The Blackout

Ok, so temping wasn’t exactly the most exciting job in the world.  It really wasn’t what I had pictured myself doing when I had moved to New York four years ago.  But it paid the rent, and it didn’t suck, so I figured it would just have to do for now. I had certainly done worse things for money.  Hey, at least it was air-conditioned.

I wasn’t particularly surprised when it happened.  It was August, and outside in the streets of Manhattan, it was hotter than all fuck.  I was dreading going back to my little one bedroom in Brooklyn to sit naked in front of the box fan, pretending that the air that washed over my sweaty body was slightly cooler than the stagnant air in the apartment.  So when the lights flickered once and went out, I pushed back my chair and yawned.

It was Friday afternoon, just after five, and it was just me and Mary, the office manager, up on the 19th floor.  I figured someone had plugged in one air-conditioner too many; or a tree had gone down somewhere in Indiana; or some schmoe with a backhoe had cut a power line.  I wondered if it was just Manhattan, or if it was the whole east coast again.

You were supposed to evacuate the building if there was a power outage; but neither Mary nor I fancied walking down 19 flights of stairs into the blazing heat.  It was still cool enough up here.

“The power will probably just come back on in a few minutes” Mary said “Let’s just wait it out and take the elevator.”

Well that was fine with me.

Of all the people in the world to be trapped in an office building with, Mary was fairly low on my list.  It wasn’t as if we didn’t get along (I had been working in her office for the last couple weeks, covering someone’s vacation); we had just never had much to say to each other.  My impression of her was that she was fussy and officious.  And she was hardly my type.

I of course, have had those fantasies of being trapped in an elevator with, say Brad Pitt or Uma Thurman.  Mary didn’t resemble either of those people.  She was a few years older than me, probably in her early thirties.  She was from Chinese stock, and not one of those stick figure Asian girls either: she reminded me of a dumpling; short and overweight (not grossly obese or anything, just chunky), with long black hair usually done up in a bun; bad complexion and thick glasses.  She was shaped something like a pair:  her top half was rather flat, while her bottom was exceptionally wide, filling her brown slacks and spilling off the sides of her swivel chair.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be a supermodel myself, not by a long shot.  I’m a beanpole; at 6’1” I was always taller than most of the guys I went to school with.  I keep myself in good shape, I run and work out, so there’s no issue there; but let’s just say I’m not stacked up front either.  If you saw me and Mary walking down the street together, you would probably think of Laurel and Hardy.  At least I did.  The picture made me laugh out loud.  Mary gave me a funny look.

“I hope this doesn’t last too long” Mary said “We’re really not supposed to be up here in a power outage.”  It had been all of five minutes.  “Security might make us leave.”

“I’m sure the lights will be on soon” I said, turning away from the window I had been looking down onto the street below from “Do you really feeling like hiking down all those stairs?”

“No, I guess not” she sighed “I only hope it doesn’t last too long.  Will anybody be worried about you?”

“Not really” I said “I live alone.  What about you?”

“Divorced” she said and sighed “Anyway my cell phone isn’t working.  I just tried.”

After that, there was a long silence.

“So” Mary said brightly “Have you lived in the city long?”

“Four years this summer.” I replied.

“Do you like it here then?”

“Yeah” I said “its fun I guess.”

“Any boyfriends?”

“Nope.  Nothing really.”  It wasn’t really boyfriends I was looking for, but same difference.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom.  The hall was dimly lit by the emergency lights, already fading.  I peed in the dark.  The empty building was starting to creep me out.

It was starting to get hot too.  The power had been off for an hour now, and the air in the office was heating up.  I started to wonder if maybe it wouldn’t have been a better idea to head downstairs right away.

“You know we’d get halfway down, and the lights would come back on” Mary said.  She pulled a bottle of water out of the refrigerator for me.  It was still nice and cool “Lets just make ourselves comfortable and wait it out.”

