Switching It Up

I was fresh out of the shower. My skin was clean and pink. As I sprawled on the bed in the Saturday morning sunlight, I could hear Elise in there, running the water, and my cock twitched with anticipation.

We were going to be switching it up that day, and I could hardly wait. Usually it’s me who does the tying up, administers the spankings. Which is a ton of fun, believe me, but now and then its nice to get to relax and be on the receiving end of things.

Elise came back into the bedroom, resplendent in her nakedness. I admired her perfect little breasts and the soft triangle of golden hair between her legs. She carefully bound my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed, leaving me spread-eagled, flat on my back. My penis was already heavy and halfway hard between my legs as I imagined what was going to be coming next.

“Is that my cell phone ringing?” she asked. I couldn’t hear anything. She slipped out of the room, and I heard a muffled one-way conversation. I couldn’t make out any words beyond ‘yeah, uh-huh’. She flounced back into the room, grinning like a Cheshire cat, pulled on a baggy pair of jeans (no underwear) and a t-shirt that did little to conceal her jiggly little breasts.  She gathered her long blonde hair into a pony tail, fluttered a little ‘Goodbye’ wave, and disappeared.

It’s hard to say exactly how much time passed. I couldn’t see the clock; I didn’t have any frame of reference. My guess would be more than half an hour, but less than a couple hours. My mood shifted from excited horniness to bored frustration to annoyance. I had an itch on my nose that I couldn’t do anything about. I tested and tugged at my bonds.  Nothing; I was securely fastened to the bed.  I was just about to abandon all dignity and start hollering her name out loud when I heard the front door open and shut.

I heard hushed girly voices in the hall, and stifled giggling, and then they burst into the bedroom. Elise was followed closely by Jenny, our downstairs neighbor.

I’d had a crush on Jenny for a while, though I hadn’t told Elise about it. I thought Jenny was sexy as hell. She didn’t have a supermodel’s stick figure, but her body was all exuberant curves and softness, and she had a wild mop of flame red hair and a plump pair of boobs. How many times had I watched that plump sexy ass wiggling down the street or up the stairs, and wondered what exactly was going on under the skirt or the blue jeans that concealed it?

I felt deeply self conscious as the girls brazenly ogled me, pointing and giggling at my nakedness and vulnerability.   “He’s pretty cute naked,” Jenny said, “I want to see him with a hard dick.”  Then Elise put her arms around Jenny and they started open-mouth kissing right in front of me.

For the moment, I seemed to be completely forgotten. They were kissing passionately, totally wrapped up in each other. Elise had wriggled out of her shirt, and Jenny was all over her beautiful little tits, sucking on the pink up-turned nipples. Elise was trying to get Jenny’s white camisole off, and Jenny had her hands down Elise’s pants. Finally the top came off, and Jenny’s big round breasts spilled out into the room.

The girls tumbled onto the bed, jostling me in my tied-up state. Without even noticing it, I had developed a raging erection just watching them make out. Elise kissed me on the lips and playfully tweaked my nipples, making them hard and poiky. Then she was all over Jenny, pulling off her flower-print skirt, revealing yellow and pink bikini panties which were lying on the bedroom floor in very short order.

Jenny had a lovely body. Both me and Elise were enchanted. Her breasts were large and globular, with big pink erect nipples that pointed slightly off to either side. Her soft round belly was accented with a navel ring. Her pussy was soft and plump and totally bare. I’d never seen that before in real life, outside of porn. I had to admit it looked really good on her. I liked that you could see every bit, every single fold of her sex. I didn’t have much of a chance to gape though, because Jenny climbed up on top of me, straddling my face, and presenting her wide-open, slippery wet pussy to my tongue. Her fat pink clit strained out to touch me. I happily obliged, slurping up and down between her labia and flicking her clitoris up and down and left and right while she ground herself off on me. She tasted clean and female and sexy. I could feel my cock leaking wetness onto my tummy as I licked. She came fast, she came hard and loud, and I couldn’t breathe for a while, but I kept licking all the way through it.

When she was finally done coming, she shifted herself, removing her pussy from my soaking wet slick face. She presented her ass to me, spreading her cheeks obscenely. Her tiny little rosebud winked at me. “You know what I want,” she told me, “Go ahead. You know exactly what to do, don’t you?”

