Rape Fantasy

One Friday night, as we cuddled together and basked in the afterglow of a bout of some truly delicious but utterly vanilla sex, my boyfriend Saleem asked me a question that made me raise my eyebrows:

“Jen, have you ever had a rape fantasy?”

I was totally in love with Saleem that year; if I could have been anyone in the world at the time, I would have been him.  He was beautiful, smart and funny, generous, kind, intelligent and loving.  We had been together a year, and had shared an apartment in Williamsburg for the past six months.  He was great, a real keeper.  The only problem, as far as I was concerned, was that he was a little… tame in bed.

There was nothing wrong with his sex drive, far from it.  And vanilla is a nice flavor too.  But whenever I suggested anything even remotely kinky, the answer was always the same:

Bondage play, golden showers?  “Hmm, sounds interesting.”

Threesomes, spanking?  “That could be fun.”

Anal sex, exhibitionism?  “Could be interesting.”

Role playing, dildos?  Well you get the picture.  He was always positive but noncommittal, and it never happened. Saleem’s idea of kinky was going down on me with the lights on.  And he was pretty freaking good at that, I have to say.

So that is why I was surprised when Saleem asked me about rape fantasy.  He had never talked about his sexual fantasies before, and I was pleased to hear him opening up.

“Yeah” I said, giving him a squeeze “I bet most people have.”

“Would you ever… you know… want to act it out?”  Saleem got embarrassed easily talking about sex.  This was by far the most he had ever shared with me about his own fantasies.

“Sure” I said “That would be a blast.”  Play rape wasn’t really very high on my personal list of fantasies, but I had told Saleem many times that I was up for anything.  And hey, it might just be fun.

“Could be interesting” Saleem said.  I could tell he was turned on again.  He crawled on top of me, and we sixty-nined until his talented tongue had given me a couple yummy orgasms, and his big beautiful cock had spurted a fresh load of come into my hungry mouth.

The next day was Saturday, and we rode our bikes to the park and had a picnic and played Frisbee with friends.  Then we rented a movie, drank beer, and crashed out.

I woke up early on Sunday morning, and ran upstairs to have a little chat with our neighbor Audrey.

Audrey didn’t look like a dyke; at least I didn’t think so.  She had big eyes and ears that stuck out and seemed almost pointed at the ends.  She actually looked more than a little like a Tolkien elf.  She was waif-thin, with almost non-existent hips and butt, and a nearly flat chest.  She had fine features, a pleasant laugh, and hair down to the middle of her shoulder blades that varied wildly in color from day to day.  It could be anywhere from magenta to electric blue.  Today it was bleach blonde.  She had a tiny nose stud, but aside from that and the hair, she dressed fairly conservatively.  She wore more makeup than I ever did.  She worked in some dot-com where she pulled long hours and made money by the wheelbarrow full.

Audrey and I had slept together once, when Saleem and I had first moved in to the building.  It had been a lapse of judgment on my part, but even though I felt really guilty about it, I couldn’t quite bring myself to regret the incident.  Audrey might be a skinny little thing, but I swear her tongue was about three feet long and she could do push-up with it.  Holy shit, the things she had done with that tongue…!

The three of us had become friends, and we hung out fairly often.  Sometimes Audrey would hit on me, but not too hard.  I had hinted broadly to Saleem that I was attracted to her and wouldn’t mind watching him fuck her, but the only response I got was “Hmmm. Could be fun.”

When Saleem woke up, we had a hot cup of coffee ready for him.  His hands were cuffed and tied securely to the headboard, and his feet were velcroed to a spreader bar; these were items that had come down with us from Audrey’s apartment.  We had thought about gagging him, but had decided against it.  For now.

“What the hell is going on?” he spat as he struggled into consciousness.  Saleem has never been much of a morning person. “Jen, untie me, let me go!”

“Do you want the coffee or not?” I asked coldly “Bitch”

“Yes” he said, as Audrey brought the mug to his lips.  He drank deeply “Please tell me what is going on?”