That wasn’t exactly what I had expected her to say, but whatever.  I wasn’t exactly looking forward to hiking down all those stairs either.  And I hardly had anywhere better to be.  I wondered idly if I was still on the clock.

“Do you mind if I strip down a little?”  This question wasn’t as shocking as it might sound: normally the office was kept icebox cold, and Mary was wearing thick brown slacks and a white knit sweater.

“Aren’t you worried about someone barging in?  A security guard or a fireman?”

“I’ll lock the door” she said, getting up and doing just that “although I really wouldn’t mind a fireman so much…”

We laughed.  For some reason, that offhand comment made Mary seem a little more human to me.  Without any further fuss, she stripped down to bra and panties.  She wore a modest white bra; her red thong underwear seemed rather incongruous.  Her pale white butt looked wide indeed surrounding the little red piece of floss that ran up her backside.  If she was self conscious about lounging around in front of me in her skivvies, she didn’t show it.

I, on the other hand, felt suddenly overdressed.  I was wearing a light skirt; and I had a tank top on that I had worn under my own sweater, so it wasn’t as if shedding clothes would cool me off that much.  But it felt weird to be fully dressed while Mary was three quarters naked.

“Do you mind?” I asked

“Not at all” Mary said “Why should I?”

Feeling suddenly very self conscious, I stripped out of my skirt and camisole top, folding them neatly and setting them on my desk.

“You have the prettiest breasts Angela!” Mary said “I should be so lucky!”

Now, I have never considered my boobs to be my best feature.  They are on the small side, they tend to point in opposite directions, and if you look closely, the one on the left is bigger than the one on the right.  I took the compliment with a blush, and nipples involuntarily hardened.  I hoped Mary wouldn’t notice.

Believe it or not, until the moment that she unsnapped her own bra, it hadn’t even occurred to me that Mary might play on my team.  I’ve never been any good at spotting dykes; a fact that has severely hampered my sex life in the past.  But surely not Mary?  Frumpy, plain, fussy Mary a pussy licker?

I thought her breasts were kind of nice actually.  Bigger than mine, but flatter, with large brown bumpy areola dwarfing her nipples.  Magnetically, we were drawn together until we were standing chest to chest, almost touching.  Her round belly spilled out over the skimpy red triangle of her panties.  I couldn’t think of the last time that I had felt so attracted to anyone.  It had been so long since I had been touched.  I could feel the heat radiating from her body, smell her personal scent, sweat mixed with something else.  I raised my hand to cup her breast.

“Oh My God!” Mary cried breathlessly, pointing out the window.

My heart stopped.  Not again, please God not again.  My mind leaped back to that terrible Tuesday morning in September, the fireball, that terrible column of black smoke.  I couldn’t face that again.

Reluctantly, I followed Mary’s pointing finger.  She indicated the office across the street from us.

The August days are long in New York, and there was plenty of daylight left.  We could see clearly through the windows of the building across from us.  It was an open office, a studio of some sort with rows of long flat tables.  Two men stand by the window, stark naked, boners bobbing with every movement, locked in a passionate kiss.

One of the guys was older, maybe in his early forties; the other one might have been a summer intern.

Now when I go for boys, I usually like skinny scruffy types; literate punk-rockers, nerds with black leather jackets.  I have never been the type to drool over those Chelsea muscle-boys with their carefully sculpted bodies.  That said, these two were certainly easy on the eyes.

Mary’s hand found mine, and our fingers interlocked as we watched them make out.  “So sexy” she breathed, and it was true.  They looked hot.

The older one, the bigger guy, happened to look out the window.  His eyes met mine in a flash of recognition.  He said something to his younger, skinnier friend.  They laughed and waved.

“Do you feel like playing?” Mary asked me quietly “We don’t have to you know.”

“Mary” I said, wrapping my arms around her, feeling her softness and her body heat, her damp skin and the beating of her heart “I think you’d have a hard time stopping me right now.”

“I haven’t played with a girl in a really long time.”

“Mmm Me either.” My lips found hers, my hand cupped her breast.  I felt her hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me into her.  I surrendered to the sensation.

