Driving Miss Lisa


Lisa was a bit of a math prodigy.  At 15, she wasn’t a Newton or a Leibnitz, but while her classmates were struggling grudgingly through pre-algebra and geometry, she was being bored silly by our most advanced high school math classes.  As her math teacher, I had taken it upon myself to arrange for her to attend class twice a week at the University, where she joyfully studied calculus and analysis.  And I took it upon myself to twice a week forego my planning period and give her a ride to the University and then back home.

It was about a half hour drive from our school to the University campus, and then another 45 minute drive back to Lisa’s house.  I didn’t mind.  Lisa was good company.  She was CUTE!  (not in the sexual sense, not at all—she was a frumpy little girl with big glasses who had been stuffed into the school uniform: charcoal grey skirt, high black stockings and a frumpy button-down shirt)  She was also a funny girl, and a good conversationalist, once she got over her shyness.

I didn’t think she was a sexual being at all.  I had turned into a sex fiend when I was about Lisa’s age or even a little younger, masturbating every time I had the chance and losing my virginity at the earliest possible opportunity.  But Lisa seemed innocent to all that, at least to my grown-up eyes.  In retrospect I don’t know why I assumed that.  Lisa was very much like me as a girl, only smarter.  And more daring.

So we were driving over to the University one rainy Tuesday afternoon, and Lisa was talking about this proof that she had been working on over the weekend, and I wasn’t really paying much attention because I was thinking about the stack of algebra homework sitting in my folder that I needed to grade, when she said something that made me wake right up.

“Miss Hawkins, I’ve decided I really don’t like boys.”

Neither do I for the most part; not sexually or romantically anyway.  I was pretty sure Lisa didn’t know that though.

“Boys are alright,” I said carefully, “They’re just different.  They’re not always as mature as girls your age.  You should give them a chance.”

Lisa tossed her hair impatiently.  “Not like THAT!” she said, “Some boys are ok.  I have friends who are boys.  But I don’t want to have SEX with boys.”

She let that sink in.  I felt a disturbing tingle inside my panties.  I had reached the same conclusion myself as a teen, but I had gone through a lot of trial-and-error first.

“Some people are like that,” I said, wondering how much I could say without getting myself in trouble, “They’re called lesbians.  I’m a lesbian.”

“I know.” said Lisa, “I am too.”  She paused and gnawed on a loose strand of mouse-brown hair.  “I like penises.  I just don’t like what they’re attached to.”

And then we were there.  Lisa grabbed her bag, gave me a playful kiss on the cheek, and ran off to her class.

I was left there, bemused, sitting in a puddle of my own creation.  Usually I kill the hour she’s in class with a cup of coffee while I grade papers or put together a quiz for next week’s class.  This time I just stayed there in the parking lot.  I hiked my skirt up, slid a hand up inside my panties, and masturbated, long and slow, to a tremendous orgasm.  When was the last time I had gotten off in a car?!  It was fun, but the really disturbing thing was that I kept going back in my mind’s eye to images of little Lisa, naked in my very own bedroom.

I cleaned up my sticky fingers with a handiwipe, just as Lisa came skipping back from her calculus lecture.  I hoped the car didn’t absolutely reek of sex: I had gotten myself pretty excited during the hour she was gone.

The drive home was pretty quiet.  I was occupied with my own thoughts, and Lisa was already working on her homework.

I parked across the street from her house, a modest white cottage on a suburban block.  She made no move to get out of the car.

“My mom isn’t home from work yet.” she said.

I didn’t reply.  She reached over from the passenger side and took my hand.  I squeezed her small hand back.

“Miss Hawkins,” she said, and now she sounded shy and hesitant. Her voice trembled a little bit.  “I love your boobs.  I hope my breasts are like yours when I grow up.”

I may not be a skinny little thing, but at least I have a big set of tits, and I’ve always been rather proud of them.  Lisa’s compliment made me flush with pride.  And lust.

“Thank you” I said.  My pussy was drenched all over again.