“Fuck you” Audrey said, putting the cup down on the side table and slapping him across the face.  I winced, that was hard. “You’re ours now Cunt.  Our property.”

“What?” Saleem looked over at me.

“Shut the fuck up Bitch” I told him sternly “And things will go easier for you.”

“I’ve got to pee” he complained.

“So what’s stopping you?” asked Audrey, picking up an empty pint glass from the dresser.

When it became clear that we weren’t going to untie him or let him up to use the bathroom, Saleem realized that he would have to pee in the cup or humiliate himself by pissing all over himself and the bed.  Audrey held his limp penis, and he tried to go, but he couldn’t release.  It was cute watching him struggle to relieve his swollen bladder.  I probably didn’t help matters much by pressing on his stomach.  Finally, nature took over, and Saleem let go with a yellow flood that seemed to go on forever.  We laughed at him as Audrey directed the stream into the glass.  I was a little worried that it would be more than the pint glass could hold, but it wasn’t.

We left him there to stew for a little while, while we flushed his urine, and smoked a joint in the living room.  I was having a lot of fun, and seeing my boyfriend naked and helpless on the bed was more of a turn-on then I ever would have thought.

When we came back, pleasantly stoned, he again begged us to let him go.  It was kind of cute, but it got annoying.  Audrey had to gag him with a pair of my dirty panties just to shut him up.  Saleem struggled and glared, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

Audrey and me started making out on the foot of the bed.  At first it was mostly just to tease him, but we got really into it.  Pretty soon I had all but forgotten about Saleem and his predicament there on the bed with us.  Audrey is a really good kisser, but I had forgotten just how good she is.   I got lost in her lips and her tender touch.  Clothes went flying, and before long, we were down to panties.  Audrey was all over my tits, which she seemed to enjoy immensely.  I was playing with her nipples, which were smallish, brown, hard as rocks, and pierced with thick gold rings.  She moaned as I tugged hard on her rings, distending her titties as she sucked on my own sensitive nipples.  My clit was humming, and my panties were drenched.

I looked over and realized that Saleem had grown an erection while Audrey and I had been playing.  I pointed this out to her.

“You fucking little slut” Audrey snarled “You got turned on watching me with your girlfriend, didn’t you?” Saleem nodded.  She slapped his dick hard, which only seemed to make him harder “You’re lucky we don’t cut your balls off, you know that?”

Turning to me, she said “I think it’s time he got a taste of pussy, don’t you?”

I agreed, though I would happily have been the one tied up between Audrey’s thighs at that moment.  She pulled off her high-cut bikini underwear, revealing just how naked she was.  Audrey had waxed her cunt recently, and there wasn’t a hair to be found down there, she was bald as Patrick Stewart.  She sported a tattoo that I love on her left ass-cheek of winged faerie girl, legs spread wide, masturbating with two delicate fingers

I felt just a twinge of jealousy as Audrey undid Saleem’s gag and crawled on for a ride.  She sat on his face, mercilessly rubbing her bald snatch up and down on his tongue.  From the sounds she was making, he was doing a pretty damn good job down there too.  The man gave good head, that was a fact, and Audrey seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Meanwhile I pulled off my own more than damp underwear, and fumbled with the straps of Audrey’s harness.

The dildo that she had fixed onto it wasn’t that huge.  It was black and silicone, and realistically shaped, down to a pair of balls that were supposed to stimulate your clit.  A lipstick vibrator fit into a slot at the base.  It hummed pleasantly against my pussy.

Audrey was bent over Saleem’s face now, her small tits hanging down, rings glistening and jerking as he tongued her distended clit.  I crawled on top of him, enjoying the sensation of his hard penis sliding down my stomach.  It felt weird to have a big fake cock projecting from my crotch, waggling every time I moved.  Weird, but not unpleasant.