We kissed for a long time.  It was really nice.  Her lips were soft, pliable.  She let me be the aggressive kisser, exploring her mouth with my tongue, nibbling and pretending to pull away, only to kiss back harder.  My fingers found her small nipples, and pinched pulled and twisted.  Her hands stayed glued to my panty covered ass.


Our compatriots across the street had climbed up on a table in front of their window.  Junior was on his knees in front of Senior, blowing him for all he was worth.  His own dick hung down thick and meaty in front of him.  He had a handful of the older guys’ tight ass.  I swear I could see the wetness glistening on Senior’s dick as he humped Junior’s face.  As we watched, Senior took a big handful of Juniors’ hair and pulled him forcibly down onto his meat.  The kid swallowed the whole thing, all the way to the balls.  Impressive.  Senior looked over at us and flashed us a great big smile.

Mary and I wasted no time in clearing off my desk.  Papers went flying, the monitor and keyboard we set on the floor.

“God I can’t wait to taste your pussy!” I growled, pushing her on her back onto the desktop.  We positioned her so that our friends across the street (as well as anyone else who happened to be looking our way) could see exactly what was between Mary’s legs and precisely what I was doing there.

I licked and sucked at the front of her panties, teasing her, reveling in the sexiness of it.  She moaned and wiggled fetchingly, squeezing me between her thick thighs, trying to make me touch her needy parts.

Fortunately for her, I couldn’t stand it very long either.  Mary raised her big wide ass off the desk, and in one motion I yanked off her tiny red thong.

She was totally bare down there.  I’d never seen a girl who was completely waxed, not in person.  I’d seen plenty of it in porn of course, but I’d never thought that it was the most attractive look.  I’d always found it vaguely creepy, kind of a heterosexual conceit.

Well it looked HOT on Mary, let me tell you!  I could see every detail, every fold of her sex.  Her labia, thick and purple, gaped open.  Her clit, hard and pink, seemed to throb as I watched.

I slurped up the length of her pussy, caressing her clit with the flat of my tongue.  She tasted nice.  Mary moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, tugging me into her.  I licked her up and down, losing myself in her sex.

She was soaking wet, and all over my face.  I had honestly never seen a girl so wet.  The come seemed to flow out of her like a river, clear and slick.  She was making a sticky puddle on the desk.  I slid two fingers up inside her and find her pussy grasping and ready.  I licked her clit aggressively, flicking it with my tongue as I finger fuck her.

“Oh Angela” she moaned “Oh Baby!  There’s a couple toys in my desk if you want to get them.  In the bottom drawer.”

I got up from between her legs, and looked behind me.  The boys across the street had switched places.  The younger one was lying on his back on the table, the older guy had a mouthful of his ample dick, and it looked like a couple fingers up his ass.  He looked up from his ministrations and waved.  I fluttered my fingers back at him.  Then I pulled my boring old black bikini panties down and tossed them aside.  Older guy said something to Younger, and they both gave me a thumbs-up.  I flushed with pleasure, and skipped across the room to Mary’s’ desk.

They were in the bottom drawer, in a red box.  A Pocket Rocket, and one of the largest dildo’s I have ever seen outside porn, blue and sparkly, molded to look like a realistic penis.  An oversized blue and sparkly penis anyway.

“Damn Mary!”

“What can I say?” she said as she lay on her back, completely nude except for her glasses and the string of pearls around her neck, diddling herself for all the world to see “I get bored sometimes.”

I ran back across the office to her, dildo and boobs flapping all over the place.  We kissed some more, and I sucked the sticky, thick girl come off her fingers.

“Please fuck me now” she said.

The gay boys were watching us now, stroking each others erections as they stared across the open air at our sex play.

Mary’s bald pussy was gaping open, hungry and wet.  She spread her legs wide for me.  I pressed the head of the blue silicone toy against her opening.  Her pussy gobbled it up hungrily.  She grabbed the Pocket Rocket out of my hand and jammed the buzzing little vibrator against her clit.  I fucked her until my arm started to ache, hard and deep.  Her whole body shook as I fucked her.