Still holding my hand, she leaned over to kiss me ‘Goodbye’.  Instead of kissing me quickly on the cheek like normal, she kissed me on the lips.  I surprised myself by kissing her back, hard.

The moment lasted a second, and then it was over.  We both blushed furiously, said our goodbyes, and Lisa ran across the street with her book bag and disappeared into her house.


I felt a little uncomfortable on Thursday when Lisa climbed into my car: I had come this close to molesting this girl right in front of her own house!  Lisa didn’t seem uncomfortable at all.  She was bursting with questions.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I told you I’m a lesbian.” Life’s not quite as simple as that, but whatever.  I didn’t feel like explaining every nuance of my sexuality just then.

“Do you masturbate?”


“How often?”

“About every other day.  What about you?”  I couldn’t resist.

Lisa blushed.  How cute!  “Almost every day.  Sometimes more than once.  How do you do it, when you masturbate?”

This conversation was WAY outside the bounds of what was acceptable between teachers and students.  Just having this conversation could get me fired, if not actually arrested.  I told her the truth.  “It depends.  Sometimes I just use my fingers, playing with my clit.  Sometimes I use a toy.”

“What kind of toy?”

It was my turn to blush.  “Oh, I have a drawer full. Different dildos and vibrators and stuff.”

“Ok.  Sometimes I use my electric toothbrush.”

Oh my.  I was glad to see that we were pulling into the University campus.  I had to get this girl out of my car before things got totally out of hand.

Lisa went happily off to class, and I parked and tried to concentrate on grading papers.  It didn’t go well.  I kept squeezing my thighs together, giving myself my little jollies and looking at the same page over and over again.  I was about to give up.  I unbuttoned my slacks and slipped a hand down, inside my panties.  Just then I saw Lisa skipping toward my parked car.

“There’s no class today, the professor called in sick.  They left a note on the door.”

“I’ll drive you home.” I said.  My grey pants were still unbuttoned, and the fly was halfway unzipped.

“My mom doesn’t get home until 7”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Doing what?”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrow.  She blushed.  “I won’t tell anyone.”

We pulled into her empty driveway.  “Would you like to come in with me?” Lisa asked me politely.

I thought about it for about two seconds.  This was a really terrible idea on all kinds of different levels.

“Ok, but just for a minute!”  Her mom wasn’t due home for a good couple hours.  And it’s not like we were doing anything incriminating… at least not yet.

I turned off the car, and followed Lisa inside.  The house was unremarkable inside: fairly prosperous, neat and tidy.  “Miss Hawkins, I want to show you my bedroom!”

Obediently, I followed her up the stairs and into her room.  I closed the door behind me.  My heart was racing and my knees felt weak.

It was a normal young girl’s room, a total mess with clothes and books strew all over the floor.  There was a computer, and a poster of Alan Turing on the wall, and another one of Albert Einstein, and another poster with the number e expressed to several thousand places.

Lisa sat nervously on the edge of her bed, looking at me like ‘now what?’  I didn’t know ‘now what’ either.

I sat down on the bed next to her and put my arm around her shoulders.  My heart was beating so hard I was afraid it would burst.  My hands were trembling.  I kissed her on her sweet little lips.  She kissed me back.  It was a really nice kiss.

She climbed up onto my lap and we kissed some more.  Once she got started, she was an eager, aggressive kisser.  I loved it!

Lisa kept reaching up under my sweater to cup my breasts in her hands.  Finally I peeled my sweater off over my head.  Lisa, still kissing me furiously, fumbled with my bra clasp for a little while.  It was cute, but frustrating.  I pushed her gently away, reached back, and unclasped my bra, tossing it to one side.

I heard her gasp softly.  “Oh Miss Hawkins, they’re so beautiful!”  She held one of my breasts in her hand almost reverently.  My nipple was swollen and erect.  Lisa bent down and kissed it, sending electric shocks straight through my body, directly to my clit.

“I want to see yours.” I whispered.

“I hardly have any.” she protested.