Audrey’s asscheeks were spread wide apart as Saleem pleasured her, and I just couldn’t resist licking her sexy ass.  I licked up and down her crack, teasing her until her little rosebud was gasping and winking for attention.  Finally I pressed my tongue into her hole, tasting her earthy, sexy taste, driving my tongue as far up her backside as I could while Saleem slurped away at her wet cunt.  She came, cussing like an ironworker and grinding onto Saleem’s mouth.

While she recovered, Saleem and I kissed.  She was all over his face, and I liked tasting her slick wetness on him.  It made kissing him feel nasty and naughty.  There was no more whining to be let go, and his nice big cock was harder than ever.

“The little slut is a pretty good pussy-eater” Audrey said “Not as good as you though.”  I blushed at the memory.  “I think he’s ready to get fucked, don’t you?”

That was when Saleem notice the strap-on for the first time.  His eyes went wide, but he didn’t say anything.

Together, we rolled him over and onto his knees.  “Make him suck your cock” Audrey told me.

I offered the dildo to him, and he obediently opened his mouth and started sucking.  He looked cute like that, but it didn’t really do that much for me.  The little vibrator was buzzing away inside the silicone cock, but it wasn’t being pressed against me enough to do that much.  I reached down and fingered myself as Saleem sucked.  I was surprised to find just how wet I had become; joy juice was literally flowing down the insides of my thighs.

“I think he’s enjoying this” I told Audrey “Horny little slut.”  I grabbed a handful of hair and forced Saleem down on my phallus until he choked and gagged.  I held his head down there.  When I finally let him up, his face was all red and he was gasping for air.  What a feeling of power!

Meanwhile, Audrey had retrieved the little bottle of AstroGlide from the bedside table, and was applying it to Saleem’s cute little backside.  He jumped a little the first time she touched him there, but then he seemed to relax.  I couldn’t WAIT to fuck that little hole!

“I think he’s ready” Audrey told me.  I disengaged my cock from Saleem’s mouth, and joined her behind my boyfriend.  Audrey had her forefinger buried to the knuckle in his puckered asshole, and she was sliding it in and out.  I was so horny at that point I thought I might shoot come right out the end of my silicone dildo.

Audrey removed her finger, and I just couldn’t help but lick him there a little bit.  He moaned and sighed as my tongue invaded his nether regions.  Audrey kept her hand on his balls, giving them a firm squeeze now and then, just to make sure he didn’t get too worked up.

“Are you ready to get fucked up the ass?” she asked rhetorically “Do you want to feel what Andrea feels when you fuck her asshole?”

“He’s never fucked me back there.” I told her.

“Is that true?” she asked.  He nodded ‘Yes’.

“Well we’ll have to change that later on, won’t we?”

“Oh yeah” I said, “We definitely need to change that!”

Audrey helped me get the end of my cock positioned at his anus.  She squirted a little extra lube on just for good measure.  Then she repositioned herself so that Saleem could, if he craned his neck, get his tongue on her wide open pussy.  “Fuck him” she told me “Fuck that fucking little slut bitch.”

I wanted to tease him a little first.  As he lapped at Audrey’s pussy and she rubbed her clit and pulled on her nipples, I drew the dildo up and down his ass crack, nudging it against his ball sac and tickling his asshole.  He pressed back eagerly whenever the end of it contacted his anus.

“Goddamn it!” he exploded “Come on Jen, stop teasing and fuck me already!”

“Say ‘please’!” I chided

“Please… Please fuck my ass!”

That was enough for me.  I pressed forward, and his asshole opened up, and suddenly the head of my black silicone cock disappeared inside his anus.  Saleem moaned loudly, throwing back his head and squeezing his eyes closed tight.  I think it was a happy moan.  I thrust forward a little more, and he humped back toward me, burying the fat dildo inch by inch into his hungry asshole.  He was tight, so I took it slow, but I wasn’t gentle.  I slapped his sweet buns hard as I buried my cock in his sexy little butt.  I liked seeing my handprint raised on his light brown flesh.  It looked sexy.