I certainly did. I caught a glimpse of Elise (now fully naked) fondling Jenny’s breasts, and then I dove right in. I teased her as long as I could stand to, running my tongue up and down the crack of her ass and kissing all around, avoiding that needy little hole until she was moaning out loud with frustration and desire. I flicked her asshole with the tip of my tongue, and she sighed, and I felt a hand -somebody’s hand- on my poor neglected cock. I ate her ass out like a dog licking out a tin can, driving my tongue as far up her asshole as I could. She certainly seemed to enjoy the ride. Her fingers were busy on her own clit as I licked.  The hand slowly and softly petting my dick was driving me insane: never stimulating me quite enough to bring me off or even very close; just stringing me along. It was a delicious kind of frustration.

Finally Jenny climbed off, which was probably for the best because my tongue was starting to cramp up. She flashed me a big fat smile and said to Elise, “Oh, he’s gooood!”  They both giggled raucously, and kissed some more.  My cock twitched helplessly.

Then the girls started to give me a double blowjob, which was really amazing, and sexy as hell to watch: me tied up and helpless while two hot naked women worked over my dick. But distressingly quickly they got all distracted by each other again and started kissing and touching and playing with each other’s tits.  And then they seemed to forget all about me for a while.

I was treated to an awesome view of Jenny eating out Elise’s juicy, golden-haired petite-lipped pussy. Then they moved into a 69 position right next to me on the bed.   Just watching the show made my cock stand straight up like a flag pole. I wanted to get off, I wanted to touch my dick, to make myself come. I was humping the air with frustration, leaking clear pre-come like a drain spout, but there was no way. I just had to lay there and suffer.

Elise (who was on the bottom) was lapping hungrily at Jenny’s clit, and had two fingers up her wet twat, finger fucking our sexy neighbor with a vengeance.  I could see Jenny’s anus winking between her cheeks, and wanted so bad it hurt to bury my cock in that sweet little hole.

Finally the girls came, first Elise in muffled, high-pitched gasps; then Jenny, wailing and snarling and moaning and kicking her legs. They disentangled, and came up, kissing each other with sticky, wet lips, grinning and giggling.

“He likes taking it up the ass.” Elise informed Jenny. I was a little of mortified. Nobody except Elise had ever known that about me. I felt myself blushing, a deep red full-body blush.  My erection flopped against my tummy, and my balls ached.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Jenny said sweetly, “There’s nothing wrong with liking that. I like it up the butt from time to time myself.  I think it’s hot.”

Elise untied my ankles and pressed my knees back toward my ears. I felt terribly vulnerable, exposed. Jenny had located our bottle of lube, and was slicking up her fingers.

The lube felt cool against my asshole. I wanted it, but I couldn’t relax. Jenny was patient. Elise less so: she started smacking my ass-cheeks, HARD, which stung like a mother-fucker.  She pinched and twisted and pulled on my poor little nipples until I was begging and whining for mercy.  This made both the girls grin.

Jenny’s finger finally worked its way up inside, probing and stretching me. It felt so good. I realized that I was moaning out load. “He really likes it,” Jenny gloated, “Mmm what a nasty little slut.”

She slid her finger in and out of me like a miniature cock. I got into the rhythm of it, relaxing and letting myself enjoy the sensation. Jenny’s big tits swung with every little movement. She poured on more lube and added another finger.

I looked over and saw Elise, kneeling next to us, eyes fixed on my goods. She had fetched her blue vibrator out of the drawer, and it was buzzing happily away, sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy and grinding against her clit.

Jenny had three or maybe even four fingers up inside me, stretching me to my utmost. She was fucking me hard, with a vengeance, making her boobs shake. I was going to come at any second. It was amazing, indescribable, beyond pleasure or pain, almost more than I could take. My body arched up to meet her every stroke. Fingers buried deep inside my body, she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and traced the underside of my cock, following the vein that led from my balls slowly all the way up to the head. When her tongue touched my swollen purple cock head, I shot off. I screamed something, I don’t even know what, out loud, and my body spasmed and unloaded. The first jet squirted up my chest, all the rest went straight into Jenny’s mouth. My orgasm seemed to go on and on as wave after wave of pleasure racked my body. At last my limp penis slipped from Jenny’s reluctant mouth, and she extracted her fingers from my tender butt. Elise untied me, and we all took turns showering, then got dressed and went out for a late breakfast.


  1. T said

    So glad to see you still writing new stuff, and putting up many of my older favorites here.

  2. Fantasia said

    The ending made me laugh … “and then they went to lunch” … Men sould be teased more … where is that tall dark and handsome … Mmmmmm… *grin*.

  3. Rollo said

    Wonderful stuff: loved the build up – and the very matter-of-fact end. Elise is baaaaad …..but Jenny is even better 🙂

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