“I don’t mind,” I said as I worked on unbuttoning her shirt.  It was hard because my hands were really shaking.  Finally I got it all the way open.  She was wearing a bra even though she didn’t really need one.  Kissing her with tongue, I slid the straps off her shoulder and unsnapped the catch.  Her bra fell in my lap.

Her titties were small and swollen, sensitive little mounds with pink button nipples that were eager and hard.  I sucked on them and made her squeal happily.  “I think they’re beautiful” I said.

We kissed some more, mashing our boobs against each other, reveling in the sensation of breast-against-breast.

I couldn’t help myself.  I slipped my hand up underneath her charcoal-grey pleated skirt.  I found her panties and she lifted her butt up to give me better access.  I started stroking up and down the crotch of her panties.  Lisa moaned into my mouth, rubbing herself against my tits.

Holding my breath, I slid my finger inside the elastic of her underwear.  She was fantastically wet and slippery down there and very hot.  She moaned and kissed me even harder, squeezing one of my nipples with one hand.  I ran my forefinger up and down the length of her panty-covered slit.  She jumped every time I passed my finger across her clit.

It took about four passes, and she was coming.  She came in gasps and squeals, so loud that I got started to get really scared that the neighbors would hear.  When she was done, she showered me in kisses.  “Oh my god Miss Hawkins!  That was the best one EVER!”

She didn’t want to stop there, but I really didn’t want to get caught in this extremely compromising position.  I licked my finger clean (she tasted so clean and sexy and delicious!) and we both put our shirts and bras back on, and then I went down to the car and drove home, where I masturbated like a sex maniac all evening.


In the car on Tuesday we both did a pretty good job of pretending everything was normal.  It was only after her class, on the way home, that Lisa brought it up.

“I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the other day.” she said.

“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled and blushed, “It was my pleasure. But…”

“That was the best one I’ve ever had!  You made me feel so good Miss Hawkins!”

I realized that I had pulled off the main road, and that I was pulling into a small park with a duck pond and a couple benches.  The parking lot was empty.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this, in public and in broad daylight no less.

“Miss Hawkins?”

“Yes Lisa?”

“Do you like the way… vaginas… taste?”

“Yeah, I sure do.” I replied huskily.

“Me too.”

“Have you ever gone down on a girl?” I asked, a little surprised.  I hadn’t sampled that particular pleasure until I was in college.

“No… but I like the way my… pussy… tastes.”

“I do too.” I said.

I parked my car in the far corner of the lot, under a huge weeping willow tree.

“Miss Hawkins?”


“Could I go down on you?  Please?”

I skootched over into the passenger seat, and Lisa sat down on my lap.  We started kissing.  Lisa got her hand up inside my blouse and started fondling my boobs.  Unable to control myself, I started feeling up her sweet little ass through her panties.  It was heavenly.

I was also incredibly aware of how visible we were and what a dangerous game we were playing.  After a couple blissful minutes of kissing and petting, I broke it off.


“I know.” She pouted a little.

“Do you really want to..?”

She smiled and nodded eagerly.

“We don’t have much time.”

“I know.” she said seriously.

I scooted the seat back as far as I could and hiked my skirt up around my waist.  I hooked my thumbs around the waistband and pulled my black panties off, tossing them into the back seat.  My pussy was soaking wet and slippery.

Lisa climbed down onto the floor of the car in front of me.  Her small body fit perfectly between my legs.  I scooted my butt forward and planted my feet on either side of the glove compartment.  She grinned happily up at me.

“Tell me if I’m not doing it right, ok?”

I parted my labia with two fingers.  My clit felt humongous, swollen and throbbing.  I didn’t think Lisa had anything to worry about.  I had already made a sticky puddle on the pleather car seat.  The side of her glasses pressed coldly against one of my thighs, giving me a thrilling little shiver down my spine.

Lisa started licking my pussy, tentatively, like a kid tasting a lollipop.  The sensations her tongue was causing drove me insane.  I ran my fingers through her hair, gasping out loud.