“…mmm My ass…”


“My necklace.  Would you put it inside my ass?”

Well she didn’t have to ask me twice.  Leaving the dildo up her pussy, I unclasped her pearl necklace.

She lifted an ass cheek for me, exposing her tiny puckered asshole.  It looked small and vulnerable, compared to the wide expanse of her ass.  One by one, I worked the little pearls up inside her, until only the ends and the metal clasps were left.

“Oh My God Angela, so sexy…”  I went back to work fucking her with the dildo.  She was working her clit with a vengeance, buzzing like crazy “Oh Angela I’m coming, I’m fucking coming!”  Her whole body shuddered, and she arched her back like a bridge.  I worked the dildo in her pussy, and slowly drew out the strand of pearls as the orgasm rocked her body.

The boys across the street gave us a standing ovation.

Mary had her mouth on my own hairy pussy as I watched the older guy roll a condom over his cock.  The younger guy got on all fours on the table, facing me across the street.  He licked his lips lasciviously and winked.

“Mary” I said hesitantly “would you fuck me in the ass?”

“With this?” she asked, holding up the dildo, still coated in her juices.

“Oh yeah.”

“Will it fit?”

“I think so.”

“There’s some lube in that bottom drawer.”


I wanted that big toy so bad back there, I could almost taste it.  I wanted her to fuck me deep and viciously, to plunder my asshole.  I got down on my knees and wiggled my butt flirtatiously at her.

I was surprised to feel her tongue tracing up and down my crack, exploring the skin between my cheeks.  I moaned out loud as the tip of her tongue contacted my sensitive anus.  Her fingers massaged my pussy, her tongue probed up into my hole.

“Please Mary Please fuck me now.”

I watched across the street as Senior worked his latex clad penis into Junior.  The boy closed his eyes, arched his back, taking the cock like a champ.  His penis was hard and it was pointing straight at me.

Mary pressed the slicked-up toy against my opening, and I relaxed onto it, letting it penetrate me, stretching me so wide I thought for a second I wouldn’t be able to take it.  I sighed and pressed back into her, reveling in the sensation.  My clit felt like a water balloon, filled to the bursting point.  I knew that if either one of us so much as touched it, I would come like a dam bursting.

Senior was really fucking Junior now.  He had picked the lad up like a rag doll and was fucking his ass with aplomb. He pinched and pulled Junior’s nipples mercilessly as the boy bounced on his cock, masturbating as his buddy fucked him.

Mary slid the big toy in and out of my asshole.  I humped back against her, trying to get every last bit of it inside me.  It felt so good up there.  Mary slapped my ass, and slid a couple fingers up into my wet little cunt.

“Oh fuck Mary, I’m going to come!”  She responded by fucking my ass harder and working her fingers deeper into my pussy.  Her thumb found my swollen clit, and I went off like a firework, thrashing and cussing and grinding back on the dildo in my butt.  Across the way, I saw the older man grab the younger one’s neck and fuck him furiously, and I knew he was coming too.  The boy seemed to cry out loud, and I actually saw the white globs of semen spurt out the end of his big dick, splashing onto the window.

Mary collapsed on me as my orgasm subsided.  The dildo would have to come out of my ass pretty soon, but just for now it felt nice.  We were both covered in sweat and bodily juices.  She kissed the back of my neck and nibbled my ear.

“That was hot…” she whispered in my ear.

We heard a noise at the door and froze.  Of course the firemen would have a master key.  Before we could react, the office door swung open.  A group of firemen in full gear stood in the doorway.  The lead firefighter, fiftyish and sporting a handlebar mustache and a big beer belly coughed once.

“Is this a bad time?” he asked.

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  1. Kenneth said

    I loved the storie , I jreked off while I read it. I laughed at the ending coment of the lead firemen. It rinds me when I was Vol. Firemen in Zachary, LA many years ago.

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