My Son Daniel

It all started out innocently enough, as an accident.  I got home one Thursday night about eleven from Girls Game Night.  My husband, Rodger was already sound asleep, snoring away in bed.  I was a little tipsy, but far from drunk.  I went into the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth.  There I walked right in on my nineteen year old son, Daniel toweling off after a shower.

We were both too shocked to do anything for a moment.  I just stared.  I hadn’t seen Daniel naked since he was a little boy.  He was no longer a little boy at all; he was a man, and a handsome man at that.  Up until that moment, the only adult male I had ever seen naked was Rodger, my husband of twenty years.  Daniel had a beautiful body.  He was tall and lithe, muscular, not an ounce of fat on him.  He had a smooth chest, and a brown patch of pubic hair just above his dangling penis and testicles.  I couldn’t believe I was looking at him like this, but I couldn’t help it.  The fact was I was enthralled.  He was beautiful.  There was a long pause.  Neither of us said anything.  Then Daniel grinned.  He continued toweling off as if I weren’t even there.  He turned around, exposing his muscular back and his tight buns.  I sat down on the lid of the commode and watched my sexy young son perform for me.  That’s what he was doing, it was quite clear.  He was enjoying showing off.  I had to admit I found it quite erotic, gazing shamelessly at his naked young body.

After he finished toweling off, he left, and I went about my business.  After I went to bed, I lay awake for a long time.  I was deeply disturbed about my feelings.  I was quite turned on from the experience of watching my son.  But this was my son, my baby, the little boy I had raised.  What I was feeling was wrong, inexcusable, incestuous.  Nonetheless, I masturbated that night next to my sleeping husband for the first time in a long time.

I was forty two that year; my husband Rodger was forty nine.  Daniel was nineteen, in his first year at the university across town.  He was still living at home in order to save money, but he clearly had his own life.  He went out on dates, he had girlfriends, and I was sure, this being the modern age, that he was having sex.  I had long ago decided to let his personal life be his own; he was a grown up, and the last thing he needed was a prying, over-protective mother.  Still, I found myself wondering about his sex life.  Specifically, I wondered what it must be like to be one of his dates.  I had never dated much when I was young; Rodger had been my high school boyfriend.

I felt guilty, I felt terrible, I was nervous, but the next night when Rodger was passed out on the couch in front of the TV (I knew he would wake up and come to bed later), I went up to the bathroom where I knew Daniel was taking his shower.  I took a deep breath, opened up the door, and stepped inside.

When Daniel saw me, he gave me a big grin.  He has such a sexy smile.  He swept back the shower curtain, giving me an unobstructed view.  He lathered up, not missing any chance to show off his beautiful body.  I watched silently as he rinsed and washed his hair.  As I looked on, his penis swelled into a proud erection.  I thought his penis looked delicious.  It was bigger than his fathers’, but not so big that it looked scary.  It looked like it would fit perfectly inside me.  I blushed deeply at that thought.  The head was a deep red and purple; his testicles hung heavily below.  He stepped out of the tub, dripping wet, and grabbed his towel.  I was so close, I could have reached out and touched his bobbing penis.  Slowly, sexily, he dried himself off as I watched and drooled.  It was like being in my own private male strip club.

That Saturday, I was baking cookies.  My husband was off playing golf.  I knew Daniel was home, in his room doing homework or something.  When the cookies came out of the oven, I found myself going upstairs to bring him some.  I had no ulterior motive, I told myself, but the fact is I was feeling horny, and I just wanted to look at him.

I got to his room, and his door was wide open.  I went to tap on the door, but I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw.  Daniel was lying on his bed, stark naked and masturbating.  His penis looked bigger than ever.  It glistened with lubricant.  He saw me, and grinned wide, beckoning me inside.  As if in a trance, I walked into the room, setting down the plate of cookies on his desk.  Daniel resumed what he was doing.  I had never ever seen a man masturbate before, and I was a little surprised that I found it so very sexy.  I loved watching him handle his cock.  His cock!  I savored the words in my head.  He squirted a little more lubricant from a small bottle onto his hand, and continued stroking himself.  I realized that I was getting wet inside my panties.  Daniel raised his legs in the air, bringing his knees to his chest, and I realized that he had a sex toy of some kind inserted in his anus.  Of course I had heard of such things, but I had never really believed that people did that.  I could see the purple flange of a vibrator stretching out his anus.  I wondered how it felt.