“Put a finger up inside me!”

She complied, sliding a small finger easily up my hot, very slippery cunt hole.  It felt really good.  She started moving that finger in and out.  Meanwhile, her tongue had discovered my clit, which was almost too excited to be touched.

“Fuck!  Fuck girl!  Oh yes, YES!”  I was squirming around the passenger seat, leaving a huge wet spot, gasping and moaning and cursing, and grinding myself onto Lisa’s face, coming like the Fourth of July.

When I finally settled down a little, she came up for air, grinning broadly and wetly, glasses all askew.  “Was that OK?” she asked.

“Oh. My. God.” was all I could say.

My fingers were busy between my legs, and I was all ready to go for a second round when a car pulled into the parking lot.

There ensued a few terrifying, panic-stricken seconds of pandemonium as we attempted to get covered up and back into innocent, non-making-out-in-the-front-seat positions.

A young couple took their toddler out of the car to go feed the ducks.  They could hardly have been less interested in what was going on in our car. Lisa and I collapsed in a fit of giggles.  I tucked a boob back into my bra (somehow it had slipped out in the heat of the moment), and drove Lisa home, the wetness cool and sticky between my thighs.

“Miss Hawkins?” she asked as we pulled up to her driveway.

“Yes Sweety?”

“I like the way you taste!”  She kissed me chastely on the cheek, and hurried up the walk toward her front door.


Saturday morning, and I had a whole stack of papers to grade before I went to my yoga class.  I was sitting at my desk, wearing my stripy pajamas and sipping coffee when the doorbell rang.  This had better not be the Mormons again!

It was Lisa, standing shyly on my front door step.  It may have been the first time I saw her wearing something other than her school uniform: she had on a pair of blue dungarees with a white t-shirt on underneath, and a pair of black Converse All Stars on her feet.

“Come in, come in, come in!” I hustled her through the door, heart pounding.  “How did you know where I live?”  My house was a little less than a mile from hers.

“Google Maps,” she replied, “I shouldn’t have come over, should I?  I wanted to see you really bad.  I would have called first, but I don’t have your phone number.”

“It’s ok,” I said, “I’m glad you’re here.  You just caught me by surprise.  I’m always afraid we’ll get caught.  I’m afraid people will think we’re…”

“Having sex?”

We both broke up in a nervous gale of giggles.  “Yeah, that.” I said.  I sat down on my sofa, and Lisa sat down next to me.

“I don’t want to get you in trouble Miss Hawkins,” she said, “but I really like being with you.  And doing things with you.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and gave her a little squeeze.  “I like it too Lisa.”

“Miss Hawkins, how old were you when you lost your virginity?”

I thought back to the event.  It had been with a much older man, a guy my father’s age, a librarian.  “I was 16.”

“Was it… bad?  Did it hurt?”

“No, it didn’t hurt… he was very sweet and gentle.  It was good.  It was fun.  It was… a learning experience.”

“Miss Hawkins?”

“Yes Lisa?”

“I’d like to lose my virginity to you, please.”

I should have argued with her, told her she wasn’t old enough, told her she should do it with someone her own age who she could have a real relationship with.  But I didn’t.

Lisa climbed up on my lap, and we kissed a lot.  I really liked kissing her.

“Would you like to come see my bedroom now?” I asked.  Now I felt like the shy one.

“Sure!” she said, and grinned.

We ran across the living room and into my boudoir.  I slammed to door shut behind us.  Lisa jumped up onto the bed.  “Can I see you naked?” she asked.

Feeling oddly self-conscious, I pulled my pj top off over my head.  My tits hung free, feeling heavy and swollen.  I bit my lip and pulled my pajama bottoms down and off, kicking them to one side.  I wasn’t wearing anything underneath them.  Lisa, kneeling on my bed, took her time looking me up and down.

“Miss Hawkins, you’re beautiful.”

I blushed happily at the praise.  “Could I… see you too?”

