The Substitute

I have never been a pretty girl.  I am tall (six feet in my stockings) and skinny, with wide hips and a big nose that never really recovered its shape after a bicycle accident when I was eight.  To make matters worse, I’ve never been a girly girl:  I don’t wear make-up or make a big fuss about my hair.  Growing up I liked playing dungeons and dragons and basketball.  I was a nerd.  The guys all thought I was a freak.  Maybe they were right.

So I found myself in college, 19 years old, a virgin, and horny as hell.  College guys, as far as I could tell, were the same things as high school boys.  There seemed to be no chance of me having a sex life.  I immersed myself in my studies and masturbated frequently.

My roommates’ name was Hope, and we were opposites in every way.  Hope was short and blonde and curvy and cute and socially outgoing and a devout Christian.  She was from Georgia, and she was the epitome of a girly girl.  She was neat and tidy and got up an hour early just to do her hair and make-up.  Despite the fact that we were total opposites, we got along great.  By mid-semester we were the best of friends.

Hope went and got herself a boyfriend.  His name was Jeff, and he was an art major, an abstract painter, a rebel with a crew cut and a black leather jacket. Cute as hell, talented, and just a little crazy.  I didn’t know what they saw in each other, but they certainly seemed happy together.

I was slowly masturbating in bed one night when they walked into the dorm.  I was just teasing my clit under the blankets.  When I was really excited and couldn’t stand it anymore, I would slide my vibrator right up my vagina and really grind on my clit until I came like a dam bursting.  That was my favorite way to get off.  As far as I knew, Hope was out with Jeff, and wouldn’t be back until late.

I lay completely still, pretending to be asleep as they turned on the overhead light and came giggling into the room.  I was glad they had walked in now and not a few minutes later:  the last thing I wanted was to be walked in on with my legs spread wide and a big blue dildo shoved up my pussy.

They didn’t pay any attention to me.  They were laughing and talking loudly.  They seemed a little drunk.  They landed on Hopes bed, and started making out.  I realized that they must not be aware that I was in the room.

My clit was screaming at me.  Not wanting to be discovered, I let my hand slip between my thighs to pet the needy little button that was throbbing down there.  I watched as I rubbed.  I had never seen Hope drunk before, or seen her show anything other than completely proper affection for Jeff.  They were kissing passionately. Even from across the room I could see the sizeable lump in Jeff’s tight black jeans. I was starting to wonder just how much I might get to see.  I had never been jealous of Hope; but I did think Jeff was delicious.

Jeff was unbuttoning Hope’s blouse, and she was letting him.  I was surprised, and a little thrilled.  Jeff was trying to remove her bra, and having trouble with the clasp.  Hope sat up on the bed, reached behind her back, and unsnapped her bra.  I coveted Hope’s breasts; they were everything a girl’s breasts were supposed to be: large, round, firm and beautiful.  Hope was very modest.  We had been living together for two months and I had never seen her boobs uncovered.  Now I found myself admiring Hope’s chest almost as much as Jeff was.  He was sucking her nipples, alternating between them.  They stood out, all red and pointy.  Jeff had his shirt off too.  He had a smooth and pale chest, with a large black spider tattooed under his left nipple.  They were kissing each other all over.  Jeff slid his hand up inside Hope’s skirt.  She moved it away.  He continued stroking her thigh.  Her skirt had ridden up and I could see her white panties.  “Don’t be such a prude” I thought “Let him play with your pussy.”  I was really excited; my own pussy was literally dripping wet.

I didn’t hear what Jeff whispered in her ear, but I heard Hope’s reply.  “Sorry Honey” she said in her pretty southern drawl “One thing I don’t do is suck dick.”

I was sad to hear that, and so was Jeff.  “I’m sorry Hon” she said “I just can’t do it.” (She pronounced ‘I’ as ‘Ah’.)  “You can still get off though.  I’m sure I sure don’t mind.”