Dan spread his legs wide and stroked himself faster and faster, reaching between his buttocks with his other hand and pressing the sex toy deeper inside himself.  I realized that I had reached under my skirt and was rubbing my clit through my panties in time with him.  His eyes squeezed shut, and I realized that he must be about to come.  His hand was a blur on his penis.  Suddenly he groaned “Yes, Oh yeah Mom!” and squirted semen all over his smooth chest.  Jet after pearly jet shot out of the end of his engorged penis, forming a big pearly white puddle right in the hollow between his pecs.  I couldn’t stop masturbating, even though I knew he was watching me now.  He dipped his index finger into the pool, scooping up some of his ejaculate, and brought it to his mouth, licking it off like some savory sauce.  My knees shook as I orgasmed.  I left the cookies, and hurried out of the room.  I went up to our bedroom, where I played the whole episode back in my minds eye, masturbating myself to another thundering O.

Rodger and my sex life was non-existent, as it had been for years.  I masturbated of course, and I imagine that he did too, but even that had become more and more infrequent over the years.  All of a sudden I was having more orgasms than I had had since I was a newlywed.  I felt schizophrenic.  On the one hand, I was excited and titillated by the game that Daniel and I were playing; on the other hand, I was lusting after my own son, and I was wracked with guilt.  But not enough guilt to make me stop.  For the first time in my life, I felt like a pervert.

The game had rules: I got to watch him shower and sometimes masturbate.  We never spoke about it; it seemed that to break the silence would ruin the game.   And I loved our game.  One night, he stood in our bedroom doorway as my husband slept, and masturbated for me there, silhouetted in the hall light.  He obviously enjoyed playing too, though I didn’t really understand what he got out of it.  Could Daniel really be attracted to me?  Unlike my husband, who has been steadily putting on weight since he turned thirty, I take good care of my body.  I watch what I eat, and jog three or four times a week.  But I was over twice his age, not to mention being his own mother.

The next Thursday night, I got home late from my weekly board game night with my girlfriends.  My husband would, of course, be sound asleep by now.  I saw that Daniels car was in the driveway, and I was eagerly looking forward to a bathroom shower show.

Daniel met me in the living room.  He was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and nothing else.  He obviously had an erection; the crotch of his jeans bulged close to bursting.

“Mom!” he said, “I thought you’d never get home!  Come upstairs with me quick!”

I followed him wordlessly up to his room.  There was a girl there, about Daniel’s age.  She was stark naked, blindfolded, with her hands lashed together at the wrist and tied to the head of Daniels’ bed.  She was certainly pretty, I had to admit that: she had red hair and fair skin.  She was slim, and her breasts were on the small side.  She had pretty, full lips and a ring with a bead on it through her navel.  She had very little pubic hair; only a small triangle just above her vagina.  Her legs were spread wide, exposing herself thoroughly.  She was obviously sexually excited; her labia were swollen and pouted open, and vaginal secretions glistened on her lips.  I could see a big damp spot underneath her crotch on the sheet.  On the bed beside her were a couple of sex toys: the purple one Daniel had used in his masturbation session the week before, and a longer, candy striped dildo with spiral ridges down the length and a bulbous tip.

“Please Danny, come on and fuck me now” she moaned.

Daniel held a finger to his lips, gesturing for me to be quiet.  “You horny little slut”, he said to her, “I’m going to fuck you all right, but first I’m going to put my dick in your mouth and you’re going to suck me real good, Bitch.”

I was shocked to hear my son talking like that, but she certainly didn’t seem to mind.  He pulled off his tight jeans, setting his beautiful penis free, and knelt on the bed, offering his sex to her, which she accepted hungrily.  I felt a pang of jealousy as she lustily devoured my sons’ cock.  I had taken my husbands penis in my mouth a few times, early on in our marriage, but I had never been sure if I was doing it right, and Rodger hadn’t seemed that interested.  I was amazed at how voraciously this girl was swallowing Daniels large cock, apparently loving every bit of it as she licked, sucked, and slurped.

I had never had a chance to see a woman up close and naked before, and certainly not when sexually aroused.  I was fascinated by the girls’ smooth hairless vulva.  Her labia were as bare as a baby’s, but pouted hungrily out.  Clear come was leaking copiously out of her, and her little pink nipples were hard and stuck straight up.  Her small breasts jiggled with every move.  I wondered if that was what I looked like when I was turned on.  Daniel took my hand in his, and guided my finger to her vagina.  Her flesh was shockingly hot.  I traced up and down her sex.  She seemed to open up for my finger, like a blooming rose. She was hot inside and incredibly wet and slippery.  I enjoyed playing with her pussy, fucking her with my finger, knowing that she thought it was my son who was fingering her.  I looked down at her clit.  I had never had a good look at a clitoris before, even though I knew quite well how to find my own.  Hers was bulging out from under its little hood, pink and quivering with excitement like a pea in a pod.  It is amazing that so much sensation can be contained in such a little thing!  I circled her clitoris with my finger, masturbating her as I would my own.  She squirmed and writhed, letting Daniels penis pop out of her mouth.

“Fuck me now Baby” she whimpered, “I can’t take it any more!”