Lisa gave me a big, happy smile.  “Sure!”  She unbuttoned each of the straps of her coveralls.  The blue dungarees fell in a crumpled heap onto the bed.  She pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it aside.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her little boobies stuck almost straight out, plump and eager.

She was wearing white panties with pink hearts on the waistband.   She gave me a look that I couldn’t read, hooked her thumbs under the waistband, and peeled off her underpants.

She had a tiny little patch of wispy brown hair, below which pouted an exquisite set of pouting lips.  It was Lisa’s turn to blush and my turn to stare.  “Do I… look ok?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“Lisa, you look beautiful!  You have a fantastic body… Good enough to eat!”

We both giggled at that, and I crawled up onto the bed, pushing her down onto her back and clambering on top of her.  Our hands met and intertwined, my large boobs pressed against her little ones, and we kissed; first soft and tenderly, then harder and more passionately.  As an experiment, I tried biting her lower lip and tugging on it.  Lisa moaned, and I felt her wetness against my naked thigh.

I slid down her lithe body, stopping to nibble on her breasts (‘Oh, Miss Hawkins..!), before slipping my face between her legs.  Her thighs parted for me, and I found myself face-to-face with her moist, almost hairless slit.  I could feel the heat and the sex radiating off of her, and her pink parts were nestled just inside.  I traced her pussy with the tip of my tongue, and she moaned my name, blossoming like a rose.  She tasted yummy!

I licked her again, with the flat of my tongue, all the way from the crease of her butt-cheeks to her sparse pubic patch.  Lisa arched her back and groaned.  “Oh Miss Hawkins, you’re going to make me come!”

I licked more and more, flicking my tongue against her pink little clitoris, making her squirm.  She was soaking wet.  I slid my index finger up between her labia.  She was hot and tight, and I could only get my finger a little way in.  Diddling her pussy with the tip of my finger, and licking at her tiny button like a kitten lapping up milk, I did make her come, and it was amazing.  She squealed and flushed and every muscle in her body tensed and her legs kicked wildly.  I kept licking until she squirmed away from me.

“Miss Hawkins, I want you to fuck me!”  I came up for air, still teasing her pussy with my finger. “I want you to fuck me with a COCK!”

I scooted up in the bed so that we were lying side-by-side, facing each other.  I kissed her sweet lips, and she kissed me back.  I kept my finger nestled between her labia.  She reached down between my legs and found my pussy, which was sopping wet and drooling. She ran her fingers up and down my furry crack, making me squirm with desire.

“Put a finger in” I whispered to her.  She complied.  It felt really good to have her inside me.  “More” I said, starting to stroke my own clit.

She slid two more fingers up my slippery hole.  It felt so good!  We kissed some more as she finger fucked me.  “I want you to fuck me so bad!” Lisa said, “Do you have a dildo?”

“Yes!” I responded.  Oh fuck, I was going to come.

Lisa was fucking me harder with her fingers.  Her brow was wrinkled in concentration, and her glasses threatened to fall off.  Her small boobs jiggled endearingly as she worked.  I looked down and saw that she had four fingers buried in my honey pot.  It felt like she was fucking me with a big thick dick, and her fingers were hitting all the right spots.

Lisa looked up at me and grinned, and then added her thumb to the mix.  For a moment the pressure was painful, I was stretched to the point of tearing, and just as I was about to grab her arm to stop her, I felt my body relax and accept her, and her whole hand slipped up inside my pussy.

“Oh my God!  That feels amazing!”  “Oh my Gosh, is that ok?” we both exclaimed at the same time.

“Oh God, YES!  Just move your hand slow.”  The sensations going on in my cunt were sending me off into orbit.  I lay back on the bed and let her fist fuck me as I twisted and pulled on my own nipples.  Lisa moved her hand slowly in and out, creating little earthquakes of sensation.  Just as I started to go off, she very deliberately stuck out her tongue and slurped my engorged clitoris.

I went off like a derailing freight train.  I came and came, and kept on coming, like rolling thunder in an August thunderstorm.  I think I was really loud.

