipples both got yanked.  His little brown hole winked hungrily, suddenly made vacant.  His dick was now hard as granite, a hot pink pole poking straight out from his shaved crotch.

I carefully set the plug down next to the table, to be re-inserted later, and took the opportunity to slip out of my jeans and panties.

I straddled Ryan’s legs, mashing my wet pussy against his bare calf, which felt really good on my clit.  I got two fingers wet and slippery with a combination of saliva and joy juice, and not very gently inserted them into Ryan’s asshole.  He was tight, and maybe involuntarily he moaned and thrust back to meet my intruding digits.

It felt really good to butt-fuck him.  He was breathing hard, moving in time with my fingers, wincing when he got over-excited and his nipples got yanked by the restraints.  I really liked the way his horny little butt gripped me.  My pussy was making his calf muscle all wet and slippery as I rocked back and forth on his leg.

I reached under him and grasped his cock in one hand.  It felt great!  It had been quite a while since I had touched a real live dick, and I now remembered how much I enjoyed jacking one off.  It felt hot and hard and smooth and alive in my hand, pulsing with excitement, leaking gossamer strands of sticky clear pre-come.  A large part of me wanted to take him in my mouth, but for now I was content to just use my hands.  He was super-stimulated, and I could tell he was just microseconds from shooting off.  I was pretty excited myself, hovering right on the verge of a long-delayed and much-needed orgasm.

“Please don’t make me come!” Ryan begged through gritted teeth as I continued to stroke his cock and finger his ass, “He’ll be really pissed off if he finds out I’ve come!  He’ll beat the shit out of me!  He’ll fucking kill me.  Oh!  Oh oh oh oh Shit!”

With that Ryan came, straining hard against his restraints, nipples grossly elongated.  His beautiful cock shot gob after gob of pearly white semen, splashing all over the surface of the coffee table, forming a big white puddle directly underneath him.  This set me off in a big way, and I ground myself onto his leg, a series of ginormous orgasm washing through me as I finger fucked his tight little asshole without mercy.

When I was all done, I cleaned myself up, put my panties and jeans back on, and re-inserted Ryan’s butt plug.  He whined and begged me to clean up the puddle he’d made, but I ignored him, finishing my chores and locking the front door behind me.


Thursday morning I went over to Dean’s house.  There was a big stack of bills to pay, accounts to be reconciled, dishes to be put away.  When I was done with all that, I went looking for Ryan.  I didn’t have far to look.

He was, as I had suspected, down in the basement.  He was standing tip-toe, arms splayed out, chained to the wall, Jesus-style.  One nipple was a bloody, torn mess; there were angry red welts across his chest where he’d been whipped, and I would wager that his back and ass were worse.  He was sporting a raging erection.

There was a flatscreen TV across from him, showing an apparently endless loop of gay porn, muscular studs dripping in oil fucking and sucking each other enthusiastically.

Ryan moaned when he saw me.  I’m not exactly sure what that moan meant, but I knew what I wanted.

I got down on my knees and started sucking that beautiful dick.  It felt so good to have a cock in my mouth.  I practiced my best technique, swallowing him whole, jerking him off while I sucked the head fiercely, trying to force my tongue straight up his urethra.  I pretty much expected him to come right away, but I got nothing, just urgent frustrated thrusting, from Ryan.  I reached back to tickle his asshole, and discovered that something had beaten me to it: a good-sized dildo had been crammed up his backside and was buzzing away on high.  My mouth was starting to get sore from sucking.

“Viagra” Ryan rasped when I removed my mouth from his wet dick, “He pumped me full of viagra and made me come over and over until nothing would come out.  My balls fucking ache and I just want to go home.”

Viagra, huh?

There had to be condoms around here somewhere, Dean was no fool.  Sure enough, I found a box of latex condoms in a desk drawer next to a bottle of lube and an assortment of butt-toys.  I tore one open and carefully rolled it down Ryan’s saliva-wet purple cock.  I stepped back and admired my handiwork.  Ryan shook his head ‘No’.  I pulled off my blouse and unsnapped my bra.  My pussy was already plenty wet.  I hiked up my skirt and pulled my panties to one side and lowered my hungry cunt onto his tormented erection.

God it felt good!  I liked rubbing my tits all over his bloodied and torn chest.  Despite himself, Ryan was thrusting urgently into my pussy, and I could make him thrust even harder by tugging on his remaining titty ring.

It felt great, but it wasn’t going to make me come: the angles and friction just weren’t right.  I removed myself from Ryan’s erection, leaving him gasping, and turned my back to him, capturing his dick between my butt cheeks.

It was a little awkward: every other time I’d been butt-fucked, the dude (or the chica wearing the strap-on) had done the aiming and inserting.  This was more like trying to put a slippery, waggly dildo up one’s own butt, and I couldn’t even get my hands around the base of it.  Eventually I found my target though, and I felt Ryan’s latex-covered head slide deliciously up into my anus.

On the flatscreen in front of me, two pretty boys were sixty-nining, guzzling each others big dicks with gusto.  I bore down on Ryan’s dick, taking more and more up my ass, stretching me and filling me with cock.  My clit felt like it was straining to jump out of my crotch.  I impaled myself on Ryan’s rampant cock, sliding two fingers up my sopping wet pussy and rubbing my clit until I exploded.  Waves of bliss rolled over me as I came and came and came again.  I realized that I must have been screaming.

Finally and reluctantly, I eased myself off of Ryan’s poor, tormented erection.  His face was soaked in sweat, his eyes squeezed tight. I rolled off the condom, and threw it away.   My panties were a sodden mess; I took them off and wadded them up and slipped them into my bag.  When I was all cleaned up and dressed, I left Ryan hanging piteously off the wall, hard cock bobbing futilely, as the porn loop played out endlessly in front of him.


When I came in the next Tuesday, there was no sign of Ryan.  There was a pretty naked boy I didn’t recognize with dark hair and glasses crouched down on his hands and knees in a large metal dog kennel in the living room.  There was an empty dog dish in the cage with him.  I ignored him while I worked on Dean’s quarterly tax payment.

Finally I was done, or done enough.  I surfed the web for blowjob porn for a while, then got up and stretched.  “You poor thing,” I said sweetly, “Do you need a drink of water?”


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