Daniel winked at me, and stood up, rolling her over onto her knees with one strong motion.  I watched with approval as he grabbed a condom from his bedside table, tore open the wrapper, and unrolled it down onto his glistening penis.  As I stood there, I unbuttoned my shirt and unsnapped my brassier, setting my breasts free.  I have always secretly felt that my breasts were my best asset; large and well shaped, and even if they weren’t as perky as they had been twenty years ago, I still thought they looked pretty nice.

Daniel slapped her hard on her pale butt, leaving a raised, red imprint of his hand.  I would have yelped out loud at that, but she just moaned and thrust her rump up in the air like a cat in heat.  I couldn’t believe how turned on I was from just watching them together.  Daniel positioned his condom-sheathed penis at her entrance, and looking over at me, he mouthed the words “I love you.”  Then he easily slipped his long cock into her pussy.

For a little while, I just watched them fuck.  I was enchanted. Who says women aren’t visual?  I suddenly understood why pornography is so popular.  My underwear was quite moist inside my pants, and I was absently playing with my nipples.  I jumped as Daniel took my hand again, and guided it between the girls’ soft, spread buttocks.  He pressed my finger against her tiny, puckered anus.  Seeing what he wanted, I worked my slippery finger into her, past the ring of muscles, up into her ass.  I had never thought of that part of the anatomy as sexual before; I had just thought of it as what you wipe when you are done with your business.  But she seemed to really enjoy being invaded back there.  She groaned “Oh yes, Daniel you stud!” and wiggled her backside, pressing harder against my finger.  In a strange way, I sort of liked having my finger in her butt.  It was kind of sexy.  Her anus squeezed my finger really tight, and it was super hot inside.  Best of all, I could feel Daniels penis moving inside her in exquisite detail.

“Danny Baby” she whispered after a little more of this “I need to come. Would you… would you please choke me so I can get off?”

Daniel nodded to me, and I let my finger slip out of her butt.  All of a sudden, I was overcome with jealousy and hatred for this nymphet who was getting what I wanted, being fucked by the cock that I coveted, that I deserved.  I wrapped my hands around her slender throat, cutting off her air.  She bucked and writhed as Daniel fucked her hard.  Her face turned bright red.  Daniel pulled her hair viciously and slapped her ass again and again.  I thought for a moment that she might realize that there were too many hands on her, but she was in another world all together.  It was beautiful to watch her come.  She shook and spasmed, and her body contorted as she rocked in silent ecstasy.  When I sensed that it was over, I relaxed my grip on her throat, and she sank into the sheet, gasping for air and shaking.  Daniel was jack hammering into her pussy.  With a shout, he pulled out of her, ripping off the condom, sending it flying.  I got my mouth over his penis just as he came, filling my mouth with his hot, bitter semen.  I drank it like it candy, slurping all I could get out of his wilting penis.  His soft penis slipped out of my mouth, and on a whim, I reached over, stuck out my tongue, and licked her soaking wet pussy.  It wasn’t bad at all; kind of tangy and musky.  I licked up and down, enjoying the sensations.  She moaned “Oh Danny, you’re going to make me come again.”  I licked more intensely, concentrating on the button of her clitoris.  As I licked, Daniel unzipped my pants and caressed my slit through my sopping wet panties, and played gently with my hanging down breasts, teasing me to the very edge of climax.  Soon the girl was gasping and moaning again, and my face was glued to her sopping wet pussy, my index finger pressing against her anus.  She squealed and her legs kicked and her whole body shook as she came.  I felt a strange sense of accomplishment, giving this girl who was young enough to be my daughter an orgasm.

I wanted Daniel to fuck me; I wanted to feel his big thumb in my asshole, to have his hand imprint on my ass, to take his manhood in my mouth, to envelope his cock in my quivering pussy; to come on his beautiful thrusting young cock.  I was a pervert and I knew it.  But all that was for another time.  I tiptoed out of the room, leaving the two young lovers to bask and cuddle in post sex bliss.  I carried the candy-striped vibrator with me to my bedroom, wondering what the next days and weeks might bring.


  1. Blake Wilson said

    Awesome story! Thanks, Blake

  2. Jason said

    Omg, what a story, I have fantasised similarly involving mom, mom/dad, or aunt. This is the most erotic story. Have it pasted and read it regularly.I’m as old (maybe bit yngr) your son, thin, very fit, longish blondish hair, smooth hairless all over, hazel eyes.

  3. Binny said

    This is gud story and i also masturbate next to my mom while sleeping and i want to touch her breast with my dick and i want my mom to be naked in front of me and put oil to my dick and massage it till i cum and i hav a long brownish dick and i want to keep my dick in my mom’s mouth and i have seen my mom naked while changing dress i like her breast it is soft and dark brown nipples when i saw her naked i had hard on and i immediately masturbated and i want to suck my mom breast and i want be naked with her full day

    • Frank said

      Love that story mmmm

  4. Rahul said

    Binny ur mom is very sexy & I want to fuck ur mom if u like.