As I slowly came back to earth, Lisa’s hand slipped out of my pussy with an audible –pop-.  She was thoroughly coated in my juice.  She looked a little shocked at what she had just done to me.  I pulled her to me and held her close, kissing her over and over.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” she asked.  She started playing with my boobs, sucking on first one nipple and then the other, making them stiff and swollen and sensitive.

“I’ll do anything you want me to Sweetie!” I said, reluctantly disengaging her from my breasts.  I crawled over to the edge of the bed and pulled open the Drawer of Shame.  “Pick out the one you want me to use.”

Of course she picked out Pinky.

“Are you sure you want to start with that one?  It’s kind of big.”  Pinky is the biggest dildo I own, a pink tapered silicone number with delightful curves and an internal vibrator.

Lisa nodded emphatically.

“It might hurt” I said.

“If it hurts too much I’ll tell you.” she said.



I pulled my bottle of lube out and started warming it up between my thighs.  Meanwhile, I arranged Lisa on her back on my bed with a couple pillows under her ass.  I got a little distracted licking her sweet and tangy little pussy, which she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Getting back to the task at hand, I pulled Pinky out from under my breasts where I’d been warming him up.  I opened the bottle of AstroGlide and poured the clear slippery liquid all over Pinky, smearing it around until the dildo was totally covered.  Lisa’s pussy seemed plenty wet, but just to be safe I dribbled lube onto her.  She giggled and squirmed at the sensation.

Lisa looked so beautiful at that moment: her neat little pussy was excited and spread wide open for me, her eyes were half-closed with pleasure behind her glasses.  Her body was a wonderland and it was all for me.

I started sliding Pinky up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy.  She purred, “Oooh that’s nice!”

I turned on Pinky’s vibrate function and poured some more slippery stuff on.  I’d nudge the vibrating tip of the dildo between her hungry lips, then slide it up and down her crack, from her clit to her butt cheeks.  Every time the buzzing dildo touched her clit, Lisa jumped and sucked in her breath.  Every time the vibrator nudged against her butt cheeks, she seemed to gasp eagerly.

I decided to try a little experiment.  The next time I slid Pinky down the length of Lisa’s pussy, I didn’t stop when I ran into the crease of her butt.  Instead I pressed a little harder than before, letting the tip of the dildo nudge between her ass cheeks.

“Mmm yes” she whispered, adjusting herself to give me slightly better access.  She pried one cheek out of the way, and for the first time I saw her impossibly tiny, crinkled little anus.

Telling myself this was just a detour, I let Pinky travel the length of Lisa’s butt crack.  She gasped as the vibrator brushed past her butt hole. “Yesssss”

Setting the dildo aside for a moment, I stuck my tongue out and traced a circle around that little hole.  Lisa moaned something unintelligible.  I pressed my tongue against her anus, and felt her yield as I pressed the tip of my tongue up inside her.

“Oh Miss Hawkins, it’s so good!”

Well, as long as she was enjoying this so much… I poured a few drops of lube onto her crinkled rosebud, and pressed the humming tip of Mr. Pinky up against her sensitive anus.

“Mmmm, yeah!”

I pressed a little harder and suddenly the rather substantial bulbous tip of my dildo slipped up inside Lisa’s asshole.


I froze.  She sucked in a deep breath.  “Oooh… more…”

Very very gently, I started moving Pinky.  Around a little bit, then I started pressing him in and out just a tiny little bit.  I was enchanted.  Lisa’s pussy was red and swollen and literally dripping juice.  Her clit looked like a tiny pink pea, trying to burst out of its pod.  A little more of Pinky’s girth slipped up her butt.

Little by little, very very slowy, with lots of lube, we worked almost the entire length of my dildo up Lisa’s asshole.  Her poor hole was stretched almost impossibly wide, and she was making these grunting noises like a small burrowing animal as I fucked her ass with the dildo.

Her eyes flew open.  “Oh Miss Hawkins, you’re going to make me come like that!”