She carefully unzipped his jeans, which were by now threatening to burst, and took out his penis.  It looked yummy to me. She was crazy.  I would have been thrilled to take that thing in my mouth.  I had never actually had a good look at a guy’s penis.  I liked what I saw.  Jeff’s cock was a beautiful thing, large and long and fully erect.  I could almost see it throbbing.  Jeff took it in one hand, and started stroking.  I massaged my clit in time with him.  I had never seen a guy masturbate before, and I thought it was really erotic.  Hope was holding his other hand, encouraging him.  “Put it on my boobies Honey.” She drawled softly “When you come, squirt it all over them.”  It didn’t take Jeff long.  His hand was moving so fast it was a blur.  When he came, I was amazed at how much came out.  He shot jet after pearly white jet right onto Hope’s lovely breasts.  They kissed a little, then Hope got a Kleenex and cleaned off.

After that they got dressed pretty quickly.  Hope was worried that I would come home soon.  Jeff left after one last kiss, and Hope went to the bathroom to take a shower.  As soon as I heard the water running, I grabbed the vibrator from the drawer, and jammed it up my puss. I was coming ecstatically in seconds.  By the time Hope was done with her shower, I had had two great orgasms.  Hope turned out the light and fell into her bed.  After a few minutes laying there in the dark, I could hear a quiet rhythmic sound.  Hope was masturbating.  Listening to the little squishing squeaking sounds across the room I got excited again.  I managed to get myself off one more time that night, using only my fingers.

It was a few days before anything else happened.  Then one afternoon, out of the blue, Hope asked me if she could ask a personal question.  “Of course” I said “Ask anything.”

“Have you ever given a blowjob?”

My interest was piqued.  This was not the kind of question I had expected from Hope.  “Yes” I answered “I sure have.”

This was the truth: I had given exactly one blowjob in my life so far.  It had when I was 14 at camp with my friend Seth.  It had been dark and we were drunk, and it hadn’t happened again, but I had had a blast.

“I think it’s awful gross”

“Not me” I said “I think it’s really fun.”

Hope seemed shocked.  “Do you swallow?”


“Eeeew.”  Hope made a face.

“I don’t mind.  I think it’s sexy.”

“So would you give Jeff a blowjob?”

“Well I guess I would.  I mean if he wasn’t your boyfriend.  If he wanted me to.”

“No.” Hope said, looking at me seriously.  “I’m asking you to.”

I was too shocked to say anything.

“You’re better at the whole… you know, sex thing than me.” Hope was blushing furiously.  “Jeff really wants me to and I can’t.  I just can’t.  So I thought that maybe you would.”


“Yes.  Really.”

“Well” I said “Ok.”

Hope was going out with Jeff that night.  She asked me if I would be home later on.  I said I would.

They came bursting into the dorm room about at about ten.  I was lying on my bed, in my pajamas, reading a book.  I really hadn’t known what to expect.

“Hiya Andrea” Hope beamed at me.

She gave Jeff a long, passionate kiss.  “I’ve got something special for you Hon.” She told him, and they tumbled into bed.  They started making out, as if I wasn’t there at all.  She pulled his shirt off.  He was feeling her breasts through her white blouse.

“Go ahead Honey” she said “Take my top off.”  He looked over at me.  “Go ahead.” Hope repeated.

He unbuttoned her shirt, and started fumbling with her bra.  “Let me” said Hope.  She unsnapped her bra, setting free her beautiful breasts.

“Are you ready for a blowjob?” she asked.

“Oh yeah.” Jeff said “If you don’t mind.  If you’re comfortable doing it.”

“Not me.  I told you I don’t suck dick.  But Andrea will.”

So it really was going to happen.  Hope had taken Jeff’s penis out.  It was big and hard and looked delicious.  A drop of clear liquid was leaking out of the tip.  I couldn’t wait to have that thing in my mouth.

