The Visit

The flight from JFK to Houston was long and boring.  I amused myself with the Sunday Times crossword puzzle for most of the flight, catching a short nap somewhere over Missouri.

I picked up the rental car and found your place with no problems.  The lock on your front door presented no particular difficulty.  I helped myself to a beer from your fridge, sat down on the sofa, and made myself comfortable.

It was about the time you were supposed to get off work.  I happened to look out the window, and recognized your car pulling up to the curb.  Out of work early, huh?  Sneaky, very sneaky!

I heard the tumblers throw in the lock as I stood tense and poised by the front door.  The door swung open and closed behind you.  You didn’t see me standing there.  You locked the door after yourself.  I held my breath.

Our eyes met for a heartbeat.  Then I grabbed a handful of your hair and dragged you, ignoring your struggles and protests, into the bedroom.  With a rough shove, I sent you sprawling onto your bed.

A hard, open handed slap across your face quieted your protests.  It brought tears to your eyes.  I could see the imprint of my fingers in red on the pale skin of your cheek.

“Is this ok?” I asked quietly, breaking character.

“Yeah” you said, your voice husky and just a little bit of Texas twang breaking through “Don’t stop.”

I pulled out my rigger’s knife, a big scary serrated blade.  “Lose the gear” I told you in a harsher tone.

I stood over you as you pulled off your little fleece hoodie and your cashmere sweater, revealing your with bra.  Your hands shaking visibly, you unhooked the bra, setting your lovely breasts free.  My erection feels like the state of Florida, straining against the zipper of my jeans.  Biting your lip and looking up at me, you unsnapped the fastener of your brown slacks and slid them off, leaving you naked but for your black cotton thong.

You looked incredibly sexy like that, all soft and curvy and vulnerable.

“Let me take care of those” I say, stepping forward, knife in hand.  You cringed back. With a flick of my knife, I cut away the flimsy strings of your thong.  The tip of my knife nicked your skin, leaving one precious drop of red blood.  You lay before me on your bed, completely naked, beautiful.  I could see the wetness of your pussy, inner labia swollen and puffy and your sweet little clitoris peeking out.  There was no mistake, you were enjoying this.

I pulled off my black t-shirt, tossing it to one side.  Looking you dead in the eyes, I unsnapped my jeans, stepping out of the crumpled legs.  My erection was making quite the tent in the front of my boxers.  You whimpered something, utterly naked on the bed in front of me.  I pulled off the boxers, setting my cock free.

My erection was raging, so hard it almost hurt.  My dick waggled as I got up onto the bed with you.  Clear pre-come leaked steadily from the end, a sticky little trickle that arched down to the sheets in one gossamer thread.  I felt like I could go off just from being touched.

I grabbed your hair and pulled you down on my dick.  You took me into your mouth eagerly, swallowing me whole.  You worked your tongue in amazing ways.  I didn’t know what you were doing to me; I thought I might die of pleasure.  I took the opportunity to torture your nipples, pinching and twisting them until you flinched.  When you flinched, I didn’t stop.  I humped your face hard, not really caring if you were able to breathe.  Every time I came close to coming, I would release your head, and you would come up gasping.  You would lick up and down the shaft of my cock; you gently licked my balls; occasionally you would probe between my cheeks and flick my asshole with your tongue.  I was helpless; you were totally in control.

Then I shoved you roughly back down on the bed.  Your legs parted naturally, revealing your beautiful spread pussy.  With one strong thrust, I was inside you.

It took everything I had not to come right away.  I held my breath, gritted my teeth, kept perfectly still.  You were so hot and wet inside.  After a long moment, I was able to move.

I fucked you hard, violently.  I took my pleasure in your body.  I pulled your hair, twisted your nipples.  I enjoyed putting my hand around your throat, controlling your breathing, cutting off your air until your face turned red.

I felt you come on my dick, your pussy squeezing me as your body spasmed and you called my name out loud.  It drove me crazy with desire.

I lifted your legs, pushing your knees up by your ears.  I fucked you even deeper, burying my entire penis into your hungry pussy.  I tickled your pink erect clit with my thumb.  Wetting the middle finger of my other hand, I slipped it right up your tight little asshole.  I could feel my cock moving inside your body.  I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Shouting your name out loud, I came for what seemed like ages, squirting jet after jet of semen up inside you.  At last I lay still.  My reduced cock slipped out of you.  We lay like that, kissing gently, soaked in each others juices for a little while.  Then I noticed that your finger was still busy between your legs.

“Please” you said.

I slid down your body, kissing you as I went.  You tasted salty and something else.  You have lovely skin.  At last I was between your sexy, curvaceous thighs, and I started licking your freshly fucked pussy.  You were soaking wet down there.  Your juices were everywhere.  My come is leaking out of you, salty and bitter.  I devoured it, hungrily, encouraged by your moans and your hand in my hair.  I licked up and down your pussy, from your asshole up to your clit.  Burying my tongue in your ass, I strummed tiny little circles around your clit.  You came again, moaning and swearing and saying my name over and over.  Your orgasm seemed to go on forever.

We lay together in your bed for a long time, enjoying the closeness, kissing tenderly.  It was nice to hold you in my arms.  After a while, you noticed that my cock was hard again.  It was going to be a long weekend.

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