I fucked her ass just a little harder, a little faster.  Her head lolled back and she tugged on her own pink nipples.

I traced my finger along the outside of her sopping wet pussy.  Every time I shoved the dildo up her ass, her pussy made a kissing motion.  I nestled my middle finger in between her swollen labia.  I couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was.

The grunting and moaning noises intensified.  I slid my finger in between her lips.  I could feel the membrane stopping me from going further inside.

I pulled Pinky about half-way out of her horny ass, and pressed my finger a little harder against her virginity.  And a little harder still.

“Ow!”  Suddenly there was no resistance.  I buried my finger up to the knuckle in her incredibly hot, incredibly tight little pussy.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes!  I’m so close… fuck my ass, fuck my pussy Miss Hawkins, make me come please!”

Her pussy was grasping at my finger like Chinese handcuffs.  I slid Pinky back up her asshole.  I could feel every centimeter of his texture slide past.  I started fucking both her holes in tandem.

“Eee eee eee!  I’m coming!”  Yeah she was!  Her little boobies blushed blotchy red, and her stomach heaved and her head lolled back and forth, and I felt her pussy grabbing at my finger as she went off.  It was beautiful.

As she came down, I let my finger slip out of her pussy.  There was a little blood, but not a ton.  Getting Pinky out of her asshole was a little trickier: after her orgasm, Lisa had gotten super-sensitive, and jumped with every bulge of Pinky that squeezed past her anus.

When we were finally all disentangled, we kissed and cuddled a little bit, and Lisa did her best to shove her tongue all the way down my throat.

“Oh Miss Hawkins, that was AMAZING!  Thank you, thank you!”

“It was my pleasure.”  It was my pleasure.

“I should probably be going home,” she said after a little, “My mom thinks I’m over at Sara’s house.”

“You should probably take a quick shower first.  You’re covered in sex.”  She giggled and nodded.  “Are you ok?”

Lisa stood up experimentally.  “A little sore… in a nice way.”  She took a towel off my dresser.  There was a single droplet of blood running down the inside of one milky thigh, leaving a trail like a comet.  “Miss Hawkins?”

“Yes Sweetie?”

“What’s going to happen now?”

“I don’t know Lisa.  I really don’t now.”


  1. Tina said

    Talk about rolling thunder! It’s a good thing I work at home because I’m sitting in a puddle and I need a shower very badly.

    • elsiewrites said

      Yay!! I was successful!

  2. Elsie Fan(ny) said

    This is a great story! You have a very nice build up from a seemingly unpromising beginning to a story end that was even more sweet, sexy, and dirty than I had expected. Keep writing!

  3. Fantasia said

    Amazing … I was bothered by the relationship – yet …. it was sweet. Very Lolita. Well done.

    • elsiewrites said

      Yeah, the relationship is definitely inappropriate and Not Right… but I think it’s still a fun fantasy, which is sort of what this blog is trying to be about… Glad you enjoyed the piece.

      • John Cowan said

        You bet. A teen seducing an adult, especially a teen with no experience but lots of imagination, is always hot, hot, hot. It’s what Jacqueline Carey calls “the pleasures of untutored ardor … so eager to please, so ready to be delighted by unimagined pleasures.”

      • elsiewrites said

        One of the things that bummed me out about Literotica was the prudishness of their writer’s guidelines.

    • John Cowan said

      Yes, well, if Literotica were shut down by a district attorney with too much imagination (and too little to see that no teenagers were harmed in the writing of this story), it would be bad for everybody. Besides, it’s obvious that some of their 18-year-olds are really 13-year-olds with a sloppily written “3”.

      • elsiewrites said

        True enough, but it is exactly that kind of hypocrisy that bothers me, in a pretty fundamental way. Hence, my exeunt.

  4. Dave said

    I loved how you took Lisa through her first sexual experiences. It was done beautifully. A very sexy story.

  5. Kim said

    Loved it! Very nice buildup, very tender and loving relationship. Very hot sex, I’m am still panting myself! Thank you!

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