I walked over as if in a trance, and crawled onto Hope’s bed with them.  I lowered my mouth onto Jeff’s penis.  It was hot and hard and silky soft.  It felt alive in my mouth.  Hope stroked my hair as I sucked.  I gently fondled his balls.  Jeff moaned and groaned, humping my mouth.  I found the situation painfully sexy.  I slipped my hand inside my pajama bottoms and let my fingers find my clit.  As I rubbed myself, Jeff got more and more excited.  Suddenly he cried out loud and squirted jet after jet of sticky hot semen into my hungry mouth.  I didn’t have time to swallow it all right away.  It was salty and bitter; but not really bad at all.  I literally couldn’t stop.  As Jeff’s wilting cock slipped out of my mouth, I rubbed my clit fast and hard inside my pants.  As Hope and Jeff kissed and snuggled, my orgasm shook through my body.

The next day, I asked Hope if she was ok with what had happened.

“I’m fine” drawled Hope “I thought that was really sexy.  Are you fine with it?”

I was fine with it.  Jeff sure didn’t seem to mind.

That night, when I got back from the library, Jeff and Hope were in the room.  They were snuggling on her bed, watching a movie on our tv.  I put my books down and joined them.  I don’t even know what the movie was. As soon as I had sat down, Hope said to Jeff “Honey would you like your dick sucked?”  The words sounded funny coming out of Hope’s sweet little mouth.  I was glad to hear Jeff’s response “Hell yes I do!”  Apparently I had done a good job the night before.

Hope was tugging Jeff’s pants off.  She pulled his underwear down, and his dick flopped free.  It wasn’t all the way hard yet, but it was getting there.  Hope grinned at me.  “Suck his dick real good for me Andrea.”

I went to it, really taking my time and enjoying it this time.  From the noises he was making, Jeff was enjoying it too.  I licked and nibbled and kissed all over his penis.  I gently took his balls in my mouth.  He groaned in pleasure.  I was having a great time.  I looked up and saw that Hope had stripped off her top and bra, setting her lovely breasts free.  Jeff was suckling at her nipples while I sucked him.  The action was really turning me on.  I was wearing fairly tight jeans, and I was trying to rub my pussy with my free hand through the material.  It wasn’t really working.

“Baby” Hope said to me “You can masturbate if you want to.  We don’t mind.  Really.  I mean you are doing my boyfriend for me.”

I released Jeff’s dick long enough to unbutton my jeans and pull my panties down around my thighs.  I’d never really been comfortable being naked around others, and I certainly hadn’t masturbated in front of anyone, but that didn’t slow me down.  I got my fingers all slippery and found my clit and went back to work.

I was stroking Jeff’s cock with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other while he humped my mouth and played with Hope’s breasts.  “Andrea” he half moaned “would you please touch my asshole?”

Well I’d be delighted to!  I let my hand slip below his ball sac, and up behind into the uncharted sexy territory of his ass.  I quickly found the tight ring of muscle, and softly massaged his anus with my finger.  I didn’t want to push it too far; I didn’t want to hurt him.  His pleasure as I played with his little butthole was obvious though.  Even without him asking, I knew what he wanted.  I took my finger from between his cheeks just long enough to slide it up my own eager hole, getting it nice and slippery, then I slid it right up his ass.  I felt his muscles gripping my finger tight.  His cock was swollen, and he was gently but insistently humping my face.  Hope was looking on in something like awe.

“Andrea Baby” she drawled softly “Could you make him come on my boobies for me?”

I was happy to oblige.  As I gently fucked Jeff’s ass with my long middle finger, I took my mouth off his cock and started jerking him hard and fast. I was pointing it at Hope’s big jiggling tits.  With a guttural shout, Jeff came, shooting his pearly come right onto her heaving breasts.  His ass squeezed my finger so tight I thought it would cut off the circulation.  I stayed with him, milking him as he got soft, collecting his milky white come into a puddle on Hope’s chest.