Once I was all the way up inside, I started fucking him in earnest, grabbing a fistful of his hair and mashing his face into Audrey’s cunt.  I fucked him hard and selfishly.  I was surprised at how goddamn good it felt.  Aside from the raw sexual power of taking my lover this way, aside from the delightful visual spectical of the slippery black cock sliding in and out of Saleem’s ass while he strained to orally pleasure sexy naked Audrey, the little vibrator in the base of the dildo was really doing its work now, humming against my throbbing clit with every thrust.  I was a little surprised to discover that I was actually going to come from this.  I fucked him harder.  He moaned out loud from between Audrey’s pale thighs.

I came, pulling on my nipples and grinding my clit against his butt.  Every inch of my cock was buried in his asshole.  My legs were soaked and slippery with my own juice.  Gently, I disengaged the dildo from his poor abused little asshole, and slipped out of the harness.

Audrey kissed me, and fingered my totally wet pussy.  “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen” she whispered in my ear.  “Poor thing” she said aloud “Don’t you think we ought to let him come?”

Saleem’s cock was swollen and the head was bright purple and leaking clear precome all over his tummy.  I would have loved to have taken him in my mouth, but Audrey had other ideas.

“I want to fist him” she said

“I don’t know if I can take it” Saleem said quietly

“Do you think he can take it?” I asked.  Audrey has small hands, but they aren’t that small.

“Oh he’ll take it alright” she said, smiling evilly “He will if he wants to come anyway.”

Saleem still had his doubts, but we ignored him.  We got him onto his back on the bed, knees in the air, feet still lashed to the spreader bar, asshole exposed and vulnerable.

Audrey covered her hand in lube, squirting more on his poor tender anus for good measure, as I softly stroked his cock and pinched his little nipples.  He was really close to coming, I could tell.

Audrey was soon fucking him with three slippery fingers.  He accepted them easily, and seemed to enjoy her attention.  I rubbed his cock very softly, careful not to push him over the edge.

Audrey added a fourth finger, and he winced.  “You don’t get to get off” I reminded him “Until her whole fist is up there.”

Audrey was trying to get her thumb in.  Her hand was now shaped like the bill of a duck.  I wouldn’t have thought that poor Saleem’s ass was so pliable, but he was spread wide open.  His cock looked like it was about to explode.  It was trembling, and the purple veins were bulging out.  I removed my hand, and petted my own needy clit.

Suddenly he opened up, Audrey pressed forward, and her hand disappeared inside him up to her slender wrist.  They both gasped aloud in surprise and pleasure.  Audrey’s fingers were busy between her own legs.  I brought my hand to his engorged cock, to jerk him to a well-deserved climax.  Saleem’s body writhed and bucked and twisted as Audrey fist-fucked him and I moved my hand wildly up and down his beautiful dick. His orgasm seemed to last forever, squirting what seemed like gallons of semen all over his chest, my face, and Audrey’s tits.

We untied him, and removed Audrey’s hand, and let him get up and go to the bathroom.  After a shower, the three of us spent most of the rest of the day in bed, alternately fucking, sucking, cuddling and napping.

Later, when Audrey had gone home, Saleem told me “Jen that was incredible.  I never would have imagined that such a thing could be so pleasurable.”

“Hey” I said “It was your fantasy.”

Then it struck me: when he had said ‘Rape Fantasy’ you don’t suppose he had meant ME being the one who got raped, do you?


  1. Fantasia said

    LOL … love the last line!!!

  2. takemebyforce said

    I love this story I have ahd this and I have done it to others, you go girl!!!!

  3. Tina said

    My husband has cum and gone, leaving me with a lovely taste in my mouth and a need for an erotic tale. Now you’ve supplied me with one, and I find myself wallowing in wetness.

    I believe I’ll recommend it to him as a cautionary tale….

  4. smoothboi said

    Great story; I would trade places with that guy in a second!

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