  5. really marvelous

  6. Barry Sommers said

    I had to undress my mom once, and I got to squeeze her tits as I was lowering her onto her bed. Then, when she slept, I jerked off besude her and ate my cum.

    • Sam Thomas said

      I ate my cum to. My mom was drunk I felt her breasts. I stripped her naked and I finger fucked her. She was passed out didn’t so much as moan when I kissed her vagina stuck my tongue in and smelled her scent. I didn’t have the guts to put my dick in. So I jerked off while touching her all over. I came and ate my cum to. Mom never knew anything about it and I haven’t said a word to her.

  7. SANJAY ROY said


  8. mmmm

    • said

      Mmm…steve how old are you?

  9. bullshit said

    fake but hot

  10. said

    Good story but Danny is to old for me

  11. Cat said

    That story made me cum twice as I masturbated my went cunt screaming “fuck me Danny fuck me”

  12. Ira said

    I loved it

    Thank you for posting I came 5 times tonight

    My son love fucking her fat mother every Friday night..

    I will send him your story…

    • Frank said

      ? Did you read about me and my sister ?


  13. Thabo said

    That’s was a very nice story

  14. Verlan Napier said

    That was very wrong of you doing that with your son

  15. hung son said

    well, my “TRUE” story happened years ago, back in the mid 1960s, my dad had passed away from an auto accident when i was 9, my brother was 11. my mom had a hard time coping with this, but, luckly, our grandparents helped her, us out. jump ahead about 4 or so years—mom had not dated (or had sex) since dad had passed. at 12yrs old, i was pretty much into full puberty, and, well, several times peeked at mom while she was showering, and jacked off looking at her naked body. she was 40then. i also developed in penis size too, 8″! (i was actually teased at gym class showers by the guys calling me “big dick”)!! even soft, i hung well, lol. back to topic of mom & me—one morning i woke up & there was a flashlight on my bed, which i hadnt used, etc. i asked mom about it, & she said “i thought i heard you talking in your sleep & went in to check you & used the flashlight so the main light wouldnt wake you”! i thought nothing of it. about 2 nites later, i wake up to the feeling of my blanket being pulled up off my legs (i slept in briefs & a tee shirt), i was on my back, awake but stayed as still as i could be. mom had the flashlight & was pulling up my shirt, & ever so gently pulling the waist band of my undies to look inside!! of course @ that age, at nite i had a hard on, so she gently rubs my belly hair, then my pubes, & started rubbing my dick..i must have twitched or something, but, that scared her and she left in a hurry! i jerked off as soon as she left, & was excited, but confused!! a few nites go by, & my brother was @ a friends for the nite, it was just mom & me.i had a plan to get up to the bathroom, & come out naked, HARD of course, where mom could see me from her room. i waited, & waited, scared to death she would get mad, etc, then i thought, “she has been playing with my dick, she must want it”!!! i go to the bathroom, in my undies & tee, make a little noise so i know i,d wake her, strip naked, & walk out & “slowly” walk to my room stroking my dick, & i hear he bed creak, SHE HAS SEEN ME!! i get in bed, naked, uncovered, & left my door open & wait, what seemed like forever, i hear mom get out of bed, walk past my room, & went to the bathroom. on her way bck to her room, she comes in, pauses, sees me naked, stroking, & says, “well goodnight”, bends down to give me a kiss, which was just like a peck on my lips, & says, “you never even want to kiss me anymore”!! i say, “ok, i will”! (i was a lil shy, i was still a virgin), lol. she bends down, & plants a deep, wet kiss, & both of our toungs in each others mouths, i pull her nighty off, & suck her tits, playing, fingering her WET pussy, & she goes down & suck me off & eats all my cum!! at that age i was ready to go again in a minute, lay her on her back & to this day had my most intense cumm i,ve ever had!! we played for about 2yrs, then she dated & got remarried. there was 1 time, a married man we knew was hurring to leave when i came in from school, i told her i needed her right then, & ate, sucked the guys cumm out of her wet pussy!! she lloved that!! i,m sorry story was long, buttt, its the truth!!

  16. Matt said

    So fucking hot!! Still trying to get mine. Even Jo’d next to her on couch. Any suggestions? She’s young young and is pretty sexy naked.

  17. Mike said

    I rubbed my cock faster and faster gEttington more and more excited until I cum all over my phone dreaming it was the moms mouth

  18. Jim said

    Oh yeah, my mom use to watch me fuck my girlfriend’s at home, I never understood why toil later years. She told me it turned her on so much she would suck dad waking him up after returning to her room. Win win I guess.

  19. zeeman said

    lovely story i enjoy it make me cum twice

  20. Bill said

    Really hot story. I loved it, and was running my cock while reading.

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