Help Wanted

I’m still looking for someone to play the part of editor.  A second pair of eyes would be very helpful, both in terms of story/content, and for ferreting out those pesky typos and grammar boo-boos.

Also, looking for someone to help me with something I’m not very good at: putting in tags and summaries for the stories already posted.

Hey, just a thought… are there any cartoonists/illustrators/photographers out there who would be interested in collaborating with me on this blog thingy?

Volunteers?  Shoot me an email!




  1. Derek said

    HAppy to give it a go. Wotcha got?

  2. Deedub said

    I could try a story or two if you like. I like your writing, so I’m sure it’d be fun.

  3. Robin Hall said

    I’d be delighted to help (I teach English so get pedantic and value good grammar, spelling and syntax)

  4. Dave said

    I would love to help.


  5. Fullcore said

    I would be interested in assisting you with any editing or proof reading you require. Not only am I an officianado of your work but also an admirer of your apparent love of correct language and grammer.
    I enjoy the romanticism of the written word and lament it’s degradation at the hands of the ever increasing swarms of ‘text-speakers’ and ‘lol-ers’.
    It is unfathhomable why anyone would want to be represented by anything less than their best work. I would enjoy any chance to work with you and always look forward to ensuring the quality of any new literature making it’s way out into the world.
    Fuller x

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