I saw Hope going for a Kleenex, but I beat her to it.  I lowered my mouth right to her breast, and licked the salty come right off her beautiful tits.  I licked up every last drop.  When I was done, I saw that Hope and Jeff were locked in a deep, open mouth kiss.  I had unfinished business between my own legs that needed taking care of.  I bounded out of Hope’s bed, and waddled across the room as best I could with my jeans and panties around my ankles.  I opened the drawer and pulled out my big blue vibrator.  Modesty be damned, I had that thing up my pussy in a flash, and was rubbing my clit like crazy.  It didn’t take me long at all; my abdominal muscles spasmed, my pussy yawned and gasped, and I fucked myself to a huge orgasm that just kept going on and on like rolling thunder on an August night.  When I finally settled down, I realized that Jeff and Hope were watching me, enthralled.

“That was so beautiful” Hope said breathlessly.  “I do wish that I could do that.”

Later, after we had all cleaned up and Jeff had gone home for the night, I asked Hope what she had meant.

“I wish I could be more like you.” She said.  “You are so unselfconscious and bad.  I wish I could be like that just a little.  I’m just a goody-two shoes I guess.  I really like that boy, and I’d love to do those things for him, but I just can’t.”  I had never imagined that Hope might admire me.  I had always thought that she somehow disapproved of me.  “You’re my best friend.” Hope said.  “I want to thank you so much.”

That night I heard Hope masturbating again.  I could hear the little sounds she made as she rubbed, and the way her breath changed as she got excited, coming in little gasps.  I wondered what she was picturing in her head while she rubbed.  Me sucking her boyfriends’ dick?  Her doing it instead of me?  Me licking his come off her breasts?  I found myself getting out of bed and walking across the room.  I had pulled my vibrator out of its drawer.  I was just wearing the t-shirt and panties that I slept in.  I climbed into Hope’s bed and lay down next to her.  I lifted the sheet off her, revealing Hope with her nightgown hiked up around her waist, and her white panties down below her knees.  Her pussy was covered in soft light brown fur, and her fingers were busy between her labia.  I let my own fingers do the walking, finding my pussy wet and slick.  I turned on the vibrator and directed the tip onto Hope’s clitoris.  She groaned, and I pressed down firmly.  I got two fingers up inside my own pussy, and bore down hard against my clit.  Hope was running her fingers up and down her slit as I kept the buzzing toy on her button.  We came at almost the same time, holding hands and gasping at the sexiness of it.  Hope kissed me once on the lips, not like a lover, but like a best friend.  I took my toy and slipped back into my own bed.

That’s how it went all fall:  I sucked Jeff off almost every day, sometimes more than once in a day.  We all went to a movie, and I blew him in the theatre while Hope held my hand.  I almost always drank Jeff’s come, or licked it off Hope’s breasts.  I got really good at giving blowjobs.  Once I slipped my vibrator up Jeff’s willing ass.  Later, as we masturbated together, Hope whispered to me that that was the sexiest thing she had ever seen.  I never touched Jeff when Hope wasn’t there.  That would have been cheating.


  1. Scott said


    You are gifted with your words!


  2. intheclouds said

    Refreshingly different and very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing it! Leaving out jealousy and rivalry that usually accompany such a setting made room for the protagonist’s bliss and passion. I feel the story is a labour of love. I was left a bit thirsty though, for hints about why Jeff stays with Hope instead of fucking with Andrea, who has proven that she is willing and able to offer a lot more kink. And how Andrea gets enough in turn for her work stabilizing Hope’s relationship.
    Nice would have been a development of Hope’s skill – the skill to see the chance for the beneficial but unusal symbiosis and to be able to really ask Andrea for it. What will happen to a woman with such a kinky skill? I want to be near her, that’s for sure – who knows, maybe she has a use for me some day? 😉 Also interesting would be the awakening of Hope’s tastes for doing all acts herself. I imagine Jeff half-heartedly running away from the two succubic girls chasing him, to tie him and… Oh I am getting carried away. Thanks for your inspiring work. 🙂

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